he kept disappearing


Commissioned by @summylise! Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy it <3

Pairing: Nalu

Works count: 7.5K

PS: If you want to feel like I felt, when you get to the fifth scene, start playing “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles!

Natsu stares through the glass, throat tight as he drinks in the sight of her, mapping every new curve and freckle on her skin. She’s still as beautiful as he remembers, even after all these years, but that’s not what matters to him. No, she’s alive, and that’s more than he could have hoped for. Lucy’s alive and here and he can see her chest moving with every breath she takes, her lips pursed in defiance as she stares down Detective Clive, her gaze bright and as intelligent and shrewd as he remembers. She looks absolutely fierce and he chokes up at the sight, releasing a shaky exhale and wiping at his eyes when Gray isn’t looking.

He just wishes that she wasn’t sitting on the opposite side of the interrogation room’s glass.

“It’s really her,” Natsu murmurs, voice low and gruff, more strained than he’s ever heard it. His palm presses against the glass, throat tightening with emotion when Lucy glances around the room, brushing her long hair away from her eyes. She looks at the glass—to her, a mirror—and, though unknowingly, her gaze locks with his, honey eyes softening just the slightest, as if she knows he’s staring back at her. “She’s alive,” he continues, more to himself than anything.

The look Gray sends him is sympathetic and Natsu hates it, but he keeps his mouth shut, knowing he won’t be let in if he picks a fight with Gray over nothing. God, he’s missed her, and she’s right here in front of him, and he can’t do anything. He barely hears Gray’s affirmative, turning to look at his partner quickly, the question slipping from his lips without him meaning to ask. “Can I talk to her?” he asks, voice cracking.

He knows his chances aren’t good. She’s gotten into something deep, something dangerous, but he’ll be damned before he lets her disappear again. He needs to talk to her—needs to touch her and make sure this isn’t just a dream. He’s had them before. He knows how real they can be, but in his head she always disappears before he can hold her, before he can tell her that he—

“That’s why we called you in,” Gray tells him, clapping him on the back and sending him a small, strained smile. He knows. Gray’s been with him since their academy days, so he knows: about Lucy, about the night she disappeared, about the six years Natsu spent trying to find her, hoping to whatever gods might be up there that she’d come home.

He simply nods, not trusting himself to speak. Gray reaches out, tapping on the glass three times in rapid succession. Gildarts glances up, looking towards the door. He murmurs something to Lucy, who frowns, expression twisting into one of confusion. She watches Gildarts stand, his back to her as he leaves the room.

The door clicks open, Gildarts slipping through. He gives Natsu a brief nod before turning to Gray, dismissing him, and Natsu takes the chance to slip through the door without another word.

She doesn’t notice him at first, her gaze directed at the table. It’s not until he walks up to the table, coming around to stand on her side and ignoring the offered chair, that she looks up, gaze hard and icy. She recognizes him a moment later, the ferocity leaving her expression as she stares up at him. Lucy’s mouth drops open, lips parting just the slightest when she sees him. She mouths his name, eyes never leaving his as she twists around to face him.

Natsu just stands there, drinking her in, wanting nothing more than to pull her into his arms, but knowing that he can’t—shouldn’t. She’s in here because she’s been arrested, and he knows that things aren’t the same as they were six years ago. They aren’t about to curl up together on his couch, watching movies until the A.M. and stealing kisses between scenes. God, but he wishes they were. Six years he’s spent missing her, six years he’s spent wondering if she was even alive, now here she is, and Natsu can’t even touch her.

She leans back in her chair, swallowing down the lump in her throat. Her eyes glisten when she sees him, and he almost reaches out to wipe away her tears, catching himself at the last moment. Her gaze drifts to the scar on his throat, something new, and he sees her cringe, something horrified creeping into her eyes. “Natsu Dragneel,” she breathes, voice quivering as she tastes his name on her tongue.

He wonders if she repeats it to herself at night like he does, whispering her name in the darkness, lest he forget how it sounds.

“So you do remember me,” he jokes, voice cracking. There’s no humor to it. Neither laugh at his pathetic attempt, but he does see a familiar light reach her eyes, brightening them. Her lips quirk at the edges, not quite a smile, but as close as he thinks he’ll get. He wets his lips, hand pressed against the tabletop to ground himself—to keep him from pulling her into his arms and never letting go.

He never wants to let go.

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“You’re mister J’s new obsession, Sugar”3/3 - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Thanks to a very jealous Harley Quinn, Batman is finally able to find his wife’s whereabouts. Kidnapped by the Joker since over a week, he’s afraid of what he’ll find when he finally reaches her…

Last part. I hope you enjoyed this little series, don’t hesitate to tell me what you thought of it :). WARNING FOR A LOT OF VIOLENCE YOW !! 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )



Bruce was never going to come rescue you. You tried to stay hopeful, it wasn’t in your nature to give up , but you couldn’t handle it anymore. 

His disgusting touch, the torture, both physical and mental…You just couldn’t handle the Joker’s abuse anymore. But he wouldn’t let you die. He’d bring you to the verge of death, just to take you back again. You were stuck in a loop of pain and agony. 

And Bruce was never going to come rescue you. You just knew it. It had been too long. What happened ? Was he also hurt during the attack ? Was he dead ? Oh god that would be the worst…he couldn’t be dead, he was the goddamn Batman. But…The goddamn Batman, the greatest detective in the World, always found a way, and fast, it had now been almost two weeks…

Was the Joker right ? Was he telling the truth ? Bruce forgot about you ? He couldn’t have…could he ? The clown kept telling you how Bruce kept going on with his life, not caring at all that his wife disappeared. He kept telling you that he, the Joker, would never do that to you…Yes he was a psycho, but when someone was his, he never let them go. 

“Your Bruce” was letting you go. Not even trying. And you started to believe the clown, because…Two weeks. It was a long time. And Batman knew everything, you had no doubt that if he really wanted to find you, he would have used all of his ressources to do so. He would have already find you. Besides, he should have the help of your sons…Did they forget about you too ?

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Hartwin from the eyes of Daisy, Roxy, Merlin and Charlie...

I PROMISE I DIDN’T JUST STOP DOING THESE. I just got stupid busy with work, class, and too many rehearsals.


Merlin had known Harry Hart for years. They’d met in their first year of uni and had … not always been friends, if he were honest They had been rivals, challenging each other to do better, and by the time they’d graduated they were indeed the closest of friends. They’d been together through everything—good grades, poor grades, hangovers, crushes, and despite the fact that Harry Hart was a fucking showboating overdramatic peacock, he was a true friend.

They were recruited together for Kingsman, to take the place of the recently-lost Galahad. As always, they pushed each other to be better and promised not to hurt each other in their quest for the title.

In the end, Harry Hart became Galahad, and Merlin … well, the only reason he lost out was he’d pulled the trigger a half second after his friend had done. Arthur hadn’t wanted to lose him, and after reviewing their scores throughout the past months it was decided Merlin would train for tech and run point on missions. He’d still use the skills he’d mastered alongside Harry, and there would be times he would be called into the field as well, though his exemplary scores with computers meant he would be better put to use keeping the brasher agents alive.

Merlin knew the only reason he went bald is that he ripped it out keeping Harry from doing anything too stupid for so many years. Unfortunately, Harry was a well of stupid ideas and Merlin refused to take credit for any of the scars Harry’d earned by not listening.

He knew Harry better than he knew himself at this point, thirty-five years into their friendship.

So when Harry brought in Lee Unwin’s son as a candidate, he was instantly suspicious of his friend’s motives. There were plenty of other suitable candidates that wouldn’t have caused Arthur to look so disgusted—though that was likely the initial appeal of bringing in someone from such a different walk of life.

When he was hurt after Professor Arnold exploded on him, Eggsy was there, and Merlin kept an eye on him. There was no reason for him to spend so much time there; nor was it going to help him get through

Then he noticed the smiles. The lingering looks. The fact that Harry’s computer alerted him every time Eggsy’s file was accessed—and it was often.  Harry was pulling up the videos of Eggsy completing his training. Harry deflected, of course; he’d always been a master at avoiding topics he wanted to.

Merlin had spent many years watching and learning about the people with whom he worked, and so when he saw the way Eggsy looked at his mentor, he knew there was something there. Until Kentucky, however, he was sure it was just a bit of hero worship or some misplaced father issues over losing Lee at such a young age.

But the tears in his eyes as he clung to Harry after Kentucky, the way Harry’s fingers tightened almost imperceptibly, Merlin realised he had it all wrong.

This wasn’t just a passing fancy. This wasn’t familial affection, or hormones, or Harry thinking with his dick. This was real.

He caught up with Harry alone after a while, waiting for the right moment to speak with him. “He loves you, too,” he said, and Harry’s cheeks pinked a bit. “I expect to be the best man at your wedding, Harry.”

“Of course you’ll be my best man. I wouldn’t have lived long enough to have a wedding without you!”

Merlin only smiled wider; Harry was already speaking as though it was a certainty.

“You might want to let your young man in on your plans for the rest of his life, then,” Merlin replied, sipping his tea.

He was sure Eggsy would be completely enthusiastic about anything Harry suggested, after all.


It was favouritism, that’s what it was.

The pleb was putting out. That’s how he’d managed to make it so far in training.

Charlie had had his suspicions from day one about why Eggsy had even been let in the door. His clothes were too tight, too common, too low-class for the ranks of Kingsman. Clearly the only reason he was there was that he was buggering at least one among their number.

But if he were being totally honest in a way he’d never admit out loud, for a pleb, he wasn’t completely unskilled. He still reeked of cheap drugs and boosted liquor, though, and nothing could wash that stench away.

It only made sense that Eggsy made friends with the girl. They probably both liked taking it from older men.

But Charlie knew better. He was there from skill. He had been bred to be the best, a champion among lesser mortals. A purebred among the mongrels with whom he was forced to interact. A Kingsman agent trapped with a group of losers.

But when he fucking lost, he couldn’t believe it. The girl and Eggsy, better than him?

Fuck that.

His father did hear about it, in great detail. And he was promised a way back in.

