he keeps escaping too

most people will say they’re fans of star wars, then i start talking themes and parallels and character psychology and the Truth of it and i can see the will to live drain from their very soul and this is why my best friends live on the internet

invisible - cashton

summary: calum wrote a song that he wants to show the boys, but he’s scared that the lyrics will expose his true emotions.

pairing: cashton

It was the time of the year where the boys were huddled up in the studio for a few months, having what Ashton called “family bonding time” and spending long nights in the recording booth, messing around until they wrote what was sure to be their next hit song. They had a good feeling about this upcoming record, and they were starting to grow content with their sound. That was how this record got the name Sounds Good Feels Good.

However, when you’re in a rented apartment in isolation for a few months on end, homesick to the core and feeling rather alone even when you’re with your best friends, you start doing a lot of writing. Calum thought it was funny how artistic he became when he felt his lowest, often ditching Ashton’s “bonding activities” to sit on the balcony with a cigarette and just let go of all of his bottled up emotions. 

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Old Friends (Part 2) - C.H.


Summary: Calum and Y/N get back to his old house and catch up.

Pairing: Calum x Female Reader

A/N: HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS REALLY WANTED A PART TWO. I wasn’t gonna make one because I didn’t see a place to pick up, but I saw how bad you guys wanted it so figured why not give it a shot. 

The fire crackled quietly, embers floating into the air like fireflies. Y/N sat on the grass beside the fire, enjoying the warmth that radiated onto her being. Calum sat next to her, strumming mindlessly at his guitar. No words were exchanged- no words needed to be exchanged. They were simply enjoying each other’s presence. “Can I sing you a song?” Calum suddenly asked, ceasing the music he was playing before. Y/N hummed a yes, her head leaning to rest on Calum’s shoulder. 

Calum started strumming again, playing a song Y/N had never heard before. 

“Another day of painted walls and football on the TV. No one sees me. I fade away, lost inside a memory of someone’s life. It wasn’t mine,” Calum sang, his voice low and gravelly. Y/N closed her eyes, a smile growing on her lips as she listened. 

Y/N remembered laying on his bed during one of their numerous sleepovers, dozing off as she listened to him mess around on his favorite acoustic guitar. She remembered how he would sing quietly, almost insecurely. Hearing his voice so stable and confident now made her happy. It’s like he’s finally come to terms with himself. 

“Another day, the walls are built to keep me safe. I can’t escape. It’s too late,” he finished, adding a snazzy arpeggio. He was silent, trying to gauge a reaction from Y/N. “What did you think? Oh my god, Y/N, you’re crying.” 

Was she? Y/N wiped her face, feeling tears streaming down her cheeks. “So I am,” she giggled, her voice shaking. “That was depressing, Calum. Christ,” she teased, a smirk playing on her lips. “Sing me something happy.” 

“Did you like it, though?” Calum questioned, smiling down at Y/N. Y/N nodded, her lips cracking into a grin. “I loved it, Calum.” 

After a slight pause, Calum pondering his next song, he started playing again. “I wrote this with you in mind, actually,” he informed, playing the starting chords for yet another unfamiliar song. Y/N felt like a horrible best friend- if she even deserved that title. Calum was in a huge band and she couldn’t name one of his songs. Except for Unpredictable

“For a while we pretended that we never had to end it, but we knew we’d have to say goodbye. You were crying at the airport. When they finally closed the plane door, I could barely hold it all inside,” he starting singing, eyes not leaving Y/N’s. Y/N found her gaze flickering from his eyes to his lips, her lower lip trembling slightly. What the hell, Y/N? This is your best friend. This is Calum

However, her screaming mind couldn’t hold her back. She was right. This is Calum. The one who’s made her happy for so long. The one who would sneak down the street late at night to come see her when she’s had a rough day. The one who beat up her ex-boyfriend when he cheated on her. This is Calum. 

Calum stopped singing, Y/N taking it as the perfect opportunity. She tilted her head up, crashing her lips onto his and letting her hands slide through his curly hair. Calum’s eyes widened with surprise momentarily, but he slid his guitar off of his lap and closed his eyes. Their lips worked slowly together, almost curious about the situation. His lips tasted like hot chocolate and Y/N couldn’t help but smile. Fuck, I’m so glad to be home

After a few minutes of mindless kissing, Calum parted their lips. 

