he kinda sounds like

i’d like to know where any of the “gabriel reyes is the boss from hell” stuff spawns from because have you listened to his actual voicelines? yeah he sounds kinda rough but like 1/3 of his lines are dead guy puns and one is him purring “haven’t i… killed you somewhere before?” like its the worlds best pickup line. gabriel seems like the kinda boss that lets you stop by a pizza place on the way back as long as you get extra breadsticks. he seems like the kinda boss that’ll let you skirt around the deadline bc he knows you’re exhausted and nobody ever turns anything in on time around this place anyways. made the blackwatch uniforms armor and whatever the hell else you wanna wear, he doesn’t give a damn.

JACK is the one with the “you didn’t make the cut” and the “thats SIR to you” lines like ???? how yall always getting this backwards

okay but how long do you think kev practiced that “you like the water? well i can introduce you to some fiya” line before actually saying it to chiron

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GOM reacting to yuri on ice?!?! :D

OMG THIS ASK JUST MADE ME SUPER EXCITED. I’m not sure whether this is an MTC ask, gif reaction or headcanons request, so I’m just gonna make a reaction thingy.I hope you like it! - Rin

Long post ahead! Episode 1 spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen it yet!

(I’ll include Momoi and Kuroko in this!) credits to the owners of the gifs!

GoM reacting to Episode 1 of Yuri!! on Ice

Kise: Wow, the opening song is cool! The colors are nice! Do they have this song on Karaoke? Hold on I’m gonna look up the lyrics—

Aomine: Oi Kise, you’re too loud. Shut up.

Kise: Jeez, fine.

Midorima: This is interesting.

Kuroko: Their English is good. Wow.

Kise: We were born to make history.. I’m tweeting this!

Murasakibara: Can I go get some snacks?

Akashi: The episode’s starting. Be quick, you might miss important scenes.

Aomine: Are there only three main characters? The glasses guy in the beginning, blondie and the gray haired dude?

Kise: So the guy with the silver hair’s name is Victor Niki.. what was it again?

Akashi: Nikiforov. So he’s Russian..

Momoi: He’s attractive..

Murasakibara: Their clothes are fancy in figure skating..

Aomine: Glasses guy is back.

Midorima: His name is Yuri Katsuki.

Aomine: Shut up, Glasses guy.

Midorima: *frowns*

Kuroko: He sure is having a hard time..

Kise: Did I hear that right? His family dog died?!?!

Murasakibara: Oh, it’s him.. *bites into his snack* He looks mean..

Murasakibara: Eh, he is.

Akashi: So there are two Yuri’s now.

Aomine: What’s the kid so angry about? Hahaha

Kise: Huh.. Victor’s voice sounds familiar..

Kuroko: I agree.. It sounds kinda like… umm..

Momoi: Why would he turn down his offer? I thought he idolizes him.

Aomine: That Minako girl’s cute.

Murasakibara: Ehhh~ She’s flexible.

Kise: Is Yuri wearing multiple jackets? 

Kise: *gasps* NO WAY

Aomine: What?!

Kuroko: *hugs Nigou*

Momoi: Oh no!!!!

Akashi: Poor dog..

Murasakibara: …..

Kise: Yuri likes this girl?

Kuroko: His younger version is cute.


Aomine: Now I want a poodle.

Momoi: You’ve always liked dogs, huh, Dai-chan.

Kuroko: Oh, he’s copying Victor.

Aomine: Huh, that’s actually pretty cool.

Midorima: I’m impressed.

Murasakibara: Skating looks tiring.

Akashi: His skating is remarkable.

Momoi: Yuri has Victor posters all over his room!!!!!!!!!

Kise: How cool!! His imitation video of Victor went viral!!

Momoi: That Yuri is cute.

Murasakibara: Eh? But he’s mean~


Kise: Look, another dog!!

Aomine: If that dog dies too I’m out.

Momoi: OMG OMG

Kise: But that’s Victor’s–?!

Akashi: Then that means..

Murasakibara: Do you guys have snacks?

Midorima: You’ve had two bags of chips!

Momoi: YES!!

Aomine: Really?

Kise: Look at Yuri’s face hahahaha

Momoi: \(*0*)/

Aomine: What…

Kise: Uh…

Momoi: Yes!!

Kise: Victor’s voice really sounds familiar!!

Midorima: He sounds like Aomine.

Aomine: Hah?

Kise: *gasps* You’re right!!

Murasakibara: Ehh.. Now that you’ve said it..

Akashi: This show is interesting.

Kuroko: Do any of you know how to skate?

Momoi: Next episode please!!!!

Shtpost #1

[some content pasted from a hangouts message] 

You know what my aesthetic is? Chanyeol laughing so hard his right eye twitches and squints a little bit and he does that seal clap and his teeth just look like they’re about to fly off his face and he kinda sounds like a dying goose and then when he can’t control himself anymore he hits the person beside him like really hard and I literally won’t be surprised if he pulls a Dan one day and falls off his chair-

And also, do you know that feeling when you’re hanging out with someone you usually are pretty comfortable around but then on that specific day you just get really awkward and can’t make eye contact? Well, this:

I’m digging up all this treasure of CB in the past please just UNDERSTAND. Tomorrow I’m going snow tubing with my family and I was watching a video of EXO’rDIUM where Baekhyun and Chanyeol were derping off to Run with e/o and I just thought of how lucky they both are to have each other and be able to know each other because THEY’RE WILDTING SOULMATES DON’T ARGUE WITH ME.

UGH and the friendly thigh support there? Absolutely. Friendly. mhm yes some BEST FRIEND crap right there my bois being supportive of each other and each other’s wild ambitions yes yes. 

AND Another thing is how… aeSThetic they both are??? I just can’t believe I’m in the same era as them because I’m blessed. None of these gifs really have any other connection besides the fact that their appreciation and unconditional love (and unspoken respect) for each other is so beautiful and I love them so much I’m so glad I ranted I feel like a deflated balloon but like a really happy deflated balloon ya know what I mean? They’re real people. They’re physically there. I can see them and I can see their emotions and their actions and they definitely have thoughts that we might not see and that’s what’s so nice about stanning EXO in general UGH I’m going on forever about them because they’re just so precious and I love all of them so much it hurts me

Anyways, if you’re having a bad day and want to destress:








Have a great day, everyone! 🔥💛

twin andrews part 5 | jughead x reader

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part one:https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/158708863703/twin-andrews-juggie-x-reader-an-im-hoping

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part 6: https://writing-in-riverdale.tumblr.com/post/159528549924/twin-andrews-part-6-jughead-x-reader

a/n: i can’t believe you all want part 5!!!!! I’m so stoked that i have such a loving following and i just want to thank you guys for everything. this ones for my day one nuggets! 

i wonder aimlessly through the school looking for my friends when i hear a familiar voice call my name.

