he kind of means her personal space

This Is War [9]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1274

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: All of the support and comments that I have been receiving on this series has really made me feel so great and totally inspired!! I’m sorry this part is.. Well.. You’ll see.. Feedback as always would be amazing!! Thank you for reading xoxo

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Sometimes, Jyn wonders if she’s dreaming. It’s the only possible explanation as to why such an adversarial relationship (ie: all the times she’d told Cassian Andor to his face what a pretentious, egotistical douchebag he was being) has slowly shifted and turned into … this.

 Whatever this was.

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Okay but the best thing about Yousef, in this clip, is how much he respected Sana’s personal space.
I mean, in most movies and shows, the guy puts his arms around the girl when he’s flirtatiously teaching her something.

Yousef had the opportunity to do that, when Sana was getting it wrong even after Yousef demonstrated her the right way.
But he doesn’t, because he knows it might make Sana uncomfortable.

Yousef Acaf is the kind of guy, who even when flirting, will respect your personal space.

i like lance and also procrastinating on my homework

alternatively titled: it was 11:00 pm last night and i couldn’t sleep so i kept thinking about lance 

anyway, everyone who has ever watched voltron knows lance hasn’t had a character arc yet, while almost every other main character has (pidge, keith, hunk, allura, shiro.) coran hasn’t had one yet, either, but that’s not the point.

every main character (including coran this time) has been given a reason to fight against the galra…besides lance. and by “reason,” i mean a personal one, not just “the galra are bad.” pidge wants to find her family, keith is galra and therefore has a personal connection to them, allura and coran’s planet was destroyed by the galra, shiro was captured and tortured by them, hunk saw the horrors of the galra’s colonization up close and bonded with a victim of the galra, and lance…

what is lance’s reason for fighting the galra, other than the fact that he was there at the right place, right time to find the blue lion, with no way back to earth?

he has no personal motivation to be fighting. lance didn’t have an arc, or any backstory, connected to wanting to defeat the galra. he was just thrown into everything because a giant blue space cat chose him as her pilot. lance has absolutely no reason to stay and fight the galra. 

which kind of ties to the whole thing that lance is almost like a placeholder. anyone with enough skill could be the blue paladin. because lance has no drive to be it. he doesn’t have any connection to any of this. 

what does this mean for the plot, though?

well, this could go one of two ways. either lance is given a reason to be a paladin, some personal connection to the galra, or…he really is a placeholder. i’ll let you interpret that as you please.

all in all, my point is that lance, as compared to everyone else, has no reason to be part of team voltron.

Title: The Secret (Part 4)

Code: LB0004

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,260

Note: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Remember when I said this would be the last part? I lied. One more after this and then I SWEAR I’m done.

Warning: I tried smut. I tried. So, there’s that. SMUT AHEAD

Previously on “The Secret”: You smirked, and whether you would call it the warm evening, the wine, or the laughter you’re sharing with the man in front of you, you leapt. “Truth or dare?”


“Sissy.” You smiled, and he shook his head with his own smile coating his lips, sipping his bourbon. “So tell me, Jethro…” you paused, “what did you think about the view earlier?”

He nearly spat out the alcohol.

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aiyaseace  asked:

How would Balancing Act treat their S/o who has severe menstrual cramps? Like, the 'moving hurts, it's making me nauseous' kind of severe.

Raph and periods don’t get along - meaning: He hates that his bae has to go through this every month (fucking how dare you period scum). He doesn’t like seeing her in pain, she doesn’t deserve it goddammit, and it makes him highly clingy and perpetually wanting to cuddle her up in some cozy body heat (so if she prefers personal space, she needs to lay that out fast with this big teddy bear). Donnie may not be as clingy as Raph, but he is highly on top of things. He always keeps track of their babe’s cycle, so he knows when and what to stock up on in the lab before the time comes. Donnie is also super sweet and gives their partner his key to his secret sugar trove so she can settle those cravings. 

Side note: if she’s comfortable with the idea, Donnie has nooo issue offering to help her with some “home remedies” for her cramps cause y’all know orgasms are the best for them, yeah?

Scrambling for Scraps- Real or Not pt 4 (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

You didn’t return to the movie room. Dejected and tired you just fell into your bed, scrolling through your phone, until you fell asleep. You slept blissfully that night. You felt safe and warm and secure and some deeper feeling of indescribable contentment.
When you woke up, you saw why. You were curled up against Alex’s body, nuzzling into his chest. His arms were wrapped around you, his face nuzzling your forehead. For a brief moment, you felt blissfully happy and content, and in love. Then, memories from last night came crashing down on you, once again hitting you like a shock of cold water.
You were tucked under the covers, which you hadn’t been before. Alex was on top of the covers…but the situation was still much too intimate for your liking. Alex was using you! You jerked away, anger and sadness and humiliation replacing the love and contentment you had been feeling before.
The sudden movement awoke him. Of course, Alex, who barely slept when he wasn’t on break, would be a light sleeper.
He saw you and his face split into the biggest smile you had ever seen. He looked blissfully happy, and groggy. He looked like he was feeling everything that you had felt at first.
“G’morning Y/N. Y’know, you are the only sun I need to wake up to to start my day.” He said, hazily, opening his arms to you. Your heart melted a little bit. It’s all fake, you reminded yourself.
“What are you doing Alex?” you asked him.
Suddenly, he seemed to jolt awake.
“Ahh, shoot, well, ummm. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight. Um, the boys brought a bit of alcohol, and um I was kind of drunk and I don’t know, maybe I forgot we were pretending. And, well, I thought it’d be more convincing if we slept in the same room. That way no one gets suspicious.” He finished.
For the second time in two days you had witnessed the eloquent Alexander Hamilton stuttering. You brushed it off, climbed out of bed and tried to act normal.
“Well, there’s no one in here right now. You don’t have to pretend.” You said. Despite your best efforts, a trace of bitterness leaked through into your words. You couldn’t tell whether or not Alex had noticed.
Your new resolution to act normal seemed to work. Kind of. The chunk of the day was spent with the Washington family. You’d known them for quite a while, so it was easy to get along with them. Unless Martha mentioned something coupley about you and Alex. You ignored the stab of guilt in your stomach.
Then there was Lafayette. You’d been friends with him since high school as well. You were hurt that he would throw your heart under the bus, and he knew it. Alex had noticed you being more distant, and he noticed the tension between you and Lafayette. It didn’t take him long to figure out that Lafayette had said something, so there was tension between all three of you for a large majority of the day. Luckily, George didn’t catch anything, but Martha picked up on something.
“It’s 6:30.” Martha announced.
“All of the young folks out of the house. You have that party at 8. Here’s some money. Go get some ice cream together before the party?” Martha said, shooing you Alex, and Lafayette out of the house.
“What party?” you asked.
“High school reunion after party.” Lafayette responded.
You all piled into Alex’s car and rode up to the local ice cream shop. Everyone was completely silent the whole way there. When you arrived, everyone silently hopped out and entered the shop.
The minute you walked in, Alex made a face and hissed.
“What?” you asked him.
“Nothing, he said, encouraging you to look in the other direction. You complied, confused, rushing up to get your ice cream, suddenly eager to be away from Alex. Just as planned, two other people got in line between you.
You ordered your favorite flavor, paid, and sat down at the bar with your ice cream.
“Y/N? Is that you?” someone asked.
You turned and saw your ex-boyfriend, Thomas Conway, sliding onto the barstool beside you.
“Tommy!” you cried, hugging him casually, happy to see an old friend from high school.
“It is you! Wow, you just seem to get riper with age. I don’t know how it’s possible, but you are more beautiful now than you were back in high school.” He said, tucking a strand of hair behind you ear. You felt both uncomfortable and conflicted. Even though you weren’t really dating Alex, it felt kind of wrong to let another guy flirt with you.
“She’s also a lot more taken than she was in high school.” A voice said form behind.
You turned to see Alex.
“What do you mean? She was dating me in high school.” Thomas said.
“Yeah? Well she’s dating me now. So step the hell away from my girlfriend, back up out of her personal space, keep your hands off of her, and don’t flirt with her.” Alex said.
Thomas backed away.
“I apologize Y/N. I meant no disrespect. Um, I would love to catch up some time,” he said, nervously, getting up and returning to his table.
“What the hell was that?” you hissed angrily at Alexander.
He turned red.
“I-I, can’t have guys flirting with my girlfriend, can I? I’m trying to make this look convincing.” He said, staring deeply into his ice cream. You didn’t know whether to feel happy or frustrated.
Although you guys had arrived pretty early, when the party was mild, it was now in full swing. Luckily everyone at the party was of legal drinking age, because the majority of them seemed to be drunk. And drunk people often came up with less than intelligent ideas. Like whoever had come up with the idea to play truth or dare.
You all were adults for goodness sakes! Yet, here you were, a circle of adults, sitting on the floor, spinning a bottle. Alex was drunk, like most of the other people. He joined the circle eagerly. You, sat on the side, basking in your sobriety, as you were the designated driver.
It was amusing to watch the ridiculous things that people admitted and did. A drunk mind produces a sober mouth, you thought wryly, watching people confess embarrassing truths. Then the bottle landed on Alex.
“I dare you, to play 7 Minutes in Heaven with Maria.”
You felt a cold sense of dread wash over you, as Alex disappeared into a closet with his ex. Why didn’t he just say no? How dare he? He got mad at you for talking to your ex, but he did this with his ex?! And not just any ex, but the ex that he had cheated on Eliza with.
You felt sick and angry and sad. History was just repeating itself. You stood, abruptly and left the room. Damn. Angelica had been so so right. You stopped in the kitchen and collapsed into a chair, with your head in your hands. You were far enough away from what was going on, and not far away. You couldn’t escape from the knowledge.
“Y/N?” a voice asked.
You looked up and saw hazel eyes, shining with concern. John. He handed you a frosted glass full of creamy frothy liquid.
“What’s this?” you asked John.
“It’s a chocolate milkshake. Chocolate always seems to be a good remedy when people are feeling down. I saw what happened and I saw you, looking sad, and someone left out a blender for margaritas s, I used it to make you a milkshake, hoping it would make you feel better. You’re too sweet to be this sad and too pretty to frown like this.” John said.
You took the milkshake and took a sip. MMmmmmm.
It was creamy and sweet and a little bit comforting. A bit of a remedy for a heartache.
“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m slightly drunk and you’re dating my best friend.” John said.
“Actually, Alex and I aren’t really dating.” You told him. Obviously, Alex didn’t care too much about your fake relationship. Why should you? Besides, you needed someone to talk to about all of this. Someone who wasn’t as biased as Angelica. And John had been one of your closest friends since high school, just like Alexander. Actually, even more so, because while you and Alex had clashed for a while, you and John had hit it right off.
“You want to tell me the story behind that, beautiful?” John asked, sloppily, trying to add flirting at the end of his genuine question.
You launched into the story, telling him everything. Yet, you conveniently left out the part about possibly having feelings for Alex. The entire night, after that, you kept considering what Angelica had said.
“Alex will only ever be able to give you scraps of a relationship. You deserve so much more.”
Maybe that something more had been in front of you the whole time. Maybe, it was time for you to stop scrambling for scraps and set your sights on someone who could give you the love you deserved.

