he kisses everyone on the cheek. i'm used to that. is he gonna start kissing everyone on the mouth now



SUMMARY: Y/N and Ben are finally trying to tell each other how they feel- it just takes a little more effort and time than expected.

A/N: in honor of ben winning his tony !!! this is my first time writing for a deh cast member and tbh it makes me really nervous but i hope you guys like this !! it was originally longer but the whole got deleted so i had to rewrite it (which was very frustrating) enjoy!


Y/N wasn’t mad that she didn’t get to go to the Tony Awards with Ben. In fact, when he asked her she had declined. She didn’t like being in big crowd, and being with him would make her on the receiving end of a lot of unwanted attention. She was perfectly content to sit on her couch and cheer her friends on inside her small apartment. She clapped and whooped each time Dear Evan Hansen won an award, but she screamed the loudest when Ben won his. She hadn’t doubted for a second that he would win, but seeing him standing on that stage, trying not to cry and giving his beautiful speech, it was hard not to be excited. Plus, Ben had promised that if celebrating was in order, then they would celebrate the day after with just the two of them. She thought it was a much better idea to have Ben all to herself rather than standing with him in front of a bunch of cameras.

And he held true to his promise. The day after the Tonys there was music blasting in Y/N’s apartment as her and Ben made cookies and danced crazily. The entirety of the tiny complex was filled to the brim with joy. As Y/N went to get bowls for the both of them for the ice cream that had set out, Ben snatched her hand and twirled her around. She laughed loudly as they started to sway and bounce win time to the music. He was holding her like they were at a high school dance. More than that, he was holding her like they were at a high school dance together.

The thing about Ben winning the Tony was that Olivia had offered Y/N a deal: if Ben won, she would have to tell him that she liked him in more than just a friendly way. She hadn’t taken the deal, because she’d known that the chances of him winning were too high and she wasn’t ready to tell him yet. She wasn’t ready to risk nine years of friendship just because she had some stupid crush that wouldn’t go away. But standing there with his hand resting on her back and his eyes staring into hers, she was considering it. It would be so easy to just let the words slip and relieve her of the weight that’d been sitting on her shoulders for years. Their dancing started to slow until they had stopped moving all together.

But he was still holding her. If she wasn’t mistaken, his grip was tightening. And she was almost positive that he was leaning, because she sure as hell was. They were so close, definitely closer than they’d been when they started dancing. Just a little bit more space to cover and they would’ve been kissing.

Except then the oven went off and they sprung apart. Ben rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and stumbled over his words. “Right, um, the cookies! We have to get the cookies.”

His voice shocked Y/N out of her trance and she plastered a smile on her face and nodded. They spent the rest of the evening eating and watching The Wizard of Oz, a safe distance away from each other.

It wasn’t until after Ben had left and Y/N was laying in bed that it hit her - He’d been leaning in. Ben had been about to kiss her just as much as she’d been about to kiss him. She couldn’t have imagined that, could she? He had been getting closer, hadn’t he? If he had…. Well, if he had, that changed everything.


Ben was a bit confused while getting ready the day after he’d been at Y/N’s. He had gone over confident, ready to tell her how he felt, but then he just kept putting it off. And then they were dancing. And then they weren’t. And then he’d been leaning in - and he was pretty sure she had been doing the same. It was the perfect opportunity. And, really, standing there with her and watching her smile like that and her eyes dazzle, how could he resist?

Except they hadn’t kissed, and from then on they kept an achingly big distance between them. He hadn’t told her how he felt. Will and Mike were going to give him hell for it, he was sure, but more than that it completely diminished his confidence.

Sure enough, as soon as he walked into the theater Will and Mike were by his side.

“Did you tell her?” Will asked, smiling widely. Ben glanced over at Mike to see that he was wearing a matching smile.


“You didn’t do it, did you?” Mike sighed.

“I tried! But I just…. couldn’t.” He let his shoulders sag as a frown found its way into his face.

“You gotta do it sometime, buddy, and today’s as good a day as any,” Will spoke as he and Mike started to walk away.

“You can do it!” Mike cheered. Ben smiled slightly at his friends encouragements, but there was still the weight of not having told her resting on his shoulders. He’d made a deal with Mike and Will that if he won the Tony he would tell Y/N how he felt, but he’d only agreed to it because he didn’t think he was going to win.

The idea of possibly ruining what he had with Y/N absolutely petrified him.


Y/N made it a priority to come to the theater at least once a week to visit everyone. Usually, the first thing she did when she arrived was find Ben and greet him if he wasn’t too busy. This time was different. This time she sprinted through the halls, desperately hoping she wouldn’t run into Ben, until she made it to Laura’s dressing room. She’d already texted Laura, Kristolyn, and Olivia that she needed to talk to them, so she knew they were all waiting for her. The moment she opened the door their eyes were on her.