“(y/n)?!” i turn and look int what used to be the blue and gold office 

“B?” i question stepping into the dusty room “whats with the drop sheets?”i ask grabbing one of the sheets and pulling it back to reveal a few computers.

“what are you doing in here? I’m pretty sure we can die from smoke inhalation-” i complain coughing, “that doesn’t really make sense-” i roll my eyes at the girl.

“okay anyway i was thinking about starting up the blue and gold, it kinda died after you left-” i walk around the room the feeling of familiarity washing over me.

Betty and I used to run the blue and gold with a few others in freshman year, she reported i photographed and occasionally wrote but we had a few other kids that often did the writing portion of the work load.

“B id love to but I’m writing is extremely rusty, i think we need someone who’s confident in their writing, I’m happy to take pictures like last time” she jumps up and hugs me.

“thank you!” she squeals and i roll my eyes “okay well this place needs some seriously work” she nods “and the writer-?”

and was if on cue theres a beanie wearing brunette leaning against the door frame “andrews” he greets looking over to betty “betts” 

“jones” i stand crossing my arms over my chest as i lean against the desk behind me “so is this our writer?” i ask my blonde friend.

“juggie!” betty pulls him into the room, he widens his eyes before walking and sitting next to me our arms brushing against one and another.

“whats up?” i loose focus of the conversation glancing down at our almost touching hands.

he nudges my arm and i shoot up my attention being brought back, “huh?”

the both laugh and i feel embarrassment wash over me “jugs agreed to help us!” she cheers her blonde pony tail swishing.

the bell rings and i grab my bag off the floor, “I’ve got chem, ill see you later?” she nods and i leave the pair not long after jughead comes rushing out touching my shoulder to grab my attention.

“mmh” i murmur turning to the brunette boy “you okay?” i ask weaving my way through the mass.

“yeah i just thought we could walk together, yano since we have chem together-” i nod “its fine, you don’t need an excuse to walk with me jug” i chuckle.

“oh miss andrews” i roll my eyes at the sound, jughead turns around but i grab his arm “don’t even bother glancing at him” i tell the boy as he nods in confusion.

and soon enough the raven haired boy is bouncing in front of me “miss me?” he smirks and i groan “reg your going to make us all late” i complain seeing the class within our reach our teacher already standing inside.

“move reggie!” i complain, i turn to the boy next to me “jug just go ill catch up with you-” he shakes his head “I’m not leaving you alone with him” he glares at the taller boy.

“is that so jones? you yano this is my river vixen, how about you get your own? maybe like betty cooper. maybe she’s freaky in bed like her sister” i can see the anger burning up in his eyes.

“jeez can i just not be such an asshole for once” i grab jugheads hand and push through reggie and head for the classroom door letting jughead walk in first then i follow after him but not before reggie slides in behind me.

his hands find there way down to my skirt giving my ass a squeeze lifting the fabric up slightly

i turn and slap the boy hard across the face “don’t touch me reggie i mean it” i warn stepping close to him poking his chest.

i feel a warm hand on my shoulder pulling me away from the raven headed boy “leave it his just being a blow head” i turn and smile softly to the blonde “tell me bout it”

i glance to see jughead glaring at the boy anger coursing through him, reggie smirks at the beanie clad boy walking past our shared desk

“what’s up Wednesday Addams? you jealous? i get to touch her sweet ass and you don’t?” he chuckles and i catch jugheads shoulder pushing him back down in his chair.

“not. worth. it.” i day through gritted teeth plastering a smile on my face as the raven haired boy smirks walking past and settling in the desk behind us

i can see the anger boiling up inside the boy and i chew on the end of my pen before nudging him with my elbow “he’s just trying to get to you jug just forget it”

“yeah well it’s working” he replies annoyed trying his hardest to focus on his work and not reggie’s constant snickers and the replay of him griping your ass

a mixture of jealous and disgust swirling around in his stomach but feels your warm hand slide over top of his giving it a small squeeze as you pay attention to the front of the class.

“sorry” he mumbles removing his hand from mine and clearing his throat, i swallow feeling a little embarrassed that he pulled away from my touch “don’t worry about it”

the bell rings and i rush out like im on fire, spotting my three friends over by the lockers. i speed walk over rushing over to Kevin giving him a half hug

he chuckles and throws an arm around me “you okay?” he asks and i sigh “just a crap day thats all- what’s that?” he glances down at his phone and i gasp

“oh my god” we say in unison glancing to our new raven haired friend “what?” she closes the locker and gives us a puzzled look. kevin glances at betty before handing his phone over to veronica

allowing her to look at the picture that chuck had uploaded of the two after their date last night, except chuck had got a little carried away with photoshop and added a riverdale ‘sticky maple’ to her face

“what the hell is a sticky maple?!” kevin shrugs nervous “it’s kinda what it sounds like it’s a riverdale thing” he tries to explain and she shakes her head “no it’s a slur shaming thing”

“and im neither a slut nor am i going to be shamed by someone named excuse me chuck clayton”

people take their times to stop in the hall snickering at our new raven haired friend their phones buzzing in their hands as they whisper and point

“move along” i yell annoyed at the crowd that scramble at the sound rushing to get away from us

“does he really think he can get away with this?!” she rambles furious “does he not know who I am?!”

she glances between the three of us “i will cut the breaks in his supped up phallic symbol!”

betty interjects “or we could go to principle weatherbee!”

veronica snaps back “about the coaches son?! who’s captain of the football team and riverdale highs resident golden boy?!”

“and or we-” she pauses nudging me “can expose him in the pages of the blue and gold!! yeah i can do that! she nods frantically placing her hand on kevins shoulder

“spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules”

i finally speak up “she’s right-” anger bubbles up inside of me “no way-he can’t- not again”

veronica nods at me before shoving Kevin’s phone back into his chest “well i don’t follow rules!”

i agree turning and storming off in the direction of the boyslocker room

it’s not long till veronica is at my side along with betty trailing along “i make them” she seethes “and when necessary i break them”

she turns to the blonde struggling to keep up with the pair of us “you want to help us get revenge on chuck Betty? that’s awesome! but you better be ready to go full dark no stars”

we almost reach the boys locker room and veronica pause turning to face the worried blonde “so what do you say betts in or out”

“im totally in” i leave the two girls not waiting to listen to Betty’s response. we pass jughead who looks worried at my anger he calls my name but i ignore him approaching the doors to the boys locker room

i push through the doors first glancing around to try and spot the culprit but the sea of half naked boys itnwas proving difficult “damn it” i mutter

veronica takes the lead grabbing Betty’s hand and she uses the other to shield her face rushing into the crowd and bumping into the one and only archie andrews

“ronnie, betty, (y/n)? what are you guys doing in here” he quickly rewraps his towel around his torso not wanting to expose himself to the three girls.

