he knows now what he can do

Absolutely TIRED of being stuck in this situation. This year has been hell with losing everything I worked so hard on last year, having to move in with my abusive uncle and now this virus has made it even worse. I’ve lost so much weight thanks to not being able to afford food. My mental health has completely shit the bucket. I’m tired of dealing with my uncles abuse, and the. this morning he locked us out of the house…AGAIN and we’re stuck in the car with nothing and unless he decides to change his mind, we’re stuck. I’m over it..I wish I had anyone to help, but I have no one. I really just want to disappear. I feel like the absolute worst cat mom having to put Eira through this.


I’m sure no one will help, but please if you can even if it’s just to get some food. I just don’t know what the fuck to do right now. Message me if you have any questions 💕

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donald trump just got shadow banned on twitter for glorifying violence so i cant post the tweet but he basically sent out a kill order on minneapolis protestors

added in: im not american so i dont know how or what i can do stop the literal leader of a country but if there is something please let me know im searching myself now too

added again: I AM ABLE TO VIEW THE TWEETS. but there is a warning before about the tweet glorifying violence and if you go on the first tweet the following tweet (the one that glorifies violence) will not show up. you can view them separately.

added again: his tweets have been deleted. he is brushing it off as though people misunderstood his words. he is the leader of a country, he knows how powerful his words are. not to mention the fact that the military is stepping in. STAY SAFE!


( jj maybank x female! reader )

Warnings smut; submission, choking (slightly), oral, swearing, etc. just pure smut tbh.

Word Count 2.1k

Summary jj and the reader have been dating but haven’t told anybody about it. due to their relationship being extremely private, they tended to make each other jealous by flirting with other people and one day, the reader took it a little too far for jj’s liking.

Author’s Note i apologize for this i don’t know how to write smut pls forgive me


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“You’re on,” was the last thing you said to JJ Maybank, your secret boyfriend of three months before you strutted towards a guy that had been eyeing you for quite a while, knowing exactly what you’ll be doing. JJ had the exact same intentions as you as he walked towards a girl that was sitting alone near the place with a lot of drinks; she was fairly attractive and neither you, or JJ could deny that. 

The guy who you were with glanced at you, then your body, licking his lips in awe. You mentally threw up, you didn’t want to be flirting with the guy ahead of you who was looking at you as if you’re some kind of object, but just to get your boyfriend heated, you went ahead with it. “Hey, you, what’s your name?” you questioned, your hand making its way to the necklace wrapped around his neck, slowly toying with it. “Name’s Daniel, how about you?” the way his words fell out of his mouth, you instantly knew he was a Kook, one with quite a bit of ego. “y/n. So, I saw you looking at me a few seconds ago,” you began, your eyes meeting his dark brown ones that stared into your own intently, filled with lust. “Yeah, talking to your boyfriend?” he questioned, it was an excuse for him to just know if you were single or not, not that he really cared, but it would be good information for him. 

His hands made their way to your waist as your lips curved into a smile, a rather fake one, but he didn’t notice either way. “No, don’t have a boyfriend, fortunately,” you spoke, your voice loud enough to catch JJ’s attention from a few feet away, chatting up the girl in front of him. He stared at the two of you, and the way the boy held onto you; exactly how he did to you. His fists bawled up, but nobody noticed, he continued speaking to the girl who seemed to become more and more interested with JJ, and he gradually lost interest in her, which caused him to excuse himself and walk over to you and the guy whose name you learnt was Daniel.

“Hey, bro. Looks like she has to go home now, correct, y/n?” JJ informed Daniel, his eyes filled with rage at the boy who was still holding onto you gently, his hands creeping down your back. “Right, y/n?” he repeated, aimed at you, a lot more sternness present in his voice. You nodded hesitantly, quite afraid of what JJ’s thoughts were; you knew that he was jealous, he envied Daniel and the way he touched you in public. This guy has gotten to know you 4 minutes ago and can hold you in front of everyone, JJ can’t do that. 

“Somebody’s jealous,” you cooed, a chuckle escaping your lips as JJ dragged you through the crowd of people. As soon as those words poured out of your mouth, JJ stopped in an instant and turned you to face him, his tall frame towering over you. He leaned down to reach your ear, “your place or the Chateau?” he whispered, his voice was rough and laced with every ounce of dominance he had present in him. It sent cold shivers down your spine, 
“M-mine, JJ,” you responded, stuttering on your words knowing that you had given in to the irresistible boy already. His lips tugged towards one side, smirking at how you had already presented your role for the night. “Your parents aren’t home, correct? Wouldn’t want them hearing you calling somebody else daddy, would you?”

