he knows the hair is all over the place and he doesn't care

Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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Okay, so here I am, an innocent lurker, having just found this blog, when I see: "what if the skywalkers were cthulu-type monsters." excuse me??? please elaborate you just wrote that and nothing else im dying ex p la i n y o ur s el f

  • The Force is everything that ever was and ever will be, every storm and every silence, the hunting krayk dragon and cowering bantha calf: it is huge, all-consuming, completely inhuman. How, then, could its children be anything short of monstrous? (Wonders, yes. But monsters all the same.)
  • Anakin Skywalker is boy-shaped, but Obi Wan cannot bear to look at him. 
  • A clarification: he can look at him with his human eyes; but he must clamp down the extra eyes his Force-sensitivity gives him, because when he doesn’t – well. The first time he met the boy he hadn’t closed those eyes; he’d open them, wide and curious and seen –
    • teeth and claws and roiling shadows, a slipslide of features and starfire, the white blur of warpspeed and it hurts –
  • Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force, half human and half something extraordinary. There’s a reason the Jedi don’t like him, why Yoda mistrusts him; they all have to close their extra eyes around him; and even when they’re white-knuckled with effort, clamping down so the Force can’t so much as whisper to them (and that hurts Jedi, of course it does, it runs counter to all their training about opening up and trusting in the Force) and even then they still feel the velvet quiver of unseen limbs over their skin. 
  • And more. And worse. When he is angry – which is often – his shadow warps into something awful, and even the least Force-sensitive being quails at the profound wrongness of the sight. His features warp and melt, teeth spiralling out from his pupils, his mouth cracks open wide, his tongue growing scales and feathers and catching fire and he smiles, oh how he smiles and –
    • nothing like him should exist and
    • and you blink, lose the moment, he’s just a young man glowering at you, and his shadow is the same, but the memory of that horror is seared into the back of your brain.
  • It is no surprise that Padme dies in childbed. 
  • The first child’s cry makes Obi Wan’s bones rattle. It – you could not call it anything but an it – is a twisting, squirming mess of light and dark. There’s a wing, a thorned branch: you cannot focus on it. You cannot pin a shape to it. Obi Wan wants to run away, run and never look back. But the Med Droid is offering it to him; and it is a child, of a sort; and Obi Wan takes it, and it coalesces into a soft pink baby girl. He places it – her – against Padme’s white breast. Padme cradles it. “She’s beautiful.”
  • The second is just the same: pushed out like any human baby, but a roling mess of lightening and thick syrupy cloud, one moment tentacled and the next furred, pure power condensed. Obi Wan takes it in his arms and it solidifies into another fat baby, small and squalling. 
  • He’s not like the other babies, Luke Skywalker. He’s a funny one. When he smiles, you have the sudden absurd impulse that he’s got too many teeth for his face. His hair is corn-gold, but when you see it out of the corner of your eye you swear that it isn’t hair at all, but fire and teeth. Looking at him too long is like staring into the sun. 
  • The other children are scared of him, Behu says to Owen, once. And Owen says: children always know. And Behu says: he isn’t a bad kid. Owen says: he’s a wonder. And that’s the problem. 
  • Jabba’s goons go to the Lars farm to collect water once. Only once. They return to Jabba’s palace gibbering nonsense, with their eyes burned out. Both mumble something about there’s something wrong with the boy and then jump into the ragnar pit. 
  • Don’t do that again, says Owen, but he hugs his nephew all the same, pulls him close, kisses his temple. He feels something hot-cold run over his spine, like something far larger than the child is trying to embrace him back. That night, Behu runs her fingers over the new white scartissue on her husband’s back, and says, he’s a good kid. Owen says, I know.
  • If I was there I could have saved them, Luke says to Ben Kenobi, years later, and in that moment he has a thousand thousand eyes and all of them are burning, and he has no limbs but a dozen wings bearing him aloft, and each feather is molten gold and each feather drips blood. Ben thinks of Anakin, screws his Force-sensitivity closed. Luke is a monster. A wonder. But first and foremost he is a boy, and he is grieving. 
    • Ben Kenobi holds him while he weeps. 
  • When Leia comes, she turns into a celestial horror with more teeth than Han cares to count. “Huh,” he says, after their first time. She’s so little in his arms, but so vast. He feels something gentle his back. He says, “Next time, I’ll wear a blindfold, princess. Don’t want to blind me, do you? Then I won’t be able to see when you’re doing stupid shit.” She titters, presses her face into the curve of his neck. 
    • Love comes to everyone, including monsters. 

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hey, i don't know if you write smut, but in honor of the leaked scene, could you write a established!bughead drabble, where he climbs her window and is all flirty? (doesn't have to be smut tho, just a hot make out).. i love your writing btw

(Okay, a little disclaimer. First of all, this is not full on smut, it’s just a hot, slightly smutty make out. Second of all, I didn’t make it full on smut, not because I didn’t want to (believe me Cole tempts me to sin and sin badly) but because I didn’t feel that Bughead’s first time would be like that and I didn’t want to write a random smut without first writing about Jughead not being sure about his sexuality and him and Betty generally testing the waters and all of the other normal things teenagers go through. I intend to write something like that because, asexual Jughead or not, Betty and Jughead are two teens that have a natural naivety and a mutual respect to one another so I believe that, as we saw in the kiss too, they would be timid and taking their time with exploring what they are comfortable with and testing their limits. So I left that for another one-shot. As for the part that Jughead might be asexual. I respect that and I’m not trying to erase anything of his (possible) character here. For what I have read and heard from other ace people and friends, yes, he can still be asexual. Asexuality is a sexual orientation, sexual behavior does not change that. Like every other sexuality it has subcategories; the “I dislike sex”, the “I find it ok, but I do not engage in it often”, the “I’m asexual but my partner makes me feel good” etc.  In my mind, as I became older and kept reading the comics and understanding more about sexuality and educating myself on the topic, Jughead fell to the third category for me. That he was being somebody with maybe a lower level of sexual interest but with sexual drive nontheless. So that’s what I have in my mind while watching Riverdale and writing this one-shot and the possible others that will revolve around this topic in the future.

Sorry that was so long, I just wanted to set some things straight and by all means I’m not trying to offend anybody. Everybody ships what they want to ship and that’s perfectly ok! Ship wars are just tiring and pointless so everybody stay calm and respect everyone’s opinions. And if Jughead does end up being asexual with no need to engage in any sexual activities then sure, everyone should be again perfectly ok and not bitch and moan that he won’t get to have steamy scenes or anything. He is still going to be the most amazing guy in Rivedale either way! 

End of my huge rant!! Hope you enjoy guys!! <3)

 Is your mom finally asleep?

I think so yeah. Why?

I’m coming up ;)

Betty locked her phone and shot up from her bed, abandoning her worn-out copy of Wuthering Heights pages first on the mattress and kicking her covers, a nervous excitement pouring down on her belly as she heard the familiar crack of careful footsteps on wood. She gave herself a quick once over on her vanity mirror, checking that her messy bun was intact and straightening her plain white t-shirt, before kicking off her bunny printed fuzzy socks of her feet and throwing them under her bed in a hurry. It wasn’t the fact that he wouldn’t appreciate them, he would and he would probably offer her that chuckle of his that set free a million butterflies inside her chest, but her toe nails were painted a lovely baby pink and it was a shame not to show them off, even though his focus would be on other places, more important ones. She felt her cheeks heating at that and she quickly grabbed her strawberry lip balm from her nightstand, applying some on her already soft lips with her ring finger, knowing that this taste mixed with her own always drove him crazy.

Since that day that Jughead had climbed up her window so for her to complain to him about her parents and her family situation, it seemed that this became a thing for them. At first, he was just sneaking up because they needed a quiet place to discuss investigation plans and theories, the office hours of Blue & Gold proving not to be enough. Now, two months after, the raven haired boy used that ladder almost every night to see his beautiful girlfriend, cuddle with her and watch movies and most importantly kiss her like she was the heavenly droplets of water on his always thirsty lips.

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So I absolutely love Bughead (who doesn't?) and I need more fanfics. Could you possibly write something where all of their friends don't approve of their relationship because Jughead doesn't seem to care but it slowly grows on them as the relationship goes on?

Thanks so much! I Got you!

Betty and jughead, the oddest pair to walk Riverdale halls since Dilton Doiley had landed that model from Sweden.

Jughead Jones was all types of dark and moody, keeping his head down and a permanent grimace on his usually grumpy face, Betty Cooper on the other hand, was sunshine wrapped up in a pretty blonde bottle, always willing to lend a hand or a smile to absolutely anyone.

So when the pair came out to the school as a couple, the response was not positive. Almost everyone would awkwardly stare at Betty when she clung to jugheads arm chatting his ear off as he nodded absently. and when he showed up at football games, lurking in the corners to watch her cheer they were both on the receiving end of some disapproving stares. The support their relationship received left nothing to be desired.

Veronica lodge was no exception, she had pulled Betty out of her booth at pops shooting Jughead a challenging look, as archie slid in across from him. Dragging Betty to the counter, she placed a comforting hand on her best friends shoulder.

“Betty, we have to talk.”

Raising a brow, Betty quirked an unamused smile

“I kinda caught that when you dragged me away from my boyfriend. What’s up?”

“It’s about Jughead..”

“No.” Betty cut her off

Pleading eyes caught Betty’s

“Betty just listen.”

“No. I’m not doing this with you, you’re my best friend v and I love you, but we are not discussing my relationship, we’ve already done this countless times.” Betty turned to leave by Ronnie grabbed her wrist.

“You deserve someone who cares about you, someone who actually wants to be with you, I love Jughead too Betty, but he isn’t made for relationships. You know that.” Shaking her head, Betty leaned against the counter. While Veronica was grilling the blonde, archie had taken it upon himself to share his opinions with jughead.

“She’s a great girl, betty I mean.” Archie said anxiously

Jugheads face turned to stone

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m dating her.” His tone was even and calculated as he stared the red head in the eyes.

“Is that why?” Archie challenged.

Placing his burger on his plate Jughead leveled Archie

“What’s that supposed to mean ..pal?”

Archie looked serious now, no longer nervous just concerned.

“Look jug, you’re my best friend but so is Betty and people… well people are talking. They’re saying you’re only dating Betty because you feel bad, you don’t really care about her, you just owe her for getting your dad a job.”

