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Yondu and his toys

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'Bianca would have loved you' solangelo

The thing is, when somebody goes away, they’re still very much here.

Nico would like to say that he can think about his sister without this weird, empty ache taking place in that place inside of his ribcage. It squeezes his heart and makes his ribs shake. It hurts.

Hurts more than battle scars, werewolf scratches, monster dust sprinkling against your skin and the realisation that I just killed something and the other realisation that something was trying to kill me. Again. Hurts more than wars and broken bodies and someone never loving you back. Even more than surrounding yourself with ghosts because spirits must accept you more than the living ever will.

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I LOVE your blog!!! I've been reading lots of you rec fics, and Derek is sentimental, shy, blushing and whatnot... Can I have one that Derek is confident? And that Stiles REALLY likes that side of him? Thank you my loves

Ooooo yes! This is one of my favorites. - Anastasia

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Day at the Lake by cjr

(1/1 I 471 I General)

Stiles couldn’t turn away. Derek was trying to kill him. Water dripped down from his wet hair onto his unclothed chest. Stiles couldn’t help but stare. Derek caught Stiles’ eyes and raised his brows, looking cocky. He slowly turned around, giving Stiles a great view of his ass.

Light A Roman Candle With Me by Phantomlimb

(1/1 I 651 I Not Rated)

Stiles was just attending to his duties like a good barista when some asshole decided to order an espresso like he owned the place.

Shut Me Down by lazykisses

(1/1 I 2,051 I Teen)

Even when Derek’s an asshole, which is 75% of the time (90% on a rainy day), with his deadpan humor and cocky eyebrows and his annoyingly vague text messages (like that one time Stiles asked him if he’d studied for Chemistry and Derek replied with “hn”. What the hell does ‘hn’ even mean?), Stiles doesn’t mind. And that kinda scares him.

She Devils, Singles, and Lumberjacks by noviceliterati

(1/1 I 3,711 I Mature)

When Lydia asks him to accompany her to a singles night in exchange for her help, Stiles reluctantly agrees, but little does he know he’s bitten off way more than he can chew…

I love you, I love you not by Laluna92

(7/? I 19,789 I Mature)

That was around the time Derek started treating Stiles like the scum at the bottom of his shoe and he replaced Jackson with the “best friend forever” title.
I guess it’s one of those rare days where Derek acknowledges his existence. Great.
“You think you can manage staying out of my way, princess?”
Stiles takes in Derek’s cocky stance and he shoots him a glare, “Think you can manage to go fuck yourself?”

Unknown Kindness in a Cruel World by Dexterous_Sinistrous

(1/1 I 35,357 I Explicit)

The prince carefully observed Stiles. “Do you know who I am?”

Stiles knew he should have. “No,” he answered, knowing the pimp would be unhappy with that answer.

“Are you afraid of me?” The prince asked, his eyes never leaving Stiles.

Stiles’ heart was pounding in his ears, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He knew the pimp would want him to answer with a quip or flirtation. But Stiles didn’t want to lie—not to the prince. And he couldn’t tell why. “No,” he truthfully answered.

Mr Hale by SephrinaRose

(26/26 I 52,337 I Teen)

It was only last week that Stiles had been a completely happy college student, laying about and playing Xbox. But, now, only a few short hours later, he was known worldwide as Mr Hale’s bitch.

Oh shit indeed.

Or in which…

Stiles is a Columbia college student with photographic memory, who hates people that use and abuse others with their power. One day when he is forced to be in the same room as the King Of DickBags: Mr Hale, of Hale Magazine, he gives him a piece of his mind…only to find that it was a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life.

Or is it?

We Move to the Same Rhythm by samann98

(16/16 I 54,263 I Explicit)

Derek is the cocky captain of the basketball team with a not-so-secret love of dance and Stiles is the leader of the school’s struggling dance team. With Stiles’ dance team, Spin Cycle, on the verge of being disbanded, Lydia suggests they bring in some new members. Stiles agrees, until she suggests Derek Hale.

Hoech’s face as he looks at his gay doppelgangers pictures and life is so telling.. 

Huh, who’s that? Is that Tomas? Oh shoot I gotta act like we didn’t use to date.

“Oh yeah very interesting, mmhmm” I don’t think we look alike, or else I might have a narcissist problem, I guess I didn’t see his face all that much since he had mine pushed into the back of the couch.

Oh crap… I think that is actually a pic of me. I gotta call him and tell him to take that down! Bae is gonna kill me!

