he kissed her with everything he had

Unprompted: Vancouver

“You know the Commander?”

The question had been innocent enough, yet Kaidan couldn’t help the pang that shot straight to his heart.

Yes, he knew her. He knew her better than anyone else in the galaxy, or at least he had before everything had turned to hell.

He knew the way she smiled at his flustered sentences, back when he was still her staff-lieutenant who couldn’t string two words together around the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He knew the breathy sighs she let out when he placed feather-light kisses along the juncture of her neck and clavicle. He knew the touch of her fingertips along his skin, and the way she felt under his. He knew of the softness of her skin, a miracle after everything she’d been through, and every single scar she’d had. He knew what she smelt like, what she tasted like, and what to say to bring a smile to her face.

But he knew the pain she’d caused him, too. It hadn’t really been her fault that she’d been brought back to life, although he hadn’t believed her then, and hell, still couldn’t really believe her now. He knew that he’d hurt her too; the pain he’d seen in her eyes on Horizon and the way she’d simply let him go without another word were testament to that. He’d seen the pain in her eyes a few moments before, before her mask came down and a smile that would have convinced everyone but him spread across her lips.

She’d said she was happy for his promotion, and that hadn’t been a lie, but Kaidan knew that she wasn’t really happy to see him. He couldn’t blame her after everything that’d happened between them. Duty had separated them; his to the Alliance, and hers to the entire galaxy, and he didn’t know how, or even if, they’d ever recover. God, he wanted them to, more than anything else, but what he wanted wouldn’t change anything, nor would it turn back time.

And it broke his heart all over again.

“I used to.”

Just Like You


Nolee blushed as Ethan kissed her cheek, giving her rump a little squeeze before he walked off in the opposite direction with Tyrus on one side of him and Rockstar Spud on the other. He was everything to her, the whole reason she had decided to come into Impact instead of ROH or WWE. With a small giggle, she began to finish fixing her coffee, humming to herself as she worked.

It wasn’t a perfect relationship, of course, but Nolee didn’t see that. She didn’t see the cruelty that Ethan pulled off in the ring. She didn’t see him watching other girls from a distance. And she didn’t see him bragging about having her on his arm instead of her dating another. 

Accidentally bumping into someone, her head popped up. “Sorry!”

They were so excited to get to the senior scribe… But upon getting there and signing those shelves lined with the initials of all the past and present seniors Scott and Stiles left melancholy… Scott having wrote the initials of Allison in honor of her memory kissed Kira goodnight after dropping her off at home and drove up into the woods of Beacon hills for a much needed run… Sometimes he just needed to forget everything… Stiles sat in his jeep outside his house not wanting to get out and go in… Tomorrow was the first day of senior year and he now understood this gaping hole he had been feeling inside him all summer… He’d thought it was because of his fear of losing his friends weighing on him… But then he saw his initials on the shelf… and he understood… It wasn’t his fear of who he was going to lose, but whom he had already lost. Derek had left Beacon Hills and Stiles didn’t know if or when he would return. He told himself he loved Malia but deep down he knew he was only kidding himself. He cared deeply for her but she was not the all consuming love of his life. The truth that he would only admit to himself haunted him as much as the memory of Derek’s electric blue eyes… Would he ever be truly over him? The fear that he would go through life with this gap in his soul made him slam his fist into the steering wheel hard enough to make him curse from the bones slamming together. The sudden tapping on his window made him jump sideways and yelp out loud. Then he turned and saw a very familiar smirk staring at him through the glass. Stiles scrambled awkwardly from the car and spent a few seconds righting himself and standing nonchalantly with his arms crossed. Stiles’s voice shook and he stammered when he spoke, “You… your back..” Stiles wasn’t sure if he meant it as a question or a statement… God how he suddenly hoped it was the latter… When Derek spoke his voice was deep and rich and made the hair raise on Stiles’s neck, “Did you miss me?” “What?!… No way… What’s there to miss about a bug hunk of worthless fur on four legs?” Stiles couldn’t help the old sarcasm that immediately entered his voice as he made light of Derek’s ability to turn full wolf now. Derek’s eyes flashed and his mouth quirked up on one side as he crowded Stiles against the side of his jeep until he was just shy of pressed against him. Stiles stopped breathing as he waited motionless for Derek to do whatever he was going to do next… Derek stared at the golden eyes now staring up at him in awe, he breathed deep of the scent that he had missed so much it kept him awake at night, and leaned until he was only a hairs breath from pressing his lips to Stiles ear and growled softly, “What would you do if I told you I missed you?” Stiles’s heart sped up and his breath came out in short pants, he thought he might have a panic attack but then Derek’s nose brushed his cheek as he came around to look him in the eyes… “What if I told you I think about you all the time and I have realized that life is too short, that at the end of my days I want nothing more than to look back and see you in my life, everyday and in every way. I want to be old and gray with you sitting on a porch yelling at the kids to get off the grass or you’ll sick your watchdog on them?”… Derek reached up and cupped Stiles’s cheek in his calloused hand and with his thumb brushed an errant tear off Stiles’s cheek. Stiles was mortified, when had he started to cry. Men did not cry at silly romantic sentiment…Wait… What?…. Stiles looked up in shock at Derek who smiled that devastatingly gorgeous smile. Stiles didn’t know what to say, what could he say? Derek had just offered him his greatest secret wish of all wishes, buried in the sand with lock and key and an old pirate map to find it, secret wish. What could he say to that? Stiles did the only thing that he could do, what felt right… he simply closed the distance and for the first time pressed his lips to Derek’s who wrapped him in a protective embrace of warmth and long held desire… It would be a long time before either of them had a coherent thought again…

