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Heyoo, how nervous do u think the RFA is before their wedding w/ mc? Hihi

I’m going to do this as least to most nervous.

Least: Jaehee
At this point, she’s just relieved that her marriage to MC is legalized.
More excited than nervous.
Her wedding to her best friend is FINALLY happening. She has absolutely no doubts.

Next least: Jumin
He’s very confident. All he wants is MC. He knows that she loves him. And he planned the perfect wedding with her.
However, when the church doors open and he actually sees her for the first time, walking down the aisle towards him, he has a moment.
MC is the loveliest, kindest, most patient and understanding woman on earth. Was he enough for her? Could he be the husband that she deserves?
But, it’s only for a moment.
At the very least, he’s going to die trying.

Third: Saeyoung
He’s happy when his wedding day finally comes.
But, he’s progressively more worried as the day goes by.
He and MC stick with the tradition that they don’t see each other on the wedding day until the ceremony. During that whole day, he starts to doubt himself.
He always thought MC would be better with a normal man, after all.
But, those worries wash away when he sees MC at the end of the aisle.

Fourth: Yoosung
He gets nervous for the same reasons Jumin did: was he enough of a man for MC?
But, he also has similar resolve.
The only difference is that Yoosung would have more moments of unsureness. He might have a few episodes of uncertainty while planning the wedding, and the morning of, but overall, he pushes through it.

Most: Zen
He’s a romantic wreck.
He’s nervous while planning the wedding, because what if a jealous fan attacks MC?
He’s nervous while inviting people, because what if his family doesn’t come, after all?
He’s nervous the night before, because what if the weather’s bad?
He’s nervous the morning of, because what if MC changes her mind? She could have any guy; what if she stands him up?
His heart nearly beats out of his chest when he sees MC in her dress, because this is an ANGEL. What is a sinful man like him doing with an angel like her?!
He’s nervous during the vows because what if he stutters? MC deserves a man who doesn’t trip over his words!
He calms down during MC’s vows because she’s telling him how much she loves him and that she’s devoting her life to him.
He panics again with the rings because which hand is left?! WHICH HAND IS LEFT?!
But when the kiss finally happens, and they are officially pronounced, Zen comes back to himself. He did it. He got the girl. And he’s never looking back.

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”

So I’ve seen some posts about Jack having old jerseys from the teams he used to play on and it got me thinking…

Do you know how much random hockey memorabilia Jack must have? Like, I’m imagining Jack comes to visit Bitty one time. He was supposed to do laundry when he got back from the roadie but he really just wanted to see Bitty and go to bed, so he just ran back to the apartment to change, pulled out the last dregs of his clean clothes, and left.

So he shows up at the Haus in sweatpants from his team back in juniors, a Penguins sweatshirt, a Samwell scarf, and a Habs hat.

Bitty opens the door and lets him in, and then just stares.

“Honey, are you - are you wearing gear from four different hockey teams?”

“Er - probably?”

“And still managed, somehow, not to include the team you currently play for?”

“I’m wearing a Falcs shirt on underneath this sweatshirt.”

“Of course you are,” Bitty says, and then tugs Jack up the stairs so that he can begin, ahem, removing Jack’s wardrobe choices.

cliche pynch college visit headcanon

•so Ronan left the barns and hopped in his car late at night out of habit cause that’s what he does when he can’t sleep

•as he’s driving, he thinks of Adam and how much he misses him and he just kinda ends up on the freeway, headed towards Adam’s college

•so it’s like midnight and he’s in Adam’s college town and he’s like “fuck it, I’m visiting my boyfriend right now, I haven’t seen him in three months, and I’m done waiting”

•but he knows how Adam overworks himself and ends up dead tired 24/7 so he stops for coffee first

•he pulls into the parking lot of Adam’s dorm building and immediately finds his room (he will never admit it, but he has the room number memorized, what a nerd)

•so he knocks and waits and finally Adam opens the door super hella fast and he’s wearing the classic coca cola t-shirt and blue pajama pants and his hair is perfectly mussed and his eyes are electric, even in the dim light, and Ronan doesn’t say a single thing because he’s lost in those eyes

•And Adam has the absolute most annoyed expression on his face and says super sternly “Ronan Lynch, it is too fucking early for this, and I have class in a few hours, let me sleep.” (Cause at this point it’s like 1:30 or something, idk, and he’s sleep deprived and it doesn’t register) and he shuts the door

•Ronan is kinda shocked for a minute so he just kinda sets the coffee down next to the door mat when he hears, muffled, through the door “wAIT THAT’S RONAN LYNCH”

•and Adam flings the door open even more hella fast than the first time and the door hits the wall really loud and he full on jumps on Ronan and wraps his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist and just clings on tight for a few moments and then just pulls back to look at Ronan’s face and then tries to kiss him but can’t cause he’s smiling too much for kissing to actually work

•and the whole ordeal was really loud so kids start peeking their heads out from behind their doors

•and Adam and Ronan both notice this but they’re too busy kissing to actually give a fuck

•also, Ronan is still holding Adam so he’s off the ground and it’s kinda top heavy so Ronan spills the coffee at some point

•bonus: Adam’s room mate comes up from behind the pair to walk out of the room to tell a kid across the hall “this is the angry-gay-Irish-catholic-tattooed-street-racing-farmer-dad boyfriend of his I told you about” and the other kid is like “oh wow he actually exists”

Sometimes you just need a hug.

