he kind of missed her face though~

A strong woman.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Word count : 2,754
Author : Mel
Warnings : AU-ish. Someone dies.

You smiled up at the screen. “It’s a boy.” The ultrasound tech informed you.

You grinned and turned to the blond next to you. “A boy.” You teared up, and so did she. “Jess, I’m giving Dean a son.”

“Look at him.. Oh god. Don’t make me cry, I’m next.” She chuckled.

After getting cleaned up, and off the chair, it was Jess’s turn. You took your pictures and smiled down at them as the tech took measurements and checked vitals. When it came time to find out, you looked up at Jess with a smile, then at the screen. “Ready to find out?” She nodded to the tech. You both had wanted boys, wanted them to grow up together, and close. Jess bit her lip and waited. “It’s a girl.”

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Career Day

You guys asked for it so here it is. This may be the fluffiest thing ever. AU where Oliver is a Kindergarten teacher. 

P.S. You can blame @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline and @nightkeepyr for this!

“One, two, three…”

“Eyes on me!” twenty-three little voices chanted back at him.

Oliver smiled as all of their faces looked up to where he stood at the front of the mat. He bit back a smile at their rapt attention. They were only kindergarteners so he knew it wouldn’t last long.

“Okay, friends,” he started. “Who remembers what special thing we have happening this week?”

Hands shot up in the air as all the kids vied for him to call on them. “Abby?” he called.

“Career week!” shouted a little girl with curly brown hair.

“That’s right,” he confirmed. “This week is Career week which means we will be having special guests coming into our classroom to tell us about their jobs. This morning, Sarah’s Aunt Felicity will be coming in and talking to us about computers.”

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17,again - Chapter 2

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

Word count: 9k

Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.


CHAPTER 1:https://bts-writing-minsuga.tumblr.com/post/158783240709/17again-chapter-01

“If it´s true that everything happens for a reason, you are my excuse to heal. I´ve been living a lie for so many years now that it has become hard for me to distinguish reality from fantasies and pain from love. Although I no longer care about much, you still are part of me. You are the part that hasn´t been damaged or corrupted yet, the part that can choose a better path. You are my last hope. Do whatever you desire, whatever you feel is best for you. But please, please don´t make the same mistakes I did. Don´t fall in love with him all over again”

There was one thing you were completely sure about: you wanted to have fun. As soon as you had found Jungkook´s credit card solemnly standing between a bunch of folders you had made the decision to go on a shopping spree. Partly because you wanted new clothes and mostly because it was his money that was going to be spent. Being independent all of a sudden felt too satisfactory to not take advantage of it. Sure, you´d still have to deal with the consequences at some point, but until that moment came you were limiting yourself to the mere action of enjoying.

Jungkook had tried calling you several times and texting you things like “Talk to me” or “At least let me grab some clothes” but you had deleted all of his signals without hesitation and had ended up turning off your phone. Your future self had made it clear that you had to stay away from him, and you couldn´t say it was being a piece of cake. Yes, you had managed to ignore him but that didn´t mean that he didn´t cross your mind from time to time as you walked through the shops. After all, he was the only person you knew in the whole city. You hated feeling lonely, and although you had spent a very short period of time with him it had been enough to grow fond of his business like personality and the way his cheeks turned red every time you did something that wasn´t on his schedule. He still wasn´t your type, though, but maybe you had to admit to yourself that you kind of missed him. Not like you would miss your parents or your best friend but how you´d miss that kid in class that is always left out as much as you are when it comes to group projects.

“That color is pretty, isn’t it?”

You stopped sliding the tip of the lipstick bar across the top of your hand in order to turn around and face the person next to you. Her expression was friendly and by the way she was dressing you guessed she was probably around your age. She was also swatching some makeup and you had been too caught up in your thoughts about Jungkook to notice her presence or even to notice that you had dragged yourself to the cosmetics section of the store, but you managed to quickly answer and hide your confusion caused by a stranger talking to you.

“Yeah. I mean, you can never go wrong with red, right?”

You left the product back where it belonged as you had picked it up out of mere curiosity and had never intended to buy it in the first place.

“Absolutely. See, the thing is that they are… expensive”

They were five dollars each. Unless you were poor for real, in which case you wouldn´t be interested in buying things such as makeup, it wasn´t anything a student couldn´t afford. So when she started to pick them up and slide them in her bag your mouth dropped open. Her movements were fast and her hands were making the job almost expertly. There were so few people in the store that she wasn´t even trying to be discrete and you didn´t know where to look. You had already counted ten of the small containers when she handed one to you, a smirk on her face daring you to take it. You furrowed your brows and stepped back from her, suddenly feeling an urge to run away. The last thing you wanted was for somebody to coax you to do something that immoral. Carefully placing your arms behind your back you cleared your throat to dissolve the sudden lump that had invaded it while thinking about how to proceed.

“I don´t steal. And you shouldn´t either”

She undid the step you had just taken and you got to smell her breathe that revealed she most likely had a smoking habit. Disgusted by it you scrunched your nose as subtly as the situation allowed.

“Oh. So you are that type of girl. Too spoiled to boycott the system?”

There was arrogance all over her voice and her head was tilted to the side, her brazen aura invading the atmosphere between the two of you. It was almost as if she was enjoying your indecisiveness.

“Stealing something that costs five dollars it´s what I understand for being spoiled. Are you sure you can´t afford that?”

All the friendliness that was left on her, if there had ever truly been any, extinguished as soon as the words left your mouth. Your sass had seemed to awaken a new intensity in her and she opened your tiny bag and offhandedly introduced the object not giving you enough time to react. As soon as it was all zipped up she grabbed your left wrist and her touch felt more animalistic than human, her malicious fingers corroding your skin.

“Listen. You better do what I say or your face won´t remain that pretty at the end of the day”

The whole situation was starting to scare you, the fear of the unknown activating all your senses. For some reason you thought about Jungkook and how you´d like him to be there with you, how you´d like to grab onto his jacket and bury your face in his back. The thought didn´t last much, the situation making it difficult to think clearly. You had to do something. Maybe scream. You were inhaling to shout as loud as you could that you needed help when she pulled out a knife and pressed it against your side. It was tiny and you could see your terrified expression reflecting on the shiny metal. Your eyes stood there, completely frozen in place as the adrenaline started to take over your body. You had stumbled upon one of those people that only seemed to appear on films, and you knew it was a hundred percent real when the pressure of the weapon started to hurt.

“Don´t move. We´ll walk towards the exit and then it´ll be gone. Just talk to me as if we are friends”

Petrified under the pain the tip of the knife rubbing against you caused every time you took a step you swallowed hard as you were approaching the exit, the security guard next to it with his eyes already fixated on the pair of you. Grabbing the strap of your bag placed across your shoulder in an attempt to control your trembling hands you failed to talk to her, but she didn´t try to do anything about it. All you could hear was your heart racing and banging in your head, echoing in the blank space fear had created inside your brain. And in an already expected and cruel twist of fate as soon as you walked next to the alarm detectors the red lights went off and a loud ringing sound made everyone´s heads turn towards both of you. Well, only you, because she was now nowhere to be seen. Of course, she just needed you as her distraction factor. If you thought you´d feel relieved because she was gone, it only worsened the situation. You were at the verge of tears as the security guard asked to look inside your bag. Your anxiety only grew higher until it reached its peak as the man slowly unzipped the fabric. There was no way of escaping, the green little tube standing out among the other items. You looked down to the floor, the only thing that didn´t seem to be judging you as the man gripped your arm tightly.

“You´ll have to come with me. For now, you are under temporary arrest”

Never in your seventeen years of life had you imagined you´d be arrested and sitting inside the police station for stealing a damn lipstick that didn´t even have that much pigmentation. You were beyond ashamed, your actions reflecting that the situation still had you in shock and your eyes dancing around the room trying to escape the cop´s intense stare as he continued with the interrogatory. You knew perfectly well that the description of the girl you were giving was not, and could not be, entirely and completely accurate, but you still kept mumbling something about the color of her hair because it was all you remembered. His voice was demanding and harsh, something that didn´t help your constant tries of sounding plausible, as if he was talking to a serial killer and not a harmless girl that cried every single time someone killed a bug.

“She pulled out a knife on you. I see. Is this some type of joke?”

You dug your nails into your thighs trying to calm your nerves and bit on your lips at the realization that they were parted in surprise. How could he think it was a joke? Was he not seeing your facial expression that screamed you had just had your closest experience to death?

“Y-y you can check the security cameras. Please! I swear I´m not lying”

His glare only intensified and you flinched in your seat, not knowing what else to say. You focused your eyes on a painting that hanged on the wall, a series of stains done with watercolor elegantly pressed against the paper, oddly standing out among the other decorative items of the room. They immediately abandoned the spot when the door opened with a click breaking the silence that had inadvertently invaded the room. A middle-aged woman dressed in her uniform approached the officer and confidentially whispered something in his ear. After that, she fully opened the door to exist at the same time Jungkook´s body was revealed. His usually impeccably combed hair denoted the lack of hairspray usage and his under eye circles looked out of place, drawing all the attention from his perfectly sculpted features.

“The paper work is done, Sir”

The officer seemed to relax at his presence, as if the work he had been doing so passionately was now none of his business. He hummed while he adjusted his cap, apparently thinking about what to say but ending up saying it without any pangs of conscience.

“Keep an eye on your girlfriend and her prepotency”

If Jungkook was going to clarify the fact that you no longer were his girlfriend he decided to just clear his throat instead. Whatever had happened between him and your future self, it had killed him on the inside. He didn´t only look sleep deprived but also as if he had just recovered from a hangover. If he was already stressed the first time you had seen him, now he looked emaciated as hell. A pang of guilt invaded you as you realized you were the reason why he was looking like that, or your future self was, which was almost the same. When the two of you were left alone at the office you couldn´t even look at him, afraid of what his expression would make you feel. You placed your hands inside your pockets and when you accidentally touched the credit card located in the left one another wave of shame swept over you. After a while he understood that you weren´t going to initiate the conversation and kneeled down to face you. When he was mere inches away from you he tenderly grabbed your chin with one of his hands and forced you to lock your expanded pupils with his brown irises. His stare approximated involvement, in the way one drop of water approximates another, a soothing effect even on the wariest observer.

“Why did you have to do that?”

The reprimanding tone you were expecting to find in his voice wasn´t there and the disappointment you encountered instead wasn´t much better. It was the worst scenario you hadn´t even dared to imagine right in front of your eyes. You hated being scolded as it made you feel extremely frustrated, tears escaping your eyes despite how much you tried holding them back. You didn´t have anything against Jungkook, you didn´t care what he had done to hurt you so much in the future, so you didn´t hesitate to throw your arms around his neck and let a loud sob escape your mouth even when your future self´s advice was still ringing in your head. But hadn´t she also told you to do whatever you desired?

Like every time something caught him off guard a few seconds passed before his hands found the top of your head and started caressing it softly. Your fists were holding the fabric of his shirt intensely trying to make your trembling stop, all the tension that you had built up through the afternoon being released in that simple act. You, now, thought of Jungkook, not as someone to take revenge on, but of Jungkook as someone that you could hold onto.