Jugheads knuckles turned white as he clutched the table so tight he thought he might splinter the wood.

“Me and Betty don’t pay attention to gossip, we know how we feel and that’s what matters.”

Archie shook his head , unconvinced

“does she?” his eyes moved to the blonde walking over to the table the raven haired girl shaking her head as they reached the two boys.

“Juggie, can you walk me home, I’m not feeling too well.” Betty said quietly. He just nodded, stuffing his text book in his bag and grabbing her water bottle. He placed his hand on the small of her back, gently shoving her to the door.

“I’ll see you guys at school.” She threw over her shoulder.

As soon as they hit the street, Jughead grabbed her backpack out of her hands and thread his fingers through hers. She smiled at him weakly and he returned it giving her fingers a squeeze.

“Are you really feeling sick or just sick of our annoying friends?”

She giggled “a little bit of both, I think I’m just tired is all, Alice cooper has decided her youngest daughter can not get Bs so the studying has been upped quite a bit.” She leaned into his shoulder as they walked.

“Well Jughead jones has decided his girlfriend can get whatever grades she wants as long as she gets the appropriate amount of sleep.” He said raising a brow at her as she twisted to see his face.

Reaching up she pressed her lips to his and they fell into familiar conversation about their plans for this weekend, too soon they arrived at her door and his hands went to her waist, he took a deep breathe ducking his eyes to meet hers

“I love you, you know that right?“he asked seriously

She smiled her heartbreakingly gorgeous smile, eyes lighting up as she placed her hands on his cheeks

"I know. I love you too, so much.”

When they kissed, he felt the same warm, safe essence of home that was purely Betty. He felt her getting more and more passionate and he could the moan that escaped his lips. Sliding his hands lower in her hips he tugged her center to his. Gasping into his mouth as his lips moved to her neck, nipping lightly

“Juggie” she whispered

“Betty.” He returned, panting slightly in her ear

All too soon the familiar porch light turned on and he knew Hal had heard the pair.

“Okay Juliet, time to return to your tower.” He said pecking her lips one more time.

She giggled moving to the door, “I’ll see you tommorow Romeo.” He turned throwing her a wink and a lazy wave. Before she called his name causing him to turn back.

“We’re okay. We always are.” She smiled showing off her pearly whites.

He laughed and returned her smile

“We’re okay. We always are.”


The next day at school, the pair was greeted by the familiar, questioning stares and the faces of their friends.

Cheryl was ranting about the fact that one of the vixens had dyed their hair pink.

“Our uniforms are blue! Blue! No one can pull off pink hair, literally no one.”

“I bet Betty could.” Everyone’s eyes snapped to Jughead who was smiling down at the blushing blonde connected to his arm. Looking up he noticed everyone’s eyes on his and shrugged “s'true”

Who knew Jughead could be cute? Veronica sure didn’t, And by the looks on everyone else’s face they didn’t either.

The cute just kept happening and Veronica and Archie were certainly confused.

At lunch Betty had started coughing, choking on the apple she was eating. Jughead had nearly broken an ankle reaching for the water in his bag, after she had calmed down he was rubbing her back soothingly “no more apples for you” he had said dropping a quick kiss to her lips.

During free period, they had all decided to hang out in the blue and gold office. Leaning back on the couch Veronica close to Archie, Kevin had started laughing.

“I’m guessing this is jugheads station.” The desk was covered in a mess of paperwork and food wrappers but what caught the most attention was the framed picture of Betty and jughead as kids, sitting in a tree house holding hands displayed proudly amongst the mess.
Archie chuckled “is this Betty’s doing?” He gestured towards the photo.

Jughead shook his head

“No I put that there. It’s my desk.”

It went quiet in the tiny office, minus Cheryl’s declaration of

“That’s hashtag cute.”

Archie and Veronica shared a glance.

The final straw was when, the group was walking home. Archie had asked Jughead to come over and play video games with him. Betty was wrapped up in his jacket and she went to take it off, She lived next door so it wasn’t that far a walk to brave the cold. Jughead immediately placed his hands on her shoulders keeping the jacket firmly in place.
“I don’t think so. Keep it on, it’s cold out. Don’t need you getting sick, I’ll pick it up tonight.” Then with a smile he was walking into the Andrews house.

An hour later Veronica was laying in Betty’s bed reading the newest glamour magazine, her brain on something entirely different

“What was with jughead today?” She blurted out

Betty looked up from painting her toes, a confused expression on her face.

“What do you mean? He seemed fine to me.”

Veronica shook her head

“No I mean he’s fine, it’s just he was extra… lovey today.”

Smiling gently at her friend Betty turned back to her toes.

“He’s always like that, you just never payed attention before.”

Staring at the beautiful blonde girl next door in front of her, she couldn’t help but think

Maybe Betty was right, maybe she just wasn’t looking hard enough.

Love hides in mysterious places.

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your "where would got7 like to be kissed" post had me giggling like a flustered schoolgirl, i s2g. thank you so much for doing it! the request i have slightly different, though. could you please do where would got7 like to kiss you the most? i know your blog doesn't mainly do got7, but i was just hoping you could make an exception for this request. if you can't, though, i'd completely understand!

sure i can, never ever has been on repeat for me the last couple of days!!
find the where would got7 like to be kissed ver (here) 

JB would like kissing your neck the most. It’s a sensual place to begin with, but also he’d like having your hands in his hair and being close enough to hear your voice shake when he grazes his teeth over your skin. 

Jinyoung has a natural need to care for others, it doesn’t go away with his significant other, it’s just much softer than it is with his friends. He’d love giving you kisses on the forehead, whether it’s a goodbye kiss as he drops you off at home or a kiss when you’re cuddled up against his arm on the couch, the both of you reading your favorite books side by side.

Jackson loves kissing your thighs, literally don’t argue with me on this. While it is true that Jackson loves kissing you everywhere because he can’t keep his hands to himself around you, he’d love having his head on your lap, turning it and kissing your thigh playfully or you know, when he’s in between your leg and kissing it not so playfully,,,,,,,you get my drift. 

Mark is a tease, but like a soft tease so he loves trailing kisses from your wrist up your arm. Treating you delicately, like royalty and then stopping right at the dip of your collar to look up and smile at you. He’d also hold your hand and bring it up so he could kiss your palm aimlessly while you two are out on dates. 

Youngjae likes to cuddle and can be a shy boy from time to time so I feel like his ideal is to spoon you from behind and give your back little kisses as he pulls you closer into his arms, but can also hide his face from you in case he feels embarrassed. It’s cute, and  the kisses tickle if your shirt is hanging low or there’s no shirt at all, but it makes Youngjae feel more intimate and happy. 

Bambam likes to make out with you. I’m not going to hide it or sugarcoat it, he likes your lips and gets into the habit of staring at them in public and you’ve got to literally snap him out of it. But seriously, this boy will give just about any excuse to lean in and start kissing you, quick pecks and teasing half-kisses that turn into a lot more unless Jinyoung is there to pull you two apart. 

Yugyeom is the kind of boyfriend that hugs you from behind and rests his chin in your hair so he’s always giving the top of your head kisses. Like you bend your neck back to look up at him and he’ll lean in to kiss you, but since that’s work you just keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and Yugyeom kisses your hair and plays with it until you have time to give him attention. 

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Okay okay but get this.. . ... insecure Lance with vitiligo I cannot believe this isn't already a thing give me my beautiful space son who's fLipping out because the foundation he had on him leaving earth isn't going to last forever and he really really doesn't want the team to know about anything that will make him different and mark him as a freak like everyone has always said

AHHHH I literally screamed when I saw this. 

Thank you <3 

I sorta went a different way with this. Sorry!

“Stop. It. You can’t cry right now.” Lance inhaled as much oxygen as he could before his lungs hitched and he coughed it out. 

“If you cry the foundation will wear off. So knock it off.” Lance ran his shaking hands through his hair. He didn’t know if he was talking to vent or help himself but he wish he would stop babbling like some teenage girl. 

Lance sat down on the edge of the bathtub glaring at the water. Shiro told them to wash up, but how could he wash away the only thing that is keeping him normal. Lance wanted to take a bath he really did. He wanted to try out the Altean soaps and face masks. He wanted to treat himself™ just like he would at the Garrison. Maybe Allura has some makeup, we have similar skin tones. Lance stood up and marched out of his room, he needed to find the princess. 


“Princess?” Lance hesitantly knocked on her bedroom door. 

“Yes Lance? Why aren’t you out of armor yet? Shiro told you to wash up.” Allura stood up from her where she was perched on her bed. 

“I kn-know. But I have a question for you.” Lance hugged his body, praying his sweat didn’t ruin the foundation anymore than what it was. 

“Well what is it?” Allura gestured for Lance to enter her room and he awkwardly stood in the middle of it while she sat on the edge of her bed. 

“Do Alteans have makeup?” Lance’s voice was so small it made him feel 5. 

“Makeup? Well of course!” Allura jumped up from her seat. “We have a lot of different kinds.” She smiled at him, hoping to relieve his stiff posture. 

“Do you have foundation to match my skin tone.” Lance gestured to his face. 

Allura stood up and placed her hand on his face, pretending she didn’t feel him flinch. “I think we do, mine might not work since it was made especially for me however,” Allura grabbed a small scanner off her desk and made her way back over to the boy, “this scanner will give us the number and type we need to match your skin perfectly.” 

She gently grabbed his hand and placed his finger under the scanner. It flashed a purple light for a few seconds before it beeped green and produced a small chip. 

Allura grabbed the chip “Now I’ll put this in a machine and it will have it made by the time you are done cleaning up.” 

Lance released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “Can I get it sooner?” 

“Why do you need it so soon?” Allura chuckled a little bit. 

“I just need it that’s all.” Lance said a bit quietly, too quiet for Alluras liking.

“Once it’s done I’ll drop it off at your room. Okay?” Allura gently said. 


“Now go clean up.” And Lance left. 


Lance sunk down into the tub, letting the water surround him. He slowly submerged himself completely under water and let his mind wander. 

Ugly, Freak, Weirdo, Whats wrong with your face?