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so basically like scallison then? we had to assume they went on dates? because they showed us like two. you can't criticise them and then not do the same for scallison.

do i really have to explain myself again

 being on dates its not the only development there is to scallison i will make u a damn fcking list because you dont seem to get it ok (:

  • first they met in school
  • you could say scott had an instant crush on her
  • the dog thing happened
  • went on dates (2,3 whatever doesnt matter)
  • allison learned he was a werewolf
  • accepted him for who he was
  • talked about their future together
  • kisses (those are just extra)
  • grandpa comes into the picture and fucks everything up
  • allison vs werewolves
  • allison turns into the good side again
  • they break up
  • in the whole season 3 theres tension between the two of them and still some cute scenes
  • add kira and isaac into the picture
  • allison dies and tells him he loves her
  • scott didnt say i love u back but if they had more screentime tyler posey said he would have because he did

if  (: thats (: not (: development (: idk (: what (: it (: is (: 

so   dont try to compare scallison to stalia because you just cant 

Boat Rides

So I’m a new fanfic writer. I have other fanfiction that I’ve written for Jelena. But I got myself motivated to write about Tayvin. 

“Wasn’t that so much fun Adam?” Taylor asked excitedly as she unlocked the door to their hotel room with her key 

“It was great babe” he answered heading towards the kitchen while she put down my purse 

They had just gotten off the boat with Gigi, Joe and Karlie and it was really early in the morning. They spent the night with the wind in their hair and a few glasses of wine. 

“The sunset was so pretty. The people were great. Everything about tonight was perfect” Taylor rambled going towards the kitchen where he was 

He turned around and walked towards her and pulled me close. He kissed her forehead and she sighed leaning in more. 

"The sun made your eyes glow. That was the most gorgeous part to me” he said pushing the curtain of her hair behind her ear so he could see her face and he rested his hand on her cheek

“I love you Adam” she whispered her hand reaching up to cover his

“I love you too” he smiled before  leaning down and kissing her lips softly.

Her hands moved from his hand to his neck as their lips moved in sync. His lips left hers to take a breath and then moved to her neck sucking gently. Her moans got him going.

“Jump” he whispered and she listened. He caught her legs and moved them so she was sitting on the counter. 

“Adam” she groaned leaning towards him 

His hand made her spread her legs out more and his lips were back to crushing hers. They had done little bit of the dirty but never gone too far tonight it felt like it could get there. 

“Adam” she said between moans holding onto him tightly 

“Babe” he continued kissing her not stopping wanting to go all the way 

“Stop, please” she asked weakly but he pressed his lips to hers adding his tongue into it. She leaned in more but then was soon brought back to reality when he started unzipping her dress 

They had showered a few times together but literally nothing had happened. They had slept in the same bed unclothed but nothing happened. Now something was about to happen if she didn’t put an end to it.
She stopped kissing him back and pulled away. 

