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House Rules (M)

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Summary: Frustration over recent political changes sets you off, and your loving husband helps you see the error of your ways.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7,492

Warning: Dom!Yoongi, husband/wife relationship, teasing, punishment, edging, ass play, dirty talk, political themes

A/N: I could probably add more warnings. Rest assured, this is not vanilla. Enjoy!

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comprehensive analysis of sam & cap meeting for the first time
  • ‘oh hey look how fast i can run look how fast and cool i am look at me’
  • cap is wearing a t shirt 2 sizes 2 small that may as well be soaking wet come the fuck on cap put on some fucking clothes
  • i can’t hear anything steve is saying over his flexing
  • ‘what unit u with? where u work? what’s ur name? u got a boyfriend? where yo boyfriend at?’
  • flimsy excuse to hold hands (’oh help me up from this tree i’m so tired i can’t possibly get up by myself’)
  • sam immediately all ‘must be weird coming home after the whole defrosting thing’ like wow personal much? buy a guy a drink first
  • steve is like ‘uh ya it’s weird that’s personal buy a guy a drink first’ and goes to leave
  • sam: -anguished expression- oh god i fucked it up
  • sam:

damn it sam save it! save it! don’t let him go! -says the first thing that pops into his head-

  • steve like

‘what the fuck buy a guy several drinks first?’

  • sam: your bed, it’s too soft. when I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, use rocks for pillows, like a caveman.


  • what
  • sam: -explains what the fuck he’s talking about, beds are too soft, etc etc etc’
  • steve: ohhhh the marshmallow bed thing? ya i get that. fucking soft beds right haha -is apparently into the whole caveman thing-
  • sam: nice, saved it -high fives self-
  • steve: -demonstrates how Knowledgeable he is and how much Perspective he has and how Funny he can be’ we use to boil everything!!!!
  • steve literally sounds like one of those beauty queens having a question sprung on her that she didn’t expect
  • ‘Miss New York how does the world of today compare to the days of world war 2??? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘no polio is good’
  • ….’no polio is good’….
  • ‘we used to boil everything!!!’
  • somehow sam is still cool with this. it’s probably bc steve has mouth-watering melon pecs
  • Sam Makes His Move

you can tell this is his Move. he tells this to all the ladies. there’s no way you can get someone listening to marvin gaye and not get laid instantaneously

  • steve doesn’t know what the fuck sam is talking about but this is a great excuse to show off his arms by pulling out his little notebook

are you looking at those arms sam?? bc i am

  • btw
  • this

this is the face of a man who is DTF

  • ‘Miss New York, what are the most significant historical events and cultural changes that have occurred since world war two?? 30 seconds on the clock’
  • ‘uhh…. I Love Lucy. Moon Landing. Berlin wall… up and down. Steve Jobs…. apple….???? Disco. Definitely. Thai food. Star Wars and Trek. Nirvana… I’m pretty sure that’s a band. Rocky and Rocky 2. And whatever this guy just told me. idk I’ll look it up on the Google later’
  • ‘all right Sam, duty calls. Thanks for the run…… if that’s what you want to call running.’
  • ‘Oh, that’s how it is??’
  • ‘Ohhh that’s how it is.’
  • this is better flirting than i have ever implemented in my nearly ten long years after hitting puberty
  • ‘Hey anytime you want to stop by my place of employment that I told you explicitly within minutes of meeting you but now I’m bringing up again to make sure you remember where I work and where to find me again, make out with me me look awesome in front of the girl at the front desk, just let me know’
  • Steve: hella B)
  • nat: -rolls up-
  • nat:
Hours in Midnight // Thor x Reader

Pairing: Thor x Reader (POC)
Word Count: 4k+
Warning: Angst, Fluff, a bad word or two, a smut mention if you squint real hard, SLOOOOW BURRRRNNNNNNN
Summary: Thor shows Reader she’s so much more than the demons in her head make her believe. Friendship is magic. Side note: Thor got a monster peen pass it on. Bonus Sam Wilson! 

A/N: I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to write a Thor fic. I also study Norse Theology so I felt it a bit appropriate to include some of it in here. If you guys like this, I’ll consider adding more part(s)! Feedback is absolutely welcome. This is also unbeta’d. I’ll go back and fix grammar and spelling errors when I can. Let me know if you spot some!

Inspiration: “I Don’t Want to Change You” ~ Damien Rice

Where ever you go,
Well, I can always follow
I can feed this real slow
If it’s a lot to swallow.
And if you want to be alone
Well, I can wait without waiting
If you want me to let this go
Well, I’m more than willing…”

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Part 2

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Thoughts about the Dad!Spy thing

Since it’s now canon that Spy is Scout’s father, what does that mean for the rest of Scout’s family? Scout’s official description states that he has seven older brothers. But the way Spy talks about the events in the past it’s pretty clear that Scout is his only child.
So those seven siblings are actually Scout’s half-brothers. Then my questions are:

1. Do Scout and his brothers know that they have different fathers? Since Scout is the youngest the others must have known something, right?

2. Who was Scout’s mum’s first boyfriend/husband and what happened to him?
This scene in chapter 4 always confused me, even more now with chapter 6 out: Scout asks if Heavy’s father is dead. Heavy says yes and Scout replies:

To me, the way he ominously words this doesn’t really sound like he’s talking about Spy, but his mum’s first partner. First he says his father disappeared. But then he says his father is dead. So what is it? Is that unknown guy, who he thought was his father, really dead or just figuratively “dead to him” because he left? What did his mother (and brothers) tell Scout about all that? 
(Seriously, this is really confusing to me. Am I missing something? If you have any explanations or guesses, let me know!)

3. How and where did Spy and Scout’s mum initially meet? (US/France/somewhere completely different and why was the respective other one there at that time?)

4. Did Spy run away as soon as he found out he made her pregnant or did he actually spend a bit of time with his family before he vanished?
Is this here a flashback/memory after all?

5. When and how did Spy find out that the pitiful child-man on his team was actually the son he abandoned? How did he react to it?

6. Was it more than coincidence that these two ended up working together in the same mercenary team? The omniscient Administrator certainly must have known about their blood-relationship. I wouldn’t put it past her to create this kind of conflict on purpose, considering how much she enjoys making other people miserable.

7. Did Scout’s mum recognise (and forgive!) Spy when he showed up again after all those years? How often do they see each other nowadays?

I know we will most likely not get a satisfying conclusion to that whole family plot in the main comic. However, Jay Pinkerton once mentioned that there might be another comic arc if the fans show enough interest.
So we better show an appropriate amount of interest in more comics when the main series is over, ladies and gentlemen! 

Calling a POT First.

