he knows how to open doors


Family Visits

“Babe.” He says shaking your shoulder.


“We’re here.”

“Okay.” You say sitting up.

You had driven back home to see his parents for his birthday.

“Liyah’s waiting patiently for you.” He says and it’s then that you notice that he’s got your door open and is standing in front of you.

“Oh.” You giggle, resting your head on his shoulder. 

He chuckles and kisses the side of your head.

“I’m not gonna see you all weekend.” He whines, looking back at Liyah who is waiting at the door.

“I know.”

“And it’s my birthday.”

“We’ll celebrate when we get back home.”

“Can you hurry?” She asks, bouncing on her toes.

“Go see her.” He says patting your leg.

This is how family visits went.

You were swept away with his sister when you visited his home.
He was swept away with your brother when you visited your home.

It’s just how it goes.

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so I've been watching the night manager and I only just noticed that scar on tom's forhead (cause it's way more visible when he's a bit tan lol) and I was wondering if we know how did the scar happen

Ahhh yes. It was back in 2014 when he was playing Coriolanus and from what I understand, he was backstage or something and went to bend down to pick up his bag and someone opened a door that was right there and it banged him on the head and he had to get stitches, which is why he’s seen sporting a bandage on his forehead accepting his ELLE Man of the Year award


Baby, Come Home

TITLE: Baby, Come Home

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Andy coming home from tour to find that you’ve left him



SUMMARY: Andy has come from tour expecting his girlfriend to be there.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I know that I probably shattered your hearts, but I’ll put them back together with this.

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You know how Mike’s still holding that candlestick when the front door opens?

And then it’s gone when he goes to hug El?

That candlestick fell to the floor. Boy was so shook he most likely dropped it upon seeing her face.

Bitch, that’s love.

This is when it happens, when he sighs in relief.

All I Want For Christmas

In which it’s Christmas time, and Harry can’t help falling for the girl who helps him shop for gifts. 

A/N: THE CHRISTMAS ONESHOT IS HERE! I’m sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday like I originally planned, but I figured better late than never right?!  Enjoy, my loves, and Merry Christmas!!! xx

Please do NOT repost without permission!!!! 

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you guys better put your money where your mouth is tbh and actually actively support holland by streaming and buying his music and voting for him whenever possible, we won’t know for sure how he’ll be received by the general public so it’s on us to do all we can to not let him flop and potentially open the doors for even more openly lgbt idols+artists in the future

Another Man (One Shot)

Inspired by this pic of drunk Harry at the Another Man launch party last year. He looked too fine to not write about. Sorry if I hyped it up too much and isn’t as filthy as y’all expected.


The bones in my feet cracked and a long groan emitted from my body as I stretched from my head to my toes. I had been cramped up in the same position for the past five or six hours, occasionally taking a stretch break every once in a while to make sure blood was still flowing. It was a Saturday night and I usually spent them with Harry but tonight was different. I had a 10 page research report due on Monday about mental diseases and therapy, just now finishing after slaving away for several hours.

Usually I had my work done during the week but I was distracted everyday because of Harry. He was stressing out about the launch of his feature in Another Man magazine. I had to help him plan his launch party and make sure he had the right suit and other things that seem unimportant now. The party was scheduled to tonight, and of course I couldn’t go with Harry.

At first, Harry was reluctant to go without me, feeling bad that I was stuck at home doing work while he was celebrating with his friends and having a good time. I forced him to go. After all, the party was for him and not me. Admittedly, I was disappointed in the fact that I would be missing such an important event for him and I knew how much he wanted me to be there. But I had pushed off the assignment for too long and if it weren’t done today, then it would never get done.

I heard the chime of the alarm system go off, indicating that a door had just opened. Knowing it was Harry, I wasn’t alarmed when I heard him whistling the same tune he always did as his footsteps padded up the stairs to our bedroom. Harry came into view, staring down at his phone as he tapped a message to someone.

“Still awake, I see,” he said, continuing to type his message as I sat criss-crossed in front of my laptop. His words were slightly slurring together but not as much as they would if he were really drunk.

“Mhmm. Have a fun time at your party?” I replied, saving my work and shutting the laptop before pushing it to the side.

“Yeah. Had a few drinks, if you don’t mind,” Harry said, glancing at me for only a second before looking back at his phone. “I see you’ve had some, too.” He was referring to the almost empty glass of wine I had sitting on the bedside table.

“Well, I had to celebrate you somehow. Even if it was just by myself,” I quipped happily. I don’t know if it was the wine or I was just glad he was home after a long day but I had this tingly feeling in my toes. Not to mention, he certainly looked delicious. His white shirt was unbuttoned at the top with his tie hanging loosely around his neck. His lips were as pink as ever, surrounded by a week’s worth of stubble, and his eyes were drooping slightly from being tipsy. He had cut his hair a few months ago, getting rid of the long locks that went past his shoulders and introducing a new hairstyle that I’d never imagine seeing on him. It suited him, making him look even older and more mature. All I could say was that he looked delicious, even this late at night.

Harry rambled on about his night, talking about the many celebrities that congratulated him on this magazine cover and how his older sister was highly jealous of him. His already loose tie was discarded on the dresser along with the many rings he wore on his fingers. He made his way to the closet to take off the rest of his clothes, making light conversation with me as he did this.

“I wish you would’ve come, love. Probably would’ve been more fun,” he said.

“Me too. Maybe next time,” I replied.

“Mum wouldn’t stop asking ‘bout you. She was running my ear the entire night, saying I shouldn’t have left the only girl she’s ever liked all by herself at home. Almost think she loves you more than I do.”

I laughed softly. Anne never failed to shower me with love in any way possible, even if it meant overlooking Harry completely. She always said that I was the perfect match for Harry, and everyday I believed her more. We were in sync in and we rarely fought, and if we did it always ended with rough sex.

My skin was on fire. All I wanted to do was kiss him and let him touch me everywhere. “Harry?”

“Yeah?” Harry replied, completely disregarding the fact that I cut him off mid-sentence. He was rambling on about George Barnett telling him a joke that only Harry would find funny. I could still hear him rummaging around in the closet.

“Can you come here?” I said trying not to sound whiny.

“Give me a minute. These bloody shoes are a bit hard to get off,” Harry said as he grunted in frustration. He continued on with his story that seemed to drag on and on.

I sighed. This was taking longer than I expected and the heat between my legs was causing me to squirm. “Baby?”

