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Could you do a prof snape X student Hufflepuff reader where she's very introverted and doesn't really have any friends but is very kind and caring and snape takes a bit of a liking to her? Thank you ❤️

Hey love,

Sure, one fluffy Hufflepuff coming right up.

Name: If you need to talk…

“Uhm, professor?” you wait until the class is empty to approach Snape, and he turns his head to face you - so serious, you feel like he could take your scalp off with just his glance.


“Uhm, you said you wanted to talk? Did I do something wrong?” you ask as politely as possible, even though you know that you did nothing to upset him.

“No, not really,” Snape turns to you. “It is Professor Sprout’s job, but I noticed that you seem rather lonely. Sitting alone in class, not spending much time with your fellow classmates after school,” you can’t help but think that he must have followed you somehow. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes, sir. I just am not much of people person, if you get what I mean,” the quick smirk shows you that he does know. “I am fine.”

“I apologize. Just know that if you need to talk about anything that troubles you, you can turn to any professor here. It is our job to help you, even if you are not from our House.”

“Thank you, sir,” you smile at him and place your homework on his table and automatically fix the pile of other papers. “But I am doing fine.”

“I simply consider it my job to make sure that there is no student at this school that feels like they don’t have someone to turn to,” Snape shrugs his shoulders. “You just look like a person that could use help. And I can help you.”

“I will turn to you when I need any help, sir,” you promise quietly, and the short smile brightens Snape’s face up.

“Now hurry to your next class, miss, before you are late,” you nod and rush to the door, then turn to him again.



“Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome,” he nods. “And miss, please keep my offer to yourself, I have a reputation to maintain,” you grin and nod quickly, before slipping out of the classroom and running to the Herbology. For some reason, you actually feel like you will turn to Snape when something troubles you, simply because Snape actually seems to care enough to listen to your things.

Five Times Chat Noir Failed at Flirting and One Time He Didn’t

Written for Day 13 of Marichat May. Sin comes from a Greek word that apparently also means missing the mark. So, this fic is Chat Noir missing the mark.

Thank you @agrestenoir for helping to come up with this idea.

Things had been a little awkward since the day Chat Noir and Ladybug learned each other’s identities. They still worked well together as a team, and they still saw each other every day, but something was different. Marinette was still friendly as ever, and Ladybug still joked around, but it wasn’t quite the same. She was all business during akuma attacks, and she hardly spoke to him after they detransformed. The more he considered it, the more he realized it all happened the day she found out he was Chat Noir.

The only way that made sense was if, for some reason, Marinette didn’t like him. Either Adrien him or Chat Noir him. Either option was confusing, given that she was always friendly to Chat Noir and Adrien alike, but it was the only thing that made sense.

Plus, it was something he could possibly correct if he tried hard enough. After all, they were partners and friends, which had to mean something.

So, when he saw her walking home alone late at night, he was only too happy to greet her.

“Hey, princess,” Chat Noir called down to Marinette. “Need a lift?”

She jumped and turned to look up at him. “Chat Noir? What are you doing out here?”

He dropped down beside her. “Well, I was just doing a little solo patrolling. What are you doing out so late?”

“I was just walking home from school. Alya and I were working on our history project together.” She frowned. “Why are you out patrolling alone? I could have joined you.”

“I… well…” He shrugged. “I was actually just getting some fresh air. You look like you could use an escort, though.”

She snorted. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” He winked. “ It would be my purrleasure-”

She shook her head, her grip on her schoolbooks tightening. “You should head home, Adrien. We’ll be patrolling tomorrow anyway.”

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Backup Plan - Peter Parker x Reader

College AU in which Peter has been Y/N’s best friend since middle school. Both are nineteen (twenty in the end).

Featuring: May, Liz, Michelle, Ned, Flash

Mini kind of spoiler at the bonus end. Nothing really important.


Y/N arrives at Peter’s house before scheduled to tell him something that will turn their lives upside down. Will he be able to help her this time?

Peter laid on his bed staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out what was wrong with Y/N. A couple of weeks ago she had started behaving weird around him and just weird in general, then she told him she had a big problem but refused to tell him what it was. Her strange behaviour had continued for the last couple of weeks and he couldn’t be more worried about her. Was she sick? Was she in legal trouble? Would she have to leave the country? Would she quit college? What was happening?

Three weeks earlier

“Alright… see you in like two hours.” With that, she ended the call. Nice, now Peter knew he had some time to relax, knowing Y/N was the kind of person that always arrived just in time. Not too early, but never late. Though he noticed something kinda weird, the spark on her voice was missing, as if something was bothering her. This wasn’t new, she had been hiding something from him for a while, having him concerning about her. And when she arrived 45 minutes earlier than planned, he knew something really bad was up.