“It´s okay. We´ll go home”

In the few hours you had spent with Jungkook, you had learnt that most of his actions were based off his constant pretending of being a practical man. His job, his car, the way he talked: it was all a cover to hide that deep inside he felt anxious all the time. If you observed his moves cautiously you could tell that he did care about his tangled hair and the fact that he had a ton of pop CDs in the car yet he still listened to the same piano song all the time spoke louder than anything he could try to prove. Or maybe you were looking too much into it and he was just feeling down because apparently, you had broken up with him. Or that´s what you had found out the minute you had walked into the apartment.

“I guess you aren´t doing much better than me after the breakup”

Your jaw tensed at the sight of the mess you had assumed had been there because of a party and not because of a full night of painfully experiencing heartbreak. He entered the bedroom and you followed him obediently even though he hadn´t expressed in any way that he wanted you to go with him. In point of fact, you could say you did it because you kind of felt like you owed him and not by natural instinct.

“I can understand that you don´t want to see me. But stealing?”

He said the last part in a much quieter tone as if the words would burn his throat if said at a proper volume, all of it accompanied by a pointed look. You played with the ends of your hair while processing the information. Apparently your tears hadn´t been enough to express how ashamed you felt about stealing a lipstick, even though it hadn´t been your fault. If he, out of all the few people you had expected to be comprehensive of the situation, didn´t believe what had happened to you was true you´d burst into tears again.

“So you don´t believe me either?”

You realized you had sounded ridiculously childish, but it wasn´t as if you cared. Maybe you were making a mistake by trying to lean on him.

“I don´t know, Y/n”

It was the first time you had heard him say your name out loud and you regretted it had to be in such a tense situation. Your eyes drifted to the side and you met yourself in the mirror. Suddenly, you remembered the stinging sensation the knife had caused you to feel and you immediately pulled your jacket over your shoulders, mentally repeating you were such an idiot for not thinking about it earlier. Jungkook had stopped massaging his frown only to deepen it at your actions.

“Seriously, what´s this obsession with undressing every time we fight”

You chuckled internally but as your hands frantically worked with the fabric of your t-shirt to tie it just below your chest you didn´t find the time to exteriorize it. Finally, clear as a light in the dark, a reddish wound surrounded by dry blood was revealed standing out brightly against your skin. He gasped at the sight and immediately walked closer to you with a horrified expression.

“They didn´t check that at the office?”

His voice had gone an octave higher than normal and suddenly it was as if he had completely forgotten about the previous conversation, running to the bathroom and pulling a first aid kid out of a random drawer. All the muscles of your body relaxed when he carefully placed you on the bed, thanking the feeling of finally laying onto something solid. Melting at his touch as he caressed your arm with his free hand, the other one already searching inside the small white box, you got lost in his features again. With the concentration that had took over his body he didn´t notice your eyes were fixated in the way he was biting his lips or the adorable sight of his eyes wrinkling in an attempt to see with clarity. You didn´t even flinch when he confused the hydrogen peroxide with a bottle of alcohol and had almost pressed the pad soaked in it against your skin. You didn´t care because there was something much more fascinating happening right in front of your eyes. It was him showing that he cared for you. He could be healing you out of compassion, but there was certain tenderness in the way his hands were moving that had never been there before, mindful of not pressing too hard, and the way his veins were suddenly inflated by the effort he was making told you otherwise. There was something about the procedure that felt intimate, much more than any possible form of physical contact. Whatever had happened between him and your future self, maybe he didn´t deserve it. “Please don´t make the same mistakes that I did” But how could someone like him be a mistake? You reached for his head and ran your hand through the strands of hair, something you hadn´t known you desired to do until it was happening. Your voice came out as a whisper, feelings you didn´t recognize escaping with it.

“Jungkook. What do you want?”

Both your ears and mind made you aware of how silence had crept in between the words of your sentence, and you wondered if he had misunderstood you. Your wound now healed and secured with a bandage, he slowly lifted his head and stared at you with doe eyes. Your hand found his cheek and you caressed it softly. Watching him back to being perennially mute your hands doubted for a second before moving to their final destination, his lips, taking their time on the bottom one as an incitement for him to answer.

“I-I don´t know what you mean”

For the way feelings were wrapping and shrouding your insides his justification had been too poor given that he did know what you meant.

“I can sense you want to say something. Something you´ve been thinking about for a long time”          

For a moment you felt scared that you were pushing too much, robbing him of strength he already lacked or wresting thoughts of his own. For all that you knew he was always looking for the meaning of all things, for them to have double meanings, multiple of them. But, sometimes, as you did, things didn´t have any.

“Everything is simpler than you think. Actually, we´re not that different from each other. When I was scared, you appeared on my mind. I thought about you because loneliness made me panic, and I can tell you´ve felt that way too at some point in your life, even though I don´t know you that much”

For the first time ever your eyes witnessed the process of a smile appearing on his face. It was one of those that people reserve for self-defense moments in which someone destroys all of your emotional patterns. It eventually transformed into a giggle that brightened his whole face, hiding the irony behind the bittersweet gesture. Something in both your bodies was weptning, threatening, demanding the pair of you to come closer and he finally gave in, laying next to you in a position where even the slightest move from any of your limbs would establish physical contact. It altered you, the way he was crossing all your surroundings without you becoming not even slightly alarmed.

“You´ve been baring with me for ten years, and you still don´t know me?”

For twenty consecutive and slow seconds different answers were discussed in your mind. You tried to speak for your future self, this time turning to face him to see his reaction. There was something infinitely captivating about reading his body language, the way he tried to hide everything that could give away too much of his feelings.

“It feels like I don´t know you”

His adam’s apple moved as he swallowed and you thought he was debating whether to look at you or not when he suddenly pulled you in for what looked like a hug. You learned that was how it always began: he needed to grab onto something before expressing his emotions. Your head met the curve of his neck and you found comfort in discovering that your breaths were going at the same pace.

“A fresh start. That´s what I want. We´ve been making absolutely no sense lately, and it´s driving me crazy”

You knew it wasn´t enough for your twenty seven year old self, but she herself had said it, she was gone. You also wanted a fresh start; completely separately from her although Jungkook linked the two of you in what looked like an unbreakable bond. What possible good for their cause, or for yourself personally, could you hope from for such a bizarre situation, when it was clear that he had hurt her and not you? It was difficult to act aggrieved when you didn´t have any reasons to. Stretching your body like a kitten you rolled over and positioned yourself on top of him, cupping his face between your hands. A sudden urge to kiss him tickled your lips, provoking and rebelling against the lack of action. There it was again, the teenage spirit that never thought about the consequences and only about the fun.

“Then we´ll start at the beginning. Let´s go on a date”

Getting to know Jungkook was like discovering America: your first thought about him being a boring man had been replaced by the discovery of his abilities that were, in fact, what you were looking for. Well, it´s not like you had been looking for men, but he was that kind of person to hide his great personality until finding someone that slowly pulled out bits of it. And you were that person, already having assumed that it was your job to get the best out of him. Preparing for a date and taking part in each other´s processes was way better than any factor surprise that could happen by doing it separately. He had accepted to paint your nails and after having a blast doing it you had found him almost begging you to open his eyes to the cosmetic world. It was truly amazing how someone as intelligent as him had found a hair curler fascinating and panicked at the thought of the possibility of burnt hair. You had also played a game in which you had chosen each other´s clothes and you had been surprised to see the navy blue dress again discovering that the way you had rejected it had truly pissed him off. He had been thoughtful enough to bring you some converse instead of uncomfortable high heels, although you would´ve had refused to wear them anyway. The ride to the restaurant had been pretty calmed: you had pulled out one of his abandoned CDs and he hadn´t even protested when you had coaxed him to sing a little, discovering he actually had a very pleasant singing voice. Now sitting at the table with a menu between your hands, you knew you didn´t need much more to feel happy. Maybe some food, though. You had chosen a sushi bar over anything that, literally quoting Jungkook, could “ruin the weirdly good mood you were in”. At least he didn´t have any problems acknowledging your love for raw fish.

“Where did you spend the night?”

You had just ordered your food and you were already darting questions at him. It had become your favorite hobby. His reactions were always priceless.

“I found a cheap motel”

You frowned at the information, as it was not something you wouldn´t have done. You would´ve called a friend, your grandma, someone close to you and you wondered if Jungkook had people like that in his life.

“I´m sorry you had to. At least you didn´t go to a strip club to liberate tension”

He choked on his drink and after coughing a few times he stared at you with wide eyes.

“Can we talk about something else, please?”

You smiled to yourself knowing you had intimidated him already.

“Sure. Tell me what your first impression of me was”

Once again you made him blush, blood rapidly running and dancing under the soft skin his cheeks were made of. You mentally took notes about it; blushing was definitely one of his weak points, your constant questions he was too afraid to answer causing it.

“Well. I thought you were very pretty”

You pulled your lip between your teeth trying to extinguish a laugh as a waiter left the food you had ordered on the table. Sitting there and thinking about it you were actually flustered at the simplicity of his words and immediately reprimanded yourself for it. Any boy could tell you were “pretty”. You needed something else.

“Yeah, but that´s not what I mean. What did you think about me as a person?”

His chopsticks reached for one of the uramakis on his plate and he muffled the next words.

“I thought you were too much”

His honesty caught you off guard and you cocked an eyebrow while taking a sip of your soda. The bunny smile that had invaded his face at your reaction failed to keep a single one of the intentions he had of being formal around you, if there were any left after having done your manicure and makeup for the night.

“Let me explain. I thought you were too much for me. I was fascinated by your complexity and thought that I couldn´t handle someone like you. Guess I wasn´t completely wrong”

The air tensed a bit and you also started eating your now crusty sushi so that you didn´t have to immediately answer. Should you be offended? It hadn´t sounded offensive, but it had felt offensive. He wasn´t implying that he had to take care of you and you didn´t feel like second-guessing. Chocking on a piece of salmon suddenly everything around you got blurry and arbitrary images started displaying in front of you, mere inches away from your sight. You dropped your chopsticks, immerse in the memories you were reliving, yet living, for the first time.

The day you met Jungkook started as one of the worst days of your life. When you had agreed to help your dad with the scholarship files organization you hadn´t expected to be running up and down the building all day like a stressed secretary. Apparently everyone was too busy minding their own business to step aside or hold a door when they saw you with a bunch of files occupying both of your hands, which had caused you to trip several times and be the aim of some laughs and stares. It was also snowing and by the time you had walked across the campus back to your dad´s office the tip of your nose was completely reddened and your baby hairs were shooting in every direction making you look like a damp cactus. It was not your aspect that worried you though, but the exam you were carrying under your arm with a big red “f” written on it. In order to be able to matriculate in all the art subjects you first had to pass a test that included some math and chemistry questions. They were your worst enemies, the devil subjectified, personified in information that didn´t want to set in your head. All of that together and also the fact that you were terribly skilled when it came to anything science related. So when you had dusted off all the snowflakes that had landed on reachable places of your body on the entrance of your dad´s office you limited your actions to holding the paper in front of his face while looking away to avoid staring at his amused expression that you had already caught a glimpse of.

“Failing again young lady?”

Rolling your eyes you got rid of your red coat and smoothed your tight denim skirt. You plopped on one of the chairs next to the tea table and crossed your arms in astonishment. It would be ten times better if he punished you or anything of that caliber rather than having him laughing at your inabilities.

