he knows i love him so it does not matter

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baek is my bias too <3 What have the fans said about bbh? :/ I've always seen that he is really popular and has a lot of fans. maybe i missed something :(

ahh anon, back when baekyeon was confirmed, both baek and tae got a lot of hate. They called him a ‘traitor’ and over 1800 ‘fans’ signed a petition for him to leave exo.

apart from that, as much i love him y’all have no idea how much i adore this lil 

he did a few inappropriate actions when he was younger and I’m not gonna just blindly defend him just because I love him so much:

1. involved in underage drinking and smoking 

2. insulting autistic children

I admit that what he did was wrong, but everyone does something wrong at some point of their lives right? No human is a saint. There’s a reason why we’re humans, we make mistakes. I know many fans (especially new ones) don’t know about this matter because SM tried covering it up.

Anyway, I’m sure Baekhyun has matured after so many years and he is sorry for committing such things. 

I’m not asking for y’all to worship him. Just please, don’t hate on him. He isn’t perfect, but nobody is. 

To non-fans of Baekhyun, y’all don’t have to stan Baekhyun if you don’t want to. But as a bbh stan, it hurts to see him get so much hate and death threats. He even has to take anti-anxiety medications. My heart hurts for him.

He has changed and I hope his future actions will prove it to you. 

sorry this turned into a mini rant i still love my bby so much and i want to do ntg but protect him 

so when isak gets his grades back for the fall semester, his did best in biology and physics. and even asks him how it went because he genuinely wants to know. he’s interested in anything isak tells him, and he knows isak’s grades matter to him, so it’s something that matters to him, too. isak tells him he aced these two classes, but he admits sana’s notes in physics helped him a lot. and that’s when even first says it. “sana’s great, but i’m sure you would’ve also done well without the notes. isaac newton“ and isak chuckles and half slaps even on the shoulder and replies “oh shut up” but his words are full of fondness. even loves to tease isak, and isak pretends to be annoyed when he does, but the truth is that he loves it, too 

and then even keeps calling him that, the rest of that day. at some point they’re in the kitchen, looking for snacks and even grabs an apple and he jokingly says “isaac, did it hurt when the apple fell on your head?” before taking a bite. and isak sighs and shakes his head. “you know that’s like…a total myth, right?” even raises his eyebrows questionably and isak mumbles “i…read it in a book once. i mean…he told people about the apple falling and how it inspired him but there’s no, like, actual source that says it hit him on the head. that’s just something people came up with over time you know”. even is smiling during isak’s explanation and he puts the apple on the table and then he cups isak’s cheeks and just. looks him in the eyes. and his smile makes isak smile. and even doesn’t say anything, simply kisses him

when they go to bed, even is pressed against isak’s back, and he’s nuzzling isak’s hair and he says “so according to the laws of physics, you have the softest hair in the universe” and isak breathes out a little laugh. “you know that…doesn’t make sense” and even lets out a long sigh, isak can feel the warmth against his scalp. “isaac newton doesn’t know how to take a joke. and compliments” and isak turns around and he quickly kisses even’s nose and says “not true. but, you know, i might end up studying physics and i am not going to handle three years of being called isaac newton” 

and there’s a moment of silent after isak says that because? they don’t usually talk about the future, it’s not something they do because they prefer to mostly take things step by step. and, yeah, they are kidding, but after a few seconds, it’s like isak can feel the weight of his own words. but then even breaks the silence. “i think studying physics would be great for you” and it immediately lightens up the atmosphere. then even adds “i think you’re going to do great, is-” and isak cuts him off before he gets the chance to say it “don’t”. but even simply looks him in the eyes, his thumb stroking his temple and he says “i said, i think you’re going to do great, isak valtersen” 

sunflowers, marigolds, buttercups and you

it’s carry on countdown day threeeee and that means pastel/punk aus !! i’m sorry this is so late but just know that i’m actually dead from all the sports i did today and i swear i can barely walk rip- anyways! here y’all are.

