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AU where Bitty and Jack both suddenly wake up, after having had a few years together, and find themselves in their beds on the morning of the day they met. Both remember everything that happened, but neither thinks the other does, so they both pretend not to remember (which only complicates things more). They end up reenacting a lot of their interactions and it kills them both to do things they know hurt the other but they don't want to change anything.

oh no buddy, I’m not gonna let this stay sad. I’m gonna draw attention to several sad things, but then I’m gonna fix it.


Bitty wakes up on his first day of freshman year. Again. He quickly decides that he can’t say anything to anyone. There was no way to prove that the life he had just been living was anything but a dream.

He goes through the motions as well as he can remember. If he lingers a little on the handshake when he ‘meets’ Jack again, well, who could notice a thing like that?

Jack wakes up in the Haus. He mirrors Bitty’s mental process, realizing that if he started talking about this he could lose the future he knows is on its way. He searches Bittle’s face for recognition, but is too afraid to say anything.

Jack takes a deep breath every day and snaps at Bittle, pushing every pet name out of his mind. Bitty forces himself to forget and relearn how to take a check. On the rink together for checking practice, neither can think of any way to ask if they’re going through the same thing. They both cry more than they did the first time around.

Sometimes Bitty just gets angry at having to repeat things. He tries as hard as he can to not mess the repetitions up, but he isn’t perfect. When Ransom and Holster start asking him what his type is, he rolls his eyes and replies “Men.” As soon as he’s said it he remembers that he had only said that later to his camera, but the damage doesn’t seem to be too great. Jack doesn’t seem to react to the change, adding to his mental list of evidence that everything else had just been a dream. He gets the list of eligible Winter Screw options a few days earlier, but everything settles back to what it had been within a week. Whenever he starts thinking about the next few years, he’s enraged about everything he’s going to have to sit back and let happen. Everything that was going to make Jack sad, and that he wouldn’t be able to fix. Everything that was going to hurt him that he couldn’t avoid. 

Jack wakes up every day and writes up a game plan. It’s hard to have to turn back years of learning and be worse as a captain, especially when he remembers every mistake he made in every lost game. So he writes down those mistakes as a reminder to himself to make them. Half of the mistakes are emotional, and that’s what really gets him. He’s forced to act like those years of growing as a person never happened, like they were worthless. He hates trying to make himself glare at Bittle when they’re on the same line, he hates telling him that it was a lucky shot, he hates being so close to his boyfriend except for the fact that he isn’t his boyfriend yet.

Then it’s the playoffs. Bitty steels himself all week for the concussion he knows is coming. It crosses his mind to try to avoid it, to spare himself the pain and potential brain damage. But he remembers that it was only after the concussion that Jack started texting him, and they really got close. He knows that if he went against the play he knew Jack was going to suggest, he’d only drive them apart. Besides, it hadn’t been that bad the first time.

Jack is confident he can find another reason to text Bittle over the summer. He’s thought about this for the whole school year. Whatever consequences could come from not seeing Bitty hurt like that would be worth it. He just has to convince the coaches to not put Bitty in at the wrong time. 

“Oh my god, I thought we got over this months ago,” Bitty mutters to himself. He doesn’t remember Jack getting so annoyed about playing with him during this game, but he’s at a point where everything has run together in his mind. 

“Jack, I’ll be fine,” he half-lies. He will, eventually. There’s something close to panic in Jack’s eyes. Weird, Jack had taken so long the first time around to show any tiny sign of weakness.

“Promise me you’ll avoid number three.” This is definitely different from before. Bitty stares at Jack. “Spencer, number three, don’t go near him when he’s on their side of the rink. Promise me, Bits.”

“You didn’t even call me Bitty at this point,” he says in shock. They stare at each other for a minute, eyes wide. 

“I won’t get the concussion this time and we’ll talk about this after the game,” Bitty blurts out. Jack nods vigorously. They play, and it’s brutal, but Bitty avoids the hip check. Once the game is over, they rush to get seats together in the bus. In whispers, they talk about the future they already had. Bitty mourned the years of school he had ahead of him that he had already completed. Jack complained about having to rewalk a long path to the Stanley Cup. They talked about teammates who felt like family but would still know them as strangers. Graduation, the Fourth of July they spent in Madison, their first Christmas together. Every important milestone of their relationship.

“And in this loop or timeline or whatever, we haven’t even kissed!” Bitty whispers, letting his head thunk back against the headrest. “I was at the point where I was out of college, happy with my career, and hiding a ring from you!”