“I swear I studied. It´s not me, it´s them”

Your father leaned on his desk and smirked at you with the face he made when he knew he was irritating you. And he also knew that the gesture itself only annoyed you more, which sometimes left you wondering if he enjoyed teasing you more than he should.

“I might have found the solution for your troubled relationship”

The solution. You already had tried all the methods possible. Except he was implying that one thing, in which case he better run, there wasn´t anything else left.

“What do you mean? Please don´t tell me I need extracurricular classes”

It was the last thing you wanted. You barely had time in the afternoon for your paintings and you didn´t want the small amount of time you spent in the sanctuary of your room to be replaced by extra tedious hours of calculus and formulas.

“Even better than that. You´ll have a tutor”

A tutor? Weren´t you too old to have one of those? Your mouth opened thinking about the best way to protest against it.

“No way. Is it one of your students? They always look at me thinking they are superior or something. I mean, maybe they are studying to save the economy of the country but I can freaking replicate The birth of Venus in five hours…”


Your father didn´t use anything other than “young lady” unless the situation required it, and your next words came out much quieter.


You observed him as he got up, he´s hands on each of your shoulders to turn you around like a puppet.

“He´s right here”

You were met with the sight of a boy that seemed, and you were sure he also was by now, scared by your altered attitude and that was probably feeling very out of place at that moment.


That´s all you were able to mutter, smoothing your skirt for the second time since you had arrived. Your dad gave you a reassurance gesture while grabbing his briefcase.

“Well, I´ll let you guys get to know each other. And please help her revise that exam. You´re in good hands Y/n, he´s an excellent student. I have class now. See you later”

Desperately holding onto the last bits of his presence you followed his body until it was completely out of sight. Still not wanting to face the boy again you closed the door for extra time and finally sat next to him, not having any other choice.

“Hi, I´m Y/n. I´m sorry you had to see all of that”

As soon as you noticed that he was blushing and that he was having trouble looking at you your body relaxed a bit. The upshot was that he didn´t say anything and you stood around expectantly, without a common will or clear purpose other than causing a proper first impression.

“Hey, I might come off as a bit intimidating but I don´t bite”

You started getting your books out of your backpack and he finally directed his brown eyes towards you.

“I´m Jungkook. I might not save the economy of the country, as you think. I just want to be the CEO of the company my family owns someday. Actually, replicating The birth of Venus is much more impressive”

“Are you listening?”

Your arm was frozen in place in the middle of taking your glass to your mouth and you immediately returned your attention to completing the action. If you were going to have flashbacks all of a sudden without previous warning you sure wanted to have a drink near you.

“Yes. So let´s say it was my bad temper that I accidentally showed you first”

He had finished half of his food already and you quickly grabbed your chopsticks again to continue devouring your meal, and also to have an excuse for not doing the talk.

“After a week of tutoring we made out on your dad´s desk. I remember telling my friends about it”

It was the most chilled thing that had come out of his mouth in your presence and you wanted to hear more about it. Privately you became happier and happier for the flashback, which evidently allowed you to know about things you had lived with him and contrary to your previous thoughts you wished they wouldn´t stop if they were going to consist of you and him making out on a piece of furniture.

“You bragged about kissing me?”

The strategy of putting food in your mouth as soon as you ended talking was working wonders, or maybe he was too flustered by the memory by now to stop talking about it.

“It wasn´t like that exactly. At the time a lot of them wanted to date you. Being able to be your tutor was like winning the lottery. But as soon as I explained you the two things you were confused about you passed the exam and it was all over. I didn´t want to go back to the torture of watching you from afar in the only class we had together, but I didn´t know how to approach you after what had happened. It was your dad who told me to ask you out, actually”

So far, all that you remembered about your father was that he was quite an eccentric man so even if the information didn´t surprise you that much you still acted like so, just in case.

“Was he?”

As soon as he had swallowed whatever he was chewing, he proceeded to speak again. It was weird to see him give away information so easily, and you constantly needed to remind yourself that they were your memories too and that he wasn´t telling you anything you didn´t know already.

“Yes. I guess he saw right through me. I really wanted to see you again after that. Once I had had a glimpse of how you truly were like it was as if I couldn´t get enough from you”

His words made a warm feeling appear on your chest and you hesitated whether to label it as something bad or good.

“Why? Did you feel like you owed me because we had kissed?

Humor and relaxation seemed to be alien to him, and even though he was progressing, he still found it difficult to talk to you with his so proclaimed work like confidence.

“No. Absolutely not. I just… I guess you had a very big impact on me at the time”

All of a sudden your dark eyes turned into a squint trying to see if what you had thought were tears in the corners of his eyes were still there, but he looked away towards the window and you blamed your imagination. It had started to rain, washing out not only the streets but also the air between the two of you as if it wanted to prepare you for what was going to happen next.

“I see”

There was a silence, but it wasn´t uncomfortable even if neither of you were looking at each other. Distant conversations and the sound of plates being washed were everything your ears were paying attention to in that moment. It was alluring to know that Jungkook had been interested in you even before meeting you, even if it was just physically.

“And what about me?”

You had also consumed all your food by now, having no excuses to make pauses before speaking. The question had been made with indecisiveness, and you could tell that whatever it was that you were going to answer really intrigued him.

“What about you?”

You wanted to tease him a bit, see where all of this was going.

“What did you think about me?”

Well, your first thought about him hadn´t been very pleasant. And yet, even if you would´ve never imagined to be with someone like him, there remained enough emotion exploding in your chest and you had to admit that you really were starting to like him. And if that was happening, you didn´t want to offend him.

“Apparently I thought you were adorably shy. And interesting”

It wasn´t a lie, you were thinking those things right then and there.

“And do you still think the same?”

His strong brown hair fell over his forehead as he crossed his hands on the table, his gaze not moving from them even when you reached to touch them.

“Of course. Why wouldn´t I?”

You didn´t know why he had asked such a question.

“Well, I don´t know. I-I´ve hurt you. I don´t want you to think I´m a bad man”

If only he knew, you weren´t the same woman as yesterday. You ran your thumb over his palm, trying to offer the comfort that he seemed to need.

“Jungkook, I would never…”

But suddenly, images started to run through your head again. This time the visual material was minimal and it was voices that you were hearing. But most importantly, your feelings had been replaced with something very painful you had never experienced before. It was the image of utter surrender, defeat, helplessness and despair.

“I don´t even have time for you. But you are here all the time. I´m sure you are the one sleeping around while I work”

Jungkook´s voice echoed in your head for a while, and the only thing that was clear in your head was that you wanted; you needed, to suddenly run away.

“Are you okay?”

You had gotten up, his body mirroring each of your actions and covering yours trying to hide your sudden actions from all the curious stares. But what you had just experienced had made you understand, that you should´ve have listened. For a moment, you had thought that he was a bad man after all. Even him seemed to know that about himself.

“D-don´t touch me”

The expression you saw on his face denoted just as much pain as you were feeling, but you didn´t care. Without looking back you walked towards the exit, not even bothering to grab your jacket or your purse. The cold rain that welcomed you didn´t startled you, your skin not giving any signals of wanting to be covered. You looked through the window, his blurred figure against the wall not meaning anything to you anymore. You wondered if you were also a blurry image, something trapped in between Jungkook and your future self that didn´t even make sense. Now you knew that he had said some terrible things, and although you only had one side of the story you had clearly felt the way it had affected you. It was difficult, trying to separate what you were starting to feel for Jungkook and what you had felt, and the only thing you knew is that you wanted to be alone. Near you there was a park and you sat in one of the swings but didn´t bother to move back and forward, the effort that would be needed for that being too much for your weak body. As the minutes passed your little sobs started to be provoked by the cold and not by you constantly trying to fight back the tears. Conscious of the furious trembling of your legs you thought that the best option was to go back to the restaurant, see if he was still there and then you could lock yourself in the bedroom while he watched TV, completely separated but still near.

“Why do I keep confusing my emotions with hers? W-we are d-different people”

“Talking to yourself, huh? Don´t worry, I won´t judge. We all do it”

A chill went down your spine, maybe because of the cold or maybe because how things had turned out the last time you had talked to a stranger. Despite all of that, you still lifted your eyes to see a tall lean boy smiling at you. You got off the swing, suddenly feeling like a little girl, too exposed in your tiny dress.

“I-I wasn´t t-talking to myself”

He took a step towards you, deliberately taking off his jacket and placing it over your shoulders. You internally thanked him for the gesture, but you still remained cautious. A barely audible murmur of cars passing by made you aware of how lonely the area you had unconsciously walked to was.

“It sounded a fair lot like you were. But as I´ve told you, it´s nothing to be ashamed of. I´m J-hope, by the way”

You nodded and bit your lip trying to control the trembling that had moved from your legs to your mouth. His name definitely rang a bell, but you couldn´t recall from where.

“I´m Y/N”

Out of all the presentations of yourself you had done in your life, so far this had been the crappiest. Nausea welled up in your throat and you felt your eyes dimming, probably because of the cold. You had always been very sensitive to it.

“That´s a very pretty name. Well, Y/n, what is a girl like you doing out here in the cold? Do you have somewhere to be?”

Somewhere to be. That was the question. Where had something like you, an extension of a foreign mind had to be? It was the first time you questioned the validation of your reality, and you came to the conclusion of it not making any sense. You were a person too, and you could decide for yourself.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend. I-I don´t know if I should go back to the apartment because he´ll probably be there”

You met his eyes for the first time, and you found them inviting and adorably mischievous.

“Ah, love. Such a complicated thing to deal with. Luckily for you, I know a place where you can forget about it”

You smiled at him politely. It seemed as if all the warnings your body was sending about him weren´t immune to your desire for sudden, startling changes.

“How do I know you are not a creep that wants to cut me in half and share parts of my body in a meal with your cult?”

He chuckled and coked one of his eyebrows in amusement, a smile appearing on his face.

“Well, if that was my purpose you wouldn´t be standing here anymore. Plus, I´m a vegetarian”

You looked around and, in lack of a better option; you decided to take a chance.

“Okay, you can take me to that place of yours”

J-hope turned out to be a great guy and in the bare thirty minutes you had spent together he had made you laugh more times that you could count with your fingers. He had told you he was a dancer and that he often travelled due to his job at a famous circus. He even did a handstand in the middle of the street and showed you several videos of his performances while you were in the bus. The place he had told you about was in the suburbs, a very high building that had never been finished and that stood proud among the debris surrounding it. He had explained that he and his colleagues often went there as it was a great place to do parkour and practice many type of acrobatic techniques, and that the other day he had reached the top floor discovering that from that high there was a great view of the city. Being as clumsy as you were, super passing the security around the building had been difficult, but he had helped you through all of it. You had closed your eyes when you had looked down the window of the eighth floor, a bit of dizziness taking over you, but when you had reached the top your mouth had fallen open. As you were picturing it, you were surrounded by darkness and in the distance flashy tiny lights stood out in contrast with the background. It reminded you of Vincent´s Van Gogh starry night, a scenario you had always pictured when you were a kid and afraid of the dark while trying to sleep.

“Breathtaking, isn´t it?”

You smiled at him and continued observing the landscape, too fascinated to say anything. The vastness around you made you feel insignificant. After moving around behind you for a while he pulled to blankets out of a box and offered the biggest one to you, which you gratefully wrapped around yourself.