“don’t worry about it” ronnie tells my brother attempting to move past him, “no-” he starts blocking our path

“i mean it andrews hit the showers and get out of my way” she shoves past my brother and makes her way deeper into the change rooms

my brother reaches for my shoulder “arch don’t” i move past him and see that veronica and betty have encountered chuck

“b and v- ladies” he licks his lips still wet from the showers, his towel hanging low from his hips his body on full show

veronica steps forward extending her phone toward chuck “this is disgusting, take it down” the boys chuckle

“oh woho why you so wound up? it’s a badge of honour- and well your not exactly virgin territory after your closet date with andrews”

i get ready to interject but betty beats me to it

“okay that’s beyond irrelevant chuck” she pauses “your not allowed to go around humiliating girls for any reason under any circumstances! you-you-jerk!”

her smirks at the blonde addressing her"look i get your not a closet kinda girl but hey, if you want to ride the chuck wagon that can be arranged”

the locker room erupts in snickers the boys rielling each other up

veronica’s quick to defend her best friend “let’s keep this simple so your preppy half murder brain can grasp it

she walks closer to him narrowing the gap between them “take this. the hell. down”

he glances to his boys before leaning down to Veronica’s eye line “see that high, bitch tone attitude might have worked on the betas you dated in new york but-” he pauses “your in bull dog territory now”

the boys back him up by snarling and barking like dogs, how darling of them

“but please fight back” she smirks giddy “your only making it harder for yourself”

betty grabs the raven haired girl but he shoulder and guides her out of the crowed locker room, clearly furious and somewhat embarrassed

as the girls moved im revealed to the jock “oh! is that miss andrews?!” he yells allowing all the boys to turn and gather around me

“you disgust me” i seethe digging my nails into my palms so o don’t lash out at the boy.

“what did you think that you were my last?” he chuckles and i instantly feel sick at the memory “don’t flatter yourself” he smirks

“take it down chuck, now” he rolls his eyes at my persistence “everyone’s already seen it now” he attempts to sass me.

“so you wouldn’t have any problem with deleting it then right?” a bunch of ‘ooohs’ floated around the room making chuck angry

he slams his fist against the locker beside me “did you forget where you are andrews?” the boys start barking again and i roll my eyes at their childishness

“you may be a bulldog chuck but just remember im a vixen and ill bring you down when you least expect it”

i go to punch him and he flinches then continue to try and play it off “well well well, if it isn’t the better half of the andrews” i turn and move past the raven haired jock

“not in the mood reg” i make my way out of the locker room and into the hall when i spot my two friends im presuming making a game plan

“hey wait-” i turn and sigh frustrated “god reggie what now?!” i respond my voice grower louder

he lifts he’s hands up in surrender “is everything okay?” he swallows glancing at me, i hesitate before shaking my head “no but it will be soon enough-” he nods placing a hand on my shoulder

“would you maybe want to come with me to pops tonight? talk about whatever the hell happened in there?” i glance over to my friends then back to reggie

“reggie-” he cuts me off “please (y/n) we haven’t spoken since you moved? i promise it’s just a milkshake and a bite to eat nothing more” i roll my eyes fine 8"

i move away and head over frantically to my friends “ronnie you okay?” she nods offering a small smile

“he took it down- chuck. i made him take it down” she looks up at me and hugs me tight “thank you” i squeeze her back rubbing her back soothingly “its okay” i whisper back

“dad?” i call out closing the front door as i trudge through the house looking for my father.

the sound of drills coming from our backyard was enough to get me curious “dad?” i ask walking out the door and down into our backyard

the shed door was open, my father inside sound proofing our garage. the noise stops as my dad notices my presence “hey kiddo” i smile up at my dad

“what’s all this?”

“just fixing up the shed for your brother, he need somewhere to practice”

i furrow my brows “archies into music? when did that happen?” i chuckle flopping down on one of the couches

“over the summer, there’s a new teacher at the school- miss grundy, she’s been helping archie alot with it” i nod taking in all the new information

“archie never told me about her” i say confused “oh im sure he would’ve wanted to- he probably forget to mention it at some point”

i sit for a few trying to figure out why archie hadn’t told me about his new venture and his closeness to our music teacher

i stand up brushing off my jeans “im going to go to pops” my dad nods “oh pop actually run, wanted to know if you wanted your old job back?”

i widen my eyes surprised “really?!” he nods “you should go see him” i nod giving him a kiss on the cheek before rushing off to the diner

the bell chimes as the door to pops swings open, the older man smiles at me as i walk over the threshold “hey pop!”

“miss andrews just the lady i wanted to see” i smile leaving against the front counter “dad told me the news, id love to come back if you’d like me back” i smile at the man

i worked at pops for about 4 months before i moved, i waitressed and every so often i was allowed into the kitchen to make a few off the menu items

he bends down behind the counter and places my old uniform on the bench in front of me, a cheer to myself running me finger over my badge “thank you!!” i squeal giving him a small hug

“when do you want me to start?” he glances around the semi busy diner “how about now, im expecting hermione to come in soon so you two can keep it down till dinner rush right?” i nod

i grab my uniform and head toward the restroom pausing and turning first “wait who’s hermonie?” he chuckles “it’s fine never mind” i push open the door and change from my school clothes to uniform

when i return to the front desk pop has disappeared and is replaced by a beautiful raven haired older lady, i plaster on a smile and walk toward her

“you must be hermione?” the lady looks up smiling softly at me and dismissing whatever she was doing to walk over to me

“thats me, may i ask who you are?” i mentally face palm “(y/n), andrews- i worked her last year- pop just gave me my job back” she nods

“so your Fred’s daughter?” she questions and i nod “guilty” she giggles at me placing a hand on my shoulder “you look just like your mother- you know your father and i dated in high school”

my jaw drops “no way!! my dad with a woman like you- jeezz i didn’t know he had that much game” the lodge woman smiled at me giving me a nudge on my hip

“your father was devilishly handsome in high school-” i squeeze my eyes shut “oh god- ew” we both share a laugh before I turn and scan the diner spotting a familiar beanie in one of our booths

“friend of yours?” i smile at the thought “yeah something like that- ill be back” i walk over from my fellow co-worker and toward jughead sliding into the booth

“oh im good for a refill- oh (y/n) hey” i smile at the brunette “hey juggie” i play with the ends of my hair as he examines me “cute dress”

i blush and scuff my converse against the diner floor brushing jugheads leg by accident causing me to blush further “its a look isn’t it” i tease and he nods laughing as he continues to type