The latest tweet of Bitty’s sits there staring at Jack from the top of his feed.

He’d found the account a few weeks back and he never built up the courage to let Bitty know. This might be the right time though.

Jack stares at his wall as he thinks it over. He could walk across the hall right now and knock on Bitty’s door and then he’d be there and he could just open his arms and Bitty would fall right into them and he’d finally be holding Bitty right where he wants him. Finally be able to see how far around his arms stretch across Bitty’s back, finally resting his chin on the top of Bitty’s mess of blonde hair, feeling Bitty’s breath fan across his chest.

Jack clutches his phone.

Or he could just stay here. Stay safe and keep this all as a possibility. Maybe it’s better than way. Keep him and Bitty and something that could be. If he goes over there and he gets rejected, that would just ruin him. It would become a never be.

He looks at the tweet again.

He knows that exact feeling. Having a horrible day and feeling absolute shit and telling yourself to just stand up and do something or call someone or just anything to get you out of your head. Riding that edge of frustration and terror, not sure whether you want to yell or cry or sleep.

Telling yourself to get over it before someone asks whether you’re okay and you have to lie, and also desperately hoping that someone notices.

He stands up, phone still clutched in his hand. He’s going to do it.

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today’s happy place, 11/1

Jack has a bay window in his apartment. Bitty’s found him cushions to put on it, and sometimes in the morning when Jack’s gone for a run Bitty will peel himself out of bed and bring a cup of coffee to the window. He sits on the cushions and loses himself staring across the Providence skyline.

This morning, he’s so lost in the view – distant mist and indistinct buildings – that he doesn’t even hear the apartment door open. So when Jack’s cold fingers draw up the hem of his sweatshirt and press against his ribcage, Bitty yowls like a cat and jumps. A few drops of coffee go splashing onto the windowpane.

“JACK!” he protests weakly as Jack sits behind him, lifting one leg onto the cushions and drawing Bitty into his lap. “You sneak. How you creep across this floor without making a sound I’ll never know.”

Jack huffs a hot breath against Bitty’s neck, a bit of a laugh. “You’re warm.”

“And you’re freezing, watch those fingers, Jack!” Bitty wriggles as Jack encircles his waist under the heavy press of his sweatshirt. “I’m trying to drink coffee and you’re being a menace.”

“Mm-hm.” Jack presses a kiss to the shell of Bitty’s ear. At least his lips are warm. “I’m such a menace.”

“You are, though.” Bitty says, weakly, sighing. He’s got no defenses against a Jack cuddle. “A cold, horrible menace.”

Jack kisses his jaw. His stubble scratches Bitty’s skin. Bitty turns his head, ostensibly to get away from the itch, but Jack’s lips capture his, and all at once he’s pressing into that sweet warmth, savoring the warmth of Jack’s tongue as it swipes against his. He whimpers as the kiss ends.

“Menace,” he repeats, lifting his free hand to swat Jack’s arm halfheartedly.

Jack’s hands on Bitty’s stomach cinch tight. They’re warmer than they were. “Stay with me,” he murmurs.

Bitty sucks in a breath and holds it.

“Please,” Jack adds. His voice is earnest.

Shaking his head, Bitty sighs and nuzzles Jack’s flushed cheek with smiling lips. “Well, okay, I suppose.”

the houses

 (a rather abstract description of the houses, what they could look like and things they contain)

first house: You open a giant, dark wooden door. The knob is hot as you touch it but you don’t flinch and enter a even hotter room, you immediately start sweating. The air is burning and the windows are wide open. Bright light is shining trough some kind of living room, full of possessions of the creature living there. You look around and already know who must be the owner. Still,you ask who lives there and the strong Aries enters the room, his aura is radiant, vibrant, lively, present. “I am life”, he speaks clearly. “I am energy, physical appearance,the self, the will and the doing. I show you how you approach the world and open yourself to it.” 

second house: This door is made out of silver, with blue ornaments. It looks beautiful and must be of high value. With a ‘click’ the door opens, but it really is heavy, so you got to put more effort into the act of opening it. The room is rather minimalist, but some of the furniture and paintings must be old and very expensive. The Taurus stands in front of the high windows and looks out of it, the eyes tired, even a bit melancholic. “Is there something I can do for you?”, the Taurus asked, the voice deep and kind of magnetic. “I want to know who you are”, you ask slowly. The Taurus blinks slowly and answers: “I am development, self worth and win and loss, materialistic and emotional safety, setting limits and fighting for protection.” 