Harry emerged from the closet, still wearing his loose button up shirt and pants. “What is it?” He asked.

I bit my lip and motioned my finger for him to come here. A small smirk spread across his lips as he came closer, his tall frame towering over me while I sat on my knees on the bed. I leaned in for a kiss, humming against his lips as I felt knots in my stomach form. Harry’s lips moved slowly but expertly on mine as his hand slid from my cheek to the back of my neck and into my hair. His other hand cupped my face, stroking my cheek with his thumb. Harry was an amazing kisser, always knowing when to use his tongue and how much to use.

The stubble around his mouth and on his chin tickled me but I had to hold back my laugh. I could only imagine how it’d feel if it were tickling the insides of my thighs instead while I rode his face.

Harry detached our lips and pecked my cheek. “One of those nights, huh?” he asked with a small smirk on his lips that made me want to kiss him even more. His thumb ran over my lips and pulled my bottom lip down as I nodded my head and whimpered a little, craving to feel his lips on mine again. I licked the tip of his thumb before enveloping it into my mouth, sucking lightly and making Harry hum.

“Missed you. And your fingers,” I hummed. Harry slipped two of his fingers into my mouth, allowing me to suck on them like I would his cock, bobbing my head up and down against him. I maintained eye contact with him because I knew how much it drove him crazy. I didn’t mind tasting the metal of his rings. I was too focused on the tips of his fingers poking at the back of my throat, making me gag but turn him on at the same time. I gagged once more before pulling back and licking his fingers, a small giggle coming from my spit covered lips that curved into a sinister smile.

God, you’re so sexy, beautiful, gorgeous,” he said, cupping my face again and kissing me in between each praise. My hands ran up and down his exposed chest. I fucking loved it when he had the first few buttons of his shirt undone, exposing his toned chest and the cross necklace that dangled on his collarbones. Something about it made me crazy and want to jump his bones in a heartbeat.

I pulled away for a brief second just to whine, “fuck me,” before planting kisses from the corner of Harry’s mouth down to his neck and collarbones. I took the cross necklace between my teeth and looked up at Harry, who had his lips parted slightly, nearly drooling at the sight of his girl begging for it.

Harry held my chin between his forefinger and thumb, lifting it up slightly and releasing the necklace from my teeth. He placed a soft kiss to my lips that earned a soft moan from me.

“I’m tempted. Not tonight, kitten. M'really drained. What good would a half-assed fuck be if I can’t give you the pleasure you want?” Harry said. The hand that he had on the back of my neck rubbed circles in my hair. There was no way that all of that didn’t even make him hard.

I pouted, feeling desperate just for a touch from him. “Please, just a little bit,” I begged. “Doesn’t have to be for long. Just put the tip in and I’ll cum in minutes. I need you.”

Harry chuckled softly and pressed kisses on my lips and cheeks. As much as he loved when I begged like this, he wasn’t budging. “Sorry, love. Tomorrow,” he said. He placed a tender kiss on my lips once more before disappearing back into the closet to take off the rest of his clothes and change into something more fitting for sleep.

I sighed in defeat as I plopped down in bed and shut off my bedside lamp. Harry slid into bed next to me, wrapping his arm around my body and pulling me closer. He nibbled on my earlobe before kissing it and nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck before mumbling a good night that I reciprocated kindly but bitterly.


Sleep wasn’t an option since I kept waking up every hour, craving for Harry. We’d barely touched each other all week except for when I sucked him off while he was driving home on Tuesday.

It was three in the morning and all I could think about was me riding his cock or even his face. I whimpered as my mind flickered to the thoughts of his pretty pink lips covered with juices from my orgasm as he inched me towards the brink of another one. My thighs squeezed together just thinking about the dirty things he’d say to me like “so wet for me kitten” or “fuck you taste so good” or “I bet your pussy would feel so good on my cock”

Judging by the way he was breathing, I knew Harry was fast asleep, so there was no chance of me waking him up for a 3 am quickie, for he’d be angry and tell me to go back to sleep. Even though he was knocked out, I could still feel his bulge behind me. This usually happened whenever we slept like this. I usually wore one of his T shirts and panties to sleep— sometimes skipping the latter— and he would wear boxers or shorts without underwear. Harry would get his morning wood because I moved too much in my sleep and I usually ignored it but tonight was different. His arm was wrapped around my waist and his breath was on the back of my neck. I decided to do the one thing that would help my situation.

I circled my hips slowly, rubbing my ass up and down Harry’s growing bulge. A quiet whimper came from me as I continued to do this.

Harry’s breathing changed slightly as I grinding against him to get the friction I needed. I could feel his body become lighter as he woke up a little, dry humping me even though he was still asleep. A small moan came from his throat, which earned one from me.

“Harry,” I moaned softly as I rubbed up and down my slit through my panties.

“Not now, baby,” Harry’s raspy voice said lowly. His arm pulled me closer and his face nuzzled into my neck. The grinding stopped and my heart sunk.

I whimpered in response but it sounded like a short cry, though that would be plausible since I was in so much agony at the moment.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was barely audible even with him right next to my ear. “Hm, tell me what’s wrong.”

I turned around to face him, who still had his eyes closed but they struggled to stay open after a long day of anxiousness, excitement, and fatigue. “I want you,” I moaned softly, kissing his lips and begging for him to take me. “Please, daddy.”

A low grumble sounded from his throat as he rubbed his eyes. “’s that bad, innit?” He asked. His green eyes drooped from tiredness, and for a second, I felt bad for waking him up.

“Yeah,” I replied.

Harry sighed as his fingers reached under the covers and hooked onto the waist band of my panties before snapping them against my skin to tell me to take them off. I did so quickly and kicked them off the bed as to not waste time. Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of him, sliding down on the bed so my wet lips were positioned right on top of his.

“’s this what yeh wanted, kitten?” Harry hummed, kissing the inside of my thighs and inching dangerously close to my entrance. “Waking me up at three in the morning just so I can eat your pussy?”

“Yes, daddy,” I moaned. My legs trembled as his tongue made a long stride up my slit. Harry’s tongue worked wonders against my heat, flicking up against my sensitive clit. His moans rumbled through my entire body as he suckled against the bundle of nerves. “Oh, baby.”

