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Bitten pt. 14

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Description: Baekhyun has finally been honest with you and you’re thinking being his mate will be easy but what happens when you have your own secrets?

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

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After the ceremony and dinner, you find yourself standing in one of the guest bedrooms. Baekhyun stands a couple feet away from you in front of a mirror as he stares at the fresh tattoo on his bicep. You walk up to him from behind and touch his arm.

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I can't believe its been 48 hours now since the last chapter. (I am still reeling. It was so awesome. I have no words). Anyway. Will we ever find out what Celestino's thoughts are at this point? Is he thinking 'Yuuri why do you have Viktor's number? I thought you hated him? Why is he calling you like a million times?'. Or does he suspect something anyway?

By this point Celestino has figured it out because mysterious lovebites on Yuuri’s neck + Yuuri having Viktor’s number and Viktor constantly calling + the emotional reaction from them both = something was going on there. But he’s sensitive enough to know that it absolutely was not the time and place to say anything while Yuuri was already going through so much

Family Gatherings

This is pure self indulgent fluff. Also the Phone Fic that I keep bloging about. Can be found here on my ao3!
Rating: PG (Mild language)
Words: 5,112

Family gatherings are not words generally associated with the individuals who make up Gotham’s vigilantes. Strategy meetings, subterfuge, infighting, assassin, spy, creepy, know it all. These are terms they are well versed in. This is why the text message that Bruce sent out at 9 am on Saturday was such a surprise.

I request that all of you come to the manor for a family gathering at 7. Alfred will be serving dinner promptly at 7:30. What the hell is that supposed to mean Tim?!” Dick could practically hear his little brother shrugging on the other end of the phone.

“I dunno. Maybe he wants to go over his will.”

“That’s not funny and you know it.”

“C'mon Dick! Like you have a better explanation?”

Dick sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “No. Do you think everyone will come?”

“I know Steph and Harper will out of pure curiosity. Everyone else,” Tim paused and took a deep breath, releasing the rest of his sentence on the exhale, “who knows.”

Dick nodded, not really caring that he couldn’t be seen as habit was habit. “Ok. Well Damian will be, Cass for sure, Babs is going to be there cause she hates being out of the loop, Jason…” Dick trailed off, looking down at his bare feet. He’d woken to find the text blinking at him from a half dead phone screen. Knowing that he’d have seen it already too Dick immediately called Tim and had been pacing around the apartment in his pajamas with the now nearly dead cell to his ear.

“Yeah,” Tim said empathically.

“Maybe he’ll come for Alfred?” Dick tried.

“You know him better than I do.”

“You’re right. And I don’t even know why he does half the things he does. I’ve gotta charge my phone. I’ll see you later?”

Tim snorted. “Of course you do. Alright, yeah. I’m meeting up with Tam soon anyway. Bye.”

“Bye,” Dick frowned at the phone. Now that the call with Tim had ended it had returned to the group chat Bruce had sent his text in. Not a single person had replied and Bruce likely didn’t expect them to. Just that they showed up. He stuck it on a charger in the living room and went to get a shower. After breakfast Dick collapsed onto the couch. Having wrapped up a case the night before he decided to reward himself with some video games.

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The Flash Headcanons

A/N: Just some Headcanons that have been taking up space in my brain for far to long.

•Every year Joe files Barry and Iris’s taxes for them.
•When Wally comes along he files his as well.
•Joe does it all in one night before and after dinner.
•He has repeatedly tried to teach all three of them how to do their own.
•"Why do I need to know when I have you dad/joe?“
“One day I won’t be around to do this and then where would you be?”
“H&R Block.”
•Joe hates H&R Block and rants about them anytime one of his kids brings them up.
•Speedsters in general do not sit still.
•Which is why often times you’ll see even the evilest speedsters swing their legs when their feet don’t touch the ground. (Looking at you Eobard)
•Along the same line, speedsters hate confined spaces they can’t get out of and will often pace.
•The evil meta humans acctually do practice their speeches in front of mirrors.
•It’s and unspoken rule between rogues that if you walk in on another villan practicing their monologue you leave the room slowly and don’t mention it.

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79, "Did I actually mean something to you, ever?" For the Thiam thing please

Three words : Angst. Is. Back. 