“Hey what’s wrong? Did I do something..?” he trailed off pulling away and looking into her big sea blue eyes 

“No…I just think I still want to wait” she whispered breaking eye contact and zipping her dress back up 

“Oh I’m sorry if I pushed to hard” he said grasping her hands when she didn’t say anything he let go of one of them to move her chin so she was looking at him “babe I’ll wait however long you need. I thought you were ready”   

“Thank you. It means a lot” she smiled and hugged him hoping he’d never leave her. He wanted to keep him around forever. She had never felt this way about anyone 

He pulled her close and lifted her off the counter and set her on the ground. He looked at her taking her in. He loved her with everything he had. He had never felt this way about anything and he was determined not to let anything or anyone break them apart. 

“I’m going to get some water. You want anything” she asked going to get the glasses and water 

“sure pour me a glass to babe” he asked when she was reaching for the glasses he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. she leaned back and smiled at him 

She turned around and kissed him quickly before getting out of his grip to get water. Calvin groaned slapped her butt as she walked back and Taylor laughed shaking her head at him. He loved watching her in the kitchen and he just loved her. It was crazy that she loved him as much as he loved her.

“So did you see the picture?” Taylor asked bringing the drinks to the table Calvin joining her sitting down across from her 

“Yeah. You sent it to me babe” he chuckled reaching for her hand and squeezing gently 

He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it. He looked up at her smiling widely. He felt butterflies like he did the first time he looked at her. She looked down feeling it too 

“You want to post it?” she asked shyly intwining their hands   

“I don’t know…” he trailed off and broke eye contact with her and looking down trying to avoid eye contact.   

“Babe?” she asked again and he looked up “What was that?“ 

He looked down once more. She tried to meet his gaze looking bending down to look at him but he looked another way.   

“Adam” she said his name and he looked up and shook his head “did you hear me?" 

She wouldn’t understand. She would take it the wrong way and he didn’t want to risk loosing her. He hoped she’d just drop the subject but he knew that wasn’t happening. 

“Do you want to post it?” she asked again and when he didn’t respond she pulled her hand back and sighed.

 She didn’t understand where he was coming firm. She didn’t want to be that crazy girlfriend but she just couldn’t help but want to start a fight about this.   

“You responded this way about the other picture and I just let it go but now I can’t…We’ve been together for almost 6 months, 4 in the media. I love you and I’ve never felt this way about anything. I’ve never been so sure of something…and for some reason I feel like the feeling is not mutual…Do you not want the world to know you’re dating some serial dater? Are you ashamed of me? You always were very public about your relationships and then there’s me" 

Tears were starting to form in her eyes and he tried to say something but she just continued. She stood up and he mimicked her actions. He tried to pull her body closer and take her hands at the least but she wasn’t allowing it 

“Taylor! Taylor!” his voice was firm but soft. She stopped trying to get away form him and she let him take her in his arms 

“Babe” he used his fingers to wipe her tears away 

“I know I’m being stupid you don’t have-“ she mumbled and refused to meet his eyes. Again, she tried to escape his grip but he was a lot stronger then her
“Listen to me.I love you. I love you more than anyone” he reassured her and her gooey eyes finally met his passion filled eyes "I know that I’ve been more public with my past relationships. I know that it’s not normal and usual for you to put your relationship out there." 

He looked down before continuing. It was hard for him to express his feelings through talking. That’s why music was his outlet. Taylor was amazing at expressing her emotions through writing and taking.   

“What, Adam?” she asked softly letting him lead her to sit down on the hotel coach. He took her hand and squeezed gently “You know I want to hear what you have to say good or bad”   

She ran her fingers through his hair. She knew she overreacted and hoped that he knew that too. He was always quick to forgive her. 

“It’s just when I look at you I see a girl that I want to marry someday. When I’m with you I want to stay there forever. When you smile no matter how bad my day is you bring sunshine to it. I love you for who you are and all that I am when I’m with you.” he watched her face glow even with tears on it “I don’t want that to be taken away from me. I’m afraid that if I…if I am more public about you that it will somehow be taken away form me. I just don’t know what I’d do if that happened. I know it’s stupid-“   

Taylor’s lips cut him off. He was taken by surprised but soon his hand found his way to stroke her cheek. She pulled away leaving him with wanting more.   

“No it’s the sweetest thing that anyone has every said to me. That really means the world to me. You have no idea” she said running her fingers through his hair and leaning close to him “no one has ever said anything to me that meant more" 

He kissed her forehead and rubbed her thighs. They looked at each other as though there was no one else in the world.  He saw the love in his eyes when he looked at her and she replied with the same love in her eyes. She had been with a few people after all she was 24, but she had never felt the butterflies and the spark that she felt when she was with him.   