Today we’re in a world of instant messaging, texting, “sliding into a DM” but have you ever thought about calling them, having a conversation? I usually don’t but for some reason I felt compelled to and boy, I’m sure glad I did. 

I had been on and off texting this investment banker who claims he makes over a million; so of course my interest is sparked. Over text he asked my why I liked SA and I replied, “It’s a fun way of dating without the emotional attachment and drama involved. “ (I think that’s what I said, damn it. I deleted the whole conversation) Regardless, he was quite taken back by my answer. “You don’t like commitment?!” Oh, dear. This guy wants a relationship, not an arrangement.  We stopped talking for a couple days but still interested, I gave him a call. 

The investment banker told me why he liked SA. He had a girl who loved being his plus one at events, going to dinners and she didn’t want him to pay… blah, blah, blah BUT then his tone changed when it came to money. 

“If I’m fucking paying for it, you can shut the fuck up” 
“I had girls ask me for $500 to go to dinner, I said, ‘Are you fucking high?”

Wow. Did he really just say that? S-A-L-T.

Ladies, this man is entitled and rude. He has ZERO respect for a woman whatsoever. There are SO many ways to state your opinion without being a dick. Nor does he want to pay up. 

Here’s why calling is handy :

1) See if the conversation flows.
If it doesn’t on the phone, it may not in person. You can avoid how boring he is prior to going out with him. If it does, it may make the date better and more relaxed. It’s a great way to show off your fun and bubbly personality. 

2) Responses and Tones. 
I’m glad I called this guy because I realized prior to going out with him how he responded negatively. I got to avoid a horrible and pointless non paid date. Thank the heavens. His tone was HORRIBLE, nothing on text could have conveyed that. 

3) Most SDs are impressed. 
“Wow, I was actually really impressed that you called. No one ever does anymore” 
Ladies, you’re dealing with men who never had cell phones or internet until now. They LIKE conversation and getting to know someone. If you can call and hold a conversation, you just proved to them that you are way beyond your years and mature for your age and they LOVE that. 

Hope this helps. xoxoxo
- (sbmisstaylor) 


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Can I request Saeran wanting to impress MC and asking his brother some dancing lessons? Love ya! <3

Countdown to the Cake: 8

Waltzing 101

Saeran x MC



“No! Forget it! I won’t do it!”

“But, Saeran, that’s the only way I can teach you!”

“No fucking way! I won’t let you put that sweaty gross hand of yours on me!”

“How do you know it’s sweaty?” Saeyoung wiggles his eyebrows teasingly, making Saeran groan in annoyance.

How did he get here? Well, he asked for this. He literally went to his brother yesterday and said: “Need your help.”. Saeyoung’s eyes gleamed and his mouth opened in this huge smile.

“I knew this day was coming. What can your big brother do for you?”

“My brother who is not big since we don’t know which one was born first needs to… teach me how… to dance.” He looks away and says the end of the sentence almost in a whisper.

Another huge smile. And that’s how he got here. But why did Saeran want to learn how to dance, in the first place?

Ah yeah…  you. You and Zen dancing at last RFA party, those pics made it to the news, reminding him that as long as he was that weirdo nerve-wrecking thing, he wouldn’t be able to make you smile like Zen did while he held you and guided you like you two were floating or whatever. He needed to learn how to do that, he needed to learn how to dance.

He could never ask Zen, though. He wasn’t that comfortable around him. The only people who didn’t make him feel intimidated were you, Yoosung and… well, it was hard to admit, his brother. Yoosung probably didn’t know how to dance, you were the reason of all of this, so… his brother was his last hope, unfortunately.

But he forgot how… impossible his brother he was. That idiot! Trying to put his hand on Saeran’s hip and… conduct him! Gross, dude!

“Okay, it will be a little tougher. But why don’t I teach how to conduct, then? You can be yourself and I’ll be MC, how about it?” Saeran tilted his chin up, analyzing his twin’s idea. “I do a great impersonation of her, look: ‘Hiiii, guys! I’ve already eaten, what about you?~’”

“That’s… awful! Don’t do weird things like that, dude!”

“Saeran Choi, don’t tell me what to do like this, I already told you I don’t like it!” he puts his hands and sways his hips, flipping his imaginary long hair.

“Okay, this is more like her. Go on.”

“Great! So let’s start from the top! Here, grab my sweaty hand.” Saeran rolls his eyes and grabs Saeyoung’s hand angrily. “And the other one goes in my hip. Don’t try any naughty moves, huh?” why does his brother keeps begging to be punched like this? He looks away as his hand reaches Saeyoung’s hips.

“Good. Now remember you have to watch your feet, but keep eye contact with your partner, okay? So where do you wanna go? Right? Left?”

“Left.” So they go left.

“Good, try not to push her, though. It’s more like… showing the way. Again.” Now they go right. “Good, now for your steps, remember: you move your leg on 1, switch to the other leg on 2, and place both feet side to side on 3.”

“How am I supposed to remember all that while I’m looking at her face?”

“And smile, don’t forget to smile too.”

“Ugh, this is impossible!” he gets away from his brother, muttering.

“Well, you didn’t even try, to be honest… do you think Zen would give up that easy trying to impress his lady?”

“Why did you have to mention the pretty actor now?”

“Come on, bro! I know you! You were jealous of him at the party, weren’t you? Don’t worry about that, that dance was just something Jumin suggested for them to be photographed and RFA to get some good publicity. MC and Zen weren’t…”

“Don’t say it! I don’t want to think about it! I just…” he sighs “why is she with me when she can have that?”

“A guy who dances?”

“Of course not, dumbass! A guy… who makes her smile like that? A guy who would make her feel like a… princess or whatever. I don’t know how to be that guy, I… can’t be that guy.”

“But do you want to?”

“Make her feel special? Of course! I… all I want is be the guy she deserves.” He looks away, your face in his mind… then he realizes how much he’s opening up to… huh, his brother. “But don’t you dare saying anything to her, you heard me?”

“Don’t think I have to. Right, MC?” Saeyoung calls you. Saeran’s eyes widen as he spots you timidly walking to their living room.

“H- How the hell did you get in here?” Saeran asks, sounding much more annoyed than he would like to you.

“I bought an Arabic dictionary.” You say stoically.

“How… how long have you been standing there?”

“Just enough to hear some things that really concern me.”

“Uhh, gotta go! Just remembered I have to… shave my legs. Bye!” Saeyoung scoots out of the living room.

“What… what are your concerns?”

“That you got jealous of Zen even though I asked you more than once if you were okay with me dancing with him, which you said yes. Why did you lie?”

“I… thought I was okay, then I wasn’t anymore.” He crosses his arms and looks away like a little kid. “And… I’m really trying not to be the prick who keeps telling you what you can and cannot do, since you don’t like it.”