After V-Day, after things had been sorted and the bodies buried, Charlie went to the shop, contrite—or as contrite as he could be, given that he wasn’t a single bit sorry he’d opted to save his own skin. He gave them a sob story about how alone he was now that his family were dead, lost during the raid on Valentine’s compound, their colourfully exploding heads haunting his nightmares.

“I ain’t buyin’ it,” a voice said, and Charlie glanced back from where he’d been talking to Merlin. They were supposed to be alone, but that was definitely Eggsy in a Kingsman suit, and Galahad beside him, leaning heavily on a cane. Given what he knew the man had gone through—Valentine and his girl had been positively gleeful to tell him of the agency’s loss—that part wasn’t a surprise.

The way Eggsy’s hand curled around the other man’s bicep, signet glinting from the shadows, that was a shock.

“Nor am I,” Merlin said. “Charlie, you were dismissed, and you still are. Get out.”

And so he stood, passing beside the scum that had usurped his place with only a short pause.

“Knew you had to be fucking someone to have made it this far.”

He only regretted it when he felt the fist connecting with the back of his skull.


From the moment she introduced herself to him, Roxy knew that she and Eggsy would be the best of friends. He was a good person, she could tell, and smarter than he let on. She’d always been able to read people easily.

She was glad her hunch was right, though; she’d not have made it as far as she had without him beside her. Nor would he without her; they challenged each other to be better and to improve, their weaknesses transforming little by little into strengths over the course of their training.

And though only one of them would get the position of Lancelot, Roxy didn’t find herself wanting Eggsy to lose any more than she herself wanted to lose. He’d told her of his family and what this opportunity meant to him. He confided in her how his proposer had found him, and she saw the way his eyes softened as he spoke of him.

There was something there, in how he felt for his mentor, that went beyond the norm. There were days that she wouldn’t see him at all until he came sneaking back from the hospital wing, and Eggsy would brush off her questions each time. She hadn’t been proposed because she was just a pretty face, after all, and she had a plan to make.

She’d been excellent at tracking, and she would follow him. If he caught her, she’d explain that she was looking for either her mentor or Merlin, depending on how recently they’d seen the latter. And regardless, she’d keep at it until she saw where it was he kept disappearing to.

Her plan, as it turned out, worked perfectly. Eggsy didn’t seem to notice he was being followed, or perhaps he didn’t care as he slipped into one of the rooms reserved for injured agents.

She stepped up to the door, looking in through the small window. There Eggsy was, sitting in a plush chair pulled right up next to the bed, fingertips barely brushing against the man in bed’s own hand. That wasn’t the sort of touch one gave to family, and the fond look in his eyes, like the man in the bed meant everything to him, that was too open, too strong, to be anything but love.

Roxy never questioned Eggsy about it again after that, but she watched him carefully. How one day, Merlin pulled him aside and he very nearly ran from the room. How after that he was a lot happier and didn’t sneak off so often.

It was definitely love, then. He wanted to be good enough for Galahad.

After he failed the dog test (and gave her an earful about shooting her fucking dog what the fuck Rox?!) and losing Galahad, she knew he would take the title. It was only fitting, and he would take it and do his best to live up to the name.

And he did, starting a wall of headlines after carefully pulling down the former Galahad’s pages and packing them away.

Eggsy got by all right after that, but there was a sadness in his eyes, different than the one they’d held during training. Most people probably didn’t even realise it, but Roxy knew Eggsy too well, and why he seemed so haunted. His family didn’t seem to notice; then again, they’d not seen him throughout training, and it was a bit disheartening to think that his own blood had never seen him truly happy before.

The day they found out Harry was still alive was a revelation. Eggsy cried on Roxy’s shoulder, and she held him after Merlin politely left the room to give him some space. As close as Merlin had been to Harry, it made sense that he’d seen how Eggsy felt—had known how Harry felt, perhaps? She didn’t have time to dwell on it, though, because once the plane carrying Harry landed Eggsy was off, racing through headquarters to the hangar and barely waiting for Harry to get down the steps before he was hugging him, muttering something Roxy couldn’t hear but that made Harry smile fondly, running shaking fingers through the young man’s hair. Every touch was careful and deliberate between them, more than that of a platonic relationship. When Eggsy hesitated, Harry swept in and kissed the younger man’s lips, and Merlin and Roxy shared a soft smile.

That was love, and Roxy was glad Eggsy had found it.


Daisy knew that something was different between Eggsy and Mr. Hart right around her seventh birthday. Sure, Mr. Hart had been around a long time, and he was always really nice to her and Mummy, but it took her a long time to realise that he was more than nice to her brother. He hugged them all, but his fingers lingered on Eggsy’s shoulder much longer than with anyone else’s. It was subtle, but there, and it only bothered her because she couldn’t quite figure it out on her own.

Mummy told her Eggsy and Mr. Hart were just very good friends. That wasn’t right, though; Daisy had good friends of her own but she never looked at Jenna Smith with soppy cow eyes like that.

She tried to ask Eggsy about it, about why Mr. Hart watched him so fondly, like how Mummy’s new boyfriend looked at her, but he’d gone a bit red and told her she was seeing things.

She wasn’t seeing things. She knew there was something there. Eggsy was happier when Mr. Hart was around. At night, sometime she could hear the on the phone together, voices low so even with her ear pressed to the wall she could only pick up a few words and a bit of laughter. When they were out together, Eggsy picked things up for Mr. Hart, and Eggsy said he only ever spoiled his family.

So that meant Mr. Hart was family, except Mummy didn’t seem very put out by any of it. She seemed pleased as punch when Mr. Hart was around and even made him fancy Sunday roasts when he came to dinner. Daisy kind of remembered how Mummy had disliked Mr. Hart at first, after they’d moved away from her Daddy.

Mummy knew more than she let on.

But Daisy liked Mr. Hart a lot, so she tried not to think too hard about how even when Eggsy wasn’t away doing his tailor stuff he was with Mr. Hart and not with her. He didn’t treat her like a baby, and even took her out to museums and the zoo and movies so she could learn new things, and he was better at playing knights than anyone.

“Are you gonna marry Eggsy?” Daisy asked Mr. Hart one day, when he was taking care of her so Mummy could go to work, and Eggsy was on a business trip to fit some old rich guy with a new suit in India.


“You like Eggsy lots. You treat him specialler’n anyone. An’ you give him stuff like Mummy’s boyfriend gives her, but only things Eggsy likes. An’ you come to dinner an’ you don’t gotta.”

Mr. Hart looked a bit shocked, but his expression was mostly soft and fond, once Daisy began talking. “Well, you’re a perceptive girl. Promise me you’ll keep it a secret?” he asked her, and Daisy bounced excitedly, nodding. She could keep secrets! Mr. Hart leaned closer, though they were in his house with the butterfly walls and nobody else was around. “I’ve already asked your mum permission to marry Eggsy. And if you’re all right with it, I—”

“I’m okay with it! Eggsy’s mad for you! Can we still play once you’s married? An’ you’ll still come to dinner, right? Mummy only ever makes cream puffs when you’re there!”

Harry laughed. “I promise we’ll still come to dinner,” he assured her. “Not much will change.”

Daisy smiled wide. She’d been right about Mr. Hart and her brother, and she was happy about it.

I’ll still be taking prompts, but holy shit life’s kicking my ass and they’re definitely slooooooooooooow as hell now.

I Can’t Save Her: Part 28

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Sex

Catch Up Here

Word Count: 1663

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: As I’ve said previously – this story is kind of on its homestretch.   Here’s a little quiet before the storm <3.

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Tony and Steve had both agreed that it would be best to stay in Vienna for the time being. The rest of the team could handle any missions that arose in the states, and it would give us time away. They both fretted over me constantly – I was healing fine physically, but I could tell that they worried about my impulsive and irrational behavior during our mission. Every day Bucky spent hours with the doctors that Tony had brought to the facility as they tried to determine if H.Y.D.R.A. had done anything to his mind. As much as I had hoped for our kiss to be the gateway to something more – it hadn’t. Bucky kept his distance during the day – going so far as to avoid me, but stayed with me every night. By the time I woke up each morning he was always gone.  Several days passed and he kept up his disappearing act – always offering me comfort during the night, but vanishing before the morning.

Everything changed the night he had his nightmare.

I woke to Bucky screaming beside me. As I rolled over on my side I saw him writhing under some invisible force, his body soaked in sweat, as his chest heaved with exertion. I immediately remembered the last time he had a nightmare – the catalyst that made him finally leave. For a moment I laid frozen beside him – unsure as to what I should do. My heart ached – I couldn’t watch him suffer… I had to do something even if it put me in danger. I gently rested my head on his chest as I wrapped my arms around his waist. I laid quietly with him as his breathing slowed.

“Y/N?” he asked as panic cut into his voice.

“Shh… I’m here James. You’re safe,” I whispered softly as I ran my hand up and down his chest. He sighed shakily as I continued to comfort him.

“I…. I dreamed…” he whispered. Usually he didn’t talk about his dreams, but I had a pretty good idea as to what they consisted of.

“Shh…. It’s okay. It was just a dream,” I soothed as he drifted back to sleep.

I blinked sleepily as I turned to Bucky’s side of the bed. Disappointment struck me as I faced an empty bed yet again. I was certain that last night would have changed the way he was acting towards me. I huffed as I rolled onto my back to stare at the ceiling. The more time I spent with Bucky the more I wished for the normalcy and intimacy that we once had. I knew I couldn’t push it – it would either happen in time or it wouldn’t, but I found myself wishing time would hurry up. Steve and Tony had told me to give the case about my parents’ involvement with H.Y.D.R.A. a break – at least until I was well rested, and recovered. I didn’t argue with them at the time, but I longed for the distraction. A sudden knock at my door interrupted my internal complaining.

“What?” I snapped.

The door cracked open and Bucky stuck his head in shyly. “Is this not a good time?”

“Oh no… it’s fine. Sorry… I just woke up,” I apologized as I rubbed the remaining sleep from my eyes.

“Good, get dressed and meet me in the living room in thirty,” he added with a smile on his face before disappearing.