Sentence : 79. “Did I actually mean something to you, ever?”

One day, Theo leaves.

And Liam’s world does not stop turning.

He does not lose his breath, or his will to live, and he keeps smiling, and laughing.

He does not die, inside.

Still. He hates every second of it.

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Negan - Foul-Mouthed

Negan comes to Alexandria with his men to take half your stuff, just like he promised Rick he would do. While there, he meets you, someone who wasn’t in the line-up. He takes an immediate interest in you when he hears you swearing just as much as he does. You know you should hate him, so why can’t you?

Negan x Fem!Reader

Requested by @thesisterabigail

Warnings: Swearing

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Where you go, I follow

Warnings: none

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Here it is finally, next part of this journey! Enjoy! If you want to be tagged in this, let me know :)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Khuzdul translation:

“Softly now, hush

For Mahal´s hammer shall shield you

As you sleep among kings

Softly now, hush

All is well with axe and beard

Under the stars

Softly now, hush”

You two kept walking, talking to any people who was passing by but no word was heard from Thorin´s father. He was getting frustrated when days was turning to weeks, weeks to months and still no sign of Thrâin or even a word. When you finally decided to make camp because it was getting too dark to keep going, Thorin was distant, quiet and moody. Although you understood why he was like that, his mood was starting to get quite catchy and you could feel your mood to come dark as well. “Thorin, talk to me. It doesn´t do any of us any good if you keep sulking.” you finally broke the silence and watched as he glared at you under his lashes but didn´t say anything. So you tried another approach. “I know you´re frustrated to this situation but maybe…..” you paused, because you really didn´t want to bring forth this alternative but it was starting to look like it was possibility that who ever started the rumors about his father been alive was mistaken or even lying.

Thorin knew what you were gonna say and sighing shaked his head. “I know.” he finally said keeping his eyes fixed on the fire, he didn´t want to admit that he was so hopeful about the fact that he might find his father at last and learn what had happened all those years ago, what happened to him that he didn´t even considered the possibility that those rumors might be false. But he was too stubborn and proud to admit that to you out loud.  He felt you moving closer to him and resting your head against his shoulder. Little smile was forming to his face as he tilted his head resting his cheek against the top of your head. “Could you do something for me?” you asked sleepily. Thorin merely hummed and waited what it was you wanted him to do. “Would you sing for me?” Small chuckle escaped from him as he agreed to that. He sang you the old dwarven lullaby that was passed on generation after generation.

“Atkâtul, mudûmur    
Khama Mahal bakhuz murukhzu 
Ambarzu mulhûkh

Atkâtul, mudûmur 
Sul ghelekh barkûr ra turg
Undu gimil 
Atkâtul, mudûmur ”

As Thorin´s deep and soft voice lulled you to sleep you thought briefly how lucky you were to have such a man in your life.
Thorin wrapped his arms around you and carefully guided you to lay down beside him and covered you with his fur coat so you wouldn´t feel cold. He then threw couple of blocks into the fire and took more comfortable position and lifted his gaze to the black sky filled with diamond like stars. Although he was against it that you should come along, now he actually was happy that you were there sleeping next to him, easing his mind when he was grumby or frustrated. It was only couple of days of walk before they would reach to Bree and have a decent meal and soft bed where he could….well, better not think about those kind of activities just yet, otherwise he would not be able to concentrate to keep watch while you slept.

It was raining hard when you two finally reached Bree and looked for place to make a stop and eat something. Thorin had a odd feeling that you were been followed and quite frankly so were you. You two shared a look under your hoods and kept walking until Thorin saw sign of Prancing Pony and guided you through the doorway. You were glad that you finally got out from the rain, you felt soaked and sought out the table nearest to the fireplace. Thorin sat beside you placing  his sword to lean against the table while you shook off your cloak. When you had ordered your dinner you noticed two men staring at your way and it gave you the chills, that kind of look wasn´t never a good sign. Just as Thorin started to eat he saw those two as well but this time they started to move. You lifted an eyebrow at him little smirk dancing on your lips as you watched Thorin´s hand gradually move toward the hilt of his sword. But before either of you could do anything, a stranger sat down in front of Thorin and you turned your heads little surpised. You glanced then at the two men who made hasty exit whispering something along the way. 

