he kissed me on my lips and my hips and my mhmmm~

Study Break (M)

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✕ pairing: Taehyung x Reader

✕ genre/warnings: smut, one shot

✕ words: 1,200

✕ summary: Having trouble studying for a test, you let your best friend Taehyung come over to help you. He also has a great way to help relieve your stress.

✕ notes: for the anon that requested this!! Hope you like it! 

“Why did I even invite you over to help me study when all you’re doing is complaining about not wanting to study?” I groan, falling against my bed, my body bouncing a little as it hit the mattress.

 “Hey, it’s not my fault that studying is boring!” he replied, throwing his pencil down against his textbook.

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God Fuck

Anonymous said:

Smut where Ashton finds you touching yourself and he gets mad. Daddy kink pls. Make it fairly long. Thx 

I gotchu and don’t mind the title, its a thing w me and Maddi


Ashton’s POV:

“Mmm,” I hear, dropping my bag.  I check my watch and it’s about nine thirty. My little girl is usually asleep by eight thirty. “Daddy!” I hear her moan. I’m a little confused as to why I hear the moans coming from my office and not upstairs where her room is.

“Mmh, Daddy,” I hear. I finally reach my office door. “Daddy, please,” she squeaks. I walk in and see my little girl sat in the big brown chair behind my desk. Her knees were pushed up as she held a vibrator in her panties against her pussy.

“Please, Daddy,” she moans again, her head thrown back as she pushes the toy against her pussy, applying more pressure. “Please what, baby?” I ask. I could have just watched her get off, but joining in would be much more fun. Y/N gasps, the vibrator falling to the floor as her eyes dart up to me.

“Daddy-” “It seems like I have a naughty little girl.” I cut her off. She knew very well she wasn’t allowed in my office when I wasn’t there, she especially wasn’t allowed to go in there to get her toy.

She was supposed to be punished for a week. No vibrator or touching herself was her punishment for teasing me at a pool party we had attended Friday.

It’s now Wednesday and it looks like she couldn’t resist. This is the second time this week she’s been caught playing with herself. “You’ve been a horny little girl this week, haven’t you?” I say as and walk closer to her.

“Here, you dropped your toy, princess.” I bend down to pick up the vibrator. “Put it back baby.” She gives me a questioning look. “Go ahead baby, it feels good for your little pussy?” I ask and she nods in response.

“Then go ahead.” I say softly. She reluctantly pushes the vibrator back into her underwear. I begin to pepper kisses all over her thighs, as I did I moved her hand from the handle of the vibrator replacing it with mine.

“Daddy doesn’t like bad girls.” I mumble as I pushed the vibrator against her pussy. “ ’M sorry, Daddy.” Y/N more so moans. “You’re sorry?” I remove the vibrator to where it’s not against her but still in her little underwear.

She nods.

“But honey, this is the second time in a matter of three days.” I push it back. “You’re a very, very bad girl and I know exactly what I’m going to do to you.” I spoke, rubbing her thigh as I watched her face scrunch up with pleasure from the vibrator being against her for so long.

“Daddy,” she moans quietly. “Mmh, you love that, don’t you? Daddy putting a vibrator against that lil’ cunt? Against your cute little clit, baby? That’s what you like?” “Mhmm,” she moans, her body starting to squirm.

“Like that princess? Hm?” I put the vibrator against her for a second, only to move it away the next. “Yeah, baby? Are you a good girl, hm?” “Yes,” she moans. “Don’t lie to me.” I say sternly, pulling the vibrator out of Y/N’s underwear.

“Take these off.” I pull at the top of her underwear.  “On the desk, now.” She sits on his desk, her legs crossed. “Baby,” I move my lips to her ear. “I haven’t got time for you to act like I’m not going to play with your cunt until you cry. Now uncross these legs so Daddy can punish his dirty little girl.”

She lets out a small sigh, opening her legs and scooting a little further on the cold desk. “Daddy, it’s cold.” She says quietly. “Ohh, really?” I pout in mocking her sadness as I bring my thumb to her clit to rub small circles.

“I was going to sit in my chair,” i say as I reach for the vibrator again, holding it against her clit. “Daddy,” she squeaks as her whole body jerks. “I don’t wanna hear anything out of that mouth.”

“Like I was saying.” I say, watching her pussy casually as I spoke. Watching the way she kept clenching, watching how swollen her little pussy got, how wet she was. “Fuck, you’re drenched. Too bad you won’t be able to cum.” I say sadly.

Barely paying attention to what I’m saying as I was so absorbed in watching the way her pussy moved under the vibrator. “But I have the real prize right here.” I applied more pressure. “Daddy!” She screams.

In one swift movement I removed the vibrator and slaped her pussy, hard. The slap was heard and so was her little squeak before her legs tried to close. “What did I say about that mouth?” “I’m sorry, Daddy,” she moans, only to receive another slap. She whines as she closes her legs, I let her.

“What’s wrong, baby?” “Daddy, please,” she whines as he opened her legs back up. “Please, what?” I ask as I unbuckled my belt, letting it fall to the floor as I pulled my pants and underwear down.

“Let me cum. Please Daddy, it hurts.” “Shhhh,” I hold her legs open as I rub my cock against her pussy. “F-” she stops herself from swearing. “Daddy! Daddy, please! No! Daddy, I can’t, please let me cum.” She says, knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle being fucked without cumming. She moans after, not being able to hold it in.

“Dadddyy,” she moans in pleasure, tears pricking at her eyes. “Mmh, you like Daddy’s cock, baby? Hm? You like when I rub your pussy with it?” “Mhmmm,” she moans, her hips thrashing around as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red, tears falling from her eyes. Tears of pleasure. Too much pleasure.

“I want you to bend over now princess.” She does as she’s told, turning around and bending over the desk. “Why aren’t your legs open?” I ask and in less than a second her legs are spread as far as they could go. “Good girl.” I kiss her head.

I thrust into her, not giving any sort of warning. “You thought you wouldn’t be caught? Moaning so loud while in Daddy’s office,” I spank her ass. “You’re such a bad girl.” I spread her ass cheeks as I slowed my fast thrusts, “Y/N, honey, I want to hear you say it. What are you, hm?”

“A-a bad girl.” She cries. “Daddy,” she nearly whispers. “I’m going to cum.” I slap her ass, “I said no.” “Mh,” she cries. “Please, Daddy.” Finally I pull out. “Honey, I know you love being teased.” She shakes her head no.

“But you’re pussy is dripping. All over Daddy’s floor, too.” She grips the desk, trying to rub her legs together to make some sort of friction. Only resulting in another slap to her ass. “Stop that!”

“Now, you’re going to stop being a bad girl. Do you understand?” “Y-yes.” Another spank. “Daddy! Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry.” She moans. “You’re such a difficult little girl. You could have just been good, and waited for Daddy. Surely I would of helped you.”

“I know.” She says sadly. “Why’d you do it?” I peck the bottom of her ass, close to her pussy. “Hm?” “I-I just, I couldn’t wait.” “Oh, so you were being greedy.”
“I’m sorry,” she says and he can hear the tears in her voice.

“Don’t cry, princess. I know it feels funny, but this is what bad girls get.” I say, bending over her and wiping her tears. “Are you ready?” I ask softly. She reluctantly nods. I slowly enter her again, this time making sure he gets off. My thrusts were slow, and my grip was tight.  “You’re so tight, princess. Fuck,” I moan.

“So wet too. Fuck, Daddy’s cock slips right in.” I thrust for a while more. “Daddy,” Y/N moans quietly.  “Fuck,” I squeeze her ass as I cum inside of her, riding out my orgasm.

“Fuck, baby,” I groan as I pull out slowly, watching my cum leak from her pussy. “Good girl.” I breath.  “Turn around for me, let me see that precious face.”
She turns around, still sitting on the desk.

“Why were you crying?” I ask softly, kissing her temple. “Because my pussy hurts Daddy, I need to cum.” “I know you need to, princess, but you can’t.” I says sympathetically, my hand holding her jaw softly. “You know what being a bad girl gets you.” I rub her cheek with my thumb.

“I know.” Y/N looks down sadly. “C'mon baby, let’s go sleep now, yeah?” She nods her head. “Wait, my panties, Daddy.” She says as I pick her up and begins walking out of the room.

“You are going to have a shower, those ones are all messed up.” I say, picking her up. “Alright Daddy.” She says. “Let’s wash you up.” I says as my soapy hand comes in contact with her hip, making her jerk away.

I furrow my brows in confusion. “I don’t think you should touch me, Daddy.” She says. “I’m very sensitive right now.” “Oh baby girl, are you sure you don’t want Daddy to wash you?”

She nods. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I love you.” She kisses my cheek. “I love you too, princess. I’ll wait for you in the room.” When Y/N was finished she went into the room, and I helped her change into her pajamas. “Go to sleep, baby.” I kiss her lips before we cuddle.

“Daddy,” she asks after a while. “Yes?” “Am I really a bad girl?” “No, sweetie. You’re a good girl, you just misbehave sometimes.” “Can I be your good little girl again?” She turns around to face me. “Of course you can, baby. You’ll always be my good little girl.” I kiss her sweet lips once more before we both drift off into a deep sleep.


Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader 

Word Count: about 2k

Rating: Fluff and a tiny bit of angst :)

You and Jinyoung have been attached at the hip for years but suddenly his feelings for you change. 

You were inseparable.

You met in high school during your first year, the second week of school, in a math class the both of you hated.

He was the “it” boy at school, of course, exceptionally smart and incredibly popular though he tried to act oblivious to it all.

You didn’t really talk to anyone in class. Cliques were vital at school but you didn’t find any you fit into or more importantly, you didn’t find any cliques you were truly comfortable being part of. Neither did Jinyoung.

One day, your math teacher was rambling on about how perfectly he could draw a circle on a quadratic plane and you muttered some insult under your breathe because the man literally does anything but teach and in response you hear a chuckle from the boy sitting next to you. You looked over at him as he turned his attention from the teacher to you, still chuckling and hiding his smile with one of his hands.

Eye crinkles, how cute.

“Jinyoung. Nice to meet you.” He says with his hand now outstretched towards you. He was still smiling.

“Y/N, nice to meet you too.” You said, reaching for his hand and shaking it, giving him a slight nod and returning a grin.

“You know, he’s going to be like this all year, there’s no actual point in paying attention to any of the mundane things he says.” He shrugged his shoulders and smirked. And you laughed.

Ever since then, you were inseparable.

You knocked on the door of the apartment fervently.

“If you don’t open this door Park Jinyoung, I’ll actually kill you. It’s cold out here you jerk!” You shout, rubbing your unoccupied hand over your arms and trying to ignore the shivers running through your body. Soon the door opened and you run in before even looking up at the person who opened it.

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“And they all lived-”

“Happily ever after.” Her little voice squeaked out as you closed the book.

“That’s right.” You said, smoothing down her hair and planting a kiss to her head. “Goodnight Lillian.” You said as you put the book with the others on her shelf and went to walk out of the room.