Thirty minutes later I walked into the living room to see a fidgeting Bucky sitting in front of the fire place. As soon as he saw me he smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile in return. “Ready?” he asked.

“For what?” I laughed. Seeing the carefree Bucky again lifted my spirits higher than they had been in months.

“You’ll see,” he responded as he grabbed my hand and guided me outside. The grounds outside of the compound were beautiful and quite expansive to add an extra layer of privacy for those that resided. Everything seemed empty today – it was a Saturday so no one was working, and Steve and Tony were away handling what they had vaguely referred to as a mission that I didn’t need to concern myself with.

I walked with Bucky hand-in-hand as he led me to a small area of the garden that was shielded from the view of outsiders by beautiful bushes. I gasped as we entered – he had set up a full picnic for us. As I plopped down on the blanket he had spread for us I couldn’t help but smile.

“There it is,” he whispered as he brushed my lips with his thumb. “I’ve missed that,” he added softly as a warm smile spread across his face. I blushed violently at this – unable to quell the emotions bursting inside of me. He laughed heartily as he turned his attention to preparing our food.

We sat in silence for awhile as we ate – Bucky never taking his eyes off of me. Finally, I turned to him and plucked up the courage to speak. “Bucky… I,” but he held up a hand.

“Me first — Y/N I’m sorry for being so distant. I’ve just been so afraid of hurting you again… but last night… When I woke up and you were there…. It was…. It reminded me of how much I need you…. How much I love you. I know I’ve made a mess of things and I know… I know it will take time for you to trust me again, but I…” He was interrupted by my lips crashing against his. He pulled back from the kiss looking dazed and confused.

“I told you… I’m not going anywhere,” I muttered softly as I stroked the stubble on his jaw. The corners of his mouth twitched as he fought back a smile. He moved so quickly and deliberately that he completely disarmed me and I fell backwards softly onto the blanket. He braced himself over me with his metal hand as his other stroked my cheek affectionately. His hand travelled down my arm and to my hand – playfully circling the ring that he had given me.

“If you thought you weren’t going to find me… why did you wear it?” he asked softly.

“To remind me of you,” I whispered back to him – echoing his own words from when he had presented it to me. He smiled at me sadly as he dropped his face lower to allow his lips to meet mine. As he deepened the kiss I ran my hands through his hair – twisting my fingers in it softly. For a moment we were in perfect harmony – the rest of the world and its problems dissolving around us. He pulled away all too soon with a serious look on his face.

“I know I promised you before that I wouldn’t leave… I know you have no reason to believe me… but I swear Y/N that I will never do it again. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t wake up next to you,” he whispered sweetly.

“We should go back inside,” I replied softly.

“What? Why?” Bucky asked confused at the sudden change in the conversation.

“Because… we should go inside,” I repeated again as I kissed his jaw gently.

“Oh,” he responded as realization dawned across his face. He nimbly jumped to hit feet and offered me his hand. I winced slightly as he pulled me up – even after all this time my ribs still hurt and most likely would for the foreseeable future. We walked quietly back to my room hand-in-hand— Bucky’s hand fidgeting nervously around my own as we grew closer to my room.

Once we were inside my room I closed the door and locked it carefully before turning around to see Bucky standing hesitantly behind me.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he closed the gap between us.

“Yes,” I answered as my lips met his. He gently guided me to the bed as he helped me out of my shirt – letting out an appreciative sigh as he looked at me. He sat me gently on the bed and set to work removing the rest of my clothes with soft nimble movements before removing his own. As I scooted across the bed I took in the full scope of him – he was still covered in terrible bruises from his time with H.Y.D.R.A. – as I looked down at my own body I realized I was too. 

As he laid beside me his fingers traced my bruises lightly. “I’m so sorry I let this happen to you,” he whispered apologetically before bringing his lips to mine. Everything about our movements was gentle, but urgent – not wanting to hurt the other, but deeply needing the contact we had once had. He braced himself above me as he planted soft kisses down my jaw and neck. He entered me slowly and gently as I gasped. My body was no longer familiar to him after his absence. “Are you okay?” he asked concerned. I nodded as I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him gently. We moved carefully and methodically – letting out soft moans of pleasure, and grunts of pain. It didn’t take either of us long before we reached our climax – our bodies tired and sore from the sudden exertion that they were no longer accustomed to. Bucky pulled me into his arms as I carefully rested my head on his chest – making sure I didn’t touch any of his more sensitive bruises. Before long we both drifted into a peaceful sleep.

The sound of knocking woke us up several hours later. “What?” I groaned exasperated at the door as if it could give me an answer. Bucky grunted in equal annoyance at the sudden intrusion of our privacy.

“It’s Steve – Fury found out more information on your parents,” Steve’s voice drifted from the other side.

And suddenly reality came crashing back around us.


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Oh! I LOVE your writing~ I have a suggestion for a little headcanon, fanfic, whatever you wanna do! How bout the Mysme plot but in a "Alice in Wonderland" setting? Like how Mc stumbles upon the chatroom and instead how Mc falls down the rabbit hole to Wonderland (maybe pushed by Unknown? :0)

I… I have no explanation for this, really. I hope you guys don’t unfollow us after this. *nervous laughter*

But do know that I wasn’t high or drunk or anything. It was the hormones wreaking havoc on my puny brain cells.

P.S. this post is getting long and it’s 2am now, so part 2 to follow later! Don’t worry, I really will release it before the week ends!


(Ri’s Side Note: Reminder that Nao is on hiatus. She’s just posting the remaining reqs she had :3)

MC in Wonderland

Part I - Into the psychedelic cardboard door we go!

Saeran / White Rabbit

  • You catch him wandering along the hallway on your way back to your room one night
  • Are those… rabbit ears?
  • And that steampunk waistcoat looks awesome on him, but why is there a cute, fluffy white cottontail?
  • Is he and Saeyoung sneaking off to a costume party without telling you?
  • You secretly follow him and he ends up in front of a strange looking door made out of COLORFUL CORRUGATED CARDBOARD
  • He opens the door, but you keep him from entering by hastily blocking the entrance
  • But you’re too clumsy and slip inside
  • You fell head first, so you closed your eyes as you prepared for the impact with the floor, but it never came
  • Opening your eyes, you find a warped space, and you’re continuously falling down
  • Saeran jumps in after you, and you notice the unusual look in his eyes as he passes by
  • “Saeran!“
  • “So busy, so busy, the queen will have my head if I don’t hurry“
  • “Saeran, wait!“
  • Turning to you, he gives you a crazed smile
  • “See you in Wonderland, MC.“
  • And HE FADES. Just like that.

  • The speed at which you were falling went faster, and you were genuinely scared because you couldn’t see the bottom
  • A bright light flashes out of nowhere, and you shut your eyes tightly, anticipating that you would go ‘SPLAT!’ when you reached the bottom

Saeyoung / Cheshire Cat

  • You wake up to somebody poking your cheek
  • Opening your eyes, you find Saeyoung looking down at you
  • “Hey miss, hey, are you planning to sleep here all day until Dorothy appears from OZ?“
  • “Saeyoung, are you on crack?“
  • “I’m the Cheshire Cat, not Saeyoung; you have to play along, MC—- I mean, miss.“
  • “Cheshire cat? Wasn’t Jumin the cat last time?“
  • “Shhh, it’s my turn now.“
  • “Haha, fine. I’m Alice then. Help me up?“
  • Saeyoung helps you stand up and you find yourself clad in chunky Mary Jane pumps, striped thigh-high stockings, and a blue and white dress with puffed sleeves complete with a petticoat (it’s the one that keeps the skirt puffy).
  • “Y-you didn’t change my clothes did you?“
  • “Nope, I’m a cat; cats can’t change your clothes, Alice.“
  • *sigh*
  • “Oh alright. I’m looking for Sae—  the white rabbit; have you seen him?“
  • “If you’re looking for him, he’s probably on his way to Mi— the Queen’s castle. In fact, I can see him coming this way.“
  • Saeyoung points in the opposite direction, and true enough, you see Saeran running in your direction.
  • “Saeran!“
  • “I’m late, I’m late! Need to lure them to the castle!“
  • “Cheshire, we need to—“
  • “Bye bye MC. Vander duchess is probably looking for me now, so I have to go or she’ll have my ass! See you later!“ and he slowly fades, his cheeky grin being the last thing to disappear

  • You decide to run after Saeran instead, but he kept disappearing and reappearing in random places, with you getting lost not long after.
  • You’ve also gotten tired, and was dragging your feet as you tried to find a place to rest in.
  • At the end of a fork road however, your stomach rumbles and you feel hungry
  • A table with a suspicious vial and a cake magically appears right before you
  • You have an inkling at what it might do to you, but it was a slice of that new rare cheesecake that you were dying to try and you were sooo hungry.
  • So you take a bite out of the cake and you feel yourself growing
  • It tasted so heavenly and it was so worth it
  • And you can see way up to the castle, but you couldn’t go there without squashing anything.

V / ???

  • “MC???“
  • Turning to the sound of the familiar voice, you find V looking up at you
  • “V!!! You’re alive!!!“
  • “Ahahaha, it’s nice seeing you too, MC. But why are you so big?“
  • You wanted to see him up close so you knelt down to have a good look at him
  • “*sob* it really is you, V! *sob*“
  • cue in ugly crying because you missed V
  • “Yes, it’s me. Umm… MC, did you perhaps… take a bite out of this cake?“ he asks, picking up the slice that you dropped earlier.
  • “I did,“ you say in between sniffles. You wanted to stop crying, but the tears were flowing nonstop ever since you saw him again.
  • “I see. Then perhaps… you need to shrink down again.“
  • “Why?“
  • “It’s flooding.“
  • Looking down, you noticed that the water was already up to V’s neck, so you offered your hand and he hopped into it
  • “Eh? W-what do I do?“
  • “You need to drink the potion and eat the cake at the same time,“ he says, holding up the vial and the cake
  • “But- but if I eat that, I’ll shrink and you’ll fall!“
  • “Don’t worry about me, MC. I’m more worried that if you don’t shrink, the queen will see you and you’ll get into trouble“
  • “Oh. Then… please be safe, okay?“
  • Placing him on a nearby tree, you take the cake and the potion and take them simultaneously.
  • You feel yourself shrinking, and you hold onto a drifting log just as you get to your normal size.
  • “Thanks for your help, V!“ you shout, waving to him as the current takes you downstream.
  • “See you soon, MC. Say hi to everybody for me!“ he replies, waving back to you.