“You weren’t!” Jack says out loud before dropping back into a whisper. “I was doing the same thing.” They both start laughing. It’s the perfect time to have a second first kiss. They lean in towards each other, their lips meet, and–

–They’re back in their apartment. Bitty sits bolt upright in their bed and turns to Jack. For a fleeting second, he thinks about pretending the last several months just didn’t happen. Jack sits up too, and their eyes meet.

“Did that just–”

“Your frog year take two–” They dissolve into relieved laughter.

“I thought I was going to have to take calc again!”

“I thought I was going to have to listen to you complain about calc again,” Jack says before Bitty smacks him with a pillow. “Kidding! Kind of! Wait, weren’t we just saying that we wanted to propose to each other?” He throws himself out of bed and runs to start rummaging through various coat pockets.

“Oh no, you’re not going to propose to me before I can propose to you!” 

Everything is as it should be once more.


Small pec worship drabble heavily inspired by this because wow hello can I nap on those please?

“Still working at this hour?”

“Gabe …” Jack sighed warningly as Gabriel appeared stealthily behind him – he pressed himself up against Jack’s back in a warm, insistent move that was evidently meant to distract entirely. Gabriel’s hips pushed forward to cradle against Jack’s ass, his broad torso flush against his back as he spooned up against him.  

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“stuck spending the evening with Terrible Relatives. send me cute…”

Jack and terrible flirting. He doesn’t know the effect it has on poor Bits

a/n: this took an unexpected turn, but i hope you like!

Bitty should have known better than to investigate the strangled shouts coming from the kitchen, but he was procrastinating on a paper and had run out of excuses not to start working. It was probably just Ransom and Holster, who’d then beg Bitty to make them bagel bites — “You’re the only one who can make them without burning them. You’re an oven whisperer!” — and then at that point he’d feel obligated to stick around and listen to their antics while the bagel bites cooked. It was foolproof.

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yessssss can we please have more of kent (and jack and alexei and everyone tbh) dumping on that asshole kane bc that's the absolute LEAST of what he deserves...

An abridged account of things that Kent Parson did while on the same team as Patrick Kane during the World Cup

  • Tied the laces of his skates together during practice just to see him fall over when he tried to leave the bench
  • After Kane finished a sentence with “no homo”,* snatched the drink bottle out of his hand right as he was about to drink and said “it’s GAYtorade, not straightorade”
  • Kept pretending he’d forgotten his name
  • Broke into his phone and replaced the song Blurred Lines* with It’s Not Unusual. And, because he’s a meme-loving fuck, he replaced every other song on Kane’s phone with What’s New Pussycat
  • Hi fived Halak that time Halak jabbed Kane in the dick with his hockey stick
  • Started a fight with Tater during a game against Team Russia just so he could grab Kane and use him to block punches
  • Walked away from Kane while he was in the middle of a sentence. So many times
  • When someone on the press asked if he had a rivalry with Kane, answered “if I wanted to have a professional rivalry, I’d probably aim a little higher and go for someone better at hockey.”
  • After that game against Team Europe where Kane fucked up and gave Europe a goal, commented that he was “annoyed that the ref didn’t pick up the too many men penalty since Kane was apparently playing for Europe”
  • Eventually Kane confronted him while completely misunderstanding him and started talking about how there can be two great US hockey players* and Parse didn’t need to attack him, which led to Parse explaining very clearly the precise source of his ire
    • ‘trust me, I don’t mind if you’re one of America’s greatest hockey stars. In fact, any time you want to get good at hockey is fine by me.’
    • ‘Yeah, sure, then why do you hate me?’
    • ‘You’re a dick.’
    • ‘You expect me to believe that you’re not jealous.’
    • ‘With God as my witness, you are a piece of shit.’
  • Went to the best hockey expert he knew - Jack (now on Team Canada) - to ask if jersey numbers were ever retired by the whole league rather than just teams, apparently because he thought Brent Burns was such a good player. Jack: “isn’t 88 also Kane’s number?” Parse: “Kane? I don’t know her”
  • Somehow downgraded Kane’s return ticket to economy.

*Refers to things that I’m completely guessing about Kane but he’s a dick so I’m just gonna go with them

Do you know what I love most about the Scotsman? His absolute and undying faith in Jack. When his wife gets kidnapped, he trusts Jack above any of his clansmen to help him rescue her. When Jack lost his memories, the Scotsman went to the ends of the earth to try and help him, and when fighting in the sirens he put himself in a position where he cannot defend himself because he knew Jack will be there for him. Even fifty years later, despite Jack having completely giving up on himself and his mission to stop Aku, and constantly being dragged into the darkness by his own damaged psyche, the Scotsman still believes in him above all else.