Harry’s arm wrapped around my thigh and his thumb rubbed circles around my clit. The only noises in the room was the sound of Harry’s lips smacking against my wet pussy hungrily and me moaning his name simultaneously. Harry’s eyes never lost contact with mine as he at me out so gloriously until he shut his eyes as if this was the greatest feeling in the world; having his girl sitting on his face and riding his mouth like she would his cock.

My legs felt like jelly as I neared closer to my orgasm, Harry pushing me on with dirty talk. He reached up and squeezed my breasts. “That’s right, kitten. Ride my face just like that,” Harry said. His voice was muffled under me but it was enough to drive me over the edge. Harry flicked his tongue at just the right angle, making me feel like my insides were on fire and like I was riding on a cloud.

“Fuck, baby. Right there,” I moaned breathlessly. Harry continued flicking his tongue rapidly as he squeezed my ass and smacked it harshly. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as a strong orgasm rippled through my body and my juices spilled on Harry’s tongue. Muscles taut and toes curling, a series of involuntary moans pushed past my lips. I had to lift myself off Harry’s mouth otherwise I’d be screaming loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.

Harry kissed the inside of my thighs sweetly before flipping me under him. His lips pressed softly to my cheek, neck, and down my body as he pushed my shirt— or rather his shirt— above my breasts. His tongue swirled around both of my nipples briefly before leaving my body entirely.

A sigh left his lips as he fumbled with the hem of his shorts that he began pulling down. I was starting to feel bad for waking him up after only a couple hours of sleep. “Harry, you don’t have to do that,” I said, trying to push his hands away but he smacked them away.

“You wanted this, didn’t you, love?” He said, a tired smile spreading across his lips. His eyes were glowing even with his dark pupils engulfing the emerald irises.

Harry discarded his shorts on the floor before mounting me. He spread my legs wide and positioned himself on his knees in between mine, all while pulling my hips towards him more. A grunt of approval came from him as he rubbed my wet slit with the tip of his cock. I held my breath as he pushed in, never getting used to the way it felt having his length in me.

Once he was fully in me I couldn’t hold my breath anymore. Harry began thrusting into me slowly but deeply. I could tell he was concentrating hard on everything that made me feel good as his eyebrows furrowed deeply. His hips rocked back in forth at a slow pace, which usually had me growing impatient but this time it felt just right.

Our skin stuck together as his hips glided into my softly. The air in the room was filled with my soft moans and Harry’s heavy breathing. I love the way he looked when he fucked me so good like this. It was like the only thing that mattered to him was that I was content and feeling all the pleasure I could, having it all come from him.

One of his large hands squeezed my breasts before sliding up to wrap around my neck. I couldn’t hide the devilish grin that spread across my face, and I knew that Harry saw it too. “You like that, don’t you? Hmm, you like it when daddy chokes you a bit?” Harry cooed quietly. A cheeky grin twitched at the corners of his mouth, making large dents in his cheeks. It made me giggle but the feeling was so good that I couldn’t suppress my moans.

I didn’t mean to whine and moan so much but this slow pace was driving me to the edge. Harry’s soft lips were slightly parted with his bottom lip always jutting out and begging to be kissed and sucked on. I pulled him closer so I could do just that, not caring that sleep was on his breath. At first, his lips moved lazily on mine but they soon gave in and melted onto my skin. Harry’s tongue was always first to invade my mouth but it was never in a bad way.

Harry’s pace began to quicken, making him hit the right spot more frequently now and leaving me a moaning mess under him. My fingers tangled in his hair as his lips moved from mine to my neck. My other hand squeezed his ass because I knew how much he liked it. Harry always thought it was my silent way of begging him to go deeper and hit harder. And that’s exactly what he did.

“Shit,” Harry groaned as his hips crashed against mine faster and harder. The bed creaked under us, making me smile because you’d think that a multimillionaire like Harry would have more than enough money to buy a bed that was less noisy. He claimed that he liked the sounds it made when he’s fucking me good.

“Fuck me,” I whined softly in Harry’s ear. There’s nothing more that he loved than to hear me whining and begging in his ear while he fucked me deep like this. I couldn’t control my moans anymore and my muscles were growing taut. I knew harry could feel my walls clenching around him based on the helpless moans omitting from him that he tried to conceal. Words need not to be spoken as my moans spoke for me, reaching a higher volume than before. My toes curled and my stomach knotted, leaving my body shaking as I climaxed around Harry’s cock.

As I caught my breath, Harry continued thrusting inside of me. “C'mon, baby. Cum for me. I know how much you like fucking me like this, yeah? You like when I squeeze my walls around you like that?” I whispered in Harry’s ear before nibbling on it.

“Oh, fuck me,” Harry groaned. It took a few more strokes and the aid of my moans to get Harry to come inside of me. His warm release filled me up in a way that I would never get used to.

For a moment we just lied there panting and being lost for words. Looking up at the ceiling, I was seeing more than just the chandelier. I was seeing stars and colors even though the room was nearly pitch black. Harry always had this affect on me and I knew I had it on him too.

When I was finally done struggling for air, I felt Harry’s soft lips pecking my neck and chest. “Such a horny girl. Maybe I shouldn’t have left you alone for so long,” Harry said with a chuckle. He pulled himself out of me, making me whimper at the sudden cold and emptiness, and disappeared into the bathroom. When he came back, he had a wet rag that he used to clean me up with before using it on himself.

“You’re so good to me,” I said softly. Harry climbed back into bed with me and pecked my lips.

“Anythin’ for my baby.”

Breaking Things

Summary: Billy finds companionship in his next-door neighbor after she witnesses him being punched by his father.

Author’s Note: The things being broken are hearts. Just so you know. Just short of 4k words


Originally posted by kiwimidnight

A new family had moved in next door nearly a year earlier. The Hargroves. I suspected they were a blended family, judging by how the siblings got along. Max, a girl, couldn’t be older than 14. She rode her skateboard around the block all the time. She came off as polite, but spunky. Her mother was also very proper, quiet and reserved.

Billy was the oldest sibling, my age. He had a hot rod car and a bad attitude. Although, he played it up more than he cared to admit. When the family came over to introduce themselves, he offered me a modest smirk, shaking my hand.

Come to learn that this was how Billy treated everybody. When he was in front of his parents, anyway. Without the oversight of his father, he was a crude, callous boy. Despite his prickly personality, he managed to win over the hearts of every girl in the school. Turns out teenagers really value the important life skill of being able to do the longest keg stand in Hawkins history.