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A strong woman.

Pairing : Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess
Word count : 2,754
Author : Mel
Warnings : AU-ish. Someone dies.

You smiled up at the screen. “It’s a boy.” The ultrasound tech informed you.

You grinned and turned to the blond next to you. “A boy.” You teared up, and so did she. “Jess, I’m giving Dean a son.”

“Look at him.. Oh god. Don’t make me cry, I’m next.” She chuckled.

After getting cleaned up, and off the chair, it was Jess’s turn. You took your pictures and smiled down at them as the tech took measurements and checked vitals. When it came time to find out, you looked up at Jess with a smile, then at the screen. “Ready to find out?” She nodded to the tech. You both had wanted boys, wanted them to grow up together, and close. Jess bit her lip and waited. “It’s a girl.”

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Bang! bangbangbang! BANG!

Castiel yelped and carefully extricated his cat’s claws from his thighs. “What the hell?” he grumbled. “I’m sorry, Miss Bennet,” he crooned, holding her close and scratching the softness behind her ears. “It’s okay, it’s okay.” She’d just begun to settle when the booming started again. Cue the claws.

“Dammit!” He put down his book and carried his cat to the linen closet in the hallway, placing her gently on her favorite shelf. She hid there whenever she was nervous, it was her safe space. She wasn’t happy, but she’d be okay there, in the dark.

I’ve got to take care of this, he thought, flinching as the fireworks continued. It’s 11:30 on a Wednesday night. And those are close.

Castiel pushed through the front door into the night, and, sure enough, the fireworks were being lit in the driveway across the street.

“Dean Winchester!” he yelled, stalking across the street. “Do you have any idea what time it is? You probably woke up half the neighborhood, not to mention scaring my cat out of two of her lives.”

The mechanic laughed. “Lighten up, Cas! We’re celebrating! My little brother passed the bar! He’s a lawyer now! And besides,” he added, grinning wickedly, “do you think your yelling did anything to keep the neighborhood quiet?” He winked.

Cas glared. I yell at him and he flirts with me! Typical..

“Sam passed the bar? That’s wonderful! But can’t you find a quieter way to celebrate?” Cas peered into the darkness. “And I don’t see Sam anywhere. Is he enjoying your celebration from inside the house?”

“Naw, Sammy’s with Jess.” Dean’s green eyes glinted with mischief. “The fireworks were for you. How else could I get you to come outside on a Wednesday night?”

Cas tried–and failed–to hold onto his glare. “Dean, I do have a phone,” he said reproachfully. “And you did scare my cat.”

“Where’s the fun in calling?” Dean winked again, and snaked his arm around Cas’s waist. “I am sorry about Miss Bennet, though,” he murmured into Cas’s hair. “I’ll bring her some bacon tomorrow to make up for it.”

“Sure,” Cas snorted, “and you can clean up the mess when she throws it up.”

“Please don’t be mad, Cas. I have a picnic set up on the deck. Come out back with me. We can make our own kind of fireworks.” Dean had both arms around Cas now, and was brushing tiny kisses along his jaw.

Cas relented, turning his face up to capture Dean’s lips with his own. “Alright,” he rasped, breaking away. “I like these fireworks.”

This is my first attempt at writing an au. It’s hard! But kind of fun, too. :)

@justrandomspnstuff @wanderingcas @hells-keeper

Career Day

You guys asked for it so here it is. This may be the fluffiest thing ever. AU where Oliver is a Kindergarten teacher. 

P.S. You can blame @acheaptrickandacheesyoneline and @nightkeepyr for this!

“One, two, three…”

“Eyes on me!” twenty-three little voices chanted back at him.

Oliver smiled as all of their faces looked up to where he stood at the front of the mat. He bit back a smile at their rapt attention. They were only kindergarteners so he knew it wouldn’t last long.

“Okay, friends,” he started. “Who remembers what special thing we have happening this week?”

Hands shot up in the air as all the kids vied for him to call on them. “Abby?” he called.

“Career week!” shouted a little girl with curly brown hair.

“That’s right,” he confirmed. “This week is Career week which means we will be having special guests coming into our classroom to tell us about their jobs. This morning, Sarah’s Aunt Felicity will be coming in and talking to us about computers.”

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Christmas Shadows

Fifth Imagine of the 12 Days of Christmas! Next is Deadshot aka Floyd Lawton.

Fandom: Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Summary: Christmas is a horrible time for Enoch and nobody knew why until Enoch told the reader why. 