I can’t wait for him to reuinte with Jack again, or meet up with Ashi.

Darker Timeline: NHL!Jack / FigureSkater!Bitty

Jack makes the 2009 draft and goes first to the Aces. Everything is amazing, except his anxiety and dependency issues are never properly addressed.

So fast forward a few years and Jack’s a star player, but he’s closeted and self-medicating with more questionable substances. At 25, he’s got a Stanley Cup under his belt and a little bit of a coke problem.

An unexpectedly bright spot in his life is Eric Bittle, the American figure skating champion he almost hooked up with during the Winter Olympics in Sochi. However, figure skating isn’t the easiest sport, and thanks to a shady former coach Eric has a substance abuse problem of his own (though he won’t admit it, even to Jack). 

They bond over not dealing with their issues until Jack fails a random drug test and Eric’s eligibility comes into question. They finally get help, together.

Jack Maynard Imagine - Sneaky (SMUT)

When you first moved to London from Wiltshire into your older brother’s flat, the last thing you expected was to catch feelings for one of his best friends. 

You would be lying if you said Joe hadn’t warned you about dating any of his mates. At first, it had just been a joke, a silly little thing to tease you and annoy you. But as he saw you getting closer and closer to Josh, Conor and Jack, he backed up on his joke-y tone. 

He wasn’t worried that much about your friendship with Conor and Josh, mainly because deep inside he knew they only looked at you as a friend. And if they happened to have any sort of romantic feelings towards you, he knew they’d hold them back, or at least ask him for approval- because you were his little sister and Joe was one of his best mates.

But when it came to Jack Maynard, Joe couldn’t relax. It wasn’t like he didn’t like him; he was one of his closest friends after all. Maybe that’s why he suffered, because he knew Jack’s past concerning relationship, and although he was a good person, he was not as good with feelings. And he was scared he’d break your vibrant heart, the one he had taken care of for so many years.

But he had seen you together on both of your channels, and he couldn’t deny there was something about your relationship that was almost drawing. He noticed that your personalities were in fact more similar than he had thought at first. He also noticed you always ended up crying of laughter when you were with him, and seeing you happy made him happy.

Yet it was still Jack Maynard he was talking about. Joe, as the observant brother he was, knew that you needed lots of sweet behaviours and cuddles to function, and he doubted Jack could give you that. So he had that tiny hope, that perfect plan which would constist of you forgetting all about him because he was too cold-hearted for your taste.

But his plan never met reality.

A few months ago, in one of Gleam’s fancy parties on a big mannor lost in the middle of the forest, he had seen you kissing him at the isolated back garders. At first he had exploded with rage. He had warned his idiotic friends - especially that idiot - not to lay a hand on his sister, ever. Yet there he was, his full lips covering yours, your tiny and fragile body wrapped under his hands. And Joe was livid.

He decided not to tell anybody that he had caught you, though. He thought it was a smart move, to keep an eye on Jack and you, and look at you suspiciously, until you’d finally admit what he had seen with his own eyes. But although Jack and you started officially dating a few days after your first kiss, it was still a secret to everyone else. Especially to your brother. 

Now, as you sat in the back seat of Conor’s Range Rover, Josh between Jack and you, you got the sudden feeling that maybe a weekend off camping with your brother and your secret boyfriend wasn’t such a great idea. 

“How long until we get there?” Josh asked Conor, who was currently driving. Joe and him had just switched seats.

“Half an hour, I believe” he answered back. 

“Mikey just texted me saying they’re stopping because Caspar wants to fucking pee” Jack said, getting loud groans from both Josh and Joe. Oli, Mikey, Caspar and all your belongings were in Caspar’s car behind yours.

“I need to stretch my legs so badly” you commented, as you pushed Josh aside “You’re literally too fucking big to be in the backseat, between two other people”

Josh laughed, throwing himself at you jokingly. You let out a scream as he crushed your petite body “Careful” Jack and Joe said at the same time, making your cheeks go a tone redder. You saw Joe giving him a weird look from the rear mirror. 

“She’s alright” Josh said, sitting back up. He ruffled your hair, making you giggle. 

“I still don’t know why I agreed to let you come with these idiots” Joe told you, half joking. 

“I’m my own person, Joe. Get over it” you answered bitterly, getting loud cheers from the boys. Joe simply looked out of the window, and said nothing.

For the past few weeks, you had noticed a change in Joe’s behaviour towards you. And you were annoyed. He was more bitter, worrying about where you were and what time you were coming home, although he had never cared so much about it before. But you weren’t stupid, you knew he was up to something. You suspected he knew about Jack and you, but you hoped you were wrong. He had warned you about Jack when you first met him, and of course you hadn’t listened.

