he kept to his word and called her

I’m still screaming

*Mon-El emphasizing woman when his parents kept trying to call Kara a girl

*Mon-El communicating with his own words (not just a repeat of what Kara said but his own views and perspective on what was wrong with his old life and his part in it) and fully understanding that the way the people of Daxam were treated was wrong + plus accepting responsibility for his role in it

*Mon-El saying that thinking about the person he used to be makes him ill

*Mon-El saying that even if he can’t be with Kara being around her makes him better and that’s what matters

*Mon-El calling Earth home

I know there’s more but my cable’s out so I couldn’t record and go back but these are the ones that are burned into my very soul. This was everything I have been waiting for.

My Beautiful Boy. Bucky Barnes.

REquest: Could you write a curvy reader/Bucky with the Kinks 7,14(strap-on),22,24 (her to him)40,61 (him sub but her as a lovingly firm dom) and 95. I also picture her calling him Beautiful Boy. I know it’s a lot I’m sorry! Id understand if you don’t want to. 

Triggers: Heavy heavy smut. Sub!Bucky.

Word Count: 1622

Enjoy ;D

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dumb overwatch headcanons

angela really wishes she could stay in one spot long enough to grow a garden. her favorite flowers are violets, and even though she’s really allergic to them, she also adores amaranths

ana used to love playing video games before joining overwatch. one of the oldest running jokes is about how ana learned to snipe from some popular game from her early adulthood.

reinhardt likes donating during d.va’s streams so she’ll call out his username: itshammertime2015

jack has an embarrassingly large collectible toy car collection he’s kept in a storage unit back home. nobody knows this. it’s a point of both pride and shame and started when he was a kid.

fareeha went out of her way to learn conversational german after overhearing a discussion between angela and reinhardt about how they miss speaking their native language. she tries really hard to pronounce things and both angela and rein don’t have the heart to correct her on every little word. they think it’s adorable and love her for trying.

jesse absolutely hates the taste of coffee, but drinks it black to fit with his tough cowboy aesthetic. same goes for whiskey. he wishes he could get away with ordering a cosmopolitan, but dammit. he’s got an image to maintain.

idk these are stupid. i spend an inordinate amount of timing filling in the blanks of the characters’ stories and personalities with my own bullshit to make them more ~relatable~ and fleshed out.

A drabble: Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter

Anonymous said:

#16 Draco x reader if your willing to

Yup :)  I wrote this so that (Y/N) is Slytherin, because I didn’t know which other, and I am Slytherin myself so it came out in the most natural way. Sorry if you wanted some other house :/

16# : Getting scared and without thinking grabbing her/his hand

Warnings: Curse words, attempt of (sexual)assault

“Warning! Mr. Douche is coming”, my friend Violet said to me. I looked up, and saw that she was right. Mr. Douche, or Michael, however you want to call him, was walking straight towards us. I put my bitch-face on, and kept walking like I owned the place. He was annoying, rude and conceited, and his looks weren’t that amazing as he thought that it was. “Hello ladies, how’s it  going”, he said to us and stood in front of us so we couldn’t move. I rolled my eyes, and looked like I was almost bored to death. If you weren’t rude to him, he wouldn’t never leave you alone. “Hi Michael”, we said at the same time with Violet, with voices full of annoyance. For some reason he was more interested of me, than Violet. I don’t know why, she was much nicer, and more beautiful, and was Ravenclaw, and not Slytherin. People usually hated Slytherins, but not Ravenclaws. “Sorry (Y/N), I really have to get to class or I’ll be late”, Violet said to me and I nodded, and looked as she hurried away. “So, (Y/N), what do you think about if you and me went on a mind blowing date?”, he asked and flashed one of his smiles. Yak. “Yeah…no thanks”, I said, and waved my head with rude expression. He didn’t let go so easily. “Come on”, he said and stepped closer, and tried to stroke my hair. I jerked my head away from him, and I started to get angry now. “Don’t touch me”, I said with a warning voice. “Let’s make a deal? Give me a kiss and I’ll leave you alone”, he said, with soapy voice. “How about no?”, I said annoyed. “It’s just a kiss”, he said and grabbed my head, and tried to force his lips on mine. “I SAID NO”, I screamed, and pushed him away from me. Now I was so mad, and at the same time little scared. “Hey, no need to get angry here”, he said and began stepping closer. I started to draw my wand out, to jinx his ass, when I heard a calm, but angry voice behind me:

“She said no, so you better leave her alone”. I looked behind me, and saw that it was my white haired crush, Draco Malfoy, standing there, with such serious look on his handsome face. “Walk away, Malfoy, this is none of your business”, Mr. Douche said. “I think it is when an asshole is trying to assault a girl from my house. Don’t you know that you really shouldn’t mess with Slytherins?”, he said and stepped closer, like a predator. Mr. Douche didn’t say anything, so Draco kept talking, and with each word he stepped closer to him with malignancy on his face. “Do you know why? Because if you hurt Slytherin, they will hurt you back three times bigger, and get to their blacklist. And trust me, you don’t want to be on our blacklist”. When he said his last words, he was now standing a few inches away from Mr. Douche. “So, as I said, you better leave her alone for good”, he said again. “Well, I don’t care about your stupid list, and I don’t think that I will leave her alone. She is just way too..delicious, if you know?”, that idiot said. Draco didn’t say or do anything for almost a minute. Then he looked at me, and then back at Douche. Then, out of nowhere, he just punched Mr. Douche straight to his face, and then they started to fight. I tried to get them away from each others. I really didn’t care if Mr. Douche would fell under a train, but I didn’t want that Draco got hurt, or in trouble because of me. And like faith reading my mind, McGonagall walked angrily to the scene. “Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Warrington, stop this immediately!”, she shouted angrily. Boys stepped away from each others, but kept glaring each others angrily. “You two, and Miss (Y/L/N) have detention this evening, after school. You will complete it under Hagrid’s supervision. Now, don’t you have your classes?”, she said strictly. “Yes, Professor McGonagall”, we said in unision.

Mr. Douche walked in different direction from us, as he was a Gryffindor, and then Draco and me started to walk towards our class in silence. I tried to steady my heart and breathing at the same time. “Thank you”, I said after a while. He looked at me with reassuring smile that he seemed only show to me. “Anytime”.

————————After School———————————

I walked to Hagrid’s little house alone, my house cloak waving behind me on a wind. I tightened my green and gray scarf around my neck, and hurried my steps. When I reached the house, I looked around, and noticed that there was nobody else around than me. I was confused, where they are? Until I heard footsteps coming from behind me. I looked and saw that it was Mr. Douche walking. Ugh. Not again. He had an angry look on his face and I swallowed. What was he up to, would he get touchy again? When he was close, and I started to panic, I sensed that somebody walked and stopped to stand next to me. I looked up at my side, and saw Draco standing there, and then secretly winked at me. I blushed, smiled and looked at the ground. I heard a disgusted groan, and I looked up, where Mr. Douche was looking at us disgustingly. My blood started to boil. Just before I started to roast the shit out of him, Hagrid walked to the scene.

“Alright. I see that we all are here. Shall we start going?”, he said with happy tone, and started to walk towards Forbidden Forest. “Why are we going here?”, I asked confused. Everybody always told not to go there, if you didn’t want to die or something. “Oh, this is completely safe, don’t worry”, Hagrid said and waved his hand like this was nothing. It was starting to get dark, as it was already late autumn. He didn’t really sound like a person whose words were really..believable, I guess. When we had walked a while, Hagrid stopped. “Now, we have to go check two places. Other one is there”, he said and showed towards east with his hand. “And other is there”, he said and now showed towards west. “That means, that two of us go to others place and two others go to other. There should be a big, big tree, alone from others. Go there, and there should be a mushroom growing on the side of it. Take it off, very carefully, and then bring it back to me. Clear?”, he said then. “A mushroom? What is so special about it?”, Mr. Douche asked. “It is not a typical mushroom. It has very powerful magic in it. Handle it carefully”, Hagrid answered.