“Hey, Y/N! What’s this big thing you have to talk about?” Laura asked cheerfully.

“It’s about Ben.” The minute she said it the atmosphere changed. All three girls (and most of the cast and crew) knew about Y/N’s crush on Ben, and they could tell from the nervous look on her face that what she was going to say wasn’t necessarily good news. They waited silently in anticipation.

“Last night he came over for a mini Tony celebration, just the two of us. But while he was there we were dancing and he had his arm around me and then we stopped dancing and I was pretty sure he was going to kiss me but now I’m doubting it because the oven went off so it didn’t happen and I’m not entirely sure if he was actually going to kiss me, but I really wanted him to, you know? Not to mention that now that I’ve started thinking about it I can’t stop and I’m kind of concerned that I might need someone to physically restrain me from kissing him when I see him.”

She panted slightly from having talked so fast as they stared at her in shock. Suddenly, Olivia squealed. “He was going to kiss you? That’s amazing!” Y/N opened her mouth to explain that no, that was stressful, but she was cut off.

“If you’re expecting us to restrain you, don’t count on it,” Kristolyn piped in.

“Oh yeah, I’m not contributing to anything that keeps you two from finally getting together,” Laura grinned. Her friends were excited about this, she realized. That was a bit annoying, but also kind of endearing. She sat down as they started talking about her and Ben, dishing out advice on how to tell him how she felt about him.


Ben knocked nervously in Rachel’s dressing room door. She opened it with a smile and he mustered on up in return, but let it drop when the anxiousness began to take over his expression again.

“Could I talk to you?” He asked. “You know, fake son to fake mom?” She looked him over with concern as she let him in. He wasn’t even in costume and he looked more like Evan than he did Ben.

“What’s wrong, honey?” She asked worriedly.

“It’s about a girl….” He trailed off and her face lit up. She knew as well as everyone that if Ben was having girl troubles it was about Y/N, and if there were troubles that meant that something had finally happened.

“I was over at Y/N’s last night and I almost did it. I almost kissed her, told her that I loved her, the whole deal. I didn’t get to, but I still want to - I just don’t know how. Every time I’m with her I just can’t do it.” He looked at her pleadingly and she gave him a small smile.

“This is gonna sound like really bad advice, but you’ve just got to tell her, Ben. Start talking, and once you do, trust me, you won’t be able to stop. I’ve seen the way you are with her, you’ve got a lot to say.” Ben nodded with confidence and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and a thank you. And then he was out the door and on his way to find Y/N.


Y/N was sitting in Ben’s dressing room a little while before the show. She’d been slightly avoiding Ben all day, but now she was waiting for him. Though half of her hoped he wouldn’t be stopping by before the show started. She knew it had to happen the next time she saw him, but it terrified her.

She looked up, startled, when the door opened and closed quickly. Suddenly, Ben was in the room with her. He leaned against the door and sighed, running a hand over his face with his eyes closed. When he opened them he made a noise of surprise at Y/N’s presence and she smiled softly at him. She couldn’t help what he did to her - he made everything seem better. When they were together everything seemed easier.

“How long have you been here? I’ve been looking all over for you,” He said. He looked nervous, and Y/N wondered if he was already in character or if he was genuinely anxious about something.

“Not too long, I’ve been all around today. I wanted to see you before the show, though.” He smiled at the thought of her waiting in hopes of seeing him.

“That’s good, I actually have something I wanted to talk to you about.” He looked over at her and she watched him expectantly. “Um, Rachel said I should just start talking, so - uh - here goes nothing.” He took a deep breath, and then began to speak.

“We’ve been friends for a really long time, and I think it’s probably time that you should know - the first time I ever saw you I stopped breathing. You looked so gorgeous. You literally took my breath away, and you still do - every day. One time - and I can’t even remember what we were laughing about - but we were in your apartment and laughing like crazy. We couldn’t stop. I remember looking around and thinking ‘I could do this for the rest of my life. I could spend the rest of my life laughing with you and I’d be happy. I’d be so happy.’ And then I looked over at you, and you looked so beautiful. You always look so beautiful. I looked at you, and it hit me. And I sat there thinking 'wow, so this is what being in love feels like.’” He laughed nervously, avoiding looking at her, scared that she might be disgusted or be looking at him with pity.

“Y/N,” he took another deep breath and looked her in the eyes. She was staring at him with wonder, but he couldn’t tell if she was happy or not. “I am so completely in love with you.”

The silence was painful. Deafening. The silence made it clear to him that he’d ruined it. He’d messed everything up. He looked down at his shoes to avoid having to look at her.