Pairing: Enoch O’Connor x (Female)Reader

Requested?: Nope

Word Count: 1747 words

Published Date: December 18, 2016

Warnings: kissing scene,

Know: (y/n)- Your Name, (f/f)- Favorite Flavor, (h/l)- Hair Length, (h/c)- Hair Color

‘The Sweetest moments of the season are the times we share.’

- Unknown

Masterlist Request

“I don’t know where he went, (y/n). He just sort of disappeared after I tried to give him a present.” Olive told the girl before shrugging, “He’s always liked this around this time of year. I’ve asked him once before, but all he did was blow up in my face. So try not to ask him if you find him.” (y/n) sigh as the girl patted her back before leaving her alone in Enoch’s bedroom. She has been looking for her boyfriend all day long and yet there was no trace of where he could be. Apparently Miss Peregrine knows where he was, but she wouldn’t say. Wanting to find out what is happening with Enoch, she continued her search. 

So she started to look in the places that won’t seem likely of where he’ll go hide. She had already checked the other places that were obvious like; his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, library, dining room, other children’s rooms. The place that seem very unlikely of where he would go would be outside. Quickly, she ran down the stairs and ran out the door excitedly. Her head was so focused on finding Enoch that she didn’t notice the soccer ball flying at her. When she did though, she yelp and fell to the ground on all fours. She looked up to see Hugh and Millard playing soccer and now they both were looking down at her. 

“You okay, (y/n)?” Hugh asked, a few bees flying out of his mouth. She nodded as she stood back up, brushing the grass off her dress before looking around the area. 

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Play Nice

A/N: This is my first Luke x Reader request! They are secretly dating, both on the team, and she is really close to Penelope, so she feels like she can’t tell her because Penelope is a little salty with Luke. Eventually, they get caught. @coveofmemories


Sitting across from your blonde bestie, you started to plant the ideas in her head, that Luke wasn’t such a bad guy. You needed to get it through her head fast, because…because you were doing him. And you kind of loved him…a lot. But Penelope was so salty with him, that to tell her about the two of you right now might not go over well. “You have got to start being nicer to Alvez,” you laughed, careful not to call him by his first name. Since he started, you called him Alvez in the office, and once you started dating, it was Luke outside. When you looked over, your forever lovebug, your best friend forever, was rolling her eyes, in that way that made you want to smack her in the back of the head just to test if the theory was true - you know the one? That if you smack someone’s head while they’re rolling their eyes, they’ll stay that way. 

You returned her audible eye roll with one of your own. “Look, I know you’re salty as hell about your sculpted god of chocolate thunder leaving, and I get it, I am too. I miss Derek every freakin day, but being rude to Alvez is not going to make Derek come back.”

“Do you hear what I have to deal with?” she asked, folding her hands over her chest. “He asks me ‘can you get a location on this?’ Like, of course I can! Why are you even asking me that?”

“Because he doesn’t know how gloriously fast the hands of Penelope Garcia can fly and how big that brain is,” you replied with a laugh, taking her hands in yours and giving them each a kiss. “He’s new here. He needs time to get to know how amazing you are, but you also need to give him a chance to do that.”

Like the adorable baby she was, she stomped her feet and spun around in her chair. “I’m working on it!” she said, throwing her hands in the air. “But it’s hard! You know me…I don’t like you change.”

“You?! Penelope Garcia?!” you exclaimed facetiously. She was not amused with your sass. “I thought you were a paragon of adaptability!”

You needed to get Penelope onboard with Luke soon, because you were falling in love fast.


“Any luck?” he asked, pressing his bearded chin into the nape of your neck. He had been hopeful that Garcia would lighten up over the past few months, but Garcia wasn’t anything if she wasn’t stubborn as all shit - god, you loved her, but dammit. 

With a quick peck of his lips, you ducked under his embrace and walked down to the cafeteria with him. “She says she’s working on it. My love is salty about Morgan leaving, which I get, I miss Morgan every day, but she is the worst when it comes to change. I’m planting the seeds though, so I promise, I’ll get her to come around soon.”

“Good,” he mumbled against your neck after you’d picked up your food. “Because I kind of want to shout it from the rooftops that we’re together and I can’t do that if Garcia is still gonna be salty.” With a giggle, you brought your hands up to his face, gliding slowly down the light beard he had gathered in the last few weeks. You pressed your lips to his and without thinking, you got a little hotter and heavier than you’d intended, ending up against the wall of the staircase.

All of a sudden, you heard a gasp at your side. “What?” Penelope stared at you in awe, looking between the two of you and boring holes into Luke. Apparently, she was going to get lunch too. “What the hell is going on? How long has this been going on?”