“Mummy!” She cried, causing you to stop and turn around. “You forgot to check for monsters.” She whispered, pointing to the space under her bed.

“Oh right, I’m so sorry baby.” You said, walking back over and bending down to look under her bed. You reached far underneath, making sure there was nothing there.

“Is there anything under there?”

“Nothing, you’re safe. Now try to get some sleep.” You said, giving her another kiss. You walked back out, ready to hit the light when she called you again.

“Mummy, when’s Daddy’s coming back?” 

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Practice makes perfect

Hi guys! Just a little thigh riding smut just because! Hehe :)

“I can’t do this, I’m so screwed! I’m going to fail this exam!” Jo sobbed, going through her notes.

She paced around the condo, Shawn watching her as he was lying on the couch, half asleep because it was almost midnight.

He rubbed his eyes and turned the TV off where a hockey game just ended and walked over to her.

Jo was wearing a comfy sweater and yoga pants, wavy hair up in a ponytail, looking sexy yet adorable, wearing her glasses.

“Babe… babe!” Shawn said, taking her hands in his. “You got this! You studied so much, there’s no way you are not going to pass!”

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After Hours - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: My first smut with the one and only. I hope y’all like it. I’m also taking requests here, so feel free to send me anything. Enjoy. Love, J xx

Prompt: You’re trying to study for an exam, but Stiles keeps distracting you.

Word Count: 1,284

Warning: The smuttiest of smut.

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Obsessive - Part 26

So it seems like they made up. It’d be a shame if something….ruined it.

(This will be multi parts so check back for my next installment. As always, if you want to be notified of my updates just let me know and I will message you when I post new chapters)

**Disclaimer: I do not suffer from OCD so I cannot begin to imagine what it is like. Any and everything that I am writing is what I’ve learned from people I know and the internet as well as asking advice from friends who know more about it than me. If anything is wrong or inaccurate of someone with OCD, please excuse my ignorance, as I said I am asking questions to help with the descriptions but I’m sure I will get something wrong eventually.

Juice Ortiz x Reader

(GIF isn’t mine)


After taking a few extra moments to catch your breath, you stood and followed Juice through the hallway and your bedroom and into the bathroom. He was leaning over the sink, having just cleaned the blood from his nose, he was now examining the bruises that were forming under his eyes. You smiled at his naked form and stepped up behind him, placing kisses on his back and shoulders, watching his face in the mirror as he smiled and then turned around to face you. His hands ran up and down your sides as he kissed your forehead and you tilted your head up to bite his bottom lip, your hand falling down across his abs to land on his member.

“Again?” he pulled away asking with surprise in his voice.

“Mhmm,” you sucked your bottom lip in between your teeth and grinned at him as you pumped his cock in your hand.

He took your hand and removed it from himself, turning so that you were now with your back to the bathroom cabinets as he cupped your cheeks and pressed his lips into yours. He walked you back until you were pinned against the sink before he ran his hands down to your hips and lifted you, placing you up on the edge and stepping between your legs. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers lazily stroking the back of his neck and mohawk as you kissed him and he pressed himself firmly against you, his already hardened length rubbing between your thighs..

He hummed against your lips with a sigh and gently broke the kiss, pulling back and opening his eyes as you reopened yours to gaze back at him. He smirked, kissing the tip of your nose before he stepped back, “Are the condoms still in your night stand?” he asked quickly and you nodded to him, “Mhmmm,” you smiled.

“Don’t move,” he ordered which made the butterflies in your stomach start their frenzy. Juice was such a sweet guy, he was hardly ever ‘in charge’ of anything but you loved it when he bossed you around. You were so tangled up in your thoughts you almost didn’t notice him standing in the doorway again, worry etched into his features as if it’s residence was permanent.

“What’s wrong?” you asked when his presence snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Do you know this guy?” he asked, stepping closer to you, still stark naked, holding something small and square in between his thumb and index finger. You took it from him and looked at it, the polaroid of the man and baby that you had received by mistake in the mail.

“No, why?” you asked nonchalantly, handing him the photo back.

“He looks familiar is all,” Juice shrugged.

“Someone mailed it to me,” you explained, “Blank envelope, no return address, I just figured it was intended for whoever owned that mailbox before me,” you paused, “Anyway I forgot about it actually, just stuck it in that drawer when I got it and haven’t thought about it since. Do you think you know him?”

“I just think I’ve seen him before– You said it was mailed to you?” Juice’s face suddenly got stern.

“Yeah, Chibs brought it to me a few weeks ago when he checked the mail for me, why?” You questioned.

“Do you still have the envelope?” He glanced over your question to ask his own.

“Y-yeah I think so…. Juice why are you questioning me about this?” You began to feel anxious about his interrogation. Nonetheless, you hopped down from the sink to walk into your room and stopped at your closet to pull on a hoodie and some jeans before going to your nightstand, pulling the envelope out of the drawer as well, and holding it out to him.

“Jesus Christ,” he gasped, snatching the envelope from your hand and looking at it closely, “Fuck!” he cursed.

“Juice. What. Is. Going. On!” you followed after him, totally confused as he took off towards your living room.

“Put your shoes on you’re coming with me.” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.

You folded your arms and narrowed your eyes at him in protest.

“(Y/N)… Come on, Please?… Bring the picture and envelope with you. It’ll all make sense when we get to my house.” He was pulling his jeans and shirt on as he barked orders at you. Finally you sighed, seeing the distress in his expression, and you went back in your room to pack.

Juice didn’t live far from you, so after a quick ride up the street he was parking in front of his home. He helped you off his bike, keeping your hand in his as he led you up the cement walkway up to his front door and unlocking it. You stood just inside the threshold as he walked over to his couch and pulled something from under it, turning back to you with apprehension, “You might want to sit down…” he trailed off and you gulped, walking to sit on his couch as he stood before you.

Juice took a deep breath, unrolling the now torn envelope and pulling out the panties that belonged to you and handing them to you.
“Juice why do you have–”
“–Just… Wait. Look at everything else okay? Then ask questions if you still have any…”

Confused, you nodded and waited for him to hand you everything else. The photos of you two in bed together, the note telling Juice not to touch you, the photo of the dead man with the message on the back, and the threat inside the envelope itself. Then Juice took the envelope with your address on it and held it out beside the written threats.

The handwriting was the same.

You gulped, tears forming in your eyes as you put it all together. The person that sent a picture to your P.O. Box was the same one who had been inside your apartment. He had threatened Juice as well, and was now threatening to kill you.

Shocked, you turned to face the biker before you, “Juice, I…. I’m so sorry,” you began to cry and he sat down beside you, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you to his chest.

“It’s not your fault baby,” Juice was stroking your arm as he kissed the top of your head, “but we need to tell your dad. You’re in danger, even more now that…you know…” Juice gave you a half smirk as you pulled away. You knew what he meant; the warning not to touch you had been broken and if the stalker kept his promise then he planned to kill you.

Juice was right, Clay needed to know.

So wrong, but so good.

Pairing : Sam x Dean (Wincest), Sam x Lyle x Reader x Dean
Word count : 2720
Author : Mel
Request : Anonymous - SLD What if: Lyle is fingering Dean and Dean is so worked up he’s making noises like he never has before and it secretly starts really turning Sam on Especially seeing Dean eventually get fucked by Lyle But then it freaks him out because it’s his brother. But With everything that they do anyway he starts to just go with his feelings Sam cant quit thinking of fucking Dean and then something happens and they secretly fuck Lyle or reader doesn’t know
Warnings : Wincest!!, smut.


She’s Leaving, Dean 1 year celebration

He didn’t know when exactly it started, but there it was. After years of watching, but never really noticing, he was noticing. He guessed that’s what eventually happens when you share partners with someone for so long. But this wasn’t just anyone. It was his brother.

Lyle glanced over at Sam in his chair, feeling his arousal. Sam met his eyes before he trailed them down Lyle’s body and then eventually closed them when he felt the back of your throat. But when he opened them again, they took in the sight of Dean on his hands and knees, whimpering while Lyle pushed in a second finger. “Relax, Dean.” Came Lyle’s voice in a soothing tone. “We’ve been working up to this for months. You can take it, and I’ll go slow.”

“Fuck.” Dean groaned. “Fuck going slow, I want you to just pound the shit out of me.”

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I’m Not Done With You Yet (Newt AU)

Originally posted by inlovewithbooksandboybands

Request: Could you do a newt x reader where you’re together and you’ve been really stressed lately and while your taking a shower he comes in and is just really sweet and washes you and hella smut. I’m trash sorry. Thanks x

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Rated: M (Mature)

Warning: Smut Smut Smut

*I hope you like it! Sorry for the wait love *

I groaned and opened the door to my boyfriend and I’s small apartment. Living in New York definitely had its downs. Public transportation was one of them. My care has been in the shop since last week and I’ve been forced to take the bus. As if that wasn’t bad enough it was raining today and while I was at the bus stop some idiot in his car drove right into the puddle and now I’m drenched in dirt puddle water. “(Y/N) is that you?” He turned the corner into our living room and choked back a laugh.

“Someone had an interesting day” I glared and flipped him off. He just chuckled and walked over wrapping his arms around me. He really didn’t seem to care that I was soaked and full of mud. “You still look beautiful with twigs in your hair and your mascara running down your face” He kissed my nose and I smiled softly.

“I’m sorry, it’s just this past week has been so stressful. It’s like the universe is out to get me” I huffed and ran my fingers through my hair. “Mhmmm, hold on I’ll be back” He ran upstairs and came back with a bunch of towels. “You can shower after you tell me about this stressful week.” He wrapped me up in the towels and we went to sit at the table. “I’m all ears” I giggled staring at my boyfriend of 5 years. I still can’t believe I got so lucky.

“Okay so first off my boss was being a complete bitch. He kept piling on work and giving me deadlines that were impossible to reach. Everyone kept screaming at me while I work and I try so hard to do everything right. Today he gave me a stack of papers to file. First he told me to file them by last name which I did and I finished in half an hour. Then he comes back and tells me to do it all over by first name. Who files by first name anyway. There were like 30 Samantha’s in that pile.”  He frowned but listened intently as I continued. “Not to mention I’ve had to leave so early in the morning I can’t eat and you know how I get when I’m hungry. I’ve had to work through all of my lunch and my break too. I’ve been living off of coffee, granolas bars and deli sandwiches. So now today I’m waiting on this bus in the rain because someone at my job thought it would be funny to take my umbrella. This car comes out of nowhere and splashes me, which is the reason for my muddy face and twig filled hair. All of my papers for work are destroyed and I have to have all of that work done by tomorrow so that I do’t have another encounter with my boss” I huffed and rested my head in my hands. “The bus finally comes and its so full and this lady starts screaming at me because I’m wet and I look indecent and I just can’t deal anymore Newt. I’m so tired I get like 2 hours of sleep a night” I wiped away my frustrated tears and looked up at him.