“So, who will go with who?”, Hagrid then asked. I wanted to go with Draco, but suddenly a shyness hit me. What if he didn’t want to go with me? But then I may have to go with Mr. Douche. No thank you. Suddenly, I felt a hand in my hand. It was Dracos. “We will go together towards west”, he said casually. It shouldn’t had sounded so good when he said us to go together. But it did. “Alright, see you here in hour”, Hagrid said and started to walk to the other direction with Mr. Douche.

“Lumos”, I said and waved my wand in a hoop-like movement, and the end of the wand started to shine a beautiful light. Draco did the same, and we started to walk. “Have you been here before?”, I asked from him after a while. “Yes, when I was like 11-years old”, he said, and we kept walking. “So, what is your deal with Michael?”, Draco asked then. Did I hear a hint of jealousy from his voice? No, it couldn’t be. “I don’t have any kind of deal with him, he is an idiot, but he seems to be certain that we are having some epic romance going on, or at least hopes that we had”, I said with a hint of angriness in my voice. “Don’t we all?”, I thought that I heard him say, but I wasn’t sure that he did.

Suddenly, we heard a loud voice come not too far from us. We looked at each others, and then started to walk towards the noise. We started to hear loud breathing sound, and we walked even closer, and I without noticing it myself, grabbed Draco’s hand in my own, and held it tightly. Draco didn’t seem to mind, so we walked a few steps, and saw a big moose there. The voice came from it, as it called it’s calf, that walked behind it. We both breathed in relief, and then I realised that I was still holding his hand. I let go of it. “I am sorry, umm, I think we should get going”, I said embarrassed, and looked down. “Sure”, he said, and I looked him, and he had a smirk in his face. I rolled my eyes with a smile, and started to walk, assuming that he came behind me.

As I had walked a little while, I realised that I didn’t hear other footsteps behind me. I turned around. Nothing but forest. “Draco?”, I silent shouted. Where was he? I started to get worried, and anxious, when suddenly somebody grabbed me from behind and shouted. So naturally I screamed, and punched it. “It” turned out to be Draco. “What in the name of Merlin?! What were you thinking?!”, I shouted and shook my hand in air to cool off the pain. He just held his eye and groaned. Then he started to laugh. “Why are you laughing? This isn’t  funny”, I said angrily. When he didn’t explain himself, I just started to walk away from me. “(Y/N)!”, he said and turned me around. “What?” I said annoyed and waved my arms, when out of the blue he pulled me in front of him and kissed me. When I didn’t right away respond to the kiss, because I was so surprised, he let go and, had this regretful face on. “Sorry, I didn’t mean-” He get to say before I pulled him back from the collar of his jacket and kissed him, with a smile on my lips, but it faded fast away, as the kiss turned quite passionate. We pulled away after some minutes, to breathe and calm our racing hearts. “No need to apologize Malfoy”, I said winking, and started to walk towards the tree. We were already late.

When we had walked a while with stupid smiles on our faces, I remembered him laughing before. “Hey, why did you laugh when I hit you?”, I asked then. He smiled. “It just…If you had punched Michael like that, you wouldn’t had needed my help”, and he let a little laugh. “Oh shut up, I had it all under control”, and pushed him playfully. “Sure”, he said laughing, and after a minute or two, he took my hand in his, and smiled at me. I looked in his brilliant eyes, and smiled back.

(A/N) I am sorry that I made Mr. Douche a gryffindor, don’t ask why. And that I do not know how to write kissing scenes :DD


Better Creatures (Ginny/Mike, NC-17)

Late night, last minute fic for Bawson Sinning Sundays! Forgive me, I was driving today.

