he kills me with his looks

  • Bruce in Batman v Superman: Guess I'll go kill Superman then. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Bruce in Justice League: [crying, a hot mess] Alfred, listen, Alfred, [pauses to wipe his eyes] listen, and then when Clark looked at me, there was an aura of light around him, an- and, [loudly blows nose] and it was like he was seeing into my soul, Alfred, he,


So instead on working on the stuff I had planned on working on today, I instead decided to replay @nighttimepixels game “Soul Redacted"​ so that I could get a hold of the dialogue from this scene of Berry declaring that he and Q, belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground,​ are now best friends, which frikking killed me the first time I played it as this was immediately what I thought of, Berry putting his finger against Q’s screen shushing him with Q just looking slightly shocked and stuff <:

This actually didn’t turn out all that bad, just Berry’s anatomy which looks a bit meh and my attempt at drawing the machine did not go so well either though I didn’t really try, Berry’s face on the other hand in the first panel turned out pretty damn good if I may say so myself :D

Anyhow, hope ya two enjoy this!

Bonus close up of Q:


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Here's an easy one. Sirius Black.

Ah, my very favorite character! 💚

  • favorite thing about them: I can only list one??? 
  • least favorite thing about them: His Recklessness.  It’s what got him killed.  That and JKR.  Damn it JK!!!
  • favorite line: “I did my waiting. 12 years of it, in Azkaban!”
  • brOTP: James Potter, of course!
  • OTP: Remus Lupin.  Moony and Padfoot forever.
  • nOTP: Regulus.  No incest please.  And Snape.  KILL ME FIRST.
  • random headcanon: Sirius grew out his hair to piss off his family at first, but ended up liking it.  Of course, being as vain as he was he liked how it looked and the appreciative stares, but the reason he really loved it was because he could use it to hide behind.  Sirius never mastered the Black’s complete control of their emotions and his could always be easily read on his face.  He would use his hair to obscure his face when he knew his emotions were running high.
  • unpopular opinion: Other than the fact I think this asshole can do no wrong, I can’t think of one.  LOL
  • song i associate with them: Broken Crown by Mumford and Sons
  • favorite picture of them: My head canon for Sirius fluctuates between the model Vito Basso and TT @asktheboywholived.  Because…well, damn.  Do I really need to explain?? lol

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Apparently I also like my Sirius half-naked.  ;-)

Welcome to the Jungle

A/N: That happens when I’m bored and spent too much of my time with looking at Steve gifs… oh, and I love plants, so… yeah…

Like always, feedback is appreciated :)
and tell me what you are all think about it ;)

Words: 1.032

Characters: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Reader


[GIFs aren’t mine]

Steve Rogers liked missions. He didn’t like to fight to hurt or to kill people, but he really liked to save the right, innocent persons who were in danger because of the wrong guys.

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12/5 please get here fast!!

This panel is killing me. 

At first I had a knee-jerk shock because… no chapter context, Hak’s bare hotness out in the open, another girl touching him, Yona with a yet to be unpacked reaction from behind a tree.

Then I was like, NO BIG DEAL people. I saw more pages. Yona might just be worried about his general state of mind. Look at he and Ayame’s faces anyway. He’s like all serious. She’s like just going about her work. Plus, I mean, check out the necklace bae is sporting…

Exhibit A

But then… I looked a bit longer (note to self: don’t do that). And I discovered…

Exhibit B

I definitely did not notice that direct eye line before. I thought he was off in his head being mad. But now I can’t unsee Exhibit B. Because he totes Exhibit C’ed before…

Exhibit C

So now I want to smack Hak. I mean, he’s done the same to Yona. He’s a boy without a whole lot to look at in that moment. He still technically could not have been looking at Ayame’s bust. But Kusanagi… you devious mangaka, I wish you’d drawn him like looking forward or up at the sky or something!!

And after all that, let me confirm, I 1) have not read the chapter in English, 2) don’t think anything is actually gonna happen with Ayame in any capacity whatsoever, and 3) know there are Exhibits A through infinity from this manga of how much Hak and Yona love each other.

This frame just fucked with me a little. Probably on purpose. That is all ^^;

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Killian Jones doesn't leave behind family... But like... Liam II. :/ He flat out ignored that child, I mean, I guess I get it, he was kind of salt in the wound kind of deal, but the asshole killed his dad and left him to that cabin alone. I love Killian to bits, but that decision was always something that made me angry.

Look, I agree with you. That was a dick move. I wish they had done that differently.

But comparing that to this… Liam 2 was not Killian’s child. On top of it, he was the one responsible for Brennan’s death and even if he had tried to bring Liam with him, chances are Liam would have absolutely not accepted living with his father’s murderer. I realize it was a shitty and selfish decision. If Liam 2 had been a baby, I doubt Killian would have left him – he may not have taken him in, but he’d have found him someplace to stay.

(Also we can’t even be sure that in this particular timeline, Wish!Hook killed his father.)