“We come here so often we´ve already brought some stuff we use regularly”

You felt yourself tormented by the gnawing realization that you would never be able to have such a place like this by your own, somewhere to go when you seeked solitude. You were standing near the edge, something that just added suspense to the already thrilling sensation of having run away with a complete stranger. The cold wind was attacking your face, the only part of your body that wasn´t covered.

“So, what happened with your boyfriend?”

You sighed, too tired to speak, but you still made an effort. In a very short period of time, Jungkook had become very important for you. But you didn´t know if it had been because the situation required it or because you wanted it. You didn´t even know if it was too soon to speak about him being important for you.

“I don´t really know. None of us know what we feel for each other, I guess”

Even though the view was amazing, he was looking at you, and you told yourself it was because he could always come back to see the night sky even if by now he had done it enough times to get too used to it.

“Feelings are complicated. But there are things that are always stable. I always come here with the certainty that the sky will be dark and the lights will be shining”

His words calmed you, but as always, you had to question things.

“What if one day they turn them off?”

It was a possibility. What if one day there was an electric storm, and all the lights in the city went down at the same time? You were sure it had already happened.

“Well, in that case, I can always lay down and look at the stars”

That was true. The stars would be there at least for as long as you lived, and you knew that with that your curiosity was satisfied.

“You sound so metaphoric”

“Well, if you want me to simplify it, your boyfriend is missing out if he doesn´t know what he feels about you”

You darted your eyes towards the sky while smiling and something in your peripheral vision caught your attention. It was a sign that clearly said that the building´s condition wasn´t good.

“Isn´t it illegal to be up here?”

He smirked, as if he was sure you´d ask the question and had prepared the gesture specifically for it.

“It is. But no one ever comes here. Unless someone is explicitly looking for you…shit”

Your eyes shot in his direction, concerned about what had made him cursed.

“What is it?”

But you didn´t need an answer the minute you saw the red and blue lights projecting against the sky. A male voice, with the help of a megaphone, made a message arrive to your ears. For the second time in a day, you were going to spend a few hours at the police station.

“Miss Y/n. Please come down. We won´t try to hurt you. Jumping isn´t an option either. And for now, you are under temporary arrest”

As you looked at the same watercolor painting you had been staring at that morning you wondered how your perception of art was malleable depending in your mood. To you what you had found pleasant hours ago only irritated you, thinking about how the color didn´t match and the pattern didn´t make sense. Apart from that, the attitude you were showing was much more relaxed. You had thanked J-hope for everything and he had insisted it was okay; even offering to get arrested as well as it had been him who had got you into the mess. You had told him to just go the other way so that the officers wouldn´t see him, and as you had stared at his retreating figure you had also wondered if you´d ever see him again. With your head down, you had almost gone blind by the amount of lights pointed towards you while walking towards the cops’ car, apparently a lot of people being alarmed by your intrusion in the building. In the police station, you had found out it had been Jungkook who had called, incredibly worried as he couldn´t find you anywhere. In keeping with the tradition of your now regular visits to the commissary, they had interrogated you. Except for the fact that you had lied to cover J-hope, it had been as useless for your credibility as the one from earlier. Now, alone in a cold room, you didn´t want to feel like feeling any particular emotion. Not even when Jungkook entered the room accompanied by one of the inspectors did your heart race a little.

“We´ve done various tests on her. There´s no alcohol, no drugs, no strange elements in her blood”

You hated it. You hated that they were talking about you as if you weren´t there. It was a signal about your right to express yourself being reduced.

“That´s a relief”

Was it? For who? For him or for his record?

“Just do as I´ve told you. Our secretary will give you all the documents”

With that Jungkook had approached you, not even bothering to look at you at gesturing with his head for you to follow him as if you were a puppy that needed training. The ride to the apartment was silent, and so was the shower he obeyed you to take and the time that passed while you ate the dinner he had prepared on a rush. Apparently it was his way of being angry, not talking to you, until he shoved a paper in your face.

“You know what this means, right?”

Truth be told, you didn´t, but if you expressed it out loud he´d just be more irriated so you remained silent.

“I can now officially say that I have to take care of you. Legally. For the second time in our lives, I´ll be your tutor”

You quite didn´t understand what he had said, or maybe you just didn´t want to.

“Let me see that”

“By legal and medical action you, Jeon Jungkook, are obeyed to keep an eye on Miss Y/n/L/n until she receives proper treatment for her psychological problems”

“The fuck is this?”

You left the paper back in the table, even though you wanted to tear it in half. Psychological problems. You were a bit disorientated in life but, psychological problems? Really?

“Y/n. We take care of each other. I don´t mind it. But gosh, you scared the hell out of me. Why were you going to jump?”

Summoning all your wits, you tried to be resolute, now aware of what he thought you had climbed up there for. You didn´t want to tell him about J-hope, but you weren´t going to lie to him either

“I wasn´t going to jump”

You tried sounding as convincing as possible.

“Good. Because I wouldn´t be able to handle that. Now come here. They´ve told me you need rest. And I want to show you something”

You both walked towards the bed, white covers as if they were made of light themselves covering your body while you waited for him to join. He was looking for something and when he finally turned to face you he offered you three pieces of paper: two tickets and a pamphlet.

“What are they?”

Sighing, he tucked you in even more and left the papers on the nightstand after you had cluelesslly observed them for a while.

“I was planning to tell you at the restaurant, but you ran away. We are going on vacation”


He turned off the light, and now that you were surrounded by darkness you felt like you could speak to him more effortlessly.

“I thought you were mad”

You heard him move, and you wondered if he was facing you or giving you his back.

“I´m never mad at you, even if it looks like I am”

He was never mad at you. Maybe you were the bad woman and he was the good man, or maybe you switched roles from time to time like every human being does at some point. Overwhelmed by all the emotions of the day, all you wanted to do was sleep. Even though you still felt reluctant, you reached for his hand and held it tight. After all, he was all that you had.

Christmas Shadows

Fifth Imagine of the 12 Days of Christmas! Next is Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton.

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Summary: Christmas is a horrible time for Enoch and nobody knew why until Enoch told the reader why. 

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1747 words

Published Date: December 18, 2016

Warnings: kissing scene,

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, (f/f)- Favorite Flavor, (h/l)- Hair Length, (h/c)- Hair Color

‘The Sweetest moments of the season are the times we share.’

- Unknown

Masterlist Request

“I don’t know where he went, (y/n). He just sort of disappeared after I tried to give him a present.” Olive told the girl before shrugging, “He’s always liked this around this time of year. I’ve asked him once before, but all he did was blow up in my face. So try not to ask him if you find him.” (y/n) sigh as the girl patted her back before leaving her alone in Enoch’s bedroom. She has been looking for her boyfriend all day long and yet there was no trace of where he could be. Apparently Miss Peregrine knows where he was, but she wouldn’t say. Wanting to find out what is happening with Enoch, she continued her search. 

So she started to look in the places that won’t seem likely of where he’ll go hide. She had already checked the other places that were obvious like; his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, dining room, other children’s rooms. The place that seem very unlikely of where he would go would be outside. Quickly, she ran down the stairs and ran out the door excitedly. Her head was so focused on finding Enoch that she didn’t notice the soccer ball flying at her. When she did though, she yelp and fell to the ground on all fours. She looked up to see Hugh and Millard playing soccer and now they both were looking down at her. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Hugh asked, a few bees flying out of his mouth. She nodded as she stood back up, brushing the grass off her dress before looking around the area. 

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Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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Suit and Bow Part 4 (Rafe x Reader)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Originally posted by danawards

You were currently seated beside Rafe in his luxurious sports car, riding to the charity event. The man to your left had called yesterday to tell you when he would pick you up and to say that you had been nervous the whole day would be an understatement; you couldn’t recall the last time you were this hyperactive about attending an event but you didn’t want him to look bad just because he turned up with you. Anxiousness was also really prominent in your guts. How would the people there treat you knowing you were way too low for their league? Would they even notice it? With the dress you were wearing you looked like owning a mansion and ten horses.

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anonymous asked:

Annabeth had started noticing that how much Nico smiled depended on how much Nico hung out with Will Solace.

Well - not exactly. If Annabeth had been the kind of jerk to put money on that sort of thing, she wouldn’t have bet on a road trip with Reyna, Hedge, and a giant statue of her mother being the thing that set Nico on the path to finding peace with himself.

And yet, here they were. Nico smiled now. He even, on occasion, laughed, although that was usually for the sole-purpose of freaking out younger Campers.

But there was something about the way the son of Hades looked when it came to Will Solace. Not in how much he smiled, precisely, but in how much he was aware of doing it. And Annabeth could tell that Nico was aware of how much he was doing it, because he was trying so hard not to.

“You,” a muffled voice announced around a mouthful of what was probably hamburger, “are such a creep.”

“Shut up, Percy.”

Her boyfriend grinned, nudging her shoulder with his. “I’m pretty sure this is stalking.”

“This is dinner. I’m just - looking.”

“Yeah, at Nico and his boyfriend and the weird thing he does with his face when he’s trying to pretend like the guy doesn’t send him over the moon.”

Annabeth paused with her fork halfway to her mouth, before dropping it back onto her plate in favour of staring at her own boyfriend. “How do you have no idea Nico has a crush on you for literally years, and then pick all of that up?”

Percy stared back at her. “They’ve been dating for ages though. Right? Look, he’s doing it again.”

They both glanced back over at the boys. Will was half out of his chair, telling some kind of story that clearly required a lot of arm movements. And Nico - Nico was sitting back, but that was more to avoid getting smacked in the face than to retreat into the shadows. The light from the torches around them flickered weirdly on his face, but it was impossible to miss the way the corner of his mouth ticked up. Or the way he was trying to maintain his cool death guy persona at the same time.

There was a lull in Will’s story, a break that lasted only long enough for him to throw a look back over his shoulder. Nico ducked his head, and when it came back up again, there was a small, reluctant grin on his face. Will’s answering smile was like the sun coming up, and he threw himself back into his story with renewed verve.

Annabeth punched Percy in the shoulder.

“Ow! What the heck was that for?”

Years, Percy Jackson. Years.”

She might have explained that it was for her stupid boyfriend’s stupid blind spot when it came to his own worth. That it was because Percy clearly could read people well enough to see when they were interested in people not him. 

But hitting him was more fun. And the rueful set to his face said he knew exactly what she meant, anyway.

Terrible Things Part 8

Author: @hogwartsismyhometoo

Word Count: 1,953

Read Part:  Read Part (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)


         I gasped and sat up straight in bed, holding my protruding belly with wide eyes. My heartbeat quickened, but I relaxed a little bit as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Maybe I’d imagined it. Maybe it had just been a dream. I’d had quite a few baby-related dreams in the about five months since Dean and I had gotten the news that we were going to be Mommy and Daddy. But this one felt different. This one felt real.

         And there it was again. Just a quick jolt, but unmistakably solid and there.

         “Dean,” I said in an urgent whisper so as not to wake up Sam in the next room over or alert Cas to the possibility that something was wrong. He’d already barged in during my morning sickness stage in a panic, which wasn’t exactly the way I’d planned on telling him. “Dean, wake up.” I shook his shoulder.