Newt smiled sympathetically and stood up taking my hand. “Go take a shower” I opened my mouth to object but he put his finger to my lips “No arguing go.” He kissed my forehead and practically pushed me up the stairs. I smiled and went into the bathroom. A hot shower might actually help me relax. I turned the water on so it would warm up and stripped off my clothes. I frowned when I looked in the mirror and saw what a mess I actually was. Slowly, I made sure to pull out all of the twigs and leaves from my hair.  Once the shower was hot enough for my liking I got in and stood under the hot water. I could feel my muscles relax, I grabbed my facewash first and washed all of the dirt off my face. Once that was done I just stood under the water and let my thoughts consume me. I jumped out of my mind when I felt someone wrap their arms around me from behind. Quickly I relax remembering that I did in fact live with Newt. He chuckled and rested his chin on my shoulder. “You’re so beautiful” I hummed and he pressed a kiss to my neck before grabbing the shower gel and squeezing some onto the loofa. “Relax baby. I got you” I smiled and closed my eyes leaning my head back onto him, He slowly slid the loofa all over the front of my body and I moaned in appreciation. This hasn’t happened in a while. If it was even physically possible my body relaxed more at Newt’s touch. He dropped the loofa and used his hands instead. “I’m going to take such good care of you” He rasped. His hands slid down in between my thighs but he avoided the place I need him most. His lips peppered soft kisses along my jaw and neck while his hands glided over every curve of my body. I leaned into him more and he cupped my breasts. I moaned as he kneaded them while sucking on my neck. He moved one of his hands so he could get the shower head and wash the soap off of me. “Spread your legs baby” I moaned and did as he said. He took the shower head and placed it right on my heat, sending a surge of pleasure though my body. “Oh Fuck Newt!” I moaned out, he smirked and slowly started circling it which only increased my pleasure. Gasps and moans left my lips so fast, this just felt so good. “Not to be a Debbie downer or anything but I think I’m better than a shower head” and with that he dropped to his knees and turned me around so I was right above him. He stared between my legs for a while before whispering “So pretty… so fucking pretty and all mine” I blushed knowing that he wasn’t talking about my body as a whole anymore. Without any warning he licked straight along my slit. I had to grip the shower walls for support or at least try to grip them.

“That’s a taste I’ll never get tired of” He continued lapping away at me, his tongue making figure eights. One of his hands gripped my hip and the other moved down to apply pressure to my clit. “Fuck Yes!” I gripped his hair and tugged him closer to me as if that was even possible. I felt him smirk against me before slipping a finger inside. My knee’s went weak and I grabbed onto the shampoo rack to help my balance. I needed him. All of him.  “Newt… I…. Need… You” I moaned out pulling his face up to mine. “As you wish” His lips crashed onto mine and I jumped up so that I was straddling him. He groaned as I tugged at his hair and pushed me up against the shower wall. He didn’t waste any time and just slipped himself inside of me causing me to moan out louder than before. “Fuck, you’re so tight baby” I whimpered and dragged my nails down his back as he sped up. “That pretty little pussy is always so ready for me” he sucked harshly on my neck. I threw my head back and screwed my eyes shut. “Fuck…” I hissed and leaned down attaching my lips to his. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and brought a hand down to slap my ass. A very high pitched squeal left my mouth. The combination of his thrusting, sucking on my neck and slapping my ass sent me over the edge pretty quickly. “Newt… I’m close!” I moaned. “I know baby, Let go. Cum for me” That was all it took to finish me off. Within seconds I was screaming his name and clawing at his back. He groaned and waited until I fully rode out my high before he came shortly after.

We were both panting and I can honestly say that this was the best relaxation technique he ever came up with.

“Call in sick tomorrow” He whispered “I’m not done with you yet”

Oh boy, I was in for a long night and I couldn’t be more excited.

The Cheez Whiz Fic

Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub, a towel under his knees and another under his hands, his head turned as he craned his neck to watch Brendon working. The younger boy shook a few cans before tapping them against his knees and placing them on the counter. “You know it’ll cool down a little as they rest but is that good?” Brendon bent over next to the tub so Ryan could slowly press two fingers against a can, nodding once.

“It’s fine.”

Brendon nodded again, reaching out to stroke Ryan’s hair before standing back up and returning to the sink, where all of the equipment was spread out. The lids of the cans were already off, so all he had to do was pick it up. “Go ahead and take the plug out, baby.” His voice was soft, gentle. “And start with your fingers.”

It was the gentlest of their “darker” interludes. No name-calling or hair pulling or punishments for noises of pain. It hurt enough on it’s own, was degrading enough on it’s own, Brendon didn’t need to add anything to that.

Brendon felt a small tremor run through his body as he heard the soft moan coming from the bathtub, knew the other boy had just extracted the plug. He glanced up at the mirror, watching the boy set the glass plug on the edge of the tub next to the bottle of lubricant. Ryan picked up the bottle, desperate to fill himself as he opened it, dripping some of the lubricant onto his fingers and rubbing them. It was cold to the initial touch, but warmed up as his fingers moved.

“You’re so fucking hot like that, baby,” Brendon purred, from the sink where the cans were sitting. “Now, go ahead.”

Ryan flushed warm from the compliment, his wrist sliding down along his waist, hipbone, the curve of his ass. And then his fingers were poised, resting against his entrance before pressing in. He was already loose from the plug so it was an easy intrusion. He didn’t even bother with more lubricant before pressing a third finger in, moaning outright at the stretch. He started as he heard the click of metal being tapped against ceramic. “Already?”

“Don’t sound so disappointed,” the boy chided softly. “You can keep your fingers in for a second.” He almost added a soft 'slut’, but stopped himself. Brendon leaned down, reaching for the bottle of lubricant, letting himself hover over Ryan for a moment, his breath tickling the back of the boy’s neck. “Just think about everything I’ll do after,” he whispered before straightening back up and slicking the valve of the can. “Okay.”

Ryan whined, but slowly pulled his fingers out anyway. He wasn’t empty for longer than a few seconds, Brendon’s fingers immediately sliding over his opening before pressing in, then pulling out to press in the tip of the valve. “Breathe,” he murmured, fingers running down the boy’s spine. “I’m going to now, okay?”

“Wait,” Ryan choked out.

“I’m going to now,” Brendon repeated, voice a little harder this time. “You’re fine.” He kept his fingers running along the boy’s spine as he pressed against the valve.

Ryan bit his bottom lip, moaning as he felt the first rush of the warm cheese sliding into his body. The beginning of the enema was always like Brendon’s fingers were now, smooth and soft almost. The cramps would come soon enough, but Brendon’s fingers would still be the same.

When they started, one of Ryan’s hands flew up to his stomach and Brendon released the valve without a word, letting the other boy massage his abdomen to ease the pain. “Just tell me.”

“Okay,” Ryan whispered, his hand still on his stomach. Brendon pressed against the valve again and Ryan felt the warmth continuing to enter his body. He continued to try to massage away the dull ache of the cramps as he felt his stomach slowly begin to expand from the amount of cheese he’d taken. “Stop,” he choked out again. He wasn’t supposed to ask how much, but he was desperate to know. He’d felt like he’d taken half already, but he knew it was probably more like a quarter of the cans. “Bren?” he asked, voice close to cracking. “I-I … Brenny.” His voice was weak.

“You’re doing great, baby.” The boy leaned down, letting soft kisses feather along Ryan’s lower back. “So good.”

The tears were starting to build up. Ryan could feel them in his chest, waiting there, another ache in his body. “I don’t … I …” He let his head fall forward, trying to slow his breathing, trying to focus on Brendon’s fingers instead of the cheese inside him. “Okay,” he whispered,voice cracking as the first tears slid down his cheeks.

The flow continued and Brendon slowed the flow without a say so after five minutes or so. “You’re taking it so well, Ry,” he cooed. “You’ve got half.” He usually didn’t tell Ryan how much he’d taken, but it had been awhile since they’d done this and he didn’t want the boy to break before he managed to get all of the cans in.

“Half?” Ryan asked, voice timid, as if he wasn’t sure if he should be relieved or disconcerted.

“Mhmmm.” Brendon leaned forward, letting his lips kiss the back of Ryan’s neck, then between the boy’s shoulder blades. “Are you ready for more?” When Ryan hesitated, Brendon squeezed his hip. “You can take it, baby. You’ve done this before.”

Ryan’s head nodded a fraction of an inch, his breathing already labored. He gave a small squeak as the cheese started slipping into his body again. “Please, please, I can’t.” He shook his head, the tears coming out for real now. Brendon removed his finger from the valve again. “I can’t, Bren, please. I … I need to … please.”

The younger boy reached his hand down to Ryan’s stomach, the curve of a belly that wasn’t there usually. “I know you can take this,” he said, voice low but not angry or disappointed. “I know you can, Ry.” He let their fingertips brush. “But I won’t make you,” he added. “It’s up to you.”

Ryan hated that. It would have been so much easier to go along with it if Brendon hadn’t give him the choice. Now it was up to him to decide if he wanted to be selfish and disappoint his boyfriend and not get rewarded or just go along with it and deal with the pain. “I’ll try,” he mumbled weakly, squeezing his eyes shit and biting his bottom lip between his teeth as he felt the flow again.

Brendon slipped his hand down Ryan’s stomach to wrap around his cock, gently stroking, trying to turn the whimpers that the older boy was now making into moans. “So good, baby,” he kept whispering over and over. “You’re taking it so good.”

“H-Hurts,” Ryan choked out. “Break?”

Brendon took the pressure off the valve again, letting Ryan rub at his stomach and try to catch his breath. “It’s almost all in,” he said gently, still stroking the other boy’s erection. “Just a little bit more. I know you can take it, Ry.”

“How much?”

The question hung heavy in the air for a moment. Ryan wasn’t supposed to ask and he knew it, but he also knew Brendon never spanked him or punished him during an enema, so the worst possibility was simply that the other boy wouldn’t tell him.

“Probably two cans,” Brendon answered finally. “I’m going to start it again, okay? You can take this all in one go.”

Ryan nodded, gritting his teeth and counting silently in his head, hoping it wouldn’t take longer than a minute to finish. He was only a few seconds over when the flow stopped and Brendon planted a kiss to the small of Ryan’s back. “I’m going to switch it out for the plug, okay? Keep it in.”

Ryan tightened his muscles, his toes curling as he did so. It hurt, tensing up along with the dull ache in his abdomen. Even with all his tightening, a little bit of the cheese escaped, sliding down the inside of his thigh. Then the plug was in and he could relax his muscles, but only somewhat. Brendon picked up a washcloth and wiped at the cheese that had slid down Ryan’s skin.

It wouldn’t be too long, Ryan knew, but it always seemed an eternity. Five minutes or ten minutes could feel like hours. Brendon’s fingers slid up Ryan’s back until they were twisted, gently, in his hair. “I can’t wait to get you on the bed,” he said thickly, voice low and gravely. “Gonna shove my tongue in you so deep, baby.”

