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The Industry

Summary: Your high school sweetheart has a provocative career, of which you’re having a difficult time adjusting to. Pornstar AU- Bucky Barnes is an adult film star
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Characters: Female Reader, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Explicit subject matter and cursing

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“Cut!” The harsh yell of Justin Hammer, the middle-aged director of this hell, boomed through the spacious production studio. “James, great job as always. Tasha, we’re going to have to shoot that close up again.” He rises from his chair, crossing his arms. “You keep moving out of the light, and we need you to stay in it so we can get a clear shot of those famous tits of your’s.”

You stand alongside other crew members, watching the muscular back of the blue-eyed man flex as he moves from between the redhead’s legs his mouth had be working on seconds ago. Natasha’s glossy, bare body moves gracefully as she rests into a sitting position. Her eyes look frustrated as she blinks in motion with her soft pants. You watch as Natasha and Bucky share a quick exchange of a particular look, one that only could be shared between people who’ve been working in this industry for awhile. A look you could never understand.  

Hammer strides over to a set of screens, all replaying Bucky’s oral actions and Natasha’s moans on repeat. He stares at the two actors in their field for a handful of minutes before turning back towards the pair who are now standing side by side in satin navy robes. “Let’s take a twenty-minute break, I need to sort out this lighting problem.” He turns back to the screens, muttering instructions to the group of people around him. 

Your eyes peek at the monitors, lingering on the messy head of long, dark hair that rests between the long-legged redhead as his tongue swirls around the slick core of the woman. A sharp pain shoots from within your chest, your eyes glued to the daily horror of your boyfriend having sex with another woman. 

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Life as we know it: Part 2

Three years later.

“Harry, will you stop moving.” I seethe down at the shirtless guy who keeps moving around in his chair.

He doesn’t stop moving when I ask him to and I lock my fingers into his hair that I’m attempting to style, pulling his head back so he is looking me in the eye. He stops moving when I do that and it’s replaced with his small cries of pain.

“Stop. Before I shave it all off in your sleep.” He smiles up at me and as much as it pisses me off I can’t help but lean down over the top of him and press my lips to his.

He continues to smile even after I pull back away from him and push his head forward and continue with his hair. All the other boys are laughing behind us and telling us to get a room while they wait for their turn.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Harry continues as he slips a chocolate from the counter in front of him into his mouth. “What would you hold onto as I slip my…”

“Harry.” I yell, stopping his sentence before he can finish it. “Piss off.” I continue, pushing him from the chair, finally finished with his hair.

As soon as he’s up out of his seat, Lux who has been leaning against the back of my legs completely absorbed in a game on my phone, runs to jump into his arms. He sits her on his lap as he sits down on one of the couches as Zayn walks over to sit down in front of me.

“You’re not going to get your rings stuck in my hair again are you?” he asks with a laugh, referring to the engagement and wedding ring I got from Harry.

Harry and I got married four months ago. We eloped which caused a massive disturbance with the fans and paparazzi. It was the two of us, Lux, the boys and our immediate families. I was the best day of my life and I never expected that it would be Harry standing across from me, giving me one of the sweetest and loving looks ever, but I was happy that it was.

“You ever think Lou planned all this?” he asks quieter now, keeping the conversation between the two of us, knowing that it was still a rough topic to be discussed. “She always said that you two would be perfect together.”

“I don’t think she would have gone that far.” I sigh, my hands beginning to work on his hair with some small touches to makeup.

“You have lost Lou (Y/N), but you got Harry out of it. I mean you two had each other before and absolutely hated it each other but you two are perfect for each other.”

Shaking my head I continue to work on his hair still not a hundred percent comfortable with the topic myself. Once I’m finished Paul walks in telling then that its five minutes before the boys have to go onstage. They all leave when he does, except for Harry. He hangs around walking towards me after he sits Lux down on the lounge.

“Are you okay?” he asks softly his hands coming up to cup my face, the attitude he had before completely gone.

“I’m fine.” I whisper back, looking up to meet his eyes. “I just miss her.”

Harry presses a small kiss to my lips before he pulls back. “We all do baby. You just need to relax.” He whispers again.

His hands slide down to rest on the defined three and a half month baby bump, the soft touch immediately bringing a smile to my face, as he gently massages the tightening and stretching skin.

“The doctor said stress wasn’t good for you or her.” he bends down lifting up my shirt kissing just above my belly button.

“I reckon it’s a boy.” I say as my fingers lock into the curls at the nape of his neck.

“Ha, you are so wrong. It’s a girl.” He gives me another kiss before he runs out the door avoiding my comeback.

“Asshole.” I yell after him, picking up Lux as I follow after him to watch the show from the crowd.

“You love me.” he yells back with a wink.

I roll my eyes looking down at Lux. I love the guy way too much, he knows it and enjoys using it against me much like the way I use his love for me against his. Nobody ever wins.

