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Ok guys, major nerd-out post here regarding Shiro's arm!

As a student in their 4th year of undergrad for a degree in prosthetics, I’m absolutely SMITTEN with Shiro’s bionic arm (and the guy it’s attached to, obviously). But as much as I adore all the art and fics, there are a few things that are driving me nuts that I’d like to share in a few points here, just for reference if anyone wants it. I’ve seen very few fanworks with a proper presentation of artificial limbs, so here goes! 

 #1. Under NO circumstances does anyone sleep with their prosthetic limb on. 

You read that right: under NO circumstances! This also goes for taking a shower. It might look sexy until you get shocked with however many volts he’s got in that thing, But even if it’s waterproof, what is the purpose?? of having it in the shower? when your supposed to be washing the residual limb as well??

“But Wait!” I hear someone say. “Isn’t it implied that Shiro’s arm is permanently attached somehow, and he can’t or doesn’t know how to take it off?”

To answer your question, yes, it is implied. And I’m here to tell you how that is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE.

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yoongi really was desperate to debut

he came into bighit as a rapper- an underground rapper from daegu who only performed for crowds of two and made a couple of cents off of his tracks, which came up to not even be enough to buy ramen.

and when he began training at bighit, he didn’t want to burden his parents either so he paid for everything himself by getting a part time job even though he was a busy trainee/student. sometimes he would have to make the choice between eating that day or not having enough money to pay for the bus fare and being forced to walk two hours to get to where he needed to be. he went to school with wealthy students who would get foreign-made cars for their graduation present and he would have to swallow down his jealousy after seeing them get what they wanted so easily. all of this while fighting with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and compulsion since he was eighteen years old.

yoongi came into bighit thinking that he was going to be in a hip hop group with namjoon and some of the original members of bts, but even though the group concept changed- he still stuck with it because he desperately wanted a chance to be on stage and create his own music. he learned to dance and even acted as a backdancer/mv extra for a little bit despite originally having the intentions of just being a simple rapper and even when he shattered his shoulders from an accident during his part time job as a delivery boy, he still persevered and worked hard to improve himself and prepare for debut. 

and the only point where he wanted to truly give up was when he thought that the day of his debut was never going to come. like, this man has been through so many physical/mental difficulties and changes- he literally gripped onto the thought of a chance to be on stage to survive and the only point where he wanted to give up was when he thought that he was never going to get that chance. 

I don’t know how to even put this in words and I don’t want to come across as simply using his life story for attention, but yoongi’s life is the ultimate example of hardwork and determination. I have no idea how he was able to handle all of b-free’s demeaning comments so well and I have no idea how people can say that b-free “got it right”.

and just knowing that yoongi still works himself to the bone till this day- working on his music and bringing his equipment wherever he goes ( whether it be during his vacation or on the airplane or in the waiting room) and staying in his studio until the very early morning- and still dealt with battles with his mental health and physical health  after his debut just amazes me because he never lets it show or he never lets it take him aback and somehow we still have the audacity to just label him as “lazy” and “coldhearted”.

yoongi truly is a symbol of persistence and dreams and he really is a role model for me. his lyric “though the beginning may be humble, the end will be prosperous” really did become a reality for him and it only came to him because he never gave up despite all what life threw at him. he motivates me to keep on moving forward in my life and I really do hope that all of you guys see and love him for all that he stands for.


Okay, so my twin and I have come up with theories to Seventeen’s comeback.

We all understand that the concept revolves around the idea of fears and being alone. We see in all the videos an introduction to this fear and by the end of the trailer, they acknowledge these fear. 

So we think…

Vernon: His fear could be wandering aimlessly, unsure of his path. He just walks around, letting time pass by him. He acknowledges this fear by continuing to use that compass until he finds someone familiar to him.

Jeonghan: His fear could be his image or his image in front of the camera/media. It could be that he takes photos because he has an image in his mind of how things look to him, but the outside world may not view his perspective the same. Through media, that can be altered and it can shine a different light on an artist. By facing his fear, he leaves the comfort of the home. By doing this, he accepts how the world is going to view him.

Mingyu: His fear could be related to having this incomplete half to himself. We see him alone, but everything is in two like he once had someone who shared the same similarities and now he feels responsible for filling this void. We could take it another way. We also see a disconnect, especially in the scenes with a mirror. It may portray a disconnect between what he feels inside and what he sees on the outside. I can see this in Mingyu since he often feels uncomfortable with his body. Mingyu faces his fear by finally taking a step back and away from the mirror, almost saying that he will no longer let his physical features define him.

DK: His fear could be not improving. We see his running pace remain the same, and then he eventually drops the timer. DK would be the type of person to always strive to be better and to always work to improve, and not being able to accomplish that can haunt him. By dropping that timer, he allows himself to improve at his own pace without the stress of a physical and materialistic goal.