With the Hargrove’s arrival came a few new echoes in the neighborhood. A skateboard on the asphalt, the rumble of a car engine… and screaming.

Every day, at eight o’clock in the evening on the dot, the screaming started. Short, sporadic bursts of hollering came throughout the day and continued into the night. But eight o’clock was invariably the loudest. A male voice, occasionally two, could be heard rattling the walls of the Hargrove’s house. But the second voice always quieted, frequently punctuated with a bang. Occasionally accompanied by Billy staggering out to his car and speeding off down the road.

Tonight, at eight o’clock, the screaming started again. It could be heard from my kitchen window. I could see into the Hargrove’s kitchen from there. Nothing much exciting ever went on, other than the occasional appearance of Mrs. Hargrove doing the dishes.

But this time, I noticed Billy. Neil had him pinned up against the fridge, some of the magnets had bounced to the floor. His father stuck an accusing finger in his face, ultimately forcing his closed fist across Billy’s cheek.

Billy instinctively reached up, cupping his face where he had been struck. This was followed by a terse conversation, leading to Billy picking the magnets up off the floor before heading to the front door.

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bts scenario: They take an argument too far (part 2)

Originally posted by bwiseoks


It had been a week of silence between you and Jin. You had ignored his calls and texts, untill he couldn’t take it anymore. He found himself stood outside your apartment door at 2’oclock in the morning, banging furiously against the door until you opened it.

‘Jesus Jin, what are you doing here? I thought-‘

You couldn’t bring yourself to finish your sentance, as Jin pulled you into a passionate kiss, trying to prove how sorry he was, without using his words. You eventually gave into the kiss, you couldn’t resist the way his lips danced against yours, you didnt know how much time had passed before he whispered a quiet ‘I love you so much’ against your cold lips. Knowing that you had mostly already forgiven him.

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It hadn’t have even been an hour, and Yoongi couldn’t bare the pain in his chest as the words ‘We’re done. I’m sorry.’ played repetitively in his head. He wondered the streets, picking up your favourite food and flowers, before quickly heading to your apartment, silently hoping you’de be there.

When you opened the door, you were both equally shocked at eachothers state. Faces stained with tears, puffy eyes and pale skin. No words were shared between the pair of you, before Yoongi threw you into a hug, refusing to let go.

‘Please don’t leave me, I.. I love you so much, I’m sorry, just please.. don’t go.’

‘Yoongi, this doesnt make up for what you said, you hurt me so bad’

‘I know baby, I’ve cancelled my plans for the rest of the week to spend with you, do whatever you want, just please don’t go, I love you so, so much.’

‘I love you Yoongi, never let me go again.’

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Namjoon very quickly chased after you, wanting to sort the situation as soon as he could. He knew he didn’t mean what he had said, and could only hope that you didn’t mean what you said either. It only took 5 minutes before he found you, slumped on the wooden bench opposite the beach, which he knew was your favourite place to be. He made an almost silent approach before he delicatley sat down in the empty spot next to you.

‘I didn’t mean it. And I pray that you know how much I care about you, never think that I don’t. I have so much to say, and so much to say sorry for, can we please go home and talk about this properly? I don’t want to argue with you, but I know that I can’t lose you because of something like this.’

All it took was the small, silent nod of approval coming from yourself, before Namjoon gently took your hand in his, bringing your body as close towards his as possible, making your way silently through the night, taking in the gorgeous surroundings, leaving you more than glad that he had came after you.

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Hoseok didn’t waste another minute, before rushing to your apartment, so quickly that he had reached there before you. Leaving him drenched in rain, freezing cold, sat on your doorstep like a lost puppy. It wasn’t until he heard an awkward cough, that he brought his tired eyes and attention to your depressed glare above him.

‘Babe, thank god! I’m so sorry, I ran so fast, I didn’t mean it. You’re too good to me okay? Please, let me make it up to you, I’ll do anything. I’m so out of breath, but have so much to apoligize f…-‘

‘Did you really run here so fast that you beat me? You must have gone straight past me?’

‘Well yeah.. I couldn’t be without you so…’

And that was all that needed to be said, before you pulled him into a sweet kiss, forgiving one another in the process. Because as long as he would chase after you, you would always chase after him.

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The minute Jimin realised you had gone, a sheer sense of panic washed over him, leaving him blindly shouting your name whilst shaking with nerves, attempting to call your phone. Each time going to voice mail. He knew you well enough to know that if you had left, you wouldn’t go to your apartment. But rather your best friends house. So that’s exactly where he went.

Your best friend answered the door in rapid time, before coldly slaming it in his face. Jimin almost expected this, but refused to give up and continued to knock on the door over and over again - until an exhausted you - opened the door, mumbling an apology to your best friend in the process.

‘What do you want Jimin? I thought you were perfectly fine on your own.’

You blatantly spoke, simutaniously shutting he door in the process, this was no success though as Jimin had already wedged his foot in between the door itself.

‘Don’t be like this okay? I’m sorry, you know I didn’t mean it, just… please can we talk this out? I’ll order your favourite food okay petal? Anything you want, just please let me make this up to you.’

Your best friend gave you a brief thumbs up, before heading to her own room, giving you the sign of approval you needed to let Jimin in. To sort whatever problems you had out, making sure to keep your relationship solid in the process.

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It was 11pm when you opened your door after hearing a strong knock. expecting it to be a delivery of some sorts, what you didn’t expect to see was a clearly stressed Taehyung, carrying several bouquets of flowers, your favourite food, and several teddy bears.

‘Oh my gosh Tae, did you carry all this yourself? Why would you do that?’

‘Because I’m sorry for being a bad boyfriend, I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary, you’re important to me, more than you know. I love you.’

This caused you to look up, you and Taehyung had only been together for a year, and this had been the first time anyone had said the ‘I love you’s’. Your heart swelled at the gorgeous words, bringing him into a short but sweet kiss, completley forgetting about the previous argument. That didn’t seem to matter anymore, because you already knew that you loved him too, and you wanted to make sure he knew the same.

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Jungkook waited outside the empty apartment, you didn’t come home that night, you had stayed at your parents. But jungkook didn’t care, he didn’t blame you either, he would have waited and waited for aslong as it took. Which after an eventful amount of time (and glares from your neighbours) evidently worked in his favour, for late the next morning you practically enough, bumped straight into him.