“Did you feel something?” Y/N asked, her voice quiet as she processed what the hell just happened. Calum was hesitant to answer, his eyes fixed on the fire before them. “Honestly? I didn’t.” 

Y/N grinned, a laugh tearing from her throat. “Thank god, it was like kissing my older brother,” she smirked, causing Calum to laugh with her. He threw his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to his body. “You’re a good kisser, I’ll give you that,” Calum commented, pressing a chaste kiss to the top of her head. 

“Not too bad yourself, Hood.” 

A Payneful Family.

As your eyes adjust on the clock in front of you, you try to decipher if it’s 9:00 a.m. or p.m. You were sent straight to lie down following dinner since you had yet to kick the headache you’d been battling all day. Liam isn’t in bed with you so you assume it’s night and he’s still visiting with his parents. You peel yourself out of the bed and allow your feet to drag you downstairs to find that handsome boyfriend of yours. Your head is no longer pounding, but a faint pressure still holds on for dear life.

Liam looks toward the stairs as you approach the last step and you look up to meet his eyes, now reaching their level. You walk near the couch where he sits next to his father, mid conversation, and you peck a small kiss on his cheek. Peering into the kitchen you can see his mother at the stove, her hand on a steaming tea kettle. Your fingers rest Liam’s shoulder and he places his hand on top giving them a little squeeze.

“Feeling better sweetheart?” Karen asks lifting the kettle from the burner.

“Much. Still a little hazy, I think the jet lag just hit me a little harder than expected,” you say.

“Well get in here and we’ll get you some tea,” she says. Liam presses his lips against your knuckles before releasing you to venture into the kitchen.

In the middle of your week-long stay with them, you sit and sip tea with Karen and catch up on the conversation you’d missed out on while sleeping off your headache. Visiting with Liam’s parents has become one of your favorite activities and each trip you made to the Payne residence made you wish your schedules would allow you to do it more often. A few hours and many cups of tea later you finish your last drink as Liam and Geoff begin making their way toward the kitchen.

“Mum, might I be able to talk you into stealing my lady away for the evening, I’m exhausted and we all have a long day tomorrow,” Liam pleads as his mother wraps her hands around yours sharing a smile with you before agreeing. You both rise from your seats and walk the dishes to the sink. Karen turns to you and gives you a tight squeeze, you giving her a kiss on the cheek. You turn to head toward Liam and make your way upstairs to restart the sleep cycle.

You and Liam venture to the stairs and before creeping up them Geoff stops and wraps his arms around his boy. The sight immediately warms your heart, a lovely young man hugging his father. As they part, a matching smile plasters across their faces. Finally the two of you begin making your way up to bed, and before you reach the door you hear a soft, “I’ve missed it, I’ve missed it” escape from Geoff’s mouth. You look up at Liam and share a happy exchange before he kisses the top of your head. His family has so much love for him, and you can see exactly why.

Stripping down to your underwear and a small tank top, you roll into bed as Liam slides out of his clothes, down to only his boxers. He crawls under the covers and scoots his body up next to yours, wrapping an arm around you tightly. You can feel his breath work it’s way through your hair onto the back of your neck and small goosebumps dance across your body.

“I absolutely adore your family,” you say, turning your head slightly toward the ceiling.

“And they adore you,” he says, nuzzling his face onto your neck. He kisses you gently and suddenly your mind shifts to the thought of wanting him inside you. He knows the back of your neck is a weak spot, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

“Liam,” you faintly whine.

“What?” He asks coyly as he brushes your hair out of the way to kiss you again.

“Your parents are downstairs, literally downstairs, within earshot.” You say.

“Haven’t you ever fantasised sex in your boyfriends bedroom at his parents house?” He asks, lips still moving along you.

“Of course I have, but I feel wrong having sex after tea with your mother.”

“Well then we’ll have to keep quiet won’t we?” He pulls at you lightly so you fall onto your back and your lips finally meet. His muscular body climbs above you and his chest presses against yours. The kisses leaving his mouth onto yours are hard, slow and wet. Your bottom lips catches between his teeth and he slowly drags it outward until it’s released.