Episode Prompto

Whelp I finished Episode Prompto. 😥I won’t start posting videos/audios from it for a few days probably…to give people time to play it without my posts spoiling up their dash. When I do start posting stuff I’ll still tag it for spoilers though. I will post a few pics of Prompto in his new outfit though from the main game cause I don’t really consider that spoilery. The clips shown during the ending credits killed me.

I will say this though:

Aranea was already my favorite girl from the game and this just made me love her more.

Verstael is a bastard.

And Prompto is so much stronger then he shows everyone.

Now to go put on his new outfit. 😊

And I can FINALLY look at my Episode Prompto and Prompto Argentum tag pages again since I’ve been avoiding them like crazy the past two days. lol

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Hi 😊 so, a Steve Rogers x reader one please? Where they're together and love each other so much, they go to a mission, find The Winter Soldier and almost kill her, back when Bucky's on the avengers tower, Steve doesn't let Bucky be near her 😕 Thank you! Just fluff and angst ❤️

It was just supposed to be a simple in and out mission. It only required me and a few of the lower level agents, none of us could have none he would have been there. Somehow word got back to the tower, and Steve appeared out of nowhere, wearing his civilan clothes, carrying his shield. I watched from a distance as Bucky turned to look at Steve after he knocked his mask off.

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I took off in a full out run, coming in between him and Steve as he went to shoot him.
“Y/N! No get out of here!”
I didn’t answer him, instead keeping my eyes locked on Bucky’s. I slowly raised my hands, watching as Bucky was about to pull the trigger.
“My name is Y/N. You’re name is James Buchanan Barnes. The man behind me, he’s your best friend from the 40s. He’s also the man I love. I can’t let you hurt him. So please, put your gun down and come with us willingly. It does have to end in a fight.”
“It always ends in a fight.”
He pulled the trigger, and I fell backwards onto the ground, holding my side. I touched my side and brought my hand up to my face seeing it covered in blood. Steve’s face came into view and I groaned as I sat up, Steve trying to push me back down.
“Y/N you shouldn’t get up. You’re losing too much blood!”
“Steve I love you, I really do but we both know that if it comes down to it, you will not be able to stop him. Now either help me up, or move out of my way.”
Steve said nothing and I went to move again when I felt his hands on my waist, helping me stand. Once I had control of my balance again, I took off running after Bucky. I saw a glimmer of metal running in between a few buildings and I pulled my guns out, easing up onto the buildings. I threw a flash grenade down the alley, watching as it marked his spot. I looked over the corner, shooting at him. I heard him grunt, so I was hoping that meant I managed to hit him. I looked up, seeing the fire escape beside me. I had an idea, reholstering my guns and climbing the fire escape. I peered over the ledge, seeing his arm. I figured that if I jumped, it would only be about two stores, which is nothing to me. I took a few steps back, running and jumping over the ledge. I landed on his shoulders, and I took a wire a had and held it in front of his neck, trying to pull it so I could wrap it around him but he was holding me back. He managed to walk us out of the alley and I relinquished the wire and started to punch him. He went to pull me off but I did Nat’s signature move, wrapping my thighs around his neck and swinging backwards, pulling him down.