Ryan moaned outright, despite the dull pain in his muscles and stomach. It was a low moan, soft, but a moan nonetheless, and Brendon smiled at the sound. “Is that what you want?” the younger boy continued in the same tone. “You want my tongue in you, want me fucking your ass with my mouth? You’re going to taste so fucking good, baby.” His fingers tightened slightly in Ryan’s hair. Not enough to cause any pain, just enough to make the boy gasp, then moan again. “Then I’ll fuck you. So hard, baby, so God damn hard. So deep inside you. And then you’ll take my come in your pretty mouth.”

Ryan was whimpering, his hips moving ever so slightly, squirming. “P-Please?” he choked out. “Please?” He was begging for release. He knew it hadn’t been long enough, but if Brendon kept it up, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold it in.

“I think you can hold it for another couple of minutes.” But Brendon let go of Ryan’s hair and sat back slightly, just letting his hands run slowly up the boy’s sides. The older boy was quiet, just a few whimpers leaving his mouth, but still squirming. Brendon let his hands slip lower until he was firmly squeezing Ryan’s ass in both hands. “Almost, baby. Almost.”

There was another minute or so, Brendon’s fingers skimming over the curve of Ryan’s cheeks and the older boy trying not to lose anything, trying to keep his muscles tensedjust enough. “Okay.” Brendon stood up, slowly, kissing Ryan on the back of the neck before stepping out of the tub. “Slowly,” he warned the boy. “Don’t lose anything, okay?” He held his hands out, letting Ryan take them as he stood and gingerly climbed out of the tub.

Brendon lifted up the lid of the toilet seat and helped Ryan to sit. This was always when Ryan started to cry again. He hated it, hated how Brendon was there for the release. So humiliating, worse than threats of letting Spencer watch or having Pete fuck him that one time while Brendon took Polaroids. “Please, just … I can,” Ryan said. “I’m fine. I can.”

Brendon looked stern, frowning, shaking his head slightly. “Stop.”

Ryan cried harder, bringing his hands up to push at Brendon when the boy moved closer, but too submissive to actually to do it as the boy reached between his legs, fingers closing around the end of the plug. “Please,” Ryan whispered again. “Please, Bren.”

The boy ignored him. “Don’t let it go until I tell you to.” He let Ryan’s face fall into his shoulder. The boy was shaking from his choked sobs as Brendon slowly pulled the plug out. He set it on the counter next to the empty cheez whiz cans. One arm came up around Ryan. Despite his tears, the boy was still clenching, tighter than probably necessary. “Okay, go ahead.”

Ryan shook his head. “No.” He cried harder when Brendon pressed his lips against the boy’s temple. “Please.”

“Ryan. Now.”

The boy was still crying, clinging desperately to Brendon as the first drops of the cheese began to slip out. And then, like always, he realized he really had no choice and just let go, sobbing harder as he heard it falling into the toilet. For Brendon’s part, he just held the boy, fingers running down his back, cooing soft sentiments to him. “Good boy, good job, Ry.”

Finally the noises slowed and Brendon took a step back, letting Ryan wipe and flush the toilet. They both washed their hands in the sink and Ryan blew his nose. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, refusing to look at Brendon. “I … I didn’t mean to … I know you won’t hurt me.”

Brendon’s cool fingers, still slightly wet from the water, slid under Ryan’s chin, tilting the boy’s face up to meet his eyes. “Thank you,” he returned, leaning in and kissing him, soft at first, then harder, tongue slipping in. “Bed now,” he added, unable to contain his smile as he felt Ryan’s lips curve upward against his.

They walked out to the hotel bedroom area and Brendon nodded silently, indicating Ryan should assume the position on the bed. “Back or … or knees?" 

"Knees if they’re not too sore.”

Ryan would take a lot more than sore knees for a rimjob, as he’d clearly demonstrated, so Brendon nodded his approval as the boy got on all fours on the bed. Ryan kept his head facing forward, resisting the urge to look over his shoulder and watch Brendon. The younger boy loved that, how he didn’t have to order the boy do it. Ryan obeyed the unspoken command of his own accord.

The bed sunk down as Brendon knelt behind Ryan, hands squeezing the boy’s hips. Brendon leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to Ryan’s entrance, smiling when he heard the moan. His mouth opened, tongue slipping out, licking in broad, even strokes, knowing it would do nothing but tease Ryan, torturing him. And, truthfully, it was all Ryan could do to keep from pressing his ass back on Brendon’s face while begging 'more more more’.

Brendon sat up and leaned forward, pressing two fingers to Ryan’s lips. The boy sucked them into his mouth without a word, his tongue sliding around the digits, trying not to get overeager, trying not to just beg Brendon to fuck him and start grinding his hips into the bed. When Brendon pulled his fingers from the boy’s mouth, he leaned in for the kiss, smiling as he swallowed the moan from the intrusion of his fingers entering Ryan’s hole while they were still kissing.

Then his mouth was gone and Ryan’s fingers twisted in the bed sheets knowing what was coming, the muscles in his body tensing in anticipation. Brendon’s fingers pulled slowly, evenly, opening Ryan up just enough to slip his tongue in, licking around the edge of Ryan’s entrance. He licked over his own fingers as he slowly added another digit from each hand, pulling Ryan more open, exposing him more. His tongue slipped in deeper and Ryan tried so hard not to push his ass back on Brendon’s face.

The younger boy’s tongue started dipping in and out, slow and first, then quicker. Ryan was moaning, head thrown back, hips barely rocking. Brendon pulled his tongue out and his fingers, letting his lips press against the hole that was still open to the air. He began to suck and Ryan let out a stream of expletives that Brendon had never heard before. He let up on the pressure, his tongue slipping back inside once more, teasing, pulling out to trace around the inside.

“Fuck me?” Ryan asked, voice high-pitched and uncertain.

Brendon pulled off almost immediately, but didn’t straighten up yet, pressing two fingers into Ryan abruptly, smirking at the boy’s gasp. He slowly twisted them. “You want me to fuck you?” he asked as if he hadn’t heard, voice casual.

“Please, Brenny,” the older boy returned desperately, pressing back against the fingers, his head falling into the pillows as he collapsed on his arms, support following to his elbows.

The fingers slipped out and Brendon helped turned Ryan to his back, kissing him softly on the mouth, enjoying Ryan’s tongue probing his mouth curiously, searching for the taste. He pulled away after a moment and the older boy gave an airy sort of sigh. Then he was between Ryan’s legs, bending them at the knee and separating them, settling between the thighs before he pushed in, no lubricant and no warning.

Ryan made a low noise in the back of his throat at the burn, the stretch. He’d been waiting for this. Brendon hadn’t fucked him for a week, not properly. Toys and fingers and a fist, but not this. So simple, just them. Nothing artificial. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, leaning up to kiss his neck. They looked like any other couple just then, he mused. No one would have been able to look at this scene and guess that Ryan had just been given a two quart enema or that the other day he’d been made to stand in the corner for an hour after Brendon had spanked him fifty times with a hairbrush.

Brendon could tell Ryan was thinking and he angled his hips, shoving in roughly. When Ryan’s eyes popped open even wider and he let out the tiny squeak, he knew he’d found the spot. All semblance of thought seemed to evaporate from Ryan’s features as he just gave in and starting rocking against Brendon’s hips, moaning. He reached for his boyfriend’s hand, pressing the palm against his throat. “Please,” he whispered.

Brendon didn’t need to be told twice, squeezing down on Ryan’s neck, releasing after a moment to let him gasp for breath. Then his hand tightened again and they repeated the pattern until his boyfriend started shaking his head, not wanting to use the safe word, but wanting Brendon to know he’d had enough. His hand fisted in Ryan’s hair then, squeezing tight enough to hurt, but not hard enough to pull the hair out. “Touch yourself,” Brendon breathed.

Ryan obeyed immediately, one of his hands falling from Brendon’s neck to slip between them, wrapping around the base of his cock, stroking in a slow rhythm that contrasted with the thrusts. He didn’t want to come yet, but he knew he didn’t have a choice anyway. He’d come when Brendon told him. That was the rule.

“Faster,” Brendon growled, shifting his weight so he could press in deeper. “I want you close, Ry. Tell me when you’re close.”

The boy nodded, quickening the speed of wrist obediently, letting his eyes shut for a moment before he opened them back up. Brendon liked to watch him, said he could see Ryan melt through his eyes when they were in bed. He felt the hand tighten in his hair slightly and he stopped moving. “Close,” he choked out.

Brendon smiled, letting Ryan wonder if he was going to have to hold it, have to wait, have to worry if he could. But it was late and they had to be up in six hours. “When you feel me come, you can,” he said, nipping Ryan’s bottom lip between his teeth. The thrusts got impossibly harder after that, but only for a moment.

Brendon bit the inside of his cheek to keep from yelling as he felt himself explode and then Ryan’s wrist was flying as he moaned, low and whorish. Brendon could feel Ryan’s come hit his stomach as the older boy started swearing, his ass clenching down on Brendon’s cock as his orgasm tore through him, leaving him breathless and gasping for air. 

Ryan collapsed prematurely, still feeling his orgasm rocking through him, but unable to move, unable to breathe, unable to think. And then he felt Brendon pull out, leaving him empty and loose. He whimpered at the loss, turning and pressing his face into the boy’s chest as he laid down beside Ryan in the bed.

Brendon’s arms came up, feeling Ryan’s body trembling. “Baby, baby,” he murmured. “Shhh. It’s all right.” He kissed the boy’s temple, fingertips gently massaging feeling back into Ryan’s muscles. “We’re going to sleep now, okay? Early morning.”

Ryan whimpered, nodding, wondering if he’d be able to walk properly the next day. “Brenny?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Ry.” Brendon waited until he’d stopped shaking before he got up to turn out the lights and set the alarm on his phone. Then he crawled back into bed and held Ryan until he fall asleep before he got up to clean the bathroom and put the equipment back in their suitcase. He was only going to be running on two hours of sleep the next day, but it had been worth it.

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I’m Him

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I’m Him
Rated: Mature

The movie had been a huge success. The first screening had an amazing turnout and you were getting such positive reviews. It was your first time in a leading role and you couldn’t have done it without your boyfriends support. He ran lines with you, consoled you, and even helped coached you through your more difficult scenes. You cuddled closer to his arm, as the two of you mingled at the after party.

You weren’t really one for after parties, but it wasn’t like you could say no. You were the leading lady. But honestly after weeks of filming, you wanted nothing more than to just go home and relax. 

Occasionally Minho pecked you just below your ear, sighing softly. “Mmmm jagi…I’m so proud of you” He wasn’t crazy about how many love scenes there were in the film, and he was even more annoyed at how handsome your co-star was. But seeing how your eyes sparkled, how happy you were, it was all worth it.

Looking up at him you bit your lip. “Thank you Oppa…” you straightened his tie. “And thank you for being here with me tonight”

He chuckled “After all the award shows I dragged you to, it’s the least I could do.” he pecked your lips. “I’m going to grab a drink, you want one?”