i hope you guys like it! in which simon&davy have a tattoo shop and baz&fiona own a flower shop, because i love role reversals as well as pastel/punk aus

baz doesn’t honestly know what he’s doing here. it’s been a part of his life for so long, he rarely stops to question it but today aunt fiona was on his back even more, ranting on and on, that it sort of just hit him again. what is he doing? why does he bother to be here? what is this thing that they’re doing and why does it matter so much to him?

the alleyway is chilly, but baz is wearing a very heavy, very knit, very pale pink scarf that just so happens to match his nails and his boots that are shiny and supple and very warm. still, he can see his breath. it’s nothing like the heat of the furnace inside the flower shop, the alley is basically the polar opposite.

it doesn’t smell like geraniums, it smells horribly like rotting garbage and possibly like dead flowers if anything. the brick on either side of him is rough and dusty, nothing like the walls of the shop which are always pristine whites and soft blues offset by all the spectrums of color flaring out from the vases sitting all around.

baz’s favorites are the marigolds, the flowers that are perhaps the most opposite to the shades he usually prefers, but for some strange reason, he can’t get past how much he adores them. small petals that come in every shade of the sun, and they make any one of his bouquets a little bit more cheerful, like he’s just added a touch of light.

today, with the orders he had to fill, he found that there were quite a few instances that he could insert the flower, which was nice, even though the brash yellows and oranges really did clash with his outfit.

his mittens also match in part his scarf, a soft-toned pink and he hates that he has to wipe his nose on them because they are by far his favorite.

would he just hurry up?

his break will definitely be ending soon, and fiona really doesn’t take tardiness lightly, besides the fact that baz already hates being late.

isn’t he always late? baz doesn’t think he can remember a day where he wasn’t the first one to their spot, so in the winter he’s always been half frozen by the time the boy arrived.

it annoys him. but then again, what can he do about it?

he already doesn’t really know what he’s doing here yet again, why he comes here almost every day to wait in the cold, hiding from fiona who’d probably be reaching the conclusion to her third rant on ‘david snow and his goddamn tattoo parlor’ by now?

‘jesus christ, can he just not?’

‘basilton, are you seeing this’

‘he’s decided to put his sign a full inch over the line between our properties, the absolute audacity of that man!’

baz finds it almost humorous, the feud and everything. how the pitch florists ended up sharing a building with ‘that menacing scumbag of a person, how dare he demand we pay more of our share of rent, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me’

but he can see his aunt’s point of view, he supposes. the rivalry, the utter hatred between their families isn’t really anything new, he’s heard all the stories. how david snow came in with his million dollar smile to a deal that his aunt had practically already taken, and turned it into an all out battle over who would get the lease on 6th street, right across from ebb’s coffee shop.

it was prime property, and fiona had wanted it so bad.

baz knew that it had been her dream, and then she had been forced to come to an agreement with this ‘inked up old bastard’ (not that fiona didn’t have any tattoos, baz hadn’t tried to argue this point with her, it really wouldn’t have made a difference) to split the building in half.

now they were constantly fighting, and baz considered himself to be right in the middle of it. not that it was a real war, just practically one of sabotage.

it just was what it was, and he had to play his role. this included doing extra work at the shop, when he already carried so much of the workload, and fiona sending him on her missions, which really never amounted to much other than a lot of screaming and threats that david snow was going to sue her for being a ‘crazy hag obsessed with her geraniums’.

for another part, baz was not to be friends with anyone related to the snow family, and if he ended up being, it was merely an advantage for espionage and further attacks, nothing personal or emotionally attached about the matter.

the thought makes baz snort. the visible puff of his breath in the air reminds him just how chilly it is and he tries to pull his collar up further.

the single rose bud that he’s carrying in his pocket is burning a hole in it, and baz dislikes the feeling because he rather likes this jacket. it’s long, and soft and a shade of cream that could almost match the snow.

he’s noticing that it has started to snow now, because he can feel the flakes melting on his eyelashes and he can see them settling on the ends of his hair, white against the the faint lilac that he’s dyed it.

fiona loves it, says it makes him match the lavender, the catmint, possibly the canterbury bells.

he’s just thinking that the snow is pretty appropriate, when he hears the footsteps he’s been waiting for and he looks around quickly-

eager, he’s always so eager. he hates it.