         That got his attention, and he jerked against the blankets with a startled jump and scrambled to sit up, looking up at me. “What? What is it, is something wrong?”

         “No, everything’s okay.” I grinned ear to ear at him in the darkness, taking his hand and gently guiding it to my stomach, rubbing my thumb over his wedding ring. “The baby’s kicking.”

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Promised To The Wrong One

Request: Hi army a request where kookie notice that his mom doesn’t seem to like his fiance but she like his brother fiance more so he get mad about her behavior towards her and not his fiance

Originally posted by sugutie

not my gif

Genre: surprise :)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1.586

“Don’t worry (Y/N), it’s gonna be fine. My mom is a wonderful person, she basically loves everyone”, Jungkook tried to encourage you. It didn’t really help your nerves though, as you knew that meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time was always a very special occasions. If you fail to impress his mother, that’s going to stay in her mind forever and you really didn’t want to mess up. 

Jungkook had told you multiple times how his mom loved his older brother’s fiancé  Hyerin, who wasn’t even half as charming as you, according to him. But you also knew how protective mother’s could get when it comes to their little sons. Jungkook was the younger one and had never brought a girl home where it was this serious. You were the first one, which put you under even more pressure.

“Jungkook, isn’t it a little too soon for me to meet your mother? I don’t even speak Korean that fluently yet, what if she asks me something and I don’t understand what she’s saying?”, you started panicking. 

He laughed and hugged you tight. “You really don’t have to worry (Y/N). You’re totally fine talking to me and everybody else, so you won’t have problems understanding my mother. You’re just nervous but you really don’t have to be. Plus you’re my fiancé now, you need to get to know my mother after all this time.”

He leaned down and pecked your lips, making you smile at him. 

“I swear, if I die because of this meetup, you’ll have to explain it to my parents and everyone that we invited to the wedding”, you laughed and followed him out the door, into the car.

You two arrived at his mother’s house and stepped out of the car. Jungkook looked over at you and saw a frightened look appear on your face. He made his way around the car towards you and firmly grabbed your shaking hand. Reassuring he looked down at you and squeezed it. 

“Let’s do this”, he smiled. You hesitantly nodded and let him drag you to the house. 

You two stepped in front of the door and were about to knock, when a small woman already opened the door and opened her arms widely. “Jungkookie! You’re finally here! Give your old mama a hug, will yah?”, she laughed and Jungkook grinned, letting go of your hand and hugging his mother tight.

“I missed you mom”, he mumbled into her hair, inhaling her motherly scent that made him feel so secure and she smiled. “I missed you too Jungkook, I haven’t seen you since your last break. Do you know what that does to a mother’s heart?”, she chuckled.

You looked at the scene and smiled. You had never seen Jungkook around his mother and seeing them so close made your heart flutter. Their relationship was so full of love and kindness even though they barely had the chance to see each other.

Jungkook turned around and wrapped one arm around his mother’s shoulder, a wide smile spreading on his face as he looked at you. 

“Mom, let me introduce you to my fiancé, (Y/N)”, he said and signaled you to come closer. You hesitantly stepped forward and bowed.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. Jeon. Jungkook talks highly about you”, you shyly introduced yourself and nervously started fiddling with your hands. “I’m really sorry that we couldn’t meet earlier.”

Mrs. Jeon furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Jungkook, not trying to hide her irritation. “I thought your girlfriend was Korean”, was all she said.

Your heart sank and your face flushed out of embarrassment. This was already starting awkward. Looking down, you let Jungkook talk rather than embarrass yourself more.

He chuckled. “No mom, I said that she speaks Korean, not that she is.”

“But she has an accent”, Mrs. Jeon commented, making you wish you could dissolve yourself into air so you wouldn’t have to feel so ashamed any longer. “Hyerin speaks perfect Korean and I don’t need to put in extra effort to understand her.”

That made Jungkook freeze. He did not expect that comment to slip out of his mother’s mouth. “Hyerin obviously speaks fluent Korean because she IS Korean. (Y/N) does have a little accent but that doesn’t matter. She speaks fluent Korean and understands everything that you say. You can talk to her and she will respond, just like any other Korean girl would. Just because she is a foreigner, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know anything about our language and culture”, he was getting upset, seeing his mother being so skeptical towards you. 

“Whatever”, Mrs Jeon sighed and gave you one last look that made you feel like you were the worst kind of human being she had ever seen. “Let’s just go inside and eat. You’re probably hungry, Jungkook.” 

She said, emphasizing his name.

Jungkook had watched you complimenting his mother’s food and cooking skills, decorating skills and praising for her good raising of two gentlemen. Yet, his mother barely said anything back or just gave you a look that made you shut up immediately. He didn’t know what to do as he had never seen his mother like that and knowing you, you were internally wishing to just go home by now and cuddle up into a blanket. 

He just didn’t understand why his mother would act so rude towards you. You had never done anything wrong and did your best not to seem upset by her behavior. 

“Mom, can I talk to you for a second?”, he asked his mother, giving her a stern look. She smiled at him and got up, motioning towards the kitchen.

They closed the door and that’s when Jungkook’s anger came out. “What do you think you’re doing?”, he asked her impatiently.

Mrs. Jeon looked back at him, full of confusion. “I don’t know what you mean, Jungkook.”

He rolled his eyes at her and let out a small growl of frustration. “Yes, you do. (Y/N) has done nothing to you but been nice. She did everything right, from respecting our cultural appropriate behavior to trying to hold a conversation with you. She is the nicest and most respectful girl I have ever met, and she showed it all today. Even though she was so nervous before coming here, scared that you might not like her, I told her that she didn’t need to worry. I said “don’t worry, my mom likes everyone. she even likes Hyerin” but apparently I was wrong. Because you only like everyone as long as their Asian, am I right?”, he huffed. Jungkook was furious. He didn’t think his own mother would have been so superficial to dislike his fiancé because of something so subtle as race.

His mother’s face dropped and she replied angrily: ”What is so wrong about wanting my son to date a nice Korean girl, huh? You deserve someone better than her. Someone who has been raised in this country and not only understands but feels our standards. (Y/N) may speak Korean fluently and know how to behave in my house but that doesn’t mean that she is the right person for you, Jungkook. You spend so much time with all those other female idols, why don’t you-”

“No”, Jungkook cut her off. “I never thought I’d say this but I don’t care about your opinion anymore okay? You are totally fine with me dating ANY other girl, as long as she’s Korean? That makes me sick, seriously. How can you think like that? I love (Y/N). I love her with all my heart. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. She understands me and deals with me even though I might be a really shitty fiancé sometimes. She doesn’t complain about me having to work so much, like all these other girls, YOU want me to date, would. Mom, you didn’t even give (Y/N) a fair chance. She went and still goes through so much to be with me and you treat her like she doesn’t deserve me, when I am the one who doesn’t deserve her.”

His mother stared at him, speechless. By now, Jungkook was a furious mess and he’d do anything to protect you. Even if it meant to act up against his own mother. He sincerely thought his mother would love you and appreciate you like he does. He never thought that this would happen.

“If you don’t want to talk to (Y/N) and treat her like a normal person, we’re leaving”, Jungkook stated coldly. 

Mrs. Jeon stayed quiet and only looked him dead in the eyes. He was about to turn around, when she spoke up. 

“Don’t you dare, to marry that girl, Jeon Jungkook. Why can’t you be more like your brother who brought Hyerin home?”, she cried out. 

He faced her and inhaled deeply, trying to calm himself down before he’d lose his temper. 

“If you marry (Y/N), I will not attend your wedding and you’re no longer welcomed in this house. Not until you find someone more appropriate as a wife for you”, his mother warned.

Jungkook laughed resentful. “I’m sorry that you can’t open your heart for such a wonderful person like (Y/N). I’m sorry that you still think that I can’t marry someone just because she is not Korean”, he paused and stared into his mother’s eyes. 

“I guess this is a goodbye then”, he said turning around and walking out of his mother’s life.

Where have you been??? (Fred Weasley Imagine)

About you:

You have been friends with Fred and George for a really long time. Ever since you became friends, you never missed one of their quidditch games because you love supporting your friends. Plus you are Ravenclaw!

“ Tomorrow is the day of the days my frieends! We are going to kick the asses of the Slytherins” Fred shouted excited. He can’t stand the Slytherin and always is the most excited one, when Griffendor has a match agains them. “ Yeah guys! You are going to rock that plus, we all know the Seeker of Slytherin is hella bad hahaha” Y/N said, George, Fred and Y/N don’t like Draco at all. He is always being selfish, violent and he is always being rude to Y/N because she her parents are no wizards. “ Lower your voice guys, you never know where he is hiding, I mean what if he is right around the corner? ” George said and pointed at the corner right in front of them. He is right, she thought, if Draco ever finds out how she was talking about him, he would definitely kill her without blinking with his eyes. She swallowed, she remebered the day, where he actually put a spell on her so she would vomit all day long. It was horrible, but still Fred and George were by her side. And after she felt better, they put purple hair colour into his shampoo and the next day, he had purple hair. He never knew who did that to him but that is something Y/N would never forget.

After the group of three split up because they has different courses, Y/N walked into her dorm room because the school day ended and she was really tired. Tomorrow was an important day of Fred and George because they really wanted to win against Slytherin.

The next day came way to fast and Y/N over slept and was running late. That’s why she missed breakfast and ran directly to her classes. The match would be after lunch break. Y/N was late to Snape classes and she knew she would get detention on saturday. During the period, Fred thought about Y/N, even though he knew, she was always kind of messy and running late often, he is a bit worried. Allthough it doesn’t seemed like that, he is the one who is most nervous before and during a match, thats the reason why he really needs Y/N calming face. Seeing her smiling while he is on the field, makes him calm down and feel more secure.

After Class Fred, George and the other team mates from Griffendor made they way to the Quidditch field to change their clothes and eat a bit. Like every other studen Y/N wanted to go there too, but Snape hold her back and said with an angry voice “ Do you know how often you are coming late miss? ” Y/N shoke her head “ No, I don’t know Sir” “In the last three weeks, it is the 11th time!” His voice was dangerous low and he looked into her eyes deeply, it was like he was looking right into her scared soul. “ I’m sorry Sir, I won’t be late anymore, I promise!” She answered. “ Since I know, it is not true, you are not going to go to the quidditch game today. This is your punishment and maybe you learn something out of it.” her mouth was open, no it can’t be! She tried to protest but he cut her of by saying “ Stay here and study for the test. Otherwise, Im going to Professor dumbledore and you will get expelled” He left with out saying good bye and Y/N was

alone in the classroom. She didn’t know what to do, so she stayed in the classroom and felt quilty for not going to see the game but also, she did not really had a choice. Meanwhile the game already began and Fred started to worry about y/n . While flying around on his broom he searched y/n but couldn’t find, because he wasn’t paying attention at all, he almost got kickes of his broom. “Have you seen y/n ?” He shouted to his twin brother bit he shocked his head. Fred began to worry even more now, she never missed a game, what if something happened to her? I can not play when she there is the possiblity of her, being in danger. So he decided to leave the game, even though the people looked at him angry and called him a loser, he just couldn’t play without knowimg y/n would be safe. So he ran down the hallways and shouted her name , not knowing where to look first. Y/n was running up and down in the classroom, she needed to watch the game! She needed to support Fred ans George! So she ran out of the classroom and ran into Fred. “Fred? What the hell are you doing here ?? ” she asked extremly confused Without answering her question he hugged her tighlty. “Woah, Fred what’s up? ” y/n asked and he answered in her hair “ I thought something happened to you because you weren’t at the game! ” She smiled into his cheast, he was worried about her and even left his important game and that maked her really happy . “ But i’m fine now Fred ” she said smiling. Hey guys😚 Finally a new imagine! Today my nee phone arrived so hopefully I will find the time to post some more content 💗 I hope you liked it 😊
Over Again: Chapter 7

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Freshman Year

They stumbled together down the cobblestone street, arms wrapped tightly around each other against the cold, damp night. Parker clung to Niall’s waist and smiled up at him as he relived the play by play of the national championship game. His eyes, illuminated by the streetlights they passed, shone bright, full of life and excitement. Despite the late hour, the college campus was full of students celebrating.