 Lance could still hear the kids voices like they said them yesterday. He could still remember the snickers he heard behind his back. He could remember how teachers would look at him sympathetically. He could still feel the shoves from the kids when he asked to play with them. He remembered crying to his mama asking why this happened to him. He remembered his sister teaching him how to do makeup and attempting too help his confidence. Sadly he was only confident with 3 different layers of makeup plastered on his face and arms. 

Lance rose his head from the water and touched his face and smeared the makeup off his face. He drained the water, stood up, turned on the shower and started scrubbing his arms and face. 

What would the team think? He wasn’t normal. He was a freak. 

He watched the water drain down, taking the brown makeup with it. After the water cleared he turned of the shower and dried off. 

Lance put on his pants and started to sort through the different Altean supplies. He found something that resembled lavender and started to apply it to his face. He attempted not to stare at the different color patches that scattered his face. He moved down to his arms, where it only started happening a year prior. He dropped the container when he saw a small patch forming on his stomach. 

“Fuck.” Lance leaned over the sink, not even trying to stop his tears. 

“Why, why, why.” Lance grabbed his hair. He was about to get back into the tub when Allura knocked on his bathroom door. 

“Lance! It’s done~” Allura seem to sing. 

“Ca-Can you ju-just leave it out-outside my door?” Lance nearly punched himself for his voice cracking. 

“Are you alright Lance?” Allura asked, curiosity and concern plaguing her voice.


“No you’re, not….I hope you’re decent because I’m coming in.” Before Lance could react the bathroom door was opening and he was face to face with Allura who was holding a bottle. 

Allura opened and closed her mouth and Lance grabbed a towel and wrapped his torso up in it, happy that he was wearing pants. 

After a few moments of unbearable silence Lance bit out “Go on laugh, I don’t care. Just leave the bottle and go.” 

“Lance.” Allura gently grabbed the towel  from Lance and brought his face closer. “I would never laugh a you for something like this.” She opened the bottle and put a few drops of the liquid on Lances face and started to rub it in. 

Lance stared at Allura as she continued to apply the makeup on Lance. “What?” She asked. 

“Why are you being so nice?” Lance mumbled out. 

“Why wouldn’t I be nice? You can’t help this,” she gestured towards his arms. “Plus this doesn’t changed anything about you. I’ll even keep it a secret from the team if you need.” 

Lance started crying again and Allura hugged him. She gently ran her fingers through his hair. 

Lance hugged her back. “Do you think the team will judge me?”

“They would never.” Allura softly said. 

“Should I tell them?”

“Only if you want.” 

“Will you help me?”

“Of course. Now lets get you ready for dinner.” 

Lance smiled and started to distract himself from the voices of the kids that echoed in his mind. 

Happy Ending! I think? 

Thank you for this!! 

Send Me More Langst Prompts!! 

Apple doesn't fall far

Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line


Two years. Two years since Jerome died. Three years since his son was born. Two years since I moved to Metropolis. Ian has every feature of his father. Almost none from me want so ever! He was such a good father. Ian never I understood that his father was gone. He always thought he was out there. He was just gone for now but he’d be back.

As I wash the dishes Ian runs through the house wilding his toy gun. He laughs and plays with himself. He sets up a teddy bear in a chair then steps back. “Hahaha! You’re a cog! BANG!” Ian laughs as he kicks the bear out of the chair.

I stop and look at him. “Ian honey where did you hear that?” I ask leaning down to his level. “TV! Daddy was on the tv!” I title my head. “Can you show mommy?” Ian nods and takes my hand leading me to his room where his tv is playing videos of Jerome. “That’s right folks. The psychopath Jerome Valeska has been reborn as of last night. Gotham city is now out of power and does not know when it will be-”

I turn the tv off and remain still. Reborn? “Mommy? Are you okay?” I look down at my son with fudge red hair and beautiful eyes matching his father’s. “What do you say we take a trip? You and me.” “Yay!” Ian cheers and runs over to his closet and grabs his emergency bag filled with clothes and food. I laugh and rush to get my own supplies.

We get in the car and make the trip to Gotham. “Mommy! I know where we are!” Ian says in excitement. “Do you? Where are we baby boy?” “Gotham! Daddy’s here!” “That’s right! All we have to do is find him.” I smile and park outside of Jerome’s and I old apartment.

Ian and I go up to the door and unlocked it. I open the door and see the place Jerome and I spent so many nights together. “Mommy where are we?” Ian asks holding his gun. “Home baby. This is where mommy and daddy lived before I moved and had you.” I explain walking around.

I showed Ian the entire house seeing it in surprisingly great shape. Yes dust has gathered, but overall it’s pretty good.

Ian jumps out of my arms and runs off. “Be careful Ian!” I call after him and get a cute giggle in return. He truly is his father’s child.

Baby footsteps run up the stairs and once they stop louder ones are heard. I press my back to the wall making a time to shoot for the stairs. I quietly make my way up, but before I make it all the way a laugh rips through the silence. “I knew you’d be here. I knew you’d come back to find me doll.” I turn and see Jerome with his face wrapped up in cloth.

I rush to him and exam his wound. “What happened?” Jerome raises a bag which help his face. “Wait! Where’s Ian? I know you wouldn’t leave him alone. Is he up there?” Jerome starts to ascend the staircase, but I stop him. “Do you wanna scare him? You can’t see him until you have your face back on.” Jerome sighs and leaves to the garage momentarily.

I go up to see Ian bouncing on a bed with his gun and shooting around the room. I hear footsteps come up the stairs and step out to see Jerome with his reattached face. “Staples? Really?” She shrugs with a smile. “Does it look bad?” I exam him more closely. “No… just different. Still handsome as ever though.” “As long as you’ll still be mine I don’t care.” I laughs and kiss him lightly. “Deal. Now let’s go see your son.”

I enter the room and now see Ian going through his bag and pulling out his toy knife. “Ian Mommy’s got a big surprise.” He hops onto the bed again and smiles nodding. I look back to the door with a smile. “Come on in.”

Jerome strides in with a smile. Ian looks over his father with a confused look but then comes to realization. “Daddy!” He yells and jumps into Jerome’s arms. My heart melts seeing the moment. “Hey there little man.” “I missed you daddy! I been protecting mommy! Like you do!” Ian explains holding up his gun making Jerome laugh. “Oh you are my son.” Jerome holds his boy to him and pulls me into a family hug.

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Not sure if you're still taking prompts, but if you are, how about 'finding the other wearing their clothes'?

The last thing he thought he’d be doing on a Tuesday evening when the sky opened up and let out a monster of a thunderstorm, was leaving the house and getting caught in the rain. And yet, here he is, wringing water out of his clothes in the bathroom sink to get them just dry enough that they won’t leave trails when he takes them to the laundry room downstairs.

He heaves out a heavy sigh but he can’t seem to get mad. Because every time he tries, he thinks of Emma Swan knocking on his door and pulling him down several flights of stairs to soak him to his toes. His best friend is a thunderstorm in herself.

There’s a knock at the door, and he hums in reply.

“I made apology coffee,” Emma calls out. He laughs, as though she has anything to apologise for. She could lead him anywhere and he’d follow willingly, as head over heels as he is about her.

“I’ll be right there, love.”

It takes him a few seconds to gather his clothes in the basket at the corner, to push his fingers through his hair several times and look in the mirror, giving himself a silent pep talk. It’s mostly new, the discovery of the severity of his feelings for Emma. He’s always known he was drawn to her, but there’s something else there, too – a need to never be separated, a sensation of care that extends well beyond the natural, and a word that starts with L that he doesn’t think he should ever utter out loud in her presence. Not now anyway. Someday, maybe.

He hears her humming from the kitchen and smiles to himself.

“Apology coffee and a musical performance? Aren’t I just the luckiest man in the world.” It’s easy for him to slip into a tone of levity, even easier when she teases him right back.

“Please,” she scoffs. “You’re going to have to make me coffee if you want to hear me sing.”

“I make you coffee every single weekend,” he replies, throwing in a pout for good measure.

Emma shrugs, her smirk taking away from her excuse of an apology. She turns around to pick up the mugs from the counter and that’s when he notices it, the deep red fabric that bunches around her arms where she’s pushed the too long sleeves to her elbows. It hangs loosely on her frame, the threads fraying, the small tear in the hem glaring at him in recognition.

He hasn’t seen this sweatshirt in years, had forgotten about it completely, in fact. And here it is, worn by the woman he would never, in his existence, want to forget.

She places the mugs on the table and hesitates when he stays frozen in place. He’s staring, he knows, but he can’t help it.

“I forgot to bring an extra sweater, I thought it would be okay if I borrowed one?” she explains, though it comes out more like a question. He opens his mouth but doesn’t get a word out. Emma’s fingers run along the hem, fidgeting. “I’ll just go put it back in your drawer, I’ll be fine in my shirt.”

He steps in front of her when she tries to pass by him, and shakes his head.

“No, no, I just– my brother gave me that sweatshirt. I simply haven’t seen it in a while, that’s all.”

“Shit, sorry, I should–,” she moves towards his room but he grabs her by the elbow and pulls her back in place.

“Swan, it’s perfectly fine. It even suits you,” he grins. And gods, does it ever. It brings out the gold of her hair and matches the red on her cheeks that’s always present during colder months. And it’s something else, to see her wrapped up in clothing that’s his. He’s pathetic in his longing for domesticity, for wanting it with Emma and Emma only. Unbidden, he imagines her in nothing but his sweatshirt, greeting him on a morning after with intimacy he should not be letting creep into his mind when she’s standing right in front of him.

He coughs, trying to cover it up.

She eyes him warily. “Are you sure?” He knows what she’s asking, Are you sure you want to trust me with this? As though she and Liam aren’t on the same standing in his mind, as though she isn’t deserving of being compared to his late brother. How she doesn’t see his heart beat straight out of his chest when she’s near, he’ll never know.

He gently runs a hand up and down her arm, and she visibly deflates at the gesture. He’s so close to her that he can count the creases on her forehead, knows they won’t leave her until the unnecessary guilt subsides.

“Positive,” he reassures.

And perhaps if he was privy to her thought process, he would expect her reaching up on her tiptoes and placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Instead, he stands there like a fool, stock still, as it happens.

“Thank you,” she practically whispers. She squeezes his hand once before stepping back. “Your coffee’s getting cold.”