third house: As you come closer to the third door you can hear people speaking. Or at least someone who is discussing something with someone. Voices come and voices go, you are wondering how many people might be in there? The door looks asymmetrical and as you enter the room you are not sure if it’s an office or plainly a full room. As you look around you see that there are radios everywhere, from old to new and each of them is turned on. So that must be the voices. Notes over notes are gathered on the floor and walls, between them some  pictures pinned to the wall of different people. Right in the middle is the Gemini, both of them talking in a heat with a coffee in the right and a pencil in the left hand, constantly taking notes. “So, you must be..?”
“The Gemini!”, one answers excited. The other one continues, more thoughtful: “We are communication, the image, the way of thinking, and -”
“..the ability to adjust, the close environment, small adventures, our neighbors as well as-” 
“Siblings!”, the other one finishes the sentence and both of them laugh, clear as a bell.

fourth house: You hold on before opening this door. It’s made out of colored, dark blue wood, the knob is glowing and the night sky is painted on the dark background. As you open the door everything seems quiet, but you hear someone humming a lullaby, quietly. The cancer sits in the middle of the darkened room, old photo albums, books and letters are gathered around her and she looks like she would fall asleep in any second. You see that this is a bedroom, filled with belongings of her and you hear the sound of the waves outside somewhere from the opened window. As you sit quietly next to her and watch her looking through the photos, she smiles softly before answering your unspoken question: “You know what I am? I am emotions and the feeling of true belonging. I am the roots of your inner being, family and home, your psychological identification, the connection of the environment and private life. I am the intimacy, age and the unconsciousness.”

fifth house: This door is not wooden. It is made out of the finest marble you could find here on earth. The knob is long and golden, a Latin phrase is written on the shimmering marble, it says ‘Ab imo pectore‘, from the bottom of my heart. You can hear music playing loudly and with an easy sweep you open the giant. You enter an atelier, the light is glowing golden and the Leo dances in the middle of it. Everything look rather antique, but with such grace and vividness, you cannot stop yourself from smiling. The sudden laugh of the Leo sounds like an imitating roar and he tip toes to his lover on the giant bed next to the window. “You are even more beautiful than my paintings, I could never capture your beauty.” As his lover smiles and takes his hands, they suddenly point in your direction and the Leo turns around, his thick hair shining in the light. “What do you want, stranger?” You answer honestly and the Leo laughs again as you want to know who he is. “I am art, your passions, creativity and individuality. The will for live, joy, children, the partner, sexuality, the wish for admiration and appreciation. “

sixth house: This door seems rather modest, but pretty as well. It seems to be quiet smaller than the rest of the doors you have seen so far. It has small little patterns carved in it. You see a note in the middle of it, it’s telling you to knock before opening and so you do as it told you. “Yes, you may come in.” You enter a cold, neatly tidied up working room, the lights are dimmed but the creature - the Virgo - in front of you is uptight, being busy doing some work - whatever it might be - but still keep a gentle smile on the lips. “Sorry, I’m in a hurry, please don’t mind the mess.” Mess she says, but you cannot even see a bit of dust on the book shelf. “Please, sit down, do you want something to drink? I cannot let you stay for a long time, but I already know what you might want to know, if you don’t mind answering you question.” Surprised you nod. “I a, work and service, as you can see. I am duty, social integration, physic healthiness, one ones limits and the limit of the others. the balance between my own needs and the ones of the environment.”

seventh house: This door is already open. You are surprised and carefully look into the room. There is a comfortable looking bedroom, its furniture is held in warm colors, there is much light shining inside since the windows are very high and there are no curtains. The Libra is walking directly towards you, a soft smile on the lips and a glass of water in the other hand. “Hey, how are you? Just passing by?” You nod and ask if you are allowed to sit down on the sofa, Libra nods and sits down with you. “Sorry, I am just, ahm-” He pauses as he notes down something in a giant book with a dark, cracked leather binding.” You blink  a few times before asking what kind of book Libra is carrying with him. “Oh this? Sometimes I need to note everything down, every person that touched me, I’ve met, you know. You learn so much by being in touch with others.” You nod, it seems right what he says. “You know, I am the development of ones own identity by meeting others. Relationships to others, the You, mental interest, contacts and meetings, harmony, joy and beauty. The partner, the person opposite as my projection surface, cooperation, socialization, coming together and working together.”

eight house: This door seems made out of stone. You are struggling to open it. Are you allowed to open it? The atmosphere is tense and you hear a vibrant sound somewhere. Next to you  in the hallway is a small window, which you look out of. There is the deep, blackness of the night sky, golden stars are adorning it, among them the white, glowing, milky moon, who whispers sweet promises and goodbyes to you. Suddenly the stone door is opening, you jump in shook and your heartbeat raises as you see red glowing eyes watching you from the dark behind it. “Hello. What do you want”, a deep, echoing voice asks you. Your hands are shaking, you are frightened and at the same time deeply hypnotized. “You are Scorpio, right?” The eyes keep on starring. “I am.” You swallow and ask if you may enter. “I am the darkness that you desire, the occult, the interest, I am passion, desire, transformation, the taboo, the darker side and death. Are you sure you want to come in?” You do not hesitate, but nod instantly. “Hmpf.” A pale hand grabs yours, the skin tone seems too pale for something living, but indeed the hand is warm and you feel oddly safe. 