but when he sees those eyes- it’s always the eyes that strike him first, like he’s plunged into the coldest water- he forgets about all of that. the snow is settling in the curls of simon snow’s goldy hair and looking at him, is like getting the sun in your eyes.

his shoes crunch in the snow on the pavement, and baz starts to notice everything about him, all at once.

he’s too much, everyday, it’s just too much.

how he’s wearing these destroyed sneakers like it’s not below minus ten degrees outside, with the darkest shade of coal jeans, the knees blown out, and baz’s favorite shirt, simon knows that it’s his favorite, the one the simon designed himself, a sketch in black and white of dying sunflowers that makes it look like the flowers themselves are simply dissolving into nothingness, withering into oblivion.

baz’s attention goes to the piercings next, simon’s nose, where his septum sits a dusty silver, and his ears, where the beads and metals travel in uneven intervals all the way along each.

baz’s eyes always finish with simon’s tattoos last.

he knows the placement of every one of them by heart, and they play back in his mind for hours before he can fall asleep. his hands, dotted with lines and symbols making constellations, to his arms, to his neck and behind both his ears.

at this point he’s standing across from baz, just close enough to touch and his lips are hanging open, a pink that is terribly over saturated.

you’re so much, baz wants to say, you’re too much.

instead, he lets simon blink once more after his eyes give baz a scalding once over and state the obvious.

“it’s snowing.”

“i’d hoped you’d noticed,” baz says, and he feels like his chest might explode.

“i’m sorry i’m late,” simon says, and his voice is husky. he fiddles with his earring, the rose gold ones that clash with his entire aesthetic. the ones that baz had lent him.

baz can feel his knees grow weaker.

“i’ve come to expect it.” baz had been about to say, but then he doesn’t because simon says,

“i brought you this.” and he opens up his ungloved hands to reveal a little piece of hectograph paper. baz takes it in his hands as if it were a snowflake.

the sketch on it is incredibly detailed, yet tiny, a miniature image of a violin and a bow, with a rose vine wrapped gracefully around the horsehair.

simon smiles, which also clashes terribly with his outfit, punk boys do not smile, but it’s so much that baz feels his breath catch in his throat.

he can feel something inside him completely shatter. the pleasure of it so intense it could be mistaken for pain.

this is what you do to me.

he takes his mitten off slowly, and he can feel simon’s azure eyes watch his every movement. he reaches into his pocket.

“put out your hand,” he says, and “close your eyes.”

simon just stares at him for a moment, and baz has to laugh.

“i’m serious!”

fianlly, simon’s head seems to snap out of the clouds and he laughs too. it sounds like music.

“sorry,” he says, smiling sheepishly. “i got distracted.”

baz resits the urge to roll his eyes and then simon snow is holding out his palm, and baz is gently taking his wrist, touching the mole in between his thumb and forefinger. his hand is freezing.

simon shivers and baz can’t tell if it’s from the cold or-

then baz places the rosebud on simon’s skin and simon’s eyes fly open. he stares. baz stares at him.

for a moment, he looks a bit helpless.

and baz is pretty sure he looks the exact same way.

then they’re surging together and it’s impossible to tell whose lips met whose first because simon has his hands around baz’s waist and baz’s hand is fisted in simon’s hair.

his mouth is so hot and it tastes like rebellion, it burns baz’s tongue, at the same it’s like sugar, too sweet and too gentle and too much like baz is a fragile object which proceeds to shatters baz’s heart even further because simon snow has never had to be gentle to anything in his life.

he is hard stone, hard rock, black, and as much of a klutz than baz has even seen- it’s really quite astonishing how he manages to tattoo people so beautifully when he can’t even stand up straight.

even now, he’s pinned baz to the brick wall and he kisses like it’s the air he needs to breathe while he leans like he doesn’t have the ability to hold himself up.

their tongues clash before baz can kiss a line down the tattoos on simon’s neck, leaving simon in the perfect position to breathe low, breathless words into baz’s ear like-

“your eye shadow is like pixie dust, i can’t stop staring at you.”

and “jesus.”

and “fuck, baz, my god.”