Then again, Jack didn’t turn out to be as bad as your brother had told you. Before your first kiss, you had been really close friends, and he had always cared for you and your well-being. Joe knew about that time Jack punched a guy in the jaw at the club because he didn’t leave you alone - so what did he have to say against him?

Jack as a boyfriend was the sweetest you had ever imagined him to be. He always wanted a cuddle, or a kiss on the tip of his nose. He treated you like a princess, roses and bubble baths included. If Joe knew about that side of Jack, he’d be more than delighted  with your relationship. But you thought that maybe he was too stubborn to see it, and so you decided not to mention that particular aspect of your social life to him.

When you got to the camping site, it was almost dinner time. Caspar and the rest arrived twenty minutes after you, but you couldn’t really start putting up the tents because everything was on his car. So you just hung out in the cafeteria, laughing at some random video Josh had put on his phone. 

“Took you guys long enough” Conor laughed as he went straight for the bags. 

You walked behind him to grab the tents, which turned out to weight a ton more than you expected. You were struggling to get them out of the trunk until you suddenly felt them getting a lot lighter. 

“Lemme carry them, babe” Jack said, putting both tent bags under his armpits. You thanked him with a smile.

“Joe! Jack just called your sister ‘babe’!” you heard Caspar shout in the middle of the parking lot, and you immediately wanted to punch him.

“You better back up if you don’t want your balls cut off, buddy” Oli commented, not being able to supress a laugh as he grabbed the last bag and closed the boot.

Caspar walked by your side and rubbed your head “You know I love you, Y/N” he smiled, and you rolled your eyes “You have to admit that Joe’s reaction at the posibility of you getting rid of the Sugg and replacing it with Maynard is pretty funny, tho” he laughed.

You blushed “Stop it, Caspar” You could see Jack smiling by the corner of your eye. 

“Oooh, someone’s blushing” Mikey commented in his usual too-loud-voice, and you rolled your eyes again and walked away from the boys, trying to forget the awkward situation you had just been in. 

Soon enough it was right past midnight, and you were all chilling out in the moonlight. Conor started telling stories about famous people who turned out to be quite the assholes, and not long after that Caspar had fallen asleep.  You were sitting besides Jack with your feet over his legs, feeling the burning look of Joe’s eyes in your own. But you didn’t want to look at him. 

“Shit” you muttered as your hand blindly tried to grab something from inside your bag that obviously wasn’t there “I think I forgot my portable phone charger in your car, Con” you told him. 

“No prob” his hand went to the bottom of his jeans before he tossed the car keys at you.

Just when you were standing up, you felt Jack getting up again. You gave him a weid look “You’re not going by yourself, it’s pitch dark” he said, and all you wanted to do was to kiss him right there. Sometimes you wished everyone knew, so you didn’t have to hide to act couple-ish.

But as soon as you made sure you were out of their sight, you threw yourself at Jack and wrapped your legs around his torso. He laughed before pressing your lips together hungrily, your tongues already fighting for dominance. He let yours win this time.

“I’ve been dying to kiss you all fucking day” he whispered in your ear, the hot steam coming out of his mouth setting you off. He started working his way up your neck as he carried you towards the car. 

You let out a small moan as he sucked on your special spot, and dug your fingernails on his shoulder blades. He groaned in response, and attacked your lips again. Soon enough your back was pressed against Conor’s car’s bonnet.

“I want you so bad right now, Jack” you almost pleaded, as his hands travelled to the zip of your shorts.

“I’ve been wanting to get rid of these all day, babe. You have no idea” he whispered roughly. Suddenly, you felt a big ball of pressure between your legs, as Jack introduced two fingers inside you, already thrusting in and out rapildy. You let out a high-pitched cry.

Jack looked around “Get inside the car” There were not many vehicles around, and definetly no one out there. But the last thing he wanted was for someone to walk into the parking lot - seeing his luck that someone would be Joe - and catching you having sex against a Range Rover. 

You did as he told you, your jeans barely hanging on your hips anymore. You thanked god the backseat of Conor’s car was big enough. Jack immediately took your shorts off, and then your lacy underwear he loved so much to tease you over. But he knew he didn’t have much time, and he wanted you so badly.

You let out a loud whimper as you felt his tongue sucking on your clit, his strong hands holding your hips tightly. You arched your back as your hands looked for something to grab. They finally went to his hair. 