But Alice. Alice is his daughter, planned or not. And he can’t be the kind of father his was. He doesn’t need to have True Love with the child’s mother to justify treating his daughter with love and respect.

Let me tell y’all something about Justice Leauge and the DCEU (JL Spoilers ahead):

In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce gets a “vision” which was Barry Allen running back in time telling him that he was right about Superman and that Lois Lane was “the key” but the key to what? What was Bruce Wayne right about?

Well, just looking at BvS, you’d initially think that Bruce was right about Superman being evil; that he could very much wig out and kill everyone in his sight. And we get a glimpse of this in Justice Leauge, once Superman is brought back to life and goes on a lowkey rampage against his fellow JL members.

In Justice Leauge, Bruce is 100% sure that bringing Supes back from the dead would be worth it yet no one else on the team is as convinced as he. The only reason that he is so sure is because Barry himself told him in BvS that he was right about Superman: the world needed him and the team needed Clark. That message that Barry sent was never about what damage Supes could do; it was about the good he would bring if he came back to us. And “Lois is the key” is obvious. She’s The Big Guns™. She connects him to our world more than anyone else. She AND ONLY SHE, would remind him of who he is, what this world means to him, and how important protecting it is. And of course, Barry is so sure in his message to Bruce in BvS about Supes intentions is because HE WAS THERE. HE SAW THE RETURN OF SUPERMAN AND THE GOOD IT DID.

So, I’m guessing that in the Flashpoint live-action film, we will see Barry Allen going back in time and fixing the time anomalies he created when he saved his mother. And one of those anomalies will involve him going back in time to BvS and delivering that message.

Which is what I fucking LOVE about the DCEU; it’s so fucking comics. Like, so fucking comics. That’s the type of shit that would actually happen in these whacky worlds! And I seriously FUCKS WITH ZACK SNYDER FOR GIVING US COMICS IN THIS MEDIUM. HE FUCKING DID THAT. HE. DID. THAT.

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6B Lizard Love for Kai

No clean line art bc I don’t have the energy. I just used this as an excuse to vent a little again. And I personally like that sketchy coloring and those jagged, messy lines. Emphasizes the atmosphere in a way. Me thinks.

I still have one meme request in my ask box and I might do it next week, but I’m not sure since I have an exam and representation in a language that’s not my own and I will maybe be too stressed out to draw in evenings so.. Ye. But I still take requests if only you are interested. I’ll do them when I feel I can. These are honestly interesting and fun to do.

Expression meme thingie here

So, I was watching the Return and I needed to make some GIFs of Athos’s pretty, cranky face, and everything else, so here they are.

Never the best way to be woken up, is it? Also, mmmm, neck porn

@thelaithlyworm wanted lots and lots of his lovely green eyes, so…

Well, hello, handsome older man with the lavishly open shirt and all that comes with it

One of the reasons Treville makes a great captain is his ability to delegate

D’Artagnan hasn’t quite mastered Aramis’s elegant duck and dive out of shit shifting yet

You can hear his headache in this scene. Also, dripping hair over long lashes, yummy

Is Athos thinking, “Oh good, they’re going to kill me and then my head will stop hurting?” or “Okay, knife, ropes, confusion - is it Tuesday already?” He doesn’t look bothered at all though. Also, eye porn

Beard porn

Neck porn

And then, it’s Wee Mad! Athos for the win! The change from languid tedium to full on vicious occurs in a split second. No wonder they all jump. (We don’t see him lose it very often. It’s scary when he does

More coming. All my edits. Take what you like :)

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When I did the new 24 man this morning befur work our smn was attacking the wrong sand and i rescued him and he started bitching that i inturrupted his dps. like. you do no dps if we dont kill the sand because we wiped. let that sink in. youre in our alliance so act like it? there were markers down. its okay to realize youve run to the wrong one because i did that a couple times, but CHRIST just accept that you fuckt up and move on. it escalated to vd after he got salty with me.

“u ruined my deeps” you were hitting the wrong fucking thing, idiot, look at the way markers

- mod proxy

Ok so like my psych teacher was teaching us the effects of drugs and energy drinks (taking too many of them), so he told a story abt his 3 friends who were in the woods and drank a shit ton of energy drinks. one of them stepped on a twig and when it snapped one of them said “oh my god theres a axe man coming after to kill us” so they started running out of the forest, but one of them falls into a thorn bush, so he starts bleeding n shit. they got to one of their houses and they grabbed the sheets from the bed to put on the bleeding dude, and when the guy came out wearing his white sheets, the light hit him in such a way and one of the guys looked at him and said “oh my god, i didn’t know you were jesus!” and the guy looked at himself, said “holy crap… i guess it has always been in me, i never noticed.” the other guy was in the corner and told him “prove it.” so the guy jumps out of the fucking window and their on like a 2 story building so he falls and breaks an arm and a leg.

