he kind of means her personal space

This Is War [9]

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1274

Warnings: It’s a little angsty.. And there is bad language!

A/N: All of the support and comments that I have been receiving on this series has really made me feel so great and totally inspired!! I’m sorry this part is.. Well.. You’ll see.. Feedback as always would be amazing!! Thank you for reading xoxo

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You guys DCEU Lois and Clark are just so KIND to eachother sometimes I can’t take the tenderness. The patience, and the space they give each other, the way that they wait to let the other person collect their thoughts and say what they mean. That’s so deeply underappreciated, hearing your partner out and being invested in not just their position and existence, but their perspective.

Clark doesn’t dismiss Lois’ doubts about her place in his life and whether he can love her and be Superman. He doesn’t shrug it off, he lets the thought sit there, considered, because it’s her thought and it matters.

Similarly, when Clark says “I didn’t see it because I wasn’t looking,” Lois could have shut down that doubt, or pushed forward with the information she had, but she doesn’t. She pauses, she makes that room for his feelings even if she doesn’t see his perspective she hears him out. There’s so much VALUE in that, so much power and love in the silence between them.

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Hi! I love your posts!!! Can I ask you about that skeleton Undertaker dances with in a chapter because isn't his hand a bit too... low for a waltz?

Hello Anon and thank you very much for reading and the very nice words! ^3^ I think I see what cover you’re talking about and yep…

this is a very intimate kind of waltz! xD 

I mean, should this skeleton belong to whom I think it does, I’m not sure that the lady in question would have let that happened with spectators around and maybe even if there wasn’t anyone to watch, back when she was still alive.

But that’s UT for you, I mean:

“The concept of personal space? I don’t know her.”

It’s not his fault, he’s been very lonely and desperate for a while, so he needs affection where he can take it. :))

Haha, thanks for passing by and thanks again for the nice words. Have a nice day Anon!

Okay but the best thing about Yousef, in this clip, is how much he respected Sana’s personal space.
I mean, in most movies and shows, the guy puts his arms around the girl when he’s flirtatiously teaching her something.

Yousef had the opportunity to do that, when Sana was getting it wrong even after Yousef demonstrated her the right way.
But he doesn’t, because he knows it might make Sana uncomfortable.

Yousef Acaf is the kind of guy, who even when flirting, will respect your personal space.

Sometimes, Jyn wonders if she’s dreaming. It’s the only possible explanation as to why such an adversarial relationship (ie: all the times she’d told Cassian Andor to his face what a pretentious, egotistical douchebag he was being) has slowly shifted and turned into … this.

 Whatever this was.

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i like lance and also procrastinating on my homework

alternatively titled: it was 11:00 pm last night and i couldn’t sleep so i kept thinking about lance 

anyway, everyone who has ever watched voltron knows lance hasn’t had a character arc yet, while almost every other main character has (pidge, keith, hunk, allura, shiro.) coran hasn’t had one yet, either, but that’s not the point.

every main character (including coran this time) has been given a reason to fight against the galra…besides lance. and by “reason,” i mean a personal one, not just “the galra are bad.” pidge wants to find her family, keith is galra and therefore has a personal connection to them, allura and coran’s planet was destroyed by the galra, shiro was captured and tortured by them, hunk saw the horrors of the galra’s colonization up close and bonded with a victim of the galra, and lance…

what is lance’s reason for fighting the galra, other than the fact that he was there at the right place, right time to find the blue lion, with no way back to earth?

he has no personal motivation to be fighting. lance didn’t have an arc, or any backstory, connected to wanting to defeat the galra. he was just thrown into everything because a giant blue space cat chose him as her pilot. lance has absolutely no reason to stay and fight the galra. 

which kind of ties to the whole thing that lance is almost like a placeholder. anyone with enough skill could be the blue paladin. because lance has no drive to be it. he doesn’t have any connection to any of this. 

what does this mean for the plot, though?

well, this could go one of two ways. either lance is given a reason to be a paladin, some personal connection to the galra, or…he really is a placeholder. i’ll let you interpret that as you please.

all in all, my point is that lance, as compared to everyone else, has no reason to be part of team voltron.