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That little victory didn’t last long as a Hydra agent threw a grenade at us. Bucky looked at the goon and me, jumping on top of me and covering my face with his metal arm. I huddled together as the grenade went off, pushing Bucky off me.
“If you didn’t know who you are, you wouldn’t have protected me.”
He said nothing, looking at the ground before we both heard the cock of a machine gun. I looked back over at Bucky, watching as he took off running. I took off too, but I felt searing pain in ankle and I tripped. I looked around, and I saw the truck with the machine gun coming closer and I pushed myself up, huddling over behind a broken down wall. I thought I was safe, well safe enough to ride it out but the next thing I knew the truck was in front of me and started to shoot. I screamed, the pain everywhere. I saw a blurry Steve come and pick me up, running me to the jet. The last thing I saw was Steve’s blurry crying face, begging me not to go.
Steve View:
Y/N had came out of a thirteen hour surgery, barely alive. They had managed to remove all the twenty-seven bullets, patching her up as they went. The bullets had managed to clip her heart, collapse both her lungs and nick an artery. They said the likelihood of her making it over night was zero. I cried then, asking if I could go see her. They took me to her and I cried again when I saw how bad she looked. Her skin was sickly pale and she had tubes coming out of her from literally everywhere. It was about a month later that she had woken up, being placed in an induced coma to help her. I cried then when she squeazed my hand and slowly opened her eyes. It was six months later when she was back to her original self. It was another six months later that Bucky was back, and he was staying at the tower. As happy as I was that he was back home, I refused to let him and Y/N stay in the same room. I wouldn’t even let her be two floors above or below him. I could tell is was starting to annoy Y/N but I didn’t care, I wanted my fiance’ alive and well. Even if Bucky wasn’t in the right state of mind when he attacked Y/N and left her for dead, I still don’t have the heart to forgive him.
Y/N View:
All the avengers had agreed, Steve had a stick up his ass when it came to me and Bucky. Everyone on the team also agreed that I needed to talk to Bucky because it could help him and me. So that day, we all came up with a plan to get Steve out of the tower and it worked perfectly that there was a solo mission that had Steve’s name on it. We even got Fury and Hill in on it, who briefed Steve. Once he was in the jet, I made my way down to Bucky’s room. I knocked and he came to the door, quickly shutting the door when he saw me. I rolled my eyes, pushing the door opened and walking in his room. I sat down in what I knew was Steve’s chair and I watched as Bucky stood there.
“Would you at least sit down?”
“Steve said I’m not allowed near you.”
“Steve’s not even on this continent to have a say anymore. Now sit down.”
He mumbled a yes mam and I had to stiffle a laugh as he sat down on his bed.
“Do you remember that day?”
“Of course I do. If I didn’t remember that day on my own, Stevie fixed that.”
“I’m sorry for that, I am. I just want you to know, the only thing you did was shoot me when I came in between you and Steve. You protected me when a grenade was thrown at us.”
“Yeah but I didn’t protect you when they started to fire the machine gun.”
“Bucky I don’t hold that against you. How can I when you weren’t you. I trusted you before I even met you, I still do.”
“But Steve-”
“Will have to get through me if he even wants to see me walk down the asile.”
“You’re getting married?”
“Yeah, we’re hoping to get married soon. Steve didn’t?”
He shook his head no and I made a mental note to slap Steve a new one. I got up and sat beside Bucky, giving him a hug. Bucky smiled and returned the hug.
“Miss, Mr. Rogers has returned.”
“Thank you Friday, we’ll be there shortly.”
“Of course Miss.”
I got up and held my hand out to Bucky and he just smirked and got up, placing his arm around my shoulders. We went up to the hangar, where everyone else was. They all smirked when they saw how me and Bucky were. When the jet doors opened, Steve’s eyes immediatley landing on me, and then looked over to Bucky and I could see he saw red. He stormed to us and I got out from under Bucky’s arm, standing in front of him protectivaly.
“Move Y/N.”
I shook my head standing my ground.
“Y/N move.”
“No Steve, you made Bucky believe it was his fault that I was left for dead. I told you it wasn’t his fault. I told you he even protected me and you still told him it was his fault. Not only did you do that, you didnt even tell him we were getting married!”
I looked over at Sam, who moved behind Clint.
“Sam you can not be Steve’s best man, Bucky is going to be his best man. You can me a groomsmen.”
Sam shook his head yes and I turned back to Steve and I moved out of his way.
He shook his head no and I kicked his shin.
“Then you don’t get to see me walk down the asile.”
“I’m the groom!”
“Not if you don’t apologize you ain’t.”
Steve groaned, turning towards Bucky and smiling shyliy at him.
“I’m sorry.”
Steve rolled his eyes and I hit his shoulder, causing him to step closer to Bucky.
“I’m sorry for making you believe it was your fault for what happened when it really wasn’t. Forgive me?”
Bucky thought it over before he looked at me and winked.
“I guess I can you punk.”
I clapped my hands together kissing Steve on the lips before I grabbed Bucky’s hand and walked over to Natasha.
“What?! Where are you going?”
“We have a wedding to plan Stevie and me and Bucky need to get to know each other. Besides you have a debrief to go do.”
“It wasn’t even a real mission!”
“Debriefing Stevie, or else!”
“Yes mam.”
I laughed, the three of us walking into the elevator. Once the doors closed I turned to face Bucky who was wearing a smirk.
“I told you he would.”
We all busted out laughing and by the end of the week, I was no long Y/N Y/L/N. I was now Y/N Rogers.
Steve Rogers:


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can we talk about how jace looks at maia in this gif it's killing me he is SO into everything about her!!! he's composing wedding vows in his head after the first kiss it's incredible 68.media(.)tumblr(.)com/6d5dd037e1911889ad6032b3df2a6e2e/tumblr_os7xu1r3jt1upehpuo6_250(.)gif