Woozi: His fear could be related to his talents, his brains. It looks as though he’s trapped in a library, like all this knowledge is kept inside, unable to be shown to the world or appreciated by the world. He may be afraid to share the world his talents.

Jun: He is surrounded by memories. His fear could be that this brotherhood he has with the others will eventually be lost and all he has left to fill this empty space are the memories. He’s afraid to get in touch when a long time has passed since we hear Jisoo’s voice from a voice mail. He faces this fear by finally going out and visit. 

Dino: We see him land on the space “turn to the first space.” This could signify his fear of starting from scratch when they have already put so much work into their team and their music. We see him continue to roll the die like he’s waiting for a new fate, but every time he ends up with the same number that landed him there. This correlates with the “seventeen project 2017” they are portraying, that they are starting over with a re-debut with this new and improved group.

Wonwoo: The fear shown in his teaser is boredom and disinterest. We see him at the beginning staring at a blank wall as he steps out in the hallway. He also see him looking out the window and often sitting and contemplating. He picks up the TV remote, but he just flips through the channels, unable to pick something that interests him. We hear cheering, like fans clapping and cheering but his facial expressions don’t change. He could be afraid of no longer finding interest in what he does, or he could be afraid of fans no longer be interested. But it looks to be resolved as the scene ends with him settling on a channel showing the very place where we found Vernon wandering to. 

Hoshi: Another hard one! He’s waiting for a phone call, but we don’t know what the other line of the phone is saying. The environment in the room changes to something cold when he answers the phone. But after he hangs up the first time, he calls the number on the piece of paper. His fear could be receiving and relaying bad news to others. We see him struggle when he opens the piece of paper with the phone number on it, but he continues to call anyways almost showing us the urgency and importance of the message he received. 

Seungkwan: Money. Money is anybody’s dream and nightmare. We see Seungkwan twirling a coin in his hand. This could signify fear of being greedy, or it could signify his fear of not being able to provide. Either one, we see him accept this has he leaves the coins on the counter of the laundromat. 

The8: Minghao’s fear could be being left. We see him arrive at this home with groceries. When he arrives, no one is home to greet him. We see a note on the kitchen counter where it is obvious for someone to see. When he reads it, we see devastation in his face. This could be that a significant other had left him. We don’t see much of a resolution of Minghao’s fear, but we see DK arrive in time to comfort him. We also see the spinning magic 8 ball, which is suppose to determine your luck, and Minghao happened to get the short end of the stick. 

Joshua: His was sooo hard omg. He could be afraid of betrayal. It could him betraying someone/the group, or it could be someone betraying him. We see in the water that one of the two people puts their hand on the other person’s shoulder and then walks away. He washes his face, almost showing discomfort and irritation and then we see him walking in the hallway only for him to turn back towards the camera. 

S. Coups: Coups fear may have to do with going in circles, or lacking direction in general. We see him walking and then he stops to turn around. He continues to walk around only with signs all around him saying “Wrong Way.” When he finally does decide to move forward, he keeps circling the block. This could signify his fear the team going forward, but keep going in circles, or not finding a path to improvement. 

They’re alone to show how each member has their own, unique fear. They all experience it differently. With members shown at the end of the clip, it suggests that no matter how often their fears come and no matter how small they may be, “even though you’re being alone, remember we are on your side and don’t be afraid of all the fears you have.”

We see a cycle through the thirteen boys and it finally ends with leader S. Coups. His lines at the end of his video are more special. 

“I was afraid and anxious since I was all alone.” This is representative of all of the boys’ fears because we see them all tackle these fears alone. 

“Nevertheless we met on thirteen paths and eventually.” This ties in why the all showed up in each others videos. It shows that though they came from different places, different worlds, different opportunities, all of their paths eventually crossed. 

“A complete bond has formed leading us to our brightest moment.” We see that S. Coups finally meets with Jeonghan, bringing all of the videos in full cycle. This shows that together, they will be their best. 



Obi-Wan gets a lot of shit about the “Dreams pass in time.” comment but this is not the face of someone who doesn’t care or who is dismissing what Anakin is feeling, as we see over and over that Obi-Wan very much does love Anakin, of course he cares about what Anakin’s going through and wants him to feel better.  And we have the foreknowledge of what’s going to come of Anakin’s dreams and the tragedy that happens because of them.  

But Obi-Wan doesn’t know any of that.

He just knows that Anakin is lingering on something that is upsetting him and wants to help Anakin get past it, wants to help Anakin regain emotional balance.  I have been in that exact place so many times–when someone I care about is hurting, my immediate instinct is to fix it, fix whatever’s wrong so that they feel better and are happy again!  I love them and so I want them to not linger on this thing that’s hurting them.