Things are, well…awkward seems like too weak a word.

Tense as fuck. Earth-shifting. Walking on crates of dynamite while juggling lit torches.

Mike’s not sure how to deal with the fallout of their near-kiss, so he shuts down. He avoids unnecessary eye contact or small talk with Ginny, stops calling or checking in with her. It’s too much. Everything is too much to handle and there’s an instinct in him to protect them both.

He spends a lot of time thinking about the almosts and the maybes. He’s kept awake by the coulda, woulda, shouldas. If he had turned his phone off or ignored her plea to answer it when Oscar called. If he hadn’t stumbled and stuttered over his words before cracking a joke to lighten the mood. If he hadn’t waited for her to take the lead.

If he hadn’t called her out to the bar at all, and they wouldn’t be in this goddamn mess.

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Little Traitor (Natasha Romanoff x Reader)


Originally posted by karlmordo

“Baba baba baba.” Your sons sang as you prepared his lunch.

Nat was over your house today so you could relax and catch up after a week of not seeing each other.

Tasha kept little Alex busy as you finished up preparing your coffee and his meal.

“Doctor said he will soon speak. This month probably.” You said as Natasha played with your son.

“Oh, I wonder which word will be his first!” Natasha said enthusiastically as she tickled the baby.

“I’ve been trying to teach him to call me but all he says is baba and aghoo.” You chuckled and Nat laughed.

“Well, little Sasha will speak very soon. I believe in him.” She said as she buried her head in his tummy and moved while making funny noises, which sent Alex laughing and softly smacking his little hands on her head.

“You are going to burn many hearts, small charmer.” Tasha said as you motioned her to bring Alex to his seat so that you can feed him.

“Look at these gorgeous eyes of yours.” Tasha continued as she buckled him in his seat and she booped his nose as Alex giggled.

“Open up, Alex. The airplane is coming.” You said as you made airplane noises to lure Alex to eat his food.

Your boy opened his mouth and ate the spoonful eagerly.

“Tata!” he said.

“What?” you asked you son as he clapped his tiny hands. “Tata! Tata! Tata!” he repeated as he pointed at Nat.

“Oh, little traitor!” you snickered but Natasha didn’t laugh. She got up and approached the little ‘brat’ that had just spoken his first word.

“What?” she asked him again, kneeling before his seat.

“Tata! Tata!” Alex repeated as his tiny arms tried to hug her.

Natasha felt tears gathering on the corners of her eyes as she hugged Alexander back.

You smiled widely as you saw the scene unwrapping in front of you.

You took a sip from your coffee and then left the mug back to the table as you got up.

“Looks like aunt Natasha did a bit much of the babysitting.” You shuffled Nat’s hair as she laughed genuinely, a laughter you hadn’t heard for quite a long time.

Steel, Chapter 2: Sold

“I’ll talk to her, Sansa,” Jon had said.

He had kept his word, too, in spite of her snapping at him like a dog at a fox’s throat after all of his kindness to her, after Daenerys Targaryen had told him he should marry her and she had dashed into her chambers to shake and panic and vomit.  He had fumbled his way around her room until he had found clean cloths and water for her face and hair, and he had piled her bed high with blankets and called one of her maids to fetch tea and asked her repeatedly if she was sure she did not need a maester.  The fourth time he had asked, one of her frayed nerves had finally snapped.  She needed no maester, for she did not need to be coddled any more like the little bird Cersei Lannister had kept in this very same cage so many years before.  When she opened her mouth to tell Jon this, however, a throat full of tears had replaced the words on the tip of her tongue, and when she swallowed them down, she made an ugly noise somewhere between a gag and a snarl.  That only angered her, but at least it made it possible for her to speak to Jon without bursting into tears like the stupid, fragile little bird who had lived there before.  