He watches her walk to the table, damp curls hanging down her back, at home in a place that isn’t hers. Engulfed in an article of clothing that he associates with warmth and comfort. Completely and irrevocably making his heart pound. He lets out a gust of a breath. A thunderstorm in herself, indeed.

intimacy prompts

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Hi!!! I love your writing so so much and it honestly makes me so happy💕I know that you are so so busy but can you please write a fic about Betty getting hurt really badly and Jughead absolutely loosing it and then is extremely protective over her and doesn't let her out of his sight. I'm obsessed with protective juggy!!

“I’m fine Ronnie. Really, I’m okay.” Betty lifted herself slowly from her desk, clutching its sides so hard her knuckles turned white, the classroom went silent, too afraid to move but completely attentive to the badly injured blonde cheerleader they all loved so dearly.

“Let me get your bag.” Reggie mumbled, nearly tripping over his feet to hand her the tote

“Girl, I can bring your lunch here if that’s easier.” Josie spoke softly, inching closer.

“I can carry you to the lunchroom, it wouldn’t be a problem.” Moose Mason drawled, his hands extended as if to lift her up.

This had been going on for two weeks, ever since Betty had been dispatched from the hospital everyone was treating her as if she were some porcelain doll ready to shatter at the mention of movement. Maybe they were right, these days even the slightest shift had Betty biting back tears, her ribs were cracked so breathing was difficult and her broken arm made it nearly impossible to function, not to mention she was just gaining vision back in her right eye, the swelling now dulling to a faded deep purple and red bruise, blending perfectly with the rest of the bruises littering her face and body.

Clifford Blossoms Minions had found out about Betty being the one to find and share the hard drive, apparently you don’t make much money when your boss is dead. One cold night on her way home from cheerleading practice she had been grabbed. Five older men had taken turns beating her and recording her, they tried to force her into saying it was all the Serpents fault, that she had lied and altered the tape. They were messy though, leaving a ransom note on the steps of the Riverdale Register, Old Lady Milly had seen the thugs leave the note and Betty was found that night, the men had been taken away but the memories were still fresh I Betty’s mind.

That night after her bones had been set and her stitches sewn up she remembered clearly the sight of her boyfriend shoving through the hospital room doors, tears falling carelessly down his cheeks as he held her and sobbed.

“I love you. I love you so much.”

Betty had repeated his words back to him and let her own tears fall.

“Alright I’ll take it from here.”

The familiar lazy tone of her boyfriend drew her out of her thoughts

“Juggie.” She whispered smiling.

He made his way through the crowd of people surrounding her and quickly swung her bag over his own, looping her arm in his.

“Back up people, she doesn’t need you breathing all over her. She’s alright.. just…. scatter.” He mumbled irritably.

Betty giggled at her annoyed boyfriends hand wave, one thing she had learned through this whole ordeal?

Jughead Jones was fiercely protective over the people he loved, she was lucky enough to fall into that category.

Leaning on his shoulder as he protectively wrapped an arm around her waist, being extremely careful not to touch her ribs, Jughead took most of her weight, carrying her slightly off the ground.

“Ready for lunch my fair lady.” The dark haired boy quirked an eyebrow comically and dropped a tender kiss to his girlfriends forehead.

“Certainly my lord.” She added a posh British accent, giggling when Jughead rolled his eyes.

They were halfway down the hallway and Betty was going on and on about some new Author she had been researching when all of a sudden she was pushed , her cast hitting the locker as she whimpered slightly, everything was still a bit sensitive, in a flash she was being placed gently to lean on the lockers and jughead had the freshman who had shoved them cornered.

“Apologize.” He growled, turning the small boy towards Betty. “You pushed my injured girlfriend, clearly you have vision problems since you couldn’t see that she is in a cast and by pushing her you could have inevitably made the healing process longer, typically I feel bad for people with vision impairments but not today, so get yourself some glasses and apologize to my damn girlfriend. Now.”

The short blonde boy shuddered visibly under Jugheads glare

“I’m.. s..ssssorrry” he stuttered out.

Betty shook her head rapidly
“It’s okay! It was just a little push, I think I’ll survive.” She smiled softly to the little boy and he nodded gratefully practically sprinting away.

Jughead came back to Betty’s side trying to ignore the narrowed eyes she were shooting his way.

“What was that about?” She finally asked

Jughead shrugged his shoulders, approaching their lunch table.
“He pushed you.”

“He tapped me!”

“Doesn’t matter, you’re hurt. He shouldn’t push you.. ever. But especially now.” He gently lifted Betty up and slid her into the picnic table, stiffening when she winced at a particular pain in her ribs.

Suddenly Jughead was digging in his backpack and pulling out an orange pill bottle

“Take with food.” He read off the label, smiling at her so charmingly, his prior anger fit was momentarily forgotten.

“Yeah yeah yeah, hand me the meds.” She rolled her eyes, a hidden smile peeking through.

When the doctor had prescribed Betty with the different kinds of pain killers she had seen the pain in her boyfriends eyes, the genuine worry and fear, when she confronted him about it he had explained his concerns. His father had become addicted to pain pills after an injury to his back that’s what started his alcoholism and Jughead was terrified Betty herself would become addicted. So they had made a deal, she would only keep with her the pills she needed for nighttime and morning, he would keep the pills for the rest of the day, he could keep an eye on her and he was around her twenty four seven anyway, not that she minded, she loved him and while some girls would find the presence overbearing, Betty killed for the time she got to be around him. She could tell how strongly he felt about her willingness to trust him with her medication, it meant something to him, something Betty didn’t quite understand yet, but hoped to one day find out.

Veronica, Archie and Kevin joined them at the table. Lunch went by quickly and soon it was the final period Bell. Veronica and Betty shared this class together so Jughead had to leave her.

“If you need me, you just text me okay. I promise I will be there in a minute flat, I may not run but i do barrel pretty fast.” He winked at his beautiful girlfriend, anxiety written in his eyes.

“I’ll be fine Juggie, we’re pros at this system now.”

He dropped a kiss to her lips, pressing his forehead against hers and sighing
“I love you.” He whispered, not a day had gone by since the incident that Jughead hadn’t told Betty he loved her atleast three times a day.

“I love you more.” She pressed a lingering kiss to his lips and gently pulled back.

“Not possible sunshine.” He grinned as Archie pulled him along.

Betty’s laugh rang through the crowded halls of riverdale, putting everyone at ease. If Betty Cooper could make it through everything that she had gone through and still be happy…

Well, life wasn’t so bad.

Naruto x alcohol headcanons
  • also known as "get none_kitten's headcanons away from me asap"
  • Naruto: yells a lot, hugs everyone and gives smoochy cheek kisses. even to Kakashi. never let him drink again. probably would light a trashcan on fire. is oblivious to anyone flirting with him, to a point where it's painful to watch.
  • Sakura: Tsunade 2.0, now with upgraded damage.
  • Sai: blushes a lot, suddenly he doesn't fuck up human conversation, but also has a horrible headache and pukes halfway.
  • Sasuke: snark level 527383106
  • Shikamaru: suddenly blurts out ALL the random facts. hey did you know the Eiffel tower was shorter in winter?
  • Ino: flirts with and teases every-fucking-one around the table (or town), but doesn't really follow through.
  • Chouji: cheap-ass drunk food, probably pizza from the shadiest street food place? gimmmeeeee
  • Hinata: wow she speaks a lot. probably about serious literature and poetry. also is really pretty with the blush and shiny eyes she's got going on.
  • Shino: deems the entire thing illogical but gets ass-drunk anyways, starts up conversation with the local flora and fauna (and by this i mean that at one point he was probably hugging a decorative ficus) then leaves without a word to go sleep.
  • Kiba: challenges Naruto in yelling matches, pisses off the balcony, ends up snuggling with Akamaru, hanging half off the beer-stained couch.
  • Neji: super cute, probably would look amazing in a flower crown, is a huge flirt but never notices he's doing it, all the while he keeps swaying from one foot to the other. string of broken hearts left behind? check. does he remember it in the morning? nah, son
  • Tenten: takes interest in the butcher knives in the kitchen, and gives murderous glances to anyone who tries to chat her up. takes care of Neji though, when he can't walk anymore, and pretends not to know Lee.
  • Lee: accidentally drop-kicks someone off the balcony, because THE POWER OF YOUTH CAN'T BE CONTAINED!!!!
  • Gai: rants about the Springtime of Youth for about two and a half beers, then falls asleep on the table because he's getting to old for this, dammit
  • Kakashi: plays bored for half the evening, flirts with everyone the other half (and by flirting i mean he's the sassiest bitch in town and takes home whomever lasts the longest). has a pretty pink blush on the visible half of his face. probably made Sharingan jokes along the evening.
  • Asuma: out smoking the whole time, rolling his eyes as people keep asking him for "just one cigarette, mate". when he - occasionally - shows face inside, he keeps eyeing Kurenai in a definite leer.
  • Kurenai: tries way too hard to ignore Asuma's stares. ends up getting a ride home in Asuma's car. probably tries to convince Kiba at least twice to go home already and sleep it off.
  • Anko: starts telling more and more disturbing jokes and cackles madly.
  • Ibiki: facepalms endlessly because Anko also has a vine-like grip on his arm and clings on. painfully.
  • Yamato: drunken rants. so many of them. 90% of it is probably vegan activism.
  • Kotetsu and Izumo: making out in a corner. from all that's showing, they could pass a) as teenagers in love b) as they're currently having hot hot steamy sex c) they morphed into one being with too many limbs and hair d) all of the above
  • Iruka: blushes. blushes a lovely shade of deep red only lobsters have.
  • Jiraiya: there's a line forming to slam-dunk his face into the toilet. a line of very angry women.
  • ps: there's a private Hokage party upstairs where Hashirama is acting like a child, Tobirama is more done than Ibiki and Kakashi combined, Hiruzen chuckles good-naturedly over a cup of fine sake, and Minato has a drunken flush on his face as he stares starry-eyed into nowhere.


Rhys is the owner and he’s pretty much the best boss anyone could ever have. Quality pay.  Good manners. Everything runs smoothly under him. 