If they’re worrying over nothing, this is good advice, and for all that the characters know, this is nothing, because they’re Jedi, they do have dreams that might seem important, but will pass in time.  It’s a tragedy that this isn’t one of those times, it’s a tragedy that Anakin had these dreams and then had to live through what happens later, but this moment wasn’t for lack of care, it was precisely because Obi-Wan does care for Anakin that he’s trying to help soothe what’s bothering Anakin.

Wild Space covers this as well:

Obi-Wan reacts to Anakin’s pain with sorrow and regret, but he won’t let go of Anakin, because he loves him too much for that.  And:

“I would have saved her for you if I could.”


Just.  Leave me here with my feelings on how guilty Obi-Wan would have felt, how much he would have wished he could have changed things, how of course he would have saved Anakin’s mother for him if he could have, that Anakin belongs with the Jedi, in Obi-Wan’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean he would just let someone die like that, would just let Anakin suffer through that, wouldn’t understand exactly what it’s like to lose a parent and wish that you could change it, even if you still have to get up and keep going and move forward again.  OF COURSE HE UNDERSTANDS AND WOULD HAVE SAVED HER FOR ANAKIN.


Why do you guys assume Lance talks a lot in his lion? For the most part it’s Keith and Pidge who do the most talking other than Shiro.

Now, I headcanon Lance with ADHD and depression because I have it and he acts a lot like me. Now, the thing with ADHD is that sometimes, even without medication, you become so focused on getting a task done and disruptions are very stressful because you have to work and work and /work/ until the thing is perfect and you still aren’t happy with it.

But others times…other times it’s laying in bed, immobilized with anxiety because you know what was have to do, but you just /can’t/ do them.

I think Lance works the same way, because at the beginning of season two, he’s really quiet, just informing Shiro about a rocket thruster or something. Other than that, it’s all Keith and Pidge.

Lance is staying quiet because he’s very focused and he’s trying his best to support everyone, to make sure they are where they need to be. Hell, he didn’t even try to show off while in Voltron all of season two. He just kind of…stayed back. This is also evident when the team decided to go visit the BoM base and Lance stayed behind. He was there for back up and support because he doesn’t have a big gun to keep people off or the skills to hack into the computers. Also he was still probably embarrassed because he considers himself the ‘sharpshooter’ and he couldn’t hit a guy run towards him in a hallway. That’s a bruise to the already shaky ego he has.

He was bubblier in season one, and you can see he’s toned down a lot in season two, only talking excessively in a scene or two, and those are mostly when he’s not with the paladins or explaining something to one person and the audience. In fact, it seems all of his moments of real doubt show up when he’s alone, and that happens to me all the time.

When people are around, an ADHD brain is too busy and buzzing to focus on something bad or negative unless it’s heavily affecting, and sometimes it just goes away for maybe an hour or two, but as soon as the stimulation calms down, you’re stuck with your brain still buzzing, but those busy thoughts turn inward to pick apart everything in your personality or looks or brain that you don’t like.

He’s too distracted from his problems because 'people!!! What are they doing!!!’ Lance is probably always engaged, but as he gets older, he learns where it’s okay to talk.

I don’t know if it’s maturity, or he’s losing hope, but he’s becoming a different person and losing a lot of what made him so fun in the beginning.

Season 3 needs to address the fact that Lance is growing, he’s changing and no one has ever commented on it, especially the people he looks up to, like Coran, Shiro and Allura. Still, Keith and Pidge earn a ton of praise because their somewhat open with their growth.

Lance isn’t really like that. Hell, we don’t even know his last name! He keeps things to himself a lot more, and started off trying to talk frivolously to make up for it, but he never said much that had a lot of substance. It was just chatter and he’s using it to kind of keep people from getting too close. For what reason is still unclear.

He’s even began to like…separate from the group a bit? He doesn’t consider himself on the level of his peers and therefore stays back to let them shine and he stays in the background for support. That’s where he feels he can get the most done as back up, in the back of the pack watching everyone’s back, but as that happens, everyone keeps moving forward and he feels left behind, emotionally and now it seems intellectually.

He talks himself up so much because he thinks that will disguise him to be on the same level as them, but it seems outrageous to others because they don’t see Lance beneath them. They see him as their relative equal and they think his self aggrandizing behavior is putting him above them, and that’s why they shoot it down. The team assumes its Lance attempting to be superior, when really he just thinks he’s putting them on even ground and why it rocks his world when they disregard it. Lance sees it as them acknowledging they he’s worse than them.

Poor baby.

People feel terrible because Teddy’s an orphan, just like Harry. But let me explain my headcanons:

Teddy exists so Narcissa and Andromeda can have an excuse to be family again.

Teddy is the reason Harry feels like he has a purpose after everything.

Teddy is born so Draco can learn to love in the purest sense of the word.

Teddy makes Harry and Draco become friends - and maybe more.