“I love you too.” His head snapped up as her voice reached his ears. She was smiling bigger than he’d ever seen and her eyes were filled with tears. “I can’t believe I came here to tell that I love you and you beat me to it,” she laughed. He stared at her in shock as she felt the happiness filling her up.

“Okay, real quick because I’ve been saying this in my head for a few hours now and I need to say it out loud: Ben, when I first met you I knew. I knew I wanted to be with you forever. Maybe platonically, maybe romantically - it didn’t really matter. But then it did. Then it did because every day I found something new about you that I loved. Every day I could feel myself falling in love, and it felt so damn good. Being in love with you makes me so happy.”

They were standing in front of each other smiling. And then he was leaning in, and then she was leaning in, and they were both one hundred percent positive that the other was doing it this time. Except then someone called out for Ben because the show was starting in only a few minutes.

He apologized profusely before running out and towards the stage. She smiled as she watched him go. She waited for the entire show in his dressing room. He didn’t make it back for intermission, but that was okay. Mostly because it was just around when intermission ended that she realized he had said something along the lines of wanting to spend the rest of his life with her.


When the show ended the cast were all grouped together backstage in their pre-show dance party hallway. They were all rushing with adrenaline from the show and the applause from the audience, excitedly talking. All except Ben - he was strangely quiet.

“Are you feeling okay?” Jennifer asked with a motherly type concern. He was about to respond when they heard shouts from down the hallway.

“Ben!” They all turned to see Y/N bounding down the hallway until she stopped in front in Ben, breathing heavily. “I’m sorry, just have to make sure, did you say you want to spend the rest of your life with me?” He nodded with a smile as everyone watched with wide eyes. “Oh, thank god,” she breathed.

And then her arms were around his neck and his were around her waist and they were finally kissing. Everybody was cheering by the time they pulled apart, and they both stared at each other with wide smiles.

Discreetly, Will, Mike, and Olivia high fived in the background of all the commotion.

I dare you


Summary: “I dare you to kiss Keith. On the mouth.”

Word count: <1k

Rating: T

Tags: fluff, game

also on ao3

Happy birthday to my boi Lance

Many thanks to my amazing beta @eroticgropefest <33

“I dare you to kiss Keith. On the mouth.”

Lance can’t believe what Pidge is asking him to do. They aren’t even drunk. Lance said he’d spiked the space juice, but it was just a joke.

“Erm. What?” Keith asks, echoing Lance’s thoughts.

Lance laughs nervously. “Are you sure you didn’t mean punch Keith on the mouth?”

“I said kiss,” Pidge repeats, and smiles devilishly as Coran adds sound effects.

Allura and Hunk have started chanting “Kiss, kiss, kiss.” Keith’s ears and cheeks are impossibly red and he’s looking at Shiro, silently asking for help.

“It’s just a kiss…” Shiro says.


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Can you do a Hogwarts!5sos au with like what house you think the boys would be in? Sorry I'm kind of a nerd 😏

A/N - It’s okay! I’m must be a nerd too because I absolutely love Harry Potter! :) I’m super rusty when it comes to writing Harry Potter though. There will probably be a part two, but I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it because I’m not sure if this is what you wanted. Anon, if you want me to redo it don’t hesitate it ask!

