he karate kid

Two Grasshoppers
I love this guy. Almost 2 years ago I approached a friend about adding some lifting to my Yoga/Pilates practice. He suggested this guy. I was very skeptical. I know my body pretty well and couldn’t imagine that a kid less than half my age would be the right choice. I was wrong. Beau Stine Fitness has been great training/collaboration. I’ve learned a great deal about my self limiting beliefs. While respectful, he won’t buy into the I’m an old guy and ….. bullshit that I’ve thrown up.
I also went into this relationship with a lazy boundary about being a psychologist and listening to people’s problems all day and not wanting to be “on call” in our work together. I’ve loved getting to talk to him about his life, aspirations, dating and he has been keen to learn about me. This 64 yr. old queen and his 27 yr. old straight trainer have developed a bond. He even came to my event raising money for crystal meth recovery.
He has a new opportunity and will be setting training to the side for now but kindly offered to keep training me until May for IML. Whew.
When we were working out today he told me that he was watching “The Karate Kid” and compared me to Mr. Miyagi because of some counsel I had offered. Teacher and grasshopper.
I think we have each taught the other about spirit and body. Two grasshoppers.

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Top ten SU headcanons?

  1. trans Lars
  2. when the gems are injured / when a chunk is taken out of them their insides are shiny and crystallized and the color of their gemstone
  3. Opal is often confused but HATES getting teased about it
  4. Steven makes the gems do ‘fusion practice’, where they fuse for a longer amount of time and try to work on their weaknesses (aka he makes Sardonyx sit down and read a book and be QUIET. he makes Sugilite chill out and cut trees like bonsai trees from Karate Kid. he does crossword puzzles and concentration games with Opal
  5. Jasper and Rose were once lovers
  6. Steven’s hair gets long and curly as he get older and he grows out a huge shiny mane
  7. Rose and Greg used to make out in the back of his van
  8. Vidalia and Ame dated for a while when Vidalia was a teenager
  9. When Steven was a baby he used to grab Pearl’s nose and he wouldn’t let go
  10. The cluster prototypes aren’t inherently evil: they are confused, panicked, and derive constant pain from their very existence, and so they tend to attack people.
  11. Bonus: The Bismuth crystal in Lion’s mane is one of Rose’s closest friends, who was too weak to regenerate and Rose paid special care to. Bismuth was corrupted once and Rose defeated her, and almost got her back to normal. She’s the most success Rose ever had with curing a corrupted gem.

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how the other bts members put with jungkook is beyond me, one minute he's a shy silent emo kid who's intimidated by the ladies, the next minute he's a meme lord, then he's a wannabe karate kid, then he's jeon cena who will show you that maknae always on top and finally he can serenade panties off of ladies without even realizing it.

this sounds like it could be under his myspace bio


Martin stood in his local Sainsbury’s and stared at the noticeboard.

He worked in financial administration.

Every day he spent in the office managed to be worse than the day that preceded it.

At forty years old he still had a bully. 

A grown man named Ian made his visits to the photocopier a living hell.

It was not the life he had imagined for himself.

It was not the life he wanted.

“What if instead of printing off a dull CV that’s skimmed over and then put in the bin, I bake my application? 

Bake J. Sainsbury’s something so good he spaffs in his pants and makes me senior baker on the spot. 

That’s outside the box, that’s exactly the sort of blue sky thinking Ian says I’m incapable of.”

So Martin baked. 

He baked like he’d never baked before.

He baked to the theme from The Karate Kid

He baked to the theme from Flashdance

He baked like a forty year old man feverishly drawing from a shallow pool of cultural references.

Baking over he walked up to the customer service desk with more purpose than he’d ever exhibited in his life. 

This was going to be the moment everything changed.

Martin had already sent a company-wide resignation email with a litany grievances against Ian, and evidence of what he believed was a coordinated campaign of indifference against his proposed charity bike ride.

Martin stood up tall, cleared his throat, and presented his pastry to Debbie at the customer services desk like he was a proud soldier on parade.

This was it. 

This was the moment that, finally, everything would be coming up Martin.

He smiled, turned nonchalantly around, and walked away with his head held high.