Teddy exists so Hermione and Ron don’t grow apart from Harry, because they spend a lot of time helping him (he is terrible with babies at first).

Teddy is there so Hogwarts can keep moving forward; he stops fights and makes all the houses work together; he’s a Hufflepuff, a Black, a Marauder kid; he’s friends with Slytherins; he’s part of the change.

Teddy exists so his hair can be a thousand colours like his mum’s; his smile can be kind and secretive like his dad’s; his mind can be as astute as a Marauder’s; his magic as great as Harry’s; his interest in muggle books as lovely as Hermione’s; his heart as big as Ron’s. They make him as pure and beautiful as they all were, but without war and hate, he grows up to be better than all of them.

Teddy is born so an orphan can have a life full of love and forgiveness; he’s what Harry was to the Marauders, but with a very different ending.

“My poor, steadfast tin soldier…”

My brain keeps feeding me sad Click theories so like what if he was a kid once

I’m not going to be upset over Monty’s passing anymore. Because why would I be upset over something that gave me so many friends, a clearer career path, and so, so many great memories. 

I wish he wasn’t gone, I always wanted to tell him thank you for what a silly little web show on the internet has done for me. But I think he knows, wherever he is.

So thank you Monty, thank for helping me to keep moving forward in this crazy game called life.

anonymous asked:

Describe Misha. (I'm trying to describe Misha to my bro… but I'm bad with words. He makes fun of me for liking him so much, so can you help me out?)

It is hard to describe Misha, because Misha is a surprise. Every moment of every day, he’s up to something new; but he enjoys that. He enjoys the shock, the newness—the adventure, and he enjoys bringing that out in other people. He’s that one crazy friend who always gets you to break the rules, and even though it scares the shit out of you, you always feel more alive when everything is said and done. Misha isn’t inherently “good” even with all the charity work that he does. He likes to tease people; he makes mistakes and will cuss up a storm. He’s lewd and has no problem with making everyone around him blush with the dirty, dirty things he’ll say … but you find that you’re grateful for all these “imperfections” because they all make him human. They make him approachable. They make him relatable; and that I think is what makes us love Misha the most.

He is like us … he’s goofy and nerdy and messes things up over and over again. He’s a giant child in an adult body. He opens his mouth and lets his brains fall out onto the floor, and sometimes it looks like modern art, and other times it looks like a homicide—but he keeps moving forward no matter the mess he left behind him, because he knows the ultimate goal is just to keep living. Misha keeps dreaming.

He’s relatable, yes … and that then makes us focus on him; and when we do, we see all the effort he puts into each and every day. He is always fighting, always trying to better the world, always wanting to make people smile, whether it’s with a kind act or a dirty joke. He does have his moments of complete, mature, adult responsibility and those inspire us too. He is a beacon to all of us who are struggling just to get by—shining through the fog and saying “Hey, people like us … we can be happy.” Yes, the man brings smiles to faces, but he also teaches people how to keep them there. He shows people how to find happiness within themselves; and that’s a talent that not enough people posses.

I think if you tell your brother that, then he just might begin to see why you love Misha so much.

The Reunion

The happily married Emma and Killian attend Emma’s high school reunion, but what happens when Emma’s high school bullies show up to cause trouble? 

{Oneshot based on a prompt by Millie}

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Emma reaches down to smooth the corner of her jacket, catching her finger on the zip as she does. She winces in pain, cursing herself for not choosing the pink dress instead – actually it’s Killian she should be cursing, he insisted his favourite of the two outfits was the jeans and boots with the embroidered black top. Which of course she then had to put the black jacket with.

Inwardly she sighs, but her annoyance is soon brushed aside as she turns to look at Killian, who’s nervously stroking his stubble, – his perfectly chiselled features are easy on the eyes and just one of the many perks Emma has learnt to appreciate even more since their marriage. “Are you ready?” She whispers, realising they’ve come to a somewhat abrupt halt just outside the faded red door, the same one Emma lined up outside when she was younger; freezing to death in shorts and a t-shirt as her class waited to be let into the gymnasium. The window in the centre of it vibrates gently, indicating the steady throb of the bass emanating from the disco, and the promise of a long night ahead.

“I think the real question is are you ready, love?” Killian replies, slipping his hand into hers and interlocking their fingers, a simple gesture to let her know that they are in this together and he’s by her side no matter what. Tentatively Emma nods, breathes deeply and then nods once more, this time with a sense of purpose.