“Need to stop for a second, baby,” he said, leading her to the side of the science building.

Parker leaned against the brick wall, her head dropping back, and closed her eyes. Beside her, Niall opened his pants enough to do his business.

“What are you doing there?” a man’s voice sounded, startling Parker from her daze.

Niall fumbled with his fly as a flashlight was shone in his eyes before passing over to Parker.

“Miss, are you alright?” She blinked at him and smiled drunkenly.

“Yes, I’m fine. Niall just needed to take a leak.”

“So I saw. Son, do you know that’s illegal?”

“What? No, I was just…”

“Do you have your ID on you?”

“No,” he answered.

The campus police officer glared at him. “Name?”

Niall glared back. Fearing the worse, Parker interjected, “His name Is Niall Horan.”

She spelled it out for him as he wrote out the ticket. Tearing it off his pad, he thrust it at Niall.

“Littering? You can litter with urine?”

“Niall.” Parker placed her hands on his shoulder and leaned into his back. “It’s ok. Calm down.”

“Hell, if you’re going to write me a ticket, make it worth my while.”

“Niall,” she tried again.

“It’s your choice kid, it’s either this ticket with a small fine or community service and a court date for indecent exposure.” He looked at Parker, dismissing them with a jerk of his head. “Get him home.”

“Fuck,” Niall said as he pulled away from Parker. “Way to ruin a great night. This is so stupid”

She went to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head in his chest. His heart was beating fast and she breathed him in. “It’s okay, Niall,” she whispered, soothingly. “Tomorrow you’ll be laughing about this with Louis. Let’s go back to your room.”

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The Walk

“So, what do you say?”

Sonic shifted his feet nervously. All of a sudden, he had all this energy and he didn’t know what to do with it. Usually the answer would be run, but not today. Not right now.

“You… you want me to go on a walk with you.”

“Well, yeah. I wasn’t asking the plant pot if that’s what you were thinking.” Sonic grinned and nodded to the azalea plant on the table behind Amy.

He bashfully ran a hand through his spines. “I was thinking that it’s been a while since we hung out and I’d really like…” Sonic trailed off as a pair of emerald eyes caught his in a intense gaze and his words froze on his tongue.

‘I’d really like to spend some time alone with you. I would have gotten that out if you didn’t look at me like that and make me forget what I’m even here for.’

Sonic looked at her long enough to realise that she was studying him. He glanced away quickly, and  cleared his throat. “So, what do ya say?”

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#108 SHINee reaction to kissing you because of a dare the members gave them because they weren’t able to take their eyes of you at the bar/club. Requested by Anon.


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Onew is looking around the bar like usually, his eyes will wander around interested in who comes to this bar as well. The members and him sometimes go here when they felt like they needed a bit more bonding time again. Normally his focus will be back on the boys quite fast. However this time his eyes stayed glued on a group of women, specifically on you. After several minutes passed Key will snip his fingers in front of Onews face, forcing him out of his trance. ‘If you aren’t man enough to speak to her stop starring at her old man!’, Key will block the view Onew was enjoying with his hands. 'Who said I can’t talk to her?’, Onew will defend himself, but he will already sit back a bit taken aback. Key on the other hand will start to grin even wider, 'As if’ 'Dare me to do it if you don’t believe me!’, there was a rare rush running through Onews veins that he instantly regrets as he sees Key smirking widely before leaning in. 'As you wish: I dare you to kiss her right now’, the younger will whisper leaving Onew pale and unable to speak. Judging the reaction Key will already turn around to speak to the others again, as he doesn’t expect Onew to actually do it. The glasses on the table will rattle due to Onew accidentally hitting the table while standing up abruptly. Now all eyes are on him, yours too as it was really loud. Unsure if he should continue he will look around with a blush on his face, so he first bows apologetic towards everyone. When everyone settled down a bit again he will walk over to you nervously. 'Excuse me…’, he will quietly say and when you turn around he will smile slightly, 'I’m sorry’. Will be all he can say before leaning in to place a soft peek on your lips. Bright red he will bow towards you again, 'Your laugh is really pretty … would you like to … chat for a moment?’. When he hears your friends giggle he will blush again. 'Shouldn’t you ask that before kissing her?’ To that he won’t know what to say, but he will will smile a bit embarrassed, 'Guess I mixed the order around …’.


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'Is she that pretty?’, Taemin will turn around to look at who Jonghyun had starred at for the last fifteen minutes. 'Mh, the one with the ocean colored dress’, Jonghyun will grin widely as you are currently fixing your hair a little bit in order to look presentable. 'Looks like they are waiting for someone’, Taemin will note, before understanding what is going on, 'Man that is going to be a blind date!’ Jonghyun who had just taken a sip from his beer will choke, 'What? What makes you think that?’ 'Constantly fixing the hair, the nice dress, the finger tapping on the table and the guy that is just approaching’, he will point towards the scene. Sadly Taemin seems to be right, the awkward scene in front of them was hard to watch as you obviously didn’t seem too happy. 'Hyung?’, Taemin will still be watching the scene like a good movie. 'Mh?’ 'Let’s rescue her. I dare you to walk up to her and kiss her.’ 'That guy will hit me until I can’t breath anymore, look at his arms’, Jonghyun will shake his head in order to protect himself. 'So you duck out of your dare?’ Jonghyun hated himself in that moment for even doing this stupid dare game with the younger, 'No’. He stands up slowly, checking if his hair still looks presentable, before walking up to your table with the biggest and brightest smile he managed to show. 'Hello beautiful’, he will smile at you ignoring the guy on the other side of the table, 'Long time no see. You told me you’d call me again’. Even though he was shaking on the inside he will lean forward to place a firm kiss onto your lips. With you being to shocked to move the kiss will go on for a few more seconds before he finally breaks it. A slight blush on his face. 'How I missed those cherry lips’, he will smile before looking over to the guy apologetic, 'This wasn’t planned, but I guess her and I need to speak about a few more things in order to sort out our current relationship. Would you be so kind to leave?’. He will leave and once he was out of sight he will look at you again, 'Sorry. It was painful to watch …’. He will hold out his hand to shake yours, 'Want to sit with us for a while? I need to give that idiot over there a dare that will make his head spin and I would like you to help me with coming up with one’. Now less nervous he will show you a beautiful smile holding out his hand for you to stand up.


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Key and Minho where out alone to celebrate the ending of one of Minhos recent dramas. He only had a minor role in it, but it was enough to get those two out to spent some time together. Most of the times that they go out together, Key will feel attracted to a bunch of people, judging them plainly based on their looks he will make Minho look at each and everyone of them. Mostly pointing out the piece of cloth or the structure of their faces that he likes, but none of them are able to hold his interest up for more then a few minutes. So when Minho notices that Key had been starring into one corner of the room for a while now he will try to turn around and look, but Keys hand grabs his shirt by the collar, 'Don’t turn around. She might notice…’. 'Who might notice?’ 'There is a women sitting at the bar and she is … super fashionable and pretty’ Minho will start to laugh, loosening the grip of Keys hand from his shirt, 'Now I am even more interested in turning around’ 'You can’t’ Lifting his hands in order to signal surrender to Key Minho will sit back in his armchair. 'Go kiss her’ 'Yes right?’, Key won’t even have heard what Minho had said, but when Key notices that Minho isn’t answering anymore he will look at him confused, 'What?’. 'You said yes, what are you waiting for?’ 'Eh?’, Key will now be a bit confused, his hands already started sweating, just what had he agreed to right now. 'I told you to kiss her and you said yes.’, Minho clearly enjoyed seeing his normally articulated and sassy friend struggling. 'I can’t do that …’, Key will hide the embarrassed smile that had appeared on his face just because of the thought of actually kissing you. 'What happened to your confidence? Did you throw it out?’, Minho will continue teasing until Key coudn’t take it anymore. 'FINE!’, he will hiss at Minho, but as soon as he stood again he felt nervous again. He will slowly make his way over to you, staying mute even when you say hello and ask if you can help him anyway. He will nod slowly, hiding his smile again behind his hand before quickly leaning in to kiss you fast. After the kiss both of you are just starring at the other in shock. A deep red blush forming on your cheeks, similar to his. 'I guess … no .. what?’, you will be super confused to which he will laugh out embarrassed. 'I … Scared you right? Sorry’


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'Why should I kiss her?’, Minho will ask his members dumbfounded. 'You stare at her the whole time’, Taemin will state. Onew will nod, 'It’s almost cute~’. Key will snicker at the other end of the table, 'It is cute!’. His last chance, Jonghyun, was just shrugging his shoulders, 'They are right’. Shaking his head Minho will drink a big gulp from his beer, 'I can’t just go around kissing girls. That is sexual harassment guys’. Key will pout, 'It’s not like you are the only one starring … whenever you are not looking she is. Just man up, kiss her and ask her to go on a date with you. But don’t be so uptight like normally…’. Minho will shake his head again, 'I am not uptight Kibum’. At that all four started to snicker more or less quietly. 'What?’ 'You are really uptight when it comes to asking girls out Minho. Your flaming charisma is always on low flame when it comes to stuff like this.’, Key will flick his tough teasingly at him. 'For real Key I am not uptight!’, by now it started gnaw on his self confidence. 'Prove it then’, is all Key will simply state. 'Fine…’, Minho will shortly  clench his fist before loosening it and pointing at Key, 'The drinks of the whole evening are on you if I do it and we will drink a lot’. Not thinking that he will actually do it Key will nod, 'Deal, but you have to kiss her first before asking for her number’ 'Deal’. Pushing the thought of being nervous at the back of his mind Minho will stand up, straightening his back before walking towards you somehow looking quite confident. He had almost said hello first wanting to follow the natural way of approaching someone, which is why you by now noticed that something was up. Unsure how to do it he will smile at you shortly before just going for it, leaning in at a constant speed until your lips touch gently. The softness takes both of you by surprise as you jump back a bit, your fingers touching your own lips confused and him blushing with a nervous grin on his face. 'Hey … would …’, he will stop for a second noticing that he indeed is not good at his, 'Firstly I am sorry and secondly, now that I already embarrassed me in front of you. Would you be interested in going on a date with me? My lips would stay with me of course … unless you ask for them’. He won’t notice how strange it sounds until he hears the loud laughter of his members in the background and you slightly snickering as well. 'Sorry’, he will now scratch the back of his head even more embarrassed.