“MInd if I join you? I´ll have the same.” the man says and motioned to the young waitress what was in Thorin´s plate. You turned your attention back to the man quite curiously. Who was this fellow? “I should introduce myself, my name is Gandlaf, Gandalf the Grey.” Thorin´s expression told you that he knew the man and by the looks of it wasn´t alarmed that much so you too relaxed. “I know who you are.” Thorin said quietly. “Well now….this is fine chance!” Gandalf was overly happy to see Thorin in the flesh in front of him and you couldn´t stop thinking why? “What brings Thorin Oakenshield to Bree?”

Thorin sighes and loweres his gaze to the table. “I received a word that my father had been seeing wandering in the wilds near Dunland. I went looking, found no sign of him." 

You placed your hand over his offering a silent comfort which he took gladly, a fond smile on his lips and that didn´t escape from Gandalf´s eyes but didn´t ask who you were. "Thorin, it´s been a long time since anything but a rumor was heard of Thrâin.” Gandalf said looking little worried at the same time. “He still lives, I´m sure of it.” Thorin replied with quiet but firm tone in his voice. Wizard did not say anything to that and turned briefly his attention to the waitress who game to give him the plate. “My father came to see you before he went missing. What did you say to him?” Thorin contiuned staring Gandalf straight to his eyes as he glanced up from his food. “I urged him to march upon Erebor, to rally the seven armies of the dwarves, to destroy the dragon and take back the Lonely Mountain. And I´ll say the same to you. Take back your homeland." 

Thorin gave Gandalf very sceptical look as he grapped his tankard and lifted it to his lips, but before he drank he voiced the thought that crossed his mind at that moment. "This is no a chance meeting is it, Gandalf?" 

"No, it is not.The Lonely Mountain troubles me Thorin…that dragon has sat there long enough. Sooner or later darker minds will turn towards Erebor.” as Gandalf went on about bumping into some unpleasent folks Thorin was getting little irritated to this whole conversation. “They mistook me as a vagabond.” that line was humoring Thorin nevertheless as he chuckled little. “I imagine they regretted that.” Thorin gave him a side glance.Wizard then took something out of his rope and placed it on the table. Your eyes went wide. You recognized it, you have seen it couple of times in your lifetime and cold sweat started to run through your spine. “One of them was carrying  a message. It is a black speech.”As Gandalf said those last two words, Thorin withdrew his hand as he was about to touch the parchment and looked up at the wizard. “Promise of payment…” Gandalf said casually as it wasn´t that bad. “…Of what..?” Thorin asked little concerned and the answer both of you heard was alarming. “Your head.”

“Someone wants you dead. Thorin. You could not wait no longer. You are the heir to the throne of Durin. Unite the armies of dwarves. Together you have the might and power to retake Erebor." 

You could not believe what you were hearing. Was he serious? Reclaim Erebor? Destroy fire breathing dragon? Honestly? Was he high on something? He made it sound like a picnic at the beach on a lovely sunny day. Shaking your head you forced yourself to say nothing. It was not your place to say anything anyway, it was Thorin´s decision after all, but how you wished he had the common sense to say no to that.

"Summon the meeting among the seven dwarf families. Demand they stand by their oath.”

“The seven armies swore their oath to the one who wields the king´s jewel, the Arkenstone. It is the only thing that will unite them and in case you have forgotten that jewel was stolen by Smaug!” Thorin hisses at Gandalf clearly not amused by the wizard´s temp to set him to the same path he did with his father.
“What if I´m to help you to reclaim it?” Gandalf whispers and look at you and Thorin as he already knows what his answer will be. God, you hated wizards by doing that.

“How? The Arkenstone lies half world away, buried beneath the feet of fire breathing dragon.” Thorin replies giving him suspicious look.

“Yes it does. And that is why we´ll need a burglar.”

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"Wait don't go! Can't you stay the night?" + Dipifica

thank you!

“Wait, don’t go! Can’t you stay the night?”

His words make her pause mid-step. Pacifica freezes, letting his words ring out and echo through the room. She hugs herself tightly. Slowly, she turns around to face him.