“I cannot believe Luke Hemmings got Head Boy!” you scoffed, running your hand through you hair and tossing it over your shoulder. Kaylee, your best friend, smirked. “You’re just mad because he’s the Head Boy to your Head Girl,” she said, “You can’t spend more than two seconds with him without getting bloody flustered! You’re pathetic! You are so in love with him but you won’t admit it! I hear you talking in your sleep, you dream about kissing him and dating him,” She laughed and you frowned, crossing your arms over your chest, “I do not, I never-!” “Oh, Luke, this is so sudden! In the Heads Common Room, of course!” Kaylee made kissy faces and mocked what must be your sleep voice. “It’s not that, it’s just-I can’t-” you stuttered and Kaylee laughed again, looking over your shoulder. “Oh, here comes Mr. Ravenclaw Head Boy Lucas Hemmings! I’ll see you later!” she exclaimed, wiggling her fingers at you as she sauntered off into the Common Room. “Kaylee, wait!” you exclaimed, before feeling Luke tap your shoulder. You turned to him. “Hullo Luke,” you say, trying to keep your face free of any indication that you could already feel the color rising to your cheeks just because he was looking at you. “Hello,” he replied, “Professor Flitwick wanted me to come and find you because we have a meeting tonight.” “I knew that!” you exclaim, pulling your robe sleeve up to look at your watch, “It starts in -” “It started 10 minutes ago,” Luke interrupted, “Which is why Professor Flitwick sent me to find you.” You gasp, “Shit! I thought it started at 7.” You begin to jog towards the Charms classroom and with Luke’s extra long legs he has no problem keeping up with you. “No, it started at 6:30,” he says as you begin to walk instead of jog. “Ugh, of course Mister Perfect would know that,” you snap, rolling your eyes at him. He looks taken aback. “Mister Perfect?”, Luke asks. “Yes Mister Perfect,” you say, “I swear you get everything handed to you.” “Bullshit!” Luke says and it’s your turn to look surprised, “Everything handed to me? I’m sorry I actually worked hard to get where I am right now. Unlike the other Head Boys, I’m not a Quidditch Star or a Teacher’s Favorite. You just so happened to meet me the year I decided I wanted to actually make something of myself at Hogwarts instead of just going through the motions. I was so excited to be Head Boy and when I heard you were Head Girl, yeah I was nervous, but I hoped that we could get to know each other for who we actually are and not just who people say we are. But it seems that you’re too convinced that my reputation actually defines who I am so whatever. I’ll see you back at the Common Room after the meeting so we can start our once around the castle,” he turned from you and reached for the knob of the class room door. “Luke wait!” you exclaimed and he stopped, turning to face you, you could see his jaw tense up. “I’m sorry,” you say, looking at your feet, suddenly embarrassed, “I am so sorry for assuming that. You really earned every award you’ve ever earned and you deserve Head Boy more than anyone who has ever been Head Boy. I think - actually, I know that I was just jealous. Everyone loves you and everything comes so easily to you. You’re amazing and you know it.”

"Will you wear this to the game today?” “Now Calum Hood, are we making this official?” You smirk as Calum drapes his Hufflepuff scarf over your shoulders. He kisses your cheek and grins, “If you’re ready, I’m ready.” You smile back and take his hand, “And what, break all the hearts of the girls who are in love with Hufflepuff’s star seeker? I am definitely ready.” Calum laughs and you lean in to kiss his lips, lingering for a second too long when Calum clears his throat and pulls away. His cheeks are tinged pink and his ears are bright red. You giggle, kissing his cheek. “I’ll see you at the game,” you say, turning away from him and heading back to the Common Room. You meet up with your best friend, Jane, in the dormitories and you find her painting her face in Hufflepuff’s yellow and black but suddenly she spins around and her mouth drops open. “Is that CALUM HOOD’S scarf?!” she exclaims. You grin and nod quickly and Jane screams, “Bloody Hell girl! When were ya gonna tell me?!” You’re smiling so big and you know your cheeks are pink. “We just made it official today. He asked me to wear his scarf to the game!” Jane was a giggling mess and you couldn’t help but be one too. You were going to watch your boyfriend win the House Cup today. Your boyfriend. Your BOYFRIEND. Any way you said it made it sound better. Later on the Quidditch Pitch, you were wrapped snuggly in Calum’s scarf, the glares from the other Hufflepuff Girls only fueling your smile because you only had eyes for Calum. He knew how to work the crowd and everyone loved him, even people from other houses. Before the game started, he took a few laps around the pitch on his broom to pump up the crowd, stopping just in front of your section to give you a long kiss on the lips in front of everyone. Nothing could ruin your good mood. Hufflepuff was ahead of Ravenclaw and they were sure to win the House Cup. You knew your House Team was getting a bit cocky. “Hufflepuff’s Seeker Hood has spotted the Snitch!” the Quidditch announcer’s voice was rising in excitement as Calum neared the Snitch, but Ravenclaw’s seeker was on his tail. Everyone was on the edge of their seats when suddenly, Ravenclaw’s seeker rammed into the back of Calum’s broom. Everyone gasped, the entire Hufflepuff House was on their feet, and you could feel tears welling in your eyes. Calum began to spin out of control, he was headed straight for the ground. You could see him struggling, trying to get his broom back under control but he couldn’t. Everyone was holding their breath and by the time Calum hit the ground in a crumpled heap you figured your face had turned blue. 