ninth house: You had to climb a long spiral staircase in order to get to this room. Exhausted you breath desperately for air before realizing that you are in a giant tower. This door is slightly opened and you hear music faintly whispering in your ear. “Sorry?”, you ask as you see the Sagittarius twirling around in the room, a couple of maps in the hand. The room is full of possessions, pictures, books, paintings and different furniture from all over the world. Suddenly the Sagittarius stops, his brown eyes vividly laying on you. “Oh hi, didn’t see you there”, he says as he lays down the old maps. You remark the exciting and interesting looking room, it smells like jasmine in here. “You are the urge for more and exploration?”, you ask and the Sagittarius smiles. “I am not only that. I am your conscious mind, always growing, always developing, asking for the meaning of life. I am wanting to expand one’ philosophy, higher norms and values, abstract way of thinking, education and different cultures, explorations and the way of understanding. I am your ideal, your religious and spiritual life.”

tenth house: You knocked almost three times but no one seems to open this door. You are wondering what might happened to the person inside it. You try pushing it as you hear a stricter, cold voice: “Try ringing the bell instead.” It came out of the intercom. “Sorry, I-” 
“It’s alright, I don’t mind. Come in.” The door opens from its own and you are intimidated by the big entry. A woman with a suitcase and silky trouser suit walks towards you, the sound of her shoes echoing from the walls. “Hi, I am Capricorn, Excuse me, but I do not like this knocking, there is a bell for a reason.” You look into her grey eyes and even though her facial expressions seems hard you know she is gentle. You apologize but she laughs it off. “I have a meeting at six, and I know what you want - Virgo already called me -, so I am explaining everything now - oh, here take a seat, coffee and biscuits are here on the table.” You do as she said but are somehow a  bit too nervous to eat. “I am the development and realization of ones goals in life or even destiny. I am the public, ones image, law, order and authority. Honor, responsibility, appeal and the position you take in society.”

eleventh house: “Hi, here do I live”, the shield hanging on the door says. Sadly it does not say who “I” is. You ring the door bell and the bell ringing sounds differently than usual. It is longer and you have never heard this kind of melody as a door bell before. “Come in”, someone says quietly. The light is dimmed, and you see Aquarius in front of his Laptop on his bed. “Sorry, had no time tying up, I am trying to connect to this live broadcast of the speech from this dude here, he’s responsible for this rather extreme party and - ah, it’s not working, damn it.” He closes the Laptop and offers you a seat on his bed. “Nice to meet you, want some coffee?” He offers you a cup but takes it back immediately. “Sorry, paint water in there, not coffee, ha. Nice jacket, you come here often?” You shake your head and smile. He is funny and unusual, you like it. “Actually, I wanted to know who..” 
“I am? Well, I am the development of your goals regarding society. The zeitgeist, friends, communities, reforms, ambitions and change. Emancipation, patronage, rebellion, humanitarian and social ideals, also hopes and desires. 

twelfth house: The last door. Your journey was long but everything has an end and you know that the person behind this door knows this feeling too well - that the circle is closing, ending and repeats itself afterwards. You open the door, knowing you do not have to knock. You step into radiant, glowing, crystal blue water. The water is flowing in circles and Pisces is standing there, the softest smile on the lips, eyes so warm and understanding, the head lightly tilted. You are enchanted by the tingling sensation of the water and as you grab Pisces hands, they are warm and soft. “Do not be afraid. I am endless devotion. Endless devotion without losing ground underneath you feet. I am the other meta-level. Delusional, transparent, drawn to fleeing from fears, but always love deep inside. Come, you can visit the other realm with me now.”

Chapter Five

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,731

      You got ready and sat at the window of your empty house until the car pulled up to the curb. Saeyoung was driving, as usual, and Saeran met you half way to your door.

     “A dress?” he pulled a sucker from his lips but his mouth hung open still.
It was just a simple, white quarter-sleeve dress and some boots. You brushed your hair behind your ears. This was the final decision after standing in front of the mirror changing probably 17 times. How were you supposed to know what to wear to this thing?

     “I knew it, I look dumb!” you rocked on your heels.

     “No, you look-“

     “You look great!” Saeyoung chimed in from the drivers seat.

     Saeran gave his brother a quick annoyed glance, “anyway, let’s get going.”

     He opened the back door for you to get in, and you felt him slide unexpectedly next to you.

     “Ah, what the heck, now I feel like a chauffeur!” Saeyoung whined from the front.

     “So act like one and get going,” Saeran replied.

     They both stared at each other for a moment through the rear view mirror while you dug through your purse to retrieve your phone. Saeyoung looked away while stepping on the gas.

     “Seat-belts for safety!” Saeyoung sang as you began to drive down the road.