“That’s a bad word Lux.” I say down to the little girl who is breaking out in a giggling fit. “Never ever use it. Except with Harry” I laugh along with her.

Out of mind.

This is my first OswaldxReader one shot. Hope all of you would feel Oswald’s love. 

Thanks again to @queencobblepotstuff for be my beta reader and helped me as always <3 Love you Dear!!

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Wearings: Crazy Oswald. Insults to the reader.

Oswald loses his mind when He is sent to Arkham, and you have to face it.

The first time you saw Oswald in Arkham you believed in his words, he was in his cell, not looking to anything in particular. his blue eyes looked dead, and his mouth was moving in a low way, just like he was talking but only in his thoughts.When the Guard said Oswald had a visitor, he didn’t move he just keep looking into the nothing.You were going to speak, but the Guard suddenly took Oswald and that was when it started.“Get off, don’t touch me!!, you kill her!!, you took everything for me!!” Oswald yelled to the Guard who only took him from the cell and lead him to another room.

You followed behind them with another guard, just to make sure you where safe.“Ten minutes” Was all the guard said as he closed the door, leaving you with the love of your life.“Oswald” You said in a low tone, sitting in front of him. He was in front of you, his hands and neck were chained to the chair, again he didn’t move, he just keep his eyes on you, his look on his face was something you had never see before. You saw him happy, angry, excited, scared, all of these, but this one, was one that scared you.From nothing to a creepy smile emerged on Oswald’s face, and then he stated to laugh, not a happy laugh, an angry and sad one. “I can’t believe it, I’ve really lost my mind already” He said looking at you and laughing again.You kept your mouth closed for a moment, trying to figure out what to say to comfort him. “Oswald, you are not crazy, I’m here right now, please talk to me” You said.He stopped laughing but the creepy smile remained on his face. “Oh you can be here now my Dove, but soon you will leave me, you will leave here, will look for a better man, one that can keep you safe and out of this madness. That was your plan from the start, wasn’t it ?, you Little bitch!!” 

Then He started to laugh again, his head falling to the right as his eyes keep looking into yours “O-Oswald, I wouldn’t ever do that, I love you, I had tell you that always. Oswald I fell in love with you since the first moment I saw you, why can’t you see it ?” You took a deep breath to continue, “I won’t leave you” “YES YOU WILL” Oswald yelled, now trying to be on top of you, but the chains keep him on his place. “YOU WILL DO IT, SOON, MAYBE TOMORROW, OR TONIGHT, AND YOU KNOW WHAT ? I DON’T CARE, I WILL DIE HERE, AND WILL BURN IN THE HELL WITH THE OTHERS BASTARDS, BUT IN A FEW YEARS, YOU WILL END THERE WITH ME, BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST A SLUT, A LIAR” 

Now you were crying, was that what He really thought all the time? All the moments when he was with you, smiled with you, cuddle with you, loving you? Did He ever love you ?“What are you going to cry now ?” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t try that crap with me, I was the King, I know every trick”.

“Time is out” You walked out in the moment you heard “out” crying, looking to the floor, trying to ignore Oswald’s screams. 

Maybe Oswald was right, you were broken now, you can’t face him again in this moment. You ever can’t think in face him again in your life. 

Was he really right ? 

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If you are interested in a prompt I'd love to see a fic about how long it's been since Hook last heard the words "I love you" from someone who meant it. It can be in whatever situation you like.

“Killian, what are you doing?”

He turns quickly, both hands hiding his prize behind his back. His mother stares down at him with kind eyes, wrapping her robe tighter around her body with a fold of her arms.

“You know milk is for special occasions only.”

She kneels down in front of him and tugs him close, the glass of milk in his small hand sloshing with the movement. He looks down with shame as she looks at him carefully – blue eyes studying him with gentle intensity.

“Nightmares again, little lad?” A warm hand angles his head up and he nods, tears burning hot behind his eyes. She smiles and he tucks himself against her, ear pressed hard against her chest.

“The milk helps me sleep, mama.”

She hums quietly, rocking him back and forth with one arm around his back. He snuggles further into her embrace, the steady beat of her heart chasing away the dark shadows and hulking monsters of his dreams. She sighs against his hair.

“I love you, Killian.”

“Like the sun and the stars?” He murmurs and she chuckles, lifting him up against her and turning towards the small bed in the corner of the open room.

“Aye.” She whispers. “And the sea and the sky.”



He watches as his father tears back and forth across their small home, bottle hung loosely in his hand. He feels confused – terrified – and no one will tell him what’s happened. Liam left days ago and his mother was just here and his dreams have been terrible and there’s no milk left and he can’t sleep –

“Papa?” He tries again and his father stills. Killian hops off his small chair and walks over to him, fingers reaching out to grasp the ends of his coat. The air around him is spicy and sweet at the same time, the smell forcing Killian to scrunch up his nose.