“Strip,” he instructed as the two of you entered your room, the only light being the large beige tinted one above. He took a seat on the edge of your bed, impatiently waiting for you to do as he told you to. Your hands went to the bottom of your cropped top, taking it off rapidly, not wasting any time teasing him, and then went down to the short cut skirt you were wearing, one that he had been thinking of ripping off all night. You were left in just your bra and underwear, both matching one another and red; JJ’s absolute weakness. He felt the hard through his the uncomfortable material of his jeans, groaning in annoyance at the pain it caused the boy. His groan was enough for you to walk closer to him and sit on your knees, knowing that it would be his next instruction. 

Your frail hands went to his jeans, feeling his cock through his jeans slightly, and slightly touching it to arouse him. He was quick to slap your hand away, “You tease, you get punished,” his voice was filled with tension, the nerves in his body were already riling up, waiting for this exact moment. You looked at his face that showed frustration, you then proceeded to unzip his jeans and bring them down his legs. His hard was visible for you to see through his black boxers, enough to make your thighs clasp together due to the feeling you had below. 

JJ waited for a minute, allowing you to stroke his cock through his boxers, before he pulled them down from his waistband, his cock springing up, making you anxious to take his size. Your hands wrapped around his member, you looked up at him for approval, to which he nodded to and mumbled something you couldn’t make out. Your mouth wrapped around his cock, slowly feeling it in your mouth and adjusting to it. “Fuckkk,” JJ moaned, throwing his head back in pleasure as he felt his cock hit the back of your mouth, taking all of him in. The small gags that you let out were enough for him to place his hand on top of your head and force your head down, causing you to gag a lot more as a reflex, but eventually getting used to it. 

“Yeah, you like that?” he asked, moaning after he saw how perfect you looked taking him nicely, just how he asked. You slowly nodded, as you continued to lick the tip of his cock, before going back to sucking it. His hands now found their way to your hair, tugging harshly on it making you go even lower on his member. 

“When I ask you a question, you look up at me and answer me, okay?” 

You pulled away from his cock and your hands rested on your thighs, before you hurriedly replied to him, “Yes, JJ,” his eyebrows raised in confusion, and you realised what you had done wrong. “I meant—” he stopped you by pulling you by your shoulders, his hands finding their way to your back, unclipping your bra and letting it fall to the floor. “Don’t care what you meant, you made this a whole lot eventful for yourself. Lie down,” he instructed, his voice asserted dominance. It’s as if he wanted you to call him by the wrong name, just so he could make punish you with what he had in mind. He stood up from where he was previously sitting, allowing you to lie down comfortably on your back, only in your red underwear. “Look at you, waiting for daddy, looking so pretty,”

He forced your legs open, presenting yourself to him, licking his lips in pleasure of the sight ahead of him. His face went between your thighs, his teeth hungrily taking off your underwear with the aid of his hands. As soon as you were completely exposed to him, he teasingly licked your opening, causing you to moan in pleasure and arch your back at the sudden connection between JJ’s lips and your pussy. “Shut the fuck up,” he instructed, his tongue toying with your pussy along with his index and middle finger. You couldn’t control yourself, you let out another moan, this one a lot louder than the previous one, and JJ’s head whipping up to meet your eyes was when you realized you were in trouble. “Can’t take a command nicely, can you? Forcing me to rough you up even more than I planned to, little one?” 

Within an instant, he stopped playing with you, and made his cock rub over your pussy, up and down. Your mouth remained shut, as much as you wanted to let out a moan you’ve been holding in, you couldn’t. “Ready to take me, baby?” he questioned, his voice a lot more careful and gentle, knowing that after he inserts himself into you, you’d be in a daze. You nodded quickly, you were already feeling your heartbeat pumping for him to put himself in, and so he did. 

Your mouth opened, but it was covered by JJ’s hand, “don’t scream,” he told you. The smirk on his face was evident, he was proud to see you taking him in so nicely, watching your eyeballs roll to the back of your eyes in pleasure, and your mouth zipped shut. “Want me to faster?” he asked, even in his dominant state of mind, he wanted to make sure that he didn’t overwhelm you too much, and if you denied, he wouldn’t even think of going faster. “Yes, daddy,” you softly said, afraid that you speaking would make him more angry at you. 