     “Yoosung snuck out! Did you see in the messenger?” you showed Saeran your phone.

     “He actually did it,” Saeran laughed, “I like this new bold Yoosung,” he put the sucker back in his mouth and twirled it with his fingers.

     “Yeah, until you’re playing babysitter tonight,” Saeyoung made a hard right turn.

     “Whatever. Let him have fun,” Saeran shrugged and sank back into the seat.

     The rest of the car ride had some oddly quiet moments. You spent most of the time staring out of the window watching the houses progressively become larger and more expensive looking, a sure sign you were getting close. What would it be like to live in one of those mansions? It seemed like a waste to have all of those rooms you’d never use. You decided it would be much more comfortable to live in a slightly smaller house. Having too much space would be creepy at night.

     When you finally parked at the docks you could hear the sound of laughter and music echoing from a distant pier. It was a clear night and the breeze from the water was extra chilly.

     “You cold?” Saeran placed an arm around you while you walked, avoiding Saeyoung’s glance.

     “I’ll be alright in a bit,” you smiled, suddenly feeling much warmer.

     The yacht was incredible. You’d never seen one up close, let alone been on one. It seemed like half the school was there. There were groups of people dancing, some girls taking selfies, a clique huddled together passing a joint around and laughing. It was all a little overwhelming. Before you even got a drink Yoosung had stumbled up to the three of you, taking a deep gulp from his glass.

     “Yay, you’re here!” Yoosung’s speech was slurred and he pulled all three of you into a hug, spilling some of his drink behind Saeran.

     “Are you seriously wasted already?” Saeyoung sighed.

     “Heyy, I snuck out I’m already in trouble so imma have fun.”

     He seemed perplexed by his now almost empty glass. Sipping what was left he walked off to get more, you assumed. His steps were harder than they should be as he left, like he needed to plant his foot into the ground or he might just float away.

     “Like I said. Babysitting. Have fun with that,” Saeyoung winked to Saeran and left to meet V and Jumin who were casually sitting on some lounge chairs.

     Saeran groaned, “I’m gunna go smoke…do you?…” his voice trailed off at the question.

     “No,” you shook your head, “but go ahead.”

     “Okay, I’ll be back in a sec.”

     You wandered around for a bit, stopping to see Zen playing beer pong at a table. You recognized his partner, another theater kid that he hung out with a lot. It was a close game, both sides down to their last two cups, and both teams missing shot after shot. Finally, Zen sunk one in and everybody watching cheered. When he sunk the next and final shot the other team let out a loud groan of defeat while his partner gave him a victory high-five.

     “Hey! You made it, come play the next round with me!” Zen called out to you as he filled the plastic cups back up and formed a triangle.

     “Alright…” you put your purse on the ground next to the table leg.

     “Don’t worry, I’ll drink all of the shots they make so you don’t have to,” he winked, “and it’s okay if you miss. It’s just for fun,” he dipped the ball into the water and handed it to you.

     It had been a long time since you last played. Everyone was watching you try and line up your shot. You aimed for the middle, letting it loose and sinking it first try.

     “Hey, you’re pretty good! Okay you’re officially my new pong partner!” Zen clapped.

     “What the fuck, man!” his last partner yelled from the side, throwing his hands up.

     “Sorry, man. She’s got you beat in more ways than one, what can I say?” he shrugged.

     He kept his promise and drank all of the cups for you both, though it seemed to have no effect on him. You missed a few shots but he just smiled and waved it off. It got louder and louder the more shots you both sank, and finally Zen won the game once again.

     “Ready for this next one?” he cracked open another fresh beer and began pouring.

     “I should go see what the others are up to, actually,” you looked around trying to find where Saeyoung or Saeran where at.

     “Damn, really? Alright. But you have to come back for at least one more game!” he called as you walked away.

     “I will!” you turned to smile and wave.

     You peeked inside the cabin to find the glasses and bottles of wine that had been laid out for everyone. Your fingers traced the labels of the various bottles, they looked expensive. You may not have been to many parties, but even you could tell this one was pretty strange. You were used to plastic cups and watery beer. Not real glasses and expensive liquor and wine. It was like a high school party mixed with an adult party. Half of the people were by Zen drinking cheap beer and the other half were sipping wine and self-made cocktails next to V and Jumin. You poured yourself a glass of red wine and took an immediate sip. It was a burst of flavor and aroma and you closed your eyes in delight. You poured a bit more in your glass before walking off.

     After scanning through the various groups of people you found Saeran sitting alone on a chair. His face was buried in his phone and he had that usual annoyed look, illuminated by the screen light as he scrolled. The hood of his jacket was now over his head and he looked like this was the last place on earth he wanted to be.

     “Hey,” you sat next to him with your glass in hand, “having fun, I see,” you laughed.

     “Loads,” he rolled his eyes, “but at least I get to watch Yoosung make a fool of himself.”

     He gestured to Yoosung who was having trouble standing in one spot as he talked to three girls. It seemed like he was trying to get them to dance, but when he spilled some of his whiskey on one of their heels they shrieked and walked away.