"Now do we need to go over it again?” “No!” “Why would we?” “Bloody Hell Clifford do you think we’re all idiots?” Your teammates were sure to voice their opinion and you smirked at the exasperated look on Michael Clifford’s face. As the captain of Slytherin’s Quidditch Team, he loved to boss his team around and being the only girl on the team, you got a lot of crap and you were tired of it. You finally had a talk with the rest of the boys and it was decided that you all would tell Michael how you really felt about his methods. “Fine. Practice is done for today. I’ll see you all out here tomorrow, same time.” The boys were grumbling as they walked off the pitch. “You had something to do with this, didn’t you?” Michael snapped once it was just the two of you. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you said in a sing-song voice, knowing that it was going to drive him crazy. “Why did you do this to me?” he asks, crossing his arms over his broad chest. “Because,” you reply, mirroring his pose, “You don’t deserve to be Quidditch Captain.” “Oh and you do?!” Michael exclaims, making a face and rolling his eyes. “I do, actually!” You’re yelling now, “Professor Snape only made you Captain because you’re an ass kisser!” Michael’s jaw tensed, “Professor Snape made me Quidditch Captain because I know how to play Quidditch.” You sigh, “I know you know how to play Quidditch. But you act like such an asshole toward us during practice and after games when you know we work hard.” You walk past him, not wanting to fight anymore. You were tired of Michael acting like this, you missed the Michael you knew before he became the Captain. You had been so happy for him, but he took it as an opportunity to get girls and to act like he was better than everyone. “Wait, wait!” Michael followed you onto the grounds, jogging to keep up with you. “I’m sorry. I just-I just wanted to impress you,” he says, staring at his feet. “Well, you didn’t impress me,” you say, staring at his face, “You made me angry. You never acted like this before.” Michael sighed but didn’t say a word. “I just want the old Michael back,” you say quietly. “Damn it,” Michael curses under his breath, but you don’t quite hear him. “Pardon?” you say, but Michael grabs your cheeks and pulls your face to his, pressing his lips to yours.

Ashton Irwin was something else. You could see his fluffy head of hair over the crowd of students, considering he was almost two feet taller than most of the first years he was directing into compartments. He had spent most of his years at Hogwarts terrorizing you and your friends with the assistance of his three best friends but something changed in him when he was appointed Head Boy of Gryffindor House by Professor McGonnagall. You didn’t understand why she did but seeing him work with the First and Second Years opened your eyes. Although he was obnoxious, his laughter louder than the Whomping Willow, he was one of the sweetest boys at Hogwarts. You wished that you could go back in time and get him to act like this in his early years. Then maybe you would be friends instead of you admiring him from afar as only acquaintances. You wanted to get to know this Ashton; you wanted to make him laugh instead of his friends and you hoped that this train ride in the Heads Compartment would satisfy your want for friendship. Ashton pulled the compartment door open, grinning at you when you looked up. “Hello,” he said, cheery as ever. You’d swear you never saw the man angry. “Hi Ashton,” you replied, trying to match his cheeriness. You hoped you didn’t seem fake because you and Ashton had definitely had your fights in the past. “So…Head Boy and Head Girl!” Ashton exclaimed as he took his seat across from you, “Are you excited?” You let out a slow breath, rubbing your sweaty palms on your pants. “I am,” you say, looking at him, noticing that he seems to be studying your face, “And I’m actually quite nervous. I come from a long line of Head Girls.” Ashton chuckles, “I’m the first Head Boy in my family. You have expectations to live up to and I have expectations to start. Here’s to a great year!” You laughed, suddenly feeling a burst of courage. “I’m actually really excited to get to know you,” you say, looking at your hands in your lap and then back up at Ashton, studying the expressions on his face. “You’ve known me since we were eleven,” he says and you knew this was coming. “I know I have but I want us to have a real friendship. We’ve spent too much of our time at Hogwarts fighting,” you explain. Ashton nods, “I agree. I never even meant to fight with you so much. We just kind of mesh that way.” You can’t help but chuckle, “There’s nothing wrong with fighting. As long as we’re still friends afterwards.” Ashton smiles again and he gaze stays on your face. “Wow, you actually want to be my friend,” he says and you nod quickly. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to say that,” he continues, “Because I’ve always had a crush on you.” Your cheeks turn the brightest shade of red possible and Ashton must have noticed because he’s giggling but before you can say a word Professor McGonnagall raps on the door of your compartment and walks in.

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Hello! I beg you a Thominho set in the first book, when Thomas is punished because of going into the maze to help Minho and Alby, so Thomas has to stay a night in The Slammer and Minho goes to "punish"/show his gratitude for his help in the maze ewe

this isn’t really as sexual as it could have been but [shrugs] 

Rubbing his hands together to warm them, Thomas sighs for what feels like the fiftieth time that night and refrains from once again saying how unfair it is he’s locked in here.