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I believe Luca could actually also leave it as an open ending tbh. Like maybe the sequel of Elio and his life after Oliver and maybe bits from Oliver like when he calls as he visits italy with his children and all and then at the end them, 20 years later, there together just look at each other and the screen goes black or something leaving us wondering too... I mean it would kill me but its possible

Didnt Luca say he would like to explore Elio/Marzia’s relationship more? I wouldnt like that too much unless its on a friendship level. Much rather would like to see Elio’s maturity leaving his family and starting his career and getting glimpses of Oliver before they talk or meet again but nothing too dramatic more platonic, until they meet again face to face and it somehow takes us back to Italy

I’m somehow afraid that if the film takes us into a bigger city it will burst up the bubble we have of acceptance and love is love which is one of the most important and beautiful things of this movie. It will be different if we get Elio in a bigger, crowded city full of prying eyes and maybe Oliver’s family or colleagues. I die for a clousure but I’m afraid to get one that I wont love as much

Hi anon! I’m assuming these were all from the same person because of how quickly they came in, but if they’re not - sorry!!!

Oooh that sounds like a cliffhanger that would leave me clamouring for a third installment - I think it depends on whether Luca wants this to be two films or a trilogy, or indeed - inspired by Francois Truffaut - several films dipping in and out of Elio’s life. If he intends for just two films, I think the story would need more resolution than that. The first film left us with an “I might be getting married”, with an “I remember everything”, with Elio still in tears… I think Luca has covered the 20-year span enough but mostly I don’t want to be left crying in the cinema on my own again!

Luca did say he imagined Elio and Marzia together. I’m in agreement with you - I love them as close friends but after the conclusion of their summer romance in the film, I’d find it difficult to believe Marzia would end up with him again. She saw throughout that Elio was in love with Oliver and she chose to walk away from Elio when he couldn’t find the nerve to just tell her. Luca would have a job convincing me that they progressed beyond friendship after all that. I would like to see glimpses of Elio exploring his sexuality and other relationships, show that he’s not just hanging around pining for Oliver but that actually, no matter what it always comes back to him anyway.

Ah, I know what you mean - a bigger city might kill the small town, private vibe. That’s why I’m hoping for the New England visit - it didn’t feel like big city USA when I read it in the book, and actually felt just as quiet and intimate as Italy would have been for them. But you know, Luca is talking to Aciman about this and with the film changing the ending, to something Aciman prefers, in their discussions about where Oliver and Elio are now based on the film he might take us somewhere completely different and unexpected.

The one thing I’m sure of is that I won’t be disappointed by any ending… I believe Luca/Aciman will make sure it fits the story and the characters well and I trust them to do that. But then I said the same about the Gilmore Girls revival and look what happened there.

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I mean, the thought of #2 or #3 with Zenos and Ramora kills me.

“Nope, I absolutely refuse to touch that.” Ramora says flatly, hands raised up in disgust.

Zenos looks at her with murder in his eyes. “You’ll help me, or I’ll-…”

Ramora cocks her head. “You’ll what? Nothing, that’s right. Because the only reason you’re still here, out and about, and adventuring - is because of little ol’ me!” 

Ramora pauses, circling around him in consideration. “Now ask me nicely or I won’t help at all.” 

Zenos looks so irritated Ramora wonders if he might strain something. “Please.” He grits out, looking as is the very word were vile on his tongue.Truly, it was as if being polite was painful to him. Who knows. Maybe it was.

Ramora snorts. “Ok, I guess I’ll help you.”

She steps forward as he dips his head, hands carding through the silk of his hair until she finds what she’s looking for.

“Ew, ew, ew,” Ramora cringes as disgusting slime coats her fingers. It was disturbing to touch. And foul smelling as well. 

The expression on Zenos’s face is utter misery. Teeth clenched. Eyebrows angry. He looks ready to kill something. 

“It’s ok,” Ramora says, oddly enough trying to soothe him. “We’ll get it out, alright?” 

Zenos turns his gaze on her, searching her face for a hint of mockery at his expense.

But Ramora only offers a regretful smile. “I’m sorry the slime got in your hair.”

Zenos relaxes, eyeing her thoughtfully.”You as well.”

Ramora’s eyes go wide. “Whaaat? There’s some in my hair, too? Get it out!”

Zenos throws his head back in a cackling laugh. 

“Don’t laugh at me, I’m serious! Oh, this is so gross!” 


location: august’s apartment
situation: august invites his boyfriend home for thanksgiving

    “So…here’s the deal,” said August. “My mom will kill me if I don’t come home for Thanksgiving. And, I kinda wanted to spend it with you. So, I figured, why not both?” August looked to the other male. He was uncertain yet what they were and he wasn’t used to feeling like this. Having him accept the invite would be a big win. “It could be pretty fun right?”

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Michael, how did you think of your YouTuber name? :0c

He suggested the name to me and I guess it sorta stuck-? 

I wasn’t very popular then, obviously, so I didn’t use the account as much, but I made the YouTube channel during the summer after my junior year in high school. So, that was about four years ago. 

Wow… four years. I can’t believe it. It feels so long ago, haha. But it still hurts like it was yesterday.