Title: The Secret (Part 4)

Code: LB0004

Requested by: @alfabravo666

Words: 1,260

Note: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Remember when I said this would be the last part? I lied. One more after this and then I SWEAR I’m done.

Warning: I tried smut. I tried. So, there’s that. SMUT AHEAD

Previously on “The Secret”: You smirked, and whether you would call it the warm evening, the wine, or the laughter you’re sharing with the man in front of you, you leapt. “Truth or dare?”


“Sissy.” You smiled, and he shook his head with his own smile coating his lips, sipping his bourbon. “So tell me, Jethro…” you paused, “what did you think about the view earlier?”

He nearly spat out the alcohol.

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A Night Alone

Sort of a long time coming. For that anon that insisted, for @i-write-distractions for making me think of it, for @johnbabayagawick​ for supplying all the John Wick (and the inspiring thicc thighs) gifs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  

Summary: Solo love in the shower.


Enjoy, most excellent friends!

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Headcanon that Pidge loves Scooby Doo. Keith is neutral on it (doesn't hate it but finds it a bit boring and has trouble watching more than one episode at a time) but he'll watch it any time Pidge wants to watch it. Just for an excuse to cuddle with her.

Dude! This is super cute, I have similar idea in my head, for fic (I would write but my writing skills are “meh”) where everything is the same, they’re in space, and Pidge just watch SD in her free time, when she is not saving the Universe, which is hard to find time, but you know what I mean. Lance and Hunk are not very into it, so she enjoys it alone, but she is not completely happy.
And one day, Keith is so exhausted from being a responsible leader, he wants to “break his walls” and spend more time with his friends, so he just kind of started to hang out with Pidge in silence. First, he just stands behind, slowly coming closer, and closer and finally, he sits with Pidge her in room, but still on the other end of the bed, not too close, he likes his personal space after all. Pidge showed him SD and he is not amused, but watching her funny reactions is worth it. It’s all platonic for most of the time, it so cute, cuddly and fluffy and eventually there is veeery slow burn, it’s a soft idea, great for chilling, the idea is to show how Keith is slowly opening up to Pidge, and she is doing the same, to the point, where they share the strong bond, and become best friends, just like Keith with Shiro, but more subtle? I mean, the others are starting to notice something is up, Lance just comes into Pidges room to steal her headphones, she is in the bathroom and iLance is confused because instead of Pidge, there is Keith, with HER laptop on HER bed. Imagine that embarrassing situation and how awkward it is for Keef. Lance is in his pink boxers with hearts and Shiro’s shirt, hanging on him loosely, so it’s like mutual understanding: “You saw nothing, I saw nothing” exchange, Lance just grabs Pidge’s stuff and leaves without more talking.
I mean, I would write it, but I’m not sure if my skills are good enough to show you what this story would look like. (> o <)/’,:”.*

Sasuhina month: Stress

Warning: Story contains adult elements and language also mentions and depictions of sex.

Story also depicts the canon pairings (naruhina and sasusaku) in a bad light.


“This is so stupid … ” Sasuke remarked while stopping in his tracks.

“What is ?” Hinata answered back as she too stopped alongside him.

“Everything, the mission, him err me using that jutsu, us now being forced to carry out their will ” Sasuke complained as he gestured in a arc to signal everything around him.

“Sasuke-kun that crystal is worth a lot of  money so this mission is very important to Kohona, furthermore as it can be only detected via very precise doujutsu scouting with both a Byakughan and a Sharinghan it means that you alone are essential … uhm and I was the Hyuuga available. And because we have to look though a whole damned forest using the Shadow Clone jutsu was completely logical on part of our original selves as to not waste time.”