“We’ve got this.” She states, reaching out for the door handle and pushing it down slowly. The door appears to swing open in slow motion, revealing everything in half speed, and allowing them both to take in the sight before them. Round tables, adorned with glitter and old polaroid photos stretch from wall to wall, whilst a silver and blue balloon arch indicates the entrance to the dance floor. People stand in groups, milling about – most seem to be carrying wine glasses and a few are laughing, whether at their high school antics or the woes of family life, the pair can’t tell. A ‘Class Of 2001’ banner takes centre stage hanging down in the middle of the room, Killian is stunned by the effort that has clearly gone into the planning, Emma on the other hand is struggling to keep in her laughter and after a few seconds of holding her breath lets a giggle escape. A few heads turn as her and Killian walk past, her giggling steadily increasing in volume. When they reach a secluded table in the corner of the room he playfully elbows her and raises his eyebrow. “I’m sorry.” She says, catching her breath. “It’s just all this…” She removes her hand from his and waves her arm towards the rest of the room. “For a class reunion. When this was and always will be the crappiest school in the district.” A red flush has swept her cheeks and somehow Killian manages to find the absurdity of his wife’s reaction endearing. Somehow.

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  • Do you ever think that after the war, Oliver looks at Quidditch with contempt?
  • His Quidditch gear having sat untouched for years and now he’s expected to jump back in like it’s second nature.
  • But it’s not anymore. He can’t forgot the war and everything he’s lost.
  • How dare he live on and be happy when others no longer can?
  • The feeling eats at him and he wants something tangible to blame instead of broken memories.
  • It’s too late for blame and Oliver folds into himself, slowly collapsing to his knees.
  • He wishes for a time when everything felt better.
  • When he was back at school and the future exciting instead of the bleakness it is now.
  • He wants to be in the embrace of his first kiss, chapped lips pressing tentatively against his own.
  • A boy he loved, a man he lost.
  • When Marcus disappeared, Oliver assumed the worst.
  • It’s been so long after all.
  • But maybe one night, a ragged man shows up on Oliver’s doorstep begging forgiveness, admitting his faults, and all Oliver can do is pull him close if only to feel the rise and fall of his chest. 
  • In each other, they find their forgotten passion. 
  • The strength to pick up a broom with no tinges of anger. To kiss without fear.
  • Slowly, Oliver learns to love again and, dare he admit it to himself, truly live.
  • Oliver begins to wonder why he ever doubted in the first place and his heart swells when he flies around the pitch at Hogwarts with Marcus.
  • A bittersweet reunion with smiles to match, Oliver knows nothing is quite how it used to be, but he swallows down the lump in his throat. 
  • He’ll keep moving forward and that’s all anyone could ask of him.
Taken (Part Nine)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Summary: When Sam, the reader’s fiancee, is kidnapped with no explanation, the reader uses the help of Dean to find her lost love.  However, many unforeseen things happen on the journey to find Sam. How will Dean and the reader deal with developing feelings for one another?
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,232
Tags: canon-level gore/violence, situational angst, eventual Dean x Reader
A/N: Ahhhhhhhh let me know what you thinkkkkkkkkk!



“Sam!” you called out, your heart hammering in your chest.  You flew down the stairs and ran to his side.  “Sam,” you said again, touching his face and wiping blood out of his eyes with shaking hands.

He breathed in deeply, fumbling back into consciousness.  His eyes were tired as they focused on you, not believing the sight in front of him.

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[Translation] CUT - Yamada Ryosuke x Fumihiko Sori (March Issue: 2/18/2017)

“I said, ‘I don’t want to boast about this role.’” (Yamada)

“It was then that I understood the human being known as Yamada Ryosuke was very masculine, and it made me happy.” (Sori)

“I used to always think, ‘it’s still too early to be able to make this work into a movie yet,’” Director Sori Fumihiko discusses in this talk how, even within numerous Japanese comics, Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the works that [has to cross] the extremely high hurdle of live-action adaptations. At the same time, if Japanese film is challenging the scale and dynamism of Hollywood film head on, wouldn’t the greatest work to do so with be Fullmetal Alchemist? That’s why while taking on this film, both Director Sori and Yamada Ryosuke, who plays the role of the protagonist Ed, along with the rest of the cast, had to heavily prepare and carry a great deal of pressure, but in any case, their words were reassuring in this conversation. 

How will they depict Ed’s character? How was filming carried out in Italy? What sort of concept did they have when introducing the brand new CG technology? How will Al be represented? After finishing the intense photo-shoot, the two of them told us about the various inevitable points that worried them and revealed many precious behind-the-scenes happenings.

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Oups? [4/x] -Peter Parker Imagine

Originally posted by brokencxstiel

Summary: You get tagged in an instagram post, which leads to a certain superhero getting a crush on you 

Pairing: Female reader x Peter Parker

Word Count: 843

Warnings: None

A/N: Thanks for the lovely feedback! <3

Oups? masterlist

“I’m telling you it was him!” You exclaimed, sitting down next to Madison on the couch.

“Are you sure?” she asked, not looking convinced. The rose from yesterday was placed on the livingroom table, looking pretty in the white vase.