She was never supposed to stay. She just needed to get out of the Manor, get away from her parents and that stupid bell — she didn’t expect the hot chocolate and the warm welcome. She never planned to have stayed for as long as she did. She’s overstaying her welcome as it is; the Pines family didn’t want her around too long, did they? It’s better if she leaves.


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Maid To Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Forty One

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE : This is the last chapter, but hope you enjoyed the story as much as I have. 

Loki stared at the wall in front of him, your words spinning around in his mind; it had been months since you had said them to him, but they only seemed to hurt more with time. You had fooled him, he had given you his heart, and you only scoffed at him, crushing it as though it was nothing, you had only used him to get ahead, to try and get out of being a lowly chambermaid. It felt as though you had torn his heart from his chest with your words, and every time he thought of them again, it was like the edge of the wound was picked at, allowing infection to fester and for it to never to heal. He thought back to when his parents told him of his betrothal, how that night he had you under him, your body reacting to his touch, the noises you made, the delicious sound of his name on your lips as you went through ecstasy together, he never felt such love, such happiness as that time, thinking of it, he began to sob, his arms wrapped around himself.

You watched from the doorway of the room, having just entered and closed it softly behind you, biting your lips together, he was gaunt, dishevelled, everything so quintessentially Loki was obliterated and in front of you, sat a shell of the man you loved so dearly, a man you helped destroy, if only unintentionally. “Loki.” You barely whispered.

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Part One.  Sorry that this is so long. For @ilostyouatmidnight and @papofglencoe


“It’s 94 fucking degrees right now and you’re wearing that? Aren’t you hot?”

The million dollar question she heard every summer, since that summer, was routine. It was only a matter of time before someone would ask. But as a pro, Katniss did not have to think about what to say.

“I’m fine,” she mumbled, eyes trained on the book she purchased on her Kindle. It was a decent read, mentally stimulating and still fluffy enough to enjoy. “I manage the heat just fine. How about you cool off and get into the pool?”

The loud groan made her laugh.  She raised her head to watch him adjust his aviators, which made him look more stunning. Behind the cool cat vibe, he appeared to be a tad nervous.  

“You don’t need to worry about me. Go ahead, Peeta.”

“Nah, I’m more of a lay out on the sand kind-of guy,” he shrugged, grinning ever so slightly.

“But we are at the pool,” she reminded. “And we’re sitting at a table.” 

Peeta waved off the technicality. “I’m good right here.”

“No, I think you should.”

“Not my thing.”

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Nico and Annabeth! Best Friends Forever!

(I’m so sick and tired of Annabeth being dead or a bitch in order to make Percico happen. Why can’t Nico and Annabeth be besties who bag on Percy together? This is my inversion of the “canon girlfriend must be dead/bitchy in order to make the gay happen” trope.)

Awkward and terrified was what Percy was feeling when he saw Annabeth getting assigned the same canoe as his boyfriend Nico. The ex and the missus, every man’s worst nightmare. Annabeth and Nico glared at each other, not at all happy to be stuck in the same canoe but they both knew that there was nothing that could be done about it. Chiron assigned the partnerships for almost every two pair camp activity on a daily basis and no one had ever once gotten Chiron to change his mind. With a grumble both Annabeth and Nico boarded a canoe and took off into the lake. Percy prayed to Aphrodite and his Dad for the safety of both his ex and his current boyfriend. Percy and Annabeth haven’t spoken a word to each other for months after their break up. Even though Percy wasn’t the smartest crayon in the tool box he knew that this situation was a bad one.

Annabeth and Nico rowed in silence. The air was thick with tension and both passengers were stiff and guarded. After what seemed like an hour of silent rowing, Annabeth spoke up.

“You know, if you row in an alternating motion, we could go much faster.”

“If you’re in a single canoe you’d be right but this is a two person canoe…” Nico said matter of factly, he said the latter part in a displeased tone and hadn’t changed his rowing style.

“Well, Percy told me personally that an alternating motion would get us there faster.” Annabeth said, she stressed the word Percy. Nico bristled a little.

“Oh that’s nice, when did he tell you that?”