‘Ouch!.. Kookie? What are you doing here? Why is your coat on the floor? Wait… you didn’t stay here did you?’

‘How could I not? I’m so proud of you for passing your exams baby, can we please go out to celebrate? I’m so sorry for what I said, I hope you know I didn’t mean it.’

‘You do realise the spare key is under the mat?’

‘That’s all your taking from my apology? I wasn’t thinking straight, I just wanted you back…’

‘I know that babe, I’m not saying i forgive you, but how about we just order some breakfast foods and cuddle all day? You have a lot of making up to do.’

‘Ofcourse Y/N, whatever you want.’

- - - - - - - - - -

part one.

Ehhh here it is!! Part 2, I’m not sure how I feel about this, constructive critism is always welcome as I’m still new to this!

(all gif creds go to owners. please let me know feedback on this, always feel free message me too!i hope you have/are having a good day ♡ )

pairing— kim seokjin x reader x park jimin 
genre/warnings— devil! Seokjin, devil! Jimin, smut, threesome, dirty talk, dom themes
words— 8,275

An unorthodox end to the office’s Christmas party…

the devil’s dickthe devil’s return

author’s note: Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! This is my last fic of the year…a little bit of festive cheer, followed by some devil induced sin, amirite?? I’m now on a much-needed break for the holidays, where I hope to eat my body weight in stuffing and read every fic under the sun! Thank you everyone for a great year!! I’m forever grateful. Here’s to hoping 2018 will be just as good! Love you!!

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Driving — t.h

summary: just a compilation of times where you’re in the car with tom

warnings: it’s all fluff, and i mean all of it—i was gonna write smut too but decided otherwise maybe i’ll write a car sex imagine one time who knows

i might do a part two of this depending on how well it’s received so please give me compliments, you all know i crave constant gratification 

Originally posted by milajedora

from the first date

  • tom opened the door of his car for you after you exited the restuarant
  • you smiled at him as you carefully stepped into the car, smoothing down the fabric of your dress as you sat down
  • he sent you a dazzling smile before shutting your door, making sure your entire body was inside of the vehicle before shutting it
  • he took a few deep breaths before entering the car himself
  • his palms were sweating so much that the steering wheel slipped between his grip when he was pulling out of the parking space
  • you giggled as the car’s passenger compartment was filled with the low hum of the engine and the soft music of the radio
  • the car ride was mostly silent but a nice silent
  • as you watched the headlights pass you and the stoplights change, tom looked over at you
  • he smiled at the way the red stoplight illuminates your face, softening the features he had been looking at all night long
  • he continued to look until he noticed the red tint on your face change to green and he snapped himself from his trance
  • as he pulled up outside your apartment building, you turned to him and smiled
  • “well this is me.” you paused, unbuckling your seatbelt and tom followed suit. “no no, you don’t have to get out, thank you though. i had a really nice time.”
  • “i did too, y/n. can i see you again? at some point in the hopefully near future?”
  • “of course you can, tom. just give me a call.” you smile again, leaning forward as he did as well
  • your lips met above the center console, and his hand cupped your cheek
  • you giggled at the way his palm was slightly sweaty from nervousness
  • the kiss was soft and sweet, and you would never forget it, how could you forget your first kiss with tom?

from the bar

  • it was three in the morning when tom got the call from you, his girlfriend of five months
  • “y/n? what’s going on, love?”
  • “tommyyy, hey baaaabyyy!” you slurred in the the phone, bass thumping on the other line as tom rolled out of bed, pulling a shirt over his head before running his fingers through his hair
  • “where are you?” he asked, yawning and grabbing his keys from the table next to the door
  • “the bar! you know, the one on… 5th a-anddd cherry.” you giggled, speaking at half speed and tom nodded, starting his car.
  • “i’ll be there in ten minutes, babe, stay put.” he hung up the phone and pulled out of the driveway, partly annoyed at the fact that you woke him from his slumber, but it was oddly endearing to him

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“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Part 8

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 5018

Warnings: the usual jerk!Bucky is back, new character (yes it’s a warning), drinking and that’s it 

Author’s Note: hey long time no see lol so here’s the longest chapter so far of MNAJ, i hope you guys enjoy i had to literally push myself to finish it so please please please leave a FEEDBACK if you’re gonna read it!!

i will be altering the tag list and deleting those who don’t care to leave feedback sorry, but i can’t waste my time on tagging a hundred people when some of you don’t even care to write back simple as that :/

“My Neighbor’s A Jerk” Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

(gif isn’t mine)

You immediately straighten your back, eyes and ears alert like a deer caught in headlights. You look back and forth between Steve and Bucky, unable to move or speak.

“Uh – me? Why?” you squeak out. Bucky simply shrugs, closing the door but stands outside for you. You glance at Steve once before getting up from your chair.

“I have this under control, go.” Steve says, nodding his head in the direction of the exit.

You give him a tight lipped smile and rub your palms on your skirt before moving. Outside, Bucky tells you that he’s asked to accompany you, too as you start walking towards the elevator. Once you walk inside, he presses the number to Stark’s floor.

Once again, the confined space of the elevator suffocates you. You’re vividly reminded of the day when Bucky had pulled you inside the same elevator, protecting you from getting your ass fired. But why is this happening again? Why did Stark call you two? Has by any chance Bucky told him? Even after telling you so many times that he won’t?

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moffat era meme || companions ➡️ [5/4] river song [1/1] wife [or you know, the woman the doctor married out of his free will, spent his nights with, went on dates with, shagged all over time and space, couldn’t let go of and let her ghost haunt him for heck knows how long, had a 24-year-long date with & so on, so suck. it. haters]

You know when you see a photograph of someone you know, but it’s from years before you knew them. It’s like they’re not quite finished; they’re not done yet. Well, yes, the Doctor’s here. He came when I called just like he always does, but not “my” Doctor. Now, my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away, and he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor in the TARDIS. Next stop: everywhere.

Imagine Jack questioning Dean’s blush after you’ve kissed his cheek and flirted with him.

Related to these: Imagine Jack spilling to you what Dean thinks, and practically feels, of you when he reads his mind.

Imagine Jack questioning yours and Dean’s ‘friendship’ when he sees you cuddling and why he is the little spoon.

“Leftovers.” Dean said with a small nod of his head as he looked at the bones you, Sam and Jack had found. For some reason you couldn’t focus on what the older Winchester was saying rather than the cowboy hat and shoes he had on. You knew he was going to bring them with him but you had not seen him wear them so far and the sight was certainly much more than just a feast for your eyes. You shared a look with Cas for a second, as if asking him what was going on, and he gave you a simple shrug with shake of his head.