“I will not be cared for by her,” she had snapped, “and I will not be played with by her like child’s toy.  I care not if she is the Queen!  She cannot sell me off or barter me away, or – or – sacrifice me like a pawn in a chess game!” 

Jon had winced almost imperceptibly then, but Sansa had not heeded him.

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Fix You (Part 2)

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

Fix You (Part 2)

Author: Morgan

Prompt: Could you do another Warren x empath!reader where Warren gets into a brawl with a stereotypical jock in a restaurant because the guy kept making disrespectful passes at the reader (even though she is obviously dating Warren) and Warren wins the fight but is hurt more emotionally than physically bc the guy called him trash and a freak and worries again that he doesn’t deserve her but she uses her powers and words to calm his fears and heal his injuries and cute fluffy stuff like that?

Note: There are so many things ahead of this, but I’m having Warren FEELS. And also, I wrote the first part like a few days ago, so I may as well write it while it’s recent.

Part 1: http://imagine-marvel-12.tumblr.com/post/145770616326/fix-you

“You really need to stop getting into fights,” you sighed, walking into your bedroom. Warren was sitting on your bed, several scrapes and cuts all over his body and tears in his eyes. You knew how he felt. Hurt. He always seemed to. But you didn’t blame him. Not this time.

You and him and some of the others were at the mall, sitting in the food court when some very rude teenage boys started to flirt with you, despite the fact that you and Warren were holding hands and he had one of his large feathery wings draped over your shoulder.

Then they proceeded to tell him all sorts of things that weren’t true. That he was a freak, that he didn’t deserve you, that you were too good for him. You knew none of those things were true, and you hoped he did too, but he still fought them. And while he had won, he still felt like he lost.

“I know,” he sighed, shoulders hunched. His eyes met yours briefly before finding his feet. His legs were spread in front of him, and he was leaning back on his arms.

“You know the drill. Shirt off.” You instructed. He nodded silently, tugging the black Metallica shirt over his head and dropping it to the floor. How he managed to put on clothes with his monstrous wings was still a mystery to you. “Look at me, Warren,”

“(Y/N)…” he trailed off, eyes wandering anywhere but to yours.

“Warren,” you kneeled on the bed, swinging a leg over his and sitting on his thighs.

“Why do you care about me?” he asked, tears threatening to spill from his blue eyes. “I’m so reckless and damaged and my temper is…not the calmest. My own father didn’t want me, why should you?”

“Doesn’t it make sense that the boy with the most pain ended up with the healer?” You smiled softly, your hands finding his cheeks. He visibly stiffened as your healing chills ran through him. The bruises and cuts on his face dissolved to nothing, his black eye fading to normal.

“You deserve better.” He murmured. “I’m a f-”

“If you say freak, so help me God.”

“It’s true.”

“No. It’s not.” You shook your head. “You’re not a freak. You’re not a monster or anything else. You are the sweetest, kindest guy I’ve ever met. And yeah, you’re a little rough around the edges, but you’ve been through a hell of a lot.”

“Yeah, but-”

“I love you, Warren,” you interrupted him. His eyes widened slightly and he closed his mouth, wings twitching.

“You what?” he asked, a hitch in his voice.

“I love you to the moon and back, and I wish you could see that.” You confessed. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Tears of relief, of unexplainable joy. Warm emotions radiated from his chest.

“I love you too,” he sat up and pressed his lips to yours. You kissed him softly, meaningfully. When you released, he laid back down on your bed. You laid on his bare chest, hands gently stroking his muscles.

“I’ll always be here to fix you.” You told him. “Always.”

“I know,” he hummed with content, his large hand running through your hair. His wings wrapped around you, keeping you safe and warm. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”

Heart eyes [Riley & Lucas one shot]

Almost a year had passed since Lucas and Riley started dating. And it was going even better than Lucas had expected. In his eyes, Riley was the best girlfriend a guy could have, and somehow, he was the lucky one to call her his. The two of them were so incredibly happy it made the others sick. 