Liam moves a hand up your tank top and grips onto one of your breasts. His large hands palming at it as you feel your nipples begin to harden. At this rate you know you’re going to be fighting to follow the criteria of keeping quiet. Your hands move about his naked back and his mouth moves from yours to your neck and chest. His fingers pull your straps off of your shoulders and he exposes your breasts to the cool air. Soon his lips and tongue begin a quick rhythmic dance along your chest and you move your hands to the waist of his underwear.

You slide a hand inside just enough to feel that he is already hard. Placing your hands on his chest you push against him lightly, and like a perfectly written song, he follows your lead and assists you in getting him on his back. His hands curl around your waist as you climb just above his thighs, him removing your underwear and you releasing his penis. You rub him smoothly at a nice steady pace while his head falls deep into a pillow. Your hands glide up and down his shaft, from the base to the tip and you watch his face as he bites his lips to keep from letting too much noise escape him.

Liam peels his hands from your sides and moves them atop yours taking hold of his own member. You move your hands to his stomach and situate yourself just above him. He rubs his tip along you a few times until he finally enters. You slide yourself down him slowly and his hands return to your sides as if to help guide you down his shaft. Once fully inside you, Liam helps manipulate you into a gentle thrusting pattern. As your body moves his penis in and out of you quicker, your breasts being to bounce drastically. Liam’s hands slide from your waist to your ass and he shifts your movements from vertical to horizontal. You roll your hips into him faster than you were bouncing above him with the help of his hands pulling you to him. Each time your body moves him back inside you, he presses his hard, erect penis deeper.

A pulsating feeling begins to grow within you and noticing the look on your face, Liam shifts you to your side, then onto your back and once again climbs above you. His hands fall between your thighs as he separates them by bending one of your knees toward your chest. One hand holds around your bent leg as the other guides his penis back inside you. As he begins thrusting his way deep within you he releases your leg to fall back to the bed. Your hands move quickly up his chest as he drops his face to yours and engulfs your mouth in his. He kisses you slow, but aggressively. Liam moves one of his hands to rub along your clit as your fingers dig into him. The biggest challenge of the keeping quiet game has arrived.

You bite your lower lip causing Liam’s kisses to move away from you. You let out the quietest of groans, the most control you’ve possibly ever had over your body. Liam moves his hand from between your legs and slips it beneath your back pulling you toward him as he slows his motions and presses himself gently within you. Your breath, still quick panting to follow your exasperatingly quiet groans. Liam’s breathing has quickened as well and as the two of you slowly regain some control in your movements, he places his lips back to yours and your tongues become entangled once more. He still moves inside you, giving you a continued high. His breath is warm against yours and you want to live in this moment forever.

Suddenly, before you can continue this fantasized fulfillment, the door to Liam’s room opens.

“You kids still awake?” Geoff asks. Liam’s naked body freezes atop yours and neither of you have a chance to mutter a word before he continues, oblivious to your current situation. “We’re thinking we should be ready to head…” He pauses dead in his tracks as he makes it through the doorway.

“Nine. Nine o'clock is fine dad,” Liam finishes for his father. He doesn’t move from above you, partially in fear of exposing his naked girlfriend to his father. This you are grateful for.

“Nine yeah?” Geoff says avoiding eye contact with his son’s contorted body.

“Yeah,” Liam says nonchalantly.

“Yeah?” He seems to not have the slightest idea of what to do here.

“Yeah.” Liam finishes firmly. And it’s settled. Nothing like your boyfriend making the following day’s plans with his father, while he’s deep inside you.

The door shuts abruptly behind Geoff as he exits the room and Liam turns his attention from the back of the door to you. You stare at one another as though you’ve just stumbled upon a dead body. A few seconds pass before Liam bursts into a rolling laughter. You join him, still astonished of what just happened, but you can’t help to break with laughter as well. Liam falls to his side on the bed and the two of you lie there naked giggling the moment away.

“I guess next time we add ‘lock door’ before 'keep quiet’ on the list of rules,” he says still bellowing with laughter.

“I don’t know, by the look on your father’s face, I think it’s safe to assume he will be knocking before entering your room ever again.” You say.

“You’re probably right. Poor man is scarred for life, walking in on that. And to think, they liked you so much,” he says as if you were acting alone.

He shoots you a smile and you shake your head grinning back at him. He leans in, kisses your lips once more and pulls you in tightly next to him as you try to drift off to sleep.