His father looks down at him, eyes softening for a fraction of a second before a hazy sort of gleam overcomes them. Something feels wrong – Killian feels wrong – but no one will explain anything.

“I’ll be back.” His father mutters and Killian’s stomach drops.

“I’ll come with you.” He tries but his father is shaking his head before he can finish the sentence. Killian’s eyes dart around the almost completely dark room and he frowns, watching as his father takes a step closer to the door.

“I love you.” He says and his father’s back is rigid. Killian toes at the ground, making a small line with his worn and battered shoe. “Like the sun and the stars.”

He says it proud, just like his mother taught him – awaiting the response that always follows.

The door slams shut.

“And the sea and the sky.” He whispers brokenly, folding himself back into his small chair.


“Hey!” He keeps moving through the crowded row of shops, head ducked down, apple clenched firmly in the hand hidden in his pocket. But the shop keeper is quick and he feels a sharp tug on the collar of his shirt before he’s sprawled out beneath him. A knife presses against his cheek and he winces.

Gods above, he was just hungry.

The shop keeper bares his teeth in a feral smile and Killian fights the very strong urge to roll his eyes, instead widening them in innocence.

“If you wanted to say hello, you only need ask.”

The heavy set man on top of him only growls in response, blade pressed firmly against Killian’s cheek. It drags up slightly and he gasps, trying to angle his face away, only making the blade drag deeper.

“How about I take your eye, boy? Hm?” The blade trails up slightly and there’s a burning wetness against his cheek as the tip breaks the skin, leaving its mark in an angry red cut. “An eye for an apple seems awfully fair to me.”

“Overpriced, I’d say.” Killian grits out against the pain and he’s pretty sure he’s going to lose an eye before this is all over when suddenly the man is being forcibly pulled off of him. Killian blinks up in the bright sunlight as a clean pressed man in a naval uniform appears, grey-blue eyes looking down at him in consternation. The shop keeper turns quickly back to his stall (threatening to gouge out an orphan boy’s eye was frowned upon, thievery or not) and Killian grins.

“Hullo, big brother.”

Liam sighs and pulls him up, hands strong on his upper arms. He swipes at Killian’s cheek – his blood red and angry against Liam’s clean hands.

“I love you Killian but you are a disaster.”

Killian shrugs and takes a large bite from his apple.


Milah is looking at him, hair whipping around her face in the strong breeze. She’s grinning madly – adrenaline still coursing through both their bodies from the last raid. She’s twisting and turning a brightly colored scarf between her fingers and she’s never been more beautiful.

“I love you.” She whispers and he grins in response, heart beating out a merry beat against his chest. His fingers find the cuff of her coat and he tugs her closer, forehead tipping against hers.

“You love adventure.” He says on a smile and his lips find hers, falling into her easily.

She laughs and pulls him closer. “Loving you is an adventure.”


He throws an empty bottle against the wall of his cabin, brown shards scattering in chaos. He clenches his fist and stares hard at the bloody stump of his arm – skin broken and ugly and ragged. He breathes in deep through his nose and trembles in fury as he thinks on all he has lost.

On all he has loved – and all those that loved him.

He is poison.


Her skin is pale in the filtered moonlight of her room, a steady breeze blowing in through the open window. She blinks at him with heavy lidded eyes and a gentle smile as he traces the apple of her cheek, dips down to run his thumb against her lip.

She nips at him and he chuckles, voice husky in the stillness of her room.

She is perfection and redemption – wrapped in golden curls and heavy armor.

Her fingers find his and she tugs his hand between them on the mattress, turning her body more fully into his, her eyes searching along his face.

She presses a kiss to his thumb and exhales slowly. “I love you.”

It’s a shaky whisper, the vulnerability in her eyes enough to make him fall to his knees had he been standing. He knows what it means for her say it – for her to say it to him – and he breathes in deep, lets her words wash over him and calm his soul.

“And I you.” He replies, smile turning his lips even as he presses them firmly against hers.


He peers down at the carefully wrapped bundle, chuckling when a tiny fist rises in silent indignation. He touches it gently with his finger, smiling in awe when the fist uncurls and latches on.  He moves their joined fingers back and forth carefully, humming under his breath.

“I love you.” He whispers and the babe’s sea glass green eyes (like his mother’s) narrow and then widen, body wiggling in the small crib. “Like the sun and the stars and the sea and the sky.”

He falls asleep standing up, hand curled protectively over his son.

(Emma brings him back to bed.)

i love the idea of mtt just doing unexpectedly lewd things with asgore like sitting on his lap with his panel open n rubbing against his thigh… or having his panel open while hes cooking (also cute apron of course) n asgore just trying to politely point it out but mettaton just grins and licks some batter off his fingers n asgore’s blushing too much…

also mtt randomly wearing a vibrator at the dinner table and asgore just kind of getting all bothered as mtt’s face is all red and he keeps moving his hips against the chair…