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Friday Night | Jeff Atkins

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A/N: It’s been a while since I posted a Jeff imagine so I fulfilled a request and made this for you guys, I hope you like it, thank you for reading and please don’t be afraid to request.

Warning: Smut, daddy kink

Sitting on Jeff’s lap wasn’t unusual for me as we were dating and especially in an environment like this Jeff liked to keep me close, his arm wrapped around my waist as we chatted to the people around us. A party at Bruce’s place had brought us out of Friday routine to be here, specifically because the boys just won a baseball game, I laughed as Monty told me a joke about his earlier years with Jeff, that also made him chuckle. I listened as my favourite song started to play, Jeff laughed as I looked at him like an excited puppy wanting to go for a walk as I desired to go and dance with him, he nodded and I hopped off him letting him get up than dragged him to the dance floor.

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anonymous asked:

I'm loving all of your stuff so far! Everything you've written has been phenomenal. I do have a rather odd request. What would the Chocobro's reaction be if they found out that their S/O was a reincarnation of Ardyn's former lover?

I legit squealed at this, because I knew it would be both challenging and fun.  Thank you for such kind words, they really keep me going. <3


You stared in shock at the man before you, how could it have been? There’s no way, you take a step back as your eyes locked with the man before you. Was this, was this really him? Yet those eyes, that hair everything! Everything flooded back, years, how many?
“You’ve changed so much beloved.”
Your head pounded,“Ardyn?”


Ardyn chuckled as he took a step toward you, as you, yourself stepped back, “Is something wrong, My Princess?”

“How?” You managed to get out, before you could stop it. “How are, what did you do to me?”

The red head took another step forward, as you shuffled back, “Do you not remember, beloved, or is this new body causing some type of confusion?”

You step away again, something within you was trying to remember but you refused to let it surface, “I…I don’t know what your talking about.” You state attempting to put on a brave face, you knew you couldn’t fight him, but running at this point was not an option.

The man’s hand went into the front of his coat, pulling at something in his breast pocket.

Believing him to be going for a weapon, you quickly turned summoning a sword, only to have your wrist caught within his strong grasp. A pressure applied causing you to immediately release and drop the weapon.

“Tsk, tsk, alway so defensive, and here I have a gift for you.” He replied, finally pulling his hand from his inner coat. “I always kept it near my heart.”

You stared at the small black book, dog eared, yellow and tattered, almost seeming to be pulled from the past. Hands reaching out without your permission to take it from the man.

“Get away from her!”

“Noctis!” You called in joy as Ardyn released your arm.

“Noct,” Ardyn laughed, a stepped back, “So glad for you to join us.”

“Y/n are you okay?” Noctis called over his shoulder as he stepped before you, summoning a sword to his hand.

“Now Noct, dont be so upset, Y/N and I were simply becoming reacquainted.” Ardyn chuckled, as you stayed rooted in spot, not sure of how to react. “I’ll take my leave, please, Princess, do get the young Prince up to speed. You have much to discuss.”

Both you and Noctis stared at the man who disappeared, before your gaze turned to the small book within your hand. Opening the front cover of the book as you gasped loudly, a picture, a picture of you and Ardyn, at least it looked to be you and Ardyn.

“Y/N?” Noctis called in confusion.

“Noctis, I’m…I’m Ardyn’s wife.” You mutter weakly.

Noctis quickly reached out taking the book from your shaking hand, his eyes scanning the picture before flipping through the book, his eyes scanning the final page bookmarked. Only looking up to you,with soft pleading eyes.

You shook your head, trying to get your thoughts together, you couldn’t be! That woman looked like you, but older, yet that book had to be older than you, you remembered your childhood, growing up in Insomnia, you never had anyone else other than Noctis.

Yet your voice, her voice, called to Ardyn.

Noctis’ embrace engulfed you, as you wrapped your arms around his waist, “I don’t know…”

“Noctis!” You blurt, you needed to get this out and into the open now, “I love you, I don’t care what that book says. Please burn it. Please…”

Noctis pulled away from you, holding the book between the two of you, “Are you sure?”

You cup the hand holding the book, nodding your confirmation, before feeling the tingle of magic, as the book combusted before your eyes. The last of the ashes floating away, before Noctis pulled you into another embrace.

“I know you, and whatever trick that Ardyn is playing at, we’ll stop him together.” He whispered against your head.


Your hand immediately went to Prompto’s, this wasn’t true, simply another play with the man. You knew he had the power to cast illusions but why did these affect you in such a different way? This was just another one of his tricks.

Ardyn chuckled as he stepped toward you, “Are your memories finally returning, beloved?”

You watched as Prompto slowly moved before you, his gun raised, “Stay back!”

Ardyn frowned at the gunner, “Young Prompto, I believe that you have overstayed your welcome.”

“Prompto!” You scream, as Ardyn easily tossed the man aside, your feet moving to go after the blonde, only to halt as Ardyn appeared before you. Summoning one of Prompto’s guns to your hand, you lifted it.

“Y/n, you know you’ve never been a good shot.”  Ardyn chuckled, as your finger pushed at the trigger. “Don’t you recall, that time you accidentally recoiled, you had quite the impressive bruise on your forehead.”

A vision of a woman flashed before your eyes, no you, an older you sitting before Ardyn, as he pressed a kiss to a red mark on your forehead. “Stop it!”

“Y/n, please don’t be like this.” Ardyn called, his hands going to touch your face, only to quickly pull away from you as a bullet grazed his face. Both of you turning to Prompto, his pistols raised to the man, one of the ends still smoking.

“I said get away from Y/n!” Prompto barked.

Ardyn scoffed before turning back to you, “Why are you hiding it, are you afraid of hurting his feelings? You remember everything, isnt that correct?”


You jumped unprepared for Prompto to suddenly call your name in such a desperate bark, your feet quickly rushing over to the gunman’s side.

Ardyn’s eyes stared at you, “I see you’ve made your choice, see to it that you protect her young Prompto, until she returns to my side.”

As the man left, Prompto held his guns still toward the area the man once stood, refusing to look to you.


“Is it true?”


Prompto lowered his guns, as they disappeared, a shaking hand gripping yours, “Do you still…”

“No, my heart is yours.”

Prompto’s hands shook, you already knew he was trying to stop the tears from falling, yet you, yourself could not.


You glanced around, “Gladdy…”

“Beloved, wouldn’t you say it’s rather rude to call out to another man?” Ardyn inquired, as he begun his predatory walk around you, circling you each time closing in. “Are you stating that you don’t remember me? Yet you called my name not so long ago.”

You let out a growl, defenses up, “I’m certain I would remember ‘something’ like you.” You hiss, attempting to ignore the throbbing happening behind your eyes. Yet as he continued his movements around you, the pain became worse, something was clawing to get forward.

Only to gasp, as one of his hands gripped your chin, pulling you to stare at him, his eyes turning a haunting yellow, as the scarlera inked black. “Don’t try to pretend you forgot! I see it in your eyes.”

“I…I do.” You replied, “I remember an Ardyn…”

Ardyn chuckled, as he brought you closer, his lips ghosting over your own, “To think the gods found it fit to bring you back to me.”


“Gladdy?” You wispher, before coming back to your senses as your boyfriend appeared a shriek of joy, “Gladiolus!”

Ardyn quickly silenced you by pulling you forward, his lips sealing your own, as you felt what could only be described as a draining sensation in your body. Only to come out of your frozen stance, as you slam a fist into his head, which only seemed to frustrate the man.

“Why are you fighting it?” Ardyn barked, shaking you.

“I was reborned to be given a second chance, and you are no longer the man I cared for. Let me go, creature.”  You hiss, refusing to give him the justification of a scream, when he bought a hand around to slap you.

“You son of a bitch!” Gladiolus barked, swinging his large sword at the man.

“So you’ve chosen this, over me, a ridiculous decision.”  Ardyn sneered backing up.

“Wanna run that by me again?” Gladiolus growled.

“Gladdy,” You call resting a hand on the man’s arm, “Don’t waste your time, he’s just an ex that doesn’t deserve the time of day.”

Ardyn glared to you, before letting out a smug chuckle before turning dramatically leaving you two.

“Y/n, what was that about?”

You glanced away from Gladiolus, “We were once something, but not anymore.”

Gladiolus glared toward the spot where the man one stood, “And…”

“You.” You replied, already knowing the question on his lips, only to find those lips pressed against your own. Your arms going to wrap around his strong neck, only for a large hand to lace in your hair, pulling your mouths apart.

“You are mine!” Gladiolus growled against your lips, “Don’t forget that.”

“Yes.” You repeat, as he pulled you into another kiss, devouring your mouth.


You couldn’t believe it, you didn’t want to believe it. How, how could this man before you be the same man?

Ardyn’s hand came to caress your face, “Oh, but you do, do not pretend that your memories aren’t returning.”

You flinch at the man’s touch, he was right, the moment the word beloved fell from his mouth, everything flooded back. You, no, some other you from a past would smile at the sweet endearment. Yet now it appeared so…


“I see that you need time, please know that I’ll be waiting for you tonight.” He replied, as he moved past you.


“Ignis?” You gasped, turning to the man.

“Was that the Chancellor?” He inquired, as you nodded. “May I inquire as to what it was that you spoke about?”

Your eyes lowered, “Ignis, I…I haven’t been truthful, I…I don’t know how else to explain it, yet the gods, or through some type of magic, I am a reincarnation of the Chancel…no Ardyn’s love.” You looked to see those green eyes staring holes into you, yet you continued. “I’ve been reborned, 10, 11 times, and each time I found my way back to him, until I found you.”

You glanced up to see Ignis still staring at you, lowering your head, you felt your shoulders begin to shake as you stared at the ground, out of fear that you had lost not just Ardyn all over again, but now, more importantly, Ignis.

“Do you still love him?” Ignis called.

“No, a part of me, a small part, and old part of me. The man he once was, yet that Ardyn died so long ago.” You wispher, only to feel a hand on the back of your head. “I watched him die so long ago, and maybe the gods are repeatedly putting me through these challenges because I need to be patient, but even now I fear that I’ve once again mess that up.”

“Why do you say that?”

You gave a heavy sigh through your tears, trying to keep yourself from wailing ,”Because I’ve lost you.”

“You have not lost me, I am with you until you feel the need to leave, and I do not wish that any time in the future.”

Tears fell harder as you rested your head against the strong chest before you, feeling arms wrap around you protectively, “Thank you.”

Fistbump - Peter Parker x Reader (Dad!Tony)

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A/N: im tired. i wanted to watch aou today but that has not happened.

Warnings: A heavy make out session *no smut, this is only somewhat sin*

Request: “a steamy (not smut) Peter Parker x Reader imagine.“ (by @prancing-through-the-rain (ps. sorry this took almost a month)) (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Words: 1190

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Heya, would you do something with Hanzo x Reader. Song is the 'Helpless' from Hamilton. And Genji is the wingman? I know you know the lore based on that song.

Okay, since I’m being so blatantly called out, let me see what I can do…

(I had Helpless on repeat while I wrote this)

Hanzo was never one to be in the spotlight. It wasn’t his preferred place to be, especially since one day he would have to be front and center when he took over the Shimada Clan. That being said, he hated having to attend the formal functions his father forced him to. His only solace was that if he had to go, Genji did too.

“Hanzo, look,” Genji pointed toward the door, where a group of people had just come in. Among the crowd was you, a younger, fresher mind amongst the people with newer ideals and a fantastic way to implement those ideas.