“Yeah, bite marks.” Sam mumbled, nodding his own head as Dean handed the bones to Castiel and leaned back in his seat, casually. His legs propped up on the table, and oh the suit didn’t help your situation in the least bit. He noticed you looking and gave you a smirk, raising an eyebrow almost in satisfaction at which you only rolled your eyes and looked at Cas.

“Looks like a ghoul.”

Jack looked at Castiel with a frown so he explained “Oh, a ghoul is a monster that feeds on the dead. They can take the form of whomever they’ve eaten. Decapitation kills them.”

“Yeah, or bashing their brains in.” Dean added with a shrug and as you looked at him you couldn’t help but let your eyes roam his figure, taking in every small detail.

“So like a zombie shapeshifter?” Jack asked and Sam nodded his head.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Sam nodded his head “And he could have tunnels-

“Alright hold on a minute!” you raised a hand, stopping Sam to point a finger at Dean “Is nobody else going to point out the obvious?” you asked and they looked at you with a frown before you looked at the older Winchester “What are you wearing?” you breathed out with a laugh and Dean tipped his hat in your direction, giving you a playful smile.

“Isn’t it obvious, sweetheart?”

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BTS / They fall out of love with their S/O [2]

REQUESTS: Can you please do a pt2 to BTS falling out of love but now after they’ve left you for another, they realise they can’t seem to forget you and they discover they were wrong about their feelings all along and what they’d do?

I know your request box is closed but I saw your post about BTS and how they fall out of love so I thought why not to ask about part 2 maybe? When after they break up with you and they started to go out with the other person they thought it’s just not it? Like it’s not like what they had with you?

PART ONE is here

WARNING: angst, some strong language


Originally posted by jiminiemini

This was the last thing he imagined. Hell, this was the last thing he expected. On the very first date after the break-up with you, Jin found himself remembering every single date he’d gone on with you.

As Jisoo told him about how great she thought the food in this restaurant was, Jin remembered you criticizing the chef of the restaurant after you found a hair in your food. As she asked him about his family, Jin remembered taking you home to meet his parents.

“Jin,” Jisoo suddenly said, bringing him back to real time. “You’re spacing out, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m uh…” he started but then took a deep breath, stopping himself. “Actually, would you forgive me if I went out for a moment to take a breath? It’s kind of suffocating in here, I don’t know what’s—uh, I just need a moment.”

Jisoo seemed seriously alarmed. “Well, do you want me to come with you?”

“No, God no,” Jin said and then realized how that sounded. “I just mean… stay here where it’s warm. I’ll be right back. I’m sorry I just need to—”

But he left without finishing the sentence. And frankly, he wasn’t even sure what he needed. Maybe he needed to get away. Away from the gloomy restaurant. Away from the girl that wasn’t you.

He had expected to run away from the overwhelming amount of memories but as he opened the door of the restaurant and immediately felt the cold winter wind, he remembered the way you clung to him when the two of you strolled down the city in winter. As he exhaled and saw white smoke come out of his mouth, he remembered the way the two of you jokingly tried smoking when you were drunk and almost choked to death. As he watched the cars drive out of the parking lot of the restaurant, he remembered waiting for you outside of your work so he could take you home. Finally, as he turned around to look inside of the restaurant and saw Jisoo glance at the watch on her wrist nervously, he remembered the tears in your eyes when he told you he was leaving you.

Feeling the painful beats of his heart, he got his phone out of his pocket and dialed the phone number that he had memorized so long ago.


“Y/n,” Jin breathed at the sound of hearing your voice again. “I miss you.”


Originally posted by honeysugababy

He had genuinely thought he had fallen out of love with you. That’s what it felt like. He thought he would have much rather stay out late than come back home to face you. And after he finally told you the truth and walked out of your shared house for the last time, he felt relieved. For the first few minutes, anyway.

Then the reality of what he had just done dawned on him. Sure, he may have developed feelings for someone else. Sure, he considered this a form of betrayal that he simply couldn’t put you through. And sure, he thought that by breaking up with you, he’d reach a symbolic freedom. But nothing was as simple as it had first seemed.

Knocking on Hoseok’s door in the middle of the night, Yoongi found himself at the absolute rock bottom.

“I can’t believe you broke up with Y/n,” Hoseok told him. “Have you lost your mind or something?”

“I think I have,” Yoongi agreed. “I can’t even look at… at any other girl, really. Because it’s a sad reminder that I threw the most meaningful relationship I’ve ever had away because of a stupid crush.”

“You told me it wasn’t just a crush though,” Hoseok reminded him.

“Of course it was a stupid crush,” Yoongi said, almost breaking the glass of water Hoseok had given him. “Everything I’m feeling is a stupid crush in comparison to my love for Y/n.”

“You… you told her you fell out of love with her, though.”

“God, you’re being a serious pain in my ass right now,” Yoongi groaned, although a few seconds later he had to sigh in defeat because, sadly, Hoseok was right. “I told Y/n a lot of stupid shit. I don’t know maybe I was blinded by something. I took her for granted.”

“Have you tried apologizing to her? Taking your words back?” Hoseok tried to help.

“I left the house, like, five hours ago,” Yoongi replied. “I should be locked up in some kind of an institution for changing my mind every five minutes. There’s no way she’d listen to me now. I fucked up, Hobi. You should have seen the way she looked at me when I walked out of there. I think I fucking killed a part of her.”

Hoseok sighed. “I think you need to sleep on it. That’ll clear your head up.”

“There’s nothing for me to clear,” Yoongi said in a painful tone. “Everything’s already as clear as day. I just lost the best thing that has ever happened to me. I lost the love of my life.”


Originally posted by berry852

He left you because he met someone else. He met a girl who was really similar to you. Thinking that this was just his type, he jumped into this new relationship right after ending his previous one. And he received his first cold shower right after the first date.

Every single feature that the girl shared with you was now slowly killing him. The way she spoke – in a similar voice to yours, but not similar enough. The way she laughed – in a similar manner to yours, but not similar enough. The way she smelled – in a similar way to you, but not similar enough.

Finally, Hoseok had to admit, that no matter how much she reminded him of you… she just wasn’t you. And that was the saddest conclusion he’s ever made.