[Part II]

Slytherin common room party

He knew it had been a terrible idea as soon as he’d said yes, but that didn’t stop him from going. After all the trauma and hardship he had endured, he thought he was allowed to be foolish for once. Though, this would be the seventh time and not the first.

So instead of studying for his N.E.W.Ts, preparing for a future as auror he started to like less and less, he was sprawled out on a couch in the Slytherin dungeon. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hide his relationship from his friends much longer if he kept disappearing, but he was too tipsy to care.

“That’s not something you ask to a guests, Pansy. And I’ll kick you out of the common room if you try.” Theodore Nott attempted to whisper these words into Pansy’s ear, but the alcohol had made him lose his volume control.

“You can’t do that. Let’s bet. I think he did.” Pansy shot a glance in Harry’s direction.

“Think I did what?” Harry sat upright, lifting his head from his boyfriend’s lap.

“Theo here thinks it’s not polite of me to ask if you stalked Draco in sixth year because you thought he was evil or because you thought he was hot. So, do you…”

“Shut up Pans!” Draco chucked a beer cap at her head and pulled Harry back again. “He stalked me because I am evil And hot.”

“You’re a self-centred dick when you’re drunk Malfoy.” Said Harry as he resettled on the couch.

“And you usually end up being the centre of my dick when I’m drunk so stop complaining.”

Yes, yes. I should study I know. But I had to get this out of my system first

Nsfw Headcanon Game


A/N: You’re welcome, Natalie (x2 Combo)

Dirty Secret

Honestly, Kiba has a huge kink for his partner dressing up in a kitten roleplay. Maybe it’s just the dog in him, wanting to dominate something that he considers to be his polar opposite. Maybe it’s the aura that felines give off- the indomitable, unchangeable stubbornness that they convey. Either way, it’s a will that he finds incredibly attractive, and the challenge of changing a personality or character like this is even more desirable.


The Inuzuka’s have some sort of canine gene in them, and it often shows through their astounding ability to be hairy in places that most people can only imagine. For the most part, Kiba keeps it pretty well contained. It’s usually only grown out on his chest, leading down to his lower stomach, and then narrowing out into a treasure trail. His situation downstairs is wavy, just like his normal hair, so he will keep it cut quite short. This cleanliness had to be built over time, however, and when he was younger you would actually believe that you were living with an actual werewolf if you were to see him naked.

Jack Off

Kiba is an incredibly impulsive person, and driven by his emotions and desires. This can be a good thing, but it also means that when he’s horny and he hasn’t been allowed to deal with the situation, he can get irritable and snappy. If he isn’t with a partner, or doesn’t have a partner at all, then he will actually jack off pretty often. He has a high libido, and can get in the mood on the drop of a pin, some days. It all fluctuates, just like his sense of smell and hearing do. He does go into something akin to a heat, however. After being with him for a little while, you can actually figure out when he’s going to go into huge periods of wanting nothing else but sex. To his discomfort, it was actually Hinata who first made note of this aspect when he kept disappearing during one of their sparing sessions.


Roleplay, marking, breath play, dom/sub, public sex, unprotected.


Sometimes Kiba doesn’t need any motivation at all to be turned on. However, there are certain things that can impact him greatly when he’s feeling perfectly fine. A smooth, seductive voice and/or good dirty talk can get him riled up pretty quickly. He loves a vocal partner, and if they sound good, then you have his undivided attention. Wide hips are also very alluring to him. He’ll have an inexplicable urge to grab them, and he might show this by hugging you around your waist and letting his arms slip down over them when he’s being affectionate. He also suspects that it’s his more primal instincts as well, and the body structure tends to be better for pregnancies, and his more animalistic nature responds to that.


Kiba isn’t necessarily a tease in bed, but he will joke around and talk to you through it all. There won’t be a quiet, charged atmosphere if you’re sleeping with him. He’s the kind of lover that will still crack jokes to make you laugh, or even get a bit of amusement if your bodies do anything strange or unpredictable. Sometimes he’ll even ask you about your day, and nonsensical things. It’ll make you feel very comfortable with him, but you might have to redirect his attention to intensity and romance if that is the atmosphere that you want.


Not very much a moaner. He will growl and grunt, and his breath will hitch and break sometimes. The loudest noise that you would get out of him would be a low groan, and this is when he’s really close to the edge. He isn’t a very loud lover, but he will frequently make noises during lovemaking. He’s unreserved in this way.

Next in The Fox and The Maiden Fair

Summary: Ivar and Emer going on a journey.

After receiving her morning gift, Emer walked to the hall to eat. The dagmál was composed of a porridge made of wheat flour, crushed hazelnuts and barley kernels. Emer could notice that they used honey as well. She couldn’t eat thinking about Ivar’s threat. She was not sure if her uncle was released and was afraid to imagine what Ivar could do to her father, once he put his hands on him.

She was so lost in her worries that she didn’t notice Ivar looking at her the whole time. His warm and calloused hand touching hers were enough to wake her.

“I think it’s better if you eat. We will ride today. You will need your strength.”

Emer replied. “I’m not hungry.”

Ivar grunted in disapproval. “If you fall from your horse during the journey, I will let you on the ground.”

Emer thought that she should eat to avoid angering him even more. She started eating the porridge, she didn’t regret it. It was heavenly and sweet. She sighed in satisfaction. From her peripheral vision, she saw Ivar’s cocky smile. After she finished her porridge, Ivar offered her some strawberries and raspberries. They were inviting and their smell was rich. Before she could pick up one of the berries, Ivar took the bowl away from her reach. Emer opened her mouth to protest, but he held a strawberry to her mouth. She was taken by surprise, his intense gaze was commanding, she closed her mouth around the fruit, tasting the sweetness of the strawberry. Its juice started flowing to her lips, Ivar used his thumb to clean her lips, she swallowed hard. He was so concentrated. Emer imagined if he acted this way while in battle, absorbed by the destruction he was inflicting upon others.

His fingers toying with her lower lip, she didn’t know what to do, afraid that even the slightest movement could make him stop. She let out a heavy breath, an odd warmth running through her. The noise made Ivar look deep into her green eyes, he raised his hand, liking the juice from his thumb, with his glaring eyes still fixed upon her. Those indigo darts using her as a target. She was helpless. Looking into her husband’s eyes, Emer could hear the waves crashing against the shore, see the foam flying into the air. His eyes were blue like the sky right before the sun disappears.

He kept doing his ministrations with a thoughtful expression. She wondered if one day she would decipher the man in front of her.

The noise of Sigvard’s arrival interrupted Ivar’s actions.

“It’s time for us to leave, or we will have to spend the night there.”

Ivar’s lips were forming a straight, disapproving look on his features. A clenched fist.

Ivar looked from Sigvard to Emer. “I hope you can ride faster than you eat, since we are late.”

She signed in frustration. They were late because of him.

If We’re Happy

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Member: Exo Baekhyun

Type: Fluff/Angst

“So tell me again,” he asked, his eyebrow raised in question. “What did you say you wanted to be when you grow up?”

You set your pencil down, staring out the classrom window as you replied, “Happy.”

He scoffed, but the smile remained on his face because somewhere in there he knew that that’s all you really wanted. 

You snapped out of your daydreams as the students around you stood, exiting the lecture hall. You hurriedly grabbed your things, shoving them into your bag before walking out with the rest of the crowd. 

You stepped out into the sunlight, blinking a few times to adjust to the brightness before starting your walk back to your dorm. The day was like any other, with the students walking around campus or snacking or drinking coffee while perched on a wall that was a little too high for your taste or- 

“Hey,” you heard his voice next to you, as he fell into step beside you. “It’s been a while.”

You bit your lip and replied, keeping your eyes on the path in front of you, and not the man beside you, “Yeah it has.” Was that too rude? Did you care that it seemed rude? You didn’t want to think about it, and you kept walking, speeding up your pace as he trudged along beside you. 

“I-I wanted to ask you someth- could you slow down?” his voice cracked and you felt his hand grab your arm, stopping you in your tracks and spinning your around. “What’s wrong? I thought you’d be happy to see me.”


Of all the emotions you felt as Baekhyun talked to you, you failed to believe that ‘happy’ was one of them. You swallowed, your eyes scanning him as he stood there, his hand still grasping your arm tightly. You pulled your arm away and he released you, the area he touched still tingling as you rubbed it, your eyes moving down to look at your shoes as you waited for him to keep talking. 

“Are you okay?” he asked, and you thought that you heard actual concern in his voice but no, that definitely couldn’t be it. Why would he care now? 

“Baekhyun!” you yelled, smacking him upside the head as he walked through the cafe door. “I’ve been waiting forever! I’m hungry, what’s wrong with you?” ou smacked him again, and this time he grabbed your wrist, pulling you close to him.

There was that tingling sensation again. The one that you got whenever he touched you, wherever he touched you. You looked away, pulling your wrist from his grasp as he laughed and said, “Sorry I was just busy. Let’s eat.” 

You heard him clear his throat and you looked up, your eyes wide as you finally stuttered, “Yeah, um yes. I’m fine.” You slowly let out a breath you were holding as he raised a delicate eyebrow at you, the way he always used to. 

“You,” he said, his mouth opening to continue, “You just got out of class, right? Do you want to get something to eat with me?”

You felt your heart beat faster as he spoke, and before you could think about it you had already started shaking your hand, apologizing and telling him you had to leave. His mouth opened again, as if he was going to call out to you and ask you to stay but before he could your turned, walking away quickly. 

Your heart raced as you wondered if he was following you- but no he couldn’t care that much. Unless he did? Why would he ask you to eat with him, he’d ignored you for years and now…now he wanted lunch? 