“Okay, fair. Then it concerns me you would think so low of yourself, you’re so great to me. You… make me comfortable, you make me feel like a princess, like I’m special. I told you that before, don’t you believe me?” okay, now you’re sounding hurt… which upsets him.

“Of course I do, it’s just… I know I can be hard to handle most of the times, MC. And I want to do justice to you. I really want to, but fuck! I’ll never be like Zen or… or my brother, I…” you grab his hands and make him look at you.

“And do you think I fucking care? I want you to be like you, the guy that I fell for.” He blushes, tightening the grip of his hands on yours. “I love you, Saeran.”

“Shit! I… I love you… I love you too.” He goes for a kiss, that gets deeper as he brings you closer wrapping his arms around your waist. It’s like he could melt when you dig your fingers in his hair.

He was such a bad kisser when you started dating, his teeth would clash to yours and his hands were so stiff. It was you and your infinite patience who showed him how to kiss better. He breaks off the kiss for both of you to recover your breath, but your bodies keep pressed against each other, so do your foreheads. Your eyes locked to his as you’re trying to go into his mind and read all his thoughts.

“What do we do now?” he asks, feeling embarrassed by this closeness.

“Now we waltz.” You say guiding his hand to your back while you hold his shoulder.

“I don’t know how to do this…” he mutters, trying to watch his feet without breaking eye contact, as his brother taught him.

“Me neither.” You wink playfully, making him laugh. And that laugh is everything you could possibly need to feel special.

You can see the other days here!

Meeting the Families- Brendon Urie

Request- I just read your most recent Josh fic and it was amazing!!! I was wondering if you could do a Tyler x readre where he takes her to meet his parents? <3.

A/N: me and this person changed it up a bit so yes it’s now about Brendon Urie. Thanks for working with me as I kind of changed your request <3. Also I added pictures because who don’t need to see some adorable baby Brendon Urie am I right? Anyways enjoy!

“Okay yeah, next weekend will work.” you were on the phone with your parents as Brendon walked into the room and sat next to you. “I gotta go, we’ll see you next weekend. Love you too bye.” when you said we’ll Brendon’s gaze went straight to you.

“We’ll?” he questioned once you hung up.

“Sorry, but yeah, both of us.” you said feeling slightly guilty. Brendon had yet to meet your family and he wasn’t looking forward to it. Either were you. You were the youngest of the family and to say they were protective over you would be an understatement. Not to mention they didn’t approve of Brendon, they thought he was a bad person and that he didn’t know what he was doing with his life. They didn’t care to listen to you when you told them about how he was a successful musician. They tended to be very judgmental and you were the complete opposite of your family.

“Well since I have to go, you have to meet my parents then.” he said. You hadn’t met his parents just yet because you were just too scared to, afraid of them hating you.

“Really?” you said.

“Yup. Now tell me things to be prepared for your family.” he said excitedly. He’s been wanting to meet them for a while, but you always told him no, knowing how rude they could be. You were scared they would scare him off.

“Well my mom and dad will only go by Mr. Y/L/N and Mrs. Y/L/N for now.” you said. “My aunts and uncles will try to get to marry me right away. Oh and stay away from my aunt Linda, she’s a crazy cat lady who will make you a sweater in an hour without you wanting it.”

“How will I know which one she is?” he asked.

“Oh, you will. Okay I have my 2 older brothers who will ask you all the questions about why you think you can date me, and they’re going to try and scare you off.”

“Do you have any people who won’t be giving me a questionnaire when I walk in the door?” he joked.

“Yeah, my grandmother but that’s because she sleeps through the whole party.” you said. “Also be careful, my brothers and dad are probably going to monitor you like crazy.” you continued.

“I wasn’t nervous at first, but now I sort of am.” he admitted.

“Don’t be, because even if they don’t like you I still will.” you said placing a light kiss on his cheek. “Now what do I need to know about your family?”

“Well we’re pretty normal. My mom and dad already love you and my siblings aren’t going to care.” he said and you felt a little better hearing that.

For the next week you prepared Brendon with things to say and not to say around your family. Some of them being no swearing, no mention of drugs or alcohol, and basically just go along with anything they talk about.

“Does this look good?” he asked as he tried on his 3rd outfit that day.

“Yes, it looks fine. Don’t be nervous, you’ll do fine.” you said calming him down. He had been freaking out for the past hour or so about what to wear, how to do his hair, and what to say to your family.

“Okay, okay. You’re right, I need to calm the fuck down.” he said taking a deep breath.

You giggled lightly at how adorable it was seeing him freaking out over this. When really you were hiding your freak out. You knew they were going to make judgements as soon as they saw his tattoos and heard more about his career.

Once you arrived at your parents house that afternoon you turned to Brendon and gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“You got this, just be careful. I’ll be right there to help you with answers.

He shook his head and you lead him to the door.

“Your favorite child is here.” you announced as you walked into the house.

“You so weren’t the favorite.” your brother Andrew said to you as he met you with a hug.

“So this must be Brendon?” he said looking Brendon up and down.

“Yes, this is Brendon and back off Andrew before you scare him.” you said pushing past him with Brendon in hand.

“Hey there Y/N how’s it going?” your dad asked from the couch where all your uncles, other brother John, and asleep grandma sat.

“Good, this is Brendon everyone, Brendon that’s my Grandma, uncle Pete, uncle Dan, my Brother John, and my dad.” you said pointing out each.

John sat up in his seat and glared at Brendon.

“Hello Brendon. So, you’re Y/N’s boyfriend?” your father asked.

“Yes I am sir, it’s great to finally meet you.” he said shaking your dad’s hand.

“Well Brendon you’re coming into a interesting family.” your uncle Pete joked.

“We’re going to go say hi to the rest of the family now.” you said pulling him along to the kitchen where your mom, and 2 aunts sat chatting.

“I thought I heard you come in.” you mother said hugging you.

“Yeah got here just a few minutes ago. Anyways, Brendon this is my mom, aunt Linda and aunt Kathryn. This is Brendon everyone.” you said taking in the stare your mother had on Brendon.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Y/L/N.” he said shaking her hand.

“So Brendon what do you do for a living?” your aunt Kathryn asked him helping with the awkward silence. After listening to him talk for a little bit you saw him relax slightly.

“I’ll be right back okay?” you said and he shook his head while listening to you aunt Linda’s conversation about her newest cat.

You went down the hall to the bathroom, but were stopped before you could get there.

“Y/N, just the person I wanted to talk to.” said your uncle Pete said to you. He and your aunt Kathryn were never judgmental and were open to everyone. “So your brothers and dad are planning on getting Brendon away from you for a while to question him, but your aunt and I got you covered. Did you prep him for the things they’re going to ask him about?” he asked.