“Ummm…” you said with a smile. “Four months.” When her mouth dropped open and she started to speak, you cut her off. “Before you say anything, shut up, and I mean that in the most loving way possible. I didn’t tell you because you’re salty with him and I get it, and I love you, but get over it. I love you. You’re my best friend for all of time, and I love him, so the two of you are just going to need to learn to play nice with each other, if not for your own sake, then for mine, because I love you both and you can’t make me pick sides.”

“You love me?” 

“You love him?”

Both of them spoke at the same time, eyeing each other over you shoulder. “I didn’t know you loved me,” Luke said as the corner of his mouth turned up. “I love you too.” He pulled you toward him and took your mouth in his. 

When he pulled away you looked at Penelope, who although wanted to remain salty, couldn’t. “You’re so happy,” she said with a smile. 

“I am.” You walked up to her and gave her a hug. “So do you think the two of you can play nice?”

Penelope nodded. 

“I will if she will,” Luke laughed, dodging out of the way as Penelope went to smack him in the arm. “Look, babe, she’s not playing nice!”

17, Again - Chapter 2

  Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

  Genre: Angst, drama, fluff.

  Word count: 9k

  Summary: Your relationship of ten years seems to be stuck as your CEO boyfriend works non-stop and doesn´t pay much attention to you or your hints about marriage. Desperate to awaken the spark of love again you beg the universe for a change that will make him fall for you for the second time in his life. And the universe listens.

  Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic

Prologue Chapter 1

“If it´s true that everything happens for a reason, you are my excuse to heal. I´ve been living a lie for so many years now that it has become hard for me to distinguish reality from fantasies and pain from love. Although I no longer care about much, you still are part of me. You are the part that hasn´t been damaged or corrupted yet, the part that can choose a better path. You are my last hope. Do whatever you desire, whatever you feel is best for you. But please, please don´t make the same mistakes I did. Don´t fall in love with him all over again”

There was one thing you were completely sure about: you wanted to have fun. As soon as you had found Jungkook´s credit card solemnly standing between a bunch of folders you had made the decision to go on a shopping spree. Partly because you wanted new clothes and mostly because it was his money that was going to be spent. Being independent all of a sudden felt too satisfactory to not take advantage of it. Sure, you´d still have to deal with the consequences at some point, but until that moment came you were limiting yourself to the mere action of enjoying.

Jungkook had tried calling you several times and texting you things like “Talk to me” or “At least let me grab some clothes” but you had deleted all of his signals without hesitation and had ended up turning off your phone. Your future self had made it clear that you had to stay away from him, and you couldn´t say it was being a piece of cake. Yes, you had managed to ignore him but that didn´t mean that he didn´t cross your mind from time to time as you walked through the shops. After all, he was the only person you knew in the whole city. You hated feeling lonely, and although you had spent a very short period of time with him it had been enough to grow fond of his business like personality and the way his cheeks turned red every time you did something that wasn´t on his schedule. He still wasn´t your type, though, but maybe you had to admit to yourself that you kind of missed him. Not like you would miss your parents or your best friend but how you´d miss that kid in class that is always left out as much as you are when it comes to group projects.

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Let Me Warm Your Heart Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3| Part 4

Word count: 2017

Summary: Credence misses a certain kind lady. But he meets an unexpected visitor instead. All is not what it seems and even though life tends to be rough at times, every cloud has a silver lining.

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, violence and blood.

Disclaimer: GIF Credits to their owners. Also I don’t own the FBAWTFT universe. Queen JKR does.

Credence searched through the gathering crowd. His heart plummeted into the melancholic depths of disappointment as the lady with the kind smile failed to turn up at yet another NSPS meet. He reminisced how her face lit up with a smile, how unlike others she had apologised and with kindness radiating from every gesture, helped him gather the scattered flyers (even though it was probably his fault that they fell in the first place). It was far too rare for people to deem him worthy to bestow kindness upon. It was more often than not a case of shoved bodies, rough touches and muttered insults. Not pretty smiles and an overwhelming softness of the heart.

Credence couldn’t help but feel sadness clutching him in its cold grasp, he really shouldn’t have gotten his hopes high. After all, it was highly unlikely that she had the free time to attend all of the rallies. She had indeed said that she had work to rush off to the other day. A hopeful part of him wished that it was just that, a busy schedule which kept her from coming back. But then again, she might have completely forgotten him. Who would remember a lowly, wicked boy like him? And if at all she did remember him, it would be with disgust at his uselessness, disappointed with anything he did. The way Ma was.

