he knows that's bullshit

part 2 of 3rd grade teacher nursey?? yes?? ok

(part one)

  • calls all of his kiddos “little bro” regardless of gender. the occasional “little dude” or “little man”
  • the first time he wears a short sleeve dress shirt to school all the kids are obsessed with his tattoo
    • “mr n has a forever drawing on his arm :000″
  • hes the ultimate kid whisperer. anything these kids throw at him? hes got it covered
    • kids are fighting about who gets the 64 pack of crayons. jeremy got them yesterday and now he wants them again?? theres like 4 other kids who want to use them jeremy dont be a dick
    • nursey’s like “can i give you guys a special project? i need a big drawing to put up on the wall. but you all have to help and you all need to use the crayons”
    • jeremy, immediately distributing the crayons and getting a big ass piece of paper: ok mr n!!!!!!

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Scott “Leave My Tessa Alone/You’re Full of Bullshit, Tess” Moir’s reaction to Tessa’s Sportsnet photo shoot.

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Requested: yes
Writer: admin Lei🌸
Genre: this part is angst
Warnings: like one cuss word, cheating, not edited
Word Count: 651

Your work had always been stressful. Your boss liked to push you to the brink of insanity, your coworkers only has tea to spill, and the customers were always rude and pushy. You just wanted to go home and cuddle and watch some tv with your boyfriend, Kwon Minsik.

You walked into your shared apartment and slipped off your shoes. The house was silent, something you were quite used to with Minsik being in the studio a lot of nights.

You decided that the best idea was to run a bath, play some relaxing music and wait for your boyfriend to return home. You walked down the short hallway to your room, humming a soft tune you heard while at work.

You walked into your room only to find yourself staring at your boyfried naked with another woman underneath him naked. She noticed you first and pushed Minsik off of herself. It took Minsik a minute to realise why she had pushed him off, but he realised as soon as he looked at the door.

“Y/N, your not supposed to be home!” Minsik rushed out.

“Work was over an hour ago.” You explained calmly. “What is this?” You asked guesturing between Minsik and the girl laying on your side of the bed.

“Its no-nothing.” He stuttered out, startled by how calm you were being.

“If it is nothing, then why is she naked and why are you naked? Were you going to do some ancient Greek wrestling?” You let a humourless laugh fall out of your lips. You pointed the the woman that laid next to him, “Out, please. I have some talking to do with him.”

She quickly got out of the bed and got clothed and left.

“Kwon Minsik, why was she in our bed?” It pained you to talk to him now. You were on the verge of tears.

“Babe, it meant nothing. I would never hurt you.” He got up to hug you. When he got near you, you moved away showing him that the touch was unwelcome. You felt the tears well up in your eyes, but you refused to let them fall. You would never cry over a man, never.

“You have until I get back from work tomorrow to have your stuff moved out.” You said, looking him straight in the eyes, letting him know that you were not playing around with him. Seeing the look in your eyes made him feel even worse than he already did. “One more thing, why?” You asked, the tears ready to fall if the leveys broke.

“I dont know why.” He answered

“Thats bullshit, and you know it. Why?” You asked him again

“You are always working, and I never get to see you unless its at night before you go to sleep. I needed you, but you weren’t here. So I got the last option.” His response made you even angrier, and hurt even more.

“Minsik, this is the last time I want to see your face near me.” You said while turning your back on him. “You can find somewhere else to stay tonight.” You threw his shirt and boxers at him. And walked to the bathroom.

Minsik stood there shocked, he messed up big time and he knew it. He felt so ashamed, he told himself that he would never cheat on someone and here he was. He knew there was no going back so he packed up a small back pack and left, he spent the night in the studio.

After your shower you went to sleep. Of course you changed the sheets and flipped the bed so you wouldn’t have to lay where she had. Your sleep that night was restless, you missed him, even though he messed up, but you weren’t ready to forgive him. Not now, not in a million years. He hurt you too much to be forgiven.

A/N: feedback is welcome, especially since this is my first khh scenario. I hope you all enjoyed it. This is only part 1.
~admin Lei🌸

okay so what im getting from the 17776 tag is that everyone says juice is either 1. dave strider or 2. justin mcelroy


I’ve been so deep in a well of my own pain, I couldn’t see anything else. I forgot that I’m not the only one who’s hurting. Francis is suffering as well.

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Please may you write a 4/4 where you can't say I love you and get really uncomfortable when they say they love you or something along those lines


“I love you” he said.

I never thought I’d be in this position. Just a few months ago I stumbled upon Luke at school. Literally.

My ex- boyfriend had dumped me and as I was running away from him I ran straight into Luke knocking him over. You see, I didn’t have the best reputation, i was one of those girls who had a wild side and was kind of always getting into trouble whereas Luke was the complete opposite. He was also a good person, helpful, adorable, geeky and innocent.

But since the day I met him I became a bad influence. We became friends somehow and spent nearly everyday together even if I just watched him do his homework or if he just watched me cause trouble.

But now in this moment he ruined everything.

I don’t love. I’ll never love.

It was silent as Luke looked at me expectantly.

“Well?…” He whispered “say something” he urged “please”

“Luke, you’re a great guy, it’s just I love you too … As a friend” I explained. He shot up from where he was sitting mumbling about how he had to quickly leave.

“Luke” I called after him “Luke”

He wouldn’t listen.

“Luke please, don’t go” I said sadly

“I have to, I can’t stand being around you anymore. I’ve ruined it, nothing will ever be the same” he he sniffed before turning around and leaving.