“On a date to Paris.” Annabeth said flatly. “Ever been?” Nico recognized the challenge in her voice. ‘Oh it is on blondie’

“Nope, but that’s okay. Paris is so stuffy, the people there are so arrogant and pretentious.” Nico bit out, looking back to glare at Annabeth. “Have you ever been to the maldives?” Nico said, triumphantly. Annabeth let out a chocking noise. “Absolutely romantic, there are microorganisms in the beach that light up blue at night. The whole beach looks like the night sky. Percy took me there in December.” Annabeth frowned. Percy never took her to the Maldives beach. That location is said to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

“That’s so interesting Nico. Did I ever tell you about the time Percy took me scuba diving to Islamadora Florida and got a whole school of brightly colored fishes to write my name out under water? Best part about scuba diving with Percy is that you don’t need scuba gear.” Annabeth said, her voice having a slight tone of anger.

“Aaaw did he only take you to American beaches? We went to the Seychelles beach after the Maldives. He took me scuba diving and let me tell you, the coral village is amazing!” Nico said, matching Annabeth’s tone.

“We took a one week honey moon to Barbados! Spent one whole week there, it was wonderful!” Annabeth said, raising her voice.

“We went spear fishing, son of Poseidon style, in the Philippine sea!” Nico countered.

Annabeth: “Riding Sperm whales in Bora Bora!”

Nico: “Hah! Dolphin racing in Lanikai, Hawaii!”

Annabeth: “We fought a Kraken in Langkawi, Malyasia!”

Nico: “We fought a pack of Kappas in Shirahama Japan!”

Nico and Annabeth were know shouting at each other at this point. Faces red and flushed.

“What is your damage blonde!?” Nico yelled.

“What’s yours bones!?!” Annabeth gritted. 




Annabeth smacked her paddle in the water and doused Nico. Enraged Nico paddled water onto Annabeth. Soon the both of them were splashing water at each other and calling each other names. Before long both Annabeth and Nico raised their paddles together and swung them at the other like swords. The paddles collided together and with a sharp snap, they broke. Nico and Annabeth both looked at the broken wooden paddles in their hands and then glared at each other.

“Way to go Nico.”

“You swung first chase.”

There was a pause, both Annabeth and Nico locked eyes and glared at each other. Suddenly, Annabeth deflated and met Nico with tired eyes.

“Oh my gods, look at us.” Annabeth said. At that Nico reflected back on what had just transpired. “We’re fighting over Percy.” She said, laughing slightly. Suddenly the utter ridiculousness of it became clear to Nico and he let out a small chuckle.

“Oh Gods! We sound like a bunch of catty valley girls!” Nico said. Annabeth nodded in agreement.

“UGH! I think my voice took on the accent a little! Hehehe!” Annabeth said.

“And all of it over Percy of all people!” Nico said, he burst out into laughter. Annabeth followed.

“Oh my Gods, this is so sad!” Both of them nodded in agreement to that statement.

“I mean don’t get me wrong, Percy is awesome. But…he’s just so…you know?” Nico said. Annabeth furiously nodded yes.

“I know what you mean! He’s great, but he has moments where you go ‘seriously dude?’ like this one time in Bora Bora we were trying to find our hotel building and instead of–”

“—looking at the signs he just wanders around using his gut instincts!” Nico finished for her.

“YES!” Annabeth exclaimed.

“You’re not on a boat Percy! You’re going to get your ass lost!” Nico said.

“Gods I know! I mean, he’s not an idiot but common sense just escapes him sometimes you know?” Nico nodded yes to that statement.

“And what is up with his blue food thing?” Nico asked. Annabeth threw her hands up.

“I know right!? What’s up with that? I never got that, have you?”

Nico nodded no. “Nope, I mean, why would his mom just make him blue food? What is the story with that?”

“All that food coloring must have affected his brain a little” Annabeth said jokingly. Nico laughed.

“That explains why back in New York, he tried to take the number 22 train twice when he missed the number 44 express!” Nico said, breaking out into even more laughter. Annabeth was clutching her sides in a silent fit of giggles.

“That’s a good one!” Annabeth said.  “And that face he makes!”

“The one where he tilts his head to the side and goes ‘huh?’ when he doesn’t understand something? It so amusing!” They both giggled some more.

“And the drooling!" 

"Ugh! buckets! buckets of drool! One second your sleeping on his chest and then suddenly your in the styx!”

“And the thing where he talks to horses and translates for you, its like he’s kristoff talking to sven! Ha!" 