Hanzo felt his heart leap into his throat as his eyes landed on you. You were attractive by his standards; hair a perfect color and smile open. What caught him the most, though, were your eyes, bright and captivating. He had never seen someone like you in his entire life.

Genji caught on rather quickly, the smile on his face turning very Cheshire.

“That one,” Hanzo said slowly, “Is mine.”

But he would never approach you, Genji knew, so he did what any good brother would. He smiled at Hanzo and then walked across the room to you. Hanzo didn’t know what his brother could be saying, but you laughed, and then your eyes darted up, and caught Hanzo’s own, and he felt like he was drowning and flying at once.

He stuck to the side of the large room, keeping his eyes on you and Genji as the two of you danced and talked, and then Genji was leading you in Hanzo’s direction. Hanzo tried to seem as calm as possible, not wanting to let on how nervous he really was.

“Hanzo,” Genji called, bowing his head. You repeated the action, though a bit deeper, seeming to recognize who Hanzo was.

“Shimada Hanzo,” Hanzo said, introducing himself.

“Shimada?” you smiled.

“My brother,” Genji nodded.

“You are quite the talk now, you know.” Hanzo kept his expression as neutral as he could, not wanting to give away his excitement at having you near.

“Thank you,” your smile was infectious, and Hanzo couldn’t help when it made his own lips curl up. Hanzo didn’t notice it, but your eyes lit up at the sight of the smile you had put on Hanzo’s face. Genji seemed proud of what he had done.

“I’ll leave you to it, then.”

Imagine comforting Evan through his breakup.

It was very late at night, I was up that night eating chips and watching X-Files over and over again on Netflix. My phone began to rang, “Who would call this late,” I said to myself as I reach over to my phone, to see that it was Evan who was calling me. “Hello?” I asked with a confused voice. He had been absent for a while now, him becoming famous made him too busy to really communicate, which I did understand. “Hey, did I wake you up?” He asked, I could tell something wasn’t right with his tone. “No, not at all, I’m watching X-Files,” I said with a slight laugh. He cleared his throat and sighed “Good, um. I’m kind of outside your apartment. I need someone right now, and I know it’s selfish, because I haven’t been around much, but can I come in?” I didn’t know what to say, “Of course, Evan.” “Okay, good, give me like 5 minutes.” Evan got upstairs and knocked on my door. I looked through the peephole, and he was holding a stuffed animal in front of it. He was so funny, and did such quirky things. I smiled and opened the door. “Hey,” He said with a smile, looking down at the teddy bear. His dimples showing. He walked in and set the teddy bear down “I got it for you, it’s dumb I know. I’m a cheesy guy,” he said with a shrug. “I love it,” I said as I hugged him. He buried his face into my neck and sighed. I led him to my couch and we both sat down. He didn’t say anything for a while then I asked him “Evan, are you okay?” “No, I’m not okay,” He said with a laugh, then I noticed he began to wipe his eyes to try and not cry.

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“Emma, she left. I came home and all of her stuff was gone. She left this note, that said ‘don’t try to talk to me, it’s over.’ I just… Wish she would tell me what I did, I don’t know what I did and it’s making me crazy,” He said burying his face in his hands. “I need to say this, Evan, because I care about you. Emma was awful to you, and you know it. She cheated on you, in front of you even. She beat the shit out of you, you tried to take some of blame of it, and then you bailed her out of jail the next day. You are probably one of the most amazing guys I have ever known, and you deserve so much better than that.” I said scooting closer to him, he looked up at me and that’s when he just began to sob, hard. He stopped to dry the tears off his face then smiled at me “I’m fine,” he said showing his dimple in his cheek.

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I gave him a concerned look and then sighed “Somehow I don’t believe you, you need someone better who isn’t going to hurt you. Someone who will treat you like you have always to deserved to be treated, someone like…” “You,” He spoke bluntly. My heart pounded “What?” “Someone like you?” He said again drying his face, and sniffling.”What are you getting at?” I said with a confused laugh “You have been friends with me since… High school, were nice to me when I was the geeky fat kid that everyone made fun of. You are probably the only person who doesn’t ask me for anything, because I am famous now. You’re just… You. I would some times think about  you, especially when Emma would come home all drunk and shit, being completely rude and obnoxious. I would think back to that one day, when I left to start filming Murder House, you hugged me. You told me that you knew I would do great things, and I remember thinking what if I would have kissed you like I wanted to, what would have happened? I would have pursued you. It’s times like this where she cuts me deep that I think about what could have been.” I was speechless, as my eyes were watering. “You’re just… hurt.” I  said looking away, trying to hide my own 10 years of pain I felt in my chest wanting to let him know how I had always felt about him. Even when he was that “chubby, geeky, kid,” he claims he was. He shook his head “No, I’m not just hurt. It’s true, you were my high school crush,” I giggled “You were mine,” I said with a smile “I was not! I was not okay in high school, I looked like a fat, lesbian,” I started to laugh at him “No you did not, Evan that’s such bullshit,” I said playfully hitting him. “I remember that one day, when you went with me to prom, I got you that flower that ended up giving you a horrible asthma attack and we spent the night in the ER.” He said laughing “You were always so sweet to me, even when I almost killed you with a flower,” He smiled, and that’s when he grabbed my hand, pulled me forward and began to tickle me “No!” I screamed in protest as my whole body convulsed. That’s when I head butted him and we both stopped, holding our heads “Fuck your head is hard,” He said groaning. “So is yours!” I yelled with a laugh. “Let me look, I’m sorry, you know better than to tickle me, Evan. All concussions are your fault,” I said, gently brushing his blonde curls aside. “I think you’re going to live,” I said laughing. He looked at me, his brown eyes gazing over my face. He took his hand and touched the side of my face, his finger tips gently touching my skin. He leaned forward then to kiss me and I pulled away “Whoa,” I said. His facial expression changed, and his face grew red “I’m sorry, I just… I don’t know. I think I should leave. I’m sorry,” He said as he got up, I could tell he felt rejected just now, and my heart hurt at the thought of hurting him. I stood up and ran to him. Grabbing his hand, “Evan, don’t go. It just surprised me is all, I didn’t think that you would do that. Besides, you just literally got out of a relationship with someone. I don’t want to be someone’s rebound,” He turned to me and held my face in his hands “You are too good to be someones rebound, don’t ever think that about yourself. This is not me looking for a rebound, this is me getting the veil off of my eyes, to see what I should have done years ago. I need someone who is better to me, like you have been.” he said. He then, leaned down and pressed his lips into mine passionately. I felt my knees buckle as I put my hands on his face too. His tongue moved around my bottom lip, then he bit down on it, tugging it gently, then chuckled as I let out a small sigh. He continued to kiss me, parting my lips with his tongue, eagerly exploring my mouth. I rubbed my tongue against his as he laid me down onto the couch, laying on top of me. 

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The smell of his leather jacket, and his cologne filling my nose. He always smelled so good. He grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. I felt like I was melting in his arms. His fingers moving down my bare thigh, sending chills down my back, goosebumps rising on my skin. I began to breath heavily, as he moved his hand up my shirt, and grabbed my chest, maneuvering under my bra to feel my nipple under it. My head began to pound and I let out a moan as he pinched his fingers around it. That’s when he pulled off my shirt, then accidentally turned the TV back on, the theme music blasting loudly we both jumped then started to laugh “Fuck,” He said as he reached looking for the remote, then turning it off. He looked back down at me and blushed “I’m so awkward I’m sorry,” He said as he leaned back down “I just don’t ever know what to say or do,” He started to kiss me again, unhitching my bra from behind me, I then unzipped his jacket and pulled off his shirt too. He moved his hand down my side, and moved his finger back and forth on my panty line of my shorts. He then slipped his hand down the front of my shorts and moved his fingers between my lips. He slowly slipped 2 fingers inside of me, and rubbed his thumb over my clit. He kissed along my jaw line, and down my neck as my breath caught, I let a small moan escape my lips. That’s when he sat up for a moment, and began to unbuckle his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulling them down a bit, to show his bulge in his boxers. I sat up in front of him and pulled them down, to reveal how hard he was. I looked up at him as I wrapped my hand around it, and started to take him into my mouth. He exhaled sharply, looking down at me, grabbing my hair in his hands. I twisted my hand around his length, my mouth going up and down his shaft, taking brief moments to stop only to flick the tip with my tongue. “Fuck…” He muttered out, as I heard my name escape his lips. He sat down and I stayed on my hands and knees, to which he reached under me to still finger me. He rubbed my clit fast to a point I felt I may cum, then he stopped push his fingers deep inside of me. “Fuck, I can’t take it,” He said as he stood up. He then he pulled down my shorts and my panties. I arched my back so that he could have better access to me. He teased me for a bit with it, as he only rubbed his tip around my opening. Then he pushed himself inside of me, filling me with every inch of his length. I felt him grab onto my ass, and he started to go hard and slow. Going deep inside of me with every thrust. He kissed my back and the back of my neck as he did. He started to go faster and harder, the sound of our skin hitting echoing through the room. I moaned as he continued to go more and more, until I could myself nearing my climax, he pulled out and started to stroke himself, He turned me over and put himself between my legs, moving his face down, and began to flick his tongue over my clit, “Oh my god,” I muttered, when he started to finger me at the same time, he kept stroking himself as I came closer and closer. I pushed up against his face, and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt myself start to climax as I started to arch my back. He then finished himself, cumming onto my stomach. He both caught our breaths back, as I looked my stomach “It’s… Everywhere,” I said jokingly. He started to laugh “Yeah… I cum a lot.” He said as he got up, and grabbed me a paper towel. “ So, what now?” He asked me as he helped me get my clothes back on “We can finish this show?” I said reaching for the remote. “No, I mean. What now, between us. What does this mean?” He asked me as he buckled his pants. “What do you want it to mean?” I asked him with a smile. He sat back down and pulled me into his lap “I want it to mean something, I want to see where we can go,” He said kissing my forehead. “Okay, we will see where this goes,” 

I was a fool to trust you (Jonsa)

Summary; Jon Snow returns to Winterfell with Daenerys Targaryen, after naming her Queen in the North. Sansa is furious at how easily Jon gave up the kingdom they’d both worked so hard to win back.With help from Jaime Lannister, her sworn shield, Sansa sows seeds of jealousy, and tears into Jon, before revealing his true parentage to him. Her revenge is almost enough to heal the hole in her heart.

A/N; This is my attempt at breaking through writer’s block. I’ve been furious at Jon post-Season 7, and that will definitely come across. I hope you enjoy it! (2k+)


Sansa clenched her fists. She couldn’t stay quiet forever – she’d been the one to invite Jaime into her solar, after all.

She’d snapped after Jon had smiled at a jest from Daenerys at dinner. The smile had been half-hearted, but it galled her all the same.

She was done with this farce. Jon had offered up the North as if it was a jewel Daenerys could wear around her neck, and now he fawned over her. He was oblivious to the lives he’d put at risk. 

She’d abruptly asked Jaime to escort her to her chambers, pretending to have a headache.

Now Jaime stood near the fireplace. She’d poured them both wine, her hands shaking only a little, and retreated to her desk. Jaime never asked to sit in her presence. He’d stand there all night, no doubt growing uncomfortable in his armor, unless Sansa instructed him otherwise.

Finally, Jaime put his glass down carefully on the mantle. “I didn’t expect to find a lady like my sister here at Winterfell.”

Sansa kept her face neutral. “I’m nothing like Cersei.”