Your mind drifted back to that meeting with him at the cafe years ago. You used to hang out so often, but that time seemed so different. He spent more time on his phone, his responses were distant, and you just felt like something was…off. That day marked what you saw as the beginning of the end for your relationship with Baekhyun. 

Soon, you stopped meeting as often, because Baekhyun always seemed busy. He wouldn’t reply to your messages, and when he did he’d just tell you he was busy. You missed him and he knew that. You wanted to talk to him more and he knew that but he just kept disappearing more and more.

 After months of no contact, you gave up. You’d seem him in classes ut you’d never get more than a polite wave. He wouldn’t sit with you at lunch anymore, he’d sit with other friends. You didn’t have a problem with him having other friends of course, it was that that, well, he seemed to have forgotten you in the process. 

Just like that, middle school and high school went by, with you staying in the shadows of the average world while Baekhyun rose to the spotlight. He grew handsome and fit, and he was like a magnet, attracting anyone and everyone and making them happy with his charms.


He didn’t make you happy though. 

As you finally entered your dorm, you dropped your bag on your bed before flopping down yourself, groaning into your pillow. You mind was flooded with thoughts of him, and you honestly had better things to think about. You had two papers due next week that you had yet to finish and a ton of reading along with it. You groaned again, slamming your fists into your pillow childishly as you squirmed. 

“What’s wrong with you?” asked your roomate sarcastically, who had been studying quietly on her bed until you’d stormed in. You groaned again, flipping yourself over on the bed to lie on your back before responding.

“Tell me I’m an idiot and that he has a girlfriend.”

“You’re an idiot, he has a girlfriend.”

Girlfriend. They seemed so perfect together, and you were always stuck watching from a distance. When Baekhyun met you today, he had made it seem like you two hadn’t seen each other in months, when in reality, you’d seen him but he hadn’t seen you. He was too swept away in his perfect life to see the friend he’d left behind.

It wasn’t as if you spent all your time staring at Baekhyun; you had classes, friends, parties and other things keeping your mind busy. However, when you saw him on campus your mind would go blank, and you’d only think of him. 

And that didn’t make you happy at all. 

That was the first time he’d spoken to you after so many years and he wanted to get…food with you? You failed to believe it was such an innocent request. As you spent the rest of the day in your dorm, your mind wandered to Baekhyun, and if maybe you had judged him a little to fast. You’d always snap yourself out of it, refusing to waste your time thinking about a lost friend.

The next few days went by similarly, with you walking out of one of your classes and Baekhyun appearing next to you, asking you if you wanted to eat something with him. You politely refused, walking away each time until a week later, when you found him waiting outside your dorm building.

“Is there a reason you’re avoiding me?” he asked, his expression hard. 

You shook your head, trying to pass him but he stepped into your way, making you look up at him. “What do you want? I don’t want to eat with you,” you snapped, and you saw the flash of hurt on his face as you continued. “You stopped talking to me a long time ago and I have a hard time believing that you suddenly want to talk to me again.”

“What, wait,” he said, grabbing your arm. There was that tingling feeling again, the one that you couldn’t shake for some damn reason. “You’re mad because…because I didn’t talk to you?”

You pulled away your arm and scoffed, “You…you think that’s it? Because we didn’t talk? Baekhyun, you forgot that I existed. We were so close and then suddenly we weren’t. Yeah, friends grow apart but I did a lot to try and keep this relationship together and you didn’t give a shit. You always had something better to do than be with me. You don’t think I’m a little pissed now that you suddenly want to talk again?”

You saw him swallow, his fingers running through his hair as he looked at you. Then he sighed, his hands moving to pull of his backpack and pull out a cream envelope, holding out to you. 

“I wanted to give you this. My parents are having an engagement party tomorrow for my brother. Don’t complain that you have no time, I tried to give this to you a week ago…but you don’t seem like you want to talk.” 

You took the envelpe carefully, and he turned, leaving you in front of your dorm with the thick invitation in your hand. 

You held that same invitation the next night, as you stood in front of the resurant doors of Baekhyun’s older brother’s engagement party. You stepped in, looking out at the area that had been rented out for the party. 

You could see Baekhyun’s parents standing at the other end of the room along with his older brother, and a woman that you assumed to be his fiancee. But where was Baekhyun? You sighed, walking over to greet his parents and congragulate the happy couple. 

Baekhyun’s brother gave you a hug, mentioning how much he missed you and Baekhyun running around the house together. You remembered at the time he found it annoying and he laughed. His fiancee seemed really nice too, and after hugging his parents you left to sit at one of the tables, allowing other guests to greet the couple. 

You sat down at an empty table in the back, looking at your phone for the time. You wanted to get back before 9, because paries weren’t exactly your thing and you knew that. You scrolled mindlessly through your social media when you felt someone tap your shoulder. You looked up, your mouth moving into a small smile as you recognized the friendly face. 

“Chanyeol!” you exclaimed, your smile widening as he leaned down to give you a hug before sitting in the chair next to you. “I didn’t know you’d be here.”

He was another friend from the old days, although Chanyeol was a better one. He was never as close as Bakhyun but he was always there when you needed him. You always chatted once every few weeks, and you two kept up a good friendship that never seemed to go further. 

You were having a good conversation when suddenly a hand landed on your shoulder, and you turned to see a wide eyes Baekhyun. He grabbed your arm, pulling you out of your chair and away from Chanyeol.

“Hey man, give me a minute, sorry I just need to talk to her for a minute,” he apologized to Chanyeol before yanking you away to a quiet corner of the restaurant.

“What the heck?” you asked, pulling your arm away as you felt the tingling sensation spread through your arm. Why did he have to touch you so much? “What do you want now? I came to your party-”

He cut you off easily. “So you’ll talk to Chanyeol but you won’t talk to me? How is that fair?”

“Chanyeol was a good friend. He didn’t just forget about me and stop talking to me. He didn’t just ignore me like you did. You…You just disappeared and it’s like you didn’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

“Why would you think that I’ve been here this whole time I’ve just been…busy is all.”

“Busy?” you said, your voice raising as his faltered. You were lucky for the music in the back, if not everyone would know you two were arguing. “You were busy? No matter how busy I was I made time to talk to you. I tried to keep this friendship alive and you…you just didn’t give a shit did you?”

“I care about you I just…I don’t know you seemed happy and I didn’t-”

“Happy? Do I look happy to you? You shouldn’t have invited me to this stupid party okay? You should’ve just told our parents we weren’t friends anymore.” His eyes widened at your words and you nodded, continuing, “Yeah, I figured you didn’t tell them. They acted like we were still as close as ever and asked why I never came over anymore. That’s why you invited me huh?”

“I- wait no I wanted you to come too. Why are you being like this?”

You scoffed, turning away from him as you shot, “Because I’m not happy. I really wish you hadn’t started bothering me…things would’ve been fine if you hadn’t.”

You walked away quickly, starting to feel your eyes sting with tears and hoping he wouldn’t try to continue the conversation. You walked over to the table with refreshments, your fingers dabbing below your eyes to keep your makeup from smearing. You stopped at the corner of the table, picking up a cup of water and sipping gently as you tryed to keep your emotions down. 

“I’ve never seen Baekhyun angry like that,” said a soft voice next to you, and you had to chuckle as you responded. 

“Oh it get’s worse. Usually he gives me the silent treatment even if he’s the one who did something wrong and then I’d end up apologizing…then again we were younger so yeah…” you rambled, finally looking up at the girl next to you. A soft gasp esaped your mouth as you saw the pretty face and kind smile of Baekhyun’s grilfriend. 

She laughed at your reaction, picking up a cup of water for herself. “Did you not expect me to be at the party?” 

Of course she’d be here. Baekhyun gave you an invitation, why wouldn’t she give her one? You felt the sadness boil up again, but you swallowed it down with a sip of water, determined not to cry. “Um, no it’s just I didn’t think you knew me. Like I’m just kind of…surprised is all.” And it was true. Baekhyun’s girlfriend was someone you knew of, but you never thought she knew you. Or at least you never thought she’d walk up to you like this. 

She sighed, staring at her water cup as she spoke, “Baekhyun doesn’t argue with me like that. We’ve never really argued actually we just don’t…I don’t even know what we do actually. But what I wouldn’t give for a fight like that.”

“Why would you want to fight with your boyfriend?” you asked curiously, turning your head to the side.

“Fighting means that you care. Him not fighting me about anything just make me feel like he’s indifferent, you know? It’s not like I want to fight, but th lack of them is scary. I care about him, but…” She stopped, taking a breath before looking back at you. She smiled, biting her lip softly before she changed the topic, “You know, Baekhyun talks about you. That’s how I knew you.”

Your heart stopped and your fingers tightened around your cup of water. She seemed to sense your discomfort and she continued quickly, “I mean, he’d always tell stories about how you two were in middle school. He’d always point you out on campus…I swear he was always watching you. This whole week he kept dragging me around to your classes so he could catch up to you whenever you got out.” 

“I’m so sorry I-” 

She cut you off with her kind laughter, and you stood confused, watching Baekhyun’s beautiful girlfriend laugh so genuinely before she responded, “No, no trust me it’s fine. Honestly, if I cared about someone that much, I’d go around stalking them too. Not in a creepy way I mean.”

You chuckled slightly at her words, starting to feel more comfortable in her presence. “Wait, how did he know where all my classes were?”

His girlfriend laughed again. “Oh, that one’s a long story. I swear he asked all of your dormmates if they knew anything about your schedule and it took forever to convince them that he wasn’t trying to kidnap you or something.”

You laughed too, imagining Baekhyun running around all hyper and asking your roomate for your schedule. That would have definitely freaked her out. You’d have to ask her about that later. 

“You should go talk ot him,” his girlfriend said, and you heard a twinge of sadness in her voice. “He misses you.”

“Like hell he does.”

“No seriously,” she said, her voice hardening. “I’ve been with him for a while, and I don’t think he cared about me the way he cares about you. He spent all week dragging me around for you, okay? I don’t know what happened with you guys but I think he wants to fix it now. Please go to him.”

