he keeps moving forward

Min Yoongi was so beautiful tonight I love him with all my heart. He makes me so happy and hes honestly one reason why I try to keep moving forward everyday because he is my everything

People feel terrible because Teddy’s an orphan, just like Harry. But let me explain my headcanons:

Teddy exists so Narcissa and Andromeda can have an excuse to be family again.

Teddy is the reason Harry feels like he has a purpose after everything.

Teddy is born so Draco can learn to love in the purest sense of the word.

Teddy makes Harry and Draco become friends - and maybe more.

Teddy exists so Hermione and Ron don’t grow apart from Harry, because they spend a lot of time helping him (he is terrible with babies at first).

Teddy is there so Hogwarts can keep moving forward; he stops fights and makes all the houses work together; he’s a Hufflepuff, a Black, a Marauder kid; he’s friends with Slytherins; he’s part of the change.

Teddy exists so his hair can be a thousand colours like his mum’s; his smile can be kind and secretive like his dad’s; his mind can be as astute as a Marauder’s; his magic as great as Harry’s; his interest in muggle books as lovely as Hermione’s; his heart as big as Ron’s. They make him as pure and beautiful as they all were, but without war and hate, he grows up to be better than all of them.

Teddy is born so an orphan can have a life full of love and forgiveness; he’s what Harry was to the Marauders, but with a very different ending.

Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of RWBY creator and former lead animator, Monty Oum. 

On this day, please do not mourn. Celebrate his life, his legacy, and above all else, create something beautiful.

Monty was a man of creativity. He wouldn’t want you to sit around and mope, he’d tell you to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. 

“The effort you put forth towards anything transcends yourself. For there is no futility, even in death.”
                                                                                        - Monty Oum

I’m not going to be upset over Monty’s passing anymore. Because why would I be upset over something that gave me so many friends, a clearer career path, and so, so many great memories. 

I wish he wasn’t gone, I always wanted to tell him thank you for what a silly little web show on the internet has done for me. But I think he knows, wherever he is.

So thank you Monty, thank for helping me to keep moving forward in this crazy game called life.

Sirius Vs the Boggart

Imagine, a 3rd year Sirius being Gay AF but being really scared of being outed to his family because at this point in his life, he still actually cares about his family. 

Then one day they have the compulsory DADA lesson with the boggart. Now, Sirius is really scared, he knows that if people find out his secret, there will surely be letters sent to his parent and god knows what next. 

So he is dreading the moment that his name is called. He stands beside, Remus who is equally as scared. They are actually holding hands but it is distinguishable because of their large black robes. 

Suddenly his name gets called, his body stiffens and slowly walks towards his doom. Every step felt like a thousand knives, his mind is saying go back but his body keeps moving forward. 

He walks forward so he is facing exactly parallel to the cupboard as it bangs against its wooden frames. The door opens slightly and…

It’s him… coming out of the closet…

His eyes tear up with relief and transform himself to a dog as James, Peter and Remus literally roll on the floor laughing. 

This breaks the tense mood and Remus confidently goes up next turning a silver moon into a gigantic ass. 

That is also incidentally where his nickname came from. 

remember when fai obviously thought kurogane would leave him behind in celes. even after everything. he still told kurogane to let go of him, because he was still a man ruled by his trauma and lack of self-worth and reckless selflessness.

perhaps he thought he could take his brother’s place one final time, guaranteeing his loved ones’ passage from hell by martyring himself. let himself take the fall. finally repay his debt in blood (rather than living in happiness as his brother truly wished).

the look of disbelief on fai’s face when kurogane pulls him out still haunts me. he had given up. he had given up since his brother’s body fell in the valley; he knew he would not have a peaceful death.

but kurogane (though initially disgusted with his death wish) never gave up on him. he pushed and pushed and pushed to keep fai alive, keep fai moving forward even when all fai wanted to do was fall to the ground and be left behind. even when keeping him alive caused him to lose fai in a certain way. he just wanted to keep him alive, because he knew fai had a bright shining self beyond his trauma and a bright shining future beyond others’ manipulations. he just had to stay alive.

and so kurogane - first introduced as a man who only wants to kill without regard for human life - makes the cut. pulls him out. carries his weight when fai is wholly unable to, because fai is important to him. fai helped change him into the upright man who would find a way to save fai, again and again and again, despite all the odds stacked against them.

fai always believed kurogane would leave him because he believed himself to be a worthless leech and liar. doomed. kurogane never wavered for a second in his resolution to keep fai alive because he knew a man full of kindness and strength and love.

so kurogane cuts his arm off. so fai is lifted from hell. so they both live and move on to their future, together.