Jaime tilted his head. “That’s not entirely true. Before you spit venom at me – something Cersei would have done too, by the way - consider what I have to say. You’re a queen.”

“I’m the Lady of Winterfell.”

“Yes, those are the words that come out of your lords’ mouths, but you’re smarter than that, Lady Sansa. You see how they defer to you, even as Daenerys Targaryen deliberately flies her dragons thrice daily overhead, just to try to snatch back a scrap of the respect you already have. They’d follow you, they already do, and you’re smart enough to know it and not show it. Though I’m not sure how much longer Daenerys can control herself. You have everything she wants.”

“She has Jon,” Sansa spat. She moved quickly to compose herself. “I only mean…”

“I know what you mean,” Jaime said with more gentleness than she’d thought possible. “He’s by her side, he gave her a kingdom that wasn’t his to give, and he beds her.”

Sansa inhaled slowly, through her nose. She was loathe to admit how the thought of Jon and his queen together enraged her. ‘It’s not my concern who he beds.”

“It is, since his heirs would threaten your claim to Winterfell. I’ve heard the same gossip you have, that Daenerys can’t conceive. But nothing’s certain in this world.”

Jaime lifted his golden hand. Firelight danced along its polished surface.

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Princess Of The Sea - i

Summary: After a mission went wrong, Bucky has fallen from an aircraft straight into the sea, he was sure that right there it was his end, but it didn’t happen. How?

Warnings: Bucky falling from an aircraft, drowning.

A/N: I have no slight idea of where this came from on my mind, but I decided to wrote it down for once.

“Y/N? You okay, daughter?”

    My dad’s voice startles me as I get out of trance. I was too deep in thoughts to realize what was happening around me. I was in a fair near the shore with my dad. He was a distributor of marine animals, which was what Amnesty Bay lived for. Most of the international money that got in here was because of it. And my dad was very famous for his work in the small city. Everyone knew his name. Which happened to everyone know mine too.

“Uhm- Y-Yeah… I’m fine, papa, I just zoned out for a bit”

“Did you got into another argument with your mom?”

“You know us too well”

    As I could get along just fine with my dad, it meant I’d have constants fights with my mom. Today, she argued about how reckless I was, how I should start to be more responsible, and that I’d soon have to deal with their business. Everything just felt so heavy on my shoulder, I was in my early 20s, I only wanted to live a little. But she didn’t think so.

“I’ll talk to her”

“It’s okay, pa, it’s just… I don’t feel like I’ve lived enough to run your business yet and-”

“Our, our business, daughter” He corrects me.

“Yeah… I just, I don’t know…”

“It’s okay, I see it, you have a lot of things to experience first, for example, we have yet to meet your boyfriend”

“You know I don’t have one…”

“And why’s that?”

“Because I wasn’t looking for one?” My dad chuckles with my answer.

“Go to the sea, kid, you know it’ll help” I hesitated as I didn’t want to leave him alone “Girl, I can handle this, now go”

    I smile. I give him a quick kiss on the cheek before running away to a isolated part of the shore. It wasn’t a sunny day, the sky was cloudy but no rain, day like these felt just right. I took off my clothes, staying only with my bra and underwear. I ran into the water and just jumped on it. The feeling of refreshment was immediate. I love the water, I think I got it from my dad. I swim until I reach a rock to sit. I push my hair behind and take a deep breath. Everything felt in peace for a moment.

    Not long enough. I had laid down in the rock, my head resting on my arms, when I heard it. It was a loud ‘boom’. It sounded like it came from the sky. I looked up, and even though I couldn’t see much because of the clouds, I saw something falling not too far from where I was. It was a man. And with the speed he was falling he could hit is head in one of the near coral reefs. I jumped in the water once again, this time swimming to where it was most likely he’d hit the sea. 

    When he hit the water I swam deeper so I could reach him. I wasn’t fast enough. He hit his head in one of the coral reefs. When I managed to get closer I saw a cut on his forehead. His long dark locks kept getting in the way of his face. I put one of his arms around my shoulder and started swimming back up. I noticed his other arm was made of metal, and I wondered if it would rotten in contact with the salty water of the sea. I took a deep breath when I reach the surface. He was unconscious. I swam us back to the rock I previously was and managed to put his body on top of it.

    I placed my ear on his chest and panicked when I didn’t get his beating heart. What was I supposed to do? I brush some hair out of his face and take a closer look to his injury, it was pretty bad.

“God, my mom will kill me if she finds out” I mumble to myself.

    I get my face closer to his forehead. Soon enough, a tear is running down my cheek. It drops on his forehead, right in his cut. I watch closely as the wound was slowly healing, luckly he’d wake up soon. I could tell that he still had water in his lungs so I started making CPR. I did a few compressions before he started reacting. He moved aside and coughed some water. He was still weak.

“Hey… It’s okay, soldier… You okay…” I say taking his hair out of his face once again.

    He looked at me dazily. His soft blue eyes were dilated. He looked frightned. His breath was fast and almost seemed like he was having a panic attack. I soothed him until he settle down in a normal breathing pace. He moved his mouth once or twice, trying to say something more likely. I assured him he was okay and safe. My hand kept a steady caress on his scalp. His plump lips were trembling.

    I looked up to the sky, wondering from what he had fallen. And I soon see an Avengers quinjet approaching. 

“Your friends are here… You’re safe now, okay?” I tell him, he had a sleepy look on his face. He was fighting to keep his eyes open.

    I saw a small bird-alike android approaching. I knew that if it recognized me I would get in trouble. I jumped off of the rock and hid myself lower and near the algae. I still observed as the android found his body. I saw the quinjet approaching and a man yelling his name that I couldn’t quite get. By his uniform I could tell that he was Captain America. He kneeled down close to his friends body and seemed relieved when checked his pulse. Another man showed up and helped put him back on the quinjet. Even when they drift off, I stayed still a few more minutes, just to make sure there wasn’t no danger. It wasn’t like my lungs were aching for air anyway. I swam back to surface and looked up. Catching a final look to the flying aircraft before it camouflaged itself with the dark clouds.

    Now that was a story I couldn’t tell my mom.

    Maybe my dad.

    I got back to the shore. And dressed up. My clothes getting wet and clinging to my body. I push some hair out of my face and behind my ear while still looking up to the sky. Weirdly wanting something to happen. But nothing ever did. I started walking back to find my dad, hugging myself as the wind hit my wet body making me a little cold.

    When I found him. He quickly put a towel around my shoulders, rubbing my arms and smiling tightly at me. He loved to know how connected to the sea I was. Somehow it made him proud.

“How was the sea today?” 

    There were a few people around us. So I knew that if I wanted to tell him the truth I’d have to wait. It had to be somewhere private. And luckly somewhere my mom wouldn’t heard of it. So I decided to give him a vague answer.

“A little agitated”

The Devil You Know Part 28

The Devil You Know Part 28

Warning: Cussing. Violence. Death. Smut.

Chapter 51

“How’s he doing?” Danny said as he sat down next to Melinda. “As he woke up at all?”

“He’s doing better now that the bullet is out.” Melinda said, as she reach over and took the dirty that was in Travis’s hair, that he got from falling down. “He’s talking in his sleep a bit. He keeps calling for someone name Alex.”

“Is that a good sign he’s talking?” Danny said, looking over at him. 

“For the most part yes.” Melinda said, looking over at him. “It means he’ll be up soon. But could also means, he’s getting a fever and he’s having fever illusions.”

“Do you think..” Danny said, looking down at Travis. “He’ll turn?”

“No.” Melinda said, shaking her head as she looked down at Travis. “The bullet didn’t hit anywhere that was fatal or close to being fatal. So don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

“That’s good.” Danny said, looking down at his hands. They slowing started to shake as memories of him killing people for the firs time begin to play in his head. “Melinda, when you killed for the firs time.” They both looked at each other. “Does the feeling that you get with it, go away? Do you eventually forget it? Do you remove on from it?”

“I’m numb to it Danny.” Melinda said, with no hesitation. “But you not being, is a good sign.”

“How so?” Danny said, looking at her confuse.

“It means your still have your humanity.” Melinda said, giving him a small smile. “You still have a part of you, that makes you human. The part that feels remorse and regret.”

“But shouldn’t I… not regret killing them?” Danny said, looking down. “Though they we’re trying to kill us.”

“Killing is killing, no matter what the reason is Danny.” Melinda said, as he looked back up at her. “As long as you can accept what you did, why you did it, and forgive yourself for it. You can move on with your life.”

“Okay.” Danny said, in a low voice as he nodded is head. “Okay.”

“As for forgetting.” Melinda said, letting out a sigh. “You really don’t.” She looked over at Travis. “I still remember mine.”

“When was the first time you… killed someone?” Danny said, as he looked at Travis.

“Same time I learn to remove the bullet.” Melinda said, picking up the bullet that she remove from Danny. “When he saved my life and Zoe’s. And I saved his life… the second time.”

Chapter 52 Melinda’s POV

“Please, you don’t understand.” I said, keeping Zoe behind me. “I didn’t mean steal your car or your money. I just…”

“Really sweetheart?” The man said, as he step closer to us. “I think smacking me over the head with a trash can, taking my wallet and my keys, counts as stealing.” He lifted up his shotgun, pumped it and then pointed at us. “Don’t you think?”

“Please, just let us go.” I said as I started to shake. “Please. Please, let us go before he gets here. Please. I’ll do anything. Anything.”

“Oh, anything, you say?” The man said, smiling at me as he lower the shotgun. “Cause I could think of a couple of things. One, deals with that pretty little mouth of yours.” He started to lick his lips. “Won’t you put the kid in one of these beat down cars and we can see how good are with that mouth of yours.”

“Your’re either really brave or really stupid.” We turn and looked up, seeing my husband standing on the cars. “Threatening to kill my family. Then, trying to get sexual favors from my wife, right a front of our daughter.” He jumped down from the cars and to the floor. “I’m going with your’re really stupid.” He walked towards us. “Let them go and I may be kind of enough to make your death quick and painless.”

“Oh buddy.” The man said, smiling as he walked towards my husband. “Your either stupid” He lift up the shotgun he had in hand and point it at him. “Or out of your damn mind to show up here, unarmed.”

“I’m very much in mind.” He said as he star the man down. “As for being unarmed.” He walked towards the man. “Whoever said I was?”

My husband grabbed the shotgun, pushing it off to the side as it went off. Then he pulled it forward, making the man lose his balance as he struggle to keep a hold of the shotgun. My husband, being the sneaking man he was, revealed his hidden blade that he had up his selves. He slice the man’s inner thigh, making him yell in pain as he loosen his grip on the shotgun. My husband spun the end of the shotgun, making it flip right out of the man’s hand and out of his reach.

“Grab our daughter and take cover my love!” He yelled as they started to fight. I stood there, trying to figure to grab the shotgun myself, hide, or run for it. “Now Melinda!”

I grabbed Zoe and we went behind the cars as the kept on fighting. They were going back and forth. Punching and kicking, headlocks and arm locks. The man had to have martial arts or some type of training to go toe to toe with my husband. 

Every time he got hit or went down for a moment, I got worried. After every thing I was worried about him getting hurt, getting… killed. They both lost their footing and went into the water hole that was near by. 

Even that wasn’t stopping them. They kept going and going, till the man knee my husband in the face. He flew back into the water as the man started climbing out. He grabbed the shotgun as my husband stood out of the water. 

“Got ya.” The man said, pulling the trigger and my husband went back into the water. He stood up and pointed the shotgun again as my husband stood up, grabbing his shoulder. “Let’s see if you can fucken get up when I put a bullet in your head.”