His pace sped up gradually, but to you it felt like a millisecond. He thrusted in and out of you, your fingers curling up and holding the white sheets in pleasure. “Fuck, baby. You feel so good around my cock,” he complimented, his eyes were squeezed shut for a few moments, getting the most out of the feeling. 

Your right hand went to your throat, lazily grabbing it, telling JJ to do so himself. His hand reached out to your throat, wrapping it around and and choking you slightly, causing your eyes to close and enjoy the painful pleasure. He didn’t like the idea of choking you a lot, nor was he in the mindset to do it intensely, so his hands pulled away from your throat and were placed on each side of you, as his hips thrusted his cock.

He felt your cunt clench around his cock, he knew you were close to an orgasm, however, he was getting close to cumming, but not yet. “Wait for me,” he demanded, your mind just thought of how well JJ knew you, but you weren’t willing to wait, you felt that you were incapable of waiting for him. “Daddy—” you began, in a seductive tone to get him to give in. “I said, wait for me,” he growled, his face nearing your own as he felt got close to cumming. 

His thrusts became a lot faster, than the speed fluctuated, and you knew he was going to cum. “Now,” he said, both of you in your final seconds before cumming for one another. “You gonna cum for me, huh? Cum for daddy, princess,” he said between short breaths.

You felt a wave of euphoria run through your veins, letting out a loud moan in pleasure as you came for the boy inside you. His body came to a halt as he let himself free inside you at the same time, waiting for a second to calm down, and letting out a loud groan as he laid beside your shaking body. 

“What do you have to say now, baby?” he asked, letting loose of the sternness he had in his voice previously. “Thank you, daddy,” you replied, turning around and facing JJ, whose face was flushed due to your actions. You buried your face in the crook of his neck as he tried to calm you down. 

You were still overwhelmed, your body was trembling due to the sexual gratification, and due to how him inside you made you feel, your vision was blurry and you slurred on your words. 

JJ pulled himself closer to his body, allowing you to feel his warmth before he had to clean himself up, along with you. His hands ran through your disheveled hair, stroking it, causing you to feel calmer. “How would you like a bath after this, princess?” he suggested, his voice was soft and comforting, giving you the idea that he was back to being caring, giving you aftercare. You nodded slowly, feeling as though a bath would be the perfect thing at this moment, with JJ.

His hands moved from your hair to your back, drawing small circles, which soothed you, a lot. 

“I’ll just get some water and a snack for you, alright?” he informed you after he felt your body at ease and the shaking was minimal. You nodded, although you didn’t want to feel the cold air hit your body since he was shielding you from it, you were thirsty, and the snack was a major plus.

Brothers’ Reaction to MC getting sick

Genre: fluff
Warnings: suggested smut on Satan’s and Asmo’s parts


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“I’m really, really glad I found you again, Mika. You’re super nice as always.”

“And because you’re being stupid nice as always, Yu, you’re causing me all kinds of problems.”

Didn’t have any finished art to post this weekend, so have a FE9 scribble.

i was watching sad witcher edits, and i thought of something so now you suffer with me

yennefer and jaskier stumble upon each other during geralt’s year in prison and they develop a friendship of sorts. 

because of his affiliation with Yennefer, Julian Alfred Pankratz becomes a wanted man.

so he fakes his own death, and takes on the guise of Dandelion, a renegade bearded emo bard, with a kill-count to rival that of the nilgaardian army, who travels with Tissaia and Yennefer. 

at some point after geralt finds ciri, he stumbles upon a tavern where a bard is singing ‘her sweet kiss’, and he realises he fucked up, and he asks where he can find the bard who wrote it. Tissaia just so happens to be there, sees him and assumes he’s a Nilfgaardian soldier of some sort, who is hunting for Yennefer. So she ‘breaks the news’


“stone-cold i’m afraid. killed by some villagers in *insert town here*, guess they were none too fond of witchers.”

And Geralt just kind of breaks down, he becomes lifeless and depressed. He just realized that Jaskier loved him, and he was too late. Even worse, the last thing he ever said to him was that he was the cause of all the bad things in his life.

So he’s heartbroken basically.

he leaves Ciri with Vesemir at Kaer Morhen before venturing out to find a monster vicious enough to kill him. He eventually finds a contract in the village that Jaskier was ‘killed’ in. He decides he will kill the monsters, kill whatever creature he was given in the contract and hopefully get killed in the process so he’ll get to see Jaskier again.