     “Has he always been like this?” you asked.

     “No. He never used to drink, or even go to parties. A year and a half ago his cousin died. She was part of our group, and he really looked up to her. He’s been acting crazy ever since. I just let him do his own thing but we all watch over him, hoping he gets over this soon,” he explained.

     “That’s so sad. He kinda mentioned something about that the other day…” you took a sip of your wine. You hadn’t had much but you could already feel a slight buzz coming on.

     Yoosung stumbled his way over to you both and slumped into a chair. His eyes were lidded and his movements uncoordinated and sluggish.

     “How ya doin, champ?” Saeran smirked.

     “No one want’sa dance with me,” he seemed to almost cry for a moment.

     “I’ll dance with you, Yoosung. But maybe we should get you some water, first?” you suggested.

      “You’re so pretty,” his head tilted towards you and the words came out mushed together, “so nice’n prettyy.”

     “You’re drunk,” you replied, embarrassed.

     “It’s not fair you like Saeyoung,” he took a sip of his whiskey again, “did’joo know that, Saeran? She likes him,” he turned to Saeran and sighed.

     “Yoosung!” your face was flush and your heart jumped, “I-I…you’ve had way too much to drink. Saeran…do you think you could take him home?” you asked while grabbing the cup out of Yoosung’s hand.

      Saeran groaned and pressed his brow in, “come on, dummy. Way to ruin my night,” he sighed and picked Yoosung up, helping guide him towards his car.

     Though you couldn’t see it, Saeran’s face had twisted into an expression of sadness as he tried to process what Yoosung just said. Was it true? He felt a little sick to his stomach thinking about it all. Now he was going to be up all night watching Yoosung and replaying that small sentence in his mind.

     You set the cup down when they were both out of your sight, staring now into your glass of wine and watching the light reflect on the red liquid before taking another long sip. A hoodie was draped over you from behind and you felt a warm hand pressed onto your back for only a moment. It smelled pleasant, like a nice cologne, and you pulled it further over your shoulders.

     “You must be freezing,” Saeyoung appeared now and took a seat next to you, a smile wide on his face.

Okay but like what if Sherlock is held hostage in baker st and no one knows so when John tries to open the door & its locked he’s really confused and Sherlocks refusing to open the door and John gets worried because he doesn’t understand and Sherlock won’t answer his questions he’s just telling him to leave. Imagine Sherlock with a gun to his head rambling trying to get John to just go because he can’t bare the idea of him being hurt. Eventually he ends up shouting how he doesn’t want to see John and he feels so bad because that could possibly be the last thing he ever says to him. Finally John agrees to go and Sherlocks heart is breaking and he just gives up because he can’t think of a way to get himself out of this one. Just as he loses hope and is about to be shot John just fucking hurls himself at the door and breaks it down, gun in hand and screaming about how he’ll destroy anyone who lays a hand on his Sherlock because he knows him and he knows he’d never turn John away so something must have been wrong. Imagine Sherlock just laying there trying to work out why John would bother putting himself in danger for him because he doesn’t see how he’s worth it.

imagine nico di angelo slowly realizing that he’s crushing on jason so he tells hazel about it and she just goes “what? you didn’t know? you were too obvious! everyone knows! oh my gods” 

and nico panics and calls jason “you knew i have a crush on you?! and you didn’t tell me?!!!” and jason is so confused “what? you have a crush on me?!” and nico deflates “y-yes” and he hangs up. 

suddenly he hears someone knocking on his cabin door and jason opens it, a little breathless. “how dare you hung up on me without knowing how i feel!”

then jason blushes because he realizes what he just said and then nico turns red too and then jason’s all “u-um, i… i gotta go now” as he points outside


‘I hate you so much, Newt Scamander!’ - Cuddling with Newt

as requested by a very lovely anon!  ❥

Newt is knocking on the door of your shared apartment and as soon as you open the door, he has his arms wrapped around you tightly.
‘I missed you so much, (y/n)!’
‘You only crossed the street and bought some bread, Newt.’
‘Wow, okay! Can’t a boyfriend miss his girlfriend anymore?’, Newt asks with a cocky look but breaks out in laughs, when he sees your angry face and crossed arms.
‘Do you even know how cute you look when you are annoyed by me? I’m gonna tell you: very cute! But I still prefer your lovely smile’, he states and you can’t even think before he has his hands all over your body, tickling you.
‘Newt Scamander! Stop it right now! I’m serious!’
‘Well hello, serious! I’m Newt Scamander’, answers the man while he carefully places you on your bed and kisses your neck softly.
You push him off of you.
‘I hate you so much’, you tell him.
‘I love you too, (y/n), I love you too’, Newt replies, puts one arm around your waist and pulls you closer.
You turn around and face your boyfriend.
‘How did I ever get so lucky, that one hell of wizard like you shares a bed with me’, you question and look into his piercing green eyes with admiration.
‘You are too good for this world, (y/n)’, Newt states and pulls your head to his chest.
Together you drift into a deep sleep.
The only thing you realise before slipping into your dream about the man lying next to you, is the feeling of a soft, fluffly creature rolling itself into a ball, on your back.
The niffler had escaped from his case once again. 