“Hn, I’ll admit when you say it like that it does sound pretty logical even if we are the clones that do the grunt work, it just feels so dirty clones are Naruto’s thing.”

“You better not be implying you’re better than my boyfriend.” Hinata shot back with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

“The jutsu is faulty nonetheless the real Hinata would never have said anything like that, because she’d be too afraid to be impolite.”

“And you sir are obviously a faulty copy as the real Sasuke would never have talked so much.”

“Got me there, I guess knowing that I was created with only enough chakra to exist a few hours kind of shifts my perspective yep it’s stressful knowing I’ll die so soon but at least I’m free from Sasuke’s prime ‘gotta act cool’ bullshit attitude.”

“Really that’s why you remembered how to carry out a conversation ?”

“Hey you’re literally the woman I’m going to spend the rest of my short life with … searching for a shiny rock uhm let’s go !” Sasuke took off.


“You know, I don’t think it’s like that, us dying I mean when we dispel or our chakra runs out our knowledge goes back to the real us, they’ll know and feel everything we experienced out here.” Hinata said after half a hour not managing to bear the stress of their silent search any longer.

“Fucking hooray.” Sasuke deadpanned but he stopped as to acknowledge her.

“5 kilometers back I saw a beautiful tree never saw the species before, I’m sure once Hinata uhm prime gets that memory she’ll come back and collect it’s leaves for pressing.”

“Pressing leaves ?”

“It’s a hobby, you let her enjoy it!!!”

“Not that I’m one to judge, I guess my err his hobby is learning new jutsu.”

Hinata did not know what to say to that, she hoped the fact she felt sorry for him was not obvious as she guessed Sasuke would not react well to pity

“So is Naruto going to pound you under the tree before or after you collect the leaves ?” Sasuke smirked and tried not to blush at what he said.

Hinata light up as a tomato but finally she tried to shoot back.

“Definitely a bad copy, not even the real Sasuke is so socially retarded to blurt that out.” and she jumped away to search again.


“Wait Hinata I want to explain !” at this and maybe because their allocated area had been searched Hinata had stopped and turned to look at the Uchiha.

“I, he the original Sasuke have been all kinds of stressed out and uhm … fuck it I’m not guarding his secrets I’ve been stressed out about sex in particular and it finnaly bubbled to the surface. But it was wrong of me to dump it all on you, you have nothing to do with this.”

“Really, it sounds like you have unmet needs ” there was something strange in her eyes as she said this “I would have thought Sakura was desperate enough to go along with whatever perversity you wanted in the bedroom ?”

“Uh that’s it, back then when I still had revenge on my mind I ignored every girl that came my way, but I could have had any of them … ”

“Not me.”

“True … but now that I want to move on and want companionship it’s like I have ‘property of Sakura’  on meI never should have acquiesced to her pleading and well she’s baby crazy, I want to have a family rebuild my clan but I’m not sure she is the best option even if she somehow has made herself the only option.”

Hinata looked conflicted as if two opposing thoughts were battling inside of her finally she spoke.

“These types of relationships I think wind up disappointing precisely because one of the couple has waited so much and built up so much hopes and dreams, when it fails to be all milk and honey stress is inevitable.”

“Uhm I guess you and Naruto ?”

“How that man can be so dense I’ll never understand ! He spent years with Jiraya and yet he’s not catching any of the hints prime Hinata keeps sending him about her needs, it’s so maddening I swear she’s worn down so many dildos down to their core all alone that you wouldn’t believe.”

Sasuke was taken aback by her confession but then he realized that even if they wouldn’t dispel themselves now that the search was over they had enough chakra to exist like a hour at most, he and this Hianat would soon just be memories in their creator’s minds.

“I go back home to my empty little apartment after every day then masturbate in the dark, I don’t know what could be more sad ?”