Honestly, Jack's vlog made me tear up a little.

Now that Anti is gone (for now) the community can move forward and keep moving forward, as Jack stated in his video. He was so real and honest and I don’t think there was any bit of a lie in there. It was fun, and it was a super cool activity for the JSE community, Jack, and Robin. It’s amazing how much attention Jack got from all of this and I think we’d all LOVE to see something like this happen again.

Robin was such a major part in this and it’s so unbelievable that he was able to edit the way he did. He really deserves more love and support, because without Robin, we probably wouldn’t have Anti.

This was such a fun and exciting experience and I’m so glad I could have been a part of it. The theories, the screenshots, the GIFs, everything! It was so cool to see such a large community with so many people get together for something like this. I’m so glad we all were able to put our heads together and do this.

Jack appreciates all of us, and it shows through his videos- not just his Anti videos, but his everyday, normal videos. This is such a loving, caring community and I’m so proud to be a part of it. You guys are all so creative and I cannot get over that.

You guys are amazing, and, until next time,
Happy Halloween

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MAGI 336 -The Unreasonable Destiny

Disclaimer: i only to this for fun, to share it with you guys, and to practice my japanese :) which is very basic so keep in mind that i could be completely mistaken in some parts.  This is just a fan translation of incomplete ( complete in this case i guess) spoilers so: Don’t forget to support the official releases of Magi!

Source: Pics from Tieba Baidu and  texts from Netabare ^^


“Their ways of thinking were different.
there was hostility between them before.
nevertheless, despite the conflicts, they’ll keep on moving forward”

he became a god.
the strongest of the comrades will challenge Sinbad.

NIGHT 336 “The Unreasonable Destiny”

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“Things with him are pretty bad.” Ellis admitted.
“What did you guys have a fight?” Harvey teased a little “Sorry, I shouldn’t ask.” he said suddenly looking a little embarrassed.
“Yeah we did actually.” Ellis said.
“You don’t have to talk about it, it’s fine Eli, I’m sorry I asked.”
“No I want to talk about it actually I think being here made me realize something.” Ellis said. “He keeps asking me to move in with him, to move forward etcetera and we’ve talked about it before. What we want in the future and such but every time he asks I freak out.”
“Okay, and why do you think that is?” Harvey asked still looking a little anxious.
“Because he’s not you.” Ellis said dead serious looking at Harvey “I keep thinking of you. Every time I think of my future I just keep picturing you and me.” he sighed a little and Harvey turned even more red.
“Uh…” Harvey cleared his throat nervously “Are you serious or joking right now Eli because if you’re joking it’s kind of a cruel joke.” Harvey said.
“I’m dead serious.” Ellis said “It’s always gonna be you.”

gosweetcaramel99  asked:

Do you think Sonic might have nightmares about what happened from time to time?

It’s something that obviously haunts him, of course. The first nights are the worst for him. But later, it won’t spook him as bad because the past is the past and he keeps moving forward :)

Fallout 4 Headcannon #11 Nick Valentine wounds & Lab fears

Nick Valentine psychology

*Many spoilers ahead for vanilla game & Far Harbor*

Cut for length as this is a long one but I like to keep note of theories and headcanons like this one for reference in future fics I write.  It helps me to understand the character(s) better and to decide on what choices they would make in given circumstances and situations.

Nick’s wounds & fear of laboratories.

One thing that has always tugged my heart strings with Nick is his determination to keep moving forwards despite what life throws at him.  He talks very little about himself and his own problems (usually) but despite having a very strong personality and appears practically un-breakable in spirit there are many deep and sensitive wounds in this guy’s past.

Talking to Nick he uses lines such as;

‘I wouldn’t normally bother you with this but I feel like I can trust you at this point.’
‘Some of our prior conversations to the contrary I’m not usually one for long sob stories.’

This guy is anything but an open book and for those who want to know him better they need to rely heavily on time and experience, picking up on small details and choosing their moments to ask questions carefully.

‘Are you okay?’
‘Do I look okay to you!?’