Every single thing he loved about you, he was able to found in her. But it wasn’t the same. It was like buying cheap off-brand clothing after wearing expensive Gucci attire your whole life. Both of these things looked alike but they felt different.

“Oh God,” he found himself whispering to no one in particular as he hid in the bathroom.

He couldn’t possibly go back there and return to his date as if nothing happened. Not after this realization that she just wasn’t good enough. No one was. Because none of them were you.

“You okay there, man?” a random guy passing by Hoseok in the bathroom asked.

Removing his eyes from his face, Hoseok met the stranger’s eyes in the mirror.

“No,” he said simply.

The guy got visibly awkward. “Do you want to, uh—do you want me to call someone?”

“There’s no one you can call,” Hoseok said, washing his hands and taking a deep breath. “I just realized I fucked my entire life up. There’s no going back from that.”


Originally posted by parkjimen

Namjoon thought he could literally hear your heart break after he told you he was leaving you and that sound haunted him every day for the upcoming week. He couldn’t close his eyes without seeing your pained face in front of him. He couldn’t take a breath without remembering the tears that ran down your cheeks after he said goodbye.

It took him everything not to go back to you and apologize. He knew there had to be a reason why he decided to break up with him but after seeing you so utterly crushed, all of these reasons were beyond him. He just felt like the biggest asshole in the whole world.

He spent the first week locked in his room but then he realized that this was not a solution to his problems. He needed to do something, though he wasn’t sure what. Which is why he went home to see his family.

His mother, who already loved you as much as she loved her own children, was almost as broken-hearted as he was when he told her what he’d done.

“Why?” she just asked him. “You loved Y/n so much.”

“It wasn’t the same,” Namjoon replied. “I felt like something’s changed with us. I-I don’t know what I was thinking for sure but I just thought it’d be better if we didn’t continue the relationship. I thought it was heading nowhere.”

“Is there someone else?” his mother tried asking.

“I thought there was,” he said. “But, honestly, mum, you know Y/n. There’s no one even remotely like her. I’m afraid that I will never find anyone as good as her. As beautiful as her. As perfect as her.”

“Why not just choose her, son?” his mother suggested carefully.

“Because I’m stupid,” Namjoon said, realizing how angry at himself he was. “Because I don’t know if I love her as much as she deserves to be loved. Especially not after the way I left. I hurt her, mum. But I think I would have hurt her more if I had stayed with her.”

Understanding that this was far more complicated than she had previously thought, his mother attempted to understand the situation a little better. “If you think you did the right thing, why are you suffering, honey? Why are you in pain?”

“I thought she was the love of my life,” he started slowly. “I was so happy when I fell in love with her. Honestly, I’ve never been happier. Our entire relationship… I was on cloud nine. And now I’m afraid. I’m afraid because she might still be the love of my life and I just failed to see that.”

“What does your heart tell you?” his mother asked.

“I no longer listen to my heart,” Namjoon said. “It made me fall in love and then it made me break the heart of the only person I’ve ever truly loved. My own heart betrayed me, mum. I don’t know who I am anymore.”


Originally posted by pdsdef

He had enough decency not to jump into a new relationship right after breaking up with you. At first, he thought he was just holding back, giving you both some time to get used to the fact that you were no longer together. But then he realized that he wasn’t dating anyone else because he couldn’t.

Whenever he considered calling the girl that made him realize he had fallen out of love with you, he felt shivers run down his spine and a voice in his brain told him to put the phone down. To call you instead.

You were the person who knew everything about him. His closest friend. His most trusted companion. His partner. And you were the person he would have turned to, seeking advice about what to do in a situation like this.

Jimin couldn’t believe that it took him this long to understand that by ending his relationship with you, he lost the most precious person to him. He had no one else to talk to. No one else to turn to.

He could have found someone else, it wasn’t hard. There were many potential candidates for his heart. But he didn’t want any of them. He wanted you.

Tears formed in his eyes at the realization that by losing you, he lost everything.

Although Jimin knew that this was pointless, he still found your number on his phone and pressed “Call” before he could change his mind.

He held his breath with every beep and when you finally picked up, he thought he was going to faint at the sound of your voice. Suddenly too terrified to say anything, he ended the call before he even opened his mouth.

Squeezing his eyes shut, he realized that there was nothing he could have possibly said to you that would have brought you back to him. That could have brought what the two of you had back to him.

His phone buzzed, forcing him to shoot his eyes open again.

           Y/N: “why did you just call me?”

His fingers moved before his mind did and he pressed send before he talked himself out of it. Texting was easier than talking and although he would have preferred to say this to you face-to-face, he simply didn’t have it in him to actually face you after the way he left.

           JIMIN: “because I’m in pain without you. I’m so sorry.”


Originally posted by sugabtskookie

He thought that the logical thing to do for a person who found himself in love with two people at once, was to stay with the second person because it wasn’t true love if he had found someone else. That was the logic that he followed when he chose to break up with you.

However, as he listened to his date express her excitement about finally going on a date with him, he couldn’t even begin to describe how much his feelings opposed hers.

Taehyung missed you with every fiber of his being. In fact, he missed you so much, that he saw you in every single person that passed him. And, although he had broken up with you, he still felt guilty to be on this date.

“Tae,” the girl suddenly told him and he raised his eyes from the floor to look at her. Somehow, he could no longer understand how was it possible that he had fallen for her. “You seem distracted. Are you okay?”

“Sorry,” Taehyung said, clearing his throat. “What were you saying?”

“Doesn’t matter,” she dismissed it. “Do you want to play a question game or something? This way it wouldn’t be just me talking.”

“Sorry about that again,” he said, sighing. “Sure. I guess we can play that.”

“Okay, I’ll start,” the girl said. “If you had to choose one place to spend the rest of your life in, what place would you choose?”

It didn’t take him long to find the answer. In fact, the answer came to him almost as soon as she finished asking the question.

“I wouldn’t really care where I was,” Taehyung said. “As long as Y/n was with me.”

He wasn’t sure if he truly said it out loud at first because the question took him right back to his dream world, but after noticing that shocked and slightly hurt expression on his date’s face, he realized that he didn’t just think that. He said that.

“You still love her?” she asked him and then looked down after realizing the answer herself. “Of course you still love her. You just broke up with her a few weeks ago… Somehow, I had assumed you fell out of love with her. How naïve of me.”