He pumped the shotgun and put his finger on the trigger. With all my might, I swung the hubcap to the side of his head. It connected, sending him flying the the ground as he let go of the shotgun. I grabbed it and pointed it at his head. And then I did something I thought I never would do, I pulled the trigger.

I looked down, at his head that was no longer there. I started to shake from the site of what I have done. I dropped the shotgun and start stumbling backwards. I cover my mouth, trying to muffle my crying as I turn away and looked over at my husband.

“Will I admit.” He said, pulling himself up on the ledge of the water hole. “I didn’t see that one coming.” He tried to get out, but started falling back in the water. “My love.” He looked over at me. “A little help.”

“Uh.. Yeah.” I said, running over to his side and helping him out. He laid on the floor, trying to catch his breath. “Here.” I took of my jacket and put it on his wound, to stop the bleeding. “Your vest took most of the hit, but we still need to get you to the hospital.”

“My love,” He said, putting his hand on my face. “This makes it twice now that you saved my life.” He smiled at me. “Still want to say we don’t have something special?” I just looked at him. “Plus, I did just save you and our daughter. I kept my promise, to always take care of you two, to keep you both safe. Doesn’t that show you how much I love you? Doesn’t it show, that we have something special? Doesn’t it prove it my love? Doesn’t it?”

“I… I..’ I said, stuttering. “..I…” I didn’t know what to say or do. I could have ran or turn the gun on him, but I didn’t. I stayed to make sure, he was going to be safe. When I thought he was going to die, my heart, my heart started to ache of the thought of losing him. “Zoe? Baby? Come here, it’s safe now.”

“Mommy.” Zoe said, running over to us. “Daddy you got an ouching”

“Yeah.” He said chuckling a bit. “A big ouching.” He slowing sat up and looked over at her, smiling. “Won’t we go home and you can have the ice cream, while mommy helps daddy with his ouching.”

“Yay, ice cream.” Zoe said, smiling as she clapped her hands. “Ice cream. Ice cream.”

“Come on my love.” He said as he started getting up. “Time to learn how to remove a bullet.”

Few Minutes Later 

“Give me the whiskey my love.” He said and I handed it to him. He pour some of it on the wound, not even flinching. “Now, get the knife and squeezers out of my kit.” I grabbed what he asked and laid it out on the table. “Okay, your going to do it just like you saw me do it before. Afterwards, seal the wound shut my love.” He chugged the whiskey. 

“Alright.” He said, slamming the bottle down on the nightstand. “Do it.”  I started cutting the wound wider, so I can grabbed the part of the bullet that did go in. “Do you see it?”

“Yeah.” I said, grabbing the squeezer and started digging into his wound. “It’s not in too deep. The vest and your muscle massive helped out.” I grabbed a hold of it and started tugging at it, making him groan in pain. “But it’s still in there good.”

“I think your rather enjoying this my love.” He said looked up at me as I smiling and gave him a wink. “O yes. You are enjoying this, you little minx.” He laugh for a bit before he started grunting again when I tugged harder. “Hurry my love. You need to pull it out now and seal the wound.”

He took deep breaths as I started sliding the bullet out. Though he was custom to pain and it didn’t register in his head. His body still knew something was wrong. I started pulling the bullet out as his breathing started getting heavy and his body tense up. 

Soon as the bullet came out, his body went limp and he pass out. I got the needle and thread, then I started sew the wound. Once it was shut, I started cleaning it up and wrapped it up. 

As I looked down at him, watching him lay there, I couldn’t stop thinking. I wanted to take Zoe and run. Then I just wanted to lay next to him, till he woke up. I started thinking how I saved him, for the second time. I could have let that man end it, but I couldn’t. 

Then I remember his promise, the promise to keep us safe. He always kept us safe and treated Zoe good expect, the night he buff about killing her. Even before Zoe was born, when I escape and ran into trouble, he came and saved me. He always kept me safe, kept his family safe, how can I deny that? How can I deny him?

Chapter 53 Normal POV

Few Hours Later

“My love?” He said, looking around the room. “My love?” He tried to sit up fast, but stop when he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. “Fuck.” He grabbed a hold of his wound and took deep breath. He looked down at it, seeing a bit of blood on the bondage. “Great, I popped the stitches.”

“My love, I need you to come here.” He said, pushing through the pain and sat up. He took a few deep breaths as he wait for the pain to upside. “My love?” But still, there was no answer.  “Melinda?” He started to get more frustrated when there wasn’t a reply. “Melinda!”

“Goddamn it.” He said, getting up and going over to the window. He saw his car wasn’t in the drive way. “Fuck.” He started going throw the drawers, looking for his tracker to find her . “Where is it? Where is it?”

“Fuck! Where is it?!” He yelled as he started to get more frustrated with every passing second. “Where is it?” Then lights came throw the bedroom and a sound of a car, pulling up. “Is it?” He looked out the window, seeing his car parked in the drive way. Melinda got out of the car and opened the back door, helping Zoe out. “Now, where did you go my love?”

“Hurry baby.” Melinda said, opening up the trunk and grabbing groceries out. “Help mommy get the food inside so we can make daddy something to eat.”

“Then we make his cake?” Zoe said, getting one of the bags.

“Yes and then daddy’s cake.” Melinda said, smiling. “Now come on baby. I need to check on daddy before we start cooking.”

“Okay mommy.” Zoe said as they hurry inside. 

Once they got inside, they set everything on the table. Melinda went upstairs and to the bedroom, to check up on him. She found him sitting on the bed, smiling at her. 

“I thought you would still be asleep.” Melinda said, walking over to him, seeing the blood on the patch. “You popped your stitches.”  She went over to the night stand and started getting the nail and thread. “Lay down so I can fix it.” He laid down, still smiling at her. “What?”

“O nothing my love.” He said, as she took the old stitches out. “Just thinking about something.” She rise his eyebrow at him and went back to sewing up his wound. “Thinking why you came back, instead of just leaving with our daughter.

Melinda stop for a moment and went back to sewing is wound shut. When she was done, she patch it up and started to head out the room. He grabbed her arm and pulled her on the bed with him as he sat up.

“Why did you come back my love?” He said smiling. “Are you finally accepting what we have is special? Accepting the fact I truly love you?”

“I just got hungry” Melinda said, getting up off the bed. 

“Your lying again my love.” He said as she went to the door.

“Will, it’s not like your going to kill me for it.” Melinda said, smiling at him. “You know, since you truly love me and all.” He smirk as he shook his head. “Get some rest and I’ll bring your food up for you, when it’s done.”

“I love you, Melinda.” He said as she started walking off.

“Sure you do.” Melinda said, making him chuckle. 

Melinda finish making the food and brought it upstairs to him. Her, him, and Zoe sat there, eating together. Afterwards, him and Zoe played a card game as Melinda rest her head on his good shoulder. Once Zoe got tired, Melinda went and laid her down for bed. 

She came back into the bedroom and got ready for bed. He sat up against the headboard as he kept his eyes on her. He smiled and licked his lips as she slip on a eye through night gown. Melinda went to lay down, when he pulled on to his lap, straddling him.

“We shouldn’t.” Melinda said as he started running his hand up her back. “You need to rest.”

“I’ll rest afterwards.” He said, putting his hand behind her head, pulling her into a kiss. “Plus, I don’t have to do the work, since you’ll be on top.”  Melinda open her mouth to say something when he put his finger on her lips. “Don’t deny it my love, you want this.” He slide his hand down her body and started rubbing her clit, making her moan. “I can feel the heat coming off of you.” He slide her panties to the side and slide two fingers inside of her. “I can feel out wet you are my love.”

Melinda got lost into his touch, as she always did. She took off her night gown and sat up a bit. He kept sliding his fingers in and out of her, as she started undoing his pants. He pulled his fingers out of her as she pulled his length out of his boxers. 

“Go ahead my love.” He said smiling at her.  She push herself down on him, making them both moan. “I told you, that you wanted this.” He grabbed her hip, gripping it tight with his good hand. He started moving her up and down, hard and fast. “Melinda.

“Don’t.” Melinda said, moving his hand off of her hip and bending it to the side of his head. “Let me do the work.”

“Good a head my love.” He said, smirking at her. “Do the work.”

She let go of his hand and she grabbed the headboard. Melinda slowing started rolling her hips, making him close his eyes and moan. She slowing rise herself up and slam herself fast and hard, making them gasp. 

Melinda, kept doing that, teasing him with the way she moved. She pulled him out of her and her rubbed herself against him, teasing him more. 

“Fuck.” He said, taking a hold of her hips, ignoring the pain in his shoulders. They slide down further on the bed as she slide him back inside of her. “I love you Melinda.” He ran his hands up and down her back as she kept moving her hips. “I love you so much.” 

Melinda sat up, as he grabbed her breast, twisting his nipples with his fingers. Their breathing got heavier and their moans got louder. She started moving faster and faster as their bodies tense up.

He pulled down to her, kissing her roughly as she started to cum together. He grabbed her hips, to keep in place as he thrust inside a few times, cumming inside of her. The kiss broke and they press their foreheads together as they try to catch their breaths.

“My love.” He said, hold her face gently as he looked at her. “Do you still deny what we have is special?” She looked at him as she try to think of what to say. “Do you still deny that I love you?” She still didn’t say anything. “Come on my love, you can’t keep deny it. After everything we’ve been through. After everything I have done to keep you safe, to keep our daughter safe. Can you really still deny what we have is special? Can you my love?”

“No…I can’t.”

The Devil You Know Part 29 

Note: Sorry for the long wait on this one you guys. Got caught up with another series, family, and work. So I hope this was worth the wait and brings more light on the subject of Melinda and her husband, and the Stockholm Syndrome she has.

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What We Can’t Have


It had started off as Sasuke’s and Hinata’s base on the first of their ANBU missions together.  A small, apartment at the edge of the Cloud, in a small village high the mountains shrouded in forest and greenery.

That was years ago.  

Most of the rest of the rookie who had chosen to join the ANBU had long disbanded, choosing to become regular jounin or take their places as clan head. The mental fatigue and strain had left no one unbroken. Only when the hokage needed the most classified, top-secret mission would he call on his closest friends to go on a mission as an ANBU.  

After all, they all still had that tattoo burned into their flesh and chakra for life.

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Love and Spiders

Inspired by these two prompts and the spider that crawled up my arm the other day.

Prompt: Howdy new neighbor I know you probably don’t know my name but you smiled at me the other day and you seem pretty nice so can you please help me and kill the giant spider in my kitchen. I will gift you with food. http://unblockingwritersblock.tumblr.com/

Prompt: if you put that spider anywhere near me, you’ll face your death very early. http://alloftheprompts.tumblr.com/

Word Total: 1974

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Notes: No smut, it’s my first Hobbit fan fic, Canadian reader (and writer), Scarred reader, Adult reader. I hope you like it! 

“What kind of call was that?” I yelled at the TV screen, appalled at the penalty the ref just called on against my hockey team, that was a legit goal! Throwing back the last of  my beer,  I headed into the kitchen, to check the pasta sauce that was simmering on the stove and to grab another beer.

Checking the sauce, I saw that it was almost ready, all I need was to start another pot of water to boil and get the spaghetti out. Once that was done, I grabbed a beer out of my fridge and went to go finishing watching the hockey game.

And that’s when I saw it. Watching me. The biggest spider I had ever seen outside of a zoo. Clinging to my cupboard like it owned the place. And it was sizing me up like I was its next meal. I froze, praying that I was imagining things, that it wasn’t really there. Then it twitched.