“Jack” you screamed, your voice breaking as he introduced yet another finger inside you. Ever since that morning, you had wanted no more than to be all over him like when you were alone in your apartment. You loved Jack’s sweet and loving side, but you would be lying if you said his rough and dominant side didn’t get you every time. His touch was your weakness, and he knew it. 

Eventually, the emptiness he left when he removed his mouth from you  was replaced with his lenght. He let out a loud groan as he pulled in, giving neither of you enough time to adjust to the new feeling.

It took you long enough to actually have sex once you started dating. At first it was because both of you were literally too busy to see each other - Jack also travelled quite frequently to Brighton to film whatever his secret project was. So the first time you properly slept together, it was a mix of lust and desire. Because you had wanted to see how good he was in bed for a long time, and he just couldn’t resist the thought of you lying naked under his body.

He started thrusting faster, making you scream like you never had before. You felt the car starting to move up and down, and you hoped there was no one in the parking lot at that exact moment. You prayed for that someone not to be Joe. You let out the loudest scream as you reached your high, your fingernails pressed against his back, not being able to breathe properly anymore. You cried his name.

He hugged your torso as he came not long after you, pulling you into his lap so you were straddling him. He thrusted into you a few times before you felt your walls clentching again, and you suddenly felt him filling you completely. He groaned as he hid his face on the crook of your neck, still holding you “I needed you so bad, Y/N” he whispered “I couldn’t take it anymore”

You let out a small laugh. You kissed the top of his head before it hit you “Do you realise we just had sex in the back of your brother’s car?”

“Way to ruin the moment”

You burst out laughing before releasing yourself from him. He pulled you in for a deep kiss “I love you, idiot” he said, making you blush.

“I love you too, silly” 

You put on your shorts before making your way to the camping site again, hoping you hadn’t taken too much time on the car, or else it would rise some suspicions. Sure enough, when you got back to the tents, only Conor, Joe and Oli were still outside.

“Damn, did you go back to London to get the bloody charger?” Oli asked you, and suddenly you realised you hadn’t even cared to take the charger. You mentally slapped yourself.

“I couldn’t find it” you said, throwing the car keys to Conor. You locked eyes quickly with your brother, and that’s when you knew that he knew. 

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to bed” Oli said, clapping Joe’s back, who was next to him “See you in the morning, babes” he laughed before getting inside his tent. You then noticed there were only two tents left, and four of you out there.  

You looked at Joe “Am I sleeping with you?” you asked him, thinking it was the most likely option. You had shared a bed with him before, after all.

“No” he said “You and Jack are sleeping together” 

You froze, making Conor burst out laughing. You looked at Jack, who was indeed as confused as you were “I mean, it doesn’t take a scientist to know that you guys have a thing going on” the oldest Maynard said, making your heart jump.

“What.. How do you know?” you mid-whispered, looking directly at your brother, not even bothering to deny it anymore “How…? What the hell, Joe”

Joe smiled for the first time. It was a small smile, but you were finally calm “I’ve known for a couple of weeks now” he said “I caught you guys kissing at that Gleam party a few months ago, and then again like, two and a half weeks ago” he confessed.

“I caught you yesterday” Conor laughed “I immediately texted Joe as the good brother I am”

Jack rolled his eyes, but smiled because he wouldn’t have to pretend not wanting to kiss you every minute from that moment on “Are you mad?” you timidly asked Joe. He shook his head.

“I mean, I’d probably choose the other Maynard if I were you” he joked, making both Conor and Jack laugh “But  if this idiot over here treats you well and loves you, then I have nothing to say” he said, making you blush.

“We are all gonna be family!” Conor shouted excitedly, pinching Joe’s side repeatedly.

“Are Jack and Y/N having babies yet?” Caspar asked, his voice coming from inside the tent he was sharing with Josh.

“Hey, hey, I said nothing about babies” Joe said, before he laughed with Conor. You were glad he had taken it so well. You suddenly felt Jack’s arms around you, pressing you against his warm body. 

He whispered into your ear “Why don’t we go inside and finish what we left off at the car?”

“Sneaky bastard” you mumbled before plating a loud kiss on his lips.

“Wait” Conor said as you were getting inside the tent. But you were too impatient to listen to whatever he had to say “Did I just hear ‘car’? Fucking shit, you better didn’t do anything disgusting on my baby, I swear to god” he fake cried.

You both laughed as you pressed your lips together once more. Oh Conor, only if you knew. 

He had no idea that someone was wearing his hoodies for a good long while. Just that when Jack and him ended up not being put together for whatever, that he would come back and find a number of his clothing washed, mostly his hoodies and beanies and some lame excuse that Jack had washed whatever clothing he found laying on the ground of their shared quarters.