“Heh, you know since the cloning jutsu created us with copies of whatever the originals had on them at the time they cast the jutsu, my pack has in it besides the shuriken and other tools a shiny purple dildo, my plan was after we finished searching to excuse myself and hide out somewhere and put it to good use, you know relieve a little stress in my final moments before the jutsu ends, I’m sure prime Hinata would be grateful for those memories as well as the recon data.”

Sasuke raised a eyebrow, of course it was purple what other color could he have expected ?

“That leave me behind part is that really required ?” he said trying for a devil-may-care smile “Yesterday after our prime sleves took part in the briefing for this mission, when he got home Sasuke’s alone time was filled with images of your rack and what he’d like to do with it.”

Now was Hinata’s turn to give him a raised eyebrow and dare him to continue.

“I mean there’s something there with you never being interested in him, a kind of forbidden fruit thrill of the hunt thing, besides your undeniably enticing body. So do what you need to do, I’d watch though.”

Hinata slowly cma forward. getting right into Sasuke’s personal space looking up at the taller man while deliberately arching her back to give him a good view.

“Or we could something more interesting,something that would burn a lot of stress.”


“How do you think the scouting is going, I usually do the scouting myself but now to leave it to another even a clone I made … ” Hinata started talking, if only because she couldn’t handle Sasuke’s silence, she knew that was his way but she was alittle stressed out and didn’t need it right now.

“You’re worried you screwed up the jutsu ? I’d think you’ve seen Naruto do it hundreds of times …” Sasuke shot back.

“It’s not that lots of things can go wrong when tracking …” she stopped as she saw Sasuke’s eyes go glassy and him starring off into nowhere, if she had to guess his clone had dispelled himself and now Sasuke was receiving it’s knowledge and experience sorting through it to find the conclusions.

“That fucking traitor” he said seemingly not caring he was speaking aloud, but then Hinata saw something even more interesting a satisfied grin seemed to form on his lips while a faint but definitely visible redness spread across his face, was the infamous Sasuke really blushing ?

Suddenly his attention was on Hinata, and he came a step closer.

“You’ll probably want to sit down.”

Hinata thought that was an odd thing to say and then the images and experiences came back from her clone.

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blake is very in touch with her emotions and i think she already knows she doesn't have feelings for sun. what indication is there that she DOES have a crush on him? hardly any, if you ignore boy + girl = romance and look at how blake has actually acted towards him, in contrast with how she acts towards other people she cares about, especially yang. she ranges from casually hanging out with him to being super annoyed with him, and never approaches anything resembling him being special to her.

yeah, like, she’s only voluntarily chosen to spend time with him once and that was at the dance and more than likely that’s because she’d rudely shot him down and felt bad about it. every other time she’s around him it’s because he pushed his company on her and the others. the one indication you could take that she’s interested in him is that one moment in volume 3 where he points her out in front of a crowd of thousands on a live global broadcast and she blushes. but that’s still one instance and it exists solely on its own

she barely pays attention to him when he’s right in front of her, but her team is always on her mind (she even openly said to his face that her team is more important to her than she thought anybody could be - she places them above him so casually and unapologetically). i’ll go back to what i said about 2x02 in the last ask - she wasn’t paying attention to the board game, but she was also fine with sticking around and kind of playing until Sun showed up and started talking to her, at which point she got up and left. similarly, she stormed off the moment Sun asked her about the dance, but she stuck around and tried to reason with RWY for a little longer when they brought it up, and she sat down and listened to Yang when Yang asked her very nicely in 2x06