“i didn’t know you got your job back” he questions eyes moving from me then back to his laptop

“i only just got it back, he called dad and said he’d consider having me back- it’ll be good anyways to get that extra bit of money” he nods silence filling the booth

“can i get you anything? another milkshake?” he closes his laptop and stares into my eyes before dropping to my lips.

i feel something twitch in my stomach that causing me to bite my lip “juggie?” he snapped out of his gaze “hm what?”

i laugh moving myself from my side of the booth to his “do you want me to get you anything?” i say glancing at the empty fries bowls and milkshake glasses.

i knew when he wrote he always ordered a burger and fries to keep him going, sometimes he’d be too wrapped up to even touch the food placed infront of him

he swallows at our closeness eyes darting all over the place “i need to tell you something” he’s arms extends over the back of the booth

“your starting to worry me, what is it? is it important i do have tables to wait” he looks down at my hands placed on his thighs “it’s about your brother, he’s in trouble"

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I’m more than a little concerned about the messages I’m reading and receiving about Erin being jealous of Ellie. I feel an overwhelming need to speak up on Ellie’s and Erin’s behalf.

I just don’t think people understand Ellie and why she acted the way she did. She wasn’t “after” Jay. It was a conditioned response based on survival. The girl was being pimped out and abused by god knows how many people. Repeat: this young GIRL has been ABUSED. She though Jay was just another john looking to exploit her. She honestly believed that in order to stay alive she had to do these things. That the only way to secure her future was to sacrifice her body. But yeah let’s turn the victim into a villain.

It took Ellie so long to believe Jay actually wanted to help her because that kind of person doesn’t exist in her world. You see her demeanour change when she realized Jay was trying to help her? She didn’t want to have sex with him. She wasn’t trying to steal Erin’s man. She thought she had to have sex with him to get what she needed and once she realized she was safe all sexualized behaviours stopped towards Jay.

You see her smile when she realized Erin was his girlfriend? That was the smile of a young girl who witnessed true love in front of her, maybe for the first time. And he’s now a role model for her. She now believes there are good guys, love does exist, relationships don’t have to be about trading favours. He’s turned her perspective on men on its side and that is going to change her life. It’s going to change the self talk in her head. An honourable honest guy like Jay who turned down all her advances and who clearly has a successful strong woman as his life partner tells Ellie he believes her and thinks she’s worth helping…. kinda sounds like how Voight giving a shit about Erin changed her life too doesn’t it?

But this is a perfect example of the hate culture with women. They automatically pit woman against woman and ignore the deeper issues that drive the behaviour. You want to sit here and tell me Erin is going to be jealous of a sexually abused child who’s doing the only thing she knows how to survive? You want to discredit how obviously uncomfortable Jay was and how tortured he was? This is the same mentality that tells rape victims they deserved it because of the clothes they were wearing.

Never mind the narrative that’s playing in Erin’s head… she was (almost) one of these girls. She knows what they would do/ need to do to stay alive. Her heart is probably breaking for Ellie (and Jay) she made sure Ellie had a good safe place to go. She handled her with genuine care and nurturing because she knows how pivotal this moment can be for her. Not the actions of a jealous woman.

And Erin TRUSTS her partner. So much so she didn’t realize he needed to hear the reassurance that he did right by this girl until he projects all his frustration and discomfort on the unit, accusing them of not believing him (even though this is not what they think). For Erin, Jay doing the right thing was a given. A foregone conclusion. She knew, just as she did with Terry and Ethan, her role here was to help her partner navigate a difficult case.

And just stop with the Erin was marking her territory when she said “meet you at home” NO Erin was paying Jay the ultimate moment of respect and trust, walking away and letting him get closure with this girl while reminding him she will be there for him when he needs her.


And if you think Erin would be jealous in this scenario, I’m sorry but I think you may have missed the whole basis and beauty of Linstead.

This was a compelling story about marginalized youth and once again we got to dive deep into Jay’s character and the inner conflicts of the officers who have to work cases like this.

This is not a teen relationship drama. Yes they have screwed up the writing of linstead in the past but in this episode it was perfect. The writer captured perfectly the subtle beauty of the unwavering trust, love, support and respect Jay and Erin have for each other. If you want a story based solely on linstead and relationship dramas I can highly recommend some great fanfic… hell I even write some of it.

I have so much praise to give everyone involved in this episode. This episode, the right balance of case and character development, is an example of why I’m so passionate about this show.

offlikeadirty-shirt  asked:

please write more bruce wayne !!! 😩🙌🏽

And here some more Bruce Wayne ;) : 

Warning : slightly sexual I guess, and langage maybe.  

Beach Bod’  - Bruce Wayne x Reader

You hated sand. You just couldn’t stand it. It got everywhere, it iritated your skin…it was just awful. So, obviously, when your family FINALLY could get all together, you decided a day at the beach was a good idea. Alfred made a nice pic-nic, and you all left for a secret spot you knew, where, even though it was a wonderful summer day, you knew there wouldn’t be anyone. You had a nice family lunch made of Al’s great sandwiches and salads. You bitched about sand getting in your food, and your sons and husband just kept mocking you for your grumpiness. You were the one who always smiled usually, and also, you suggested you should go to the beach so…But still, fuck sand.

At the present moment, your boys, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian, were trying to drown their father. How cute. Of course, they were not really trying to drown him, they were just having fun…you hoped. You had to give Bruce credits though, he was alone againts four teenage boys very much in shape, and still managed to keep his head out of the water. It was nice to see all of them relaxed, laughing, splashing each others and not actually trying to kill each other or brooding.

The boys finally came up with a strategy the four of them together to be able to duck their father’s head in the water. Dick held onto one of Bruce’s leg, while Jason was holding the other. Tim used Damian as a battering ram, and threw him as hard as he could in his father’s chest.

You winced a bit, not liking when they played too rough. Bruce gasped, the air knocked out of his lungs, and fell backward into the water. Tim held Damian above his head like a trophy, and your youngest boy exploded in laughter, which rarely happened. You wished it happened because of something else though, you couldn’t help but think he was laughing because he thought hitting his father in the guts was extremely funny…

Bruce surfaced, half laughing half in pain.

-I think I’m done for now boys…

They whined, wanting their dad to stay and play, but he was adamant on the fact he needed some rest. They got over it quickly, as Tim climbed on Jason’s shoulders, and Damian on Dick’s, preparing for a fierce battle.

Bruce walked towards you, and you couldn’t stop from staring at him. You had been together for years, but man his body was ridiculous. The all six packs thing, broad chiseled chest, sexy back muscle rolling as he was stretching, muscled thighs…Perfect beach body. The man was working out. A lot. You loved to sit on his back and read while he was doing push ups.

He laid on the towel besides you his arms coming to his face to shield his eyes from the sun.

You placed a hand on his abdomen, gently rubbing it as if to soothe the hit he took moments ago.

The corner of his mouth went up in a smile, but he didn’t move, breathing softly. You almost thought he had fallen asleep, even with the rauckus your children were making a few feet away, but when you took your hand off of his belly, he caught it and dragged you down to him.

Sand flew everywhere, and even with the lips of your husband on yours, tongue trying to slip in, you were not happy. He noticed, and pulled away, raising himself on his elbows.

-Sand ?

-Yes, sand. Fucking sand.

He laughed.

-I think I’ve never met someone hating sand as much as you…

-Anakin Skywalker is agreeing with me.

-What ?

-In Star Wars episode two, he…

-I’m sorry I don’t speak to people who acknowledge the existence of modern Star Wars films.

He said as he laid back down, your hand in his. You couldn’t stop the smile creeping on your face. You both hated episode 1 to 3, and it was a running joke between the two of you that those films didn’t even exist. Ignoring as best as you could the sand sticking to your legs, you rested your head on his chest, drawing abstract patterns on it with light fingers.

-Episode seven isn’t that bad.

-They killed…

-Yeah yeah I know who they killed, don’t open the wound back baby.

He chuckled, and tangle one hand in your hair. The water was already drying from his body, and you mourned the lost of the freshness of it. He noticed your small sigh, and, putting his free arm under his head, raised his head to look at you.

-What is it darling ?

-I’m a bit too hot.

-You’re very hot.

He winked at you, and pinched your ass, and you hit him weakly on the chest.

-Seriously though, if you’re too hot, just get in the water. It’s nice and fresh.

-No, because then…

-…The sand is going to stick to me and I hate sand, which is why I suggested coming to the beach with my love and my kids and…

-I don’t sound like that mister Wayne !

You exclaimed as you sat up, even if you had to admit though, you kinda sounded like that.  

He raised on his elbow once again and gave you his signature smug look.

-I’m going to kick you in the face Wayne.

-You wouldn’t reach it.

-You’re lying down.

-You’re really short.

This time, you punched him a bit harder in the chest, and though it didn’t hurt him, he acted like it did just to please you. You instantly felt guilty though, and after making sure you didn’t hit any of the bruises he got during his latest night patrol, you reached to stroke his cheek and mouthed the word : « sorry ». He gave you another smug look, and you knew that even if you’d hit him full force, he wouldn’t feel a thing. The man was a brick wall compared to you. And oh my God his smug face annoyed you everytime. You were about to smack him lightly when he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards him once again, so fast that you fell over him and « accidentally » straddled him. You smile in the kiss as you felt his hand slowly roaming down your body.


Damian was just looking for a tuna sandwiche when he witnessed his parents starting to eat each other’s face…Or just, French kissing passionately, same thing for him really…His sandwiche dangling from his mouth, he made gagging sound as the two of you laughed lightly. But being the over-dramatic child he was, he went too far, and in a theatrical gesture, he threw just the tiniest amount of sand towards you, which landed in your hair.

Everyne froze. Dick, Jason and Tim half out of the water slowly went back in it, as if trying to get away from a wild animal.

Damian just stood there, sandwiche in mouth, slowly realizing what he had done.

And Bruce was ready to catch you and stop you from murdering your youngest son. You really REALLY hated sand. But against all expectations, you started to laugh loudly, of this cute laugh your husband loved so much, and that was too rare for his liking. Soon, laughter took over all of you, and you stood to try and get rid of the sand on you.

Bruce sat up and tried his best to stop the fit of laughter that took over him. He swore that no one but you was able to make him laugh like that, your laugh being so communicative. You gestured for him to get up, and soon his tall and large frame was towering over you, eyeing you with curiosity.

-Come in the water with me ? And help me take my revenge on Damian…

The boy heard you, and quickly abandoned his sandwiche, running back to his laughing brothers, hiding behind Dick and Jason. But it was no use, Bruce got rid of both the teenagers in a swipe of his arms, and you got a hold of your youngest, with the help of Tim, you dragged him under the water in another fit of laughter.

-Traitor !

Damian yelled at Tim, but he couldn’t quite act as mad as he wanted, because as much as he liked to deny it, moments like this, with all of you, were his favorites.

You gathered him up in your arms and squeezed him tenderly as he tried to wriggle out of your embrace. You gestured to the other boys for a group hug, and soon, Damian was screaming bloody murder as you all squeezed him in the middle of you.

With a gentle smile full of love, you let go of them, and went back to your husband who was a bit away, letting you and your sons having your moment. Bruce opened his arms for his own hug, and you gladly accepted. You didn’t had a lot of times like this, just with them, enjoying them without thinking about anything but each other’s company. You kissed Bruce’s chest, and he tangled once again a hand in your hair, as the other gently went down on the small of your back.

The boys were too busy fighting to comment your sapiness, and you just looked at them lovingly as you enjoyed Bruce’s embrace…until you felt his hand slid slowly in your panty. You eyed your sons quickly, they weren’t looking at you, and anyway, you were deep in the water enough for them not to even see anything.

-What are you doing Bruce ?

-Getting rid of the sand that got everywhere ?

You smiled mischievously, and shook your head, repressing a moan as he touched a particularly sensitive part. You took his hand out of your swimming suit.

-I’ll let you do that when it’s just the two of us honey. Now, carry me back on the grass, I really fucking hate sand, there’s no way I’m walking in it wet. It’ll stick…

Bruce smiled, and you climbed on his back. As you reached the grass, your head resting on his scarred shoulder, you couldn’t stop your heart from beating fast with happiness, and you already dreaded the end of the day, when you’ll have to get home and your boys will go back to their dark world. You suddenly remembered why you suggested the beach even though you hated sand…it was exactly for that, because it was sunny and bright at the beach, a nice change of pace…

You kissed Bruce’s shoulder, and you could see his broad smile from the corner of your mouth, forgetting about your somber thought. For the moment, you were just going to enjoy your boys, and hope to have thousands of other days like this one.

Blind By Your Side/ Part 2

Cross blushed a dark shade of purple. His head was filled with happiness and confusion. Through all the time he’s spent with the bad sanses, he never thought Nightmare of all people, would be the one to offer to take care of him.

When Ink told him of his condition, he was so sure Nightmare would just throw him out like a piece of garbage, but now… He was really surprised.

“R-really?” Cross stuttered

“…Yeah… Why? Is there a problem with me taking care of you?” Nightmare asked.

“N-no! Not at all! I’m just surprised. I thought you would be the first one to state that you wouldn’t help me with anything.” Nightmare was a little hurt, but just pushed the feeling away.

“Well, as the leader of the Evil Sans Club, you guys are all my responsability. And well, you hurt yourself during a mission, so it is obvious that I should be responsible for taking care of you.”

“O-oh. Right…” Cross said, his voice dying slowly. He shook his head, pushing some thoughts away. He was having a bad day already, and he didn’t want his boss to end up the same as him for feeling negativity on his aura. “Well I should go see the others… And tell them about my condition.”

“Right…” Nightmare let go of his hand and got up from the bed, walking in front of Cross so he could help him get up.

“Come on, I’ll take you there.” he said, taking his hand again and pulling him off the bed.


“So… You’re blind.” stated Killer.

“Yeah. I can’t see anything but darkness.” Cross said trying to keep his voice as normal as he could, even though the subject of ‘being blind’ was still making him uncomfortable.

“So… What do we do?” Horror asked.

“You keep living your pathetic lives and let me take care of this situation.” Nightmare stated. His voice was brute as always, but it kinda sounded like he was being a little protective. “But enough of this conversation. We should start planning where to trap my brother and his stupid friends. And let’s try not to choose any random and dangerous AUs from now on. If I catch you guys doing this again, you’ll all be punished.” Nightmare took a deep breath. “We’ll go to a pacifist Dancetale.” he said glaring at the others over his shoulder. “I don’t think I need to explain why.” the others avoided looking at Nightmare’s or Cross’ direction. “We’ll be going tomorrow. Right now, I want you all to go to your rooms and stay there for the rest of the night.” he commanded. Killer, Horror and Dust got up from their seats and dashed of through the hallways, leaving Cross and Nightmare alone.

“You didn’t need to be so rude with them you know.” Cross said.

“You do know that it’s their fault you are like this now, right? It’s not like they can undo this mess and redeem themselves now.” he replied. Cross remained silent. “Anyway, you too should head to your room. It’s late already.”


Cross walked slowly through the hallways, trying to be as silent as he could, since everyone was asleep.

“Remind me again why are you trying to walk through the castle, in the middle of the night, alone, and without any kind of help.” Said Chara, popping beside Cross.

“I just want to get a glass of water.”

“I thought Nightmare was supposed to take care of you.” Cross blushed a little.

“Well… He said that, but I don’t wants to bother him right now. I don’t know what time is it, but I think it would be 3 in the morning.”

“How do you know that if you can’t see the clock, you idiot?”

“It gets really cold here at 3 A.M.” He replied

“I don’t care. Just go get your stupid water so I can get back to my beauty sleep.”

Cross rolled his eyes under the blindfold and kept walking. After some time, he found the kitchen and began searching for a glass. He was almost reaching for the cupboard.

“Cross.” He froze. “What are you doing here?” Nightmare stood there with his arms crossed, waiting for a response. Cross slowly lowered his arm and turned at Nightmare’s direction.

“Sorry… I didn’t want to bother you just for a glass of water…” He said, looking a little down. Nightmare sighed and started walking closer to Cross.

“I’ll let this one slide because it’s only the first day. But don’t do this again ok? You could really hurt yourself.”

“Ok…” Cross replied. He suddenly gasped when he felt Nightmare picking him up bridal style.

“N-Nightmare?” He called, his cheeks burning purple again.

“It’ll take forever if you go walking to your room. It’s already 3:40 A.M.”

“Oh! Ok…” He muttered.


Soon, they reached Cross’ room. Nightmare laid Cross down on his bed gently and slowly pushed him a little to the side. Cross was trying to get to a comfortable position when he felt someone lay down by his side.


“What? I just don’t want to wake up and find you dead on the hallway.” Cross sighed closing his eyes with a sad look on his face. “… You can wake me up if you need anything.”

“Ok.” Cross said, soon falling asleep.

Nightmare sighed and looked at the window. Something felt odd, and it wasn’t because he haven’t been able to sleep worrying about Cross. He was feeling weird, like his chest was getting warm or something. It was… Weird.

He shook his head and forced his eye shut, trying to force himself asleep and stop thinking about that feeling.

He was the lord of negative feelings after all.

It’s not like that strange feeling could actually be anything positive.

… Right?


Nightmare/ @jokublog

Cross/ @jakei95

Killer/ @rahafwabas

Horror/ @sour-apple-studios

Dust/ @ask-dusttale



Finally managed to continue this story

It makes me so happy that you guys enjoyed the first part

It means a lot, really. <3

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I figured that 2D sounded a bit different in the interview yesterday. Why did they change his voice actor? What happened to Nelson? Did he even voiced him in Saturnz Barz? Because it kinda sounds like him.  But hey! At least Phil Cornwell is still voicing Murdoc! :)

as the poets say

Fandom Writing Challenge || caaelum 
prompt: flowers
fandom / pairing: voltron / sheith
word count: 1181
tags: high school au - modern setting, friends to lovers, promposal, so much fluff someone stop me

summary: honestly, keith is more surprised at the fact he’d forgotten just how cheesy shiro could be than at the fact shiro is asking him to prom. in front of his entire first period class. like the cheesy romantic dork he is. 

author’s note: my cousin is the cheesiest person i know and this is all his fault

friend tags // @ushiiwakas @cryingcryptids @scientiaa 


Keith is tossing his unneeded textbooks into his locker with a yawn when he sees Lance sidling up to him from the corner of his eye, smirk in place. He doesn’t bother to hide his groan, and Lance just smirks harder.

“Soooo,” Lance drawls, and Keith groans louder and more dramatically. “You got a date for prom yet, loverboy?”

The way Lance waggles his eyebrows suggestively like he knows something makes Keith’s own eyebrow twitch in annoyance. God, the first bell hasn’t even rung yet. “It is too early for your bullshit, Lance,” he says, shutting his locker with more force than necessary. He smirks when Lance flinches with a yelp. “And I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you don’t,” Lance says amicably, following Keith as he turns away to head to his first class. “Because I am obviously not talking about the huge crush you have on Mr. Most Popular who sits two seats in front of you in AP Physics, who you never stop staring at, while making the most pathetically sad pining puppy eyes I have literally ever seen. And I’m dating a literal puppy.”

Keith raises an eyebrow, unimpressed. “I thought he was a bear last time you described him as an animal.”

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So with Lena’s “he was my kryptonite” and “painful memories” lines in the new sneak peeks I can’t wait Kara to make the comparisons to Man-Ew and then ditch his ass. Because while we don’t know what broke up Lena and Jack exactly, we know that they were happy cancer curing nerds until Jack did something to hurt Lena and he’s gone from helping people to potentially murdering them. Kinda sounds like Man-Ew saying he wants to be a hero but then beating up people in alleys, abandoning his planet when it needs him most to me, and lying to Kara for months. Even if it takes a couple episodes for her to dump him again, because sign me the fuck up for Lena being a supportive friend and helping Kara realize the toxicity of her relationship with the space frat boy and helping her learn and grow from the experience. Because that’s how real friends support each other when in bad relationships.