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Jonghyun had taken Taemin out a club to release a bit of the tension that had built up over the course of the preparation of the new album. Both of them had worked so hard on their comebacks as solo artists that a bit of fun was overdue. Taemin really enjoyed the feeling of music as his body knew how to move to it instinctively. However suddenly Taemins movements will turn a lot less freely. He even started to tense up a little bit, his movements so slow that it looked really weird with the high pace bass playing in the background. Jonghyun will lean in to almost shout into Taemins ear, 'Whats wrong?’. Taemin will discreetly point in your direction, 'Her movements are mesmerizing’. Hearing that will make Jonghyun grin from ear to ear, 'Really? Go talk to her then’. 'No, … I just watch her a while longer’, Taemin will smile at Jonghyun happily, starting to dance again, but his movements still looked so weird. 'Remember that you still owe me for the song I gave you?’, Jonghyun will slow down Taemin again who will nod confused. 'Yeah, why?’ 'I dare you to kiss that pretty dancer girl over there. If you do that we’re even’, he will wiggle his eyebrows happily at his own idea. Instantly Taemin will turn really shy, holding onto Jonghyuns arm for a bit of support, 'Do you really want me to do this?’. His hand will be firmly gripped and taken away from Jonghyuns arm, 'Yes. Now go or she is gone’. He will push Taemin into your direction with a strong push against Taemins back, leaving Taemin struggling to keep in balance. When he finally finds his balance again you already stopped dancing, interested in why he was jumping around so strangely to gain back his balance. 'Hi’, Taemin will wave at you really tense causing you to smile at him breathtakingly. Seeing your smile he will gather up every piece of courage he has in his body to quickly place a peek on your lips, but already in the motion of moving back he will turn to a really deep bow, 'I am so sorry … My hyung told me to kiss you, because ….’. He will shut up fast to avoid sounding strange. 'Because?’, you will ask tilting your head to one side enjoying his shy behavior. 'I thought your dancing is mesmerizing…’, he will answer truthfully. 'Want to dance with me then?’ He won’t believe his ears when you ask him, but his body is faster at answering then his own brain by nodding slowly, 'I’d love to…’

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Past Life II

In an act of frustration, she shows up at his hotel door. For two days he has ignored her, shut her down, and glared at her. She won’t take it anymore. Her knuckles rap hard on the wood, twice, before footsteps from within finally signify that he’s coming to answer.

Whom he was expecting to see, it was clearly not her. Spencer begins to shut it once more, but she thinks fast and shoves her foot in to stop it. Her ankle throbs, but she intends to get to the bottom of this.

“What do you want?” he snaps.

“I want to know what’s going on! I’m not trying to make you mad, but you seem incapable of acting like an adult.” Spencer looks at her with nothing but disdain. “Are you going to answer me?”

“Honestly, you’re not even worth my time,” he says. “It won’t be long before you show them what you’re really like, and when that happens, you’ll be out of the BAU. So I don’t need to justify my actions to you. You never justified yours. Just leave me the hell alone, okay?”

An with that, he manages to slam the door in her face. Y/N stands in the hall, fuming. Is she angry with him? Or with herself? The last time she had to wrestle with this is a distant memory. As though the history belongs to a stranger. It was so strange, back then. She didn’t even know herself. She wouldn’t recognize herself.

After high school ended, that should have been the end of it. And yet, it has all come back. Like a nightmare she can’t wake up from. The door seems to mock her, and she slinks away in defeat, back to her own room.

He hates her. Spencer Reid most definitely hates her. The worst part is that she probably deserves it. In a moment of frustration, angry tears escape.

This is the job she has longed for. For years she worked as hard as possible with the hopes of someday making it to the BAU. Now, all she wants is to get away. To escape. Running away is what she has done best. In college, she made a promise to herself, that there would be no more running. No more cowardice.

Starting this job has been just like high school though. She is the new kid once again, trying her best to fit in, and feeling all the while that she’ll never truly belong.


She sees them whispering together, glancing her way. Her face burns, but she will not let them see her waver. This is the once shot she has to prove that she isn’t one to be messed with. As if her way of dressing doesn’t say enough, her actions must speak even louder.

Black combat boots march with purpose across the lunch room, her feet carrying her towards her target. There is a part of her that feels sorry for him. After all, he is only a child. Young. Frightened. Jumpy, in every sense of the word.

But this is high school, where the law of the jungle rules. This is survival of the fittest, and she refuses to be eaten alive. Full force, she slams into him, the bowl of chicken noodle soup flying up from the cafeteria tray and spilling all over his shirt.

“Watch where you’re going, dork!” she says. He looks up at her through glasses too big for his face. In his eyes, hurt is evident. His name is Spencer Reid. He’s in her art class. He seemed sweet. That isn’t enough to save him from teasing, and it’s not enough to sway her from saving her own skin.

“I-I’m sorry!” he squeaks.

“Why the hell is this kid here?” she asks, as though he isn’t right in front of her. “He’s not even tall enough to go on a roller coaster by himself!” The students in her vicinity laugh, and the boy looks down, embarrassed. Soup drips from his saturated shirt onto the floor.

“Are you going to answer me?” she demands. “Why are you here? Or are you too wittle to understand gwon-ups?”

He bites his lip, still looking away. More laughter comes from the tables.

“Are you going to go crying back to your mommy? What a freak! Ha!”

At that, he turns and storms off, practically running to get out of the cafeteria. As he goes, she does feel a stab of guilt, but it lasts only seconds. There is no room for guilt here. She is only trying to protect herself. Eat or be eaten. Tease or be teased. Perhaps she is safe now. Dominance has been asserted.

An older girl in a cheerleader’s uniform approaches her, a lip-gloss coated smirk on her face. “Not bad, new kid. Not bad at all. Say, do you want to help us with something? We’ve been planning a great prank on that kid for weeks, and we could use someone like you.”

Scratch that. There is no safety yet. Because if she has just cleared her name as a target, she has now been added to a list as “bully.”

Survival of the fittest. It’s nothing personal. Just business.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?”


In the end, she is the one who figures it out. That area of the woods is used biannually by the same Scout troop. The third week of March and of September is when they make their trip, and that particular week in September was the only week the unsub didn’t kill. Because he would have been previously occupied.

Of course, Y/N had to utilize Garcia’s skills to find out exactly what the area was used for and by whom, but she had a hunch that the particular location held a special meaning to him.

The troop’s leader, Marty Ferguson, fits their profile perfectly. He is a loner, has previous records of solicitation, and purchased several saws not long before the murders began. A year of medical school before he dropped out. A truck big enough to transport a body in.

Y/N goes with them to make the arrest, Reid is told to stay back at the station. His aggressive behavior has not gone unnoticed by the others, which has earned him a warning from Hotch. How is that fair? That she should be welcomed with open arms like that, while he is forced to just stand by and watch.

He hates her. He wants to hate her more, but there is still a whisper in his head that maybe he’s got it wrong. Maybe she’s not all that bad.

On the plane home, he sees her reading, completely enveloped in the book. It’s a familiar sight, the soft smile on her face, one she is unaware of making. Resentment rises in his chest, along with the bitter aftertaste of feelings he once held for her.

She can change so much. Her hair, her personality. Her actions. But she cannot change the past, cannot change the things she did.

Past, present, past repeating. History turns in cycles.

As they finish up paperwork that evening, everyone else joking around, save for Reid. Morgan emerges from his office, on his way home. “Hey, Y/L/N, that was pretty clever today. Checking the use of the dump site.”

A polite smile is her response. “Thanks, but was nothing, really. I’m learning from the best.”

“Rossi tells me you speak three languages? Impressive,” he continues.

“My parents traveled a lot. I picked them up here and there.” Like dust from her shoulder, she brushes off the compliment.

“And here I thought Reid was supposed to be the genius.” Morgan laughs, claps him on the shoulder as he passes. Reid tenses at his touch. He’s used to being the butt of the jokes, but this time it’s like a punch to the stomach. Knocking away his breath. “Watch out Pretty Boy, she might just give you a run for your money.”

The moment Morgan is gone, he grabs the next file in his stack and walks as quickly as he can up to JJ’s old office. It houses only boxes and musty papers now. Only after he closes the door, only after he is certain he is alone there, does he cry.

He hasn’t cried like this in a long time; the taunts and teasing of others has long since built up a shield for him. But this is Y/N, this is his past, and he feels like a child again. Lost, lonely, frustrated.

Nothing that is new to him.


At the age of twelve, he will graduate high school. He’s already been accepted to CalTech, with a full scholarship. All he has to do is survive one last year in this terrifying place. One more year of bullies and loneliness and anger. One more year without any friends.

Everybody knows him as a freak. They tease him mercilessly. But when the year begins, he sees a small possibility of hope. To fulfill graduation requirements, he must take an art class. It’s simple, Art Foundations. Some painting, some sketching. One unit on ceramics. The class is mostly freshman, students a little bit closer to his own age.

It’s in the art room that he first sees her. After all, she is impossible to miss. That shockingly pink hair demands attention. The expression on her face dares anyone to mess with her, though he sees her reading with the most gentle look. Perhaps she likes books better than people. Perhaps she’s like him.

A week later, he finds he’s started to think of her just a little fondly. Twelve years old and he is just starting to notice girls. Girls are not often kind to him. This girl might be different. He’s different, and he hopes that maybe their differences could draw them together. At least he would have a friend.

She reads Dickens and Foucault and Wilde and Whitman. She paints the most vivid pictures, so bright they are a few brushstrokes away from coming to life. When, on rare occasion, she smiles, it changes her features entirely. By the time he realizes this is a crush, it’s too late.

By the time he realizes her true intentions, it’s far too late.

It begins with the cafeteria, and the soup debacle. It progresses from there, when she helps one of the cheerleaders lure him into the gym with his shirt off. The entire senior class is waiting to make fun of him. Y/N calls him names, makes rude gestures, draws ugly caricatures of him in her sketchbook to amuse the other students.

That crush begins to truly crush him, making him feel so tiny and insignificant and unwanted. But sometimes he catches her with a book in her hands and a smile on her face, and he wonders…

When they make pottery, he spends two weeks perfecting a little bowl. Reid isn’t very good with his hands, but he tries his hardest. It is a small thing, not very pretty, unless you know what you’re looking at. It is in the shape of a madeleine, the tiny shell-shaped pastries that Proust wrote of. In Search of Lost Time is his mother’s favorite book. It is a gift for her, as Christmas is nearly upon them. And while it is no masterpiece, he feels extremely proud of it.

Y/N stops him in the hall, a gaggle of students flocking around her. “You can’t even make a bowl right, four-eyes. I thought you were supposed to be a genius! What the hell is this?” She holds it up above her cotton-candy hair. That neon pink has become a warning beacon to him. Signaling danger. “Look how ugly it is!”

Laughter emanates from her audience. “Give that back, please,” he says, his voice squeaking. “It’s mine.”

“Why would you want it back?” she asks him. “This doesn’t belong in anyone’s home.”

Yes it does. It would belong in the home he shares with his mother, who is slowly losing her mind. The small, golden bowl would be well-loved and well-used in their house of eccentricities. Mom would understand. Mom would love it.