and baz kisses the mole under simon’s left eye saying

“you know this is my favorite tattoo you have”

and simon will laugh, before baz’s hand on his thigh makes it turn into a moan. and he tries to speak, but he stumbles on the words-

“-t’s not a-a tattoo, i’ve- told you this… s’many times”

and baz just smiles against simon’s skin because he knows, of course he knows, but he likes asking as his way to remind the boy beneath his fingers that even without his piercings, his tattoos, his clothes, he’s the most beautiful boy that baz has ever seen.

all at once it is too much, but now, it’s also not enough.

and baz murmurs

“i’m going to have to leave soon.”

again, not getting far into the sentence because simon’s lips are at his jaw and the last words come out as more of a loss of breath than actual sounds.

simon’s moved down his neck and he smells like the rosebud that he’s still got clenched in his fist and baz tries to forget that he’s got to go back to work in a few minutes and push away the fact that this had ever happened.

“stay just five more minutes.” simon pleads into baz’s collarbone and baz snorts.

“fiona is going to kill me.” he says, but simon’s hands are now in his hair and it just feels so good.

simon’s quickly back at his mouth, they’re so close, and he’s kissing with such an urgency that baz fears he actually might fall over.

“fine, five minutes” he mumbles, and he can feel simon’s smile.

the snow keeps drifting around them, hands attempting desperately to relearn every part of each other in the seconds that pass so quick, and baz knows that there’s nothing that will ever feel as good as this.

simon says, “i don’t want you to leave.”

and baz kisses him deeper, because for all that he knows, this could be the last time. simon’s just moaning and sighing, like he’s all at once so beautifully happy, but all at once so devastatingly sad. his eyes look even more helpless, and baz’s heart agrees.

they break.

simon’s taking his hand and swinging it in between them, and then baz’s pulse jumps as he does something so oddly right, he kisses the back of baz’s hand.

“i’ll see you tomorrow,” he says, a declarative sentence. but it sounds more like a question even though baz can tell he’s trying not to let it.

and then he’s gone. the alleyway is just an alleyway.

the drawing in baz’s pocket just turns into something a friend gave him, the footprints in the snow where simon stood become someone else’s. baz tries to wipe the happiness off of his features as he opens the door to the shop, but it’s like trying to erase permanent marker with a white board eraser.

when he’s inside, and he’s warm again, and fiona’s said ‘welcome back’ and shoved the next list of his duties at him, he takes the sketch out of his pocket.

he considers that it might be loveliest thing that anyone’s ever given him, he knows it is. and he turns it over, he hadn’t noticed that there was writing on the back-

it says,

can you sneak over sometime? i’d really like to make this permanent.


in simon snow’s horrendous handwriting, (baz is serious, he has no idea how this boy is an artist), and fiona comes back into the room, just as baz’s lips are turning up into a smile that takes over his whole face, his whole body and he can’t stop it.

she gives him a funny look.

“what’s so pleasant, basilton? has david snow decided finally to close up shop?”

he just looks at her, because he can’t speak, because simon snow is too much.

simon snow, the only one boy in the world he’s not allowed to have.

how does he ever manage to leave him everyday, how does he ever manage to let go?

simon snow.

his rosebud boy.


Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!! 

Hinata is really, really good at remembering birthdays.

He’s not so good at remembering much, honestly, but he knows all the birthdays of all the people that matter: his mum, Natsu, Izumi and Kouji, every character in his favourite tv show, Sugawara and Daichi, Nishinoya and Tanaka…it’s a very, impossibly long list.

So it’s…odd, embarrassing, really, that at no point on that very, impossibly long list, does it remind him that Kageyama’s birthday is on the twenty second of December, or that the twenty second of December is today.

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I want to talk about this…

We all know they like teasing each other especially Mingyu, right? Minghao can be savage but he’s a really sweet guy (I love him so much)!! Minghao was the one who brought up the topic and proceeded to ask the fans about who’s darker (between DK and MG) and he was asking the fans to be honest. I mean, I actually noticed that Mingyu became much reserved after this (I mean, can we blame him? DK and Minghao kept roasting him). BUT!! Minghao then told him what does it matter if he’s dark? He’s still cool and handsome anyways.

