he just won't know you like him

An incomplete list of ideas I’ve had for Whitestone during the time jump that I haven’t written in the last two weeks and won’t write before Thursday.

- Vex is weirded out by the voluntary separation from her brother, their first ever in their lives. She and Trinket disappear into the woods for a few days while she gets her balance back. 

- Tary sticks around Whitestone because Percy is helping him build Doty 2.0. They get overly involved in the whole process, and it compounds Vex’s feelings of weirdness and loneliness. This is how she ends up bonding with Cassandra.

- Vex finds out that Cassandra has never in her life traveled outside of Whitestone. She sends a message to Vax and Keyleth, and tells Percy “I’m taking your sister to Zephyra, you’re in charge for a few days, bye!” And Cassandra gets a few days to just be a young woman without any responsibility with the Ashari. 

- (Percy is utter shit at being in charge. He gains a bit of perspective on what his sister has been dealing with, and promises to come out of his workshop more often. No, really, he means it this time.)

- Percy actually does keep his word, and helps more with the day-to-day running of the city, but he also keeps himself occupied by helping plan/build Vex’s new house. 

- While Tary is there, the three of them (occasionally with Cassandra, Jarret, and/or Kynan in tow) frequent the town tavern quite often, where Vex and Percy regale the other two with the ridiculous and completely true tales of Vox Machina. Everyone else in the tavern eventually stops pretending they’re not listening, and the stories of Lord Percival and Lady Vex’ahlia and their friends become legendary in Whitestone, passed from person to person, with a lot of accusations of people making shit up because really, a SPHINX? 

- During one of their visits, Percy asks Keyleth to cast Speak With Animals for him. Because while he has no intention of asking Vax for anything resembling permission, he rather wants to know what Trinket would think about him marrying Vex. He has to laugh when Trinket is just confused that they’re not permanently mated already. “You belong to her, just like me,” Trinket says, and Percy really can’t argue with that.

  • Minho: There's a rumor going around, you know.
  • You: What rumor?
  • Minho: Apparently there's this guy who really likes you but doesnt have the guts to tell you.
  • You: Who is it?
  • Minho: He'd kill me if I told you.
  • You: I thought we were best friends.
  • Minho: He's also one of my best friends.
  • You: Minho, you're only other best friends are Thomas, and Newt and it's definitely not one of them.
  • -
  • Thomas: Hey (Y/N), I heard about the guy who's in love with you.
  • You: Oh, so he's in love with me?
  • Newt: No he isnt.
  • You: Can't you shanks just admit that there is no guy. If there were, you'd at the least give me a name.
  • Thomas: Mm, no names. But you know him. *winks*
  • (walk away)
  • You: I know everyone in the bloody glade.
  • -
  • Minho: Do you want to know more about your secret admirer?
  • You: Not really.
  • Minho: And why not?
  • You: Because you shanks are playing with me.
  • -
  • Newt: You alright?
  • You: *laughs* Just doing my best to stay away from the boys and their secret admirer crap.
  • Newt: Don't think you have one?
  • You: Have you met the boys? Of course not. Besides if there were, I dont understand why he wouldn't talk to me.
  • Newt: Maybe he's afraid you won't like him back.
  • You: How will he ever know if he wont talk to me?
  • Newt: Give the shank a break, he's a shy one.
  • You: So you know him?
  • Newt: *under his breath* Better than you'd think.
  • -
  • You: The hints you gave me about the guy.. Are they true?
  • Minho: Yeah he's a shy dude, one of my best friends and won't shut up about you when you're not around.
  • You: I think I have a clue about who it is.
  • Minho: It's not all that hard to tell if your pay attention to the way he looks at you.
  • You: What if it's the guy I'm thinking of?
  • Minho: I think you know exactly who he is, (Y/N).
  • -
  • You: Guess what? I found out who the secret admirer is.
  • Newt: Oh..how?
  • You: Doesn't matter. Do you think now I know he'll grow a pair and ask me out?
  • Newt: If he does, will you say yes?
  • You: Only if he stops referring to himself in the third person.
  • Newt: Okay (Y/N), would you like to go out with me?
  • You: Y'know I always had a thing for boys with accents.

Thinking about the next chapter and everything, I think the worst part of it is that Mutsuki went to :re for Touka. He has the picture, he knows where that person is, and he suspects that Kaneki might be there BECAUSE of Touka. Mutsuki doesn’t know that :re is more than just Touka’s coffee shop, Kaneki has other friends there, friends he knows since he became a ghoul. But Mutsuki might think he’s there because he has a crush on her. The fact that he arrived and Kaneki was there, just as he suspected… :re, the place where Touka lives… it’s gonna be a mess. Once Mutsuki sees Touka, he will feel tremendously jealous. I’m not sure if Kaneki was the one closing the shop, but I feel like Touka will come back like “hey, Kaneki, are you done? can we leave now?” and Mutsuki suddenly sees her appearing and calling him like that and hoooly fuck, I don’t trust Mutsuki’s reaction at all.


  • Malcolm: I lost the love of my life because of this child. How can I raise him?
  • Blue: You can be a good father to him. Just try. He needs a name, you know.
  • Malcolm: Ugh, fine. What's a name a kid would hate? Rumplestiltskin! Yeah, he'll get picked on for sure!
  • Blue: Well, this seems like the start of a great parent-child relationship that I'm sure won't backfire in any way. Great job, me!

