he know he like dat position

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I want to know how you think the conversation would've gone if Tsukiyama had never interrupted their talk? 👀

uhhhh man, I’m actually pretty positive about that? Kaneki’s expression was so like “oh shit, she loves me… so I wasn’t that stupid for liking her in the first place”, I think Kaneki threw the whole “ohh i’m so stupid” excuse because he was ashamed and didn’t know Touka felt the same way, you see that after the scene, he comes back to her FLATTERING her coffee shop and asking her to come with him, and i saw no blush on dat face so *wipes hair* i think he’s feeling kinda confident now that he knows her feelings, so whatever silly-haise-corny-behavior he wants to have with her right now, he knows she won’t reject him… so there’s a pretty cool confidence between them now? i’m happy about that

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I'm kind of chubby and I'm really self conscious about it so could you do something with how the RFA members would react to MC being chubby?? Thank you <3

First things first, there is not need to feel self-conscious about your body. You are beautiful the way you are <3 I am a person of chub so I get it, but your size doesn’t affect who are as a person. As long as you are kind-hearted, that is all that matter. 

I set some of this for like first impression of MC at the party ~


  • You’re really nervous about meeting Zen for the first time because he always talks about how much he works out
  • You feel like he’s going to expect someone who is really fit and works out regularly
  • You are
  • He doesn’t care at all that you don’t work out
  • He loves the way you are
  • You are his little princess and he cherishes that
  • Whenever you feel self-conscious about yourself
  • He just reminds you how precious you are to him
  • His fans also love you
  • Some fans will comment on photos of you and Zen giving hate because some people in the world are just really cruel
  • Zen will get super fucking defensive about it though
  • He will protect you no matter what


  • Loves you so much
  • When Yoosung + MC would talk in the messenger, he imagined MC looking like Rika (what a shock)
  • You were nervous to meet Yoosung because you knew that he imagined you this way
  • It was worse because you look NOTHING like her
  • At all
  • Not even the slightest similarity
  • But when he sees you at the party for the first time
  • He was shook
  • You’re so much more beautiful than he imagined
  • He just imagines cuddling with you now
  • He wants you to be big spoon most the time
  • You’re fine with this
  • He lets you be little spoon when you want to be
  • Even though you’re self-conscious about him wrapping himself around your chub
  • But he loves it
  • “There’s just more of you for me to love”


  • Doesn’t care at all what you look like
  • Cares more about who you are as a person
  • He will hire a nutritionist for you so that you maintain your weight
  • If you ever wanted to lose weight,
  • He would make sure you were doing it for the right reasons
  • And have the nutritionist alter your meal plan accordingly
  • Elizabeth 3rd loves to cuddle with you
  • Which Jumin loves but is also a bit jealous of
  • Hires all sorts of stylists and designers to custom make you clothes because he knows that there aren’t super great options for us chubbier folk out there
  • RIP us
  • Loves every inch of you
  • Doesn’t want you to change


  • You knew Jaehee strives for perfection so you were super nervous to meet her at the party
  • You felt like you weren’t perfect (even though you are)
  • You feared Jaehee wouldn’t like you because you had so chub on you
  • She doesn’t actually care though
  • She just wants to know that you’re eating a healthy diet
  • Even though she doesn’t really do that
  • Loves cuddling on the couch with you while watching a movie and drinking coffee
  • Loves to use you as a human body pillow
  • You know like that one cuddling position where one person puts their leg over the other person


  • He already knew what you looked like
  • He wasn’t really shocked when he saw you walk into the party
  • But he wasn’t prepared for how much cuter you were in person
  • Dat ass
  • Obsessed with you
  • and dat ass
  • ass master God Seven
  • He’s the type of guy who wraps himself around you while you’re cooking and stuff
  • Loves dressing you up in cat inspired lingerie
  • Pet play
Masterpost #50ReasonsWhyILoveAshtonIrwin

1. His laugh

2. He’s stupid

3. His sarcasm

4. His voice: “You don’t like me, I don’t give a fuck. I am what I am, and me and my band give everything we’ve got to the people who support us :)”

5. He’s a drummer 

6. He’s always positive

7. His bubbly personnality

8. His dimples 

9. His smile

10. His arms 

11. His hands

12. The way he always does the rock sign

External image

13. He’s always making us smile 

14. He really cares about his fans (us)

External image

15. He’s 20 and actually the only member who graduated and yet he doesn’t know what tadpoles are. 

16. He drums hard 

17. He’s punk rock 

18. Dat ass…

External image

19. His hair 

20. His eyes

External image

21. His teeth

22. His style

23. The way he wears his headbands

24. When he pulls funny faces

25. When he quints

External image

26. His accent 

27. His abs

28. “Don’t fucking swear”

29. He’s the cutest thing in the world

30. He’s always there for us

31. When he pulls his tongue out 

32. Fetus fringe. 

33. Bromance 

34. Bananas

External image

35. He’s sexy 

36. His dance

37. His v-line 

38. He’s a ballerina 

39. When he wears glasses…. 

40. He’s in 5sos 

41. He’s funny.

42. When he runs his fingers though his messy hair

43. When he twerks.

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44. When he uses the excuse that he’s irish not to twerk.

45. He’s always ready to have fun 

46. The butterflies he draws on fan’s wrists because he knows what it feels like 

47. His “serious” face 

48. He’s amazing

49. He’s perfect

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Are you in love now? Because I am.

Have a good day.