“He used his web to get off my balcony, I’m pretty sure it was him” you rolled your eyes. You had already told her this multiple times.

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What if the guys were given a motive that they had to kill someone or else their S/O would be killed?

good old-fashioned angst, coming right up

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • He would do it.
  • He would kill someone if it meant saving you
  • His plan was pretty complicated actually, but he managed to pull it off without a hitch
  • Seeing his classmate’s dead body on the ground, he only felt… relief. Relief that you weren’t the dead one.
  • He acted calm about what he’d done, but on the inside he was also filled with regret that he surely wouldn’t come out of this alive. Although he had set up an elaborate murder, it wasn’t foolproof… and he was sure he would be found out.
  • But that was part of his plan, too. He hadn’t exactly given up on living, but if his death meant you stayed alive… Well, keeping you alive was why he had killed someone in the first place. 
  • And, just as he predicted, he was found out.
  • He could hardly stand to look at you for the rest of the trial, since you looked so horrified
  • And when his motive was revealed, he could hardly stand to look at anyone
  • Just before his execution, he finally looked at you, as if memorizing your face for the last time
  • Then, he told you that it was worth it, and was pulled back into the shadows…

Amami Rantarou

  • His mind was racing as soon as he heard the motive
  • Both options were unacceptable to him
  • But what could he do about it…?
  • After thinking about it for a while, he went to you and told you the truth about the motive, and about his plan so far
  • If he doesn’t do something, you’d be killed, and he couldn’t live with himself if he let that happened.
  • But, if he killed someone, not only would that be awful on its own, but if he succeeded in fooling everyone, you’d die anyway.
  • And if he failed, he’d die.
  • So, he thought, why not just run away?
  • Before, with all of your classmates, you hadn’t been able to beat that glorified death tunnel
  • But with both your lives on the line, and no other options…
  • Well, how about it? Will you run with him?
  • Of course, you agreed
  • Your survival was entirely up to the two of you now…
  • All you could do was hold his hand and sprint for the exit.

Kokichi Ouma

  • Well, he didn’t  like it, but he had a foolproof way to save you.
  • He took advantage of one of your other classmates
  • Since they had the same motive as he did, he knew they wanted to save the person they cared about
  • So he convinced them to kill someone.
  • More than that, he even told them how and who to do it to.
  • And then? Right after the crime had been committed?
  • He killed someone himself.
  • Because of the trial rules, the person who went down for the crime was the one he’d convinced to kill someone else.
  • It was a fantastic little loophole.
  • He managed to survive along with you!
  • It was a genius plan!
  • He didn’t regret a thing!
  • But from the way he was shaking, you could tell he was lying.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • Saihara was wracked with indecision
  • There was no way he could kill someone… there was just no way…
  • But when he thought about how you may die…
  • It felt like he couldn’t breathe.
  • He tried to bring the subject up with you, to try and come up with a plan, but you wouldn’t hear it.
  • You weren’t going to let the person you love become a murderer?
  • And honestly, although you were afraid to die, you weren’t sure you were any less afraid of living without him
  • The two of you couldn’t come up with any other option
  • When the time limit ran out, Saihara tried to run with you
  • Pulling you by the hand, the two of you sprinted through the school, desperately avoiding the obstacles set out before you
  • All the way to the fifth floor, where you were cornered next to a window
  • One of the Exisal leaped for the two of you, and…
  • You pushed Saihara out of the way at the last second.
  • He watched in horror as the exisal sent you crashing through the window and spiraling to the ground below.
  • Words could not describe the anguish he felt..
  • This was all his fault.

Kaito Momota

  • No way.
  • He couldn’t kill someone?? He couldn’t take the life of another human being, of one of his classmates, no less
  • That’s what he told himself
  • But deep down, he was frantically trying to come up with a way that you might survive this
  • Until someone approached him with a plan of their own.
  • They knew about the motive, and they knew that their S/O had received the same one.
  • To keep them from hurting someone else or sacrificing themselves, this person asked Momota to kill them. That way, both of the people they cared about would be saved.
  • Momota didn’t like it. He really didn’t like it, but…
  • He found himself going through with it, anyway
  • And of course, he was found out.
  • All he could do was tell you how sorry he was before his execution started.