“Yeah, he’s really nervous and I should probably get back to him before aunt Linda starts naming all her cats.” you said and your uncle laughed.

“Good luck, he seems like a good person.” he said and you continued onto the bathroom.

You went back into the kitchen a few minutes later to see Brendon missing.

“Where’s Brendon?” you asked your mother.

“I think your brothers went outside with him. Let them talk-” she said but you walk away before hearing the rest.

You went out to the back porch to see to see your dad and both your brothers talking to Brendon. He looked calm and you thought you would let him talk for himself for a minute before going outside. You could heard the entire conversation.

“So what are you looking to do with Y/N? I mean you don’t have a stable joke, are you using her for her money?” you father questioned.

“No, no sir. I would never. I actually do have a stable job, my band is very successful and we are actually going on tour in 3 months. I’m in love with your daughter and I’m just looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her. We’ve been together for almost 3 years and I would never do anything to hurt Y/N, she’s my everything.” Brendon said.

“Why did you wait this long to meet us?” John asked.

“I actually wanted to meet you guys a while back, but Y/N was discouraging it. I’m sorry we waited so long.”

“Oh so you’re blaming this on my sister?”

“No, I- sh-” you saw he was getting nervous so you went outside and interrupted the conversation.

“What’s going on out here?” you asked.

“Just asking him some questions. You can go back inside Y/N we have a few more questions to ask him.” you father spoke.

“No, I’m gonna stay right here. So what kind of questions?” You asked grabbing Brendon’s hand and he calmed down.

“Well just, never mind. Brendon I’m still not done with you. I’m not sure you’re for Y/N. I’ll give you a chance, but only because Y/N seems happy.” you father said before walking away.

“Yeah just know if you hurt her, your will be hurt 10 times worse.” Andrew warned.

“Andrew shut up and leave him alone.” you said and watched them all walk back inside.

“Breathe Brendon, you did fine.” you said kissing him on the cheek. “I heard that you said you were in love with me, are you really?”

“Y/N you know that. I will love you for the rest of my life, I will love you even if your family hates me, and I hope you will love me the same.”

“I do Brendon. Never doubt my love for you. Now let’s get back inside and finish this damn party. I’m sick of my family already.” you said leading Brendon back inside.

You sat in the living room talking to your uncle Pete and aunt Kathryn.

“I’ve heard of some of your songs before. I’m a music teacher and a few kids in my class are huge fans. You’re very talented.” your aunt told Brendon.

“Thank you, I like to think I have talent. That’s really cool that you heard of me before.”

“Brendon do you think you’ll ever tie the knot with my niece anytime soon?” your uncle Dan came in interrupting the conversation.

“Uncle Dan stop.” you said.

“It’s a real question. You’ve been together for what 3 years when will I get some great nieces and nephew. I’m getting old and we both know your brother’s can’t keep a girl for the life of them.” he said.

“Dan stop pressuring the poor kids. They’re young and living their lives.” you uncle Pete said standing up for you.

Finally the food was ready and that meant the party was closer to ending.

You and Brendon sat close to the end where your dad sat. when Brendon rolled up his sleeve his Frank Sinatra tattoo showed.

“Who is that Brendon?” you dad asked.

“Oh this is Frank Sinatra. I’ve been very inspired by him.” Brendon explained and your dad listened. You saw your dad taking a liking to Brendon more and more as they struck up conversation.

Soon both your brothers were in the conversation and you were relieved that they were talking not just questioning.

After you all at you helped you mom clean up the mess.

“So your father and brothers like Brendon. He seems like a good man, I’m glad you found a good one.” you mother commented and you stopped your actions.

“Wait so like you all like him?”

“Yes darling. He’s very sweet. Don’t get me wrong he still isn’t 100% in your father’s book, but nobody will ever be for his little girl. I trust him and I hope to see more of him.” you hugged her before she could finish her statement.

“Thank you mom.” you said.

You finished cleaning the kitchen up and went out to see Brendon laughing while talking to your brothers.

“Bren, I think it’s time we go, you have to be in the studio all day tomorrow.” you reminded him.

“Right, well it was nice meeting you guys.” he said standing from the chair and shaking the hand of your brother’s one last time. “And Mr. Y/L/N it was a pleasure getting to talk to you.” you said goodbye to the rest of the family, Brendon leaving a good impression on all of them.

“Y/N can I have a minute with Brendon alone?” your father asked.

“I’ll meet you in the car.” Brendon told you taking in ho hesitant you seemed, but he felt confident.

You headed out to the car and waited.

When Brendon came back out you saw he had a big smile on his face.

“What did he say?” you asked nervous of what your father might have said to Brendon.

“He said he approves of me.” Brendon said still with a huge grin on his face as he drove.

“That’s the only thing? You look really happy?”

“That’s all you have to worry about love.” he said and kissed your hand. “Now next weekend you meet my family. Are you ready?”

“Sure as long as they are as normal as you said.”

“Trust me they are very normal compared to your family.”

The next weekend

“Hi there you must be Y/N. we’ve heard so much about you.” his mother greeted you with a hug.

“All good things I hope.” you smiled.

“He made you sound like an angel.” his father told you.

“That’s because she is.” Brendon said kissing you. “She makes me the happiest I could ever be.”

You felt so comfortable the entire time. His siblings were all so nice and his parents loved you.

You were currently around the table with his mom and one of his sisters looking some old family pictures.

“This was when he was about 2. His sister Kayla took scissors to his hair.” his mother said pointing to the picture.

“Aww he’s so adorable.” you said.

“Oh god don’t show her pictures.” Brendon said sitting next to you.

“Why they’re so cute. You looked like a dork.” you said.

“I look like a 35 year old women in this one mom. You did you dress me like that.” he said at another picture.

“Brendon shut up. You look like an adorable little kid who did whatever his parents told him to do.” you said poking him in the side so he would stop ridiculing his younger self.

“Just don’t show her my high school pictures. Those are the worst.” he said then leaving the room.

His mom showed you those next and he really did look like a total dork, but you love him.

After many hours of conversation and laughter you and Brendon were about to leave. You finish your goodbye and they all welcomed you back anytime.

“So did you like them?”Brendon asked as you got into the car.

“Yes. I love your family they were all so nice. I’m sorry you had to deal with mine.” you apologized.

“You can’t help that your family is terrifying and that I was anxious the entire time.” he said then you sat in some comfortable silence as you drove back home.

“So did my mom end up showing you all the high school pictures?” he asked.

“Yup.” you laughed.

“I’m so sorry. I went through some awkward stages.”