Credence sneaked a glance at his adoptive mother as she went on about the malignant virus of witchcraft that was fast spreading amongst the unaware and naive naysayers. She urged the people to be proactive and join the cause, they had safety in numbers. It was the vigilant who could save themselves after all. He thought that if he repeated the propaganda enough times, he might even start believing it. It was not that Credence disbelieved that people like witches and magic existed. He knew that his biological mother was wicked, that her blood was tainted, the same blood that ran through his veins. He had heard about it numerous times over the span of his childhood, receiving divine punishment at the hands of his Ma in a bid to loosen Satan’s hold over him. Such instances though, had become rarer as the years passed. The punishments hadn’t stopped, just the reasons had changed.

His hand felt a ghostly sting and Credence flinched, remembering the latest disciplining. His barely healed hands clutched the flyers tightly as the memory of a few weeks back washed his subconscious. Ma had been so angry with him when she had seen him idling around the back instead of handing out more flyers like he was supposed to. He had just found the crowd oppressive and decided to get a few breaths of clean air, a brief respite from the heat. That was when she had stumbled across his feet, not hard enough to cause him discomfort, but enough to make her presence known. He had expected harsh words, an angry shove or complete unapologetic indifference even. Because that was how he was used to being treated. Instead like an angel shining her heavenly aura on lesser mortals, she had come to his aid. Being the worthless being that he was, he’d somehow managed to become a stuttering dimwit, rendered dumb by her kindness and beauty. This was an exchange that hadn’t escaped the watchful eyes of his mother, though thankfully she hadn’t seen who it was that he was speaking to.

No amount of pleading would dissuade her from meting out what he rightfully deserved. It was just a matter of time and it came when they reached the rundown excuse of a church that they called their house. The moment the door to the living room closed, he silently slid off the belt from its place, grasping the buckle in the hope that the ordeal would end faster if he willed it to. Just thinking of the belting had his hands smarting in remembrance of the vicious hits. Ma had been especially angry that day.

“Hello there, young man. Won’t you give me one of those flyers?” An elderly woman broke Credence out of his reverie, a wrinkled hand outstretched towards him seeking a purple handout. Her eyes crinkled as she gave him a benevolent smile. She looked of Asian heritage, probably Japanese judging from the pastel kimono that draped her delicate frame; with her soft demeanour and quite mannerisms, she faintly reminded Credence of summers spent lying in the warmth of his birth mother’s lap, but it was a fleeting thing, this barely remembered memory.

Though he had been expecting quite a different interruption, even this was welcome. After all, it was not everyday that people treated him with such gentleness. As if reading his mind, the old woman queried, “Were you perhaps expecting someone else?” Pink dusted his cheeks as Credence replied in embarrassment, “N-no!” It came out louder than he had intended. Glancing at his mother to make sure that her attention was focused elsewhere, he quietly mumbled, “ I meant…no. That is not the…case.” His speech was marked by ponderous pauses, as if mulling over what would be appropriate enough to voice out loud.

The old woman merely nodded in understanding, though what she comprehended from his mumbles and pauses, Credence could only wonder. They stood in comfortable silence for a while before the woman spoke again, “What is your name child?” He jerked as if virtually slapped and something skittered in the woman’s eyes but it was gone before he could really observe. “C-credence.” He spoke so softly that it was a wonder that the woman had heard anything at all. But her serene smile indicated that she indeed had heard him. “You have a beautiful name”, she complemented him, making him blush again. As the rally broke up with the end address from his mother, the elderly lady stared up in the sky as if thinking about something before saying, “I better get going now. Hope you have a good day son!” her eyes twinkled and Credence couldn’t help but be gripped by a weird sense of deja vu,feeling as if he had met the woman somewhere before.

Y/N laid down her quill with a sense of satisfaction as the last report was written, bringing her paperwork to completion. Standing up, she stretched her muscles before waving her wand to summon her coat. Capping off another day at work, she stumbled out of the inconspicuous gates of MACUSA, weary and bone tired but happy at the pace of things. She started walking at a leisurely pace, setting off towards her apartment idly wondering about what she should have for dinner. Today felt like a sushi day.                

Tasked with scouting for a new place to conduct the next meeting, Credence walked the bustling streets of New York City. He had been walking for well over an hour and twilight had set in by the time he truly found anything of use. Before his eyes lay a dusty playground, more derelict than green. It was not exactly spic and span but with some cleaning, it would do. Credence looked at the playground which was sandwiched between a confectionery and a chic boutique selling trendy flapper dresses which seemed all the rage these days. Yes, this would do. He was just about to venture a bit further inside to give a last cursory glance to the venue when he stumbled across an empty glass bottle.