Minghao talked about Mingyu’s insecurity but he immediately followed it up with a compliment and that he shouldn’t feel bad about it. That he should be confident about it! 😭 Then he ended it with a statement that it’s not a matter to be dealed with anymore. You can see that Mingyu looked really thankful because he heard these supportive words from his friend.

I mean, I noticed how Minghao focused more on his friends than himself even if it’s his birthday broadcast.

Xu Minghao is really precious and we must protect him at all costs!

I’m grasping onto something that’s hurting me more than it’s helping me.
A boy.
He’s taking me for granted. I’m helping him through these rough times; or at least trying but it’s not working. He’s hurting me on purpose. He’s taking the pieces of me that I give him and hiding them. It’s like a scavenger hunt to try and put myself back together.
Why does it hurt so bad?
Why can’t I stop myself from going back? I love this boy. I love him with so much of me that I’ve lost myself in the process. I don’t know why I can’t stay away from him; maybe it’s because I feel responsible for him.
I feel responsible for him because he makes me feel as though I’m the only one who’s ever been there. But it’s exhausting.
I’ve realized though, that no matter what- to me the stars are in his eyes, and I’ll never get tired of looking at them. There’s love in his heart, and I’ll never get tired of waiting for it.
There’s hope for us and I’ll never get tired of staying for it.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #90 // I love him but he took pieces of me, and I don’t know how I can recover or stay away - @mylifesucksme
Voltron Sexuality Headcannons

Shiro: Hetero-romantic Asexual /space dad just needs to hold hands and have cute kisses. let the man reST/

Lance: Bisexual /but is really into aliens for some reason… no one knows why/

Hunk: Pansexual /this literal ray of sunshine loves everyone no matter what. thinks that everyone needs an equal chance of being loved. so pure. protect him/

Keith: Gay Gay Gay Gay *coughalsopolyamoruscough* /save this boy he’s too gay to function. sees any attractive guy and goes full on pining mode. sucks that he’s around hot guys all the time… they understand and let Keith hold all of their hands when he wants to. keith realizes that he shouldn’t pursue a relationship with them. /

Pidge: Super into chicks /like damn. unlike Keith, Pidge makes her gayness into a giant meme. even though Pidge is preoccupied with her robotics, Pidge is a hopeless romantic when it comes to the thought of having a girlfriend. Pidge blames Zarkon for her lack of love life. #destroyzarkonandletpidgehaveagirlfriend2k17 /


Altean and Galran genders and sexualities work differently than humans.

Think of Alpha/Beta/Omega. It’s kind of like that.

Alphas usually go for Omegas and vice-versa. Betas usually stick together. Although they aren’t confined to this norm.

Allura: Alpha /and damn is she a strong one too. Allura is typical in the sense of being attracted to Omegas. She really likes holding their small frames in her arms. What counts as small frame in Altean is a mystery to the Paladins/

Coran: Beta /and proud. He relys on his neutrality to comfort any type of secondary gender. He could be considered demisexual in human terms because of the crush he used to have on Alfor wHICH HE DENIES/

Keith: Omega /in galran terms, Keith is 100% Omega. Galran omegas are a lot more aggressive than Altean ones. They are usually smaller than Alphas and Betas too. Omegas in Galran society are perceived as too precious so they don’t fight. Omegas in Galran society are the only Omegas that were and are ever treated with utmost respect./


It was 3:00am and the constant knocking was preventing you from getting any sleep whatsoever. You knew who it was, no-one other than Klaus Mikaelson himself would be this determined, crazy or stubborn to show up at someone’s door in the dead of night.

Mumbling incoherently under your breath, you got up from bed and mentally prepared yourself for whatever was about to happen. Flicking on the light, Klaus shadow could be seen through the glass window on the door. “What is wrong with you? It’s 3 in the bloody morning Klaus, what is so urgent that you couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell me?”. You asked the hybrid, who too wasn’t looking all that pleased.

“Our relationship is what’s so urgent, or does that not matter to you anymore?”. He walked in, uninvited, but that still didn’t stop him and stood right in the middle of the living room. “Oh, no need to say anything love. I already know what your answer is going to be, since you ended things a mere few hours ago”.