“You were such a dork yet so cute. Maybe one time I’ll show you mine.” you said.

“You were probably hot in high school.”

“Nope. I wore a hoodie and sweatpants everyday and had pimples everywhere. Growing up with older brothers made me a bit of a tomboy. I finally got to senior year and ditched the sweats for dresses. I’ll never go back to that. Now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure I burned all evidence of those 3 years.” you said and Brendon laughed.

“I could always tweet out the school you went to and the year you graduated. I bet someone will find a yearbook with your picture.” Brendon tease.

“Don’t, I mean it Brendon. Those pictures could be the break point in this relationship.” you warned and he laughed.

“Nothing will break us. I love you way too much for a picture to change that.” he said kissing your hand as he drove.

Fuck scammers and people in general

This didn’t happen to me but a coworker on his first day on the register. He was shadowing someone for a while but it got so busy that the managers decided to put him on a register alone. So this guy, I’ll call him Scam Man, comes to his register and wanted to load $2,000 onto a gift card. But he knows the registers will only allow 1,000 per transaction so they’d have to do it in 2 transactions. He also mentioned he’d be paying cash for both but he’d hand over the cash at the end of the 2nd transaction. So B, my coworker, loads the gift card. (Scam Man also loaded it through his side of the register so B never held the actual gift card in his hand). B goes through the motions, hits cash, the drawer opens and Scam Man tells him to just close the drawer. And the same process repeats. B is extremely new, nervous, and under a lot of pressure so he listens to him especially since he’d said he works here. I don’t know how things ended from there but he definitely got scammed.
Send out good vibes for him y'all, he thinks he’s gonna lose his job already.
In other news; a lady takes 15 minutes to write a check in the express lane, couldn’t hear me so I had to yell at her for me to get through the transaction. And she also asked me how to spell my stores name (MalWart). I also had a man insist that my one and only job was to wait by the register for customers to walk by bc i had take mn a minute or 2 to put away my returns and hangers during a lull. He kept going on and on until I explained to him that in my experience, ANY employer wouldn’t want an employee if they could only do one task their whole shift. Employers always want employees to do the jobs of 5 people all at once and in the least amount of time to save money. He shut up pretty quickly after that.
tl;dr a scammer scammed my newbie coworker out of $2,000 by loading a gift card and saying he was gonna pay cash but never handed over any cash. And some customers who got on my last goddamn nerve with their stupidity.

Trois NSFW headcanons~

Originally posted by sayyestoawkward

- Trois of course is very romantic

- always horny too, so he’s ready to sneak away whenever you are 

- or don’t sneak away, he’s not shy in the least and Honey will just get annoyed and freak out that you 2 are in the middle of the cell and honestly he’s getting annoyed by this happening all the time ( if it really bothers you though will tell Honey how extremely unattractive it is to barge in on a lady) 

- every morning when he sees you his eyes light up and asks about your underwear. What do you expect? he’s Trois, the wonderful pervert.

- your underwear goes missing all the time, and you know right where to find it

- very sweet to you

- so many kisses and pecks on your face and well, everywhere

- will randomly whisper naughty little things in your ear at any moment

- if your turn the tables and do it to him, his glasses fog up so fast

- lingerie, lingerie, lingerie!

- on both of you.

- Lace is very much his style

- and garter belts

- he has a magic tongue

- such quick and nibble fingers from his special weapons skills

- if you don’t already, you might end up with a weapons fetish by the time he stops talking

- sex with Trois is always lighthearted and fun

- loves making you laugh and giggle during

- definite switch

- his striped bow? perfect for tying wrists together

- if you take charge he will obey your every command

- his bed has silk sheets that are very nice

- Trois does not hold back his moans.

- at all.

- happy breathy moans echo through though the room your entire session, an open mouth smile on his face the whole time

- if you tease him he will whine about how unfair you’re being

- if you suddenly bite him his eyes will widen and he will let out a surprised squeak

- loves when your run your hands through his hair

- if you tug on his hair he’ll let out a guttural moan heard from 5 cells away

- kinky little mint head

- watch out when it’s his turn~

- will bind your wrists with his bow and have your arms around his neck; bonus happy if you play with his hair

- loves role play, especially if you take notice of his outfits and the details, or would wear kitty ears for him?

- happily has no shame if you give him visible hickies and love bites, he tends to leave them hidden on your though

- was stunned for a whole 3 minutes when you once tugged him into a supply closet just to ravish him before walking out without a word

- if (when) Honey walks in on your two, Trois smiles gleefully and asks Honey if he wants to join 

- Honey’s arrows get angry and flustered and he stomps out of the room trying to cover his nosebleed and slamming the door behind him

- Trois shrugs and smiles at you

- sweet with aftercare

- a warm bath with wine and rose petals if his favorite

- also tends to lead to another round of fun

- if you’re too tired will help you clean off with a warm towel

- when you’ve both finished he likes to lay in bed cuddled together and tell you sweet little things in French

- just laying and feeding each other fruits and sweets? yes

Time Is Not Enough

Originally posted by knfie-edge

Pairing: Peter Parker x Barnes!Reader
Summary: Basically, after a HYDRA mission gone right Bucky, your brother, finds your cryotube containing oneself (You have a mutation which controls earth particles/nature) , he brings you home and introduces you to the team, most importantly Mr Parker… Now this is set during Infinity War, so no spoilers as I have no clue in what the storyline will be…
A/N: I’m back with a BANG, don’t sue me…
Word Count: 1400+

“Go fish…” My big bro said to me after I asked for a 3, “Have you got any 2’s?” I shook my head. 

“Go fish…” God we were bored… We could’ve been watching something on the big grey rectangle thingy, but when Bucky tried to turn it on he got scared when the lady in the wall started talking to him… So now we are both sat cross-legged on my bed with a deck of cards wondering how long the team will take getting the takeout pizza.

“Buck… How long are they gonna take?” He shrugged.

“God knows… but if they take any longer I might commit…” I laughed and shook my head.

“Ditto Bro, ditto…” I sighed dramatically and flopped backwords onto my bed and closed my eyes. My peace was disrupted by a knock on my bedroom door. 

“I’ll get it…” I muttered, Bucky nodded and packed the cards away. I opened the door to see a surprised looking Liz Allen. 

“I’m sorry, I thought this was Peter’s room…”

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Fic Updates Week Ending 2/11/17

Good Morning Lovely Everlarkers!  Hope this week finds you all well and reveling in some Everlark Love this Valentines Day.  Can we all say a big thank you to the lovely ladies running the @loveinpanem blog?  Because…well, they’re just amazing!  Go check them out!  