Landing hard on the dusty pavement with his hands outstretched to break the fall, a hiss escaped Credence. The fall tore anew his barely healed palms. Cradling them close to himself, he took a closer look at the demon that had devised his fall. Was that a beer bottle that he spied? “Oi, who goes there?” A gruff voice enquired from the depths of the dimly lit playground. Fear grabbed Credence as he stared at the questioner. Three men, drunkards by the look of them, appeared from the murky shadows. A pudgy faced man, with a pronounced limp approached him followed by a stockily built man and a towering youth with a face attacked by the most vicious case of acne Credence had ever seen.

“Looky what we ‘ave ‘ere eh? A pup, wet behind ‘em ears!” The towering youth chuckled nastily, showcasing yellowing teeth much to the amusement and hollering of the other two. He had a surprisingly gravelly rasp. Probably a result of excessive smoking judging by the cigarette clutched in his blackened fingers. “Ya think ya can just come here an’ bust upon us, pup?” The stocky man’s words would have been intimidating had they not been uttered in the squeakiest voice ever heard. All this would have been an excellent backdrop for a comedy show and Credence might have even found it funny had he not been in the midst of it. “Answer da question. What ya doing 'ere, punk!” pudgy face bent down for emphasis , getting too close for comfort, spittle spraying everywhere and his body reeking of alcohol, rancid sweat and something more unpleasant best not named.

Credence could barely manage a frightened whimper as hot tears ran down his cheeks. It was one thing to be belted by Ma for his actions. He deserved that, after all, it was meant for his own good, wasn’t it? But what had he done to deserve this? He cowered as pudge face yanked him by the collar of his shirt, drunken vigour easily lending him the strength to haul the frail boy up. “The cowardly brat’s snivellin’ like a damned 2 year old, if I ever seen one. What ya boys say we beat some sense inta him?” Credence felt a tightness blossom in his ribs, pressing down on his chest making it difficult to breath. His sight became hazy and all he could think of was the world of pain, broken bones and smashed teeth that was awaiting him. He saw the raised fist and closed his eyes, as the tightness in his ribs grew, threatening to burst him at the seams. Any moment now, he would be beaten into pulp.

Suddenly, the air rang out with a shrill alarm, a siren similar to those of police vans. “Shit! Why’s the police here?” the squeaky voiced man called out and Credence snapped his eyes open. Pudgy face shoved him away as the three bustled out of the playground, scampering ahead of one another, beer bottles scattered in their wake. Shaking violently at the near beating, Credence curled up into a ball and couldn’t help but continue crying as the siren grew louder and his mind went into overdrive. The police would find him and take him in for questioning. There were empty beer bottles here, he had obviously been up to no good, they would think. Wait, if the police took him up for questioning, his Ma would know. Dread latched onto him, pooling into an acidic swirl at the pit of his stomach. Oh what would she say? The mere idea of her wrath sent him on the edge of a panic attack.

Credence barely noticed when the siren stopped, for the ringing in his ears only continued to grow louder with every passing second. He was going to be arrested!! Someone was calling out to him, asking him if he was okay, but the world was a cacophony of white noise. They crouched beside him and attempted to pull his body upright. Resisting the movement, he flailed on the ground muttering incoherently throughout. Suddenly, his face was grabbed by a gentle touch and Credence found himself staring in the most mesmerising pair of (Y/E/C) eyes he had ever seen. “It’s okay love, they are gone. You are safe now. Nothing will harm you…I won’t let anything harm you!” His body gave a violent shudder. Letting out a choked sob, he fell into the soft embrace of the kind woman for whom he had been waiting for so long at the rallies. His angel had finally come to his rescue.

A/N: Ahh the time for the fated meeting has finally arrived! Writing this chapter through Credence’s P.O.V. was super fun as well as a bit anxiety inducing. I was constantly worried whether I was portraying him correctly.Just some trivia, the first sushi shop in the U.S. reportedly opened in 1906 in the Little Tokyo neighbourhood of LA apparently. I actually went and researched this on the net and Wikipedia threw this up on “the history of sushi”. Well, now that my nerd curiosity and obsessive authenticity mania has been satiated; addressing another twist- a mysterious old woman (Oba-san, if we are getting technical here) has appeared!! I wonder who she could be? 😉 Please excuse any typos that may have crept in. Thank you dear readers for the overwhelming love that you are showering on this story! Stay tuned for the next chapter and let me know how you all found this! ~mystical reading nerd

All At Once - Part 5

Summery: When the reader is hit by a car a gorgeous man called Steve is the only one around to save her. When she wakes up she realises who he is. Only who was driving the car?