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2AM - part 2 (A Minseok Series)

Your hand was on your deadbolt and you took a deep breath to steady yourself before you turned the lock.

Minseok was home. It was 2AM and he was knocking on your door. You didn’t even need to look through the peephole to know it was him. Of course it was him.

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Came home from school and found a very familiar cat sitting on our front porch, looking at me with a very put-off expression as if it wanted to You let me wait.

As soon as I saw the familiar black fur and the annoyed green eyes, I sighed. “Buddy, we talked about this – you don’t live here, remember?”


“Yeah, yeah,” I opened the door, letting the cat stroll into the apartment, and went straight for the phone to call my mum’s co-worker and my psychologist. “Uh, hey, Manuela. I found your cat again…”

“What?! Oh for the lord of… honestly, I still don’t know how he knows where you live. I’m so sorry for this rascal.”

“You’re laughing, though.”

“Only a bit. Can I come pick him up in an hour or so? I will be on lunchbreak then…”

“Yeah, sure,” I looked to the side, where Charly – that’s the rascal’s name – was sitting on the table, wiggling his tail while he aimed for my shoulder.

“Don’t you dare,” I muttered over at him.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was talking to your cat. Eh, an hour, you said. I will feed him something and we will wait for you, no problem.”

“Sweet! Thank you.”

I said goodbye and had barely time to put the phone down before Charly basically slammed into my shoulder from behind, claws digging into my sweater as he climbed upwards to perch on my shoulder.

Huffing, I shot him a look. “Happy now?”

Big green eyes stared back at me. “Meow.”

“You’re a handful, I hope you know that.”

I only got purring as an answer.


Short explanation – as I said, Charly is the cat of my mum’s co-worker who also was my psychologist for a while. He’s quite picky when it comes to humans, and his owners had always trouble finding someone who could watch over him while they were on vacation. Not because there weren’t people who volunteered, but because Charly bit and scratched and went completely wild whenever a “stranger” tried to enter the house to feed him.

When my mum’s co-worker heard that I like cats and are pretty good at handling them for some reason, she asked me if I could try feeding Charly for two days while she was on a business trip.

Well, long story short – Charly hissed and spit and went wild as soon as he saw me. He was a bit dumbfounded, though, when I just ignored him, walked past him and filled his bowl with his favorite food. Then I sat on the ground cross-legged, a few meters away from him and the bowl, pretending to be engrossed in a book that I had brought with me.

There was a long pause, before a very confused but curious cat started sniffing at my knee carefully, twitching away as I looked up for a moment. When I didn’t react further, he relaxed and went to eat.

Somehow, that had gained me his respect. The next day, he didn’t even try to fight me, prowling around me while I filled his bowl and purring contently all the while.

You can only imagine how dumbfounded I was when a few days later (my mum’s co-worker had already arrived back home) there was all of sudden a very familiar cat sitting on my front porch, meowing at me when I opened the door to see what was causing such a noise. Charly had come to visit me, entirely too content with strolling through our apartment and claiming my bed for himself. It took his owner coming over and picking him up that he left again.

Funny thing is – he lives at the other side of the town, and nobody knows how he found out where he had to go to see me.

Since then, that stubborn cat comes to visit me every two weeks or so, patiently waiting in front of my door until I come home from school. It’s as if he knows my schedule, always showing up exactly when it’s time for me to be home.

That damn cat adopted me for some reason. XD

Coming Back From Business/Hunt: Supernatural Preference

“When the characters come back from business or a hunt Supernatural Preference” - Requested by Anon

Dean Winchester:

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When Dean comes back from a hunt he opens the door and calls loudly to you to let you know he’s home. You have a quick hug and then he picks you up and presses his lips to yours and then moves down to your neck and chest, letting you know how much he’s missed the feeling of your skin against his. He’d take you off to the bedroom where you’d make up for all the time spent away from each other. Then once you were finished you’d just talk for hours.

Sam Winchester:

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As soon as Sam comes home you’re in his arms and he’s picking you up and spinning you around. Little kisses, deep breathes as he inhales your perfume and the scent of your clothes. Sam would have missed your comfort and the feeling of you in his arms. You’d stay there for a while, wrapped in his arms while he told you how much he loved and missed you. He’d refuse to let you go for a while and you’d laugh, walking around the house with this huge moose man attached to your back, his face buried in your hair.


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Cas would flash in and press a quick kiss to your lips, his arms wrapping around your waist briefly. You’d be startled, obviously which would make Cas chuckle slightly, telling you he missed you before probably disappearing again.


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When Crowley comes back from business, he always brings you an exotic gift of some kind. You give him a quick hug as he smiles smugly because you liked your gift. He gives you a quick peck on the lips and the two of you go out to dinner together.


