he kinda looks like hes derping

Father!Ethan – Requested

Ok so I kinda see Ethan as being like a derp father but like in the sweetest and cutest way possible like he’d be taking care of baby dolan all by himself bc he wanted you to go out and enjoy some time with your friends cause you’ve been stuck inside ever since you came home from the hospital and he’d be like bouncing your baby on his leg and he’d be all giggles till your baby bursts out crying and he starts panicking (! but he aint at the disco) and ethan will look like he’s about to cry and question baby dolan like “why are you crying” “I’m sorry what did I do wrong” “I didn’t mean to hurt you” and “please don’t tell mommy” he’d literally try everything to stop your baby from crying until finally he couldn’t figure out what to do and calls you a total mess and you have to come home to help and as soon as baby dolan is in your arms baby dolan stops crying and then ethan would get super insecure thinking that your child doesn’t like him and then you’d just reassure him that the baby loves him but he was just hungry and needed to breast feed