"Hahaha! That is an awesome analogy!" 

"And that thing he does in bed, where he pretzels you? Why does he do that?" 

"He told he saw it in a porno and wanted to try it out. It hurts like hell though!" 

"And he compares himself to Jason sometimes!" 

"ugh, I hate it when he gets like that!" 

"I know!”

“He’s lucky he’s cute.” Annabeth and Nico said in unison.

Suddenly the two of them heard a jet ski like noise, they both turned to see Percy skiing the water with his bare feet.

“Speak of the devil.” Annabeth said.

“The blue devil.” Nico commented. The two of them broke out into a fit of laughter. When Percy got to them he was extremely confused as to why the two of them were laughing instead of killing each other.

“I came by because you two didn’t make it back. What’s so funny?” Percy asked, he tilted his head to the side. Nico pointed at Percy and shouted

“THERE IT IS!!” Both Nico and Annabeth erupted into laughter. Percy pouted.

“What!? What? Is there something on my face? Why are you two laughing?” Percy asked.

“Just take us to shore sea weed brain.” They both said in unison, still laughing.

“What’s so funny!” Percy asked out, willing the water to push the canoe back to the port.

“Favorite novel on three.” Annabeth said to Nico.




“THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!”  They both said in unison. Nico and Annabeth look at each other gob smacked.

“Did we just become besties?”


The two immediately began discussing their favorite parts in the novel. As Percy watched them he began to look relieved. He really did miss Annabeth’s company. Even if he wasn’t dating her anymore he still did want her friendship. And now she was becoming best friends with his current boyfriend! Wait….his ex was becoming best friends with his current boyfriend…A sense of dread overcame Percy as he pushed them towards shore. 

Setting Things Straight

I guess you’ve all been waiting for this post, huh? Last night was the scariest night of my life thus far. If you don’t know exactly what happened, @markiplier rebloged a gifset of mine about imagining moving in with him and he replied “Let’s not”

Now, a lot happened from that tiny action. At first it was all fun and games before crazy fans started hating me and saying horrible things. They sent your typical hate but that’s not my point. My point is that at first, there was a lot of hate. So much I replied to, so much I didn’t reply to and so much I deleted before I could read the whole thing. Then, an hour later, slowly there was one person who seemed to give a shit about me, then another, and another, and there was a whole sea of people. It was overwhelming. I wanted only to be alone but I pressed on anyway, knowing it will pass. Soon there was so much going on that I could barely keep my head above water and I sort of ran away. I ran to Jack’s community. It was a very Frisk and Toriel situation if you know what I mean. I sort of walked up to their door and begged to be let inside from the cold storm. They let me in in a heartbeat and gave me all the cake and cookies in the world. I got more love from that community in five minutes than Mark’s community in the past six months. I felt like a queen but I wish I didn’t.

A lot of people said “Don’t worry, Mark will put his dad pants on soon.” and I felt a bit of comfort but a bit of anger as well. I felt comfort because I felt he would protect me but I felt anger because he shouldn’t have to. This community needs to learn to stand on it’s own two feet and not just ride around on Mark like a horse. As soon as you enter this community you’re given your own dad pants so why am I the only one wearing them and why should Mark ever have to wear them. You know he hates pants.

And about the hate. I am a very insecure person. I hate myself more than anything but even I know that I didn’t deserve that. How do I know? Because no one does. As Mark has stated, “If you’re out there on the internet and ever take it upon yourself to attack, berate, insult, spread rumors, do nasty shit to people, you do not belong in this community. And we do not care. Period.”

Never send hate. This community is supposed to only be filled with loving people who want to change the world for the better and be happy. I do not care who reads this but it should disgust you to no end that I had to run away from my own community, my own family, to someone else’s because I was scared here. This is my home and it tried to attack me and that is not okay. No matter what you do, no one deserves hate like that, much less the amount of hate spread around, even behind my back.

So to wrap up, Mark should never have to wear dad pants, wear your own dad pants, he in fact admitted he was sorry about the sass he threw at everyone last night and further explained that it was a joke, thank you to @therealjacksepticeye and your whole community for helping me, and never spread hate. You do not belong here if you have sent hate, still send hate, or will ever send hate. Period.

And yes, I will keep making these gif sets until the day I die.