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Preference #89: He confesses his feelings while drunk
  • Michael: "Please, (Y/N)? You promised!" Michael pouted at you as he held the small shot glass in his hand, constantly shoving it towards you. You shook your head multiple times and he continued to pout. "Michael, I'm tired and you know alcohol makes me sleepy. You should go to bed and drink some water or you're going to have the worst hangover in the morning and I don't want that." You got to your feet and began to walk to the kitchen to grab him a water bottle. He got to his feet and followed you to the kitchen, hugging you from behind. "You're such a party pooper." He whispered into your ear and you sighed, turning around and pushing him off of you. "Go to bed." You shoved him away from you and he laughed, bringing your body back to his. This was something you had gotten used to over time. Michael was very touchy when drunk and you had to get used to it eventually. "God, what would I do without you?" He asked you and nestled his head into the crook of your neck. You sighed and began to rub his hair. "I wonder the same thing." You laughed to yourself and he pulled away, staring directly into your eyes. "You know what? I love you." Your body froze as those three words left his mouth. You just stared at him for what felt like forever. "Y-You what?" "You heard me. I'm in love with you. God, I love you, (Y/N). Wow, that feels good that I said that. Guess the cat's out of the bag, huh?" He laughed and walked away from you as if he didn't just admit to you that he loved you. "What the hell am I going to do with you, Michael?" You shook your head with a giant smile on your face as you joined him back on the couch. The three words you had always wanted to hear from Michael was just said. Unfortunately, they were when he was drunk off his ass, but nonetheless you were happy.
  • Ashton: "Shh!" You half shouted at Ashton as you both walked down the street, wobbling like crazy as you both were extremely drunk. You hadn't seen Ashton in a little while and he wanted to take you out to go drink and party like you always did before. "What if I want everyone to hear us, (Y/N)? Then what?" "You still shut your big fat mouth. It's three in the bloody morning!" You stopped on the sidewalk and decided to sit down on the curb. You really just needed a break from walking as you were too drunk to continue walking. "But what if I needed to shout out something extremely important and I didn't care if it woke anyone up?" He asked you as he sat down beside you. He put his hand on your leg and began to rub it, which you chose to ignore. "Then I'd tell you to shut up." You turned to him with a smile on your face and he immediately smiled back. "I always loved your smile. I missed it the most when I was on tour. I also missed your laugh." He grinned as he began to tickle you and you started to giggle as he tickled your sides. "Okay, stop!" "There's that laugh I love." He smiled at you and you just blushed, looking at your feet. "I don't just love those two things, yanno? I love you as a whole. I love everything about you actually." He leaned closer to you and you didn't notice just how close he was to you. "Did you hear me? I said that I love you. I love (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!" He screamed extremely loud and you covered his mouth, glaring at him. "You'll wake up everyone here you idiot!" You smacked his chest and he smiled at you. "Well, I just needed to let everyone know that I love you... Like, a lot." He kissed your cheek and you blushed once again. "Well, guess what? I love you, like a lot, too." You smiled at him and his smile grew wider as he engulfed you in his arms. "Good. I'm happy to hear that."
  • Calum: "Three, two, one!" Calum chanted as he grabbed the red cup he had in his hand and began to chug whatever was inside. A few people, including yourself, dared him to drink whatever was put in that cup which meant that anyone could put their drink into that cup. He was way too drunk to turn down that dare. "He's gonna throw up." You said to yourself as you watched him drink everything in that cup. You could see the disgust on his face which made you laugh, but you began to worry because he was 100% going to throw up. He slammed the cup down onto the table and there was some people congratulating him. He nodded his head and put his one hand up and ran through the crowd of people. You followed after him and saw him throwing up on the grass. You came up behind him and began to rub his back. "You feelin' alright?" You asked him and he turned his head and smiled at you, wiping his mouth in the process. "I am doing a lot better now that I've thrown up and you're here!" He threw his arms around you and you tried to push him off of you. "Calum, you smell like puke..." You laughed and eventually got him off of you. He rubbed the back of his neck and muttered an apology then grabbed onto your hand and pulled you over to the side of the house. There were a few people outside smoking a joint and that was the only thing you could smell. "(Y/N), I wanted to thank you for coming with me tonight. You're the best." He grinned at you and you just rolled your eyes at him and went to go back into the house, but he pulled you back. "I could've invited anyone else, but I invited you because I'm in love with you. I wanted to spend more time with you before I have to leave you again..." You stared at him with your mouth slightly open, shocked at his confession. "You're drunk, Calum." You stroked his face and he looked up at you and shook his head. "I know I am, but you know the truth comes out when I'm drunk, so you can't say that I'm lying." He pointed out to you and you smiled at him. "I want to kiss you right now." He looked at you, his eyes full of hope, but you shook your head. "You probably taste like throw up." You smirked at him and kissed him on the cheek, whispering in his ear that you feel the same.
  • Luke: You open up Luke's bedroom door and peek your head through it, smiling sweetly at him. You noticed he was sitting on the floor with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. He took a sip from it and wiped his mouth, finally looking over at you. "Hey..." He sighed, taking another gulp from the half empty bottle. "Hey grumpy," you smiled as you shut the door behind you. "Cheer up." You sat down beside him and took the bottle away from him. He leaned his head on your shoulder and you put your arm over his shoulder, rubbing his arm. "Break ups are hard. I know." You told him as you felt him nod his head. He had a bad break up and you felt terrible that he was alone. No one should be alone after something like this. "And getting drunk isn't the best solution." You laughed as you picked up the bottle, looking at how much he had drank. "Was this full?" You turned to look at him and he nodded his head slowly. "I'm sorry..." He got up from your shoulder and looked at you, holding onto your hands. You smiled at the gesture and let him say whatever he was going to say. "(Y/N), I don't think I was being honest with you with mine and Carly's break up..." He took a deep breath and you furrowed your eyebrows, confused on what he meant. "Okay, what happened then?" "She broke up with me, I was being truthful there, but it wasn't because she felt like we were arguing too much and all of the other little reasons I said... It's because she found out that I was in love with someone else. She found out I was in love with you." You stared at him and you tried your hardest not to smile because it wouldn't be right to smile in this situation. "I'm not sad because I lost her, I'm sad because I wasted a year and a half thinking that I was with the right person when the right person was right in front of me the entire time. I wasted time on her when I could've been spending time with you and loving you and kissing you and-" You stopped him mid sentence with a soft kiss on his lips. His body relaxed and you both smiled in the kiss. "I love you, (Y/N)."
“But everyone is watching”- Michael Clifford