In other news, the blog is getting a new look!  Caryn aka @papofglencoe has been busy behind the scenes tweaking and tabbing away.  I have absolutely no words for how much I love her and that Caryn Flair!  I hope you’ll reach out with a little love for her today too.

Let’s get down to business and check out this weeks updates now, shall we?

Where We Can Be Safe  Chapters 4-6  by @geekymoviemom

Everything But Money  Chapter 6  by @mtk4fun

Sirens Call  Chapter 12 by ThornFromARose

Dr. Hot Buns, M.D.  Chapter 2  by @littleevilisa (from last week)

Reverse  Chapter 5  by @herainab

The Firebird  Chapter 24 (last chapter) by @thegirlfromoverthepond

Capitol Life  Chapter 5  by @javistg

Quicksilver  Chapter 4  by @finnicko-loves-anniec

Behind Blue Eyes  Chapter 15  by @maxwellandlovelace

No Baggage  Chapter 2  by @lvfics  - still can’t get the tag to work

Out of Bounds  Chapter 14  by lizzyvb

Fated to Love  Final Chapter  by @jlalafics

Epiphany  Chapter 16 by @sfcbruce

Star Crossed Lovers  Chapter 15  by CPfanfic

There are Still Much Worse Games to Play  Chapter 68  by panskiss123

Wanted  Chapter 2 by @peetaspikelets

As always, just reach out to us if anything has been overlooked, we’ll be sure to get it reblogged and added next week.

That’s it my darlings!  I hope each and everyone of you has an amazing week and that we all find something to make our heart smile this Valentines Day.  In the meantime, how about some grimy dirt-covered Peeta to get the ole’ heart pumping, huh?  Thought so…

Happy Peeta Sunday!  Still the best damn day of the week!

Love ya!  Mean it!

Your Everlarkficupdate Team

You know this pic is totally when Peeta told Katniss that he didn’t care if she “saw him” and she stomped away all embarrassed and shit!

Things I hope that are going to happen in RTTE

Ranked from the top:

1~ Explaining how The reaper ended up on that ship graveyard and why the dragoneye was still on it. Bonus points for mentioning who the owner of that skeleton arm was.

2~ The life size maces and talons set in solid gold.

3~ A Ruffnut episode

4~ Hiccup and Viggo (if he is still alive) playing maces and talons and ending with checkmate [x]

5~ The chicken is amused

6~ Someone getting the hiccups [x]

7~ Astrid saving Hiccup / Hiccup using his blacksmithing skills to make Astrid a present.

8~ Who made the dragoneye, who owned it, how does it work, what was the meaning behind the season 2 finale and why does it even have a night fury lens?

9~ One of Hiccup’s inventions exploding or something

And some things I’d like to see but not necessarily want:

10~ Ruff and Tuff’s mom. I want to know which lady sings their children to sleep with a lullaby about stabbing people in the eye.

11~ Alvin and Mildew being good Berkian citizens.

12~ Thornado living happily ever after with those three little thunderdrums.

13~ More about Toothless’s other tailfins. (The ones on Hiccup’s wall.) Are they merely decorative, or fancy ones created for different situations?

14~ Getting to know what happened to the beserkers, and I mean the common people that had nothing to do with Dagur’s armada. The men, women and children who suddenly have their deranged chief back and his long lost sister too. Is Dagur going to be a good chief to his tribe now or does he leave that to Heather? 

15~ The skrill. It is still mad at Dagur and I’d like to see the Berserker siblings explain to him that Dagur is now a good guy. (But don’t let them train it, the skrill is way cooler as wild dragon.)

16~ Something about Heather’s adoptive parents. The ones Dagur murdered. We’ll get to know about Oswald, but what about the man and woman seen in Heather report?

17~ He’s probably long dead, but I’d like to see Viggo’s grandfather.

Imagine #41 (Kellin Quinn) (SWS) (Requested by WizardOfLoneliness)

Request: Cool thanks! Can you do one where like [y/n] is Vic’s little sister and starts dating kellin, but vic doesn’t know and gets freaked out when he finds out. Idk.

A/N: Here you go my love. Hope you like it. Give me your feedback and requests are always open.

“(Y/N), can you come downstairs?”  Vic shouts from downstairs. I snatch the laptop off my lap and jump off my bed. I exit my bedroom-well, the guestroom I crash in on Vic’s house whenever I have a fight with our parents- and jog downstairs, to the living room.
“What is it?” I ask him.
“(Y/N), let me introduce you to my best friend, Kellin Quinn. Kellin, this is my youngest sister, (Y/N)”  I  stand there, watching them in complete starstruck.
“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard many things about you.” Kellin says while extending his hand. I feel his eyes burning my skin, my breath hitched in the back of my throat and my heart rate speed up. I shake his hand; oh god, it’s so soft and warm.
“Nice to meet you too” I stutter out; shitt, why do I have to be so weird in front of him.
“Awww, my baby sister is a grat fan of your band… Isn’t she the cutest?”  Vic says, to no one particularly, pinching my cheeks, which I bet that they haven taken a fire red shade.
“She surely is.” Kellin says and winks at me.

“I’ll take out the trash”  I say to Vic.
“Thanks. Um, Danielle is coming over in a few… Do you mind, maybe, um, leave us alone for an hour or so?”  Vic says, scratching the back of his head. I smirk and kiss his cheek.
“Sure, I’ll go hang out with my friends. You two have fun”
“No problem. Use protection. Don’t make me an aunt so soon.” I moak him as I grab my phone. I slip in a pair of vans and take a light jacket with me.
“Fuck off” He says, giggling. I stick my tongue out and exit the house.

I place my earphones in my ears and walk to the nearest garbage bin, to throw away the trash. I have a weird feeling that someone is watching me. I just shake it off and throw the trash bag in the bin.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I guess my reflectants worked pretty fast, cause I just turned around and punched my attacker in the jawline.
“Oh My God” I hear him wince in pain. I remove my earphones and squint my eyes. The lights are off, so it’s pretty dark, but I can still catch sight of those perfectly blue ords under the dim moonlight.
“Oh shit. Kellin are you alright?”  I ask, guilt taking over me.
“You are great at punching” He says, laughing
“I was scared”
“I’ve been calling your name for like 2 minutes.”
“i had my earphones in. I couldn’t hear you. I am so sorry”
“It’s ok.It’s kinda my fault too.”
“If you are looking for Vic, now it’s not the right time. Danielle is coming over.”
“Well, I wasn’t looking for Vic” He says. I furrow my eyebrows and look at him.
“Then why are you here?
"Well, I was looking for  you…” He says and moves some stray hair behind my ear.
“I was wondering if you’d like to grab lunch with me tomorrow…”
“Oh… Um,sure, why not?”
“Great.. Here is my number”  He says and hands me a piece of paper, with his number scribbled on it.
“Um, Kellin?…”
“Actually, would you mind if we went for a walk right now? I mean Danielle is coming over and Vic kinda kicked me out for a few hours, so I have plenty of time. And I feel kinda guilty for your jaw.” I say and bite my lip. He chuckles and extends his elbow.
“Sure.Where do you want to go, beautiful?”  He asks and I blush.