BOOOOOOOOI i mean he was truly shooketh™, he’s thanking the angel for all the things he’s done in his life to get him to this moment and i truly understand??? how did he not cry when she was doing THAT? i… (gif is from this gifset)

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I love this blog. And I also love the fact that a lot of Reylo shippers tend to forget that Rey was a friend of Han too, and that she was actually sad when he died. And like, Kylo killed him. Han was also Kylo's father, so that's a double whammy right there. He killed his father, who was also Rey's friend/the person she admired and wanted to stay with to work on the millennium falcon but ya know, whatever. (Again, love this blog to bits)

Exactly! Like why on earth would Rey forgive Kylo for doing such a horrible thing? Rey clearly admired Han and to just watch someone kill him like that would be traumatising and extremely upsetting. She isn’t going to look at Kylo now and be like “mm damn gotta get me that evil dick”

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Yandere Luciano's s/o being the leader of a new rival mafia family

So they dared to believe they were better? That was cute. Now this should get interesting. Two mafia families against each other. There was no doubt he would win. His was simply the best. But still, he was looking forward to seeing their tactics. Rivals were always fun to deal with, and now that he had his lover as a rival. It would be fun to break them into pieces~. He spent his day planning a way to capture then. “Alright men, let’s get to work. We have a new target….no killing them. Get rid of their defense. Leave the leader to me~” he ordered. Soon, s/o would be his. His prized gem.


Nothing to see here…

“We ‘accidentally’ leave the pantry open when his dog food bag is down to crumbs. Within minutes of us ‘looking away,’ he sneaks in, steals the bag, and runs (or carefully walks) it upstairs. I finally got video of the ‘theft.’ His proud butt waggle kills me.” - shinyblackdogmama