Triggers: Mentions of an obsessive ex-boyfriend, police

Word Count: 700+

A/N: I know I haven’t updated this in a long time, sorry steve-lovers. I’m sorry if this is shit, I haven’t really written in a month so I’m a little rusty(*gif not mine)

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Steve was the first to leave the meeting, he needed as much time as he could with you. He went to the hospital alone. It was difficult  because of all of Sam’s protests and shouts about how he wanted to meet you. In the end Steve was glad to leave that headache behind.

He stopped off at a shop to get a few flowers for you but remembered the hospital policy so oped out for your favourite snack. He didn’t want to tell you the bad news on an empty stomach. He got back in his car (well, Tony’s car) and drove to the hospital. Some woman cut him off and he almost got out of the car to give her a good telling off for making him waste his remaining time with you, only to realised that would waste more time.

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Static Noise

Fandoms: The 100
Pairings: Bellarke in the background, Memori, Marper
Characters: Bellamy, Clarke, Raven, Monty, Murphy, Harper, Emori, Echo, Madi
Words: 3,266
Summary: It takes them three weeks to get communications up and running, but only partially.

Or: The Space Squad can hear all of Clarke’s messages to them, but they can’t respond.
Notes: I know there’s probably 80 other fics with this same premise, but I’m so upset that the Space Squad is gonna spend six years thinking Clarke’s dead that I don’t even care. I JUST WANT THEM TO KNOW SHE’S ALIVE. (Edit: This now has a part two.)
Ao3 link.

Bellamy waits a week before he brings it up to Raven.

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Not So Secret, A Monthly Rumbelling Fic

Rated: T

Prompt: “You have a lot of nerve saying ‘hello’ like nothing happened!”

Summary: Belle’s friends are rather put out to find that she’s been dating someone without their knowledge. Belle doesn’t care.

Word Count: 2113


Not So Secret

“You have a lot of nerve saying ‘hello’ like nothing happened!”

Belle blinked at Ruby’s vehement statement. All she had done was come into the diner and sit down in her usual booth, and suddenly she had been accosted by Ruby and Ariel sliding into the booth opposite her and fixing her with somewhat ferocious expressions, to which she had greeted them with a simple ‘hello’. Apparently, that had been the wrong thing to say.

“I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to deserve your wrath, but I’m very sorry for whatever it is.”

“We saw you!” Ruby exploded, gesturing wildly towards the door and almost knocking a plate of waffles out of Ashley’s hand as the other waitress brought an order to the next booth.

“You saw me doing what?” Belle asked.

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Even more starco oneshots

Marco contemplated whether this was all just a big tease, another one of Janna’s pranks gone wrong, or if he really died and went to heaven. There’s no way Star actually said what she just said. Right?

After a few moments of awkward silence, the boy began to laugh. “Haha, that’s- that’s funny! I thought… I thought you said you wanted to, you know, kiss me! Hahahaha…”

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‘The Science of Courtships’ Part 2

the 2nd installment for @potterlockianegalitarian928′s prompt!

Read Part 1 Here: (x)

thanks again to @strangelock221b for beta reading!

Sherlock Holmes waited outside of the door. He had called upon his brother, Mycroft, to find out where Doctor Hooper resided. Apparently, her parents had both passed when she was only sixteen, hence why there was never a coming out party for her. She had been residing with her cousin, Meena, and her husband, Gideon Wadsworth.

“Ah, hello, Mrs. Wadsworth, is Doctor Hooper available?” Sherlock asked.

“Are you that Holmes fellow?” Meena asked. “Because if you are, I’m afraid you are not welcome and will not be invited inside.”

“Well, good news then, I do not wish to enter; I only wish to ask if Molly would take a stroll with me. I need to explain,” Sherlock informed her. “I need to apologize.” He paused a moment. “Please, Mrs. Wadsworth; I misworded some things and it might quite possibly kill me if I cannot do anything to make up for it.”

“I’ll let her know,” Meena said. “If you would be so kind to wait in the sitting room.”

“Thank you,” Sherlock nodded. He waited as was asked of him. Mere seconds passed when he heard Molly’s voice down the hall.

“If you think I am going to give that infuriating man one more second of my time, you are mistaken!” she huffed, stopping short when her eyes landed on the very man she was disgusted with.

“I am sorry to have wasted your time, Mrs. Wadsworth,” Sherlock spoke solemnly. “Good day to you, Doctor Hooper. I apologize for my behaviour earlier.” He began to walk towards the door in defeat, his heart breaking with every step he took. Upon grabbing the door knob, he felt a small hand on his arm.