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After A Long Day -  Josh Dun Smut

Today has been hell. The day has just seemed to have lasted forever. First, I spilled coffee all over my blouse on the way to work. Then, I was running around doing errands for my boss. The day has completely warn me out. My feet hurt and I just want to go to bed.

I drag myself into my house at a sluggish pace. I slip my heels off and fling my bag, not caring where it lands. Josh, my boyfriend of two years, is sitting on the couch watching some television. I slowly walk over to the couch and sit down next to him. When my body makes contact with the cool leather I automatically feel my body relax. Josh looks over at me with a smile.

“How was your day, Kitten,” he says stroking my cheek.

“It was really long,” I say in a whiny voice.

“I’m sorry, do you want a massage?” He asks softly.

I nod my head at him. Josh stands up from the couch holding his hand out to me. I reach out and take his hand. Josh smiles helping me off the couch. He leads me up to our shared bedroom. Once we reach our bedroom Josh lights the candles that sat on the bedside table. He walks back over to me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you, Kitten,” he says softly.

“I love you too,” I say to him.

“Take off your clothes for me, Kitten,” Josh says softly.

“Yes, Daddy,” I say to him as I slowly begin to remove my clothing.

Josh stares at me intently as each piece of clothing is removed. I’m soon completely naked. I look at him biting my lip waiting for further instruction from him.

“Lay down on the bed, Kitten,” Josh says as he too starts to remove his clothing.

I immediately do as I am told. I lay down on my front in the middle of the bed. I turn to look over at Josh. He stands there completely naked, his large cock completely hard. I can’t help but lick my lips at the sight of him. Josh smirks at me walking over to the bed. He climbs onto the bed straddling my ass. He leans down kissing behind my ear. His hands go to shoulders, kneading at my skin. The tight knots start to disintegrate, I moan at the feeling. I feel relaxed.

Josh continues for a few moments until all the knots under my skin where no more. He shirts himself off of me. I turn over staring at his angelic face. Josh slowly moves back, his body between my legs.

“Did you like that Kitten?” He asks with a smirk playing at his lips.

“Yes I did, Daddy,” I say to him, wrapping my arms around his neck.
“Good. Daddy’s going to fuck you now, okay Kitten?” He says in a low, husky voice.

“Please Daddy,” I practically moan out.

Without any warning what so ever Josh thrusts into me. I scream out at the feeling of his large cock filling me up. He stays still for a moment, allowing me to adjust to his size. When I start to feel the pleasure come over me I nod to Josh signaling to him that it’s okay to move. He leans down softly pressing his lips on mine. Josh starts to move his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of my tight, wet pussy at a slow pace. I moan into the kiss loving the feeling.

Josh parts from my lips, moving them down to my neck. He sucks and bites on my skin, clearly trying to leave a mark. I dig my nails into shoulders turning into a moaning mess. I wrap my legs around his waist wanting him to thrust deeper inside of me. Josh shifts his body a bit allowing him to go deeper. Now, with each thrust, Josh hits my g-spot perfectly causing me to practically scream out each time.

“Ah, fuck Kitten you feel so good,” Josh moans.

“Mhmmm Daddy,” I moan out.

My body starts to heat up, a knot tightening in my lower abdomen. I was close. I squeeze my eyes closed as my orgasm draws nearer and nearer to it’s release. Josh continues thrusting in and out of me, but starts to pick up the pace.

“Cum for me Kitten,” Josh groans out.

His words send me over the edge. I scream out as my orgasm overcomes me. My body quivers, my pussy’s walls clenching around Josh’s large cock. His thrusts start to become sloppy. He starts to moan louder as his own orgasm approaches. Josh leans down smashing his lips onto mine. His cock twitches deep inside me as he moans into the kiss.

“Fuck!” He screams out, parting from my lips as he comes deep inside of me.

He rides out his high with sloppy thrusts. Josh pulls out of me, collapsing on the bed beside me. Our breaths both irregular, we try to catch our breath before trying to speak. I turn my head toward Josh. His face is slightly red, sweat glistening on his forehead. He turns over to me smiling.

“Feeling better now?” He asks.

“So much better Daddy,” I say with a giggle.

“Come here Kitten,” he says motioning me to come closer.

I scoot my body closer to Josh’s. His arms wrap around my body. He leans over kissing the top of my head. I snuggle into his chest not caring about the drops of sweat on his chest.

“I love you Y/N,” he whispers.

“I love you too Josh,” I say closing my eyes feeling rather tired.

“Get some sleep,” he says.

I nod my head and slowly drift off.

I'm trying to sleep

“Stop pressing your erection into my ass, I’m sleeping” Sasha whispered half asleep. 

“I can’t control it” I heatedly said back. I rolled my eyes.

“Go to the bathroom or something” she moved her hips into mine by accident. I locked my hold onto her waist. I groaned into her neck

“Don’t move or it will get harder” I warned.

“I hate you right now”, I rolled my eyes. She loved this dick though.

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Give Into Me

I was currently helping my parents load up their car as they were leaving for the week. After putting the last bag in the trunk, and my dad closing it, they turned to look at me.

“bye sweetie.” my mom said pulling me into a hug.

“bye mom.”

“be safe, you know we’re only one call away, and you also know your brother’s number if you need anything.” 

My brother was older, 22 to be exact, and he was cool as fuck. He moved out when he was 18, got a place with a friend of his. I went over to see him all the time, he even had a drawer full of my stuff at his place, and my parents saw him as ‘responsible older brother’ so I could call him if I needed.

“I know. Now, get going you two.” I said, ushering my parents to the car.

“okay okay, jeez, it’s like you’re trying to get rid of us.” my dad laughed, buckling up in the drivers seat.

“me? never.” I smiled innocently.

“right.” my mother laughed as my dad started the car.

“love you sweetie.”

“love you too.”


“Okay seriously Kendall, I’m not wearing this.” I laughed, staring at myself in the mirror in disbelief.

“why not, you look hot.”

“I look like something you’d find on the corner.” 

“those are called prostitutes, and they don’t just work the corner, some work from the allies.” she laughed, looking at me in the mirror of my make up desk.

Since my parents were gone for the week, and Kendall was my best friend, she was gonna stay here a lot, in my brothers old room. And we decided to throw a party tonight, drinks provided by my brother, who said he’d only come if he could bring some friends.

“Kendall, I’m serious.” 

“fine.” she huffed, finishing up her mascara. “go find a different outfit, but make sure it looks good, I’m gonna get you laid tonight.”

“oh please, ever since Jake and I broke up, half the guys think I’m a bitch.”

“no, it’s not your fault you caught Jake cheating on you.”

“whatever. I know he’s gonna be here tonight.”

“really? did you invite him?”

“no, but I invited Tyler, and you know that they’re best friends.”

“whatever, we’ll just find you someone else tonight.”

I rolled my eyes as I walked out of my closet from changing into my new outfit.

“oh damn girl.” Kendall laughed, grabbing my wrist and pushing me down on the seat at the make up table. 

She loved when we decided to do anything, to do my hair and makeup. And I mean, I was lazy as hell, so I wasn’t complaining.

When we were finally ready there were people already showing up.

We walked downstairs to find my brother, John, walking in with his roommate, Nate.

“sup guys.” I spoke, following them into the kitchen.

“damn Audrey.” Nate spoke, looking me up and down, and causing John to turn around and look at me.

“the fuck. where’s your clothes.” John asked, as he started putting beer in coolers, and red cups out.

“John come on, I’m 19.”

“that doesn’t mean you can go around dressing like that.”

“you’re not gonna say shit about Kendall’s outfit though?” I raised my brow at him.

“she’s not my baby sister.”

“but she is your girlfriend.”

“and she looks hot as fuck.” John spoke, standing up, and Kendall walking over to him and kissing him on the lips.

As much as I hated to admit it, they were cute as hell together. They’ve been together 4 years now, and as much as the disgusted me, they were the definition of ‘relationship goals.’ 

“John baby, let it go, she looks good.”


After that the four of us stood around and talked, and pregamed. John said Dillon was on his way over with all his shit, so we’d have music in no time, and he said a few of his friends would be by later.


Three hours later the party was in full swing. People were flooding from inside out back where the pool is. People were dancing, making out against the fence, already passed out drunk and even playing drinking games, which is what I was currently doing. Me and Nate against John and Kendall.

“John, I swear if you miss this we’re not having sex for like a week.” Kendall giggled.

“Oh baby, you and I both know you couldn’t last that long without it.” he laughed, wrapping his free arm around her, grabbing her ass and pulling her into him before throwing the ball.

We were in the middle of playing beer pong, and Nate and I had 2 cups left to make, and John and Kendall only had one.

“John!” Kendall laughed, hitting his chest as he missed the cup, it becoming Nate and I’s turn.

Nate missed the first one and I laughed. I’m pretty sure he’s made like 1 cup this whole entire game.

“Remind me next time to pick a better partner.” I laughed, bumping into him playfully. 

The thing with me is, when I start drinking, I get flirty. Usually just with Nate. We’ve been so close being as he is John’s best friend, and I practically grew up with him. He was also the guy I lost my everything too. He took me to prom his junior year, and that night we all got drunk and it just sorta happened. 

“remind me to pick a partner that’s a little less distracting.” he whispered in my ear, giving me chills.

I shook it off and sunk the cup, leaving it one cup to one cup, the rules being both people have to make it in the last cup.

Kendall was drunk, so her ball actually hit me and fell down my shirt. I laughed and reached for it and when I grabbed it I saw Nate practically staring at me with his eyes gouged out of his head. I laughed while John threw his and hit the rim of the cup before falling out.

I went first this time, throwing mine and making it with ease. Then I turned to Nate.

“Nate, please, you have to make this.”

“alright alright, I just need a kiss for good luck.” he smiled, his cute little dimples showing. I laughed and rolled my eyes before standing on my tippy toes and kissing his cheek.

“alright. I got this.” he muttered to himself before throwing his ball and making it in the cup as well.

Jumping up and cheering, I threw my arms around him, embracing him in a hug. I’ve been playing these games since I was 16, so I was pretty good at it and rarely ever lost, not once have I lost to my brother, and I was keeping that title. I like to rub it in his face.

“you guys were lucky.” John spoke.

“mhmm, whatever. you just suck.” I teased.

“whatever. Nate man, you wanna smoke one?” John asked, pulling a blunt out of his pocket.

“yeah man, I’ll meet you in the garage. I gotta take a piss.”

Kendall and I decided to go get more drinks, heading into the kitchen. Kendall was in the middle of making one when she looked up and her eyes popped out of her head. 

I went to look at what she was looking at but instead she shoved me, causing me to bump into someone behind me. I was shocked when their arms wrapped around me, catching me from falling, cause when we came in here, there were only two other people in the kitchen.

I turned around to face whoever caught me, ready to apologize for Kendall’s stupidity, but any words I had on the tip of my tongue I swallowed back down when I met his gorgeous brown eyes, which I so quickly got lost in.