things I love about Steve Trevor
  • He makes sure he actually thanks Diana for pulling him out of the water
  • The only time he ever expresses doubt to Diana about any of her beliefs is when he’s trying to convince her not to jeopardize the mission by killing Ludendorff, and even then it’s a hypothetical (“what if”)
    • He also does after she kills Ludendorff but that’s after her belief is shattered so I don’t really count it
  • He is so duty-bound I love him so much no wonder he and Diana got along so well
  • He just. Wants the people around him to be happy? The scene after they rescue Veld always kills me, and two parts in particular: 
    • When Charlie starts playing piano and singing and Steve says “I haven’t heard him sing in years…” and his face is all soft and you can see the shadow of a smile tugging at his lips but you can also see all the sadness in his eyes from those years of him not singing
    • And when he’s dancing with Diana and it starts to snow and she looks up and is so confused and delighted and he’s like “it’s snow… go on, touch it” and she does (also she has to let go of his hand to do it and he still encourages her to? such a small thing but oh man my heart) and he looks at her with such heart eyes
    • Honestly Chris Pine played him so well, so much complex emotion depicted even when he’s not speaking, like jfc well done
  • I love the boat scene, partly because it’s just fucking hilarious but mostly because their conversation is so respectful. She tells him she was sculpted from clay and brought to life by the breath of Zeus and his reaction is just to raise his eyebrows and say “Well, that’s neat.” 
    • I know that could read as sarcastic but it doesn’t to me at all. It’s funny, sure, but he isn’t making fun of her. It’s genuine and kind, even when what she’s saying is fairly unbelievable.
    • Just the entire way they speak in this scene… He never adopts that Mansplaining Tone™ that is so common, even when he’s actually explaining things. He talks because he wants to share information. It’s a cultural exchange, and I loved it.
  • After Veld, when they’re sitting and watching the villagers dance, he just quietly says, “You did this.” and she’s the one who smiles at him and says, “We did this.” He has so much respect for her and it kills me inside because it’s not “We did this” originally (which could be him pointing out that they’re a good team, him saying they have things in common, or a thousand other things), it’s just “You did this,” because he just wants her happy. He wants her to recognize how goddamn impressive she is. There is no agenda to what he said and it fucks me up
  • The entire scene with the kiss. Like, I’m gay as hell, usually I hate this kind of thing because it feels so unnecessary, but this was so well done I’m genuinely glad it was included
    • When he escorts her up to a room he then starts to leave. Even with all of that tension he doesn’t want to assume that she wants anything to happen. 
    • So he has his hand on the door and he starts to back out of the room and he hesitates just long enough for her to turn around and meet his gaze. And even then he’s reading that as a sign that she wants him in the room so he steps forward and closes the door behind her and then looks up again to confirm that’s what she wanted. And even after that, he crosses over to her so slowly and lets her be the one to actually initiate the kiss. 
    • He gives her a thousand and one chances to change her mind, to give him a small indication that she’s uncomfortable or doesn’t want it to happen, and it’s only once she lets all of those chances pass that they kiss. 
    • Consent-based relationships, man. Fuck me up.
  • Speaking of consent… the scene after Diana returns to Veld and sees the gas has killed everyone fucks me up
    • Steve’s followed her there and is clearly freaked the fuck out because she’s just gone and he physically can’t go in to try to find her because of the gas
    • So when she comes out he’s so visibly relieved and he goes forward and puts his hands around her face, clearly wanting to kiss her, and she shoves him away and says “stay away from me.” and he does.
    • He lets her be furious and devastated and overwhelmed because he knows what it’s like to feel powerless and I think he is genuinely sorry he contributed to her feeling this much pain. He lets her say she’s angry, he lets her blame him, he lets her grieve and doesn’t stop her when she leaves him there.
    • Not only does he not stop her, he sees the smoke from Chief’s fire and yells to her to follow it because he had followed Ludendorff. Their argument from the ballroom still isn’t resolved - she wants to just kill him and be done with it, Steve wants that to wait so they can focus on stopping the gas - but he recognizes that this is her choice and even after she’s basically just blamed an entire village’s deaths on him (and on herself) he tries to help her carry it out.
  • So after Diana’s killed Ludendorff and the war is still going on and Steve runs up to find her, he’s so visibly relieved that she’s alive and (like after Veld) goes to kiss her but backs away without her doing anything because he realizes the “stay away from me” thing has never been explicitly lifted. She might still want nothing to do with him and he respects that.
    • He does touch her a couple times after this but it’s always brief, I think it continues only because she didn’t react negatively the first time, and like they’re in the middle of a fucking war and I think Steve’s about 900% convinced that they’re all going to die so I’m gonna cut him a little slack here.
  • They have that “argument” again, where Diana says “this should have stopped, I killed him, why is this still going on” and instead of saying I told you so Steve just tries to get her to move on and help him save other people.
    • When he says “maybe it’s us! maybe we’re to blame!” (meaning not Ares) and she says that (obviously) she isn’t to blame, he doesn’t hesitate, he just says “but maybe I am.” He’s willing to put that on himself. Also, the qualifier through this scene - but maybe it’s us - is so important to me, because he’s still not saying “you’re wrong.” it’s a maybe.
    • When she refuses to go with him he’s clearly frustrated (again I’m giving him a pass here because he’s frustrated because he knows he won’t be able to save as many people without her) but he still doesn’t try to force her to go with him. He doesn’t guilt-trip her, doesn’t yell at her for not helping. He just gives that desperate shrug and says “I have to go. I’m sorry, I have to go.”
    • And when Charlie and Sam and Chief show up and ask where Diana is, all he says is “we’re on our own.” Not “she wouldn’t fucking help us” - which frankly is probably what I would have said in this situation - just that statement and nothing more.
  • In their final scene, when she’s hurt and dazed and temporarily hard of hearing, he breaks his “no touching” rule, but he breaks it because he’s helping her stand up and then because, well… even if she doesn’t, he knows he’s never going to see her again. 
    • It’s also super important to me that he doesn’t try to kiss her in this scene, because god knows he must have wanted to. He sees that she is in no shape to consent to anything like that and he doesn’t even come close to pushing it.
    • I’m not even gonna get into the “I can save today” part because I’m still too emotionally fraught
    • He says is “I wish we had more time.” before he tells her he loves her and literally runs to his death. That’s it. Nothing that could possibly make her feel guilty, nothing that could have seemed like he regretted anything. Not “I wish we hadn’t gone to the front.” Just “I wish we had more time.”
    • And he then, metaphorically and literally, gives her more time. Because he knows his clock has run out, but that doesn’t mean hers has to… So he runs and saves today and gives her his watch. Gives her time.
  • Anyway I’m seventeen thousand levels of fucked up from this movie, please feel free to add because Steve is amazing and a genuinely good, complex, respectful male character like this should be celebrated

Loki and I searched out some super bright murals to take photos in front of while he was wearing his super bright rain/winter coat. Gawd. He goes from handsome to adorable in the span of two photos, I swear. Next photo outing I’m going to try to find more pastel walls. <3


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.