“I love you, babe” He leaned in and kissed her hard 

She pulled away and heard him sigh “I love you too”   

His smile reached his ears and he pressed his lips on hers once more.

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My grandparents have been together for 60 years. My grandmother has had a long series of strokes, making her unable to speak coherently. Last Christmas we asked what he wanted for Christmas, he kissed her forehead and said "I have everything I need"

This is very sweet. 

Do you ever think of Ron and Hermione’s first kiss and you feel incredibly happy imagining it because…

- Hermione’s brain probably thought “To hell with everything” before it went hazy and she ran towards Ron
- Ron’s eyes were wide as saucers when he saw her running towards him, thinking she might attack him again or something
- But then he had one look at her eyes and he thought something wasn’t right
- He barely managed to hold broomstick and fangs out of the way before Hermione was pressed against him, and it was as if his arms had acted on their own, realizing how dangerous it’d be if she got herself stabbed with Basilisk venom, because his brain sure as hell didn’t have time to think about it
- He made a little ‘ooomph’ noise when she kissed him
- And of course he would kiss her back, there was no way he wouldn’t
- So he wrapped his arms around her and after wanting it for so long, he needed her to be closer
- So he leaned backwards a little bit in an effort to bring her as close as possible, and he knew her feet had probably left the floor
- Hermione half sighed, half groaned when she felt herself leaving the floor and Ron kissing her back
- She had a little frown on her face when she started kissing him, too worried on being rubbish and the possibility of Ron not catching up
- But in that moment, when he did kiss her back and lifted her off her feet, she smiled against his lips
- She was aware of everything going on
- He was aware of everything going on
- Ron’s hands holding her firmly. Her arms against her neck, her hands clutching his shoulders. Her hair on his face. Their bodies so freaking close. Their bloody lips, at last!!!
- But they weren’t aware of Harry until he shouted something that Hermione’s brain didn’t quite get because it was so full of Ron
- And then Harry asked whether they could “hold it in“
- Which made them both feel more flustered then they already were because damn right this isn’t ending now, we’re just putting in on hold

Do you ever think of that? I clearly don’t.


Request:  Can you do a Sam x female reader oneshot where he’s gonna propose but he can’t afford a ring, so instead he buys her a flannel shirt and is like “To officials become a part of the Winchester family, you have to have at least one Winchester flannel” and she’s like “What?” and then he proposes? sorry if it’s weird I’ve had this head canon for a while :)

Request:  MONDAY! Could you do one where the reader is Sam’s gf and a witch puts a spell on her and she “loves” Dean and it causes all sort of trouble? And at the end everything is back to normal cause it could be fixed with a true love kiss? PLEAAAASEEEEE

Request: A really fluffy SamXReader one where they’re just super in love?

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bbrae raven has a dream about beastboy so she keeps acting weird when he's around like flinching when he touches her and staring at him a lot... and beastboy notices

She had no intention of dreaming about what she did. Really. 

The thoughts that came to her in the middle of the night were sudden and uncontrollable, and even if she wanted to keep everything contained in her neat and orderly box of life, she highly doubted that she would be able to do that now. Raven had tasted what is was like to kiss him, and there was no way she would be able to recover from it, even if it was just a dream. 

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Preference #13: He Realizes How Much He Loves You


Ashton: Y/N was sleeping next to me, her body moving every minute or so as she breathed in and out. Her hair had fallen over her face and her mouth was slightly open as she breathed in and out. Giggling, I push her hair out of her face and kiss her nose. She was beautiful, in her own unique way. The way her mouth would curl when she smiles, the way her hair would automatically fall into place, everything about her. I really loved this girl. I can’t even begin to imagine life without her. Returning back to my laying position, I wrap my arms around her, not ever wanting to let her go.

Calum: I loved the way she laughed, I loved the way she would close her eyes, I loved the way she would wrap her fingers around mine as we walked through the store, I loved the little snores that would escape her mouth at night, I loved her. I loved Y/N. She was my life, my every thing. I don’t know what I’d do without her. The boys tease me about being whipped, but I don’t care. She’s my life. I can’t even put into words how much she means.

Luke: As I look at her from across the room, it hits me. I love her. I love Y/N. She is so beautiful, from her messy hair to her trainers. The way she would cover her mouth when she laughs, the way her eyes would twinkle when she was happy the way she would text me, the way she would hug me. I loved every thing about her. I loved Y/N so much. My world revolves around her and without her it would fall of its axis. She is my everything and I need her to know how important she is to me.