anonymous asked:

How about some head canons about the crews' sleeping patterns?

Ok YAS this is what I live for

•cinder sleeps really deeply. That girl could sleep through ANYTHING. She usually sleeps on her back or stomach bc metal leg. She’s the kind of person who accidentally punches bedmates in her sleep

•Kai sleeps like a mess. Very un-emperor like. He sleeps spread eagle face down and drools. He wakes up if cinder punches him, but mostly rolls over and gets back to sleep. Would sleep til 1 pm if he could, but always has to wake up at like 6, which is tragic bc he stays up til like 2 am every night.

•scarlet likes to hold things when she sleeps. She’ll hug pillows if there’s no boyfriend handy. Probably the kind of person that likes “background noise” when sleeping. Usually goes to sleep at a reasonable time, but can go 48 hours without sleep in times of stress.

•wolf sleeps all the time. Everywhere. Sleeping is his favorite hobby. He finds it easier to sleep when the people he loves are safe, so doesn’t do that as much in times of stress. When wolf can be found constantly passing out on any vaguely horizontal surface it means the world is ok.

•cress needs it to be quiet and dark to sleep. She finds it easier to sleep directly after physical activity of some kind, but will also just pass tf out after staying up until 4 am on the computer. Tosses and turns a lot in her sleep. Serial blanket hog bc she is always cold.

•Thorne is the kind of person who has existential crises right before sleep. Sleep talker because he literally never shuts up. It’s not even meaningful confessions it’s just garbled nonsense like “do pigeons have feelings?” Who knows.

•winter is actually a sleepwalker. She likes to be held while sleeping though, which means that whoever a holding her gets really rudely awakened. Also a blanket hog, pillow hog, space hog. U shouldn’t share a bed with princess winter she will steal ur blankets and ur heart. Wakes up looking #flawless at like 7 am. Sometimes 3pm

•Jacin is the worst at sleeping. He needs conditions to be just right, and then he needs time. It takes him like an hour to fall asleep on a good day when he’s hella tired. Always complaining about being sleep deprived but never does anything about it.

I hope this is what u wanted anon.

Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 15

Read on AO3.
Part 14 here.
Part 16 here.

Summary:  You thought going through Kylo Ren’s stuff was totally fine–until Minks had to go and make you feel bad about it. Why should you have to apologize?

Words: 2200ish

Warnings: Naughty memories/language I guess but you probably know that if you’re this far in.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Look it’s a chapter that’s a normal length and doesn’t have any sex.

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Pairing: Cullen x f!Lavellan

Rating: SFW, fluff

Summary: Cullen learns more about the Inquisitor’s hobbies.

Note: I use my own Inquisitor here. She’s an elven mage and her name is Othinus.

A short, somewhat cracky follow up here: Caught

He always noticed when she was drawing. Even at Haven, where the snow covered almost any possible surface, he’d see her perched somewhere, scribbling intently into a notebook. At the time he didn’t feel it was appropriate to ask about it.

Even at Skyhold, where their duties grew significantly, he’d still sometimes find her sitting cross legged in some impossible place. She would be in all kinds of different locations: outside on the wall overlooking the injured, sitting snugly in the library, under a tree in the garden. She even took her supplies with her on her journeys outside of Skyhold. He would wonder if she would draw any dragons and giants…and then shudder at how she could even find the opportunity to portray the beasts.

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lsa18  asked:

I'm 23 on Saturday. Please can I have a modern au roommate everlark Drabble please :) preferable rated M but not too fussy!!

Happy birthday! You’re story was submitted by @alliswell21, who slaved like a boss into the wee hours of the morning getting this little jewel written. We think you’ll like it. ;)

Unbetaed and written overnight. All mistakes are mine.


“How was I ever so lucky, to land you as roommate?” She asked, possibly for the millionth time in the two years they’ve been sharing the small two bed/one bath/zero privacy apartment.

She smiled gratefully at him, when he filled up the mug she cradled in her hands with hot chocolate, to go with the pile of freshly baked cheese buns he’d just dished out for her.

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anonymous asked:

There are many I would love to see from you but the two I narrowed it down to is the Police AU with Gajevy and the Secret Dating AU with the two showing up at different times with and one gets jealous when one see the other being flirted with with Gajevy

I went for the secret dating AU this time! Hope it’s okay. I’m still super rusty and trying to combat writer’s block. <3

It’s not your fault that they hover
I mean no disrespect
It’s my right to be hellish
I still get jealous

;When Hell Freezes Over

Dating someone in secret wasn’t without its complications – though the sneaking around was an inevitable rush and did get the blood pumping. Living a double life wasn’t easy, especially when the friends of your secret lover were adamant to set her up with arguably better suitors. Gajeel was beginning to understand just how difficult superheroes had it. Well, at least he didn’t have to change costumes before dragging Levy into a closet and taking off her clothes. 

Unlike Superman, however, Gajeel’s disguise was genius. He didn’t exist. Levy’s friends had no idea who he was and, unlike Superman, he had no qualms with losing his glasses in public. Although, just to be on the safe side, he’d always carry an extra pair.

“You’ve been staring at that girl all night,” Juvia said, setting her drink on the bar to squeeze his shoulder. “Is everything okay?” 