You stood wide eyed at her, before you swallowed and stuttered, “But I-I couldn’t I mean…we haven’t spoken in so long and if he does care about me like yo usay then I don’t want to be a bother to you and-”

“We broke up like an hour ago. When I saw you walk through the doors, he did too, and he kept staring at you. He was entertaining guests so he couldn’t leave, but the second Chanyeol sat down next to you he got this angry look in his eye.” She sighed sadly, taking another sip of water. “He never gets angry like that for me.”

“So you guys broke up because of that?”

She shook her head, smiling. “Well not completely. Like I said we never argue, but we also don’t really take our relationship forward. It’s like we’re so…stock together I guess. I had a feeling it was coming. Besides,” she chuckled. “Any guy who looks at a girl like Baekhyun looks at you is probably more head over heels than he thinks. He just didn’t know it. After we broke up I told him to go talk to you but I guess that didn’t go very well did it?”

You swallowed hard, thinking back to the hurt and angry expression on Baekhyun’s face. You bit your lip, suddenly feeling sorry as you looked back up as his girfri- his ex-girfriend’s face. 

“Go talk to him,” she urged, smiling as she took another sip of water. You saw the flash of pain behind her eyes as she spoke and you touched her shoulder comfortingly. 

“I can stay here if you want I mean you just went through-”

She laughed, cutting you off, “Hey, I broke up with him for a reason. Hit me up later though, we should definitely talk more. Go, he’s sitting over there being moody, and nobody like a moody Baekhyun.”

You eyes followed to where she was pointing, and you saw through the crowds that Baekhyun was sitting at an empty table, playing a game on his phone. You gave her a smile, and thanked her as you headed over through the crowd, dropping into the seat next to him. 

“Are you busy?” you asked, and he looked up, his eyes widening. He set his phone face down as his fingers moved to the knot of his tie, pulling it nervously as he responded. 

“No. Need something?” he asked cooly, and you almost had to laugh, remembering the dork that you used to know and how much he’d changed. 

“Yeah actually. Your girlfriend talked to me. Well…ex I guess but yeah. She told me everything.”

His eyes grew wider as he swallowed, his expression worried. “I’m sorry,” he blurted, taking you aback. “I didn’t know you’d be that bothered by me not talking to you I mean I was always there I didn’t know you needed me…” His voice faltered and you bit your lip. 

“After you started being distant I didn’t think you wanted to talk anymore. Even when I needed you I didn’t bother because I didn’t think you’d answer. I guess you’re not the only one that needs to apologize…so I’m sorry.” 

There was silence, and you felt a weight lift from your shoulders. This felt good…this felt really good. 

“So…how have you been?” he finally asked, and you smiled, leaning back in your chair as you began the story of the past few years without Baekhyun. 

~ ~ ~

“I can’t believe you stalked my social media, why couldn’t you just ask me?” he laughed, and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. You slapped his arm as he continued, “Do you like me that much?”

There it was. You’d been talking for hours, the conversation becoming more and more comfortable and open but you knew, you just knew that this one was coming. 

You swallowed hard, looking down and biting your lip. He sensed your discomfort and he toold your hand, and you felt that tingling sensation spread through it as he spoke, “Hey, you don’t have to answer that. Answer when you’re ready.”

You nodded, grabbing your phone to distance yoruself from the awkwardness. 

“Didn’t you complain that I was on my phone too much and didnt talk to you? Hypocrite,” he smirked, and yo ushook your head, setting your ohone down but not before checking the time. 

“Oh gosh, I should get back it’s getting late,” you said hurriedly, shoving your phone in your handbag.

“Wait don’t go yet,” Baekhyun said, grabbing your arm before you could stand up. You felt the tingling again, and you felt butterflies in your stomach as he continued, “I know…I know I just got out of a relationship but I wanted to let you know that…I think I like you. I don’t know if you like me yet and that’s okay but I just wanted you to know.”

You felt your cheeks get hot, and you wanted to get up and leave but it didn’t seem appropriate. You bit your lip, and mustered the courage to respond, “I might like you too.” You let out a breath you were holding and watched the smiled break out on Baekhyun’s face. His fingers suddenly intertwined with yours, and there it was, that tingling sensation. Then again you were starting to like it. 

“Are you happy?” he asked softly, and you chuckled, your mind moving back to that time in middle school.

“So tell me again,” he asked, his eyebrow raised in question. “What did you say you wanted to be when you grow up?”

You set your pencil down, staring out the classrom window as you replied, “Happy.”

He scoffed, but the smile remained on his face because somewhere in there he knew that that’s all you really wanted.

“I’m happy…But um, Baekhyun?” you continued, smiling slightly at his expression. “I really should get going now. I’ll text you tomorrow?” He nodded, and you stood again but his hand tugged at your again, and you dropped back into your seat, rolling your eyes. “What now?” you asked, smiling at his persistence. 

“Can I try something?” 

You nodded, your mind still thinking about trying to get back to the dorm quickly when he suddenly leaned towards you, his lips pressing against yours softly. 

As his lips envelope yours in the kiss, you felt the tingling sensation run through your whole body and you shuddered, your lips moving on their own as you responded to the kiss. He pulled away all too soon, his eyes wide and his cheeks pink as he stared at you.

“I…Are you okay? I didn’t mean to scare you I-”

You cut him off with a laugh, and you saw him smile too as he watched you. 

“I’m okay. Actually…I’m really, really happy.”

Mobile Masterlist

The Boy In Yellow

Morty x Female! Reader

You were in school one day, sitting in the back as you began to slowly trace a little doodle in your paper. The small doodle looked so rough against your clean and neat notes, you glared at it, and began to trace it. Mr. Goldenfold continued to drone on about simple mathematics, you wanted to leave already, this place was cramped, and none of the kids here had any character. You gave a small sigh, dropping your pencil surrendering to your boredom, it was hard to fight, and the clocks hands weren’t moving faster anytime soon.

“Alright, class, what’s six times nine?” Goldenfold exclaimed with that monotonous drawl, he didn’t want to be here either, hell, nobody did.

“54,” said the class with the same drawl, except one kid, who’s voice cracked slightly as he said the number wrong. He was off by a few, but the class didn’t seem to even notice.

The kid in the yellow shirt was resting his hand in his palm, looking a bit tired. Why was he always so tired. You narrowed your eyes at him, studying the class nerd. His brown hair had small curls, shining fully against the fluorescent light above. His brown eyes looked dead, it was obvious enough the kid had trouble keeping awake. You pondered his name for a second, who was this kid? Nobody talked to him, and he rarely ever talked, except when he was talking to the red haired girl who seemed to always find some guy to talk to during lunch, Jessica. He seemed lovesick for the girl, every now and then saying her name instead of the answer. You scoffed slightly, trying to deny the fact you just stared and studies some need in class like a creep.

Just like that, your studying paid off! The ball rang and your body jolted into its remote schedule, and you were off. Suddenly, you turned back, you forgot your books. You shook your head, a bit too quick, [Y/N].

You walked to the desk, and there likes your notes all cleanly compact in a binder. You looked over, and there he was, that kid in the yellow shirt. He was asleep and Goldenfold had already left the room. He was a real shitty teacher when you thought about it. You shook him slightly, and in sudden panic you forgot his name, and you paused. The boy stirred, and he groaned as he sat up, drool slightly trailing down his chin. His brown eyes met yours. He suddenly looked panicked, you didn’t know what else to say, so you stated back.

“O-Oh shit, shit, I-I’m sorry,” the kid said as he scrambled to grab his stuff. The boy moved slowly, almost pitifully off balance. You handed him his books, still silent as you watched him scatter like a scared mouse. He ran out quickly, and you just stood there. It suddenly hit you that this was the first time he had been in school longer than just first period. He was the kid everyone whispered about, how he kept disappearing with his grandad.

You grabbed your backpack and headed out, heading towards the door, suddenly hushed loud whispering met your ears, you reached your locker, but gave a curious peek. There was an old man, dressed like a mad scientist, his eyes wild, His hair everywhere as you heard him speak to someone. The way he looked it was most likely himself. As you leaned back, there was a sudden voice, that cracked one, the one that stuttered to even say something to you.

“Rick, I-I’ve had enough, I don’t want to go, I haven’t slept i-in weeks, Rick, weeks! What’s your problem anyways? Y-You destroyed the council, y-you don’t need me anymore!”

You seemed shocked, he never spoke like that before, who the hell was this kid? What or who was the council? You heard a gruff voice, slurred slightly, but mainly serious, it was obviously the old man.

“Morty! Come on, w-we gotta go get these crystals, I need your help, y-YouUUUGhr my little buddy,” the voice said desperately, and suddenly the big was passing you, and you felt your body tense up. The old man made a defeated growl, muttering cusses as a weird electric BZZT! quickly faded. The boy sighed as you looked at the Boy. He looked at you, and for a second, he looked a bit hurt. You opened your mouth, and the kid perked up. It was like he never had a girl actually talk to him. You closed your mouth, and looked away. You didn’t know what that kid was into, who he was working with. Was that the grandad everyone whispered about? You loaded your books into your locker. The kid walked to his locker and disappeared. This boy was obviously working with something, you didn’t know what it was, but you were too afraid to ask. The kid seemed so off, he was off before, but there was a lot more to him then he let on.

You closed your locker, and suddenly one of your friends leaned in, scaring the piss out of you. You squeaked as she laughed, holding her backpack.

“Why are you oggling Smith over there?” She asked with a sly smirk. “Out of all the people in this school, you stare at him?”

You gave a small shrug, honestly you’ve told yourself that, the kid was weird. All he did was talk to Jessica and get the shit beaten out of himself. He was an off one, so yes, why were you staring at him? Maybe you pitied him, maybe you felt bad for the kid, be the white knight for him?

“Uh, hello? [Y/N]?”

“S-Sorry… who is that kid anyways? He seems weird..”

“Morty Smith, the one who keeps disappearing and coming back in portals, but that was before you moved here, he doesn’t disappear that much anymore…”

“Morty,” you said with a slight curious tone.