It was crystal clear to everyone around them that Lucas and Riley were deeply, madly, but most importantly, truly in love. And yet those three words were still lingering in the air. Nobody understood why they still had not declared their love for each other even after almost a year of dating, but the loving glances both of them kept stealing at one another were starting to annoy not only Maya and Zay, but Farkle, Isadora and even Topanga and Cory.

Maya and Zay had decided to tease Lucas even more than usual. They knew that the boy had been thinking about his feelings more than ever, he didn’t know what he was feeling anymore - it was definitely more than just a crush, but was it love? Could he feel something so strong at the age of sixteen? He was afraid of doing something too soon, he was afraid of saying something too soon.  And that is when the two best friends came up with a plan to make him admit his true feelings not only to himself, but to Riley as well. And it was working, or so they thought. 

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Part 2 of the Imagine Series
Part 1 is here

It had been a while since Magnus was in the Institute so you were suprised when he stood infront of you.

“What a pleasure to see you again”, Magnus said and you couldn’t help but smirk.
Before you could reply to him though, Maryse, followed by her son and his parabatai, came through the hallway.

“Magnus Bane. Glad you could make it.” Maryse’s gaze showed something else and you rolled your eyes behind her back.
“Well when the head of the Institute calls, the high warlock jumps.” The sarcasm in the warlock’s words almost made you laugh but you managed to hold it back.

Maryse wasn’t so much amused but kept her pokerface perfectly, as she showed Magnus the problem
They had found a few corpes with bodyparts missing. Also three vampires and werewolves went missing so it looked alot like a dark magic ritual.
Magnus listend carefully and waited a moment until he nooded.

“I will need the assistance of a Shadowhunter to do this”, he claimed and before you could even react or do something, Maryse answered him.
“Jace is our best. He will come with you.”

The blonde Shadowhunter merged forward to stand next to the warlock but Magnus shook his head.

“I’m… not talking about you…” Everybody looked confused at him but his gaze only met yours. “I want him.”

Maryse of course was even more confused but this time you couldn’t hold back the smirk. Spending some time with the warlock and getting to know him? You really didn’t have a problem with that mission.

requested by @fandomsfanman
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By Chance (Part 3)

Summary: Modern-Day AU. You find a random phone number written on the wall of a gas station’s bathroom, not knowing how much it would change your life.

Word Count: 629

Warnings: None.

“By Chance” Masterlist

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“Oh, my God!” you screeched once Mikala had picked up the phone. Lydia was also on the line. Three-way calls were an often thing in your friendships. “He wrote back!”

“What did he say?” Mikala demanded to know.

“’My friends really want me to get a girlfriend, which is why you found my number,’” you read aloud.

“Doesn’t sound like he agrees so much,” said Lydia.

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A/N: This is dedicated to a certain someone who needs cheering up because her bias is just ruining her life with the things he says! It took me two sleepless nights and my brain breaking in half to write my very first smut but it was all for you !

Inspired by the quote:

Rap Mon, “If i ever have a girlfriend who isn’t an Idol, i want to write a song that apologizes for being an idol.”

Reader x Rapmon (one-shot)

Masterlist here

Warning Smut 

Enjoy :) 

How did it come to this?

We’ll speak later.
His harsh words rang in your ears over and over again following the click of the dial tone. He’d speak to you later, but what he never seemed to realize was that you had spoken many times about everything but you remained on this road that kept going in circles. His promises always came meaningless followed by excuses of why he couldn’t make it this time. His phone calls of concern came even less then that. And his apologies, they just didn’t seem to come at all anymore, reflecting his feelings for you it seemed. But this was it.
After three months of tour and only getting one phone call from him you had been frustrated and angry but held on. However, tonight his apartment felt more empty then usual after you heard those words from him. You had called him to confirm your planned date. Today was the date you had first met. 
I can’t make it. We’ll speak later.
You grabbed your bags and packed your belongings. Without a second thought you got on the bus and headed over to your old apartment that you had intended on renting out before. It wasn’t often that you were so willing to give up on people in your life. It took a lot for you to make that cut, but this was the last straw with Rapmon.

