he knows he does

It was cat day today, so this had to be done– Sae-nyan (or would it be Nyan-ran) goes out to make a friend//

Bonus: a mini Yoo-nyan! ☆

“You have to understand, when I like someone, everything becomes way too intense way too fast.

You know the stars in his eyes, galaxies in his mind,

Tinkling laughter like chimes on a windy day,

Chocolate chip cookie smiles,

All of it.

All of it becomes way too real.

I can’t help but wonder this marvel that is sitting in front of me because of the successive generations of transfer of genes to create this human being.does he even know how perfectly imperfect he is?

Every freckle, every blemish, every imperfection, is so Goddamn perfect.

Does he even know?

and I realize he doesn’t.

Does he have have the slightest inkling now magnificently unique he is?

Humans truly are.

It’s time they realize it”


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Do you know what kinda music Mads likes? Does anyone know? 😯

He has mentioned that he loves The Doors and Pink Floyd. He also said he likes Amy Winehouse and thought her death was a terrible loss. I’ve never heard him say he likes The Ramones but he sure looks fine af in their shirt…

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Jimin grew up to be such a beauty

he really did ;; and honestly he keeps getting more beautiful every day, i feel like at some point my heart won’t be able to take it anymore… i’m already struggling anyway lmao

is elliot asking for direction? does he wanna know the meaning of life? is he asking inappropriate questions about how they died? who knows!♥

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Here, have some hpd Lance headcanons

Why are you doing this to us, Dorian? Well, because I’m bored af and I like to project on my faves so deal with me here for a bit.

  • You know how he’s constantly flirting, right? He does that even if he’s not interested. It’s one of the easiest ways to get attention. He doesn’t care if it’s a stranger or someone he knows, he just feels good when he gets a little bit of attention, doesn’t matter if the attention is positive or negative.
  • He’s used to make flashy appearances and acts pretty overexcited around people because he’s desperate to make a good impression and make people think he’s like, super cool and funny because that means people will like him, right?? But he feels bad about it when he’s alone because he thinks he’s… Too Much™.
  • When he first met Pidge and she ignored him and Hunk, Lance thought he had left a bad impression. He spent a whole week in a pretty bad mood because he genuinely thought the reason Pidge avoided them was because she hated him.
  • He trusts people he just met way too easily. If they seem to like him, he will trust them right away because hey, they’re nice and they acknowledge him so. He also has a tendency to overshare.
  • He needs constant attention and reassurance but he also feels that it’s something he has to earn so he really never asks for it. Not directly at least. If he tries to get it his way and people act annoyed by it, he will immediately shut down.
  • He really likes Shiro, but feels like he never acknowledges him, which makes it worse than if it was anyone else because Shiro is basically his hero??? When he feels really bad about it, he remembers that time Shiro said “That’s why we bring our sharpshooter” because that made him feel reassured even if he just acted as if he already knew.
  • He doesn’t really act like he needs extra attention because he’s used to be brushed off by everyone when he gets really loud or annoying so no one really feels the need to go out of their way to talk to him when he isolates himself, thinking he’s just sulking and it will pass. But when no one comes to ask if he’s okay and comfort him, he starts thinking no one cares about him and this eventually leads to him thinking about ways to get attention that are not the same as usual so it’s not obvious he’s kinda desperate for it. Ways such as lying about his problems and exaggerate them or getting hurt so people will worry about him.
  • And okay I know all of this is angsty so consider this too: Hunk telling the rest of the crew about Lance’s hpd and everyone making an effort to acknowledge Lance and make him feel loved and cared about. Keith being more patient around him and not brushing him off. Hunk cuddling with him when he realizes Lance is starting to isolate himself. Pidge letting him follow her around the ship and see the stuff she’s working on. Shiro praising him when he does something cool on a mission instead of ignoring his efforts in favor of complaining about him pulling a risky move. Coran sharing old anecdotes and teaching him how to play some altean games. Allura taking him shopping. Just, everyone caring about him and taking care of my boy because he really needs it.

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all your delightful rurouni kenshin blogging recently has brought back all of my deep and loving feelings for this series (honestly it was super formative for me) so can i ask your top 5 rk fic of all time or if you're not a big fic reader top 5 scenes?

💕 oh man – unfortunately no, i’m not a big fic reader, so here are my top five scenes! genuinely a bit of a difficult decision, but ultimately here are the big five that stick with me.

under the cut because I TYPED A LOT

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Fondly? What does the king say about the child Undyne? If thats alright to ask and not sworn to secrecy.

Pshhh, nahhh. I can tell.

He said a lot of things.

For one, like he hardly felt like he deserved to call them his kid anymore, after he’d killed so many humans like them…

He talked about how they liked gardening and tea and drawing and other sappy crap like that…

And one time, how much I reminded him of them.

Sounds dumb.

You are way cooler than me.

Hey, don’t talk smack about yourself like that!!!!!

Cannot be stopped.

Will not be stopped.

I’ll stop you!!!!

Try me.

He hates me, you know. And I deserve it.

He does NOT!!!!!

What part of that makes you think he does????

It is obvious.

No it’s not!!!!!

i have a genuine concern here. does darre bear know how much i love him? does he know i always smile at the thought of him? does he know i’m tempted to fight anyone who dares to hurt him? does he know i want to buy him so many flowers that he doesn’t know what to do with them all?

does my poet love know i love him?

Elrond is such a little shit, I swear. He’s supposed to be this wise and benevolent elf, right? But he offers Thorin and company food in a language he fucking knows they won’t understand because he likes stirring the shit pot. Let’s face it, dwarves are a sensitive and easily offended, hot tempered lot and Elrond fucking knows this. He does this because he knows the dwarves will take offense and he finds it amusing. I mean, did you see his smug face when Gloin accuses him of insulting them? Lord Elrond is a petty creature and I aspire to be more like him.

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Y ' know after seeing that image of Knuckles being an agriculturer I can't help But to headcanon that he knows how to cultivate the land really Well, afterall he does have amazing digging skills. Maybe he can also cultivate hot Peppers essential for Chili and he likes to sell them to Sonic at a high price just to screw with him for all the times he called him a knuclehead! Not that he actually needs the Money anyway

I too headcanon that in the interests of actually having a steady and accessible food source on Angel Island, Knuckles does have an area where he grows his own fruits and vegetables.

I like to think that the grapes in Gens’ Sky Sanctuary hub area are what he planted because we all know how much he loves them.

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal