he kinda looks like ian somerhalder

Is it me or does anyone notice for awhile now that Ian doesn’t seem to like Caroline Dries at all. Like he dismiss her a lot, and he’ll throw side shades about her being the EP. Like when he said in his interview early this year the show was better when Julie and Kevin were running it together I was kinda shocked that he said it, I knew it was a little stab at Dries but I just look brushed it off. But his actions at comic con this year confirmed it even more that he probably really doesn’t like Dries. Like when he said “Bonnie and Damon fucking rock” it wasn’t what he said it was how he said it with a bitter attitude and the fact that he was sitting next to Caroline as well. And now this new comic con video with the cast, Julie and Caroline, were Dries is talking about Damon resenting Bonnie and the dirty ass look Ian gave her while she was saying it, he was just glaring at her.

IDK Caroline better keep her distant and mouth close for awhile, because Ian is looking 100% done with her these days.