After that he never talked to me again. He turned completely back into his old self, having no social life, doing his homework the second he got it and wearing his glasses all the time.

It was all my fault because I didn’t love him.


“For fuck sake! We can’t keep doing this Michael! What do you want from me?” I cried

“You, I just want you. I don’t want you to leave at night, I don’t want you to be with other people.” He sighed defeatedly.

“Michael..” I whimpered as he took my face into his large hands.

“Please say you love me back” he whispered his breath fanning over my face.

“Michael… I c-can’t” I whispered back.

“You can. Please. I know you love me. Just say it. I need to hear it” he said his eyes watery.

“I-I d-don’t love you” I croaked

“THATS BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT” he screamed in anger pinching the wall splitting his knuckles open as he was now openly crying.

I pulled him into the bathroom pushing him down onto the edge of the bath searching for the first aid kit.

Once I found it, I wiped up the blood on his hand. As I went to put it away, he grabbed my hand.

“Please say you need me as much as I need you” he said brokenly

“Michael… I care about you… A lot” I said starting to get uncomfortable. I could love him if I let myself, but I didn’t want to get hurt

“Stop guarding yourself and let yourself fall in love, I’ll keep you safe I promise” he reassured.

“I’ll stay” I said. Although it wasn’t quite the three words he wanted to hear, he still smiled widely at me as he knew that I was going to try.


He was always so horrible to me. Every time I went to see the other boys he was always there. I was Luke’s best friend and as soon as he introduced me to the other 5SOS boys ashton took a serious disliking to me.

“Those shorts make you look like a. common slut” Ashton said as soon as I walked in.

“Thanks” I sighed hurt. He looked at me confused as I didn’t say anything back.

“Hey Luke” I smiled as I saw him.

Ashton scoffed from beside me but I ignored him.

“Where are you going?” Ashton asked as I walked to the bathroom.

“To wash my hands” I said bluntly.

“Oh” he said quietly following me.

“Why are you following me?” I asked curiously.

“No reason.” He stated as he followed me all the way into the bathroom.

“This is weird” I said awkwardly.

He looked deep in thought.

I looked at him catching his eye as he stared at me.

“I-I..” He started but stopped himself shaking his head.

“What were you going to say?”

“I love you.” He blurted out

“Is this a joke?” I laughed

He looked hurt. And then I realised it wasn’t.

“Oh god, you’re being serious aren’t you?”

He nodded. “Ashton…” I started off.

What was I meant to say to someone who told me they loved me but had been horrible to me ever since I met him.

It was awkward and uncomfortable as I decided to leave the bathroom to find the others.

Ever since that moment ashton has never said a rude comment to me and has acted civilly towards me making me fall in love with him just a little. But I would never tell him that.


It was a beautiful sunny day. Wait cut that crap. It was a sunny day.

Anyway, I was on my way to my best friend Calum’s as he woke me up at 6am this morning much to my dismay. He was upset and said he needed to talk to me badly.

So here I was 7am knocking on his apartment door.

He opened it and revealed his face. He had tear streaks down his face and his eyes were red and puffy there as no doubt that he was about to cry again.

“Oh gosh, cal” I said running to hug him “what happened?” I asked

“She broke up with me” he sniffed


“S-she said that she thought I was cheating on her” he sobbed

“What why would she think that?” I asked confused. Calum would never do that he’s way to nice.

“Because she saw the way I look at you. She told me that she wished I looked at her that way with as much love and admiration that I look at you with.” He said quietly

“What?” I said shocked

“She accused me of being in love with you”

“Are you?” I asked curiously

It went silent. And he slowly nodded.

“Calum, I-I don’t know what to say” I said awkwardly.

“It’s fine. You don’t have to say anything just promise you’ll still be my best friend”

I nodded “of course I will, I just need some time to think” I said before giving him a small hug and leaving.

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dazai/atsushi probably isnt that big because dazai said in the beginning that he "doesnt swing that way" ; ;





sorry lmao :D point is, worry not my friend, that line is utter bullshit and the creators were probably laughing while they scripted it 

“I loved you.”

this is Killian Jones protecting himself, his heart and also, in some way, the woman he used to - and still - love. because we see in Emma’s face - Dark One’s face - that Emma, the real Emma, is still somewhere because she was clearly hurt, bringing her back for a brief moment.

but Killian doesn’t want to be someone’s toy, not even the Dark Swan’s. he doesn’t want to be manipulate, he doesn’t want to be fooled and let his feelings clouding his judgements. that’s not the kind of relationship he wants. he doesn’t want to be like Belle was with Rumple. remember what he said to Belle:

He will do anything to hold onto his power. Why do you think anyone who’s ever gotten close to him has either run away or been killed? Now what makes you think you’re any different? Tell me something, darling. Why would you want to fight for a man like that?

he knows what the Dark One is capable of (after all, Rumple cut his hand, killed Milah & took his heart) better than Belle’s. and he wants to protect himself from all of these while still wanting to try to save Emma Swan, his true love.

if Killian was a woman, they’d claimed ‘girl power’ and all. but because it’s a man, “he doesn’t truly love her”, “he doesn’t love her dark side”, etc. that’s bullshit.

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Here's the thing: Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is right when he says the justice system was formed by "Anglo-American tradition" -- i.e., it's totally racist against people of color, by design. He's just too dumb to know that's why he's right.

Yeah, racists love to justify their bullshit as traditional, like they think we’re too dumb to ask, “a tradition of WHAT.”