Public displays of affection weren’t always your thing. You were never quite sure how this dislike started, but it definitely put your relationships through some trials. Every boyfriend that you’d had soon became fed up with your dislike of something as simple as holding hands. This, along with many other factors, always seemed to lead you to the end of relationships.

All of these failed relationships were of course before you met Michael. As soon as he had shown any interest in you, you found yourself scared to tell him about your distaste for being lovey in public. After somehow getting through two official dates and several group hangouts without having to regretfully tell him about it, he finally brought up the subject.

“Y/N?” He asked, furrowing an eyebrow at you as the two of you sat together on a squeaky leather couch. You looked up at Michael from your phone, pulling yourself up a little when you saw that the look on his face was more serious than you had expected to see.

“Is everything okay?” Your heart was racing, worried that something was wrong. Maybe he had realized that he didn’t really like you as much as you liked him. Michael grinned at you and shook his head in a way that was simple but somehow gave you a sense of security.

“It’s all fine, I was just wondering why you never let me like hold your hand or anything unless it’s just the two of us.” His tone was gentle and the question was posed in a way that was in no way making you feel accused or attacked. Despite all of this, you still felt yourself sink back into the unforgiving material of the couch as your face flushed. Embarrassment must have been obvious in your face as Michael shot up from his slightly slouched position, his mouth opening to spill out apologies and try to cover up the question.

“Michael! Michael, it’s fine,” you sighed, trying to keep giggles from leaving your mouth. At the sound of your words and the sight of your crooked grin, he settled back down, crossing his arms across his chest as he gave you an equally crooked grin.

“I don’t have a good answer as to why, but I just don’t like PDA.” You shrugged your shoulders, trying to make it seem like it wasn’t such a big deal to you despite it being one of the biggest pet peeves you had with yourself.

“Oh, oh well that makes sense,” Michael nodded, adjusting the way his hair was falling as he did so.

“That’s it? No weird accusations? You’re not gonna ask if it’s something I’m ever going to get over?” You were shocked, to say the least. The last thing you expected from him was such a seamless answer and acceptance. Then again, if any guy was going to act that way about it, it would be Michael.

“Of course, I’m not going to make you feel guilty for something like that. And there’s no way something like that is gonna make me like you any less, Y/N. Have other guys really been so shitty about it?” His eyebrow raised slightly as he asked, and you felt yourself flush once again from the question.

“Yeah, they have,” you nodded. Michael looked appalled at the idea of other guys being so petty and weird about something as simple as respecting something that you were uncomfortable with.

“Well that’s some bullshit. I promise I’ll never be like that.” He muttered it, almost like he was speaking only to himself. You had brushed it off, however, just happy that he was nice enough to be so calm about it.

Just a year later, you had become more okay with small touches in public. Holding hands for a few minutes was starting to be fun, and Michael’s hand resting gently on your lower back as you walked ahead of him never failed to put shivers down your spine. Tonight, you and Michael along with some of your closest friends decided to all go to dinner together in order to properly catch up with each other. Sometime during the dinner you found yourself getting all wrapped up in Michael. All he was doing was telling a story that you had heard millions of times, but for a reason you couldn’t quite place you were feeling entranced by him. He stole a few glances at you as he talked, and the look on his face was obvious confusion as he studied your face. As he finished telling everyone his story, which was always a hit, he turned to you with furrowed eyebrows and a tiny quirked smile.