We just stared at each other, and I felt as if no one else was in the room. That was until Kendall coughed, breaking my trance.

“I’m so sorry" I spoke quickly, taking a bit of a step back, but the strangers hand never leaving my side.

“It’s okay. No worries.” he smiled, and I felt myself get weak in the knees. His voice. His smile. How. How could a few simple physical characteristics be so perfect.

“I’m gonna go find my boyfriend.” Kendall announced, before coming up behind me and ‘whispering’ “get it girl.” before walking off.

I internally groaned. Of course she would embarrass me like that. She always tried to play wingman when she was drunk, but she was awful at it. Above me though, the stranger was chuckling.

“I’m so sorry about her. She’s obviously had a bit to many.” I laughed.

“it’s alright. It happens to the best of us.” he laughed. “I’m Jack by the way. Jack Gilinsky.”

“Audrey.” I smiled.

Jack and I stood in the kitchen and talked a bit more, over a few drinks, and before long, Jack was buzzed and I was drunk.

“so do you know Nate or John?” Jack asked after I got us two drinks, finding a seat on the counter top next to Jack.

“yeah.” I laughed.

“oh. You’re like, dating one of them?” he asked, and I couldn’t help but spit out a bit of my beer before swallowing the rest, causing Jack to look at me sideways.

“not normally the response I get.” he chuckled, bringing the bottle to his lips.

“I’m sorry. It’s just, I’ve never been asked if I’m dating my brother or my best friend before.” I let out a little giggle, this time Jack was the one who spit out a bit of his beer.

“shit. You’re John’s sister?” he looked at me wide eyed.



“what?” I asked.

“It’s just…nothing, never mind.”

“no!” I laughed, hitting his playfully. “you can’t just start to say something and not finish.” 

“It’s nothing. really.”

“no. you have to. my house, my rules.”

“damn” he laughed, “I just, John never said his sister was this hot.”

I blushed, and looked to see Jack biting his lip.

“John never told me his friends were this hot either.”

“oh really?” Jack asked, turning to look at me.

“mhmmm. I’m a bit disappointed in him. He’s been keeping secrets from me, his favorite little sister.” I muttered, as Jack stood in between my legs now.

“you’re his only sister.” Jack laughed.

“don’t ruin this for me.”

“okay okay, I’ll make it up to you.” he smiled, his hands resting on my hips.

“oh yeah? how do you propose you’re gonna do that?” I asked, as our faces were dangerously close now.

“we can have a secret of our own.” he whispered out, and despite it being so loud in the house with the music playing, I could hear him clear as day.

“and what might that be?” I ask in a low voice, our lips ghosting over each others before Jack leans in the rest of the way, connecting them. I link my arms around the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me as his tongue slips in my mouth.

Those cheesy romance films, that talk about the sparks you’re supposed to feel when you kiss someone. Well, I never quite believed in that until now. It was like electricity running through my body, and I loved the feeling.

Breaking the kiss, we rested our foreheads against one another’s. Looking into each other’s eyes, he had a smile on his face, and I couldn’t fight the one coming onto mine.

“you felt it too right?” he muttered.

“yeah.” I whispered out.

After that, Jack and I spent most of the night together, just hanging out and talking, until we found Kendall and John, who were with Nate, Dillon and another guy I didn’t know.

Jack went to talk to the blonde guy and I walked over to Nate, who threw his arms around me.

“sup lil mama.”

“I wanna do shots.” I whined into his chest, causing Nate to look down at me.

“yo, Skate, gonna introduce me to your girl?” the blonde laughed, and Nate and I looked at each other before everyone started laughing.

“what’s so funny man?”

“Johnson, this is Audrey, John’s sister.” Nate laughed.

“oh fuck, man I didn’t know.”

“not a lot of people do.” I smiled, and looked at Jack, who was smiling at me.

“I’m Jack. Jack Johnson, but you can call me Johnson.”

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled, before turning and looking at everyone. “who wants shots?” and everyone cheered, so we made our way back into the kitchen.

I searched through the cupboards while everyone got cups ready. Finding everything I needed for a kamikaze, I mixed the liquids together, and poured them in everyone’s glasses.

“cheers” we all clinked our glasses before downing the shots.

After a few more rounds we were all either trashed, drunk or buzzed.

We all went outside and sat on the porch talking, drinking beer now, and passing around a blunt.

Kendall and Swazz were probably the biggest potheads I know, and then Nate. They could smoke all day long, and half the time they do. Me on the other hand, I liked my alcohol, so when it came to me, I passed it to Jack, who took a few hits and then passed it.

“oh G, better make sure you don’t smell like weed tomorrow.” Johnson laughed.

“oh right, you gotta babysit tomorrow don’t you.” Nate chuckled.

Jack just laughed and shook his head before bringing the bottle up to his lips, taking a long gulp and then looking at me. He nodded his head inside before getting up and telling everyone he was gonna go to the restroom. I waited a minute, until I finished my beer before getting up to go get another one.

Walking into the kitchen I was immediately wrapped up in Jack’s arms. I laughed as he spun me around, before he set me down and cupped my face, looking down at me.

“can I help you?” I giggled.

“let’s do some more shots.”

And we did. And that’s the last thing I remember from that night.

Race Around IV

Race Around IV
Rated: Mature
[Olltii Racing AU│Making a new friend]

│ Race Around Race Around II (M)Race Around III 

You smiled looking up at Woosung, poking his cheek. “Come on wake up.” But he only groaned, tugging you closer into his chest, and burying his face in your hair. “I gotta get home” 

“Stay” he mumbled sleepily. “Why do you always leave?”

“You know how my brother gets.” you giggled seeing the small pout on Woosung’s lips. “But boy are you adorable like this.” you ran your thumb down his lip and gave him a peck.

His hand slid down your bare side, gripping your hip tighter. “Stay~” he whined.

“You’re starting to sound like me” you giggled nipping his lip and smiled seeing that sleepy pout. “But I should go home. My brother-”

“Thinks you’re spending the night at Jidam’s so… Just spend the night here.” he kissed your shoulder tenderly. “Come on it’s already late.”

You chuckled, biting your lip. “Give me a reason to stay~” you teased.

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Rocky just had to go run his big mouth back to Alex; he acted like he couldn’t just keep this to himself this one time. He knows how his brother can get yet he still went back and told on me. We are going to have some serious problems the next time I saw him.

“Babe I-”

“Answer my question” he said cutting me off. His face held nothing but pure annoyance, his expression did a complete 180 from the poker face that he had merely a few seconds ago.

I frowned “But you’re not even trying to list-”

“Cyn answer my fucking question!” I jumped at the sudden increase in his voice “You told me not to dance with any guy at the party” I mumbled looking down at me feet.

He was really making me feel like a child and I was far from one. He was my boyfriend not my father, he should have this kind of authority over me.

 “So why did you?” I stayed quiet, I didn’t like how his voice just out of the blue became so calm “You was just trying to plead your case a minute ago, what happened?” he asked

My mouth opened but no words came out at first “I… it was just a dance. It’s not like I did anything with him” I mumbled as I looked up and my eyes met his.

He didn’t look the least bit amused and I felt like I was only digging a bigger hole the more I opened my mouth.

He stood up from the where he was sitting on the bed and towered over me “So what you tryna say? That when I speak it don’t mean shit?” he questioned

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Tension- A Nash Grier Smut

I woke up and looked at the clock, 10:00AM, I guess I missed saying goodbye to my parents before they left on their trip, oh well. I climbed out of bed to go grab some breakfast and tried to think of what to do for the day; I hadn’t had the house to myself in a long time. Then it hit me, ever since Tyler and I broke up I hadn’t been getting any sexual release, I could’ve got some for sure but casual hookups aren’t my thing. Now that my parents are gone I can catch up on some “me time.” Returning upstairs to my bedroom I opened my laptop and loaded some of my favourite videos, while they buffered I reached under my bed and grabbed my box of toys to grab my favourite vibrator. Pressing play on the screen I began to tease myself over my underwear, using my free hand to massage my breasts. As my panties became wetter and wetter I slid them down my legs, just as I touched my vibrator to my clit I heard the doorbell ring, of course. “Be right down!” I yelled. sighing to myself I shut everything down and quickly dressed. I made it down stairs and ran to the door, I peaked out the door and opened it when I saw who it was. Cam, the Jacks, Matt, and Nash. I immediately turned my attention to Cam; I was closest to him anyway, “Hey guys! We didn’t have plans today did we?”

“No but one of our meetings got cancelled, so we thought we would swing by if you don’t have anything to do.” Cam replied.

“No no, come on in” I stepped away from the door and motioned for them to enter. As they stepped in they all greeted me, save for Nash, we exchanged harsh glares. It’s hard to explain Nash and I, we have the same sense of humour and generally the same attitude, but that doesn’t mean we agree on things. It actually just causes us to compete. Academics, athletics, who went to more parties, everything was arbitrary but it caused a huge rivalry between us. I walked to the kitchen to get a drink and sure enough he was in there, grabbing one of his own. “Help yourself” I said as sarcastically as possible.

“Don’t we always?” He asked in a mock innocent tone.

“They can,” I said as I pointed to the living room where the other boys were, “you can’t.” I finished.

His reply was indirect. “Grow up, I don’t want to be here just as much as you don’t want me here”

“Then leave. I count three cars out there, Cam’s, Gilinsky’s, and yours. You’re free to go.” I said as coldly as I could.

“Why would I make your life easy?” He asked with a smirk. 

As I opened my mouth to reply Matt walked into the room and asked excitedly “Hey y/n can we use the pool?” He almost sounded too excited. The guys know not to leave Nash and I alone for long if they want to keep the peace.

“Sure Matt, great idea!” I replied just as excited as him before mouthing a quick thank you. Nash left the room with Matt and I was finally able to grab my own drink. As the boys found respective rooms to change in I went outside to grab my bathing suit hanging on the line and decided to just change in the shed. When I came out I was reminded of the problem I had before the boys showed up. Four of my most attractive friends in my pool; this was going to be a long day. I chose to lay in one of the beach chairs and relax, crossing my legs so I could squeeze my thighs together and relieve some of the tension building between them. Minutes later I heard loud yelling and I propped my head up to see what was going on. Gilinsky was sitting on the ledge with his back to me and I took note of his defined muscles. Johnson was in the pool leaning on the ledge to talk to Gilinsky who must have said something funny because Johnson tipped his head back to laugh, revealing his firm jawline. I bit my lip and found the source of the yelling. The other boys were having a splash fight. Matt had jumped up to make a splash and I got a view of his toned abs, Cam was winding up for a large splash as well and his muscles flexed as his arms hit the water, even Nash didn’t look half bad with his wet hair plastered messily to his head. That’s when I knew I was in trouble, when Nash became appealing. I laid my head back down and shut my eyes, trying to think of anything else but wanted to hop on my friends. The silence didn’t last long because moments later I felt a big pair of arms lift me off my chair and over their shoulder, opening my eyes I noticed it was Jack G. “Hey hey what are you doing? Put me down Jack!” I hit his back playfully.