“It’s fine,” he said, turning his gaze on the strobe of lights blinking and dancing in the centre of the empty dance floor. “I was just thinking.”

“Be careful,” she teased. “That’s dangerous, Gajeel.”

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anonymous asked:

Well, there is no healthy relationship in Fairy Tail. Even though Jellal was partly brainwashed it would perfectly reasonable for Erza to stay away from him, which she didn't. Gajeel injured Levy. Pinned Jet and Droy and LEVY to a tree and branded her with the phantom insignia. Beat her best friend up, destroyed her home. Never apologized. A ship which never metioned his feelings at all. Natsu invades Lucys personal spaces all the time and sexually harasses her.

The main difference I’d give is that of all of them, Gruvia is the one that’s most prone to ignoring the issues it presents. Jerza pretty much does nothing but dwell on the issues between them. Most of their big moments are about working to get through and past the crap that’s passed between them. Gajevy, in the mean time, kind of starts with acknowledging that Gajeel hurt Levy. Even if he doesn’t directly apologize, his attempt at doing something to make up for it is what first catches her eye. If you’re talking about Natsu breaking into Lucy’s house then it’s just a running gag that everyone breaks into her house. If you want to argue that her friendships are unhealthy too for that, then be my guest. (At least he never announced his presence by getting into the bath with her—Cana!) And if you’re talking about the dragon breath incident… eh. I’ll give you that. Of the four boob gropes we got, his was the only one that wasn’t an accident. I actually think Nalu is one of the better relationships. There’s no baggage behind it, by and large the two just connect really well, and whenever one does something the other doesn’t like, it gets discussed then and there.

Aside from which, I’d say Juvia is by far the worst if you’re going to be looking at behavior in terms of sexual harassment. Especially because she’s the big one to not really care about the word no.

It’s not like he sat down one day and decided “Hey, I’m going to be a dick to every girlfriend I have and tell them I don’t love them.” But it seems like they all think that’s what happened.

Lisa, Cassie, Amanda, Robin, Ellie, and Carmen corner him at Castiel’s cafe, wearing similar expressions of anger with a side of hate.

“Hey, ladies, what can I do for you?” Dean turns up the charm to hide the fact that if he had a little less control, he’d be pissing his pants right now.

Lisa seems to have taken the lead of this band of sisters. She takes another step forward and points a finger down at Dean. “You owe us an explanation.” Lisa gestures to her fellow women, all of the women who had rejected Dean since he moved into this shitty college town, who nod in unison.

“For what?”

This time, Cassie speaks up, all fired-up with her hair springing every which way. “You broke up with all of us because you can’t love us? What bullshit is that? Are we not good enough for you?”

The other patrons of the cafe have taken notice of this assault but don’t seem to want to do anything about it. Dean wonders if they feel like they’re watching a car crash - it feels like that when he’s a casual observer of another couple’s public fight. Although this has gotta be less of a car crash and more of a multi-car disaster.

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Fandom: SDR2

Relationship: Hajime Hinata/Nagito Komaeda

Rating: Teen and Up

Genre: Humor, Fluff (so much fluff)

finally taking care of some of these prompts yeah

AO3 link

Hinata kneels down before him, pointing at whatever Komaeda had scratched into the sand. Komaeda’s face scrunches up into a laugh, and Nanami smiles. She doesn’t see Komaeda laugh very often.

“Don’t you think,” Koizumi says reflectively, “that they ought to be a bit more than friends?”

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Seems Like A Night For A Drink

Based on my conversation with @diggo26 about my Olicity wish

It was supposed to be a small drabble and then it turned into this.

Oliver sat at his desk working on a way to lessen the crime in Star City without being too harsh on the citizens of the city when he received a phone call from Felicity.

“Felicity,” he answered.

“Um, no. It’s Sin.”

“Sin? Thea’s friend?”

“If you can call us that. Yeah, I guess.”

“Why do you have Felicity’s phone?”

“So, you know that Thea left me in charge of Verdant while she’s doing what rich girls do for a few months?”