“This belongs in one place. The trash.” Before he can cry out, beg her not to, she raises her arm higher. With the swift fluidity of a baseball player, she tosses the dish in a graceful arc, where it lands in the nearby garbage can with a heartbreaking clatter. That is the sound of his happiness shattering.

Y/N walks away proudly, like a victor, and the other students leave, sensing the show is over for now. Reid drags himself over to the garbage can, and musters the last shred of hope can hold onto to peer inside.

The bowl is completely broken, into dozens of small pieces. If he really wanted to, he could try to glue it back together; but he doesn’t have the strength left for that. Saltwater stings his eyes, and he wipes the tears away with his jacket sleeve.

He can’t give them another reason to taunt him.

He will go to the bookstore, and find his mom a new book. He will write a loving note in it, and she will inevitably lose it in her personal library. The dish would have been so much better. The dish is broken. His heart is broken.

Nothing is new.

meridiay  asked:

dragon au prompt .Tsuna's guardians seeing Nana shift for the first time.

Ahahaha, what a fucking disaster. Uh, yeah, I made up a maiden name for Nana. It means “within the mountains” which refers to the way that her clan kind of keeps to itself in the wilderness and generally doesn’t socialize much with humans.

Anyway this snippet does something to address a scaleborn dilemma that shows up not infrequently: What do you do when one part of your hoard endangers the other?

They stumble home after yet another skirmish, and Tsuna’s leaning heavily on Hayato’s shoulder, his face and hair streaked with blood, and his arms bloody from the wrist to the elbow.

When the Flame left his gloves, they were untouched. Hayato steadily does not look at the sharp line that divides bloodstains and clean skin, instead focusing on getting his Boss into the house. The baseball idiot’s carrying the cow, who still hasn’t stirred. 

They hose off the worst of the blood behind the Tenth’s house, because there’s no use scaring the Tenth’s mother any worse than they have to. Usually, the Tenth looks at them all like he’s humoring them when they wash off, but right now he’s too out of it to bother.

They tumble into the house, Yamamoto and the cow first, with Lawn-head on their heels, weaving like a drunk. Hayato brings up the rear, and they give a ragged greeting to the Tenth’s mother, who looks at all of them with concern, before ordering them to the living room and pulling out the Sawada’s extensive first aid kit.

Tsuna sprawls out on the floor with a sigh, and Hayato can’t help joining him, while Maman coos over Lambo and checks the kid’s pupils strangely expertly.

“Why is your mother so good at checking for concussions?” Hayato asks Tsuna, who’s still leaning against his shoulder, vaguely out of it.

Tsuna blinks a couple of times, then shrugs. “I had an interesting childhood,” he says, and Hayato wonders exactly what that means. Tsuna has a way of understating everything that actually matters.

But eventually Sawada Nana decides that Lambo should be fine with some rest, and checks on the rest of them, shining a penlight in everyone’s eyes and telling Ryohei, firmly, to sit down.

When she reaches Tsuna, she tilts her head after checking his pupils, and whistles a little in the unnerving way that she and the Boss have.

Tsuna shrugs and hums a response, leaning more heavily on Hayato’s shoulder.

They stay like that for almost an hour, with Maman fluttering about and making sure that none of them are about to die of a brain injury or something.

Then both she and Tsuna stiffen, heads turning towards the door.

“Mom…?” Tsuna asks, and she gives him a bittersweet smile.

“Remember what I told you, when you asked me that?” she says, cryptic. “We are Yamauchi…”

Tsuna swallows. “We survive,” he replies, hoarse. “But, Mom–”

She shakes her head at him, and the door opens.

Sawada Iemitsu walks in, bold as brass, and Hayato knows that he’s missing about fifteen bits of underlying meaning in what the Tenth and his mother just discussed, but about three of them are starting to make sense.

“So,” Maman says, and her voice has a weird edge to it. Kind of crackly. “The Mafia.”

Iemitsu stops dead, flinching a little bit. “You didn’t want to know,” he says, weakly.

She takes just a few, swift steps towards her husband, and Hayato can’t see her face but the set of her shoulders makes him almost think she’s going to slap him.

“When my tiger’s eye returns bleeding, and refuses to tell me what is wrong, I want to know,” she hisses. “When he vanishes and my hoard is halved, as though my son is dead, I want to know.”

Tsuna’s back is tight against Hayato’s shoulder, and there’s something he’s missing here, something important, something to do with the blood Tsuna inherited from his mother.

“The omerta–” Iemitsu tries to say, and his wife cuts him off with a slash of her hand.

“I thought he was dead,” she hisses, and suddenly her form blurs around the edges, turns hazy and then snaps back into focus, completely different.

A huge dragon, with scales like oxidizing copper, has replaced her, and lunges for Iemitsu with what Hayato can only assume is deadly intent. The CEDEF head grunts as several hundred pounds of scaleborn hit him in the chest, claws first.

The narrow, wolflike head lowers, and lips peel back from snowy teeth as she snarls at him in deadly fury.

“Mom,” Tsuna interrupts, struggling to his feet. “Leave him. He’s not worth it.”

The dragon remains, needle-teeth bared at her husband, for several long seconds, before a hissing scream slips out of her mouth, and she whirls and dashes past them, slamming out the back door of the house carelessly.


I made a garage and for once my pictures don’t suck too badly haha.

(Btw, thank you to everyone who sent me kind words and support over the loss of my bird. Though I still miss her everyday, life does continue on.

I wish I could create and post more often, but I’ve been quite busy with school. I have four weeks left to go before the term is over, after that I’ll be free to resume my sim-related activities during the holiday break :P)


Drabble Game #11

Prompt, Quote, etc.: “Do you ever feel like running away? Just suddenly leaving. No note, no warning, just getting your shit, and leaving.”

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Possibly A…: -

It was days like this that Lucy really truly thought about leaving.

When her eyes were rimmed red from crying, when her heart ached so fiercely that she thought it was going to tear in half, Lucy really thought about it. She contemplated just how difficult it was for her to try when it didn’t appear that anyone cared enough to even notice her attempts.

It hurt her more than she let on when a minor comment was brought up -

A gasp ripped from her throat, choked by a pained sob.

The keys at her fingertips pleadingly warmed, demanding that the Spirits be freed so that she could be comforted, but she threw them away from her with a cry. They struck the wall and clattered to the floor. Gripping her hair with her hands, she let loose a wail, loud and keening.

How dare Natsu Dragneel make such a snide comment.

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anonymous asked:

Akaashi, Lev and Kageyama paintballing with s/o (they're on different teams) and they both found each other. [cue drama scene] (hope I did this right. It's my first time asking)

Akaashi| The two stare at each other, neither of them saying a word until the sound of a paintball gun is moved. The two rush to safety on opposite sides. (Y/n) shoots at her running target but misses only by a short distance. She sighs loudly as she presses her back against the wall.

“You were sooo close, not close enough though”, Akaashi shouts as he chuckles.

“Yeah! Well it’s a lot better than you have done all day.”

“Or so you say, you haven’t been watching me this whole time”, he quickly replied.

“It’s not good to doubt your girlfriend you know.”, (Y/n) ran across, tumbled over, shooting Akaashi in a crouched position so accurately he stood dumbfounded, jaw hanging in disbelief.

She blew at the end of her gun, “Now that’s how you do it”

“But-but-but earlier. You missed soooo bad!”, he threw his arms up.

“All part of the plan. Having 3 brothers and being the only girl really helps don’t you think? I’ll catch you later, gotta go destroy the rest of your team to.” she pecked him on the lips, running off in another direction while he stood there thinking of how proud he was to be her boyfriend.

Lev|  When Lev saw his girlfriend he instinctively smiled and called out to her.

“(Y/n)-chan!!”, he waved over to her forgetting all about the current war going on. She turned around confused at why he would give out his location like that, she slowly walked closer, gun raised and ready to shoot.

Seeing this reminded Lev of his current situation, shakily lifting his own paintball gun as well. You could tell right off the bat that he under any circumstances did not want to shoot his girlfriend, but then again he didn’t want to let down his team.  

“Lev?”, (Y/n) inched a bit closer, yet still out of range.

“H-how’s it going out there for you”, his grip tightened around the trigger.

“Good…very good.”, she noticed his  uneasiness, stepping dangerously close to him, “Though I kind of wish this game was over…”, carefully she tilted the end of his gun towards the ground.

“Why!?”, Lev spoke louder than intended.

“I miss you silly”


Mhmm”, she brushed her hand over his chest, going up on her tippy toes as if she were going in for a kiss. Lev was relieved by the change of events, he closed his eyes holding the side of her face while he leaned in.

(Y/n) quickly ran backwards, pulled the trigger and grinned at her boyfriend.

“(Y/n)! That’s playing dirty!”, Lev complained, he held his side where the paintball had shot him.

“Sorry but I had to…does it hurt?”, she placed her hand on his.

“Nothing I can’t take….a kiss would make it better though”, Lev’s face flushed red in embarrassment of what he had just said.

(Y/n) couldn’t help but to laugh at her boyfriends cuteness, this time for real she gave him a kiss.

Kageyama| Before the match had even started Tobio had made a plan in his mind, now all he had to do was carry it out. He of course wanted to take out his girlfriend, they were both competitive and all was fair in this game.

He hid behind a wall, chuckling to himself about his wonderful plan to victory.

“Baka don’t try to hide if you’re going to make such noise.”, (Y/n) shook her head.

Alarmed Tobio dashed off, purposely falling harshly in the process. He cursed loudly, holding his knee in one hand.

“Tobio! Are you alright!?”, (Y/n) dropped her gun the moment she saw him fall and began making her way towards him.

He smirked lifting his gun, “You little-”, he cut off his girlfriend by pulling the trigger.

She winced in pain, “You could’ve at least done it when I was farther away!”

“Sorry it’s more accurate this way”, he stood up brushing off the dust off himself.

“It hurts like hell”, she lowered her head.

“(Y/n)! Don’t cry, I’m sorry!”, he jogged over to her, taking her into an embrace.

“I’m not”

“What?”, he felt a strong stinging pain on his back which answered his question.

“Nice job (Y/n)!”, Daichi give her a high five, as she was released from her hug, her boyfriend stood with his arms crossed and cheeks puffed out. Daichi said his goodbye as he jogged off.

“I still won.”, Kageyama huffed.

“Doesn’t mean your team will”, (Y/n) said as she placed her hand on her hip.

“They will”

“Suree, now come on.”, she intertwined hands with him, “Let’s go wait for this round to be over”


The touches to her hair became more frequent since he’d returned–or maybe they’d always been there but the year apart had made her unfamiliar with such gestures. Every affection she had taken for granted before she was left completely alone felt new to her; the casual way in which he slung his arm around her shoulders, or the way he would lean in almost too close to talk to her, or the impossibly flustering way he would place a hand atop her thigh when they sat as if to hold her place. 

His fascination with her hair though, especially now, piqued her curiosity. She would catch him twirling it idly around his fingers, or complimenting it more often. He would actually take notice of her hairstyles and that alone was enough to baffle her. But it hardly made any sense to her–he had never been so inclined to acknowledge the golden tresses that now reached the swell of her rear, so why now? At first she’d chalked it up as a part of him wanting to make up for the time they’d lost, but… that couldn’t just be it…


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