Amren is the manager under him, but no one ever sees her do anything. She shows up to events and probably orders linen or something and she always has an opaque starbucks cup in hand that never has coffee in it. No one’s sure what she drinks but they just know that you don’t mess with Amren’s stuff. Always well dressed, usually black slacks and a pristine, pressed shirt with a statement necklace every time.  Never eats any of the food despite being around it 24/7.

Mor manages the staff and is ON HER GAME. She sends out a prompt, color coordinated schedule every week and everyone’s times are always perfect. She knows what she’s about. She’s pretty hands on with running everything, and always makes an effort to check in on every event and help run them. She’s also the only one to show up at a 6 am shift on a saturday morning still in her club dress from the night before with heels in hand (she always keeps a change of clothes in her office for nights like those). Always keeps things fun, especially on long days and always brings in snacks for everyone in the mornings and organizes a work party for every excuse she can. (They definitely have monthly parties to celebrate everyone’s birthday in that month)

Cassian, oh Cassian… is the chef. The kitchen is loud and he’s usually laughing and he always, always keeps his hair in a bun and fills out his jacket very nicely (Nesta approves). His food is to die for and he’s always throwing in a few extra things he whips up for the staff. He comes with them to events to help plate food and will check up on the crowd to make sure they like everything. Could probably take a rack out of an oven and not feel a thing. Fingertips are probably burned off at this point, it’s a running joke that if anything is too hot to carry, Cass can just handle it for you. (he always jokes that he can carry all the burning hot things because he’s equally as hot and Nesta is just -_- even though she’s basically in agreement)  

Azriel is the baker, and he makes all the breads and desserts they serve. He and Cass work hand in hand a lot to get everything done and they’re always asking each other to try their thing to make sure it tastes good. Az prefers being in the back of house because he doesn’t particularly enjoy the interacting part of the job and it’s usually chaotic in front of everyone. And every once in a while, when Mor is having a bad day, he makes sure there are “extra” slices of her favorite triple chocolate cake on her desk that he definitely didn’t make just for her, not at all. 

Nesta is a server who’s relatively new, but still gets it done. She sets tables like a beast and everything she does is precise, clean, and even if she’s just pushed that one disturbingly massive hotbox half a mile to a venue, she’s never sweaty or has a hair out of place, it’s truly astonishing. She also definitely doesn’t have a thing for the chef. Not at all. It’s not like she stares at his forearms when he rolls up the sleeves of his white uniform or always casually suggests that she can be the one to go pick up the food from the kitchen. 

Elain is another server who pretty much always ends up working the bars. She can be a little slow setting things up sometimes, but she’s still a hard worker and everyone loves her enough that she could take fifty years to set a beverage station and everyone would still smile at her. She enjoys the jobs that involve interacting with people and can somehow magically pour red wine over a white tablecloth and keep them absolutely pristine.

Feyre is a server too, so she does everything, but they usually leave the design elements up to her. She’ll help Cass plate the food sometimes, or arrange a board of fruit into cool shapes.  She and Rhys are shamelessly dating even though everyone is ??? “wait ur dating ur boss?” No one cares though, and its usually never a problem except that one time Mor walked into Rhys’s office without knocking and found them making out with her sitting in his lap. 

Lucien (you can thank @highfaelucien​ for this idea) runs the flower shop that supplies centerpieces/decorations, and he always hangs around after a delivery to talk with everyone… aka flirt with the pretty server who blushes when he hands her a flower. He has his usual beautifully long hair and will mostly keep it up for work so it doesn’t get in the way. He’s always casually, immaculately dressed and smells ridiculously good (not that Elain has noticed). He has his cartilage pierced too, and Elain definitely doesn’t drool over his earrings when he has his hair pulled back out of the way. Their interactions are mainly Lucien being >:) and ;) while Elain blushes beet red.

Other assorted pieces:  

Sometimes when they’re just finishing cleaning up, Mor and Cass will have a drink after (no one knows how they aren’t tired). Mor supplies the alcohol. Cassian supplies the dessert. They’ll sit in the empty kitchen and share a slice of cake and trade stories about all the weird stuff that happened that day. 

Nesta and Mor definitely make out at the Christmas party one year. Mor is in this little red dress with black tights and heels and they end up with red lipstick smeared all over their faces, stumbling out of the linen closet.

Cass tries to woo Nesta with food and it works better than he thought it might. At first he thinks he’ll make some big, fancy dessert, but then he’s like… nah STEAK.  Az walks by Cassian’s station and is confused at first because there’s nothing they need that for that night? But he turns it over in the pan and casually says that Nesta is hungry…. “You’re trying to romance her…. with meat???” “Steaks are sexy Azriel.” Luckily though, Cass is very :))) when he brings Nesta’s plate to her and her eyes go a little wide because he really didn’t have to do that, really he didn’t. But since its there…. She digs into it and probably lets out this moan that has Cass grinning wider and he goes down to brag to Az about her liking it. 

Az feeds the cats behind the building every night and Mor thinks its adorable. One is looking particularly worse for wear, though, and he ends up taking it home and basically adopting it. Mor proudly calls herself the kitty’s “co parent” and goes around bragging about their child to everyone while Az blushes in the background.

Nesta has been forever banned from driving the truck because her road rage + a giant truck is really not a good idea. She’s thiiiiis close to being banned from the truck whenever Cassian is in it too because they inevitably end up fucking in the back of it while he lifts her onto a cart. 

Smut bonus: 

when Nessian are finally together, he brings back homemade whipped cream and chocolate sauce for them to use ~that night~ but it just devolves into Nesta laughing so hard she’s crying because she can’t take Cassian seriously when he’s spraying whipped cream onto her boobs. 

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Smut prompt: David and Killian are best friends and Killian's "lady of the night" is Emma. But he doesn't know emma is davids little sister.

*unbeta’d so sorry for mistakes*

Just a silly, baby bit. Ended up being smutless ;).

They’d met a month ago. She was chasing some guy (part of her job) and had turned up at the bar that he worked at. The guy was a bust - had left hours ago - but she was not.

She was interesting, enigmatic and beautiful.

She explained she was new to town, so he insisted on buying her a drink. They talked until it was closing hour, the  other bartender picking up the slack for the totally beguiled Killian.
(She seemed just as smitten, Will his coworker had teased the next day.)


Moving back to Storybrooke had been a fresh start after a bad break up. Her brother had coaxed her home after many years of trying, wanting to mend their fractured relationship. But that was still in it’s infancy, gently working back into each other’s lives after almost a decade wasn’t simple.

And meeting Killian was a not expected development.

She’d not dated in forever. Really thought that maybe that part of her life was over: too many assholes leaving their mark. But he was different. He was warm, funny and devastatingly handsome.

Perhaps she should have declined the offer of a drink, but she was technically off the clock and she found she wanted to (despite herself). They were so similar yet different all at the same time.

Three days later she returned, hair curled, a floral dress that toed the line between casual and dressy was topped with her ever present leather jacket. She took a seat at the bar and waited for him to notice her.

He smiled and she was already falling for him.


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He just knows.

Authors Note: This isn’t really written perfectly by no means but I just needed to write this kind of scene. 
Warning: Anxiety warning.

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He knows the minute he steps into the house that something’s up. The house doesn’t smell of the lovely meal you had prepared for dinner, instead, it smells only of the scented candles you had blown out earlier. 

The house is quiet and not full of radiant energy like usual, you’re not finishing up the last touches to dinner, or sitting on the couch doing last minute work you had put off doing. 

He shrugs off his jacket, draping it over his arm as he glances around the exceptionally quiet house. 

He makes the dreaded walk towards the staircase, climbing them with ease before stopping at the very top, hoping to hear the television in the bedroom echoing. 

To his bitter disappointment, nothing but silence fills the open area around him. 

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For an imagine. If you could do one where reader finds the group (whichever era) she's about 25 and has dad/guy trust issues. Very independent and doesn't want any help from a man. However you want to take it from there :) smut and fluff would be a huge plus.

Yeah, I hope you like it!

Originally posted by the-walkingdeadimagines

My Stranger

Daryl x Reader
Words number - 1500
Warning- fluff and little smut

You entered the store to scavenge something to keep you satisfied for the week, you have been on your own for almost a year now, sure its lonely and depressing but its also safe.

It keeps you from getting hurt and betrayed.


something you knew all too well, even though it was right in front of you all these years, you refused to see it. refused to believe that the only person you loved would betray you

Your dad was a drunk, he would drink himself to sleep. Gambling with every cent you earned, even with your mother’s medical payment, he would still use that money you kept aside for her treatment, and well now she is dead and so was he.

He used you for money since you were 14, and now you were 25, yet the horrid memories wouldn’t leave you. you thought with you boyfriend around, he could be your wall, your stepping stone, your backbone that held you up, even though he cheated on you, he promised to never do it again, and being 17 and in love, you believed him.

Until a year ago, when your camp was being attacked by walkers and to save himself he pushed you in front of them so that he could escape.
Sad thing, he didn’t escape and before taking further steps, a walker attacked him and ripped him apart, saving you instead.

you didn’t feel sad, remorse or regret. indeed it was that day that you realized that you dont need any man, or anybody in fact to take care of you. you took care of your mother and drunk father. you damn well could take care of your damn self and didn’t need anyone.

and thats how you ended up alone, for a year.

grossed in your own thoughts, you didn’t notice the walker that threw itself on you, knocking you to the floor, your gun flying away from your reach. Trying to reach for the knife in your back pocket, you couldn’t. the walker was so heavy and was persistant of having a bite of off you.