  • His inside voice was warning himself that he couldn’t kill anyone
  • And he agreed with it
  • He really loved you, but killing someone else? It didn’t seem like an option
  • He was still unsure, though, and he was going through his options up until the last night before the deadline
  • And then it happened
  • Although he came out of his little tumble mostly unscathed, it seemed he couldn’t hear the voice inside his head anymore
  • And his own voice was telling him… to fight.
  • That was it!
  • He wasn’t bound by the rules of this killing game. He was his own person and he wasn’t going to consign himself to these limitations any longer!
  • And so, he set off to fight Monokuma and the Exisals
  • All for you.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta couldn’t
  • Gonta couldn’t kill someone else…
  • But he was dead set on protecting you!
  • So he followed you everywhere.
  • You were always together, right up until the deadline was reached and the Exisal came for you
  • Gonta gave you a quick hug before telling you to run
  • You refused at first- how could you leave him at a time like this??
  • But he kissed your forehead, told you he loved you, and then had Tenko carry you out of there
  • He gave the fight everything he had, but unfortunately…
  • He didn’t survive.
  • You were inconsolable when you found out that he had essentially traded his life for yours, but your classmates eventually convinced you to keep moving forward…
  • It’s what he would’ve wanted.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He immediately reassures you that things will be okay
  • You’ll be okay, but he won’t kill any of your classmates either
  • You pressed him to tell you how he could be so sure, but he wouldn’t say
  • And you didn’t realize what he was up to until it was too late
  • His body was found in the corner of the lab with an empty bottle in his pocket
  • There were no twists or turns in this trial. He had sacrificed himself for you, plain and simple.
  • And you hadn’t even gotten to say goodbye…
Henry Mills x Reader

Part two of Close. Requested by: @justawildmarebearmcrbvbfob

My Wattpad: Kara_Song


People say that ignorance is bliss. If that’s so then why do you feel so deflated? How come ever since that moment with Henry you’ve felt so torn? So broken? So… far away? Henry’s noticed this too.

At first he too stayed away but then he realised that it was impossible. It’s not possible to be able to stay away. There’s just something that keeps pulling you back. Something that’s keeping you close.

You wish you knew the reasoning. You’ve had this pain in your chest whenever you are away from him. Since the moment you chose to step back all you’ve wanted to do is move forward again. You want to be with Henry.

You never saw him in a romantic way. You never even thought about it, but then he tried to kiss you and everything changed. You thought you still felt distant towards him so you prevented the kiss, then when Henry left and you stood there feeling the cold against your skin where you once felt Henry’s warmth, you knew.

You love him.

But things have been difficult. More dark creatures have attacked Storybrooke and you keep getting separated from him. He hasn’t been injured since that night, thank goodness, but you feel like you have.

You haven’t been hurt physically by the creatures, but you have been hurt emotionally by them. This, though, you haven’t told anyone. You’re afraid that it’ll change things if you do.

One creature made it’s way towards Henry and you were so scared that you called out to it. So it changed its’ course and headed straight for you. Then Henry screamed. The creature turned back and in the faintest lighting available, you saw the creature smirk.

This dark creature had consciousness. It was created from dark magic that was tethered to the owner. So in fact the creature did not smirk but the creator did. And once it did it decided that it was going to kill you both. Luckily, though Emma and Regina defeated it just in time.

But that moment has scarred you. You never talk about it, but you always worry. Not about how it was so terrifying but about how it almost killed the two of you. And what would’ve happened if it only struck Henry? How would you have coped?

You find that books are your only medicine. They can cure you of any disease– mental, physical or emotional– and they help you escape the troubles you face. So you’ve decided that you should visit the town’s library everyday. And everyday you find a new book to read.

Today you’re reading a book based on romance. Belle had recommended it to you and so far you’re satisfied with what you’ve read. The story is intriguing and impressively detailed. It feels so realistic and at many times you find yourself relating to the characters.

Then you get the butterflies. Every scenario you relate to are the ones where the two characters can’t admit their feelings for one another. One of them even is scared to say that she’s in love. That character is exactly like you.

You’re afraid to admit that you love Henry because then it’ll become real. When it’s real then you’ll have to face things together. Even so… you want it to be real. There’s a terrifying truth behind it that makes you tempted to start it. To start accepting your feelings for Henry.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Your eyes widen and your head shoots up. There standing by one of the bookshelves is Henry. His hair is messy from a day of stressful school work and his uniform shirt is unbuttoned slightly.

You quickly dab away the tears that wet your cheeks. You started to cry from the realization of your heart’s desires. Henry doesn’t seem to notice this and walks over to you at the table.

“What book are you reading?” He asks.

You can’t manage a word. Your mouth opens but nothing comes out. Then suddenly; a sound.



Your mouth quickly shuts. How come you asked him that? What was the purpose of it? What did you mean by ‘why’? Your heart starts to be beat faster.

“I don’t understand.” Henry admits.

You shake your head (mainly to shake away the feelings you’re starting to get) and close the book. Then you slide out of your chair and put the book back on the shelf. As you turn around you get startled. Henry is right there in front of you; his eyes seeping into yours.

“What do you mean?” He asks.

“I have to go…” You say.

“Why are you avoiding the question?”

“I need to get home.”

“Is this because of the kiss?”

Your cheeks flare up in pink blushes. You turn your gaze to the ground and scrunch up your hands into fists.