even when he’s injured, all she has to say is ‘not again’ - all that moment did was bring up what happened with Yang for her. it wasn’t about him, it was about someone getting hurt because of her again. and afterwards she kept her distance before and after he woke up (compared to how she was lying next to Yang and holding her hand - with the arm on her injured side no less which would have required she stretch and agitate the wound, she made the effort and risked hurting herself more for Yang’s sake - also sidenote, the left arm is the one closest to the heart, Blake was holding Yang’s left hand with her own left hand), and the first thing she talks about when he wakes up is why she left her team behind. she doesn’t care enough about him to ask how he is after getting stabbed for making a racist comment. a lot of people like to try and claim that Sun ‘makes Blake smile and lighten up’ when Yang was making her smile before he even showed up (it was even stated in the commentary on 2x06 that Blake is sunnier when she’s around Yang - who lives up to what her name means, while Sun’s name is always taken for its literal spelling and he doesn’t actually really have a ‘bright, sunny personality’. he’s just loud, obnoxious and makes dumb jokes and very rarely has he actually made Blake smile)

there is no romantic substance there beyond people reading ‘boy+girl=romance’ into every interaction, and the whole ‘girl is constantly pestered by a guy and end up internally convincing themselves they can like him and be with him because the guy never shuts up’ which is… gross, i mean it’s just “he was a boy (who was extremely disrespectful), she was a girl (who has zero time for his shit), can i make it anymore obvious?”. i’ve seen some amazing reaches as well, like trying to spin her annoyance with him as a positive sign of their relationship, because ‘she’s open with her emotions with him’, unsubtly implying that Blake is actually constantly annoyed with her team but pretends to be enjoying herself? which is ridiculous and kind of gross (like Blake is at her brightest when she’s having fun with her team, she’s not like that at all around Sun). and then there’s the sarcastic “Blake didn’t react when Sun put his arm around her like a boyfriend would, oh yeah, she definitely hates him” crowd, which is equally bullshit because they’re taking a lack of response to Sun’s actions as proof that she likes him (and she outright calls him on his inability to respect personal space later, just because she doesn’t confront him every time he does something doesn’t mean she’s comfortable with it). and not once is he special to her like even in the way her friends are. it just does not work as a romance without essentially ripping out all of Sun’s character and most of Blake’s and filling it in with fanon (where Sun has Yang’s characterisation and depth and Blake’s issues and trauma are excised so she can be wooed by the big buff mcmusclem’n)

Jonsa AU. Sansa has a headache. Jon helps her out with it.

Literally a “I have a headache” / “orgasms help” pwp. /sorrynotsorry


Sansa couldn’t concentrate.

A headache had plagued her all day long. She’d already attempted all of her tried and tested remedies: a snack, ibuprofen, a cold pack on her forehead, a nap. She’d even wheedled Myranda into giving her a neck rub with the promise of a no questions asked loan of her wildly expensive Miu Miu dress. All, of course, to no avail… and no relief.

She had a major paper due in tomorrow, and all she had to her name was a nonsensical mish-mash of thoughts she’d typed out while her head was throbbing. It was crap. She could barely read and she knew it was crap – and if she knew it, then there was no way Professor Baratheon was going to let it fly either, and she needed the grade. A good grade.

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How would Balancing Act treat their S/o who has severe menstrual cramps? Like, the 'moving hurts, it's making me nauseous' kind of severe.

Raph and periods don’t get along - meaning: He hates that his bae has to go through this every month (fucking how dare you period scum). He doesn’t like seeing her in pain, she doesn’t deserve it goddammit, and it makes him highly clingy and perpetually wanting to cuddle her up in some cozy body heat (so if she prefers personal space, she needs to lay that out fast with this big teddy bear). Donnie may not be as clingy as Raph, but he is highly on top of things. He always keeps track of their babe’s cycle, so he knows when and what to stock up on in the lab before the time comes. Donnie is also super sweet and gives their partner his key to his secret sugar trove so she can settle those cravings. 

Side note: if she’s comfortable with the idea, Donnie has nooo issue offering to help her with some “home remedies” for her cramps cause y’all know orgasms are the best for them, yeah?