At first he was just glad he had fresh comfort clothing to come back too, but he noticed a pattern. There was a hoodie for exactly every seven days apart. One week one hoodie, two weeks two hoodies and so on and so forth. Then he began to remember if he had tossed hoodies on the ground or not, one time he even took a quick pic of a completely tidied up side of his room, left two weeks and come back to two washed hoodies folded and laid on his bed. Then of course Ana asked him if he knew Jack was wearing his hoodies when he was away.

He… ‘confronted’ Jack about it when he came back super early from a mission that everyone was sure would take a month but really only took a week. He silently crept to their room and threw open the door to find Jack huddled up the hoodie that he had specially left out for him.

“Hheeeeeyyyy, Jackie!” He yelled as Jack tried to quickly throw off his hoodie. He tackled the asshole to the bed and held him there, laughing as Jack yelled and tried to get the hoodie off of him. He pinned Jack’s flailing arms to his side and smiled as Jack blushed and refused to look at him.

“So you’ve been wearing my hoodies,” He laughed.

“I was cold and it was on the floor,” Jack snapped.

“It was on my bed, because I put it there just for you,” He retorted. Jack turned beet red, caught with his hand in the metaphorical cookie jar before pulling the hoodie up to his cheeks.

“I don’t mind, Jackie-boo,” He chuckled, knocking foreheads with the blushing blonde, “It’s kinda cute.”

“I just… miss you and they smell like you,” Jack muttered, only slightly muffled by the hoodie.

“I’ll make sure to leave one out for you whenever we’re apart,” He laughed, hugging the boy scout close.

Years and years later, after the fall, Gabriel went hunting through Jack’s drawers for anything even remotely dirty looking so he could wash the man’s terribly neglected clothing. While he was pulling out a rather ratty and waded up t-shirt, he saw something black. He pulled it out to and…

“You kept one of my beanies?” He asked.

Jack was already wearing his hoodie because he had already commandeered the man’s jacket to wash and he had pouted without it until he had handed over the hoodie to replace it. When he saw said beanie, Jack looked embarrassed and refused to look his way. He just chuckled before walking over to him and gently tugging it over his silvered hair.

“It’s still cute, Jackie,” He smiled. Jack huffed and buried himself in his hoodie and goddammit he did not think that he could love the man more but here he was, falling for him all over again as the man tried to make himself smaller in his hoodie and his old beanie.

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What about headcanons for Jack or Gabe watching their s/o dote on baby Fareeha, and they start imagining a future where they could have a little family? This could be fluff or angst, hit me with what you got my dude. 👌😩

It’s gonna be fluffy cause I got a rather angsty one to write later! I wrote little drabbles instead because I thought it would be easier to portray. I hope that’s okay! 

Requests are open!

Gabriel Reyes

Gabe watches you as you lift baby Fareeha over your head and make airplane noises as you move around the room with her. Her laughs and shrikes filled the room with happiness as you have the biggest smile on your face that Gabriel has ever seen. Ana had asked the two of you to watch her for the day as she had some errands to run. You accepted the task gleefully since you love babies and Fareeha was no exception. But as Gabe watched you play with her, his heart twanged with want. The two of you never explicitly talked about starting a family together but he knew he wanted one. Seeing you so happy, he knew now was the time to ask.

Gabe crosses the room towards you as you bring Fareeha back down and hold her to your hip. He wraps his arms around your waist and hugs you from behind before placing a small kiss on the back of your neck.

You give him a small chuckle before speaking, “Fareeha, say hello to Uncle Gabe.” She doesn’t do anything other than make little baby noises and thrash her little arms up and down.

“Hello Fareeha,” he tells her as he leans over you to place a small kiss on top of her head before resting his chin on your shoulder.

“She’s so cute!”

“She is but you know who would be even cuter?”


“Our baby.”

“Gabe, are you being serious right now?”

“I am. She would have your eyes and my curly hair.”

“Our baby would be a girl?”

“I like to think our first one would be.”

“You want multiple kids?”

“If that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it is!” Gabe kisses the back of your neck again before lightly grinding into your backside. “Honey, I appreciate your enthusiasm but we need to wait for Ana to pick up Fareeha.”

“I know. I just want you to get prepared for the best loving of your life.”

“Challenge accepted mister,” you tell his as you turn your head to give him a proper kiss. He deepens it by pulling you completely against him before running his hands down your body, giving your ass a playful squeeze. You let out a small giggle. “We’re gonna be a family!”

“We’re gonna be a gorgeous one.”