“Thirty minutes; that is all the time I am giving you to make things right, Mister Holmes,” Molly spoke firmly.

“That is all the time I need, Doctor Hooper,” Sherlock replied. Molly noticed the way his eyes lit up. She slid her arm through his and allowed him to lead her out of the door.

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Out of the Frying Pan (9/?)

“I told you why Henry stayed with you last night,” Emma said pointedly, narrowing her eyes. David didn’t budge, one side of his mouth tilted up in a smile.

“And I believe that as much as you believe me,” he answered, rolling his eyes for good measure. “Is this about a guy?”

Emma’s eyes actually hurt with how wide they got and her stomach was probably on the kitchen floor at this point – she couldn’t quite bring herself to look. “It’s totally about a guy isn’t it?” David continued, face a mix of curiosity and big brother and that did something else entirely to the state of Emma’s stomach.

“It’s not about a guy,” Emma said quickly. Her voice kept steady during the sentence though and she got a feeling it was because Killian Jones wasn’t a guy – he was, well, she wasn’t entirely sure what he was, but she was just as curious as ever to figure it out.

AN: First off, I’m sorry for missing Friday - the real world is the absolute worst. I’m still kind of ugggggh post-Sunday, but this fic is monstrous and my CSBB is monstrous and I’ve got a lot of feelings left to feel about CS, so I’m still here. As always, @laurnorder is a gift for always reading all of my writing. 

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characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion
pairing: ^
words: 2722
summary: (canon divergence) restoring the El took a power that exceeded them both. Erblu returned because Elsword called him back. there was no one to call Arme back.

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Suit and Bow Part 4 (Rafe x Reader)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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You were currently seated beside Rafe in his luxurious sports car, riding to the charity event. The man to your left had called yesterday to tell you when he would pick you up and to say that you had been nervous the whole day would be an understatement; you couldn’t recall the last time you were this hyperactive about attending an event but you didn’t want him to look bad just because he turned up with you. Anxiousness was also really prominent in your guts. How would the people there treat you knowing you were way too low for their league? Would they even notice it? With the dress you were wearing you looked like owning a mansion and ten horses.

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Annabeth had started noticing that how much Nico smiled depended on how much Nico hung out with Will Solace.

Well - not exactly. If Annabeth had been the kind of jerk to put money on that sort of thing, she wouldn’t have bet on a road trip with Reyna, Hedge, and a giant statue of her mother being the thing that set Nico on the path to finding peace with himself.

And yet, here they were. Nico smiled now. He even, on occasion, laughed, although that was usually for the sole-purpose of freaking out younger Campers.

But there was something about the way the son of Hades looked when it came to Will Solace. Not in how much he smiled, precisely, but in how much he was aware of doing it. And Annabeth could tell that Nico was aware of how much he was doing it, because he was trying so hard not to.

“You,” a muffled voice announced around a mouthful of what was probably hamburger, “are such a creep.”

“Shut up, Percy.”

Her boyfriend grinned, nudging her shoulder with his. “I’m pretty sure this is stalking.”

“This is dinner. I’m just - looking.”

“Yeah, at Nico and his boyfriend and the weird thing he does with his face when he’s trying to pretend like the guy doesn’t send him over the moon.”

Annabeth paused with her fork halfway to her mouth, before dropping it back onto her plate in favour of staring at her own boyfriend. “How do you have no idea Nico has a crush on you for literally years, and then pick all of that up?”

Percy stared back at her. “They’ve been dating for ages though. Right? Look, he’s doing it again.”

They both glanced back over at the boys. Will was half out of his chair, telling some kind of story that clearly required a lot of arm movements. And Nico - Nico was sitting back, but that was more to avoid getting smacked in the face than to retreat into the shadows. The light from the torches around them flickered weirdly on his face, but it was impossible to miss the way the corner of his mouth ticked up. Or the way he was trying to maintain his cool death guy persona at the same time.

There was a lull in Will’s story, a break that lasted only long enough for him to throw a look back over his shoulder. Nico ducked his head, and when it came back up again, there was a small, reluctant grin on his face. Will’s answering smile was like the sun coming up, and he threw himself back into his story with renewed verve.

Annabeth punched Percy in the shoulder.

“Ow! What the heck was that for?”

Years, Percy Jackson. Years.”

She might have explained that it was for her stupid boyfriend’s stupid blind spot when it came to his own worth. That it was because Percy clearly could read people well enough to see when they were interested in people not him. 

But hitting him was more fun. And the rueful set to his face said he knew exactly what she meant, anyway.