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Top Ten: fic!Clarke Headcanons

Compiled by the ladies of the Bellarke Fanfiction Net

Bellamy Edition

Clarke is not a morning person

Clarke Griffin is not a morning person. In fact, most of the mornings, she’s not even a person. More like a zombie incapable of human speech patterns, just groaning and growling. [x]

He’s just about done scraping the bottom of his cereal bowl when Clarke drags herself into the kitchen, sporting a serious case of bed head, with her oversized sleeping shirt all askew. He grins around his last spoonful of now soggy cereal at the way her eyes are all scrunched up in protest at the sunlight streaming in through the window. “Morning, princess. Ready to take on the day?” His grin stretches even wider at the narrowed glare she shoots him. The sight of her in full on, I-am-not-a-morning-person grump mode never failed to deeply and thoroughly amuse him, a phenomenon she had morning-grumped about several times before. [x]

Clarke inhales coffee

Green appears to be in charge of putting coffee mugs in everyone’s hands and knows exactly how everyone takes it (including me) without needing to ask (Jordan with enough sugar to kill a small dog, Reyes black, Blake with two creams and no sugar, Griffin by the gallon and immediately). [x]

When a new coffee shop opens up near Clarke’s apartment, she’s ridiculously excited: Half because the med student part of her basically lives on an IV drip of caffeine and half because the artist/indy stick-it-to-the-man part of her is relieved to see it’s not a Starbucks. (Call her a hipster, but she never really trusted those international chains.) [x]

Clarke gets cut off by her mother when she drops out of medical school

“I said I can’t afford it!” she yelled at him. “She cut me off, okay? She cut me off. So I don’t have any fucking money and I definitely don’t have enough for a hotel.”

Bellamy pulled into the hotel parking lot and cut the engine. “When?” he asked, trying to keep the hostility out of his voice because dammit, he needed to sleep in a bed. And why didn’t O tell me?

“Few months ago. I told her I’d finish out the semester, but then I was quitting med school. She cut me off and I have a little savings, but not much.” [x]

Lincoln has been her best friend since she’d defied her mother’s wishes and expectations by moving to New York City and enrolling in art school. [x]

Clarke is a terrible cook

Goddamnit, she’s cute. Not his typical type, but hey, he’s got eyes. And they can see clearly that his worst cooking student in the history of…ever is pretty much adorable. [x]

Raven is her best friend

She sits down on the edge of the bed with a sigh, reaching for the slightly crumpled pages and smoothing them out against her thighs. Maybe Bellamy keeps a secret diary professing his feelings of love and adoration for Raven’s body. (Raven’s her best friend, but she isn’t blind and she knows those two had sex once upon a time.) [x]

She wanted to hang out with Raven.

Go to a bar, and drink, giggle, and bitch liked they used to in college. It was exactly what Clarke needed. The problem, of course, was that Raven was backpacking in South American right now, and, well, Raven was really the only cool, good female friend that Clarke had. [x]

Clarke grabs the phone and sees Raven’s selfie flash across the screen with the identifier ‘Best Fucking Friend Ever’. She slides the answer button across the screen and brings the phone to her ear. “Raven.” Clarke’s tone is not amused. [x]

Stray streaks of paint, everywhere

Instead of getting something to eat, she went back into the bathroom to wipe away any remaining paint on her body. [x]

Today, she left five red apples and Clarke eats them all, one by one, while sitting crossed-legged on newspaper covered floor and getting her black shirt and hair ruined by still wet white paint. [x]

It’s true; Clarke’s still got streaks of dried paint all up and down her limbs, blues and pinks and greens and oranges. [x]

Mouth like a sailor

“You’re not gonna break me. So stop screwing around and fuck me like you mean it.” [x]

Clarke’s vibrator is always broken

“It’s not—” she begins, then decides, fuck it. “Well who else would I call? I just—I’m tired and maybe a little tipsy and just… it’s lonely. And my vibrator broke.”

“Jesus, Clarke.” The strangled tone in his low voice makes her shiver for reasons unknown. Then, unexpectedly, he says, “Well, you can always call me, you know.” [x]

Except two weeks later, her vibrator breaks down right as she’s starting to get very invested in her orgasm, and she can’t make it work again. She thinks about finishing herself with her fingers, but Bellamy’s room is just down the hall, so she pulls on her pajama bottoms and goes to see him instead.