“I think I assumed that, too,” Taehyung said. “I lead you on, I’m sorry about that. Y/n was my first love. It’s me who’s naïve for thinking I’d ever stop loving her. God, this is a mess. I’m sorry, I have to go. I have to fix this. I’m so sorry.”


Originally posted by cuteguk

He never really found out if you‘ve read his letter and sometimes, he found himself hoping you haven‘t. He dreamt of a life where he didn‘t say goodbye to you in the form of a letter and instead got himself together and realized how important you truly were to him before he let go of you.

After revealing the contents of the painful letter to Jimin, he waited to hear his friend‘s advice about what to do next because he couldn‘t keep living a life where he suffered without you even more than he thought he had suffered with you.

“You told her you don’t feel as strongly towards her as you used to,” Jimin said. “Is that true?”

“I don’t know,” Jungkook sighed. “I don’t know anything. All I know is that I need her.”

“You’re my friend, Jungkook,” Jimin said and Jungkook prepared himself to be hit with the hard truth. “But I have to admit, you’re not being fair to Y/n. It’s not cool of you to play with her like that. First, you break up with her in a letter. And then, you regret breaking up with her altogether? You can’t do that. It’s not right.”

Covering his face with his hands, Jungkook shook his head. “I know that.”

“You didn’t even give her any closure. You just left a note,” Jimin continued. “Reading words is not the same as hearing them.”

“I know that, too,” Jungkook said. “But I would have never been able to put my feelings into words.”

“You want to get back together with her?” Jimin asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Jungkook, if you couldn’t break up with her when you thought that this was what you wanted, you’re probably not going to be able to get her back when you’re not even sure if you want that.”

Jungkook heard every single thing Jimin said but his mind automatically translated his friend’s words into what he truly wanted to say.

“You’re right,” Jungkook finally said. “I don’t deserve Y/n. I mistreated her. I took her for granted. And now I lost her. She needs someone better than me.”


- The one where Y/n is left at the altar and has a hard time dealing with her emotions

Part 1


A/N: This is more of a filler chapter. This part is significantly shorter than part one and will be significantly shorter than the upcoming part 3, but it’s needed and wouldn’t fit in with the upcoming chapter.

Hope you enjoy. xx

Harry hasn’t seen Y/n in two weeks.

Two weeks and not once did he see her in passing, hear her moving furniture around her apartment at three in the morning, or even hear her door open to reassure him that she’s still home. Through his walls there’s been nothing but silence and he wasn’t so sure whether he was more upset or guilty knowing that something wasn’t right.

He’s considered multiple options as to why she’s suddenly disappeared since that night. Perhaps she left—ran away and decided to stay with friends, or even traveled to visit Rick. Or maybe she decided to work again—take the distractions a step further and just bury herself in the work she’s been avoiding.

Or worst yet, maybe she’s avoiding him. She knows his work schedules after being neighbors for so long and even knows the times he likes to run errands considering they were practically living with each other for a month. But none of the options made any sense because every morning when he leaves for work and every night he comes back home, her car is always parked in the same damn spot every single time.

He’s thought about knocking on her door several times to apologize for all that he said to her. He was feeling too many emotions at once to really think about his choice of words. Although it was her that did the wrong, he should have never accused her of such awful, terrible things because she would never do what she did unless something else was going on.

But he never did. He never did anything about it because he wasn’t so sure how to go about the situation considering she’s had a hard time opening up to him. That, and not knowing what he would be getting in between in regards to Rick and Y/n—if there still even was a Rick and Y/n at this point.

Instead, he stayed in his apartment like a coward, choosing not to face his problems and refusing to be a good friend and check up on her during a time she needed him most.

He felt like the shittiest person in the world for doing so.

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“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”

Wanted (5)

Steve Harrington x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader

Summary: She just wants to be wanted. More specifically, she wants to be wanted by Steve… Until Billy Hargrove weasels his way into her heart.  

Warnings: panic attack, angst, language

Word Count: 1.7k+



Originally posted by forbidden-horror

Originally posted by puhhleaseyouknowmysteez

Y/n didn’t feel any better after her visit to Hawkins Lab with the Byers’ and Jim Hopper.

Monday had arrived and she felt worse than she did before. She called in sick at work, and slowly changed into comfortable clothes so she could at least go to school and bare it—even if she was sick.

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So, Max knows how to drive

Originally posted by harleyquizel

Haven’t you thought about that? BECAUSE I HAVE

Max knows how to drive Billy’s Camaro and there’s only one logical explanation to it: He taught her how. 

I don’t think Neil or Susan encouraged her to drive that young. So what if somewhere in the past they actually got along??? What if one day Billy was bored as fuck and decided to knock on Max’s room

-Pst, Max

-Come in


-Psht, no, why you ask?

-Wanna learn how to drive?

-Are you crazy???!!!!

-Come on, it’ll be fun! 

-What if our parents find out? What if NEIL finds out?!

-They won’t, I know a place


-Alright, alright, keep staring at your wall then. See you later.

He steps outside her room, and when he makes his keys tingle right before opening the front door Max shouts 

-Billy, wait! -She runs towards him, crashing on his arms

He smiles to himself and hugs her tight

-After you

He opens the door for her and she gets in the car all happy and excited 

-Hurry up!! We’ve got about an hour!!

-Don’t yell at me, you little shit!


Someone is Better than No One

Pairings: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader
Words: 1,962
Warnings: Swearing, the reader has an anxiety attack.
Summary: The reader has an anxiety attack and Billy is the one to comfort her which leads to an unlikely friendship.
Part: ½
A/N: Part two will be coming shortly! I just had an idea and ran with it, hope you enjoy!

Part 2

The second-hand ticks slowly for what feels like an eternity around the clock at the front of the room. You desperately want to peel your eyes away from the ticking circle but even if you did they came back to the same spot. every. single. time. The teacher rambled for minutes about your English project due by the end of the semester, but you don’t pay any attention. You were captivated by the rather boring clock, for whatever reason that may be. You drown out the teacher’s voice, the students around you ceased their talking and suddenly your thoughts swallowed you whole.

You and Steve take the lead through the tunnels in efforts to keep the kids as safe as possible. Nobody speaks, everyone is on edge, adrenaline pumped through your veins, your hearts hammered in your chest. Steve hisses when he brushed his eye with his fingertips. “Don’t touch it,” You pulled his hand away from his bloody features, slowly shaking your head.

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