Stay With Me — Newt Imagine

Anons:  “ can you do a full on smut newt x reader please??” & “ Can I get a newt imagine with him being 26 and reader 23-24 and feeling self conscious and too old for her?”

After a shit load of time trying to write, it’s finally here. Sorry for taking so long!  :( I had ver busy holidays plus I had a humongous writer’s block. But I finally made it! I hope you like it! :D 

Stay With Me — Newt Imagine

Disclaimer: smut towards the end. :p  

Newt went immediately to work, and check out on some creatures. In the last two years you’ve been travelling with him as his companion. Spending so much time with him, you learned how to read his body language. He was hurt. He didn’t want Jacob to forget about him and everything he’d seen. He always did this. Whenever he felt hurt or angry, he would work on something to calm himself down. Seeing him work after something happened meant he wasn’t ready to talk about it just yet.

You followed his steps and walked to one of the rooms in the case. You looked for the room with a dark forest in it, looking for thestrals. He had heard of a creature that could only be seen when people saw death for the first time. Newt couldn’t see them after all. Not even after what happened in Sudan. He didn’t get to see the girl die. He met you in the middle of a forest, and you were taking care of a wounded thestral, and that was the sparkle in his head that made him ask you to travel with him, so you could help him take care of the thestrals.

You helped Newt with the beasts, and learned from him. But the thestrals were your entire job, and you tried to learn as much from them and showed Newt what you learned.

You walked inside the forest room, with a bucket with meat. As you fed them, Newt was staring at you. Paying close attention to your moves, trying to imagine where the thestrals could be. At the same time, he was staring at you with such tenderness. Tina noticed the way he was looking at you and immediately knew how he felt. Queenie’s mind reading skills weren’t necessary to see the humongous crush Newt had on you.

“Have you told her?” Tina broke the silence with a gentle whisper.

Newt flinched and looked away immediately. He scratched his head, trying to seem distracted and oblivious.

“You should tell her how you feel” Tina continued.

Newt felt his face blush a little and shook his head, looking at his feet. He shrugged and walked towards one a small tree with bowtruckles in them climbing the branches.

“No, no, no” He chuckled awkwardly. “I-I don’t think that would be appropriate” He muttered.

As they spoke, Queenie entered the case and walked towards Tina, as they both exchanged looks, and Queenie knew what was going on. She then looked at Newt, as he played with Picket in his fingers.

“Why not?” Tina asked “I’ve seen her, and I’m pretty sure she likes you too”

“It’s true” Queenie confirmed what her sister had just said.

Newt remained silent, deep in his thoughts. He didn’t want to tell them why, he felt ridiculous. He knew it was a silly reason, but he felt even sillier admitting it. Besides, he didn’t want to risk it. The two of them worked perfectly together, he didn’t want to ruin that.

“He feels too old for her…”

“Please don’t read my mind” Newt interrupted Queenie, raising his voice a little bit. “Please”

You heard Newt’s voice and looked towards him, wondering what could be going on. A Thestral bumped its head against your arm, You turned back around and petted him, trying to pay attention to what they were talking. They kept talking, however, you could hardly get anything from what they were saying.

“But Newt” Tina continued. “You look 25, she looks 21, I don’t see the problem…”

“I-I’m actually 27, and she just turned 22” Newt muttered.

“Honey, 5 years isn’t much of a difference” Queenie said sweetly. “And she doesn’t care”

Newt looked up at her, meeting her blue eyes, and then looking back at his feet again, he shrugged.

They remained silent, and you decided to go back with them. You couldn’t hear anything from what they said, but you decided to shrug it off. Tine and Queenie looked at you as you When you caught up with them, you stood next to Newt, as he shyly smiled at you.

“Well, I guess we should go home…” Tina said.

“Y-yeah, it’s getting late. I should probably buy tickets for the ship to England” Newt added quickly.

“No ship leaves this late, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow. You can stay in our place if you want to. You’ll have a bed where to sleep, a nice dinner, and hot cocoa” Tina said with a soft smile. “What do you think?”

Newt smiled warmly at Tina and bowed gently.

“That sounds delightful, thank you” he whispered. “Let me tell Y/N”

“Okay, we’ll wait for you outside” Tina said, as she and Queenie walked towards the stairs.

You were unable to hear anything from the conversation, and gave up. You remained petting the thestrals, as a little one was running in circles around your feet. Newt walked inside the room, but stayed at the entrance. He called your name softly, like a gentle purr from a cat.

“Yes, Newt?” You said turning around.

“We’ll have to spend the night here with the girls. But tomorrow we’re more going back to England. I was thinking of buying the tickets for the first ship tomorrow, and then arrive to Tina’s and Queen’s place to have dinner and get some rest…”

“Sure” you smiled at him.

It was a natural reflex for Newt to smile back at you with the biggest of smiles. His green eyes sparkled, and a light blush covered his cheeks. He walked out the room, and you followed him closely, as you two made your way outside the case. Newt told Tina he was going to buy the tickets and you were going to see them both in their apartment. The two girls nodded and wished you luck before they left towards their building.

* * *

Once back at the girls’ flat, and after dinner, you were staying in an improvised room with magic. Newt was staying in the same room he had stayed with Kowalski. You were reading one of the books Tina and Queen had, until a soft knock on the door distracted you. You grabbed your want next to your bed and waved it, opening the door.

Newt poked its head from the other side and asked if it was okay to come in.myou giggled and nodded, as he walked inside, closing the door behind him.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” He asked. You shook your head softly, and showed him the book you were reading. “Great. I don’t feel like sleeping just yet, but also I don’t feel like being alone, so I thought I could come here…” He said, looking down shyly, as his face turned slightly red.

“It’s okay, Newt” you assured him “I’m not feeling like sleeping either” you muttered, as he smiled at you, like saying thank you. “Newt, can I mask you something?” Newt nodded immediately. You always asked him if you could ask something, and newt found that incredibly cute. “Earlier, while I was feeding the thestrals, you were talking with Tina and Queen, I didn’t hear anything, except when you raised your voice all of a sudden…I mean, it’s none of my business, I just wanted to know if you were okay”

Newt looked at the floor, and took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I’m fine” he said, smiling at you.

You knew he was lying, and that he had lied so you wouldn’t worry about him. You sat on the bed and patted the bed softly, telling him to sit next to you.

“Are you sure, Newt?” You said, as he walked towards the bed, sitting next to you.