Morty Smith, you thought, it was such a odd name, but it fit him. You felt yourself grow more curious about him, tomorrow you would confront him, tomorrow you’d learn about a world beyond the stars. But that was tomorrow. Today you needed to go home and just relax

Part 2 Coming soon~♡

Short theory

The past few weeks I have been seing some theories on Ali and Ezra working together as AD. I kind of like the idea, and then I watched a clip from 5x13, where Hanna found the Holly Varjak passport.
Hanna asks Spencer about it, and Spencer replies
“She’s writing her happy ending (…). Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Probably the movie, not the book. Ezra always says that she was his Holly Golightly, and Paul Varjak was the guy who convinced Holly that it was okay to be loved. So in Ali’s mind, they probably got married”.

We never found out who Varjak was. Ezra could really be him.

Alison was using guys back before she disappeared. Maybe Ezra was different, and she really liked him.
Ezra must have really liked Ali too, because he was going to write a book about her, and when she disappeared he kept on writing it, doing some creepy surveillance, stalker style, on her friends. Maybe they stalked them together, because Ali knew where his lair was. And that’s how Ali managed to “stay one step ahead of A” all the time she was gone, ready to “save” her friends (Spencer at the bell tower, Emily at the barn, all of them at the cabin).

Dricki One Shot: "No Bullshit"

As Drake walked inside his condo, he recalled the events from the night. Seeing his beautiful, sexy girlfriend at the club. Damn, she has this effect on him no girl ever had. She made him happy and made his dick happy. He felt it rise at the mental images of Nicki at the club.

“Damn, I’m horny.” Drake muttered pulling out his phone and unlocked it. He dialed Nicki’s number.

3 in the morning
You know I’m horny
So why don’t you come over to my place
Put a smile on my face


“Onika, how are you gonna look all sexy and not let Papi explore that?”

She giggled. “Well it’s all for you.”

“Then bring your fine ass over here.”

“Ok Papi.” She hung up and Drake looked at his phone satisfied.

Leaving the club
Shawty hurry up
So we can this party started

Nicki made her way inside his condo. She traveled up the stairs. She had no clue why her heart was beating as fast as it was. She was never nervous about having sex with Drake. Why now?

Nicki slowly opened the door to see him laying on his back. He sat up and grinned.

“Took you awhile.”

“Shut up.” She pushed him back on the bed and kissed him with her tongue traveling every part of his mouth.

Drake loved it when Nicki was agressive and in control. It turned him even more. She stood up and removed her dress. Under, she was wearing a bra but no panties.

Drake stood up to kiss her and claim her mouth with his. He slipped two fingers in her opening and her mouth formed an O.

“Already wet for me” Drake smirked stroking his fingers in and out.

Her eyes were closed and he observed a look of pleasure on her face as he kept going. His fingers disappeared in his mouth and he sucked hardly on them.

“Stop teasing!”

Drake chuckled still sticking his tongue in and out of her. His tongue swiped up and down her clit. Nicki’s hand clutched his head pushing his mouth down on her.

“Eager, much?”

“Yes.” She replied.

He pushed her legs open wider and launched his mouth on her. She was sweet as candy. His teeth tugged at her lips and bit down.

“Eat me, Daddy” Nicki moaned loudly.

Drake swirled his tongue deeper and slower as her legs shook. He felt her pussy escape his mouth.

“Where the fuck you going?” Drake grunted pulling her legs back down.

Her legs went around his neck as he devoured her pussy.

“This is my pussy.” Drake thought as he tongue fucked her.

He removed his mouth and laid on the bed. Nicki climbed on top unbuckling Drake’s jeans, and pulling them along with his boxers, freeing his penis.

“Nicki, what are you doing?” I asked.

She smirked. “Shut up and let me give you head.”

He grinned widely obeying. She didn’t have to tell him twice. He watched as she took his whole dick into her mouth. She bobbed up and down and Drake guided her head. Damn she was good.

“Oh fuck Nicki.”

When she was done, he sat up and looked at her.

“Come sit on Daddy’s face” Drake commanded.

She cheesed and he laid back down as she took a seat on his face with her pussy on his mouth. Drake’s arms traveled around her legs. He began eating the box again. Twisting his tongue in and out of her. Her moans egging him on. She started moving up and down riding his tongue.

“Oh God! Yes!” She yelled.

Drake stood up quickly and removed her bra revealing her large breasts. He placed his kisses on her chest. He swirled his tongue all over her nipple. He gently bit down making her yelp.

He went over to his drawer to retrieve a condom. He rolled it on and got between her legs. He rubbed the tip at her opening making her frustrated. He decided to take mercy on her and slowly thrust himself making sure she took every inch of him. Her mouth formed an O.

“That’s right. Feel me.”

Oh yes she did feel him. All the way in her stomach. He started to slowly move inside and she started to whimper.


“Mhhh Drizzy.” She moaned as he penetrated her.

“What’s my name?” He asked slamming more roughly into her.


“What’s my name?”

“Aubrey!” She breathed digging her nails into his back.

“What’s my fucking name?”

“Aubrey Drake Graham!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

Drake released inside the condom and went to throw it away. Nicki got on her knees and Drake entered her from the back.

“Whose shit is this?”

“Yours, Papi.” Nicki purred grabbing the pillows.

He pounded into her more and all that was heard was Drake’s balls slapping against her ass. He turned her over entering her once again with her left leg reaching for the sky. Missionary. He loved this position.

“Papi, I’m gonna cum!” Nicki screamed as her walls broke down.

“Not yet.” He took both of her legs and put them behind her head.

With her legs behind, he continued to pump her insides as Nicki’s orgasm rippled through. She couldn’t take it. She released and when she did, she squirted out but Drake didn’t stop.

“Shit Drake, I came!” She groaned.

He placed her on top of him.

“Ride this dick.” He commanded slapping her ass.

She bounced up and down and rolled her hips against him. She went reverse cowgirl and he played with her huge posterior.

“Damn Nicki!’ Drake grunted.

"If you own this pussy, I own this dick.” She bounced harder.

“Yes babe its yours. Shit”

She smiled and came once again. He came right after her. Nicki laid next to him out of breath. Drake rolled over on top of her and kissed her lips.

“Round 2.”


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Bad end :3

( Send me “bad end” for an alternate, dark/tragic ending to my muse’s story )

He’d tried. He really did. He’d tried to be a better person. Tried to be a hero, a knight. But everything always turned against him. Pushed him back to being who he use to be. 

A person can only take so much. 

It was easier than it should have been. Giving in to his sadistic temptations. Letting himself fall from what grace he had. Everyone was so trusting. They didn’t suspect him of anything when the head of the royal guard went missing. 

His brother never came into his lab and it was fairly soundproof. Perfect spot. 

Numbers went up and with each kill it got easier and funner to do the things he did. People kept disappearing. Swap twisted more and more, not just internally but externally as well. His fingers had shifted to look more claw-like and his teeth pointed. LV did some interesting things to people. 

The only one that noticed was Papyrus. At first he only made a comment on his “new look.” But he started getting into things he shouldn’t. Finding clues, putting the puzzle together. When their father vanished he finally confronted him.

He lasted almost as long as Alphys did. Swap knew his brother was strong but dealing with such torture for so long? It almost gave him a sense of pride. He was sad when his little game was over. But it was more than that. Something clicked. 

Perhaps some last bit of light. That final spark of integrity and in a moment he realized just what he’d done. The gritty dust that coated his bones became so much heavier. Too heavy, far too heavy for him to bare. 

And so, his dust joined that of his many victims.

Scott found himself pinging around the woods. He never thought he would be grateful for the snow, but it really helped determine who’d already searched and where. He tried to keep his eyes set on clean, untraveled snow, or snow that held only pawprints from animals as opposed to human footprints. There’d been enough snowfall that any footprints created by the missing children had long since disappeared. He kept his ears open, listening for others in the woods, whether they be friend or foe. When he heard a noise behind him, he turned to see another fellow member of the Search and Rescue team. “I’m gonna head up north to this untraveled section. Want to join me? Buddy system and all that. Every second I spend alone, is another second closer to danger so…”

things i am just now learning:

Pokemon go has a difficulty curve. This does not mean increasingly interesting pokemon appear in your local area after, say, spending a day away from home levelling up dramatically from basically a standing start while trekking around a theme park with 100 pokestops and tons of new friends to catch. No, it means you come home and the next day take a quiet trip to the corner shop to get more milk, and encounter several extremely arsey Wheedles who are angry about you capturing dozens of their friends and grinding them into candy.

Namjoon ‘Oneshot’

Summary: Life with Namjoon - drabble fluff/angst

Based on: Fools - Jungkook feat. rap monster

Originally posted by bangtanboys-official

I didn’t mean to make you look like a fool.

He sat there like he did everyday, crumbs diving into his lap from his dry, ambitiously filled sandwich as his mouth hangs open in preparation to eat it, the action getting caught in suspension as you walk through the food hall doors.

And like he did everyday, he got completely hypnotized by you. 

By your neatly buttoned blazer, the fastenings twinkling under the fluorescent, over-bright lights above you.
By your shoes clipping sharply at the floor as you progress towards the food station, the leaf caught on the heel of one making the corner of his mouth pull up into a fond smile.
By the way you sweep one side of your hair over you shoulder, the strands sliding elegantly down your back and shimmering in the light, emphasizing the temptation he had to touch it, to feel it just once, to see if it felt as soft, as amazing, as he imagined.

He was completely taken with your actions as you smiled kindly and appreciatively at the chefs serving the food, the slightest bit of envy creeping into him as they converse with you, smiling happily back to you, and the giggle you let out in response causes him to completely drop his food to his plate in front of him as he leans subtly closer in your direction, needing to hear more.

He ignores the others that are sat with him, hearing their murmurs of confusion as he stands and makes his way towards you, slowing his steps as he watched you turn around to look at your friend, getting side-tracked by the way your smile makes your eyes sink into your cheeks a little, you lips wearing the slightest bit of lip balm enticing him closer.