Tissaia casually mentions a white-haired soldier who asked about jaskier, and jaskier and yennefer immediately realize that geralt esaped cintra and nilfgaard. They track Geralt around the continent, hearing stories of how the once noble and kind, albeit stoic, witcher had turned into a heartless killing machine by his grief. Jaskier is hellbent on finding him, knowing that Geralt probably regrets what happened, and he doesn’t want geralt to get himself hurt. They hear about how Geralt was headed for the town where jaskier ‘died’ and realise what he’s going to do.

Geralt has just finished his contract and is now looking for whoever hurt his bard when some spiteful villager points him to the place where jaskier had been seen last. In reality, the lady accused had been helping the witches and given Yen, Jaskier, and Tissaia temporary sanctuary. 

But of course, Geralt doesn’t know this, and he storms the house, he probably would’ve killed the whole family in his rage, fully prepared to end himself in the process. 

Just as he was about to kill the poor humans, Jaskier and Yennefer get there. Geralt refuses to believe that Jaskier is real. first, he’s convinced that the villagers killed him, then he thinks some witch is playing a cruel trick on him. 

He sobs, and laments how clearly humanity was all evil, and the only good human was long gone, and Jaskier just kind of holds him, trying to comfort him. He starts singing and only then does Geralt realize that this is 100% real, because a) no one could get Jaskier’s little mannerisms like this, the way he caressed his hair, the soft pats on the back, having being developed after 20 years of friendship and b) no one had ever heard this song before, jaskier wrote it and only played it for geralt, right before the dragon hunt

‘It can be our little thing, just for us, my dearest witchery witcher’

and geralt finally realises that he’s safe, it’s ok he has a second chance. He can apologise.

and he just cries and apologises over and over again, and jaskier just cries softly into his hair.

and then they all go to Kaer Morhen and live happily ever after the end


What if there’s a better way? What if you and I - we figure it out together?

okay but 8th-year Drarry where Harry takes the whole “fresh start” concept a little too far. He’s going around introducing himself to people as if they’d never met. 

  • Some people think it’s some kind of weird stunt
  • Some people think Something Happened™ to Harry during the battel or after and he’s lost it
  • Some people (like Neville) just laugh it off
  • Luna gives him a full tour of Hogwarts as if he truly hadn’t been there before (he does, in fact, learn some new things)
  • Nearly-headless Nick even joins in for a bit of a laugh for a moment
  • Draco is very cautiously observing Harry’s behaviour
  • On the first day, he was a bit worried that Harry had sustained some serious injury he somehow hadn’t heard about. It didn’t take long for him to realize what was going on, but he kept a close eye anyway
  • (Actually, he was half sure by lunch but certain at dinner when in the middle of his bit with Headmistress McGonagall, they started debating her decision on 8th-year students not being allowed to play during official matches. Only Potter would actually argue with the new Headmistress over Quidditch…)
  • Draco watched over the next couple days as Potter “accidentally” sat at the wrong tables for meals, sometimes dragging others along. 
  • Harry would “forget” school rules or where something was and ask anyone walking by for help
  • If he kept this up much longer he was going to gain the reputation of an utter fool
  • Waiting for Advanced Transfiguration to begin, Draco was in the middle of wondering just how far Potter would take this bit and how long it would last when his thoughts were interrupted
  • “This seat taken?”
  • Draco looked and stared up at Harry
  • Had his brain been working at all he would have registered the fact that he was openly staring at Harry Bloody Potter and come up with something to say - but he didn’t.
  • Harry pulled out the chair and sat down
  • “…everywhere else is full”
  • Draco processed enough of what Potter had said to look about the room and see that wasn’t true, which he said
  • Potter snorted - actually scoffed at Draco - as if he had expected Draco to go along with the joke which he was supposed to be in on
  • Which, he was, he supposed.
  • Potter cleared his throat, set his wand down on top of his stack of books in the corner of the table, turned in his chair to face Draco (who was still staring at him, flabbergasted) and put out his hand
  • “I’m Harry Potter, nice to meet you.”
  • “Draco Malfoy,” he whispered, staring at where their hands were now joined
  • “Oh, I know - I’ve heard all about you”
  • Draco’s eyes darted back up to meet Harry’s - but his green eyes were still playful
  • “And what have you heard?”
  • “A lot of bollocks.”
  • Draco furrowed his brows
  • “I’m not about to let a bunch of stories from the past tell me who is and isn’t the right sort. Think I can figure that out for myself.”
  • “And you think…”
  • “I think we need a fresh start. We all do.” Harry was now serious and Draco wasn’t sure what to do with that any more than he knew what to do with the joking Potter.
  • So he nodded and hummed an agreement, turned back in his chair to face front, and said “You should know I don’t let people cheat off my notes.” which earned him a laugh - a genuine laugh - from Potter.
  • Draco had made Harry Potter laugh.
  • He wanted to do it again.