I screamed, dropping the beer bottle and running out of my apartment, slamming the door shut and leaning against the opposite wall, trying to put as much distance between me and my new roommate as possible. I needed to find someone to evict said roommate ASAP.

“Elrond?” I muttered to myself, but a quick glance at my watch showed that he would still be at work. And Lindir is quite possibly more scared of spiders than I am, so that ruled him out. The sound of muffed voices drifting down the hall pulled me out of my musing. It was coming from my new neighbors apartment. My new neighbor. He seemed like a nice young man, and smiled at me the other morning on my way to work. Maybe he could evict my unwanted squatter.

My mind made up, I approached his door where I could still hear muffled voices. “Damn, what if he has company?” I worried to myself, but the thought of being possibly homeless thanks to that spider spurred me on. Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door. The voices quieted and I could hear someone moving towards the door. The door opened up and instead of the long brown hair and warm brown eyes that I was expecting to see; I was looking into beautiful blue eyes, long golden hair and a neatly kept beard, that had two thin braids that framed his soft looking lips. His beard was braided. And while one might find that weird in this day and age, I found it ruggedly sexy. Then the sexy bearded man smiled at me, flashing a set of dimples and I was done for.

“Wow” I breathed out, completely enthralled. Those dimples flashed again.

“I’m sorry?” Dimples questioned, snapping me out of my trance.

“Oh! Hi! I’m sorry!!” I squeaked, completely flustered by the gorgeous man in front of me, “Umm I’m sorry but I was looking for my neighbor, a young man with long dark hair?” I explained hurriedly. “I wanted to know if he could help me evict an unwanted guest…”

“Fee?” I heard man’s voice call out, making the man look over his shoulder “Who is at the door?” I saw my neighbor come around the corner to stand by ‘Fee’.

The blond man focused on me again “Hi, I’m Fili and this is my little brother Kili” he started, “We both live here, but I was out of town for work and just got back last night.”

“Kili this is….” Fili trailed off, looking at me expectantly.

“Y/N” I spoke up “I live across the hall” I gestured towards my apartment.

“Ah yes” Kili replied “I’ve seen you around.” he said, smiling warmly at me.

“Anyways” Fili broke in “Y/N said she needs help getting rid of an unwanted guest, right?” he explained “Are you alright, do we need to call the cops?” he asked worriedly, his gaze settling on my scarred cheek.

I smiled at his concern, my fingers automatically going up to rub the light scar that graced my cheekbone, courtesy of a drunken fall and the reason that I don’t wear stilettos anymore. “No I don’t need the cops, but an exterminator maybe” I chuckled nervously.

The brothers exchanged a look “Just what kind of roommate do you have? And where did you find them? Craigslist?” Kili asked me curiously.

“A spider of epic proportions  has taken up residence in my kitchen, and I think he was planning on eating me!” I blurted out “It jumped at me so I screamed and ran” I finished, biting my lip anxiously.

“And now I can’t get back into my house and I was in the middle of watching the hockey game and making supper” I whined.

“Who’s winning the game?” Kili asked

“I will get rid of it for you” Fili said at the same time.

“THANK YOU” I sighed in relief “I really appreciate it, and it depends Kili, who do you cheer for?”

“Pittsburgh” he grinned, “You?”

“Edmonton” I replied as we headed toward my apartment. They both shot me surprised looks at that.

“What?” I questioned “I’m from Canada. And the score was 1-1 last I saw”

“Ahh” they said in unison, as if that explained a lot.

“Exactly how big is this spider?” Fili questioned, ready to open my apartment door.

“Do you remember the spider from Harry Potter?” I asked

“Yes” They both said slowly.

“Well I think they are cousins…” I stated.

Fili chuckled but looked slightly worried as he opened the door and walked in “Where exactly is this– Damn. That IS a big spider…” he trailed off.

Kili walked in ahead of me “Man it smells good in here what are you mak– WHOA that is the biggest giant house spider that I’ve ever seen!!” he exclaimed excitedly.

“That’s great Kili, good for it, bad for me.” I complained from the safety of the hall. “Look, if you two get rid of it for me, then you can stay for supper. Spaghetti with homemade ground turkey pasta sauce. And freshly made buns. You can even take the leftovers home AND I will sell you my soul, just PLEASE get that thing out of my house!!!” I pleaded.

Fili grinned at me “You have a deal, but you can keep your soul….. and maybe even your leftovers” he bargained, winking at me.

“You have a deal” I sighed in relief, flushing a little from his wink.

“Kee” Fili ordered, “Can you run home and get something to contain this thing with.”

Kili nodded and headed towards their apartment

“And you are NOT keeping it!!!” Fili called after him, only to have Kili pointedly ignore him.

Fili groaned “Not another pet” he muttered in exasperation.

“I’m sorry about this” I said hurriedly “My roommate, Tauriel, is my official spider killer, but she’s off visiting her dad and our other neighbor, Elrond is at work and his boyfriend Lindir wouldn’t be any help, he hates spiders just as much as I do, I could have gone to hide there but I have food cooking, and OH! can you maybe turn the burners off? I’m sorry, I can’t believe that I left them on…” I couldn’t stop rambling, and ducked my head in embarrassment. What a first impression I was making.

Fili glanced at the spider then quickly darted over and turned the burners off before joining me in the hall..

“Y/N” he chuckled, gently grasping my chin to raise my head and look me in the eyes “It’s all right, I don’t mind helping a beautiful damsel in distress”  his hand moved to cup my cheek,  rubbing his thumb lightly over my scar, “So please quit apologizing.”

“I’m sorry” I mumbled, flustered by his close presence.

Fili laughed outright “That’s so Canadian” he teased, making me laugh and relax.

I smiled up at Fili again, but before I could say something, Kili reappeared, holding a large glass jar, with holes punched into the lid, and a newspaper. He grinned knowingly at us as he walked by.

“Please tell me that you are going to kill that thing with the newspaper!” I pleaded, as Fili stepped away and followed him into my apartment.

“Nope” Kili replied cheerfully, “Not a specimen this big! The newspaper is just to help get Spidey into the jar!”

“Great he named it” Fili groaned, making a face at me.

I laughed, as I slowly edged into the apartment to see what they were doing “Kili, you would get  along great with my roommate, Tauriel.”

“Tauriel” he repeated as he scrambled up onto my counter, after handing Fili the jar. “Is she the tall, cute red head?” he asked me, as the brothers moved into position near the twitchy spider, Fili holding the jar below the spider, and Kili rolling up the newspaper tightly.

“Yes, She went her brother Legolas went to visit their dad for a few days, or else she would be dealing with this vile creatuureeeee—” I finished off with a squeal as Kili prodded Satan, I mean Spidey, with a newspaper, causing it to scuttle away quickly, fortunately Fili was faster and somehow managed to scoop Satan Spidey into the jar and promptly screwing the lid on.

I let out a huge sigh of relief, sagging against the wall. My home was my own again.

“Ok” Kili started “We did our half of the deal, so when do we eat?”

I chuckled, “Soon, I just have to make the spaghetti quickly and clean up this mess” I gestured towards the broken beer bottle “And then we can eat.”

“I’ll help” Fili offered right away, handing the jar to Kili.

“Thanks” I smiled at him, “Can you refill that pot and put it on to boil? Please? and Kili, why don’t you grab us some beers out of the fridge and then go find out what the score is?” I suggested.

“Ok”  They both answered eagerly, Fili grabbing the pot, and Kili moving to put Satan Spidey down beside me so he could grab the beers.

“KILI ” I growled “If you put that spider anywhere near me, you’ll face your death very early.”


It turns out that it was Fili who kept Satan- Spidey. Which I  unfortunately found out the hard way when I went into Fili’s closet to get him a shirt one night after Kili started a food fight. Imagine my surprise when I opened up his closet only to find myself at eye level with the eight legged minion of Hell. Needless to say I screamed bloody murder. Fili came running in, swearing, apologizing and blushing at the same time. I finally realized then, why, after six months of dating I had never seen into his closet, not because it was messy but because it was occupied.  Fili told me that he kept Sa-Spidey because he might not have met me if it wasn’t for him. Satan Spidey was there when Fili proposed to me and was present at our wedding…. until a certain mischievous couple, aka Kili and Tauriel, “accidently” knocked over his cage during the reception and he got out. Panic ensued  and I never saw Spidey again after that. Best wedding present ever, hands down. I don’t miss him, but I do thank him for bringing Fili into my life.

“The fruit of all my grief” - [Sebastian/Tom - one shot].

Prequel to: “One million bullets” 

Also based on: Imagine: Sitting on Sebastian’s lap while he’s smoking, and kissing him as he blows the smoke into your mouth.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Song referenced in title (Same one Sebastian is listening to): “Don’t wanna fight” by Alabama Shakes.

Notes: NSFW. 


And as if the radio was trying to mock us, it had to play that song.

It was still raining when I exited the coffee shop. My favorite hot beverage in one hand, a script pressed against my chest using my arm, and an umbrella in the other one as I made my way through the city.  The gray sky made it look like it was almost midnight when it was actually 4:30 pm.

Working in a production house had its pros and cons. Sometimes one of us had to deliver scripts to some actors when we were interested in casting them in a film. I was on a mission to deliver one that day, but I knew I had been called for other reasons as soon as I read the familiar address on the memo; this is how we had met.

In time, one thing led to another, needless to say.

I was still half a block away from his apartment and I could already hear the loud music coming from the inside.

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No Comparison

Natasha ropes you into your first intel-retrieval and destruction mission. Things don’t go as planned, but you kick ass anyway.

Warnings: none except some seriously pretentious flirting by your target and Bucky’s threats to knock him out?

Word count: 2,978

‘Okay,’ you quipped, pulling the memory stick out of the computer, ‘the virus that’ll shut down their systems is on here, Natasha will just have to plug it in and let it run its course.’

‘Nice work, kid,’ Tony said, seeming genuinely impressed. ‘How long this take you to develop?’

You shrugged. ‘A few hours? It would’ve taken shorter but I had to make sure I didn’t destroy your systems.’

‘I appreciate that.’

‘Is it done?’ Natasha asked, letting the door of the lab close smoothly behind her. 

‘All set,’ you smirked, seeing her dressed to the nines, completely relishing in the fact that you got to stay in the compound in your sweats while Natasha staggered around in pencil heels with grimy strangers, including your target. 

The team wasn’t planning on any fights, so this was simply a get in and get out to shut down an up and coming weapon dealer’s empire by disabling all communications and destroying all data (not before saving a copy for yourselves - all information was useful in some way). Natasha, the stealthy dark horse she was, was to go, distract the target long enough to get his room key and infect his laptop with the virus you had created. While wearing high heels.

‘You should come,’ Natasha said, almost making you drop the memory stick.

‘What?’ you said stupidly. 

Natasha shrugged. ‘We still have time for you to get dressed. It’ll be fun.’

‘Fun?’ You blinked. ‘You want me to come on a mission that’s literally just putting a memory stick into a slot? What if I mess it up?’

You were a lab tech and although you knew how to handle a gun for when necessary, you weren’t much use in missions.

‘You said it yourself, it’s a simple infiltration - barely that. Besides, you need to get out of here, it’s stuffy.’

You snorted and stifled your smirk. ‘What would I even do?’

‘I’ll get the key card and pass it to you. This thing is your baby, you should have the honour of crumbling your first black market.’

It did sound appealing. Sure, your talents and appeals resided in creation, but … toppling a criminal empire in stealth mode? 