“Fuck!” you cursed as you tried to push it off of you

You thought you would die, but what you didn’t expect was the arrow that flew, and ended up right between the eyes of the walker.

you pushed it of off you, much easier now that it wasn’t struggling and stood to see a tall guy with long dark hair covering his face, he had a crossbow in his hand and he was wearing a vest and worn out jeans

“I could have taken care of it myself!” you said annoyed, you hated to admit that, a ‘man’ saved you

“Yeah” he scoffed as he turned, he started searching the shelves in the store

“Daryl, we found nothing!” A dark female, with swords on either sides of her back and a tank top appeared, behind her followed a man with a light scruff and grey color eyes

they saw you and drew their weapons, pointing it at you

“Where is Daryl?” the grey eyes man spoke, pointing the gun at you

“I dont know who Daryl is” you said simply as you walked around, not bothered with the gun pointed at you

“Rick” the man that saved you came, through a back door “Dont” he said motioning the grey eyes man to lower his gun and he did

The three of them seemed to have a silent conversation going on between them and suddenly all three approached you

“What?” you asked looking between them

“How many dead, did you kill?” the grey eyes man spoke

“And why should I tell you?” you asked amused

“Just answer him” Daryl said

“I dont count!” you said honestly

“How many living?” grey eyes dude asked again

“Ten” you said honestly

“Why?” Daryl asked

“Why? you tell me why?” you hissed as you tried to move around them, you were done with their games, but the girl with them came in front of you blocking your way

“Do you have a camp?” she asked and you laughed

“I’m all on my own!” you said as you tried to move but she didn’t let you

“Since when?” Rick, you think asked

“A year? I dont remember!” you said annoyed

“How about you come with us, we have camp and everything” Daryl offered and you smiled

“Yeah, no! I dont do well with groups!” you said honestly

“Just come, and if you feel you dont fit, than go back to the road!” the girl spoke and you nodded, you got nothing to lose anyway


All this, took part almost one year ago, you going to Alexandria, meeting and getting to know people, having your own house, a place to call home. something you thought you might never have again.

But what you really didn’t expect was your unconditional growing feelings towards Daryl.

before you knew it, you were in love with him, but you would never admit it. you had your fair share of heartbreak and betrayal and you would be damned if you let anything like that happen to you again. so whenever Daryl tried to get close to you, you would push him away, be rude and mean. hoping it would work

but Daryl could see right through you. he knew why you did all this and he would be damned if he lost you because of some stupid fear you had.

“Y/n!” Rick yelled and when you looked up, you saw a walker launch himself on you, his teeth inches away from your arm.

Before you could react, an arrow landed in the walkers head, saving you. you sighed in relief thinking it was all over now, oh boy how wrong you were

Daryl who just saved you, didn’t notice the walker that jumped him and now he was under the walker’s mercy, Daryl was far you couldn’t get to him on time. he was going to die because he saved you

fucking idiot thinks he can save everyone and now he was going to die

Thankfully, Michonne was there and she swung her sword, cutting the walker in two

You were so pissed with Daryl all the way back home, the bloody idiot thought he could save everyone at the cost of his life, who told him to save you, you could save your own damn self

when you reached Alexandria, you jumped off the car and stormed to your house annoyed

“Y/n!” Daryl jumped right after you, yelling your name, but you ignored him.

you went into your house, ready to slam the door, only for a foot to stop it from completely shutting.

you walked up stairs towards your room. you weren’t going to sit and talk to him, you hated him for defending you, he thinks he is invincible

you went to your room and as you were about to enter, a rough hand grabbed your arms, pushing you towards the wall

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Daryl yelled at you and you pushed him, you hit him hard against his chest, making him stumble a step or two.

“Stupid, Bitch!” he growled rubbing his chest were you just hit him

“You are the bitch!” you spat annoyed

“Whats your problem?“he asked calmer now

"You!” you snapped at him “You are my problem! you think you are superman? news flash Daryl, you bleed!”

“What are you even talking about?” he said honestly confused

“Who told you to try and help me? I dont need your help! I dont need anyones help! i can save my own damn self!” you yelled at him, he looked much calmer now

“Y/n..” he said softly as he approached you and you backed away, hitting you back to the wall

“What are you doing?” you asked breathless, Daryl was incredibly close to you right now

“I like you” he admitted and your eyes were wide “And I know you like me too, and you are trying to push me away” he confessed and your mind went blank

“What?” you breathed

“Just tell me that I’m not reading this wrong, that my feelings aren’t one sided” he said as his nose brushed yours, his lips inches away

“Daryl..” you whispered

“I wont ever hurt you, I promise, you dont have to be afraid when you are with me” he said and you felt his hands on your hips, rubbing small circles with his thumb


And just like that his lips were on yours, kissing you hungrily.

his hand pinned yours upwards as he started sucking at your neck, making you moan.

your hands pulled out of his grip and reached out and grabbed fists full of his vest, holding him to you desperately as his tongue lay claim to yours. It moved at slow and languid pace against yours, yet it was strong and demanding. A groan rose up in your chest as his hands gripped you tight, making you shiver under his touch

His mouth left yours, causing you to whimper, until his sinful lips trailed down your jaw, to the juncture where your neck met your shoulder as he sucked a dark purple mark.

“Y/n!” he moaned against your skin, moving lower to plant reverent kisses on the swell of your breasts. Ripping your shirt open, a gasp escaping your lips. Pushing your shirt off your shoulders and kissing you fiercely again.

Your hands ran along his neck and into his long hair, the tips of your fingers dancing along the long hairs on his shoulder.

Daryl grabbed your ass and hoisted you up, and you to wrapped your legs around his waist. He moved away from the wall, walking you into your bedroom. He threw you on the bed and smirked. He removed his vest, tossing it in a chair before hovering over you, his breath mixing with yours

“You dont need anyone, but I need you!” he confessed

And this night he spent it proving you, just how much he needed you!

anonymous asked:

Yuri likes to wear shorts in the summer because he's a basic bitch teen and he'll be damned if he doesn't soak up the sun while it exists, except he forgets it looks like his thighs were mauled by a bear (:3c). He doesn't notice because he's running late so he throws on clothes and runs to meet Otabek at a cafe or a park or somewhere equally full of people and doesn't realize his mistake until he sees drastically more private Otabek's face.

You have given me a Mighty Need™ to see Yuri in high waisted shorts and a cute crop top….. I hope you’re happy

Otabek is just going through his phone, waiting patiently at a small table in the crowded café. His black coffee sits besides a caramel macchiato as he rereads the last text he received.

“running late, order me whatever”

That was about 20 minutes ago. Otabek doesn’t mind - he had just gone ahead and ordered Yuri’s usual. Having had errands to run, Beka had woken early in the morning and left his boyfriend tangled up in silk sheets, kissing the top of his head in goodbye. Though Otabek had to return to his own apartment eventually, he wasn’t quite ready to end their weeklong streak just yet. They had spent every day and every night together so far, and it had been beyond a dream. Life had always seemed to get in the way, whether they had practice or other commitments, so having the opportunity to just be together and share a bed every night had made this week some of the best days of Otabek’s life.

So, reluctant to say goodbye just yet, they had arranged to meet at a popular café close by to Yuri’s apartment just to end the week with a peaceful lunch date. Otabek knows by now that the blonde will easily sleep in for hours if he doesn’t have training; limbs sprawled out across the bed and long hair a tangled mess. He smiles at the thought.

He’s drawn from his musings as the café door suddenly swings open, the usually gentle bell ringing powerfully and loudly with the pure force behind the movement. Most patrons turn around to see the cause of the jarring noise, and Otabek just stares at him - all long legs and tight shorts.

Yuri always does make an impression when he enters a room.

Exhaling loudly and uncaring as ever about the people around him, Yuri’s eyes search for Otabek as acutely as a house cat searching for its prey. Once he spots his handsome man, he slinks over quickly. Yuri’s cheeks and chest are slightly flushed, his pale blonde hair windswept and loose. It’s obvious that he ran the entire way here, collapsing into the chair across from Otabek dramatically, breathing out heavily again.


“Hello yourself.”

He doesn’t seem mad at all that Yuri’s late, so finally managing to relax a little, Yuri leans forward to press a kiss to Beka’s lips before setting back in his seat, grabbing the caramel macchiato with a quick thanks. Pressing the cup to his lips, he peeks up at Otabek only to see a strange expression on his face. Yuri’s brow furrows, placing the cup down on the table again, cautious.


Otabek doesn’t reply, but he lowers his head slightly, maintaining eye contact and suddenly looking quite serious. Yuri almost shudders.

“Seriously, what?”

As always, Yuri doesn’t care too much about how loud he’s speaking. When Otabek doesn’t respond again, he suddenly becomes aware of the dozens of eyes glancing his way, and hushed voices murmuring about something he can’t quite hear.

When Otabek’s eyes trail up Yuri’s crossed legs, he looks down to inspect himself and–


The dark bruises and red love bites are hard to miss, old and new marks contrasting harshly against his pale thighs. They showed the places where Otabek had been that week, having spent hours with his head between those legs, kissing and biting and branding Yuri as his. The shorts Yuri wore left nothing to the imagination, and everyone in the café could tell that he had been absolutely ravaged.

Pursing his lips and feeling the heat rising on his neck, he quickly uncrosses his legs in an attempt to hide the proof of Otabek’s stay. Picking up his coffee again he speaks to Otabek, his voice drastically quieter now.

“Back to my place?”

Otabek nods, standing with Yuri. Holding his cup in one hand, he places the other reassuringly on the small of Yuri’s back, both briskly walking out of the shop. As they turn the corner, Otabek keeps his hand firmly in place, leaning over to murmur huskily in Yuri’s ear.

“I’ll have to leave more of those. Some are beginning to fade.”

Yuri is suddenly very glad he wore those particular shorts today.

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Hello! I was thinking about a scenario where Akira invites their S/O (who doesn't know anything about the phantom thieves) to their place for the first time and the S/O is spending their whole time there cuddling and giving Morgana (his normal cat form) all the attention (cause S/O is a HUGE cat person) and how would Akira reaction to it.

I relate to the S/O in this ask lmaooo. Thank you for the cute request!! Enjoy!

Earlier that day, Akira had sent a text to S/O inviting them over to Leblanc for the first time to spend time together. The couple’s relationship was blossoming wonderfully, and his thoughts only consisted of wondering how S/O was doing and when he could see them again. He had just finished watering his plant when he heard the chime of the front door.

“Akira, your friend’s here! Don’t just sit around and keep them waiting!” Sojiro’s booming voice from below rung in Akira’s ears. He smiled, set aside the watering can, and strolled downstairs to eagerly greet S/O.

They were perched on the bar stool and chatting with Sojiro while they patiently waited for Akira. He could hear their compliments of the cafe and how welcoming it felt. S/O spotted Akira after a pause in the conversation and they winked at him. “Nice place you’ve got here.”

He grinned. “Just wait until you see the attic.”

“Now I’m even more curious,” they chuckled.