After 2 months of trying to put this together and going through two corrupted .sai archives and a computer that refuses to let me work…. THIS IS DOOONE. Holy shit it took me forever akdjaksjaksjskzjsjaj

But yeh! For this ZaDr Day I bring you a sort of timeline thing for my College AU! Taking into considerations the boy’s ages. Zim ages up just like Dib, but his height stays pretty much the same until he did the thing with his PAK and got all tol and so on aksjaks. I was legit lacking the motivation to get this done, but then recently I saw that Bamsara did something similar for her own AU so my motivation came back at full force aksjaksjaksjaks thanks Bam 💕

At first glance it is kinda confusing but here! Have a quick explanation for each picture:

12 years old: Their canon age. Nothing much to say on here other than they’re just fighting and being lil shits to each other akdjaksjaksjskzjsjaj

15 years old: High Skool years. The biggest change was the way their rivalry got a lil “cold”. Instead of direct confrontations, they now preffer to just… Pretty much avoid each other as much as they can. Dib is tired of always failing and never being taken serious so he just lets Zim do his things. He knows he won’t succeed anyway

16 years old: What is known as The Ending. Dib got more foccused on becoming a science kid thanks to his father’s influence. And Zim… Is experiencing pure defeat. He got a auto-message from The Armada demanding that all the Irken Invaders must go back to Irk for their next assignments, because Operation Impending Doom 2 was a success and now Operation 3 must begin. Zim realized at that moment that his whole mission was a lie… Zim stopped going to Skool and, because of that, they haven’t seem each other during the whole Skool year.

17 years old: Zim came back to Skool, determined to at least learn a little more about the humans. He’s no longer an Invader, but he still believes that Earth is his rightfull planet, so he’ll try to take it over. Zim and Dib see each other after a whole year and… Things definetly feel different. But they agree to talk things out

18 years old: They came into a truce by the time they graduated from High Skool, and even agreed to try and become friends. It seemed impossible, there were a few hiccups here and there but… Hey. They’re trying and that counts!… Right?

19 years old: Zim and Dib get into the Astronomy College at the Membrane University. Dib chose it ‘cause it was the only “scientific” thing to study amongst his interests, in his father’s words. Zim chose it because he still wants to take over Earth… And brag to himself and his human classmates about his infinite, superior knowledge about space

20 years old: Zim and Dib get even closer. Zim starts to teach Dib everything about other alien races, including the truth behind UFO’s sightseeings, crop circles and the aliens who did it. They explore together in their free time from classes!… AKA they have no freetime at all. Lovely!

20-21 years old: The awkward feelings phase. They… Start noticing that their feelings for each other sure are developing. At a very fast pace. They start doing some cute flirting with each other and get even more awkward because of that. Lovely

22 years old/Current: The pair of weirdos is finally together! They talk their feelings out and decide to be together aksjaksj Gir and Minimoose sure are happy xD 💕 a few months later Zim got tall and all and… Welp, it sure made an impact on Dib aqksjaksk

And that’s… Pretty much it! A time line thing for my AU. I know, I know, my AU is very out of character and it’s just a cliché silly goofy eyecandy fluff thing but… Honestly I love it aksjaks I love drawing cute pairings being cute, and it makes me happy to know that people enjoy my AU 💕 to all of you I say: THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME SUPPORT ❤💕

AND! Happy ZaDr Day of course qksjaksk

Beautiful and Damned 23 - The Truth [Geralt of Rivia x Reader]

A.N: My loves, your wonderful feedback makes me so happy, thank you! Please don’t forget to tell me what you think of this chapter, kisses!

Reminder: This story will not follow the show’s plot, so even if you haven’t watched the series, you can still read it.

The previous chapters are on my masterlist!

Summary: Then, truth comes out.

Word Count: 3162

Warnings: Mentions of sex, threats and violence, death.


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After you finished telling Fin what had happened and what Nova had told you, a silence fell upon you for almost a minute. You knew it was a lot to take in, but the slight ache in your heart was impossible to miss, maybe it was too much.