‘Cap and Barnes’ll be watching our backs the entire time in case something goes wrong,’ Nat added with a knowing smirk.

The woman read people all her life, of course she knew about your crush on Bucky. Yet you acted as if it didn’t phase you because there was no way in hell you were going to admit it out loud. 

‘You had me at crumbling my first black market.’

Your wardrobe being completely devoid of anything suitable for a black tie event, you were now dressed in a short black dress from Nat’s wardrobe, with full lace sleeves, black tights (because you didn’t care if showing your legs would help up appearances, it was cold) and black heels. You quickly swiped on some dark eye shadow, eye pencil, and some lipstick and within fifteen minutes, you and Nat were in the back seat of a rental car (Tony’s were too flashy and easily recognisable) with Steve in the driver’s seat and Bucky in the passenger’s. One driver, one sniper. 

It was so annoying because they both looked so comfortable in their clothes; Bucky was literally carrying an assault rifle (loaded with heavy tranquilisers because the mission didn’t require any kills) with a bullet proof vest over his sweater. Steve’s shield was by his feet and he himself was dressed in sweats. You were pretty sure Bucky hadn’t bothered to put on shoes. It wasn’t that either of them weren’t taking your safety seriously, it was that they were equipped enough and there weren’t any threats in their area. Aside from a single security guard, you wouldn’t have any trouble.

‘Try not to break anything,’ Steve called as you and Natasha left the car looking so effortlessly unambiguous. 

‘Bring us back some hors d’oeurves,’ Bucky added. 

The image of Bucky dressed in his sweater with an assault rifle, a bullet proof vest, and a tray of canapes made you grin wickedly. 

Natasha smirked at you. ‘What are you smiling about?’ But you were pretty sure that she had hazarded a guess.

You both found your way into a large events’ hall of the hotel on the second floor, floor-to-ceiling windows with stone balconies overlooking a three-acre garden bursting with exotic flowers. The lights were dim, a slight dark red tinge mixed with a golden glow from the central chandelier. Tall tables were dotted around, waiters swerved with practiced elegance within the crowd carrying trays over their shoulders. A jazz quartet was playing soft background music.

‘Do we even know what this is for? Who are these people?’ you murmured, as you passed a woman in a floor length golden-coloured gown, making your way to the bar.

Cap?’ Natasha said into her comm.

Stark knew but I may have forgotten,’ you heard in your ear. 

‘America’s golden boy forgot to do his homework,’ you teased, hearing Bucky laugh at Steve’s expense. 

I at least know that there isn’t anyone with some sort of title; everyone here just has enough money to come to these things for fun.’

Natasha chuckled at your comment. ‘Target acquired,’ she said suddenly, no change in her eased tone of voice. She swiped a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. ‘I’m going in.’

You ordered a virgin cocktail, figuring you should keep a clear head and waited for Natasha’s all-clear. 

You calmly looked up, observing the scene behind you through the bar’s mirror and knitted your eyebrows. The target, Tobias Kane, had completely blanked Natasha’s attempts at conversation - and he was walking right towards the bar. Right towards you.

‘Shit,’ you hissed. ‘Guys, I think he’s on to us.’

What makes you say that? Buck, get ready.’

I got eyes on him.’

‘He’s spotted me,’ you said, pretending to take a sip of your drink. The memory stick, hidden in a concealed pocket in the lining of your dress, suddenly increased in weight by about three tonnes. The target was getting closer. 

There was no response for a moment. And then -

Okay, so get the key card,’ Natasha said.


‘I pity the man whom you abandoned to sit alone.’

Oh shit, was your first thought. This was not how you planned your evening to go.

You made eye contact with your target in the mirror. ‘I pitied myself for wasting my company with him,’ you replied.

Okay … where did that come from? 

‘Unfortunate,’ Kane tutted. ‘You deserve a better impression.’

You turned in your seat to face him. ‘Just an impression?’

You risked to look him up and down; no wallet poking out from his pockets, no lone card anywhere. How were you supposed to search this guy, strip him?

You nearly shuddered at the thought.

‘To begin with,’ Kane leaned against the bar counter, holding your gaze. He was young for a weapons dealer, maybe thirty, and his eyes were dark and strangely hypnotic. 

‘And what about after?’

‘After?’ Kane’s mouth upped into an even-more-so hypnotic smirk. ‘If you would grant me the pleasure of further attention?’

You then realised that no one had been speaking through your comm. Worried that something had happened, that this really was the target discovering your your plot, you focused on your peripheral vision and saw that Natasha was still mingling, successfully looking like she was supposed to be here. You realised they were only staying quiet to benefit your concentration. You couldn’t mess this up

‘If,’ you agreed. ‘Then what?’

Kane leaned closer to you and you noticed, with annoyance, that he smelled really good. Of course a notorious thirty-year old weapons emperor would smell good.

‘Then I would tell you that even the stars in the sky cannot rival your eyes,’ his voice was barely a whisper. 

This was really not how you expected your evening to go.

‘Any man could tell me,’ you said smoothly. 

Yeah, if they had terrible taste in women, you thought.

‘Then I would show you how you deserve to be worshiped in any and every way you wish.’

‘How forward of you.’ The words just came out and you’d thought you had screwed everything up but to your surprise, Kane simply chuckled. 

‘I’ll take you at whatever pace you wish, my love.’

Okay, who does this jackass think he is?’ You you practically hear Bucky’s scowl through your ear piece.

‘Perhaps you would care to share a drink with me?’ Kane reached around you and plucked a bottle of wine sitting in an ice bucket from behind the bar counter.

You quirked an eyebrow. ‘Something tells me you could pay instead.’

Kane’s smile was seductively playful. ‘Some women are impressed by talents, not money.’

‘You seem to know an awful lot about what some women want.’

‘Some women like that too.’

‘And myself?’ you asked. ‘Unless you’re insinuating that I’m comparable to other women?’

Kane shook his head, cupping your jaw with one hand and bringing your faces closer together; your fundamental disgust with the man kept you from losing your confidence or blushing.

‘My love, the very gods that put this earth together can’t compare.’

Bucky was near relentless. ‘You want me to knock him out? I’ll knock him out, just say the word.’

As he leaned in to kiss you, you raised your hand and rested your fingertips on his lips. 

‘Unlike some women,’ you began silkily, ‘I think I am deserving of your attention behind closed doors.’

‘Of course you are.’ Kane took your hand with surprising gentleness and helped you to your feet. ‘I think the view from the top floor will be satisfactory.’

‘I’m not satisfied by views, I’m satisfied by actions.’

Okay kiddo, calm down, you told yourself.

I’ll take out the guard,’ Natasha muttered.

Kane’s arm went around your lower back; its placement wasn’t too sleazy but any contact with the guy was way out of your comfort zone. Still, you kept your wits and allowed him to lead you to the elevator and his hotel suite.

Steve and I are on the roof of the building next door,’ Bucky murmured. ‘Waiting for your mark.’

As Kane stepped in front of you to open the door, you slipped a fake nickel out from your black clutch; inserted in its side was a pin soaked in a powerful sedative. Tony had gotten the idea after watching Bridge of Spies (although you tried to tell him that those things were actually real because, surprise, the film was based on the very much real Cold War). You kept it in the palm of your hand, enclosing your fist around it loosely. 

I have eyes,’ Bucky said as soon as you stepped inside. Straight across from the door were french doors overlooking the city but you couldn’t see Bucky or Steve anywhere; you didn’t let it bother you - as long as they could see you, you would be fine.

You walked to the doors and surveyed the area, thinking about your next move. In the reflection, you observed the room behind you, scanning the expanse and then focusing on a briefcase tucked away under the bedside table. You then noticed Kane approaching with two half-filled wine glasses and accepted the one he offered you.

You wanted to bury yourself under the carpet and hide for ten years due to the intensity of his gaze, but you matched his eyes as you clinked your glasses together.

‘Do you often get views like this?’ you asked, turning to watch the city. 

‘Would you believe me if I said I didn’t?’ His voice was soft, close to a whisper, but charged with something else. ‘You know,’ he carried on; without breaking eye contact, he placed his glass on the table next to him and rested both hands on your waist, ‘I’ve been to many places, seen so many beautiful things but -’ he raised one hand, thumb gently toying with your bottom lip – none of them quite compare to you.’

My finger is literally on the trigger,’ Bucky growled. 

You were practically breathing the same air; he slid his thumb away from your lip and cupped your jaw, drawing you closer.

It was now or never. You wound your arms around his neck and as he leaned in to kiss you, you plunged the tranquiliser straight into his neck. Immediately, Kane slumped forward, all his weight leaning on you as his knees buckled, like a rag doll. You heaved him off you and dragged him onto the bed to make it look less suspicious. The sedative was designed for the Hulk and even though it wasn’t quite strong enough for him, it was definitely more than enough to knock out the average human being for approximately five hours. You swiped out a pair of black gloves from your clutch and slipped them on.

‘Nat, what’s your status?’ 

Guard’s unconscious and locked in a closet,’ she replied. 

‘Kane’s out, I’m getting the files now,’ you said as you overrided the security on his laptop and slotted the first memory stick. ‘You guys get out of here, get the car around the back, I’ll be another few minutes.’

Without a hitch, you had your intel and had ridden Kane’s laptop with your Swiss army knife of a virus. You slid his laptop back in place and picked up your wine glass, poured its contents into Kane’s and rinsed it out in the sink. You dried it and placed it back on the rack in the kitchenette. You left inconspicuously, scampering down the corridor to the emergency exit and clambering down the fire escape, heels in hand. 

‘Nice job,’ Nat acknowledged as you climbed in the backseat, Steve driving off before you even sat down.

‘Thanks,’ you breathed, stripping off the black gloves. ‘God, it’s freezing.’

‘Fancy people don’t wear coats,’ replied Natasha, making you chuckle. 

‘Here,’ Bucky prompted, tossing his hoodie gently to you having taken off the bullet-proof vest. 

‘Why thank you,’ you smirked with an overly fancy voice, and then made a face. ‘Okay, are all weapon heir to the thrones that sleazy?’ you asked rhetorically, making the others laugh. ‘Seriously, I’m bleaching my skin and burning this dress the second we get home.’

‘Hey, it’s worth it,’ Nat said. ‘You think quick on your feet, that was impressive.’

Bucky nodded, looking at you through the rear view mirror. ‘You did good,’ he said. 

‘I didn’t get you your hors d’ouerves,’ you teased. 

Bucky chuckled. ‘We’ll get real food.’

When you reached the compound, it was nearing two o’clock in the morning and everyone was asleep, or at least, in their own rooms; you had your heels on again and had stuffed your hands in the pockets of Bucky’s hoodie, relishing in its warmth. Steve and Natasha  stayed behind in the kitchen, reheating leftovers, while you walked back to your room to change. 

‘Hey!’ Bucky called to you.

You looked over your shoulder watching him sprint towards you. ‘Hey.’

‘How does it feel single-handedly destroying a black market empire?’ he grinned.

‘Well I’m not sure since I wasn’t alone,’ you shot back. 

‘Oh, sure,’ Bucky agreed. ‘I mean, if Steve hadn’t helped you make that virus and if Nat hadn’t held your hand while you riddled the laptop -’

‘Okay, okay,’ you chuckled, cheeks turning red from the attention. ‘It felt kind of awesome,’ you admitted shyly.

‘Still feel gross?’ Bucky asked playfully but there was a solidity in his eyes that showed he acknowledged your very real discomfort..

