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Gazette Gif-a-Day 2016

[3-5/?] To Dazzling Darkness
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when people draw arcade all buff n shit it kinda irks me like, you swear?? he's muscley an all??? heck nah my man, arcade is a chubby gay, he's got that cute baby fat and muffin top 👌

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUE post im Not Fucking Here At All for buff arcade. and then beanpole skinny arcade is. like i get where ur coming from but still it misses the mark. SHOWER ME in rlly tall rlly chubby+soft round face, flabby arms arcade thats the fuckin IdeáL


Chicago Spring Half - 1:20:40, 6:09/mi, 5th overall

For all my hemming and hawing about the weather for this race, it ended up not being so bad. Don’t get me wrong. The air was thick, and there were a couple times where I really noticed it, wondering when the wheels would fall off. But a cool breeze from the lake kept me from overheating, especially at the end when we were right on the water.

These lakefront races are logistically difficult. Cram a bunch of people on a narrow path that’s open to the public and then try to run fast while dodging people in both directions. Up front, it’s not too bad. Coming back I had a few close calls with people not paying attention. At least it gave me a chance to see fellow tumblrs runningonredbull, sequoiaman1968, and elkay723! I heard all of them give me a cheer as I went by even if I didn’t quite see them.

As planned, I started at 6:20/mi pace, but quickly dropped it down into the 6:10 range. I picked off a bunch of people in the first 3 miles and then was stuck in 5th for most of the rest. I was moving well, but my splits weren’t quite fast enough to hit 1:20. I was on track for a healthy PR, so that was my focus to keep the legs moving.

Around mile 10 I looked up and saw the 4th place guy starting to come back to me. It took until just after 12 to get close enough to pass. I thought in advance that I really had to blow by to make sure he didn’t surge to keep up with me. See ya, fella. I ran a strong sub-6 in that last mile, which was disrupted by a very awkward finish area that had us going under Lake Shore Drive, through a little alley, and then over 2(!) speed bumps. I’m stepping on one in the 2nd picture above.

Really, really happy with the time and the finish place is icing on the cake. It had been too long chasing this PR, so it felt especially good to nail a race at this distance. You may notice that I was officially 5th even though I was 4th crossing the finish line. Turns out a guy way back in corral E who started 10 minutes later edged me by 1 freakin’ second on chip time. Never a concern in a big race before, but I gotta say it kinda irks me. Had he started with me, I feel like I would have had the juice to take him down too. Gotta give him some credit though. He would have been fighting crowds the whole way.

Manual splits from the mile markers:

Mile 3 was clearly short. Mile 7 must have made up the difference.

I don’t know if this has been talked about but this line kinda irked me. 

Steven believes he needs to be everything that everyone will expect him to be when he’s older? Like Rose? Those would be kinda high standards do’t you think? Yes Steven is much like Rose, he’s kind, he will protect those he loves, he is a Crystal Gem. 

But to say he is expected to be Rose Quartz is a huge obligation to make.

Idk maybe I just ruined a perfectly good song, sorry ya’ll.