“(Y/N), we are going out for dinner. Wanna come?”  Vic asks me. I am sitting in the back lounge, waiting for them to leave so I can sneak out and meet Kellin.
“Nah, I feel a bit off. It might be from the trip…” I say, hoping that Vic and the guys will bite it. Truth is that I am a bit exhausted but I came to visit them on tour so that I can see Kellin too. Sure, I’ve missed my brothers but I was with them the whole day, I think that it’s Kellin’s turn now.
“Vic, let her be. My baby sister wants to rest” Mike says, embracing me and kissing my forehead.
“She is my baby sister too, you know..” Vic says and embraces me too.
“Group hug…” Jaime shouts and joins in. Tony chuckles, but joins in too.
“Guys.Can’t. Breathe” I say, pretending to be breathless.
“Ok. We are going. We might be late.” Vic says, kissing my cheek.
“Ok, have fun” I greet them.

I wait until I hear the door click and grab my phone. I quickly text Kellin that the guys are gone and get up to get ready. I slip in a pair of ripped skinny black jeans and a white lacy top. I renew my make-up, using just some foundation, mascara and a light lip-gloss. I pick up my combat boots and leather jacket and grab my phone and wallet. Right on time.

I exit the bus and head to the spot where Kellin and I have arranged to meet.  I hear footsteps approaching me and I start to freak out. I feel a hand on my shoulder and a warm  breath on my neck.
“Don’t punch me” I hear a familiar voice whisper in my ear. He kisses my neck and spins me around.
“Asshole.” I say smiling.
“You look gorgeous too”  He moaks me. I kiss his lips softly.
“MMM, marshmellow lip-gloss. Quiet tasty. Let me try it again and see if I like it.” He says and kisses me deeply.
“I definately like it” He says. I smack his chest.
“Dork.” I say.  He smacks my ass, lightly.
“Move your pretty ass darling” He says, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

We walk until we find a restaurant. Kellin opens the door for me, bowing a bit.
“Why… Thank you mister”
“anything for you my lady” He kissses the top of my hand. We walk to a guy behind a desk and he smiles at us.
“Reservation for 2 under the name Kellin Quinn.” Kellin says
“Welcome Mr. And Mrs Quinn” The man says. I blush. He leads us to our table and brings us the menus.
“it sounded weird.” I say, once the man leaves.
“It suits you.” He says, smiling.
“Don’t rush things, Mister”
“I don;t. But we have to begin from somewhere” He says and scans the menu.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, we have to begin from somewhere. For example, stop being a secret.”  He says.
“Mike and Vic are going to kill you”
“They won’t” He says. I cock my head to the side. He chuckles and looks at me sweetly.
“Can we not talk about it tonight and have fun?”  I ask ,taking my puppy eyes. He kisses the too of my hand and nods.
“Sufe, baby girl.”
The waiter comes and takes our order. The rest of the meal runs smoothly until, the cute little fight about the bill in the end. Of course, he convinced me in the end and paid the dinner.

We exit the restaurant and began  strolling around the town hand in hand, my head resting on his chest, listening his steady heart beat .
“You know what would be perfect?” He asks me out of nowhere.
“If we slept outside,under the stars…”  He says
“Sounds perfect…” I say, turning to face him. I kisss him and he kisses me back. It seems perfect, It feels perfect.
“(Y/N), Kellin?”  I hear someone behind us. Someone, familiar. I pull away and look at them: Vic.
“Vic…” I stutter out. He and Mike look at us, shocked. I hear Kellin gulp and the rest of the group chant.
“Is it… Are you… Are you, together?”  Vic asks.
“Yes. Yes we are. And I am soory we had to hide it from you .”   Kellin says. His voice is steady, like he is not afraid of the consiquences.
“For how long are you together?” Mike asks.
“6 months” I say and bite my lip. Vic looks at me disappointed.
“And what if you get hurt again? And what if you break up? He is kinda my best friend.”
“I promise I won’t hurt her. She means a lot to me.” Kellin says and I melt.
“I don’t know how to feel about it. Give me a sec.”    Vic says and brings his palms to his face.

2 agonizingly slow minutes later he looks at us.
“Hurt her and you are dead. And you young lady, are grounded for the next 2 days. And keep your sex life to yourselves.” Vic says. Kellin bro hugs him and Mike hugs me.
“And Quentes is real…” Mike shouts and we all laugh.

Some thoughts on Lucky Charm + Ladynoir

So I’ve been rewatching the show because, ya know, hiatus, and I noticed something about Ladybug’s Lucky Charm. While most of the time she uses it to stop the villain in order to grab and destroy the item the akuma is in, that’s not its sole purpose. On at least two occasions (so far, there may be more in later episodes, I can’t remember) Ladybug has used Lucky Charm and the item is something she needs at that time. 

In The Bubbler, she uses it when she sees Adrien and Chloe slow dancing together and she wants to separate them as quickly as possible. The Lucky Charm becomes a CD which she throws onto Nino’s turntable to change the song to an upbeat one and stop Adrien and Chloe from dancing. Has nothing to do with stopping the akuma.

In Lady Wifi, she uses Lucky Charm to break Chat out of the freezer that Lady Wifi trapped him in. She could have easily just focused on stopping Lady Wifi first, and then Chat would be able to get out of the freezer once everything went back to normal after Ladybug yells “Miraculous Ladybug.” But instead her instinct was to get Chat out immediately, even at the risk of not being able to stop Lady Wifi in time/de-transforming in front of Chat. 

And Adrien knows this

Once he gets out, this is the first thing that happens:

He is touched that Ladybug chose to rescue him over stopping Lady Wifi.

Idk, I think it’ll be interesting to see if stuff like that happens in season 2, with Ladybug using her Lucky Charm for reasons other than capturing the akuma and I just have a lot of feels seeing how much she genuinely cares for Chat Noir, even if not in a romantic way…yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Then and Now - Part 1 -

Part (1)

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff and just a hint of angst.

Summary: Namjoon had the big chance of going home and seeing the family he stayed with in New Zealand while he was studying there, somehow though he went from smelling cologne to in a home having dinner with a date a grandma set up.