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Barbarossa x fem so hcs

> While he’s a very mysterious person from time to time, Barbarossa always tries to be very open with his s/o. He mouths everything to her, even the things she might not want to hear, though he means well when he says them. Nevertheless he doesn’t have a problem with apologizing if his s/o tells him that he stepped over a boundary

> Barbarossa is a very handy person. Even on banquets or festivities he like to have his hand on his s/o’s hip, guiding her along through the masses of people attending. He doesn’t even mind when somebody tells him to maybe put in some space between the two of them, as they seem almost too close, and just tightens his grip onto his partner, feeling kind of possessive if someone tells him to not do what he actually enjoys doing

> There are only a few nights, that he actually spends with his s/o, mostly because of work or because it would be inconvenient. He still tries to stay over every now and then, having a habit of staying up a bit longer to watch his s/o calmly dreaming next to him. It gives him some sort of peace to have her snuggled up to him, letting him forget for a few minutes about his sins and regrets

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How about some head canons about the crews' sleeping patterns?

Ok YAS this is what I live for

•cinder sleeps really deeply. That girl could sleep through ANYTHING. She usually sleeps on her back or stomach bc metal leg. She’s the kind of person who accidentally punches bedmates in her sleep

•Kai sleeps like a mess. Very un-emperor like. He sleeps spread eagle face down and drools. He wakes up if cinder punches him, but mostly rolls over and gets back to sleep. Would sleep til 1 pm if he could, but always has to wake up at like 6, which is tragic bc he stays up til like 2 am every night.

•scarlet likes to hold things when she sleeps. She’ll hug pillows if there’s no boyfriend handy. Probably the kind of person that likes “background noise” when sleeping. Usually goes to sleep at a reasonable time, but can go 48 hours without sleep in times of stress.

•wolf sleeps all the time. Everywhere. Sleeping is his favorite hobby. He finds it easier to sleep when the people he loves are safe, so doesn’t do that as much in times of stress. When wolf can be found constantly passing out on any vaguely horizontal surface it means the world is ok.

•cress needs it to be quiet and dark to sleep. She finds it easier to sleep directly after physical activity of some kind, but will also just pass tf out after staying up until 4 am on the computer. Tosses and turns a lot in her sleep. Serial blanket hog bc she is always cold.

•Thorne is the kind of person who has existential crises right before sleep. Sleep talker because he literally never shuts up. It’s not even meaningful confessions it’s just garbled nonsense like “do pigeons have feelings?” Who knows.

•winter is actually a sleepwalker. She likes to be held while sleeping though, which means that whoever a holding her gets really rudely awakened. Also a blanket hog, pillow hog, space hog. U shouldn’t share a bed with princess winter she will steal ur blankets and ur heart. Wakes up looking #flawless at like 7 am. Sometimes 3pm

•Jacin is the worst at sleeping. He needs conditions to be just right, and then he needs time. It takes him like an hour to fall asleep on a good day when he’s hella tired. Always complaining about being sleep deprived but never does anything about it.

I hope this is what u wanted anon.

Fix Your Attitude: Chapter 15

Read on AO3.
Part 14 here.
Part 16 here.

Summary:  You thought going through Kylo Ren’s stuff was totally fine–until Minks had to go and make you feel bad about it. Why should you have to apologize?

Words: 2200ish

Warnings: Naughty memories/language I guess but you probably know that if you’re this far in.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Reader

A/N: Look it’s a chapter that’s a normal length and doesn’t have any sex.

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I'm 23 on Saturday. Please can I have a modern au roommate everlark Drabble please :) preferable rated M but not too fussy!!

Happy birthday! You’re story was submitted by @alliswell21, who slaved like a boss into the wee hours of the morning getting this little jewel written. We think you’ll like it. ;)

Unbetaed and written overnight. All mistakes are mine.


“How was I ever so lucky, to land you as roommate?” She asked, possibly for the millionth time in the two years they’ve been sharing the small two bed/one bath/zero privacy apartment.

She smiled gratefully at him, when he filled up the mug she cradled in her hands with hot chocolate, to go with the pile of freshly baked cheese buns he’d just dished out for her.

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