Michael: As she smiles at one of my jokes and that’s when I realize. It’s when I realize that I love her. I loved everything about her, from her laugh to her voice. She made it worth waking up and she erased all the nightmares that used to haunt my dreams. She was the reason I smiled, she was the result of my happiness. Nothing even came close to her happiness, I would walk to the ends of the earth for her. She was perfect in every way possible and I loved her so much.


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He went up to her and cupped her face kissing her with everything in him. He had not seen her in quite some time and he wanted to make up for that. Wanted to show how much he missed and longed for her with this kiss.

Tatia closed her eyes and kissed him back. She had missed him. It had been some time since she had seen him. She held him to her as he kissed her with so much longing and love. She pulled back panting. “Elijah…” she gasped.

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Tahlia tugged a tray of cookies out from the oven and looked at them closely, making sure they weren't burnt. Everything seemed to be going perfectly in her life. Though that only worried her more because something was bound to go wrong soon. It had been a few days since she had spoken to her father, but her mother assured her that he was just working hard in the lab. So she didn't think much of it, but she was just waiting for something to go wrong. Anything.

Chris came up and hugged her from behind, kissing her cheek.
“Looking good, Tali bug.” He said and smiled. “Cookies aren’t so bad either.”

The Most Important Question || Dean&Alicia

Dean and Alicia had spent the afternoon together exploring the city and had now winded down and were cuddling in bed. He was keeping his eye on the time without having Alicia sense it. When it reached around 5pm he looked at Alicia and excuses ran through his head why he had to leave and eventually found a good enough reason “Babe, I just need to go and take a business call so I’m going to go down to the lobby, I don’t know how long it’ll take but I’ll be back as soon as possible okay?” Dean kissed the top of her head then climbed out of bed and slipped his leather jacket on before leaving. Now he had around an hour to get everything prepared so he went to the nearest store with his buddy he lived in Montana and they rushed around getting everything they needed before driving down to the park in his buddy’s car. It took them about forty five minutes to set everything up in the quiet part of the park where no one really went and then Dean had his friend watch everything so no one would fuck it up and he’d text him to leave when they got there. He thanked him before hopping into a taxi and getting back to the hotel. Dean ran up the stairs and back into the elevator then once he’d reached their floor he stood in the hallway resting his hands on his thighs and bending over onto them so that he could catch his breath and wouldn’t give Alicia the impression he’d been running. Once he got his breath back he cleared his throat and walked non-nonchalantly down the hallway before unlocking their door and walking back in, smiling immediately when he saw her laying in the bed looking as cute as ever “Whilst I was down there I was thinking, do you want to go for a walk in the park, the sunsets about to start and it’s beautiful out there.” He suggested trying to give her the impression that the decision was on her. 

WIP Snippet

The corner of her lips lifted into a smirk, her brow arching as she slid her hands onto his shoulders. “You’re being grim and fatalistic in the hope of getting me into bed, aren’t you?” she teased.

His smile was understated yet undeniable. “I am grim and fatalistic,” he murmured quietly. “Getting you into bed is just an enjoyable side benefit.” 

She giggled, the sound rippling softly through her. “Oh? Nothing but a side benefit?” She drew closer, brushing the tip of her nose along the side of his, their lips almost meeting. “Perhaps I should try harder next time,” she whispered before kissing him. She was gentle, caressing him with soft, wet lips, her arms slipping into a comfortable embrace. He held her to him, humming into the press of her mouth, relishing the warmth of her body against his own. She was everything he had ever wanted, more than he had ever dreamed possible. Her mind was so much like his own, her values so perfectly aligned. In his position, he truly believed she would follow the same course. She would understand what he must do if she knew the truth of it. She would believe in him, support him, want to help him see it through.

That thought lingered as she pulled her lips from his. He knew her mind, knew her heart well enough to know what he had to do. He’d always intended to wait until the orb was within his grasp, but he knew it wasn’t necessary. She would accept him. He knew that she would. She deserved the truth. 

The look on his face left her perplexed, her smile not dissipating. “I didn’t think my kisses were that thought-provoking.”

“There is something I have been meaning to do,” he began, “something that is a long time coming. Not here, though.” He settled his hands along her waist, a subdued smile on his lips. “There is a place I would like to take you, if you would come with me. A short journey. A few days at most.”

She peered up at him, curious. “What’s this about?”