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Live Wild - part 4 (dabble series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 762

Warnings: Panic attack (so so sorry, but the rest of it is fluff)

A/N: Based on this post. Took me a while to sort it, but here we go. It’s more like a silly sort of fluffy story, nothing too oppressing. (I own that gif, you’re welcome to use it if you please)

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12]

James kept his phone glued to his ear while you moved around the deserted supermarket. He closed his eyes and tried to picture himself with you and Cassie. His heart was beating fast, anxiety grew inside him and he tried to shake the feeling away.

You were making a lot of noise for someone who was trying to be discreet.

Okay, it’s done. She’s safe.” You whispered, breathing hard into the phone.

“Are you okay?” He cringed at his own ridiculous question. “Sorry, stupid question.” He braced himself for your sarcastic comeback, but you didn’t say a word. It made his eyes snap open. “Y/n?”

“D-Detective Barnes, I-I can’t b-breathe.”

Almost instinctively, James looked around for backup. He was the only one who could help you, he had to stay calm.

“It’s too hot in here.” James heard the rustle of clothing and assumed you were working on removing your coat.

“You’re doing really well. I know it’s scary, but you can do this.”

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The Cool Down

Originally posted by all-things-raul-esparza

Part One

Barba showed up to 1PP the next morning in a frenzy, desperate to find you and set things right. He’d bombarded you with calls and texts all night long, until you eventually turned your phone off and they went straight to voicemail. 

He kept replaying the look of hurt on your face when he’d said those words, the complete surprise and shock - like you’d been verbally slapped. He felt sick even thinking about it.

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“I just don’t love you the same anymore,” he said.

She should have seen it coming; should have felt it in his touches, in his empty words and his absent-minded presence; but she didn’t. So she cried every damned night; every time she reminisced their good times together, and also the bad ones they got through holding on to each other. She kept thinking about many ways to mend their crumbling relationship so she got the nerve and asked him with her trembling voice,

“Can’t I do anything to make you change your mind?”

“I don’t know… I’m tired of you,” was all he said and the next thing she heard was the beeping sound of a dropped call.

Becoming Royals

an unexpected visit (trigger warning for the King)

Ten more days and then she wouldn’t have to sneak into Young-Do’s rooms to take naps or talk to him late at night. The king had finally assigned him a new task so he wasn’t able to be at her beck and call at the school.

It made Rachel cranky. Making out was not doing it for her anymore. She wanted to find a truly secret place where they could touch each other. She almost swallowed her pride to ask Eun-Sang where Hyo-Shin was taking her but she knew Young-Do wouldn’t like it.

His paranoia regarding her virginity worried her but she didn’t push it. She didn’t understand why the King kept pushing Young-Do to…be her husband early. She didn’t like the word neglect. It meant something different to him so all she could do was kiss him in public and hope that was enough.

Ten days. She could handle ten more days.

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The reason why Roy kept calling Hawkeye her rank rather than her real name as she was… gradually dying and bleeding from her slit throat, is because he knew that if he were to ever let the name ‘Riza’ leave his lips at that moment, then it would have all become too much of a reality and there was no way he could have accepted it.

In other words, he was detaching himself from the situation, although we all know that that was impossible as fuck.

After all, he couldn’t lose her… not like that, not after everything they’ve been through.

You know what would be awesome, but at the same time a bit disturbing to happen in Kuroshitsuji?

If the Undertaker brought back some of the characters who died during the "Book of Circus" as Bizarre Dolls and Ciel saw them.

Granted, I don’t think he could bring back the ones in the fire so easily, but think of this: If he brought Doll back and pitted it/her against Ciel and–since the most recent Bizarre Dolls can talk–it/she kept repeating its/her last words “I won’t forgive… I won’t forgive you.”