Jack Morrison

 Ana had asked you and Jack to watch Fareeha for a couple days while she was away on a mission. It had been some of the most fun Jack could remember having in a long time. It felt great taking care of her, and playing with her and getting to make up bed time stories so she could fall asleep but the fun was coming to an end since Ana was due back on base in a couple hours.

The three of you were spending the last little bit of your babysitting time together at a park. Jack was watching you chase Fareeha around on the grass, pretending to not be able to catch her. Your and her laugh and giggles filled Jack’s ears and made his heart swell. Seeing you chase her around, with a giant smile on your face made Jack want to start a family with you. The two of you had talked about it before but it wasn’t the right time since it was during the omnic war but now the war was over. He was always busy being the strike commander but a family is something he wanted for a long time and he knew you did too.

Jack runs over to the two of you and picks up Fareeha as she’s running away from you, looking to see if you’re still behind her.

“Got you!” He exclaims excitedly before spinning her around. She giggles as he does so and her little laugh could melt even the toughest men in Overwatch. When Jack finally stops spinning her, she reaches out to you for a hug. Where you accept her into your arms and give her a kiss on the cheek.

“Can we keep her?” You pout to Jack.

“Do you really want to fight Ana for her baby?”

“On second thought, I’ll pass.”

“Good idea but I have a better idea.”

“What’s that?”

“Why don’t we have one of our own?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Seeing how much fun and enjoyment we’ve had the past couple days is making me wish we had started sooner.”

“We didn’t for some very good reasons.”

“But now the war is over. So, what do you say?”

“Yes, of course! Jack Morrison, I will have your babies.” Jack leans in and gives you a quick but passionate kiss before Fareeha lets out a little gurgle and a stinky smell passes your nose. “Oh, I think we better get this one back to base so I can change her diaper.”

“Don’t worry darling, I got this one.”

Jack takes Fareeha out of your arms and places her on his hip so he can hold her with one hand and hold your hand with the other before the three of you walk back to base.

Part 2!

Of this pec worship drabble lmao

Edit: I rewrote it a lot!!!

Biting down on his t-shirt, all Jack could do was make soft, strained little sounds of encouragement as the pads of Gabriel’s gloved thumbs slowly began to roll in feather-light circles – the slight coarseness of the fabric’s texture rubbing against his too-sensitive nipples made Jack squirm. Gabriel was barely touching him, but heat bloomed in Jack’s chest all the same – warm and tingly and aching for more. He winced his eyes shut, struggling to hold back a moan as Gabriel rolled the piercing again. It was too much-! Already, Jack’s rapidly hardening cock felt uncomfortably pressured, trapped within the tight confines of his pants.

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The years apart had changed many things, but not Gabriel’s obsession with Jack’s scent or their feelings for one another, something that they’re both reminded of when Jack is unexpectedly hit with his first heat for years.

In the same setting as ‘Scenting’. ‘Mi Corazon’, ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Toce Me.’

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Let’s talk about the elekent in the room

Kent Parson, Kenny, Parse, that jerk, fuck you - whatever you want to call him - I have recently had a surprising revelation about myself, thanks to the boy everybody loves to hate, Kit Purrson’s namesake himself, Kent Parson.

See, like many (I hope - but just so I don’t feel like I’m such a fucking jerk myself), I hated Kent. I feel like that was where Ngozi was guiding me. His casual ‘Didja miss me?’ was, in my first read, a thinly veiled ‘I’m here to fuck your shit up’ to our boys JZ and ERB.

Having several not-fun mental health issues myself and having had to take a significant ‘detour’ in my life due to them and other traumatic episodes, I felt a little like Ngozi was ‘singing me softly’ with JZ’s song. 

And Jack’s behaviour toward Kent was always (in my mind) a clearly warranted defence against the obvious villain of the piece. Kent was to Jack what my Evil Ex™ was to me: a punishing, ever-present hitch in the throat, stinging prickle behind the eye or panicking heart palpitation. He was the reason for Jack’s sometimes odd behaviour and prickly manner. He was the reason Jack did nothing but protect himself, took no risks and stuck steadfastly to what he knew best. I was Jack, Jack was me, and Kent was that other cunt who deserved everything the world could torture him with. As one of my therapists said I’d ‘never be safe until he was dead’. That’s a lot to project onto poor little Kenny Parson, but project it I did. And how!