(gif credit to original owner)

(Dedicated to @tanitakhira for staying up till 3 am conjuring this up with me)

The airports in New Zealand were all pretty quiet compared to other bigger airports. However to you, it was bustling with life, people going places or coming back from their travels. You always got a new story every day since you worked in a little Pharmacy in the airport. You worked with your grandma, most days. You would get there very early and leave very late. You loved working with your grandma though she made everything fun and interesting. “Sweetheart stop daydreaming and go help that young boy over there.” Her sweet voice cuts into your daydreaming.

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anonymous asked:

hcs for the gang x a thicc kind of chubby pear shaped reader please? 😏

- Darry is one who is very open about how much he loves your figure, like that boy could go on and on about how much he appreciates your body. Loves to hype you up, and will literally beg you to wear lingerie for him. even a simple nightgown can get that man going

-Soda and Pony are really sweet and shy because most girls they know are pretty thin which there’s nothing wrong with, but being with a woman whose very filled out excites him because it makes him feel manly. They’re both in the same boat when it comes to bigger woman

-TwoBit beats Darry any day when it comes to hyping you up, you’re his wonderful lady who knows how to fuckin kill it out there. Drools over you if you wear jeans that hug just right, hell that man will hype you up even when you’re half dressed and you’re like ??? can you let me get ready? “no way babydoll, you’re not leaving this room today”

-Steve likes to whistle anytime you walk by because it makes you blush (only for him) and he loves to flaunt you around town. he loves it when you wear dresses because 1) you look super yummy and 2) it’s easier for him to take off. if you ever feel down, Steve is your man to make you feel truly great

-Johnny is someone who devotes his life to making sure you always feel like a queen. he’ll stand up against anyone who ever questions your weight, ability, or health. he’d do anything to protect your honor because bigger woman hold just as much value as any other woman or shape. loves to give you hugs because you’re the best hugger ever and he loves to compliment how nice you look

-Dallas isn’t the one to go out of his way to call you beautiful and perfect but if he notices you’re not feeling 100% about your body he’ll do his best (mostly actions) to try and hype you back up. if you ever make a comment about how you don’t like something he’ll grab you and pull you up against him and be like “just more for me to grab”

Bullet Points: Strength in Numbers

A Wondrous Place-part 2 (part 1 here)

Bullet points are encapsulated scene analysis from the top of each act to the bottom. (each act is bookended by a commercial break)

1. I always find it interesting to see where the short act is placed in each ep. The one that only consists of 2 scenes. Is it close to the end where it serves to take all the threads of the ep and begin to pull them together for the big finish or is it, as in this ep, near the beginning where it serves to cast the threads out to be explored in the later acts?

No matter where it’s placed the two scene act always has something very specific to say. In this case it’s saying–keep an eye on these two situations going forward and watch how they inform and illuminate each other.

2. Dead leaves blowing across an empty street while morose piano music plays in the background. Snort. They reallllly want to make sure you get the fact that Emma’s in a lonely, isolated, desolate state of mind.

3. So let’s see, Emma has decided that this is the perfect time to update the way she handles information? Because the old way of doing things doesn’t serve the purpose anymore? Seriously?

I love you, Jane.

Just like the technology for keeping police files has changed since the curse was broken so has Emma’s place in life. She no longer has to assume that every person in her world will let her down and abandon her. Still…that can be a hard habit to break. It’s going to take work. Which she’s signalling here she’s willing to begin.

4. “If busy work helps, busy work it is.”

As I talked about in the first part, David’s mind is running on one track right now. Help Emma. He’s following her lead. Doing what she wants to do.

I think in this instance the sleeping curse came in handy because had David stayed awake for much longer, and gotten out of Emma’s direct orbit, he most likely would have started to ask a few questions about what was really going on.

5. I love that Gideon sussed out that a 2 for 1 drink special was the way to catch Regina’s interest and get her motivated to bring Emma to the bar.

Not because I think he pegged her as cheap, we have nothing in canon that leads us to believe that, but because of what it says about Regina’s frame of mind right now.

That’s right. I’m actually going to justify the things Regina said and did in this episode.

I know! I’m shocked too.

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Arrow 5x13 “Spectre of the Gun” Review: Bad Aim

I debated even writing up a review for this episode. I don’t really want to venture into the kind of politics this episode delved into; and mostly because this episode was just bad.

There are only two good things about the entire episode:

1)      Thea Queen’s return. I’ve missed her. Her snarky little jabs have been sorely missed. Everything that came out of her mouth was perfection. Stop leaving us.

2)      The end of the episode. Because it was finally over.

It was so sloppily mishandled that it is my fervent hope that if ever Marc Guggenheim and Arrow company ever think of venturing into a “special episode of the week” territory: THEY SIMPLY DON’T DO IT. Somebody should Taser them and lock them in a closet until they’ve properly thought about their insanity.

Going into this episode I was leery. First of all because it was centered around Wild Dog and I have yet to be invested in his character. He’s made a few tiny steps (and then lost them) forward in recent weeks but nothing that merits his own special episode. So here I was with a flashback episode about him when most of my core favorites have been sidelined all season long. I wasn’t amused. Second, I just really don’t think that Arrow is the kind of show where this discussion is best suited. Namely because Arrow throws violence around so commonly that nothing about last night’s episode stood out markedly from any other Arrow episode.

In fact, when the episode started with the gun attack, it felt so familiar that I thought we’d seen it before. And I was right. We did in 2x01. On the exact same set (then called QC), “The Hoods” opened fire on the boardroom. So I’m not entirely sure what made this episode “special” other than some characters were turned into political mouthpieces, while others were muzzled. There is nothing remotely shocking about what Edlund did—though how Quentin’s spidey sense didn’t tingle at the very suspicious dude in the elevator is beyond me.

Beyond the way Arrow uses violence regularly, this episode’s message was marred down even further by being in a season where Oliver Queen is dropping bodies again. In fact, he just killed an innocent man a few weeks ago and seems to have gotten over the guilt of that moment real quick. The return to killing this season has been a thorn in my side because it’s never once been narratively justified. They keep saying that it’s because Laurel died; but that doesn’t fly with Oliver believing her death wasn’t his fault.

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The Trophy Wife (1)

Summary: Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when he a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Word count: 2.1k

Warning: mentions of abuse, angst

A/N: Tagging is open for this series. Let me know if you’d like to be tagged :) I hope you enjoy it. I’m proud of how this part turned out!


You couldn’t make sense of how you got here. One minute you were living the life of your dreams, the next you were trying to desperately escape that life. You had it all. The huge mansion with an underground pool in the backyard and unnecessary extra rooms. The fancy cars, newest designs before they even came out, dinner at the most expensive restaurants in the city, topped with a handsome husband by your side. Well that’s how an outsider would see it.

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