He was there during that scene for a reason and he brought his funeral carriage with him: It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he took what corpses he could from there to use for his experiments. 

Call me a sick, twisted woman, but I want this to happen. That would be, like, shot through the feels right there.       

Huedhaut losing MC to childbirth

Karno kept his head bowed, standing silently in the corner of the room with a soft warm bundle in his arms. His arm cradled the tiny newborn carefully, other hand gently petting the pink towel. The girl was crying, her small red face scrunched up as she swatted at Karno with helplessly weak fists.
Her father knelt at the side of the bed, face buried hopelessly against the cold sheets, hands wrapped around a rapidly cooling hand.
Karno tried to call out to him. The words faded under the faint weeping, so delicate and broken that he couldn’t tell whether it was from father or daughter.

Huedhaut thought it was going to be perfect.
It was a sunny day, warm and faintly breezy just enough that you felt energized to go take a stroll with him to the reflecting pool and the gardens. The cherry blossoms glowed faintly pink, stray petals dancing through the fresh air, warm and elegant amid the snowy white plum blossoms.
He held your hand, smiling at you with the utmost bliss. The sun glowed on your skin, the wind played with your hair lightly, flitting the sweet smelling strands against his nose in a wonderful tickle.
“I’m really excited.” He breathes out as he squeezes your hand. You beam at him and tenderly stroke your stomach, frowning and wincing as your daughter shifts inside you. Huedhaut almost just drops to his knees, nuzzling his face happily to your swollen stomach, pressing his cheek against your shirt as he whispered to his daughter. Your fingers comb through the dark hair, watching his face shine with pure love and contentment.

You turn your head slightly on the pillow to look at him. There as a heaviness in your chest, sinking there with the pain and the grief.
He raised his head at your voice, peering up at you with the broken eyes, glinting with tears that refused to fall. They hung on his eyelashes, and he looked away after a fleeting moment of eye contact.
You needed more than that. You needed enough in this moment to last you an eternity of existential nothingness.
Your voice was weaker now, begging him to look at you, begging him to let you have a glimpse of that face you were about to lose forever.

Huedhaut felt the storm pick up, and tried to usher you into the mansion.
He could sense it, the filth, the sin, the evil that made the hair stick up on the back of his neck. And he wanted his pregnant wife to have nothing to do with that.
He wasn’t fast enough.
He tried sweeping you behind him, he tried shielding you from the demons that flooded the garden as he called out for help.
He tried protecting you.

The scream from that morning still echoed in his mind as he held your gaze by the bed, shuddering from a chill that seeped deeper into his bones with each passing heartbeat.
“Please, __________.”
Huedhaut’s head gave a little shake, the ruffled blue hair flicking limp around his pale face. The blue eyes burned into your heart, sending a searing pain through your mind and spirit that make you slump into the cushioning mattress.
“Don’t leave me again, ____________.”
Your fingers tighten slightly around his, and fall limp again.

The other gods came out of the mansion to help.
Huedhaut remembered half carrying, half dragging you into the mansion. A streak of red running through your dress as you whimpered weakly against him. Ichthys hung onto your other arm, a soft turquoise glow flowing from him to envelop you as he tried to sooth your pain.

“I’m so sorry.”
He pressed your cold hand to his cheek.
You tried to shake your head, only managing a tiny twitch as you savoured the warmth of his cheek against your palm.
“___________…. I… You can’t leave me alone like this.”
His voice was scratchy, raw in his throat.
“I’m sorry.”
You close your eyes and breathe out, trying to haul in another gulp of air.
“Take care… and our daughter…” You feel the tears hit you all at once, flooding beyond your eyelids and spilling along your cheekbones to the matted hair fanning out over your pillow.
“No, ___________, please…”
The next breath comes in weaker and fainter than the one before it.