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Gabriel likes to show up as a suprise, completely naked. This is sometimes a bad thing when you have people with you, but usually it’s fine, though it does make you giggle slightly. He’ll make some dirty joke, kissing you on the lips for a few seconds, then your neck, his hands holding your hips tightly. You’ll eventually take it the bedroom where you’ll join him in the nakedness.


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Lucifer has unpredictable moods. So sometimes when he comes home to you he’ll wrap you in his arms, resting his chin on the crown of your head and whisper something softly in your ear before pressing a quick kiss to your temple. Other times he’ll come home yelling and screaming. You’ll yell back at him and you’ll both be screaming at each other until he leaves and comes back several hours later with puppy dog eyes and a miserable apology. But hey, he’s the devil, what did you expect?

I Mean We are Dead Anyways

We have been tasked to stop this big bad guy from wiping the world clean for when the gods return and have monumentally screwed up at every step, including giving him the one item that can actually kill him making him near unstoppable. The only clue we have on how to deal with him is that these armors he created can weaken him somehow. We just finished dealing with his undead horde as he casually walks into the city and tries to fight the Angel that sent us on the quest and just got him to open the door and punch him in the face.

Ranger: Excuse me, but I have a quick question. You see we, as you well know have been tasked with stopping you and also as you know have not done a great job at it. We do know that the armors can weaken you though, but would you mind telling us how exactly to do that?

DM: W-what? Did you really just ask that?

Ranger (ooc): Well yeah, we know he’s basically omniscient and can see everything in the world so he knows we have the armor, it’s not like we can surprise him with it so why not ask?

DM: So just so you understand he just led a massive campaign to kill this Angel guy and right as he’s about to do so and finish the job you just come up and cock block his murderous high. And you thought that was a good idea?

Ranger (ooc): I mean why not what else can we do right now except watch him kill everyone?

Big Bad Guy: sighs Fine if it will get you to leave me alone put the armor in a circle around me to drain my power

i don’t know much about love. i don’t know how to see the pain in someone’s eyes without looking away, and i don’t know how to fill in with sunlight all the patches of grey. i’m good with words but i’ll never say the right ones in the moment. i don’t know how to break down my own barriers, and i sure as hell can’t leave them open. 
i could tell you about the ways i’ll love you, though. because even though i’ve never believed in fairytales, i’ve always known the difference washing the dishes can make. i’m not great at many things but i’ll run a bath at the end of the day and i won’t mind when you close the door for an hour or two. 
that’s the thing. i don’t know much about love. when i was younger, my dad smashed plates because he didn’t know how to say ‘sorry’. i didn’t know about the bruises till later, but i knew how to tell the difference between a fake 'i love you’ and a real one. 
so i don’t know much about love. but i know that sometimes i get angry but i’m working on it. sometimes my head gets too full and the world seems to split. sometimes all i want to do is sit in the quiet. with you. loving me back silently.
—  i’m not sure about love // r.e.s

Scott x Reader

Requested by Anon

“Why is he spending so much time with her? It’s stupid!” Hayden growled.

“I don’t know, you’d think someone so quiet would be able to control themselves, I don’t even know why he turned her, she’s always clinging to him.” Liam snapped as Hayden lent against the wall next to him.

“He didn’t stay up all night with me when I was struggling.” Hayden said quietly as she glanced at Liam who nodded.

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Imagine being Sam's and Dean's little sister and them saving you when you were kidnapped.

Fear. Fear was the only thing that you knew at that moment. With werewolves surrounding you, your heart was racing. Everything seemed loud. Too loud to think. The large group was arguing about something, but the sound of your rushing blood drowned out their words.

“We can’t stay here! The Winchesters are on are backs!” one of the creatures yelled. “This is all your fault!” His finger pointed at an obviously younger boy, but that didn’t mean that he was about to back down.

The young boy only snarled back, “How was I supposed to know she was their little sister!” Large hands gripped the boy’s collar, but before he could continue what would be a fatal fight, the door was kicked open. Flashes of white blinded you, and the sound was enough to make your ears ring.

As your chest continued to tighten, the open fire stopped, the last bullet ringing off the floor before coming to a stop. Dozens of corpses covered the floor before you. Suddenly, you saw the two men that you longed to see all along. Hope was finally restored.

“Y/n,” Sam rushed out before running over to you and cutting the restraints. Your arms automatically wrapped around his neck as he pulled you into his lap and kissed your forehead. “Sh, we’ve got you, sweetie. It’s okay. You’re safe.”

Dean, now calmed to see you safe and alive, looked around the room trying not to break down. He thought he’d lost you like he had many other people he loved, and, to be honest, he didn’t know if he could handle to lose someone else. He began to walk out when your voice echoed through his ears. “Dean?” Small arms wrapped around his torso that caused his skin to rise. “I thought you’d never come.”

“What? Oh, sweetie, don’t ever think that,” Dean sniffled. “I’ll never let anything ever hurt you. Ever. Don’t forget that.”