“Down? Right here?” He asked as he held me over the edge of the pool.

“Don’t you dare drop me!” I mumbled as I hung over his shoulder, giving up my assault. With that he jumped in the pool. “Hey!” I said as he set me down.

“Well technically I didn’t drop you.” He shrugged and laughed. “Now come play volleyball. Three on three.”

“Oh, I dunno I’m not that great.” I laughed with him.

“C'mon y/n it’ll be fun” Matt playfully whined from across the pool.

As I was about to answer Nash piped up, “Leave her alone guys, she just doesn’t want to lose.”

Of course that made me tick, “Lose? Nash, I didn’t say I was going to join your team.” as everybody “oooh’d” I took my spot next to Johnson and Cam. The game was even throughout and everyone started getting really competitive. Everyone realized the game was taking forever so we all happily agreed when Johnson suggested ordering pizza. “As long as it’s not pizza hut, it’s so greasy” Nash and I said at the same time. We shot each other glares, if there was one thing we hated more than each other it was when we said the same things at the same time. Being in agreement didn’t work for us. Everyone sat in my living room and we shot the breeze for a bit, joking and laughing, when Nash made a sarcastic joke to Cam I couldn’t help but laugh with everyone else. I frowned to myself and bit my cheek to stop the laughter. I hate how humourous he is. I noticed him smile over at me, clearly finding it funny that I was trying not to laugh at him. I gave a half hearted glare as he sent me a cocky wink. I hated when he did that since he only does that when he thinks he’s won. I turned away and carried on the conversation

As it got dark outside the boys left for their respective flats. “finally.” I felt bad for thinking it but I still had something to take care of. As I returned to my room I noticed whoever changed in there had left their backpack. Normally I would have checked to see whose it was but I was still wet and that was much more important. I grabbed my vibrator again and turned it on. Stripping down completely I started to pleasure myself again. I felt my abdomen tighten and I knew I was getting closer and closer to relief, but suddenly my bedroom door opened.

It was Nash, “Forgot my bag” he spoke. He made it across the room and to his backpack before he noticed what he walked in on. “Didn’t even stop when I walked in, no shame.” he tried to sound disgusted  but I could feel his eyes surveying my body. 

“Normally. But I’m, s-so close.” I breathed out, having an audience turned me on even more. I watched him shift uncomfortably as a bulge began to form in his pants. I licked my lips and turned my head away, this was not happening right now. 

I heard his footsteps start but he stopped at the door and set his bag down. “You said you were close?” he asked turning back towards me. My breath froze so I just nodded my head. I watched a smirk form on his face, “Bet I could speed it up.”

“Do it.” I demanded. We always did this, challenged each other to things, taking it further until someone backed out. “He won’t actually” I thought to myself but to my surprised he grabbed my hand removing it from my heat. I let him take the vibrator from me and he set it down on my desk. I felt weight at the end of my bed as he knelt between my legs, we made eye contact and I was sure he was going to stop, instead he decided to test me, slowly and softly brushing his thumb over my clit. I felt my body twitch under his touch. 

He let a rough chuckle out as he looked at me, “so sensitive.” he teased. Once again all I could do was nod. He repeated his motion with more pressure and I felt myself let out a small moan. He lowered his face to my heat and the tip of his tongue teased my entrance. I found myself raising my hips in an effort to get more. Suddenly his slipped his tongue into me, all the while his thumb moved over my clit. Soon I was a moaning mess and I got to hit the high I had been wanting the whole day. He kept going sending waves of pleasure through my body. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I hadn’t had anybody inside me for so long. I let out a gasp, “Fuck me Nash.” I said through uneven breath. His face left my heat and he looked up at me, eyes full of lust, “Seriously?” he mouthed. “mhmmm” I moaned. 

He stood up to remove his shorts and boxers, as they fell to the floor his fully erect member sprang up. I scooted to the edge of the bed and took it in my hand, pumping slowly as I swiveled my tongue around the tip. He let out a raspy groan and his hand tangled into my hair. He controlled the speed as I took him fully into my mouth, sliding my tongue along his shaft as I bobbed my head. I felt Nash tug my hair and pull me to a stop. His hands found my shoulders as he pushed me down to the bed. I backed up, giving him room to climb on top of my body. I pulled at his shirt, assisting him in removing it. I shivered as I ran my hands down his now bare arms, taking in the feeling of the muscles that I hadn’t noticed until now. He dove his head down to my neck instantly finding my sweet spot. I dropped my arm down to his hips, running my fingers over his V-line while he massaged my breasts and kissed down my body. As he began to grind against me his member teased my entrance. I squirmed below him silent begging him to enter me, I leaned my head back, whimpering as his tip pressed between my folds. He didn’t enter yet, I felt one of his hands grab my face, bringing me to look at him, “Are you sure?” he asked me, his voice more gruff than usual.

“I’m sure.” I whispered as I ran my tongue over my lips before biting the bottom one. His other hand crept to my cheek as he dropped down to place his lips against mine. The kiss was long and wet; I couldn’t tell if the sparks were real or if I was just lost in the moment. He moved inside of me, causing me to let out a groan of pain. 

He paused for a moment and whispered in my ear “Are you okay?" 

I nodded my head as I glanced over at him, "It’s just been a while” I admitted with a blush.

“You should have said something, I don’t want to hurt you” he mumbled, moving back to my lips to distract me from the pain. He moved slower now, soon he was fully inside, letting me adjust to his size, not moving until I gave him the go ahead. As soon as I ground my hips into him it was game on and he began to thrust back.

“Fuck Nash!” I groaned as he picked up speed, I felt my core heat up again; I shifted positions slightly below him and shook with pleasure. My movement aligned him with my gspot, soon my walls began to pulse against him, heightening the pleasure for the both of us. I got chills as his hands caressed my body; he moved one down to my now very sensitive clit causing me to release again.

His face was a mix of desperation and pleasure; it was clear he was holding back so he could get me off again, I stopped him from applying any more pressure and looked up at him and shook my head. “It’s your turn.” I said seductively, causing him to lick his lips and nod. I stopped him again as he started to thrust again. He sighed in frustration, but he got the hint as I tried to put him on his back. He followed through and we quickly switched places. I hovered over him momentarily, causing him to whimper a “please.” I slid on his length and began to bounce on him. I watched as his fists balled around my sheets while he let out another moan of pleasure. I began to switch from bouncing to grinding my hips into his. I felt as his hands moved to my ass, squeezing down and pushing with the movements of my hips, causing me to grind down harder. He was panting below me, eyes fixated on my tits bouncing in rhythm with my grinding. He began to buck his hips against mine causing them to bounce faster. His eyes watched intently until the pleasure caused his eyes to stay shut.  As I rolled my hips his head tipped back and soon he was letting out a mix of moans, curses, and my name. “Shit. Right like that, Fuck y/n” he gasped. I felt him twitch inside of me and his climax quickly followed. 

I collapsed next to him and the room went silent aside from our panting. I felt his arm reach out for me and he pulled me into him, rubbing my back slowly as my fingers traced along his neck and chest. Our breathing synchronized as we calmed down. Realization of what happened slowly hit us both, as I started to roll away from him he spoke up “I should go before Cam wonders what’s taking so long.”

“Good idea” I said as he removed his arm from me and leaving.

“Goodnight.” I heard him say quietly.

“Drive safe.” I replied as he left the room. And then I was alone, legs sometimes still twitching in ecstasy. I moved to where Nash had been laying moments before since it was my usual side of the bed. I took in his scent and smiled to myself as I fell asleep.

I was worried about what would happen next but the sex had removed a lot of the tension between us. The next few times hanging out with the boys Nash and I actually got along. I noticed he wasn’t that bad of a guy and he treated me better than he ever had. We were actually becoming friends. About three weeks later Cam had made a comment about it in front of everyone, “wait are you two actually getting along? What happened?”

I felt my throat dry up, I really didn’t have a response, thankfully Nash did, “we grew up.” I nodded in agreement as everyone else let out a series of “Thank God” and “Finally”. It was clear that life would be easier on everyone. That night I was the last to leave the flat and he walked me to the door. “Hey y/n?” he asked in a whisper.

“Yeah Nash?” I asked, slightly worried about where this would go.

“Did you feel anything between us? When I kissed you?”

shit” I thought. I looked away from him as I answered “I thought so, but maybe it was just in the moment” I stammered.

I felt his eyes on me, causing me to blush. “Then let’s find out” he suggested. As I looked up at him he stepped closer to me, leaning in slowly in case I wanted to back out. Our lips met, his hands found my waist while my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt goosebumps form on his neck and a shiver ran down my back. We both melted into the kiss. Finally he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to mine, a smirk played on his face as he began to speak, “I guess we have our answer”

I breathed out a small laugh and nodded. “Does that mean-”

“If you want to” he answered early.

I felt a grin form on my face “I’d like to.”

“This weekend?” He suggested

“Sounds great” I replied, giving him a quick peck on the lips before leaving the building. From that weekend on we were officially together.


a/n: step brother ashton, think about it.


Ashton’s POV: 

I watched her from a distance. How the wind blew through her hair, as soft giggles left her cherry stained lips. My demeanor changed when I saw him walk up to her. My hands tightened on wood table, as I watched him touch her, again.

She backed away, slowly into her group of friends. Her smile turned into a straight line, as she played with her purple painted nails. The final bell rang ending school, as I walked to my black Mercedes waiting for Y/N.

I saw her walk over here, looking down at her black ballet flats. She immediately reached for the passenger door, not saying a word, and I think I know why. “How was your day?” I asked. “It was good, until a few seconds ago.” She mumbled. “Can we just go home? I’ll talk to you about it later.”


I heard a faint knock on my door, “come in!” I look from my desk and see Y/N standing there with a worried look on her face. “Ash, can I talk to you?” She asks. “Yeah of course, c’mere.” I say. She sat at the edge of my bed, in front of me.

“Today, before school let out, Ryan um told me something.” She cringed saying his name. I sat up, my fists clenching. “He told me that if I didn’t then he would keep harassing me.” She said.

Blood rain through my veins as I walked over to her. “Y/N, why didn’t you tell me when we were in the car? You know you don’t deserve what he does to you.” I say. “It’s just, Ash I feel safe around you, like I can tell you anything.” She said.

She bit down on her lip, looking at me. Power took over me and I crashed my lips onto hers. “God, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do that.” She sighed. “But we can’t, Y/N, you’re my step sister.” I moaned.

“Yeah, step not blood at all.” She giggled. “Fuck it.” I grabbed her hips and moved her up on the bed. “I think you know what you’re doing to me,” I growled, my hands releasing her waist and slipping down to her thighs, and rubbing the inner skin.

“I’m not doing anything, i think you’re the one who has a dirty mind.“ She mumbled. “I can show you my dirty mind, if you’d like baby girl.”
i smiled, grabbing both sides of her jaw, and pulled her lips into mine, enveloping our lips together.