“Well, don’t let me keep you any longer. You kids have fun.” Sojiro was polishing a cup as he spoke.

“It was nice talking to you,” S/O said warmly.

The manager rubbed the back of his head and nodded. “Yeah, you too.” 

With that, S/O enthusiastically bounded upstairs with Akira snickering behind them. They halted when they reached the peak of the stairs and surveyed the room.

“Wow, not bad. It’s minimal, but there’s also something so… comforting about it.”

Akira’s arms slithered around their waist and he kissed the crown of their head. “Yeah, the cobwebs give it that organic, natural feel.”

S/O giggled and pivoted to face him. “You have such an elegant eye for aesthetics. That’s one of the things I like about you.”

“You can tell me about all the other things you like about me while you’re here,” he said flirtatiously.

“There’s not enough time,” S/O sighed, and a coral tint dusted Akira’s cheeks; he didn’t expect them to admire him so much, but the feeling certainly was mutual. Just as he was about to kiss S/O, a child-like voice pervaded his ears.

“You should have told me you were going to have company; I could have left sooner.”

Akira locked eyes with the source of the voice. “Sorry.” 

S/O followed suit, and their small gasp made Akira smile. “You have a cat?”

“Yeah. Meet Morgana. Morgana, this is S/O.” 

They abruptly crouched down to meet Morgana’s electric-blue eyes. “He’s so cute!” S/O proceeded to scratch the cat’s cheeks and behind his ears, eliciting a purr.

“Finally, someone that appreciates my excellence,” he said. 

Akira rolled his eyes and grinned. “I’m glad you like him, S/O. He can be a real handful sometimes.”


S/O chuckled from the cat’s outburst. “Aw, don’t be mean to him. He’s so sweet! Such a handsome boy!” They kissed the top of his head and played with him for a while. 

Akira decided to take a seat and read a book while watching the shenanigans; he was glad that S/O was bonding with Morgana, someone who was also special to him, so he didn’t mind the cat stealing the spotlight. That is, until Morgana uttered his next few words.

Morgana’s voice was smug as he rolled on his back so S/O could pet his belly. “Seems like they like me more than they like you.”

Akira clenched his jaw, and the only thing he felt for Morgana at that moment was rivalry. I can’t lose..!

Akira felt his first ripple of jealousy and his voice was clipped. “Hey Morgana, you look tired. Why don’t you go to sleep?”

“Huh? He seems fine to me…” S/O responded inquisitively.

“Yeah, I’m completely fine, Akira.” His meowing provoked a laugh from S/O.

Akira temporarily wondered if Sojiro would consider serving cat for a limited time. He trudged his way over to S/O, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor with Morgana in their lap. He plopped himself right behind them and wrapped his arms around their waist. After brushing their hair behind their ear, he brought his lips to it and whispered in a low voice, “You look really cute right now.”

“Huh? W-what’s gotten into you…?” S/O blushed and turned to peer at him. 

Akira gently cradled their face in one of his hands and held their gaze. His inky black eyes were piercing. “Have I gotten your attention now? Good.”

S/O blinked, and they promptly realized why he had a sudden adjustment in attitude. “I-I didn’t think you were the type to get jealous.”

“Is that a problem?” His lips were just barely brushing theirs. S/O bashfully attempted to steal a kiss, but he deftly evaded them and smirked. “I’ll take that as a ‘no’.”

“God, you’re pathetic, Akira.” Morgana rolled his eyes and leaped off of S/O’s lap. “I’ll be back later.” Just as he reached the stairs, he looked back at Akira. “You know, they say that people who like animals are some of the best people out there… take care of S/O, okay?”

Akira smiled and nodded, and with a flick of his tail, Morgana descended down the stairs. 

“Aw, he left…” S/O said dejectedly. 

“Are you going to chase after him?” Akira asked playfully.

“Hm, good idea. Maybe you’ll chase me, too.”

He nuzzled their neck, and as he spoke his warm breath tickled their neck, sending a slight chill down their spine. “That’s only under the premise that I’ll let you go.”

S/O’s cheeks heated up, and they pecked his forehead with their soft lips. “I… definitely don’t want that.”

His arms slightly constricted around them. “Me neither,” he contentedly agreed. The two exchanged a deep, sweet kiss, and they secured each other’s warmth for the rest of their time together. 

Akira replayed Morgana’s final words in his head. As he conversed and verbally jested with S/O, Akira suspected that Morgana’s impression was right; they truly were incredible.

I’ll Find You

Request: Hello! I can say without a doubt that I love your writings!❤ I also was wondering if you could do a newt x reader where she goes missing and when it gets too long everybody loses their hope except for Newt. Later on he finds her being tortured, saves her and it’s a grand and really fluffy reunion?:) Sorry, I just crave for angst and fluff😂 

Warning: Allusion to torture

Word Count: 3,095

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Pickett crawls from the pocket of Newt’s discarded vest, top leaves drooping from exhaustion. Stumbling forward, the tiny creature pulls itself up by the bed’s legs and hops onto the mattress. Gripping the headboard’s bars, Pickett inches past the pillows and avoids Newt’s hand when it jerks forward.

Once he’s in range, the bowtruckle reaches forward and tickles Newt’s nose. He jumps back, slipping off the mattress and swinging wildly when Newt smacks at his face.

Pickett’s still swaying off the bed when Newt jolts up, rubbing his forehead with one hand and reaching for you with the other. “I had the worst nightmare, love. Love?”

His terror peaks for the third night in a row this month when his hand only hits empty sheets and a cold half of the bed. He opens his mouth to shout for you before he remembers: you’re gone.

He takes in two shaky breaths before he hears Pickett’s squeals. “Pickett, what are you doing up here? You should be asleep.” He lifts the bowtruckle from the front of the mattress and slips out of bed, carrying him to a tree. “Yes, I know you don’t want to be here, but this is where you’re staying. Do you want to stay in that tree? I didn’t think so.”

He peels Pickett from his hand and places him on the tree before turning back into the bedroom and closing the door.

Careful to step over the clothes, crumpled up pages, and overturned pots of feed, Newt crosses the room and slides out the desk’s chair.

The two of you had decided to place a small bedroom in the case for any situations where you needed to be ready to respond to a creature at any moment. For the most part, it had been used when one was about to give birth, but more and more often, you and Newt had been spending nights down there after long hours of work studying a new creature.

Newt drops his head in his hands as he stares at the pages scattered in front of him. Notes that mean nothing at 3 in the morning fill the papers, but Newt still rifles through them, furious with the tears dripping down his cheeks. He has no time to cry. He has to find you.

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anonymous asked:

Have any thoughts on the batboys cleaning habits?

Actually, I have thought about this- 


  • Is the cleanest of the Robins. I think that growing up his homes were probably dirty (even with his best efforts as a little kid) and then he ended up living on the streets and slept on cardboard in substitute for a bed. 
  • And in effect, I think Jason wouldn’t take having a place of his own for granted. I always pictured Jason cleaning up after himself and taking care of his apartment(s) because he would take pride in it
  • I also imagine Jason making fun of the other boys because he is the only ‘self-officiant one and he does Alfie proud.’ 
  • Though, I do think there are some random safe-houses that Jason doesn’t give a crap about, and those are probably really gross, and I picture him only going to those safe-houses, when he is punishing himself, or when he needs to be allowed to break furniture and throw stuff into the walls without repercussions. 
  • Jason however, does not have any problem messing up other people’s homes. He will get mud on the carpet, leave dishes on the floor, and pretty much be the definition of a rude houseguest if he feels the desire to be so. 
  • He is usually clean when in Tim’s apartment though…


  • I think Damian would be pretty clean. It’s illogical to not put things back in their rightful place after you are done using them. That was how it was when he lived with the al Ghul’s, and that is how Damian was trained to be, self-sufficient and out of the way.
  • So dishes go in the sink, books in the bookshelf, shoes in the closet, and clothes in the hamper. That is the system, and it works. Damian sees no reason to change it.  
  • So Damian’s messes wouldn’t be the normal ones, I think his messes would be bigger dirtier ones. Like getting mud everywhere after going out to the stables to feed Batcow, or letting himself bleed all over his clothes to prove a point. 
  • Damian’s messes would be far and few in-between, but when he does make them, they are large and give Bruce migraines, and Alfred a lot of cleaning up to do. 
  • (though Dick forces Damian to help Alfred clean up) 


  • Dick is an overgrown toddler, and I think that shows in his apartment. 
  • I think Dick has similar cleaning habits to my own. Where he is tired and stressed so the last thing on his mind is cleaning up. So the laundry builds up and the dishes pile higher until finally, it is too much and then he goes on a crazy cleaning spree
  • And then he spends the next week or so trying to keep the place clean because ‘cleaning up little messes is so much easier than cleaning one big mess’
  • But in the end, he loses the battle and the circle repeats itself over and over again. But Dick can’t seem to break the habit. 
  • Though, I think Dick would be a very considerate houseguest when it comes to cleaning. He may get in your personal space and force you to watch Disney movies until 2:00am, but he’ll make sure to fold the blankets and wash the dishes before he makes his leave.
  • But while Dick’s apartment might be the messiest out of the four boys, I think he is probably the most well groomed and put together, clothes and hair wise.


  • Growing up in a spotless and pristine home has left Tim’s cleaning habits a bit scattered. 
  • Tim’s house is usually pretty messy, but not with actual dirt, but more like random paperwork strewn about, and piles of ‘clean’, ‘kinda clean’, and ‘dirty’ laundry sitting around. 
  • Tim is almost the opposite when it comes to Jason, where Jason takes pride in having a clean home, Tim takes pride in being able to have a messy home.
  • He likes that it looks lived in, and he takes pleasure in being able to throw his clothes on the floor or being allowed to leave his suit slung over a kitchen chair. Tim’s not really sure why, but it gives him a bit of pleasure being allowed to be a bit of a slob. 
  • Tim is, however, weirdly organized when it comes to any of his Red Robin stuff. His flies and bunker are always very tidy and pristine. In Tim’s mind (though he probably hasn’t acknowledged it) for him to be taken seriously as a hero and to work effortlessly he should have everything in its place and know where that place is. 
  • So Tim Drake is a bit of a mess, crooked tie, and messy hair, but Red Robin is clean, crisp, and effortlessly without a trace. 