I started reading fanfics. I’d never read them before, hadn’t needed to. But Ngozi’s tortuous real-time schedule made updates few and far between, and I needed that Samwell hit. I started with ERB/JZ, moved on to NurseyDex and somehow ended up reading some Cornt and Patater. And it was these last two that made me realise that on the other side of Jack’s coin was a man as deserving of love as Jack was. A man in as much pain as Jack was. A man who was struggling with his own issues and just trying to make the world a better place for him to be in.

Me (screaming internally): OMG is that what happened to my ex?
Also me: Fuck that guy.

I don’t think I ever really ‘forgave’ that guy, but I did realise that the general shitstorm that fucked me up  was by-and-large a product of his mental health issues. And I am not one to begrudge anyone a mental health problem. So I moved on the best I could, learnt to recognise my triggers and manage my responses. Medication, a fantastic GP and the greatest psychologist in the world (for reals) helped me come back off a permanent panic, realise I was worth more than spending at least 2 hours of my working day hiding and crying in the toilet and that I am not crazy, but having a very normal reaction to an extraordinary situation.

Now I love Kent. I am all about Kent. I want him and Jack to be friends - as best they can - but that is because I think it will work for them. I don’t want to be friends with my Kent. I want Kent Parson to be happy, to realise he deserves love and kindness and all the things he wants in the world (once he realises Jack’s not a good fit for him, relationship-wise). I want Kent to have the kind of love that Mashkov has for him when @dellessanna or @thewesternredcedar or countless others  are at the Patater helm. I want the kind of love that Cornt affords him (courtesy of @tdkeh).

And through all of this I realise that maybe I am too quick to judge and villains are not always as evil as they seem.

TL;DR: I hated Kent, now I love Kent and I also understand myself a lot better. Hashtag personal growth through fandom participation.

a little birthday something for @microbino who asked for zimbits and moving in! happy (late) birthday, darlin’!


“Bitty, I didn’t say I was judging. I just said I didn’t quite get why one person needs so many shirts.”

Bitty rolled his eyes as his hands deftly moved his shirts from boxes to the stack of hangers lying on the blue bedspread. “Jack. Sweetheart. Darling. I love you, but you have twelve shirts. I should know. I’ve counted. Three Samwell. Two Falconers. And seven plain v-necks in different colors.”

Jack looked up from where he was crouched by the dresser, putting away Bitty’s socks. “Well, yeah. That way I have enough for the week, and then I do laundry.”

Bitty smiled to himself as he finished with the stack of shirts. This boy.

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Now I Know The Truth

3k of PB&J in a Soulmate AU

For the 14 Days of Love Fic-a-thon hosted by @softkent

Also on AO3

Despite the stories spun by Hollywood, every person had multiple soulmates. Every person was born with a phrase tattooed on their bodies. For centuries, people believed it to be the last words your soulmate (singular) would ever say to you. This inspired fear in most and lead to stories such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

In the last five centuries, however, global travel revealed the existence of multiple soulmates for each person. Even more interesting, telecommunications proved that each soul mark is in fact much more nuanced than simply ‘last words’. The mark is meant to indicate the moment when everything changes. Sometimes that means hardships, separation, or death. But sometimes, the words can lead to something greater. If only the soulmates know how to navigate life and each other.

Bitty didn’t know about this technicality until he got to Samwell. Until Shitty and Lardo literally run into Camilla at Winter Screw and realize all three of their marks synch up. The phrase “1 in 4, maybe more” is very appropriate considering the high percentage of soulmates that meet multiple partners at Samwell.

He tries to be happy for them as they fall into each other. He ignores the way Ransom, Holster, March and April circle around each other, avoiding the moment when they realize they’ve been in a relationship forever. He rolls his eyes when Ollie and Wicks sneak behind the docks before games to kiss their boyfriend, a Chad, for good luck. But Bitty thinks it’s sweet nonetheless.

He isn’t even jealous when Chowder breaks up a fight between Nursey and Dex saying “I love you, but this has got to stop.” Which just so happens to be Nursey’s phrase. And much later when Dex tells Chowder “you mean more to me than a stupid fight.” He’s happy for them. Especially when they meet Farmer and she ticks off every one of their phrases by the time their Frog year is over.

He doesn’t believe it’s gonna happen for him. Not at Samwell at least. His phrase could be worse.

We’re a team is branded in small font on his wrist. It’s still customary to keep your phrase hidden from the public eye, so he wore wrist guards when it’s hot out and long sleeves at every other opportunity.

Bitty thinks that’s nebulous, but distinct enough that he’ll know it when he hears it. His words don’t come for quite some time. In the interim, he falls in love with Jack whose phrase is supposedly hidden somewhere near his torso. He doesn’t think much of it when he overhears Jack and Parse fighting during the Epikegster.

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