Maybe he wouldn’t see you as his sister anymore, seeing that you had different parents and not even of royal blood.

Just maybe.

You stole a look at Geralt as if he could give you the emotional strength you desperately needed,but you were soon distracted by the sudden movement. Fin stood up, walked to the table, filled the cup to the brim and downed the drink as he motioned at you.

“Explain it to me one more time.”

You heaved a sigh, “Fin….”

“No, explain to me again how our parents stole you—“ he stopped himself and shook his head, “I’m still drunk, aren’t I?”

“Well, probably.” You admitted, “It has nothing to do with this though.”

“They- you-“ he stammered, “You’re a witch?”

“Yeah. As it turns out.”

“What does that even – will he hunt you now?” He motioned at Geralt who only raised his brows.

“That’s what you want to ask?”

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to ask!” Fin exclaimed, “Can you turn Cranley into a frog?”

“I can try?” You said slowly and turned to Geralt, “Wait, can I do that?”

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Lovedust Pt.2 || Peter Parker x Stark Reader

Summary: When your dad and the rest of the Avengers find out that Peter is under a loving trance, Y/n struggles to put the past behind her. 

Word Count: 2k

Author’s note: This is a slowburn so just keep in mind that it’s not realistic to suddenly love Peter back just because he says cute stuff. I also wanted to say that before the lovedust, it was a pretty toxic relationship the two of them had and I would never urge you guys to just forgive and drop everything traumatic just cause someone loves you suddenly, you’re allowed to not forgive and not forget. However, this is fiction and a slowburn so eventually, Peter and Y/N will reach that level. 

Warnings: mentions of sex, mild language

part one || part two || part three || part four || part five

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genuinely, thoughronan’s depression is an intrinsic part of him. everyone who knew ronan before notes constantly how different he is; how he’s less soft, less open, less carefree. he’s different enough now that he fights with gansey about it, because gansey doesn’t understand how a person could become so far removed from who they used to be. 

so here’s what we do know: ronan’s anger is, in canon, his depression manifesting as anger. he’s irritable, he can’t sleep, he feels guilty and hates himself up until the fourth book, he feels notably empty and alone even when he has close friends and a boyfriend, and he’s impulsive and self destructive. 

and while ronan’s attempt didn’t happen the way that it was perceived to have happened before he told the gangsey about his dreams, that doesn’t mean that an attempt didn’t happen. ronan’s dreams want what he wants; they do what he feels they should do. when it happened, ronan’s dreams weren’t yet evolved enough to create things like the cars and the sundogs; he could only even pull out small things. at that point, ronan’s dream creature trying to kill him was a mirror of ronan’s own wants. and ronan is destructive. he’s passively suicidal throughout all the books, blatantly, in the ways that he dismantles himself through drinking and racing and recklessness, and even with his fights with the people he cares about, pushing away people because it makes him feel lonely.

he’s lost his family–both parents (and the PTSD of finding his father viciously murdered), his brothers to different places rather than the same home as him–as well as his home itself. and he’s grown up there. ronan, in cdth, expressed how little he really saw of the world outside of the barns, how he didn’t even understand the way the world was until he was older because he saw so little of it. it’s not just his home, but for a large part of his life, the whole world that he knows, and he’s lost it, and doesn’t know how to cope with that. 

not only that, but in the later books, it’s prominent to ronan that he is alive, and evidently, is working on getting better, most notably in call down the hawk. (”7:07: WAKE UP, ASSHOLE. YOU’RE ALIVE.”, the constant reminders to himself that he’s not actually alone even though he feels lonely.) despite that, he does claim many times throughout it that he’s apathetic about whether he really lives or dies–to the point where ronan’s arc isn’t really his dreamthings, or the world of dreamers, or finding others; so much as a beginning of a resolution to his conflict with himself 

good girl

prompt: maybe a smut oneshot where you call bucky sergeant and he gets all flustered; then he says something about you being a good girl and you get all worked up.

summary: bucky and reader turn eachother on with pet names, and smut ensues. dirty talk, couch sex, praise kink. this sort of turned into dom!bucky idk it just happened LOL

author’s notes: tumblr is off da shits rn, i tried to write this as a reply to the original ask and the website was like nah. here’s random line breaks instead tho!


“That went well, kid.”

Bucky’s voice is frisky from where he’s stood against the countertop, arms crossed lazily as he nurses a beer bottle. He’s still wearing his boots from the mission, the black leather ones that lace up real high.

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