Those lips that always spoke the wisest words whenever he overheard you speaking with someone….GOD, he wanted you to speak to him with those lips, wanted you to tell him all of your theories about the world, and all of your most deeply hidden secrets.

His feet stuttered in their movement as he drew closer to you, his heart hammering in his chest as your eyes suddenly catch sight of his and you flash him the shyest smile, making his blood race through his veins and a light flush cover his cheeks. His hands clutch at his elbows before he gives himself a little shake and approaches you properly, coming to stand behind you and sucking in a deep, encouraging breath, before tapping you on the shoulder to make you turn to face him once again.

‘Oh, Hi, Namjoon.’ you say, your voice soft as clouds as it seeps into his ears, your mouth quirking up at the edges in that delectable, knowing way as you look up at him, the way your eyes shift between his telling him you were waiting for him to say something.

'Hello, Y/N.’


Hello, was all it took.
…As well as a few late night messages between one another and one or two cute meetings in the food hall and between jobs.

He was infatuated with you.

The boys got annoyed after a few days with the way he kept disappearing from the green room before a performance, or a meeting, or a dance practise, just so that he could find you and sneak you into a corner to talk to you, and see you, and be with you.

The first time he kissed you, you’d both been caught in the rain after sprinting back from the shop to your flat- the setting almost sickly cliché, but with the way he jumped into your path so that he could stop you, letting both of you get drenched as he stared into your eyes for a few minutes the image was imprinted in his mind. 

He listened to the way you kept giggling and pulling on his arm to get him to move until you realised he wanted to have a moment, and the flash of recognition in your eyes ignited a warmth in his stomach that made him clasp his hand to the back of your head, his fingers finally sinking into the strands of your hair and making him sigh with the way it felt just like he’d always imagined. Your hands had trembled as they reached up to his face, your expression dropping into one of quiet curiosity tinged with the slightest bit of fear, that quickly got wiped away when he smiled softly at you, your reaction to him never failing to amaze him.

The moment he touched his lips to yours- the rain making you taste salty and earthy, was the minute he realised just how much he’d fallen for you. He relished in the way your hands trembled against his cheeks, pulling him closer to you before your arms had slid around his neck and you’d jumped into his arms, the two of you standing in the middle of the street in the pouring rain, but only being aware of each other.

The stars had hovered above your heads, and the rain had sounded like applause as it fell around you, the swish as a car drove by only emphasizing just how loud your hearts beat together as the sound drowned it out.

It was his favourite memory.

You haven’t been answering my calls…

The first night you slept together was probably the second.

It was only a few weeks after you’d kissed, and your haste worried him slightly.

But when you were lay in his arms afterwards, telling him how you felt like the sun only shone in the sky because it was a signal to humans to tell us to do something, to make something of life, he’d melted over you once again.

He turned to face you so that he could see the way your eyes lit up, the way your fingers drew out invisible diagrams in the air between the two of you as you spilled the secrets to your universe to him, every word you spoke being burned into his memory as he’d gazed at your beauty, watching as you’d slowly become more and more tired, your words slurring quietly but urgently together, like all of your ideas and thoughts were rushing to get out of you, but your brain just wasn’t strong enough, or awake enough to let them.

He continued to watch you for the rest of the night, going over and over what you’d said as his finger had traced the features of your face, hovering just above your skin so that he didn’t wake you. When a crash of thunder had suddenly rumbled outside your window, you’d stirred in sleep, reflexively reaching out from him, and he’d felt his heart attempt to jump out of his chest as he’d curled himself around you, protecting you from the world outside, as well as the world you’d spilled out into the bed hours before. 

He’d cried that night, silent tears falling from his eyes as questions about how he’d found you, and why he was allowed to have you were dredging into his mind, the doubt so obviously present that he hadn’t been able to sleep at all.

When he slid out of your bed quietly the next morning to go to practise, you’d stirred before he could shut the bedroom door, sitting upright sleepily and looking after him with a look of confusion that made him run straight back to you, sitting on the edge of the bed beside you to explain, to wipe the confused, sad, expression from your face in place of a new, content and happy one.

He’d never known how easy it would be to make someone happy.

I’m guessing that means you know.

When he’d announced to the boys that the two of you were moving in together within a matter of months, the decision had been met with disapproval and outrage. He thought they just didn’t understand, that they were so ignorant that they couldn’t see how perfectly the two of you fit together.

They’d fought with him, glasses being thrown and curses being laid out for everyone to see, and he’d ended up walking back to yours that night with a black eye and tears streaming down his cheeks. As soon as he’d walked through the door, you’d rushed over to him to pull him into your arms, crying with him as he’d told you everything that had happened. You’d sat him on the sofa and attempted to reduce the swelling around his eye, the two of you sat silently until you’d worked up the courage to say that maybe you shouldn’t be together if his friends didn’t like you.

He’d pulled you into him then, his hand stroking against your magical hair, the heat of your cheeks burning into his neck and shoulders as he’d cried to you that he never wanted to let you go, that you came before anyone else. The softness of your voice telling him you wouldn’t leave sounding like a soothing melody for the wound on his heart that the others had caused.

But really it should have sounded like a warning.

I don’t know what to say, Namjoon.

It was everything he could have dreamed for.

The strong rapper, renowned in his own generation for his skill was finally happy after years of internally struggling with himself. The light from your eyes and the wise words you spoke guided him through his work, boosting him all the way to the top and in time his group was the spectacle of his nation.

For the first few months everything was like a dream.

But slowly fragments began to chip off.

The middle of the night conversations about philosophy and life were burned out in favour of late nights at the office that ended in collapsing into bed without talking to each other. The playful moments as the two of you cooked, or walked down the street, or just hung out together, became less and less frequent, and the brilliant white walls of the house that you’d moved into together, the house he’d come to call home, began to dull into the same shade as the food hall.

At first he thought it was just himself, that he’d fallen out of love with his work and that that was having an effect on everything around him. He thought he was seriously ill…

And then one night, you just didn’t come home.

I never meant to hurt you.

He sat with his back against the cold wall of the hallway, his eyes staring sight-lessly at the grey wall opposite and his bare feet scratching against the rough material of the floor mat. The vodka bottle swung lightly from his fingers and tears stained the pale planes of his cheeks as he dropped his head to peer back at the phone in his lap, looking at the text you’d sent him to tell him you’d be late home again and letting out another ugly sob.

The sound of you pulling up into the drive didn’t have any effect on him as he continued to read your message, his eyes glancing painfully to the side to glance at the envelope that lay beside him, an envelope with no name or address, just containing 5 separate pictures, all taken at different dates over the past 5 weeks…

…and all of you with someone else.

'Joonie, what are you doing up so late, baby?’

Those lips didn’t hold deep, meaning-full, wise words anymore, they only rang with the sharp tang of lies, the sound slicing and skittering over his skin. He’d flinched when you touched his arm lightly, causing him to swing his head in your direction, his bloodshot eyes catching sight of yours and making him sob even more with the way they didn’t sparkle like they used to.

'Baby, what’s wrong-’

'Why, Jagi?’ he whispered brokenly, accidentally dropping the bottle to the floor and causing the liquid to spill everywhere, but ignoring it despite the way it seeped into the cuts in his feet from how hard he’d been dancing every day, only wincing as it caused a splintering pain to crawl beneath his skin and up his spine, blocking out the pain that he felt from his heart shattering in his chest.


He grabs the envelope angrily and throws it in your direction, not caring that the sharp corner of the object almost cuts into the skin of your ankle, just watching you with eyes that begged for it not to be true.

But as he watches you pick up the envelope in confusion, seeing the way your eyes dim and extinguish as you pull the pictures out one by one, almost instantly dropping them to the floor before following them, crawling towards him desperately- too fast for it not to be true- he knows that it’s all over.

I didn’t mean to make you look like a fool.

He didn’t even say goodbye.

That was the only thought he had as he trudged up the all too familiar stairs, gritting his teeth against the sobs that wracked his entire frame, trying to keep the sound in until he was alone…just wanting to be alone.

All it took was three soft knocks on the door.

Then it was opened and he came face to face with Jin, the older boy immediately pulling him inside, shutting the door before pulling him into his arms and letting him collapse against him. He didn’t need to say anything… didn’t have anything to say, as Namjoon broke down, Jungkook running over when he hears the commotion at the door and dropping to his knees beside his hyungs, letting Jin transfer Namjoon over to him as the rest of the boys filter slowly into the hallway, all coming to offer their support to their broken friend.

He couldn’t control the wildly falling tears, couldn’t contain the anguish he felt as he completely let go of the pain, allowing it to wash over him, to seep into his wounds and to eat him alive.

He remembered the first day, the second and the third. Everyday with you flashing through his mind  before the image of you crying and shouting after him as you’d knelt brokenly on the front mat of your house, the house you’d shared together, watching after him as he’d ran down the stairs and outside into the pouring rain, tears blending in with nature’s devastation as he’d left you.

Left the girl he’d fell so in love with… all alone.

I’m Sorry.

The beep of the voicemail sounded the end of the message.

He took a deep breath and turned his head to look to the group of boys sat around him, seeing their gentle, reassuring smiles and nodding thankfully to them.

He’d been a fool not to listen to them.

But then… he’d been a fool to fall for you.


I’m sorry.

Biggest Fan

Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi Meg! I would like to request a Bucky x Reader please! Every month or so Bucky goes off somewhere but no one knows where to or why so they decide to follow him. They find that he visits a theater that the Reader is at. She performs in musicals and he always goes to see a show. She calls him her “Biggest Fan” and always saves him a seat. The whole team goes the next time (Beauty and the Beast and she’s playing Belle) and she easily becomes a friend of the group. Fluffy please! Have a great day!

Unfortunately, I still do not own Bucky Barnes or any of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader, the Avengers

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Steve couldn’t figure it out. He didn’t understand why Bucky kept disappearing or where he kept disappearing to. It bothered him to a degree, but then again, Bucky was still trying to find himself and Steve wasn’t going to get in the way of that. So, he didn’t question it when Bucky got dressed in a pair of black slacks and a crisp red button up before leaving the tower yet again. Steve didn’t question it, but Tony did.

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