You shrugged. ‘Yeah, I thought I was gonna explode, I was cringing so much,’ you said. ‘You helped, though,’ you added, nudging him with your elbow.

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah,’ you nodded. ‘If you weren’t making those comments every now and then I think I would’ve punched him in the face.’

Bucky’s smile broadened like he had accomplished something. ‘And I how did I help that?’

‘You just kept me grounded, I guess. Reminded me that it was a mission and and that you had my back in case things went south. Plus, it completely diffused any kind of tension that guy was trying to create.’

‘That’s what I’m here for,’ he said. ‘Can’t have some sleazeball running his hands all over you like that without at least offering to sock him.’

You chuckled. ‘How eloquently put.’

‘I’m the master of eloquence, doll.’

You both had reached your room. ‘I’m gonna change and join you guys later. Maybe take an early night, I’m exhausted.’

‘Aw, doll, you sure?’Bucky almost whined.

You stopped and rested against the door, hands curling around the edge. 

‘Why, what were you planning?’

Bucky shrugged, scuffing his foot against the floor. ‘I don’t know, doll, I was kinda hoping I could tell you about how the stars don’t compare to your eyes,’ he said, feigning innocence, mimicking the words of the target.

You rolled your eyes and tried to stifle your giggles. ‘Shut up, Barnes.’

‘I just really think I could prove to you that the gods that build the universe got nothing on you.’

‘Bucky, shut up, you loser,’ you laughed.

‘Okay, but seriously,’ Bucky said, laughter dying down as he put his hands on your upper arms and looked at you intently. You didn’t take your eyes away from his, blushing under his gaze. It wasn’t the same intensity as the target’s, and you felt a comforting warmth.

Bucky held your arms and said dramatically, ‘If you ever want me to give you a satisfactory view from the top floor, you just say the word.’

‘Dammit, Barnes!’ You shoved him away and watched him bolt down the corridor, cackling childishly, with a plethora of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.


Imagine: Being captured by the grounders and being tortured only to escape and find the Ark camp where your boyfriend Bellamy sees you for the first time in two months. 

You can barely breathe when you reach the top of the hill, but you need to keep going. You can hear grounders behind you so you can’t stop. Not until you find him. You saw the ark fall to the ground, and you hope that everyone made it, and that Bellamy is there. 

“Keep going,” you tell your legs and force yourself to run again. For a minute you fear that you might pass out, but you stay on your feet and finally you see it. The campsite where you will hopefully find your boyfriend. You’re not sure how long it’s been, since they kept you underground for the most part, but it feels like forever. As you near the camp several people raise their guns pointing straight at you. 

“Don’t shoot. My name is Y/N Y/L/N. I was part of the first 100.” You put your hands above your head to show you surrender. A man in his forties runs to you and grabs your arm. He drags you with him as you struggle not to fall face down. 

“Let go of me,” you mutter though too weak to actually resist his tight grip. Once you enter the camp everyone is staring at you. Your eyes lock on a dark haired boy who’s looking at the ground. At last you find the strength to struggle out of his grip - or maybe someone just signals for him to let you go. Either way you escape his grip and you take a few steps towards the familiar boy. Why won’t he look at you?

“Bellamy?” you ask softly. You’re careful not to push him right now, because you can tell how hard this is for him. Slowly he raises his head and stares right at you. 

“I thought you were dead,” he says choking on the last word. You keep quiet painfully aware that everyone is watching your reunion. 

“I thought that the grounders had killed you and that I’d never see you again,” he says now with tears in his eyes. For some reason he doesn’t look happy to see you. 

“They tortured me, Bellamy. They wanted info-”

“Did you give it to them?” he cuts you off. So this is what it’s about. He’s scared you did what Murphy did back then when he was captured. He’s scared you’ve betrayed him to the grounders. 

“No. I never said a word, I swear. Even on the worst day I kept my mouth shut.” And you literally see a weight be lifted from his shoulders. 

“You’re really here,” he whispers as he runs to embrace you. Thankfully for that because your legs give in, but he’s there to catch you. 

“I thought you were dead,” he whispers as he holds you tightly. You don’t even care that your entire body is aching or the fact that you can barely breathe from his tight grip, because you’re back in his arms where you belong. 

“I know,” you say and kisses his shoulder, “do me a favor?” 

“Anything for you, princess,” he says and kisses your forehead. He’s still keeping you on your feet. 

“Please don’t let me go. Never again.” He picks you up bridal style and smiles. 

“I promise.” 



Length: this chapter is 1161 words 

A SnowBaz fic.

An AU where Baz and Simon never got together, and Simon kept his magic, and they meet after a few years and Baz is doing ballet. Simon thinks it’s hilarious, and stays just to torment Baz.

Status: WIP

Written for a prompt from @basiltxnpitch

Pretty sure I don’t need and t/w’s for this. Angst, dancing, swearing (of course there is swearing. If you are adverse to swearing you wouldn’t have read Carry On).

A/N:  Wow, this has gotten such a great response! I love you guys so much, thanks for all your support!! This fic is still far from over!

 [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6] [Chapter 7] [Chapter 8][Chapter 9] [Chapter 10] [Chapter 11] [Chapter 12]  [Chapter 13]  [Chapter 14] [Chapter 15] [Chapter 16] [Chapter 17] [Chapter 18] [Chapter 19]  [Chapter 20]



What was I doing? I tried to remind myself what I was doing. I was kissing Baz, my arch enemy, a vampire, a boy. A monster.

He was so cold. His lips were so cold, nothing like I’d ever experienced but exactly as I had expected.

Had I expected this? Ever?

I was surprised to find that I had at least thought about it. I discovered things that I’d always wanted to do. I let go of one of his hands and I ran my fingers through his hair, just like I’d always wanted to, and it was just as silky as I had expected. I ran my other hand up his arm and squeezed it, just like I had always wanted to, making sure it was real.

He used those arms to pull me to him, finally closing the rest of the gap between our bodies.

This was how I had always wanted him. Since the first day we met; that tight pull in my gut; I had wanted him like this. I had wanted him on my lips, I had wanted him with his arms around me. I had wanted him wanting me.

I wasn’t kissing Baz Pitch the vampire. I was kissing Baz Pitch the boy. (I was kissing a boy? A new development in my life that I didn’t particularly wish to ponder at the moment.)

Besides being cold, his lips were soft, and I liked how they felt on my dry, parched ones. I liked how they tasted, like rain on a hot summer day.

I was disappointed when it seemed to end all too soon, when Baz pulled his chin away and his wonderful lips left mine. My eyes were shut, and I think his were too. Our foreheads were pressed together lightly, and we were just sitting there breathing in to one another. I was still above him, which was a first for me, and I had never felt so comfortable in my life.  

“Baz,” I breathed, my lips resting on the bridge of his perfectly long, perfectly crooked nose.

“Simon,” he breathed, his cool lips resting on my neck, just below my jaw. Shivers raced down my spine and up my arms, and soft laughter bubbled up inside my chest. Hot tears were still slowly making tracks down my cheeks, and my stomach felt like it was going to cave in on itself.

“Snow,” Baz muttered, more clearly this time, “why did you do that?”

I opened my eyes and frowned at him. I didn’t move away, but I met his stormy grey eyes, full of mixed emotions. I closed my eyes again and leaned into him.

“Because,” I slurred, “I wanted to.”

“You never thought that maybe I didn’t?”

I opened one eye and stared at him with it. “Not for a second. After a careful analysis of the last few days, I came to the conclusion that you absolutely wanted it.” He snorted and I closed my eye again. “Besides, you certainly didn’t put up a fight.”

He let that sit in the empty air for a few moments before speaking again.

“How long have you wanted to do that?” his voice was gravelly, like there was emotion rolling over and over his vocal cords, causing them to sound different.

I shrugged and shook my head. “Dunno.”

I felt him frown. I felt his nose crease and crinkle under my lips, I felt the lines on his forehead deepen. “What do you mean you don’t know?” he scoffed.

I shrugged again. “I mean I don’t know. I only became aware that I wanted to do it as I did it. But that doesn’t mean anything.”

“How do you know it doesn’t mean anything? Maybe you only really wanted to do it a couple of minutes ago. Your emotions are charged and magic was flowing and –”

I smiled softly and shook my head. “Baz. I only became aware of it a couple of minutes ago, but I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.”

“How do you know?” he sounded so anxious, like he was worried I would just change my mind. Ha, fat chance. Everything was different now.

“Because I just know. It’s not something I’ve given a huge amount of thought to though.”

“Then how do you know?”

“Because, Baz. I’ve wanted you for five minutes; I’ve wanted you forever. When we first met I wanted you to shake my hand. In the next couple of years I wanted you to stop trying to kill me. In the few years after that, I wanted to know where you were at all times. After Watford I wanted you around because it felt weird not to have you constantly over my shoulder making snippy remarks and being a prick and – now. Well, Baz… now I just want you.”

I swallowed as I opened my eyes, the electricity running wildly through my body. I ran my fingers through Baz’s hair again, enjoying the ease with which it slipped through my fingers.

“You’ve wanted me for five minutes…” he whispered painfully, eyes shut.

“I’ve wanted you forever.” I replied gently.

He met my eyes and licked his lips. (That was really quite attractive.) (Christ Simon, you snog a boy once and now you’re gonna just pick out all the hot things about him? Really classy.) (Here’s a brief and incomplete list: his hair, his eyes, his skin, his voice, the way he looked properly vulnerable underneath me for once, the way his skin lit mine up with fire and lightning and nerves, the way he kept holding me close to him, the warmth of his breath on my neck.) (Very brief.) (Very incomplete.)

“Well Snow,” he croaked, “you might be properly put out to know that I never, not once wanted you.”

My face crumpled in confusion. My heart crashed and my throat squeezed shut tight. “Wha-?”

“But,” he continued, “I needed you. I needed to be near you, to know what you were doing, to hear your voice. I needed you around to prove to me that there was something good in this world, even if that good was destined to kill me. I needed you from the moment the crucible pushed us together. I needed the discomfort on your face when I wouldn’t shake your hand. And after then, I needed you so that I had a reason to stay alive. I needed you then, but I didn’t need you nearly as much as I need you now.”

I couldn’t reply. I would’ve, if I could’ve found the words, but I didn’t have time. I heard a drowsy, somewhat surprised voice from my left: “While that was almost sweet, boys, it could very easily be sickening without an explanation.”

I snapped my head around to view the speaker, and I began crying all over again.

“Penny!” I exclaimed, racing to embrace her as she sat up slowly. “Thank fuck.”

Edge of Tonight

Punk Frank, where Frank is super duper sweet to the reader because he knows what their going through, and he genuinely likes them

So this one went through about two or three drafts before I settled on this idea. I really love these kind of prompts and I wanted to do something really fluffy without it being too clichéd. Hope you all enjoy! Xx Also general question, are my imagines too long or have they been good lengths so far? I want to make them worth the time you put in to read them, so if they’re too long/  not long enough let me know!

Warnings: A teeny bit of angst/self-loathing. But that’s it.

It was just one of those days. No matter what you did, no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t find the motivation to do anything. You had called in sick to work, stayed curled up under your covers and slept for the majority of the day. Most of the time you could push yourself to ignore your depression and find something to focus on. But today just wasn’t one of those days. You couldn’t even be bothered to get out of bed, and when you did finally stay awake you glanced at the harsh light of your clock noticing it was dinner time. Feeling your stomach rumble softly you sighed, grabbing your laptop and ordering some take out online.