Draco malfoy fluff request please! Him and reader spending time doing bets/contests together and end up becoming very competitive and seriously about it Thanks♡


Loved this request, thank you love!! <3

Originally posted by legendrarrymalfoy

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anonymous asked:

Idek if you're taking requests but if you are can you write a Harry imagine where you guys get invited to a Christmas Eve party and Harry seems like he doesn't want to go but you don't know why and at the party he's being really clingy and quiet and eventually he asks you guys if you can leave and he looks almost like he's in pain and once you guys get home he breaks down and starts getting really sick and is upset because he's really sick to his stomach on Christmas. Thanks love!

Thank you for the request sweetie. I’m sorry for the extreme delay! I hope this mends it! Love ya

#11: I’ll Take Care Of You

The soft padding of his feet came to be heard in the kitchen as Y/N sauntered in there, clearing up some tit-bits of their lunch. The house was awfully quiet considering the fact that they had been asleep for a while before, and now as Y/N was awake, Harry was still getting over his jetlag. 

Until his groan came loud into the kitchen and Y/N turned around in her place to see him walking in groggily, fingers rubbing his eyes and his lips pouted, pink and plump. 

“Hiya baby.” Y/N smiled as Harry now approached her with open arms. 

In reply to her he groaned some more and went in for a tight hug from her, snuggling his nose in the crook of her neck and winding his one leg around her hip in an attempt to find the desired warmth. Chuckling, Y/N wound her arms around his waist and pressed her lips to his hair sweetly. 

“Why’d ya get out ‘o bed, huh?” His deeply husks, words muffled into her skin and tone extremely languid. 


“C’mon, I wanna get back, c’mon.” He didn’t even let her leave her position, and snug his arms under her bum, pulling her off of her feet and carrying all the way upstairs to their bedroom. 

Y/N shuffled the blankets away at their feet as Harry sat her on the bed. She raised her arms to him, inviting him closer to her, and Harry gratified, pushed himself down at her till they both lay on the bed, him atop her. 

His lips found her neck, peppering kisses lazily, while her hand found his hair, scratching at the scalp and tugging on his roots that gave him a lighter feeling. 

“What happened? Don’t feel good?” Y/N asks in a hush voice, tracing her lips on his outer face as he gradually paused his lips at her skin and just breathed her in in long breaths. 

“It’s too cold. Just wanna stay here, with you.” He lifts his head to her, bringing his lips down and meeting hers in a slow, soft kiss. 

Tugging at his shoulders, Y/N succeeded in bringing him under her and priced his tired face and slump mood with soft, longing kisses. Harry held her hair, tugging up in a ponytail as she slowly trailed down his face, on his neck and then on his bare chest, and the anticipation of all of this made his breathing raspier. 

She had reached the hemline of his boxer briefs and Harry couldn’t wait to give out to her when suddenly, the phone on the bedside table rang.

Y/N lifted herself off of the bed, annoyed at the abruptness of this petty gadget and sat on the edge of the bed as she received the call. 

Harry sat up behind her, running a hand through his hair as he eyed her back suggestively. His hips bucked up, slowly sliding him across the mattress to her until his groan touched her behind. His arms closed around her waist, slipping his hands under her top until they met in a knot at her navel. He kissed her shoulder, back and side of her neck before resting his head on her skin, rocking back and forth with her, completely ignorant of her chit chat.  

“I can’t believe it just left my mind. God, we have time right? I mean it’s definitely not startin’ before 9 even though it says 7?” The thought of the pre-Christmas party at her friend’s home had completely left her mind; but she couldn’t really blame herself when Harry had arrived back home. 

“Okay, I’ll make it. Just let’s arrive there together so I don’t be the only one late. Kay, see ya.” She put her phone back to its place, and slowed arched her neck to see Harry’s face at her side, chin propped up on her shoulder. Resisting somehow, she grants him a peck on his lips and even after he urges for more with lip biting, she refrains and gets off of the bed. 

“We gotta get ready. There’s a party at Makayla’s place.” Y/N announces, looking at Harry now slouching back on the bed with the support on his arms. 

“And we’re not going..?” He hints slowly, giving her a curious look. 

Y/N sighs through her mouth. “We have to. It was planned like long back, Harry. I have to be there.”

“But now I’m home so we’re staying back here, baby, c’mere.” He lifts his arms to hold her but she flinches back. 

“That’s what it is. You weren’t supposed to be back till next week and I got committed to certain outings and plans which I doubt I can cancel now.” Y/N whines, biting her lip in slight tanginess of her words. 

Harry’s eyes grew wide. “So it’s coming down on me then, is it really now?” He grew serious, eyes sombre. 

“You can stay home if you want, I’ll be back soon.” Shrugging her shoulders, Y/N turned to walk to the wardrobe when he held her wrist to tug her back. 

“I’ll come with ya.” 


The house is packed and merry with familiar faces, all laughing and chatting about in casualty. Y/N smiled at her friend walking to her, enclosing her in a tight hug with her one hand that was free of Harry’s hold. Pulling away from Y/N, Makayla turned to Harry who gave her a mere smile, and quick hug, almost equivalent to a shrug. All this while, not leaving Y/N’s hand for a moment. 

“Come on, get your drinks, guys, we’ll start with some games after that.” Saying so, Makayla walked off in the party. 

Y/N looked up from her hand intertwined with his to his serious, jaw tightened face. She cupped the side of his face with her other hand and brought him down, kissing his cheeks twice. 

“I’m sorry about before, baby. Please let’s go through this thing together and all smiley?” She waited for him to respond while pressing her nose on his cheek repeatedly. 

“Hmm.” He responded, looking down at her with a slight neutral expression. 

“Now gimme a kiss and smile, sweetheart.” They kiss slowly - something a little more than a peck - and Harry pulls back, tucking his hands in the pocket of his jeans while leaving Y/N from the warmth. She frowned, nevertheless held his bicep and together, walked in the crowd. 

A while later, Y/N found herself on her third glass of wine, a little light headed as she sat on the arm rest of the couch, laughing about imbecile topics. Harry joined the group at the couch, sliding down Y/N from the armrest to his lap abruptly, almost toppling the wine glass on her lap. 

“Woah, easy there, honey.” She chuckled, looking back at Harry with glassy eyes. 

“You too there, love.” He gestured to her glass, keeping a straight face. Y/N chuckled some more and aimed for a kiss on his lips but he turned and she found his scruff under her lips. She turned back to the group, not minding his actions at the moment. 

One of the guys in the group, later, picked out his guitar and sang songs, changing the lyrics someway and making them sound chessy and sweet to the crowd. He serenaded every woman during this, looking in their eyes and smiling a handsome one. 

he approaches Y/N, shifting a chord here and there on the guitar, beginning to play soft, amorous tune with lyrics that he dragged to a slurry tone. Y/N smiled, not really minding the deal with the man - he’s just being sweet. The guy slowly drew close to her face, urging her to sing along and Y/N chuckled, looking away shyly. 

“Okay, that’s enough.” Harry’s voice came through and the music stopped, all eyes turning to the stoic man behind Y/N. 

“Yes?” The man questioned. 

Harry got up, making Y/N stay together with him. His hand came down against the man’s chest, flat, and it just seemed he was an inch away from shoving the man on to the group sat behind him. 

“That was good, but thank you, enough of it, we’re leaving.” With this, he grabs Y/N’s hand and drags her out of the building, the wine glass in her hand falling to the ground and breaking on the way. 


Y/N shuffles at the door, taking off her heels, Harry hot at her feet. She scurries away from the door in haste but Harry’s voice makes her stop. 

“Y/N, baby, I’m n-”

“What was that?” She demanded, turning around. 

Harry’s face grew struck with shock. “We were coming back, anyways, might as well did an hour or so before - what’s wrong with that?” 

“You really are stubborn, aren’t you? When you had thought that you’re gonna be absolutely rude to my friends, act like absolutely out of this world person and be absolutely sulking away my mood along with yours, I guess you played really well then.” She flared her nose at him. 

Harry’s shoulders dropped.” Baby, I wasn’t feeling well at all.” 

“I told you to stay at home, didn’t I?” Y/N accused. “I think you purposely act around like this arrogant and stoic in front of my friends just to maintain this air and talk about Harry Styles, don’t you? Goodness, you’re so implausible at times.” She hurried away to their bedroom. Harry trailed behind her, quick in his steps and got inside the bedroom before she could have closed the door at his face. 

Not sparing any look to him, Y/N quietly walked to the dresser to put away her earrings. It was until she heard sniffles that she turned around. 

With his face in his hands and his figure turned small at the edge of the bed, Harry openly let his sobs be heard. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, biting her lip, and walked to him. Standing before him, she spoke,” Why are you crying?” 

With his face burried in his hands still, Harry answered. “I’m not feeling good, Y/N. After being home sick for so long, all I wanted was to spend time with you when I’d come back and you drag me to this party where there’s guys tryna flirt with ya. It makes me so sick, but is that what you’ve been doing while I was away?” 

Y/N dropped to her knees before him, clutching his wrists to bring his hands away from his face. 

“No, I would never do that, I swear, baby. And I didn’t drag you to the party, you could’ve stayed home if you wanted.” She spoke in a less monotonous and more understanding, soft voice. 

Harry looked up at her with his bloodshot eyes. “But I wanna be with you, why don’t you understand?” He burries his face back in his hands ,and Y/N’s fighting to have him look at her. 

“I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, Harry. Please look at me, I love you, I’m so so sorry, baby.” She hugs him over him trying to hide his face, and she’s squishing his body in her grip before he finally wraps his arms around her. 

“Please smile, it’s almost Christmas, baby. I’m so glad you’re home!” She squeals into his shoulder, kissing his ear and neck and everywhere that she can. 

“Please come and hold me, I’m feeling so cold.” Harry murmurs against her hair. 

“I’ll take care of you baby, I’ll love you so much. C’mon.” Y/N urges pushing him back on the bed. She wipes his cheeks as she kisses him under his eyes and moves her hands down to help him change up. 

“I love you, Y/N and I’ve missed you and I love you so much.” Harry smiles at her. 

She leans to his face, pecking a kiss on his lips and smiles back. “I’ve missed you too,bug. Love you so much.” 

And their lips meet again.