Rubbing your temple, “Are you done? Or do you want to yell at me some more?”. He moved closer, just an inch but enough to make an impact. “I would like an explanation, or is that asking for too much?”.

Gaining a small piece of confidence you spoke, “Come on Klaus like you don’t already have it all figured out. I ended things because being with you was not only dangerous, but hectic and relationships are hard enough but a relationship with a 1,000 year old hybrid is just too crazy!”.

His face displayed no emotion, and truthfully you expected that to be the outcome. Because whatever you said, the response was always going to be the same. “Well, crazy or not, that kind of love never dies. Our love will never die, I can promise you that Y/N”. He gazed your way just a little longer, and the let himself out, leaving you to an empty room. The only remaining sound that could be heard was the light flickering, before the room was surrounded by darkness. Making you wonder if the light-bulb bursting was some sort of metaphor, regrading your relationship with Klaus.



I cannot find the words to express just how much Seán means to me. He has helped me get through some tough times and I cannot thank him enough for everything he does for me and the community. He is so sweet, caring, and kind to every single one of us. He amazes me more and more each day and I am so damn proud of him. He has come so far and has accomplished so much. I really hope that one day, I’ll get to meet him and tell him just how much I appreciate him being here. If you see this @therealjacksepticeye thank you so much for everything. I hope you know that you will always have my support, respect, love and appreciation, no matter what. <3

thinking about bittys relationship with his parents, how it might be a lot like my own.
what it boils down to is: bittys parents know about his sexuality but they never talk about it and it seems like theyre uncomfortable with it but they love him no matter what.
-and sometimes when he casually mentions maybe that he likes a guy they kind of arent sure what to say so they dont say anything
-and whenever mama bittle comes up to samwell and swoons over bad bob and bittle lowkey agrees and mama is all •__• but also ‘i understand my son a little more this day’
-pinterest is not mamas bible but it is her holy grail. what does pinterest have? cute wedding stuff. mama stumbles on a cute diy centerpiece and turns out its just one picture from a whole series from one cute af wedding with two grooms. theres a wedding pie, which is def a thing. she links bitty a picture of the grooms who have bowties that matches the others eyes. bittle is touched and he feels… good.
-its gradual but sometimes mama asks about bittys love life and he kinda has nothing to say and also doesnt want to say anything
-mama and bittle have always been close so pretty soon bitty is comfortable telling her things about guys and he says that he has a crush. mama is prepared for this. shes about to launch into romance advice but bits says ‘except hes straight, so’
-and mama is stunned? she didnt even consider this would be a thing?? and all her romance know how goes out the window and she tells bits that some day someone is going to love him so much that he will wonder why he ever wasted his time pining.
-the straight guy is jack if y'all didnt know
-mama tells coach that bitty is hung up on a guy he cant have, and he says ‘but i thought the same thing when i first met you’ and mama is like… okaaayy, not the saaaame but ofc shes swooning as well and maybe shes a bit more hopeful for her son?
-but anyway, jack comes down for july 4th and within minutes of meeting him mama is like… this is. the. guy.
-so she pulls bitty aside and is like?? dicky!! what are you doing??!! (honestly bits, keep your friends close and your crushes at a safe emotional distance good golly) and bittys just… mama, we’re together. <br>
-mama has many feelings on this. 1. her son. is happy. 2. he brought his boyfriend home and did not prepare her. she should have made twice the amount of pies 3. jack is here for a few days. overnight. oh boy.
-she gives bitty the quickest sex talk she can which is embarrassing as hell because 1. mama does not know enough about how to give a gay sex talk 2. jack is in the next room 3. god now hes thinking about sex with jack and 4. mama is about to go grab a condom and and a banana and bitty is just like mama noooooo
-meanwhile jack is with coach talking about hockey and coach is pleased as peaches because an nhl god is sitting in his living room complementing bittys skills on the ice
-also mama slips bitty a condom at some point and he. is so. red.
-and also mama thinks holy hell dicky you cant just have a crush nooo u have a crush on a npro nhl player and also! you date them!
-mama does not tell coach that he is talking to bittys boyfriend not because coach wouldnt be cool with it but because bitty thinks coach isnt cool with it (he’s just about as chill as mama is now. not banana condom demo chill but he can talk to bitty about anything if bitty asked. bitty and coach are under the impression that the other would rather talk to mama instead)
-so like, a day or two later theyre at a barbecue and jack has charmed the hell out of the bittles and now hes charming the neighbors and coach sidles up to bitty and is like 'you should find a guy like jack to go steady with’
-bits is kinda gazing fondly at jack and its just like 'yeah’ but then hes like !!! and then he tells his dad that he and jack are a thing
-and coach is just.. 'well in that case you better make him my son in law because no way are you gonna let a nhl stud like that get away’ and he says it all in one breath because ofc otherwise it would be so awkward….anyway…
-and bitty is stunned again but then he laughs and coach chuckles and they hug bc i dont care how gruff and silent coach is or w/e theyre a loving family and they hug
-later coach tells jack about the shotgun he has and jack looks frightened until mama says 'oh honey dont listen to him. id poison you first’ she smiles so sweetly and gives him a pat on the shoulder and goes back to baking and jack is a little terrified but also… she and bitty are so alike
-its been a slow process but look how far theyve come
-and a year or two down the road jack comes out and its on like all the sports channels and coach and mama are at the local sports bar and coach is pointing at the tvs and telling anyone nearby 'see that blonde man next to jack zimmerman? thats my son’ and mama says 'you see that ring on his finger?’

