he kept smiling


Warm ups 3.23.17


I have never seen anyone fanboy harder over anything than Hoechlin being presented with “THE jacket” to match my Stiles cosplay. (Literally matching Sterek jackets from the same line, if you look closely ;D) He thanked me too many times, sent messages through other people to thank me for letting me wear it to recreate those moments from Wolf’s Bane and said how much he loved “that Sterek scene”(!!! XD) He was so happy about the whole thing he kept cracking and smiling! Just such a great guy.

Can’t wait to see him later in the year. Doing all the Sterek cosplay with my cospartner Nem at HowlerCon, including something with Tyler. :D

What a dork. <3

I respect Bang Yongguk so much. He is such a great leader, rapper and song writer.. He practically raised Zelo, and he donates so much to charity and he’s a member of UNICEF. He lead B.A.P through so much shit their company caused them and B.A.P would have probably disbanded without him. And then I found out how depressed and suicidal he was but he kept on a smile for fans. And now he has mental issues again and it breaks my heart because such a great person doesn’t deserve that.

“A Rare Instance of Seriousness” (1941)

One of Rebecca Goldstein née Barnes favorite photos of her brother James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes

This, along with many others was donated to the Smithsonian after Mrs. Goldsteins death in 1997

So I saw Panic! at the Disco for the 4th time tonight

Brendon Urie had a fever of 102 and still performed. Whenever his voice cracked, he went into his falsetto and kept chugging on. He sat on the side of the stage and told us how much he appreciated us, and how he absolutely refused to cancel because he loves his fans so much.

Dallon was by my corner, and he kept smiling and waving to everyone. He was obviously tired, but he danced along with Brendon for some of the instrumental parts.

I love this band, and will never fail to be amazed by their commitment to their fans.


Because you have so many!? Because you don’t care what happens to one measly Regalia!? Don’t you care that he’s dead!? He agonized for so long! Even so, Suzuha always smiled. For you. He always kept smiling, so you wouldn’t suffer. He always, always, always forced himself to smile! For decades! Ultimate my ass! You couldn’t even protect one Regalia! You just let him die! Some “God”! Real family? Screw that! This is hell!