We receive an apology very quickly after this outburst but it doesn’t change the fact that he snapped at (depending how you are playing) possibly his closest friend and confidante.  

Why?  Because he is frightened.  He is scared and is likely nursing a wound that is still tender even after 100 years.

We learn early on that he was some sort of prototype experiment and kept isolated.  We now know from DiMA what exactly they were prototypes for and the kinds of experiments they were subjected to;

‘I watched you wake up not knowing who or what you were so many times.’

This sounds horrible on a normal level but with Nick it goes an extra step.  The last memory that synth Nick could possibly have of the original Nick Valentine is of the man going to the C.I.T building to have his brain scanned.

Still in the C.I.T area for Nick to wake up he likely will have defaulted on that last memory – a human man going in for something he’d been hoping might help him overcome some of the horrors in his recent life only to wake up strapped down to a bed with these scientists pulling bits of wire and metal out of his head and body.

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If you’re ever wondering why your life feels like hell, just remember how it works out for Dante in the Divine Comedy; yes, he needs to descend all the way to the core of the Inferno, but since the Paradiso is on the other side of the world sphere, then as long as he keeps moving forward (which he does), “down” into hell eventually becomes “up” toward Heaven.  In fact, “down” into hell for Dante = “up” toward Heaven all along.

That is, going in the exact same direction through the entire ordeal, Dante’s descent becomes his rise. Simply by plowing on ahead – not turning away, and definitely not turning back – he makes it to the other side. He realizes his journey through hell was, in fact, the most direct path to Heaven.

“Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.”
– Dante Alighieri

I think the thing I loved the most about Bucky’s characterization in Civil War was the absolute dichotomy between Bucky and the Winter Soldier. Like they went out of their way to show how dangerous the Winter Soldier is, he took on  Tony, Sharon, Nat, a shit ton of guards, Sam, Steve, and T’Challa. He is not easy to take down and he is absolutely murderous. He doesn’t care about what’s in his way, just that it gets out of it.

But Bucky, through this whole film, whether he’s buying plums, snarking Sam, being confused by Peter Parker, or fighting for his life, he’s still so human. He reads as a guy who’s confused and trying desperately to put together the pieces of his life enough to make a new one and keep moving forward. He knows he’s done terrible things and that people hate him, are terrified of him, but he still pushes through and on, all with an air of humor and lightness that pre-war Bucky had.

At one point, someone I worked with told me that his time as an endurance athlete shaped his approach to human rights work. Change would never be immediate, he said, you just had to keep moving forward.

I think about that a lot. At the time, I imagined it like a marathon, but nowdays I think of it as more of an ultramarathon that is expected to last a lifetime. A lifetime and a half. Many lifetimes. Change will not come today. Or tomorrow or the next day. But change will come. And there will be many small victories. Small, hard won, hard fought victories after miles and miles of painful slogging. And they will make the painful slogging feel worth it. Sometimes the painful slogging will lead to defeat. And the funny thing is that the painful slogging will still feel worth it.

My Salvation

Pairing: Dean/Cas- Destiel

Prompt: Cas returns from a hunt, injured, and Dean’s not having it. 

Tags: smut, fluff, canon au

Words: 790

Note: (▰˘◡˘▰) salvation: a source or means of being saved from harm, ruin, or loss

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My favorite quote from Jared Padalecki.

It’s a long one, but hey, it keeps me fighting.

A fan asked Jared, Jensen, and Mark where they draw their inspiration to keep fighting. And Jared’s answer made my heart soar.

“For me I get a lot of inspiration from family: my sons, my wife. But with me, I’m overwhelmed in situations like this, with the amount of support that I get from ya’ll, and I hope ya’ll feel the same support and acceptance and love from us because we don’t get to show it as much, ya know? We’re the ones on stage, but we’re not on stage without you guys. And it sounds like…it sounds like you’re told to say this kind of shit, but we’re not here without you, period. So…thank you. I get inspiration from THAT. People spreading the word and doing whatever they can. And I think what Supernatural is about is just these two guys who are frankly just doing the best they can. In these fantastical, elements and there are zombies and ghosts and crazy insurmountable odds, but they’re trying. Ya know? They’re…they’re fighting. They’re keeping up the fight. So, everybody in they’re own little arena, through their own mediums, fighting their fight, is kind of what inspired me.”

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