“Everything okay, baby?” He asked quietly, gently placing his hand on your thigh as he waited for your answer. You nodded, swallowing a lump in your throat, not being able to place just why you suddenly wanted to kiss him in from of all of your friends.

“I-I wanna kiss you, I think? Like, right now. In public.” Your voice was low but you couldn’t help but feel excited at the new way you were feeling.

“Wait, wait really?” Michael asked. You could tell he was trying to keep his cool, hoping that his excited response wouldn’t make you feel pressured.

“Yeah. Really.” You sighed, feeling relieved to let out what you were thinking. He shook his head, still in a small amount of disbelief.

“But everyone is watching,” he muttered, sneaking a glance at all your friends that were seated around you, all engaged in their own conversations.

“I don’t care, Michael. You better take this chance while you’ve got it. I can’t guarantee I’ll feel up to this again,” you said seriously, not wanting to miss an opportunity that could be rare. Grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Michael mumbled “fuck it” under his breath quickly. Before you had time to change your mind, Michael had closed the gap between your lips. You felt electricity surge through your body as you kissed him back. The eyes that were surely watching the two of you somehow didn’t even bother you as you happily let Michael slip his tongue into your mouth. Finally you decided that maybe the two of you had went a little over the top, so you backed away gently. Michael had the biggest, most lopsided grin you had ever seen on his face. Everyone else at the table was looking at the both of you in a mix of pride and disgust.

“It was Y/N’s idea!” Michael exclaimed, causing your entire table, you included, to break out into fits of laughter.

“I love you, Michael,” you whispered, the new experience still burning in your veins. “And I think you’re the reason I'm starting to be okay with it. So thanks,” you giggled. Michael blushed, pressing a chaste kiss to your blushing cheek.

“Of course. I’m glad I could help,” he chuckled.

bioforensics  asked:

Okay im gonna ask for #22 and Fitzsimmons again for the drabbles because I'm trash for your writing and you encourage us to keep requesting it (cant leave you hanging thatd just be rude)

The infamous #22 = “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Other versions here, here, here, here.

I have no idea what this is lol. Hope it’s fairly enjoyable.

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a drabble!


“It’s just a game,” Fitz chuckled as Jemma hesitated.

“It’s a stupid game.” She worried her bottom lip, unsure if she wanted him to play without her or follow her back to the rest of the party.

“It’s a harmless game,” Jemma’s friend Bobbi corrected as she breezed by with another round of beers. “And studies show that most people want to make out with 50% of their friends, so, this is your chance!”

“There are no such studies,” Mack snorted, but he took a seat with his back to the couch, carefully not looking at Elena across from him.

“Come on, Simmons!” Hunter called.

“Yeah, come on, Simmons,” Fitz echoed, grinning. “You know you’ll enjoy it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Jemma spluttered wordlessly for a moment, heat in her cheeks and her stomach and her ears. Had she been that obvious? Fitz must be absolutely drunk, to say something so bold – though she’d not seen him touch so much as a shot…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she snapped. “I’m entirely indifferent to you, Fitz. You want to know how indifferent?” And she stormed past him. “Someone spin the fucking bottle.”

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Let Freedom Ring

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: The modern au world where Mikasa grew up with Levi; Sequel to The Wedding

Rating: K

Words: 2977

Notes: This is not what I had started writing before the weekend lol but you know I have to get my sappy ass holiday fics in (it’s so sappy please be warned). This is also a precursor for a the first fic of my next set of requests so I figure I’d right it out, and most everyone seemed to like Gwen enough so I wanted to write her again ^^ The title is  from “Independence Day” by Martina McBride just cause it was yesterday lol

“Gwen!” Carla called from the kitchen. “I could use your help please!”

Gwen really was tempted to just stay where she was in the backyard but thinking about the punishment she’d get for not listening to her mom is what made her stand up. “I’ll be right back okay?” she said to Julian who was sitting on the edge of the pool, kicking his legs in the water.

“Kay,” he said, not bothered by her leaving one bit. That was probably because the cool water on his legs felt good being outside under the sun in the middle of summer.

She stopped on the deck, right before the step up that led to the back porch where the sliding doors to the kitchen were. Her dad was on the other side of the deck paying attention to the grill and there was no one else in sight. Julian could probably swim just fine, but she was pretty sure Levi or Hanji wouldn’t like it too much if he fell into the pool with no supervision.

“Just kidding.” Gwen walked back over and slipped her hands under Julian’s armpits, pulling him up out of the pool and onto the deck. “Why don’t you come with me?” She extended her hand which he took with a groan.

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