Zayn is so strong, so determined, so unstoppable. I’m in absolute awe of this boy, no matter how hard and rocky his path to happiness is, there is nothing that could stop him from reaching his goals. Like, he works his butt off to overcome his struggles, to be able to do what he loves, to be where he wants to be.
His determination in so inspiring. He does so fucking much for his fans, for other people, by being so unapologetically himself, and its so eye opening, seeing someone with your struggles making it. He is my brave brave duck and I am so fucking proud of him.

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Lol tumblr has tricked me into believing there are actually people around me who know what asexuality is and accept it. The other day i overheard someone say "asexual" so i knida started eavesdropping and one dude was like "He said he was asexual" and #2 was like "Wait what does asexual mean? Isnt that like starfish or something?" and the rest of the group just kinda confirmed and agreed w/him and the whole thing was so ridiculous i just had to laugh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m sorry you had to hear that! What does that starfish nonsense even mean? Why would they say starfish? But nevertheless you’re loved and valid!

There are people out there that understand us and know about us. We have to simply educate the rest on the matter

- Paula

Do you know what i love about Luke? That no matter what people say about him or his private life he just carries on with what he’s doing, he never complains, just brushes it off and focuses on his job and his passion. He gets so much hate and negativity surrounding him and he never shows that it gets to him, he just keeps going because he does love us and he does care about us and he’s so worried about making everyone else happy that i think sometimes he neglects his own happiness and that makes me so sad because i would prefer his happiness over my own, he deserves happiness, love and positive attention because he has a heart of gold and the patience of a saint. Luke doesn’t get enough recognition for all that he does for us, instead the media and even us as fandom focus on all the negativity that’s around him and it’s just not right.. he deserves to be recognised as this amazing musician, who literally gives his all at 5sos’ shows, he’ll endure days of vocal rest just so he can sing for everyone and nobody gives him credit for that. Nobody sits there and goes you know what? That’s pretty fucking amazing that he sings even though his body is practically screaming at him to give it a break, he just keeps going because he loves his job that much and doesn’t want to let anyone down and i think that truly shows the type of man Luke is. I’m always in awe of Luke and his attitude and talent, he’s incredible. Luke is one of the strongest and bravest guys who doesn’t give up and just keeps going and keeps trying to please everyone, that’s all he’s ever tried to do is please you all and people repay him by hating on him because of someone that he associates himself with? Instead of focusing on the positive things you just focus on the negative and shit on everything he does, it’s not right and it needs to stop. You don’t need to tear Luke down to build the other members up or to make yourself feel better. Luke deserves more than that. He deserves respect as a musician and as a person. 