He’s rumpled and tired-looking, hair in disarray, wearing his glasses instead of his contacts, and she can see piles of books on his desk. History paper, she remembers. “Hey,” he says, frowning. “Everything okay?”

She slips into the room and pushes the door shut behind her. “My vibrator broke.”

“Did you want to have a funeral for it in the middle of the night?” he asks, wary. “Because I feel like that could wait for morning.”

“I was hoping you could take a study break and help me out,” she says.“ [x]

Clarke likes to tuck her icy cold toes into Bellamy, (on the couch, in bed, etc.)

Apparently not. Somehow, at some point, her legs had uncurled, and her freezing feet had insinuated themselves under the backs of Bellamy’s legs so that he was now sitting on them. They must not have been there long, but they were already much warmer. She cocked her head in thought. It wasn’t ideal, but he was stealing her popcorn. Seemed like a fair trade to her. [x]

He hisses at the icy digits touch his flesh, making him arch away.

“Put on some socks or something!” 

“But they’re so far away,” Clarke whines, and shoves her feet even deeper in the space between his back and the couch. 

“This is not comfortable,” he tells her, trying to settle back against the couch.

“Neither are my feet,” she retorts. “Don’t you love me? My toes are going to fall off if they get any colder. Would you still love me if I didn’t have toes?” [x]

Messy, messy, messy

She’s not a perfect roommate by any means. She’s kind of a nightmare in a lot of ways, mostly related to personal habits. She doesn’t keep anything like a regular sleep schedule, because she doesn’t have an actual job so much as a random collection of weird part-time things with bizarre hours. She’s bad at remembering to do basic things like “throwing away empty bottles instead of leaving them in the fridge” and “putting her shoes and/or bag and/or jacket somewhere out of the way instead of just dropping them wherever they fall” and “sleeping in her actual bed instead of passing out on whatever flat surface she feels like.” [x]

In her kitchen there is a stack of dirty dishes that threaten topple at any moment, the bench tops are cluttered with appliances (the base of a blender, a toaster, a sandwich press, an opened microwave and a half empty kettle) along with some tea towels, and a few bills and Thai food containers. Nobody tries to look in the fridge (Octavia admitted that she was scared that everything would come tumbling out and crush her) (Lincoln says she has nightmares about it).

In her living room, it has hard to see the floor because apparently the fryer down stairs broke and Clarke doesn’t own an airier and so the clothes just get put there. Her coffee table has disappeared under notes from class with a few mugs scattered throughout. Her couch always has a sheet drying on it, because it is the only space big enough to dry it. And littered around her TV is her collection of movies and TV series.

Her bathroom is a disaster, all the shelves are overflowing with things, and so is the bench top. All her hair ties scattered among the mess and though everything is technically ‘clean’ it was amazing disorganised.

Her bedroom is tragic, her desk is invisible under all her things (there are a few dishes, a piles of notes, a printer). Her laptop is sitting on her desk chair, which she has wheeled next to her bed. There are a pile of dirty clothes at the end of her bed and her laundry hamper is full, and her rubbish bin is overflowing. Clarke’s bed is unmade the pillows are in weird positions.

So yes, Clarke is messy, but she is also, brilliant, beautiful, organised and… is that a cheeto in her hair? [x]

Clarke’s room is typically a mess of half-finished projects and clothes she never remembers to wash, tossed all over everything including the bed, so sometimes she’ll just sleep on the couch, so she doesn’t have to look at the clutter. [x]

Glasses kink

“They might not,” says Clarke. “Just judging from how much time everyone has to send me pictures of you in glasses.”

He frowns, pushes said glasses up on his face, like he only just remembered them. “In glasses?”

Clarke blushes. “I really like your glasses,” she mutters. “Apparently everyone noticed.” [x]

“You’re gonna look so good in glasses.” She brushed some hair off his forehead.

“Is that what put you over the edge? Is it predictable for an optometrist to have a glasses kink?” he asked, rubbing his hand along her back.

“I don’t know, didn’t cover it in medical school,” she admitted, kissing him again. [x]