he kinda looks like an exo member but idk

Luhan Boyfriend Material

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  • so much skinship
  • like hand holding, cuddles, kisses, random makeout sessions, the whole shebang literally all the time
  • sUPER possessive of you
  • becomes jealous very easily
  • “who’s that Y/N”
  • “Literally I have no idea Luhan, he’s just some random guy who passed us in the street.”
  • “He gave us a weird look… he gave you a weird look.”
  • “Luhan….”
  • “I’m pretty sure I saw him wink too”
  • “You know there’s this thing called blinking right?
  • “…….”
  • holding onto your hand tighter or pulling you closer whenever you visited him on set
  • leaving marks on you all the time just to make it known you were taken
  • and for other reasons too… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • he would push you to try new things
  • take you on dates simply to go exploring
  • most of the time you guys would just end up walking around the city lost but…
  • it’d be cool though because he would take the lead… and the blame
  • sometimes you would find some really cool abandoned buildings though
  • and maybe go stargazing
  • lazy dates would be frequent too
  • sometimes he would just randomly show up at your house with movies
  • he might fall asleep on you half way through the movie or if its a sad one tear up a little, but u would be warm from cuddling so it would be ite

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In Bed:

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • sex sex sex sex
  • literally its all he thinks about
  • he may appear calm in public or when he meets your friends or family…. but he is a FREAK in the sheets
  • kinks galore
  • you guys would probs have sex at least once a day usually 2-3 times a day when he didn’t have to travel
  • and boy when he did have to travel…
  • be prepared to not leave the bedroom for a couple days before he leaves and for a couple days after he returns
  • you gotta make up for lost time right?
  • at least 5 out of the 7 days of the week you would be tied up, blindfolded or dressed in an interesting manner or get pounded against the wall or headboard
  • he may seem skinny… but he sure packs a punch
  • when would you neck not be covered in bruises or pink marks
  • you skin around your hip bones would always be covered in scratch marks and bruises
  • he seems like the submissive type right? with his feminine looks and petiteish frame…
  • oh honey… what treat you’ll be in for…

lollllllll so Admin A and I kinda skipped two days posting sorryyyyy. Anyways this is a new thing I’m kinda testing out to see how u guys like it. I’m thinking of possibly doing it for other members and other groups too idk yet tho 

~Admin S

Reaction to: Their S/O wearing their clothes on a variety show

Let’s say it is one of their big sweaters because those are nice. But you can imagine it to be any piece you want. 


Zuho: I feel he is a little protective over his clothes (especially his sweaters) so he would be all like “When the eff did you get that? And who the hell let you have it?” He wouldn’t be too like “Give it the eff back” Unless it was his favorite or a new one. After the show is over he would pull you to the side and be like “I want it back” If it is old enough he would (very) reluctantly let you wear it for the day

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Rowoon: He would worry if that one was clean. Like He would see you and he would have a little fangasm but then he would be like “Did i wash that one? I don’t want them to wear something dirty” Once he can talk to you he would ask “Do you know if that one is clean? You shouldn’t be wearing dirty clothes”

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Youngbin: He is a shy baby. He will see you and at first won’t actually realise that it is his clothing. It won’t be until one of the other members go “Hey, Isn’t that your clothes?” And he would go *gaSP* “It is!”, he would be so excited, shy and freaking out because His Baby Is Wearing His Clothes!!! He would somehow shy up but at the same time fangasm. How? Idk man. But he would. After the show when he talk to you he would go “You look really nice dear.” 

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 Dawon: He would make this face that is hard to describe it is kinda like shock and disgust. You know that face Baekhyun from exo made where his mouth was open and kinda looked disgusted? I will put it at the end so you know what i’m talking about. Dawon would make that face though. When he could talk to you he would say “Who said you could wear that?” in a teasing matter. He would end up finding it so adorable actually. But it is Dawon so you gotta sass back. “Me, Mysellf and I” You would answer. 

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Hwiyoung: Probably the only one who is just plain excited. He would see you and fangirl. Yes, fangirl. There is a difference between fangirling and fanboying. Idk really know what fanboys do but they are wonderful. Fangirls scream and cry and spaz. I think fanboys spaz idk guys im a girl. AnywHO He would have his little fit and after the show he would run up to you, and very dramatically do a Jackson hug*, he would set you down and (loudly i would say) “HEY, You LiKE mYCLothES??? I like it too! We should GET MatCHING CLOTHES!!!!! COUPLE CLOTHING!! Do yOu WanT TO KeeP iT?!” He would keep going until you stop him. He would be so happy and excited! He would even start leaving some on purpose when he goes to your house

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Inseong: He would do that mom thing (idk it is a mom thing for me), He would be totally calm, barely acknowledging it, and when he gets to talk to you he would give you a back hug and say “That’s a nice peice of clothing. Where did you get it?” He would just be a teasing gentlemen about it (he is forever a gentle man to meh)

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(Closest i could find to a back hug)

Chani: He would only say one thing “Bu-But i want it back”

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Jaeyoon: Honestly i need another admin cuz idk much about him. All i got is that his is a lil’ shit and i love him. He would probably tease you. Idk really know how tho. I think he might be a diva (his booty says he is lol) so he would probably be like “You look okay, but i look better in it” And maybe walk off? He might keep teasing you? IDK SOMEONE HELP ME

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Taeyang: Sunshine sunshine don’t know much about him either *I sang* Like okay y’all come help me i need it. He might? idk what he would do during the show but after he might go up behind you and say somethingsweet and maybe put his jacket on you? IDK TAEYANG STANS COME ON OUT AND HELP

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* Jackson Hug: it is jackson fom got7 and he would like spin you around and stuff

not gon’ edit thiiiissss

BTS confession #11

i honestly didn’t really get why big hit got so serious and wanted to take legal actions against hate comments in the beginning. tbh i felt like it was kinda dumb cause everyone gets hate when they’re famous n when you’re one of the biggest ones u kinda expect it?? i dk??

BUT then i saw some of the hate comments that fueled this and some exo fans (exo-l’s? idk the fandom name) started rumors that taehyung was a CHILD OFFENDER??? and a plagiarist?? like… can u fuckin imagine taehyung reading that he’s a child offender because he pULLED A GIRLS HAIR WHEN SHE WAS SHY?? TAEHYUNG


the oNE member in bts that continuously mentions his grand love for kids and how much he wants to be a good dad. idk man breaks my heart. and a plagiarist because of his hwarang pics that look like baekhyuns’ pics like iT’S HIS FIRST DRAMA HE AIN’T CHOOSE SHIT ABOUT IT he must’ve been so happy and so proud and now this!!

so pls don’t misuse this opportunity to report silly shit like people calling jungkook coconut head but be selective and send in shit like THAT cause what the fuck

i just hope they have thick skin cuz i felt sad 4 sure when i read it