“Jamie’s good arm was tight around my shoulders and my wet face was buried in his neck.
“You can’t,” I whispered. “You can’t. I won’t let you.”
His mouth was warm against my ear. “Claire, I’m to hang in the morning. What happens to me between now and then doesna matter to anyone.” I drew back and stared at him.
“It matters to me !” The strained lips quivered in what was almost a smile, and he raised his free hand and laid it against my wet cheek.
“I know it does, mo nieghean donn. And that’s why you’ll go now. So I’ll know there is someone still who minds for me.” He drew me close again, kissed me gently and whispered in Gaelic, “He will let you go because he thinks you are helpless. I know you are not.” Releasing me, he said in English, “I love you. Go now.”

- Outlander

(Claire is everything but helpless, and Jamie give up everything that matter to him for her, that just… heartbreaking)

Perfection is a Game


Warning: None, just fluff and stuff. 

Summary: First ‘I Love You’.  

Perfection is a game he knows how to play so well. Perfection is nothing but an idealistic standard that’s near impossible to reach. He’s reached it. He’s surpassed it. The world doesn’t know what to do with him. The way he walks, he talks, and acts. He’s golden. I can watch him him all day, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing. He just does it all so well. He is the game itself, and I struggle just to keep up just playing. 

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As much as I’m hurt and heartbroken, I’m also so proud of him. Proud that he’s found someone, proud that he’s happy, and proud that’s he’s comfortable to finally share this with us. My heart is breaking silently, as I was a Michael girl from 2012 to 2015 before I switched lanes to Calum. My heart aches for the Michael girls. He loves her, and he loves us, just not in the same ways. But know, he does love us, he loves you, and again I’m so PROUD of him, no matter how much my heart is aching. ❤️

I know that it’s unfair to compare yet while I’m sure that Damian truly does love Bruce, I feel like he loves Dick more. With Bruce there’s plenty of complicated feelings and issues, there’s also the fact that he’s his father and Damian has a strong sense of duty towards his parents. While with Dick it’s more simple, it’s out of complete free will and is so incredibly positive for the boy. Because Dick is the first man to ever, truly, believe in him. He gave him a shot and Damian loves him with a whole heart.

Fairy Tail Chapter 510 thoughts and chapter 511 theory

First thing, I love the way Dimaria tells Lucy that she doesn’t knows Natsu as much as she think and Lucy replying that she will always believe in Natsu no matter and that he don’t have hidden sides. Evergreen saying that Lucy totally loves him and Brandis agreeing (at this point I think she can deny it) (MAKE NALU CANON FOR THE LOVE OF MAVIS)

OMG!!!, It’s so cool that we finally get a look at Natsu and Zeref’s parents. And I don’t think Natsu will die, but I don’t know what could happen if he does. And it’s interesting that Zeref said that all the dragon slayers knew each other before they get to pass the Eclipse Door. It makes these panels in the manga make more sense:

I don’t know why Zeref consciousness was erased and replace by Sting. What did Natsu do. Maybe he was thinking about the person that could admire him, because that happened directly after Zeref that even back when they were younger, Sting idolized him. What do you think Sting will show to Natsu? I don’t think it will be some kind of giant monster, I just think it will a clone of Natsu but dark (link Dark Link for legend of Zelda) and maybe in a chapter Natsu and that “clone” will have some kind of mind battle or in this case a heart Battle. Anyway what you think? 

And shit Sting arrived at the last minute to save Yukino and the others. Sting actually eating the magic of Larcade that was so awesome. And him telling that Larcade reminds him of Natsu but that won’t be getting along. 

Chapter 511 is called “Hunger Hell”, so I’m sure it will be the beginning of Sting vs. Larcade. And seriously I don’t think will win this battle even if he is the only one that can oppose him, Because August said that the only one that can defeat Larcade is Mavis (his mother). Maybe we will see Mavis help sting during the battle that would be so awesome!!! I’m little more interest at what is the thing Sting will show to Natsu that is in his body. And if Natsu will die. Like I said above I’m sure he will not, but what if he did. Will that fully awaken E.N.D.? I don’t want that but if he can control it that would be good. I wonder how long will Hiro Mashima delayed the fight Erza and Wendy vs. Eileen. What what do you think about this chapter? I think it was pretty fun. Feel free to comment.