He sighed bitterly. He rested his elbows on his knees, and stared at the floor. He remained silent for several seconds. You were staring at him, knowing there was something in his mind, and he wanted to talk about it. He couldn’t bring himself to speak at first, and after a long silence, he sighed and looked at you.

“Can I ask you for a favour first?” Newt whispered, staring with his bright green eyes as you nodded. “Please don’t ask anything until I’m finished talking, and it’s not necessary for you to say something. If you want you can not talk about it, and that’ll be fine as well. And I want you to know that you’re free to chose whatever you’d like after I’m done…”

You chuckled lightly at what he said.

“Newt, you’re kinda scaring me. You sound like you’re about to fire me or whatever…I mean, I don’t precisely work for you, since we’re more like…partners in crime…” Your voice shook, as you slowly began to worry.

“What? No. No, no, no. I mean, no. I-I would never let you go…” He muttered, looking at you, and then blushed once rep he realised what he said. “Not unless you’d want to…”

“Newt, what’s wrong?” You said, brushing his cheek with your hand.

He grabbed your hand gently between his hands. He opened to mouth, but any sound came out of it. He took a deep breath, and looked down at your hands.

“Y/N” he began “I would never let you go, unless you wanted to. I-I’d never hold you back…But that’s not the point.” He shut his eyes closed, and continued talking. “Y/N, I really like you. A lot, actually.” You gawked, trying to assimilate everything in your head, however, he continued talking. “But I’ve always felt really stupid about it…and insecure” He sighed. “Earlier, Tina noticed the way I was looking at you, while you fed the thestrals, and immediately knew what was happening. Then Queen read my mind, and told me it was ridiculous for me to think that I felt too old for you…”

“Newt, you’re barely five years older than me…” You interrupted him softly.

Newt looked at the floor, without saying anything. You grabbed his face in your hands and stared into his eyes, as he stared at you ashamed. Without giving it much thought, you leaned forward, pressing your lips. He remained a few seconds motionless before he kissed you back. You two intertwined your lips awkwardly, trying to figure out how to move.

Your guts began feeling wobbly, and your stomach suddenly felt funny. You’d been into Newt after the first few months of travelling with him. He was so gentle and nice all the time, it was impossible for you to fall for him. And now, he’d finally told you he liked you back.

After several seconds, you  finally synched, and began to be pulled away from reality, and towards a heating passion. Newt brushed your cheek with his finger, and continued to trace a delicate line down your neck. He was kissing you with such tenderness, although he occasionally bit your lip. You played with his hair, and grabbed some of it in your grip, as you pulled him closer.

His hands held your waist lightly and pushed you gently over the bed. Once he was on top of you, you began to lose control of yourself. Feeling his weight on top of you made your skin shiver. His kiss was warm, passionate, full. You could no longer think, you were just acting.

He kneeled on the bed, and unbuttoned down his vest and shirt as he took them off. You kneeled on the bed in front of him and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as he kept kissing you. Newt placed his hands on your waist and moved them up your back, underneath your jumper. He then moved his hands to your shoulders and took off your jumper. You began unbuttoning your white shirt and took it off.

Newt began kissing your neck as his arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. His lips brushed your skin all the way to your shoulders. He went back to your lips and kept kissing them sweetly. He tightened his grip, squeezing you against him, as you felt his warm chest against yours. You suddenly became aware of his erection against your body, and felt turned on by it.

You placed your hands on his chest and moved them down to his hips. You then tried to undo his belt, but found it slightly hard. Newt helped you out, and took off his pant. You lied on the bed, as he crawled next to you and started leaving small kisses on your face, as he used one of his hands to trace delicate lines with his fingers on you belly, going down to your crotch.

He stopped kissing your face, but remained close.

“Can I…?” He asked, as you nodded, before leaned forward, kissing you, brushing his tongue against your lip teasingly.

His hand went under your underwear and skirt. You moaned softly, as you felt his warm touch on your clit. You bit him gently, as he sighed deeply. You felt his warm fingers caress you and without previous warning he fingered you, making you moan even louder. You tightened around his fingers, feeling your body grow warm.

Newt broke the kiss at once and pulled your skirt along with your panties and threw them on the floor. He then took of his underwear and crawled back on top of you. You blushed and stared into his eyes, as his sweet stare was melting you down.

“Stay with me” He whispered, “Y/N. Please, stay with me” He brushed your cheeks with his fingers as he spoke.

“I want to stay with you, Newt” You purred as he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips on yours for a few seconds.

“If it’s okay if I…”

“Please do” You interrupted him, as he smiled shyly and you noticed him blush.

“Y/N” He moaned as he slowly filled you in.

You groaned and clawed your fingers on his back, as he kissed your shoulder. He began moving his hips slowly, deeply. You wrapped your legs around his hips, and pulled him closer whenever he pushed his body closer to you.

“Newt” You inhaled sharply as he thrusted in.

“Y/N” He breathed to your ear. “You feel so tight”

As time went by, he began gaining speed and strength. And the sweet kisses were turning into passionate ones and occasional bites. You felt his arm muscles tighten as he held you close, going deeper inside you with every thrust. The silence of the night soon faded and your moans and groans filled the room.

He sat on the bed and pulled you on top of him, and snaked his arm around your waist, as he kissed your neck. This time you were moving your hips. You were moving slowly yet, pushing your hips strongly, as he groaned your name in a low voice, and tightening his grip on your skin. He gently bit your neck, containing his moan. He buried his face in the crook of your neck as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

As you felt yourself climax, and the warmth spread like wildfire all over your body, you tightened around Newt. Newt noticed you were cumming and pushed you to the bed, pinning your wrists against the bed as he thrusted faster and stronger than before as you screamed his name. You wrapped your legs around his waist quickly, still feeling your orgasm electrify every inch of your body.

Hearing your shaky voice call his name made him shiver and buried his face next to your head, as he kept thrusting before he came. He pushed one last time, deeper, as you felt his back muscles contract, and with your legs you pushed him even deeper, and hugged him tightly as he came inside of you.

The two of your were panting, as the room became silent again. Newt pulled out but remained on top of you, catching his breath. You brushed his shaggy hair softly.

“Newt” You called his name gently.

“Yeah Y/N?” He breathed heavily.

“Stay with me tonight” You muttered.

He looked at you, blushing heavily and leaned forward, kissing you softly.

“Of course” He purred.

ghostchibi  asked:

wait wait was Dread always named Dread or did he pick a new name for himself bc I was thinking about it and Dread is like. Such an intimidating name

Nahh its not his real name. You are correct that he picked it! It was his nickname even before the war. He uses it as a code name now.

his real name is Thomas. Thomas “Dread” Bernhard


Headcanon: Sakamoto is the hardest person to spook, ever.