I wasted no time to slip my tongue into her mouth, pressing it upon mine and dominating my lips with her own. I couldn’t help but smile, but it was no smile of innocence. Her legs were pressing together underneath me.

She guided her own hand down to my clothed crotch, palming me through my jeans. My eyes darkened to a deep shade of green, my mouth parting from hers and showing the scowl forming on my lips. She looked up at me, her actions continuing.

Her delicate hands unbuttoning my jeans. “Hands to yourself, princess.” my glare diminished into a playful smirk, releasing the grip to one of her wrists and guiding her hand, now, to the heat between her legs.

“Who’s making you feel that way, hmm, Y/N?”  she closed her eyes, taking in the motion of my fingers that began circling her clit from underneath her oversized t-shirt

“I can’t hear you.” My voice was no longer sympathetic, but demanding and low. “You.” She sighed, rolling her hips into the movements I made with my fingers.

Small whimpers fell from her lips as her muscles clenched around my fingers. “Ashton, I’m close.” She moaned. “Mm, you wanna cum for baby girl? Huh?” My movements sped up.

She squirmed underneath me as my fingers rode out her high. “Fuck, it feels so good.” She moaned. I smirked to myself, as she became sensitive from my movements.

“I’m going to have you begging for mercy after i’m through with you.“ with that, I plummeted my lips into the crook her neck, sucking and sloppily kissing every inch between her ear and collarbone, massaging her breasts with each movement of my lips.

“Ash,” she moaned, clinging to my body. “Ashton, please.” I retracted my mouth from her skin, gasping for air and reaching down to the waistband of my jeans tugging them down. “You’re gonna be screaming that all night.”

I rid my jeans and boxers, before lining myself up with her. “You’re on the pill, right baby girl?” I asked. “Yes, now please fuck me!” She whined. “Alright, alright.” I chuckled before slamming into her.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” I groaned. “Ash, move.” She whimpered. I slowly pulled in and out, “Mhmmm,” she moans, her hips thrashing around as her cheeks turned a darker shade of red, tears falling from her eyes. Tears of pleasure. Too much pleasure.

I slowly enter her again, this holding her hips still once I’m fully inside her. “Ashton, please.” She begged. My hips slammed against hers as she gripped the white duvet that laid messily under us.  “I’m going to cum.” she cries. “Please.”

“Cum for me baby girl, let everyone know who is making you feel this good.” I moan. “Mm fuck Ashton!” She screams. “That’s it baby, that’s it.” I say. I feel her muscles clench around me as I struggle to move inside her. “Fuck Y/N, I’m close.” I moan. “You wanna cum for me Ash?” she provokes.

“Fuck, you feel so good.” My face scrunched up as I twitch inside her. “Oh my fuck.” I moan releasing inside her. “God, I wish this happened a lot sooner.” She giggled. “Oh it will now.” I smirked.

Sasha & Justin

“I think it’s funny how you bring this hoe with you on vacation and post a bunch of pictures of her on social media, bitch, that ain’t cute. YOU DON’T FUCK RESPECT ME JUSTIN. THE FUCK YOU MEAN SHE IS JUST YO MUTHA FUCKING FRIEND” I clap my hands.


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| M.C.|  I can explain


So this has been in my drafts for quite some time and I never posted it sorry guys!!! But hey! now y’all have some new smut so enjoy! - Alex

As shitty as your day was, you were thankful it was a slow work day, this meant your manager letting you off a couple hours earlier than you were originally scheduled. Usually you would’ve stayed because hello! You’re getting paid but today you were just too tired and completely over being there. You weren’t supposed to get off til late in the evening and after work you had planned to hang out with Michael at his place. Heading home real quick, you decided you needed to shower and change your clothes into something more comfortable before going over to hang out with him for the rest of the night. It was movie night for you guys, a tradition that just started but one you definitely wanted to keep. You tried to call Michael letting him know you’d be over a few hours early but he didn’t pick up his phone, you didn’t think anything of it as he was probably gaming or something so you didn’t try calling him again not wanting to interrupt him. As you arrive to his house you try to call him just once more but to no avail. You knew he had a tendency to keep his door unlocked so you walked right in. Not seeing him in his living room surprised you, you tried calling out his name but didn’t get a response. You heard a noise come from the general direction of his room so you figured he was in there. As you make your way to his room you can hear the muffled  noises getting louder. You stop right in front of his door putting your ear up to it to listen in. As you listened you heard certain noises and you knew all too well what those noises meant. 

Trying to gather yourself and not let him and his partner know you were there you began to leave. But right as you turned to walk away you heard him moan out your name very loudly along with “ohhhh fuck yeah” stopping dead in your tracks your eyes widened in shock and a grin spread across your face in satisfaction.
You make your way back to his door and you very cautiously open it hoping to hear him say your name again. As if he could read your mind he very clearly moaned out “ohhhhh y/n fuuuuuuccckkk yeeaaaahhhh just like that” hearing this gave you all the confidence you needed to walk in and help relieve him of his situation. luckily when you walked in he was sitting in his chair with his back facing the door so he didn’t see you.
You walked over right behind him and began kissing his neck and whispered “just like what mikey” he moaned at your kisses but quickly realized you were actually in the room and not a figment of his imagination. he stood up trying to shove himself back into his pants and began stammering “fuck y/n I didn’t know you were here already I’m sorry waIT FUCK DID YOU HEAR EVERYTHING OR PART OF IT ACTUALLY I DONT WANT TO KNOW I FUCK I CAN EXPLAIN” “mikey, it’s fine chill out would you” you laugh “I CANT CHILL OUT YOU JUST WALKED IN ON ME WHILE I WAS UGGGHH” he began again and covered his face with his hands in embarrassment “mikey really it’s fine” you say trying to calm him down “how often do you masturbate to the thought of me” you ask nonchalantly while smirking “fuck would you not ask that for fucks sake” he said “why not I want to know” you grin “ummmm well I uhhh I-I don’t know whenever I do I just know I think of you” he says barely audible and completely red in the face. “I know it’s really weird and I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore” he said sounding defeated. “Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend anymore?” “Because of this” “why would I stop being friends with you just because I caught you masturbating to the thought of me” you teased “stoooop teasing me ok and because it’s weird and now everything is going to be awkward between us and UGGGHH” he sighed looking at the ground
“hmmm who says I don’t masturbate to the thought of you though” after the words left your mouth michaels eyes widened and he looked completely shocked trying to register what you just said “Wait you- WHAT” he asked. You take a step closer to him and say seductively “mhmmm at night when I’m all alone I think of you..” Taking another step closer you continue “Especially if we’ve just spent the day together, I think of how your lips would feel against mine and how they’d feel on my skin” you say staring at his lips and tracing them with your finger. reaching for his hand to interlace your fingers with his you say “I think of how your fingers play the guitar so expertly and I can only imagine how well they’d work me and how they would drive me insane” dropping his hands you reach for the waistband of his jeans and slide your hands right above the button saying “And I think of how your dick would feel soooo good inside me” your hands wandering just a little lower palming his dick ever so lightly “Just looking at you gets me wet sometimes mikey” you hear him gulp and as you look up you see his eyes are closed reveling in the feeling of your hands on his dick. You add a little more pressure as you lean in and kiss his lips capturing his bottom between your two and tugging lightly. You pull away and look at him waiting for him to open his eyes and look at you. “Fuck (y/n) you have no idea how many times I thought about this” he says as he kisses you and pushes you towards his bed. “I’m assuming a lot” you laugh “shut up you think of me too” he mumbles while kissing you. As you fall on to the bed he settles between your legs and his lips travel down to  leave his mark on your neck. He travels back up to your lips and begins grinding himself into you making you wetter than you already are.
You wrap your legs around his waist and thrust your hips up trying to get as much friction as possible. His hand travels underneath your shirt groping your breast as his other holds on to your hip. You release his lips as you take off your shirt and he does the same with his. He hurriedly goes back to your lips and gropes both breasts in his hands reaching underneath your bra to play with your nipples. Your hands tangled in his hair as he reaches back and unclips your bra setting your breasts free. He moves his mouth to your breast sucking and slightly tugging your nipple with his teeth driving you insane. He then moves on to the other breast as you moan out not being able to contain yourself “ohhhhh mikey” sucking on your breast just a little bit longer he then kisses his way down and lands right above your pants. He grabs the waistband of both your pants and panties and pulls them down your leg while leaving kisses against the new bare skin.
He brings his hand and takes a finger to run it up your slit collecting your wetness. He brings his finger to his mouth sucking on it saying “fuck you taste better than I imagined” with that he dips his head down readying his tongue to get a proper taste of you. He grabs onto your thighs to keep your legs spread apart as he licks generously up and down your slit. As he tongue fucks you you grip into his hair releasing countless profanities mixed with his name. He then attaches himself to your clit and after a bit of him sucking, licking, and kissing your first orgasm hits you. You grip a little tighter onto his hair and moan out as he lets you ride out your high. “Fuck that was even better than I thought it would be” he said “yeah, you’re telling me” you agree out of breath
He travels back up your body and kisses you roughly. You taste yourself on his tongue and that gets you going again. You reach down to grab ahold of his length and begin to pump him in your hand. “Fuck babe, as much as I’d love to see your mouth wrapped around my cock I need you so fucking bad” he says desperately.
With that he pumps his dick a few times before lining himself up with your entrance. As he pushes himself in both of you release moans that fill the room.
He thrusts into you slowly allowing you to adjust. Once you start moaning his name he speeds up at a steady pace. You wrap your arms around him as you try to bring him closer to you. You kiss each other sloppily as he’s focused on bringing you both to your high. You drag your nails down his back in another effort to bring him even closer and he hisses in contentment. He then grabs one of your legs and wraps it around his waist hitting your g spot. “Oh fuck mikey yes right there right fucking there” you moan out to him. “Fuck yes y/n keep saying my name please” he begs. You do as he asks and then you feel him bring his hand to your core as he starts rubbing your clit bringing you a whole new sense of pleasure. “Fuck babe are you gunna come hmmm are you gunna come for me” he taunts as he starts rubbing your clit harsher. “Yes mikey yes fuck keep doing that fuck yes” you say clenching around him. “Fuck babe that feels so good fuck” he moans into your neck. A few seconds later your orgasm hits you and Michael continues to thrust and rub your clit allowing you to ride out your second high. Soon after he comes as well and you can feel his release. His thrusts slow down as he finishes his high. Soon he stops completely and lays on top of you his face nuzzles into your neck. “Fuck mikey that was great” you say to him “so much better than I imagined” he says. He lays on his side bringing you close to him “you honestly have no fucking idea how long I waited to do that” he says and though you can’t see his face you know he’s wearing a grin of satisfaction. “Hmmm I think I’ve waited longer than you” you tease and laugh. “Trust me when I say unless you’ve been thinking about me from the very first day we met then you haven’t” he says “hmmmm maybe I have” you say smirking  then leaning up to kiss him one last time before you both fall asleep