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The Weird Couple - Fred Weasley Imagine


Hi!! I love your images! I was hoping you could do an image for me. Gabrielle (or reader) is in Ron’s year and is Gryffindor. Fred loves her but doesn’t want to ruin their friendship until he sees her get hurt during Quidditch match. She loves him to

~Fred’s POV~

Gabrielle was no ordinary girl. She’s funny, gorgeous, smart, and so much more. She always knew how to put a smile on my face even when I was deeply sad. The only problem that’s keeping us an inch apart is our feelings. I love Gabrielle with all my heart and that’ll never change but, how does she feel? Does she like me the way I like her? I didn’t want to tell her anything because I rather have her as my best friend than nothing at all. What happens if I go to her and tell her that I like her, what is she going to say “Fred I’m sorry I see you more as a friend.” Or “Fred, how can you even think that! Our friendship is over!”. These thoughts just ran through my mind, I can’t risk anything. Like I said, I’d rather have her as a friend than nothing.

~Gabrielle’s POV~

I entered the Great Hall with my nimbus 2000 over my shoulder, I hummed happily as I sat down next to my crush, Fred Weasley, that boy was so hot. His red fiery hair, his brown dreamy eyes, and his prankfull behavior. “Hey Freddie! Ready for the game?” I asked cheerfully putting some butter on my toast “Yeah. How about you?” He asked rather quickly looking down trying to hide his blushing. “Heck yeah! I’m more than ready!” I said excitedly, I looked at him and saw that his face was very very close to his food. “Um…. Fred? Are you okay?” I asked putting my face near him “Y-yeah” he stuttered just realizing how close you were to him. He got up quickly and kept his head down “I-I’m gonna go down t-to the locker rooms s-see you later!” He blurted out. “Um… Okay. See you later.” I said awkwardly eyeing him. He just waved his hand and ran out of the Great Hall “That was weird” I told myself taking a bit of my toast.

~At The Quidditch Pitch~

“WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE LAST QUIDDITCH GAME OF THE SEASON!” Lee screamed into the microphone he had in hand. Everyone cheered and screamed, chanting which house they wanted to win. “NOW COMING ON TO THE FIELD! THE MIGHTY GRYFFINDORS!” Lee yelled as most of the stadium cheered at the top of their lungs. My team and I passed through the little wooden doors and positioned our selves on the field as Lee called out the Slytherins. “NOW CAPTAINS PLEASE COME FORWARD AND SHAKE HANDS!” Lee said as my captain, Oliver Wood, and, the Slytherins captain, Marcus Flint, came up to each other to shake hands. From the looks of it, they weren’t really shaking hands they were trying to break each other’s fingers. After a few seconds of “Handshakes” they pulled back and went back to their positions. “NOW WE WAIT AS MADAM HOOCH STEPS ON THE FEILD TO BEGAN THIER GAME!” Everyone looked down to see Madam Hooch walking over to the medium sized wooden chest that contained all the balls. She released the Golden Snitch, and the Buldgers then held the quaffle in her hands. “Now I want a nice clean game from all of you!” She inquired, the Slytherins acted as if they didn’t hear her. “THE QUAFFLE IS UP THE GAMES BEGIN!” Lee said excitedly as the quaffle was thrown high in the air and was caught by Angelina Johnson “JOHNSON NOW IN THE POSSESSION OF THE QUAFFLE! WHAT AN EXCELLENT CHASER THAT GIRL IS, AND RATHER ATTRACTIVE, TOO-” Lee started but Professor Mcgonagall cut him off “Jordan!” “Sorry Professor, just telling it like it is!” He laughed returning to the game.

The game went on fairly well and most of the stadium was laughing at Lee and his commentary. George Weasley, Fred’s twin brother, hit a Buldger and it accidentally hit Marcus Flint on the face brutally. “SLYTHERIN NOW IN POSSESSION - FLINT WITH THE QUAFFLE - PASSES SPINNET - PASSES (Y/L/N) - FLINT HIT HARD IN THE FACE WITH A BULDGER HOPE IT BROKE HIS NOSE - JUST KIDDING PROFESSOR - GRYFFINDOR SCORES!” Lee roared as the crowd cheered in glee. The game went on and on and on until Lee’s voice boomed through the microphone again “HARRY POTTER HAS CAUGHT IT! HARRY POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE GOLDEN SNITCH! ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POINTS WILL BE REWARDED TO HIM! GRYFFINDOR WINS!” Lee screeched through the the microphone as the stadium was filled with ear-slitting screams and cheers “WELL DONE GRYFFINDOR! WELL DONE GRYYFINDOR!” They all chanted. All of us were happy except for the Slytherins of course. Marcus Flint angry that they had lost and because we broke his nose, had set a revenge plan in his mind quickly. He opened the chest of balls and hit a Buldger with his bat. The Buldger flew high into the air, a lot of people gasped as they watched it. Then it came rushing down moving side to side looking for it next target. Unfortunately that target was me.

My eyes widened as I turned around and saw the Buldger coming right at me. It was coming to me so quickly I had no time to react at all. It hit me straight in the stomach powerfully, making me fly back a little. I closed my eyes due to all the pain going through my body. Right before I knocked out I heard a voice yelling something at the top of their lungs. I wasn’t able to make out anything they were saying because all I could her was a muffled yell. Then it was a dark blur.

~Fred’s POV~

I heard gasps coming loudly from next to me. I looked around to see mostly everyone looking up into the sky. I looked up too, curious as to what they were looking at and saw a Buldger coming down. I watched it as it flew down and hit the person I cared the most about. Right when Gabrielle hit the floor my heart sunk to my stomach. I pushed my way through people quickly and kneeled next to her limp body. I held her face in my hands and felt tears run down my cheek “It’s gonna be okay. Your gonna be okay.” I whispered to her. I was so scared, I felt as if it was my fault that she got hit. I was supposed to protect her and warn her but all I did was watch like an idiot. “YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SCUM!” Lee howled angrily into the microphone, jumping out of Mcgonagall’s reach “YOU SICK FILTHY B-” Lee was cut off by a screech indicating that someone had just turned off his microphone. He did a rude hand gestures to Flint before running down the stairs to check if Gabrielle was okay. “Excuse me, Mr. Weasley” Madam Pomfrey said quickly as I scooted back a little. She checked Gabrielle’s face then looked back at me “Mr. Weasley can you carry her to the Hospital Wing?” She asked “Y-yeah” I sniffled “But be careful” she said quickly, I nodded my head. I picked up Gabrielle in my arms softly and followed Madam Pomfrey all the way up to the Hospital Wing. I gently laid her down on one of the empty beds and just looked at her face. “Is she going to be okay?” I asked Pomfrey not looking up. “She’s a very tough girl, she’ll live” Pomfrey assured me. I sat down in a chair and watched her stomach going up and down, it made me feel better to know that she’s breathing. I almost fell asleep but opened my eyes widely when I saw Gabrielle’s eyes slightly open.

~Gabrielle’s POV~

I opened my eyes slightly to find a white arched ceiling and instantly recognizing it as the Hospital Wing. I groaned in pain as I tried to get up “Gabrielle! Lay back down!” I heard a all to familiar voice say as I felt a soft hand hold my back and the other touch my head pushing me down softly against the pillows. “F-Fred?” I whispered “Yeah? I’m right here” he whispered holding my hand tightly. “What happened?” I asked opening my eyes fully and looking into his dreamy brown ones “you got hit with a Buldger pretty badly” he whispered “Oh…” I said awkwardly. It was just the two of us, I was blushing a lot. “Um… Gabrielle?” He asked “Yeah?” I replied getting a bit flustered that he was holding my hand. “I’m gonna ask you a question but, just promise that you always be my side” he whispered “I promise, now go on” I said giving him a tender smile “Um… I love you. Like a lot, ever since we met I’ve always been attracted to you. I think your the best thing that has ever happened to me. But I was just thinking if maybe you liked me back?” He said lowly “no” I said plainly “what?” He asked “No. I don’t like you.” I said again. He looked heart broken and stood up with his head down “I love you” I said loudly and smiled at him. He looked up “What?” He asked again a slight smile on his “I said I love you!” I blurted out. He bent down quickly and started to kiss me softly but when I grabbed his hair it became rough and heated. Sadly it only lasted a few minutes because Madam Pomfrey heard me moan to loudly. “Mr. Weasley! Out! Out! Visitor hours are over!” She said shooing Fred off. Fred pecked my lips once more before heading towards the doors. “I love you!” He yelled walking backwards just to face me “I love you too!” I yelled back giggling to myself “You two are a weird couple, who needs to yell especially in a hospital!” She scowled handing me a drink.


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“Ain’t no such thing, Miss Elba!”

“Why, Bobby Wilkins. It’s not polite to call folks liars. I oughta take a switch to you.”

“You won’t, ‘cause there ain’t no such thing as a pumpkin curse.”

I hitched up my eyebrow and tried not to smile. I recalled being Bobby’s age, when you started catching on when grownups was teasing. I recalled that thrill of teetering between suspicion and wonder.

While I used my cane to rock in my porch swing, Bobby kept eyeing my prize-winning pumpkin carving.

“G’on then, touch it if you’re so brave,” I said. “But I won’t take no responsibility for your melon head. I ’spect you seen Cinderella?”

“Aw, that was a carriage.”

“Same principle.”

He puffed up his chest. Slowly, he raised his arm, and slowly, he put out his finger, which he brought closer and closer to the leering pumpkin face. Just as he touched it…


I brought my cane down on the porch railing. Hoo-eee, that boy plum near jumped outta his skin!

“Don’t you forget now,” I hollered as Bobby scrambled off the porch and hightailed it for home. “Come back next Halloween, soon as that curse starts workin’. Miss Elba will set you right.”

I imagine he fretted all year, ‘cause sure enough, here he comes now, wobbling up my lane with a swollen head and a withered brown stick of a body. But it was his eyes I saw first, glowing orange in the night.

“Lordy, come in, boy! I know just what to do.”

Indeed I do. My pumpkin carvings ain’t never lost the contest yet. Folks say they’re very realistic.

Credits to: Queenofscots


I’m in a room, lying down on a cold, hard table. I look around to see that there are two others like me, kidnapped, alone, waiting helplessly to be mutilated.

It doesn’t take long before they enter. I have the over whelming fear that I am going to be the first victim, but I get lucky. They choose one of the others.

They discuss what to do with him- and I know he’s just as scared as me. They smile as they’ve come to a concensus, and begin. They draw where they’re going to cut the their victim, making marks all over his body. Then they take out their knife and begin to slice through his flesh.

I watch as they take out his guts, emptying him until he’s just a shell of what he once was. As if that wasn’t enough- as if the guts they’d so carefully placed in a bowl wasn’t enough- the keep cutting him. Putting little patterns in him. It’s disgusting.

Oh so carefully do they place a candle in him, and light it. They take him outside to show everyone their work, and once he’s been placed like a decoration they turn to me. I’m next.

“Now,” the biggest one says, “What do you want to do with your pumpkin Tommy?”

Credits to: imminent_47

Say Something

i was in the mood for sad harry imagines, and well, i came up with this one, i recommend you listen to Say Something by A Great Big World, Ft. Christina Aguilera to get a better vibe for this imagine. It might be long.

I stood there. Watching him. Watching him kiss her passionately. His hands were traveling down her body like they would for my body. Harry’s lips syncing with the beautiful model like girl. His hands intertwined with hers, like they would be with mine. My heart stopping, freezing, not knowing how to respond to it. 

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