“We never kissed.” You say.

“So it is, then?” Henry says.

You shake your head even though that’s exactly the correct reason.

“I have to leave.” You say, and start to move away from Henry.

He doesn’t let you leave, though. His arm flies up and his hand hits the bookshelf making you flinch. He wasn’t being aggressive but his sudden movement was harsh.

“Please stop running away from me.” He says, “I never wanted to make you feel this way.”

“Neither did I.” You admit.

Tears form in your eyes. Henry thinks that he’s made you feel anger but that’s not it. He’s made you feel love.

“I’m sorry.” Henry says.

“I love you.” You blurt out.


Henry’s eyes widen and so do yours. Why did you just say that?? You begin to blush again and immediately push his arm off of the bookshelf and run away from him. That was so stupid of you to say!

Henry is quick to follow you, however. He runs after you as you pass bookshelf after bookshelf. Then his hand reaches out and he grabs ahold of your arm; spinning you around to face him. Tears spill from your eyes but his look at you in confusion.

“You love me?” He asks you.

You shake your head. Of course you love him, but now the reality you so desperately wanted you want to disappear. Henry doesn’t say another word but instead he moves closer to you.

You worry immediately and begin to back away from him, but he keeps moving forward. His lips are dangerously close to yours as he backs you up against a bookshelf. When your back hits the shelf his lips touch yours, but not in a kiss.

Then he stops. His lips are left hovering over your own and you’re back to where you started before. You’re back to where you made your first mistake; where you pushed Henry away and ran away from your feelings.

However now, you’re doing the same thing. The moment is being replayed. You’ve denied your feelings, ran away from Henry and are trying to prevent a kiss from happening. Even so, what makes this moment different?

Henry gazes into your eyes searching for the emotion you’re feeling. He won’t take that step if you’re not ready. But when you look into his eyes you only see your reflection and in a way, that’s his emotion. He’s feeling love and it’s towards you.

No more mistakes, then. You love him. It’s clear to you now that you’ve always loved him. So you decided to take the step yourself.

You close your eyes and lean forward, letting both of your lips touch, and you kiss him. You kiss Henry as if you’ve never wanted something so badly before. He’s not slow on the uptake and immediately wraps his arms around you. Your arms wrap around his neck.

Henry kisses you back with a passion you’ve only read in story books. With both your lips against each other you realize that this is how you want to be. You want to be with Henry.

You want to be close.


From his grades to his ghost fighting to hanging with the big time superheroes, Danny never thought he would make it.

Four long years and one big high school jump later and there he was, wearing a white robe and cap, his tassel on the right, and several cords hanging around his neck.

Danny not only was graduating, but he was in the middle of graduating at the top of his class, and as Valedictorian. He has scholarships from some of the most famous colleges in the U.S. and an internship at NASA. And the couldn’t be more happier.

As the walked up to the podium to give his Valedictorian’s Address, he looked out into the crowd.
They made sure they were easy to find. His parents in their jumpsuits. His sister in her best looking blouse and a huge, proud smile on her face. His best friends, Sam and Tucker were in white robes as well, waiting for their name to be called so they could get their diplomas.

Right behind his parents in the sea of people were the Avengers, a few of his friends from the Xavier Home, and Mr. Lancer, who has traveled all the way to New York just to see him graduate. He looked almost as proud as Jazz.

“Friends, family, and guests,” the started. He hated public speaking, but at this moment he was perfectly calm. His voice didn’t waver at all. “I would like to thank you all for coming.” He paused for a moment, scanning the crowd. Next to his dad, Logan huffed.

“Now, when they said I had to write a speach, they told me to speak from my heart. And the only way I can do that is to tell you all what I would tell myself.

In a world full of heroes, you all, the class of 2017, are the real world-changers. You are all going to go out into the world and you are going to have this great power in your hands. That power is to be whatever you want to be. A doctor. A police officer. A marine. An artist. A musician. And that is the greatest power of them all. Not super strength or metal claws or invisibility.

But with that great power comes an even greater responsibility. Use that power to lift people up and help them. And I have never seen a group of people who are more willing to do just that.

Over the years I had been mercilessly bullied. For how I look, how I sound, and how much I care. And what I would tell myself, what I have told myself, is that just because you are struggling now, it is not the end. Success comes with hardships. And all I ask of you now, graduates, is to keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. ”

He stepped down from the podium and the crowd erupted into cheers. After his address was the principle’s, then the super intendant’s, and then they all had their names called for their diplomas. Danny was third. The senior class president and vice president were before him.

It took maybe an hour to get through everybody’s names before they did the cerimonial tassel change. Caps flew through the air, and Danny didn’t know he was grinning until he realized his cheeks hurt.

There was only one way for him to move now, and that was forward.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017!!!!!