“I’d rather save that discussion for when we’re there.”

She grinned, chuckling. “You have some sort of surprise for me?”

“You could say that.”

She kissed him again, a briefer press and yet no less enjoyed. “For you, anything. We can leave tonight if you wish. I simply need a little time to get ready.”

“Take all the time you need.”

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Iris denying Barry sex, because he didn't show up to their appointment with the wedding planner every single time. Yes he had work to do, be still he should have been there. Give me whiny Barry, and snarky witty Iris, playing with his emotions. Please, and thank you!

Barry knows something is wrong by the way Iris turns her face so his kiss brushes her cheek instead of her lips where he intends. She even hums dismissively when he asks about her day, flipping aggressively through the bridal magazine in her hands.

“Iris,” Barry starts, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge. “Is everything alright?”

“Mhm. Perfect,” her tone is short and clipped, masked with an exaggerated sense of cheeriness. 

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Celebrations | Gadge

A/N: My first time to write for Gadge. So this was for a long overdue drabble request. I am having a lot of Gadge feels lately. Sorry for the grammatical mistakes and all, I wrote it on my phone and had to rush everything. Hope you like it!

A month into their relationship, Gale discovered that Madge had a knack for remembering every milestone in their relationship.

From their first meeting at her Poppa’s chocolate shop when she was eight to the first time he talked to her at school.

First date. First kiss. The day they got engaged. First wedding anniversary.

Even that first time he sold her strawberries from the woods.

And because Gale was hopelessly in love, he tried keeping up with Madge, celebrating each occasion, surprising her with breakfast in bed, a trip to the beach or a bouquet of her favorite tulips.

So he was surprised when he came home that Sunday evening to find Madge carefully arranging strawberries on top of a freshly baked shortcake. She whipped up a feast, cooked his favorite rabbit stew and chilled a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket on the counter.

“What’s all this about?” he asked, pulling her against him and trailing a line of kisses down her neck.

“We’re celebrating,” Madge replied teasingly. “Guess what today is.”

Gale mentally groaned. The last thing he wanted was to disappoint Madge and ruin this special day for her.

“The first time I told you ‘Pretty dress’?” he guessed hopefully.

Madge shook her head but let a little giggle bubble out, “We celebrated that eight months ago.”

Gale extracted himself from her to remove his jacket and pour himself a glass of champagne. He sat on the stool in front of Madge and carefully studied his grinning wife for clues.

“The first time we made love in the woods?”

Madge narrowed her eyes at him and placed her hands on her hips.

“What?” he asked innocently.

“Are you sure that’s with me because I remember celebrating that three weeks ago.”  

He laughed, taking her hands in his and pulling Madge closer to him. He kissed the frown off her face and lightly pinched her side.

“You are the only woman I made love with in the woods.” he responded between kisses. “Okay, I give up. What are we celebrating?”

Madge regarded him thoughtfully before kissing his cheek, “Wait here.”

She disappeared into their bedroom and came back with a square box wrapped neatly in silver wrapping paper with a blue ribbon on top.

He arched his brow questioningly but Madge bit her lip and and sat herself comfortably on Gale’s lap.

“Open it.”

After untying the ribbon and ripping the paper wrapper, Gale opened the box to find the most beautiful pair of newborn baby shoes he had ever seen.

There was a note tucked carefully between the shoes and Gale picked it up recognizing the elegant script of Madge’s handwriting.

He read the message, his voice quivering.

See you in seven months, Daddy!

Hardly daring to breathe, Gale turned to find Madge smiling warmly at him, “Are we…?”

Madge nodded slowly before leaning in to give her husband a kiss, “Happy Father’s Day, Gale.”  

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hey! I like a boy and this boy likes me too but he has a girlfriend. I don't know what to think but he says that he loves me and I really love him. I gave my first kiss with him! but he stays with his girlfriend and when I see he with her it's break my heart! what should I do? xTSx

My opinion is that  you are his back up plan…  go and tell his gf everything he said to you. No girl deserves to be cheated.If you are thinking of being in a relationship with this guy, there’s a probability he might fall in love with someone else and leave you for her. Do not encourage this guy! He will make you wait for him and hurt your feelings. If he really had feelings for you , he would have long told her about it and let the matter end. If he says he will “die” without you, then  how is he staying in a relationship with someone else? I feel he is taking advantage of your affection towards him. Be wise! Don’t let him control you, he is definitely using you.

Be careful!