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i'm so tired of you dumbasses uses his fucking mental illness as a fucking excuse for fucking everything. he's a fucking manipulator and liar just accept jt

his mental illness is not an “excuse”. it is a reason. his mental illness is not our scapegoat. it is our connection to him. we all know what it feels like to be in his shoes. we don’t go into a relationship to hide something from the people we love or to intentionally manipulate or hurt them. to imply otherwise is pretty “fucking” ableist.

maybe i can grant you being angry at even. maybe, and it really is a hard maybe. but if you think this makes him a terrible person, if you think this means his and isak’s relationship isn’t built on love and trust, then maybe i should refer you to the passe på meg clip again, where isak refused to clue even in on what he did in /his/ past, and even not once pushed him into it.

neither of them are saints, most likely. but neither of them are liars or manipulative people and neither of them would do anything to intentionally hurt the other. even feels ashamed of what he did and who he is, and i can guarantee you you have never felt even an ounce of what he probably feels. and i cannot begin to explain to you the guilt that comes with the knowledge you have to hide something about your life from the ones you love out of shame. but you sometimes feel like you do.

he’s not manipulating isak, the same way isak isn’t manipulating him for not telling him he broke his best friend and his girlfriend up (and then told her not to tell his best friend, which comes back to the subject of shame), the same way neither of them are innocent of being flawed. to think they won’t stand by each other after everything they’ve been through, to think they won’t protect each other – even if it’s by omitting a part of their lives they’re most ashamed of – is very ignorant of you, my love. 

and that’s all i’ll be saying about that. please leave your anger and prejudice at the door, and help yourself to the unfollow button, because this is, and always will be, a safe place for both even bech næsheim and isak valtersen.

the best sister
  • after Victor's marriage announcement in Barcelona
  • Mari: so about that engagement thing
  • Yuuri: y-yeah, you know it happened very fast, I just wanted to buy us lucky charms and it escalated very quickly like Victor mentioned this marriage thing before but I wasn't thinking...
  • Mari: wait
  • Mari: you bought two golden wedding rings as lucky charms
  • Mari: boy, you better marry this guy quickly, because a) you must be completely crazy for him and b) he's rich and I'm not helping you pay for this extravagant shit
  • Yuuri: *smiling with relief* thank you, Mari-Neesan, you're the best
  • Mari: just don't think I won't sell him all of his posters you had and fan letters you've written over the years
  • Yuuri: what?!
  • Yuuri: *mumbling* and you ruined it again
should you fight them: clone wars edition
  • anakin: if you value your life, do not fight anakin. he probably deserves it, but you might die, so i wouldn't recommend.
  • obi-wan: he's gone through enough shit, why do you even want to fight him? i guess if you really need to, just know that there's no way you will ever win, but he won't kill you unless you're an immediate threat. just don't hurt him, please, he does not deserve any more hardships.
  • ahsoka: why would you fight ahsoka? do you like beating up innocent padawan ladies who have never done you any wrong? plus, anakin will probably gut you.
  • rex: literally do not fight rex. he is completely innocent and has experienced too much sadness for one very short clone lifetime, please do not fight him. plus he will fuck you up, i mean have you seen this boy??? like anakin probably won't come after you but it's because he knows he doesn't need to.
  • barriss offee: please fight barriss. you know exactly why. just do it! fight her! she deserves to have her ass kicked immediately.
  • asajj ventress: she'll hand you your ass and probably kill you, but if you want to fight her, then i guess?? sure???
  • satine: DO NOT FIGHT SATINE. you will win, but at what cost? AT WHAT COST???? plus, obi-wan will kick your ass.
  • lux bonteri: he's a great politician, but he's also as useful in a fight as a tie-dye handbag, so you probably shouldn't fight him. i mean, you'd win, but it wouldn't be satisfying.
  • padme: she might seem weak and easy to defeat, but she's had like 10 assassination attempts and she's not even thirty yet, nor is she dead. do not fight her. PLUS, anakin would try to kill you if you even looked at her wrong, so like. there's that.
  • hondo ohnaka: you should probably fight him, but you also really don't want to get on his bad side, but he's also strangely likeable, despite being a literal kidnapping, thieving, smuggling pirate? i dunno, dude. i guess you can fight him, but you should be careful.
  • palpatine: i cannot stress how much you should fight palpatine. you'll probably die, but it will be worth it.
Promptis imagine for my chocobabies
  • Prompto and Noctis are laying beside one another in the tent. Ignis was sleeping behind Noctis, and Gladio was at their feet. The tent was filled with the sound of their breathing and Gladio's snores.
  • Noctis feels a bit of movement beside him in the middle of the night that shakes him from his sleep. He opens his eyes slightly and realizes it's Prompto. He's whimpering, and mumbling a bit in his sleep. He almost sounded like he was in distress. Noctis sat up, and put a hand on Prompto's shoulder.
  • Noctis: Pss... hey... Prompto... hey. Wake up.
  • Prompto jolts out of sleep in a bit of a panic. He was panting as if he had been running from something. He makes eye contact with Noctis.
  • Without a word, he leaps at Noctis, wrapping his arms around him tightly. He hit Noctis with such force, it knocked him on his back. Ignis moved a bit, readjusting himself. He didn't wake up miraculously.
  • Prompto: Noct... hah... hah... you're here...
  • Noctis: yeah, where else would I be?
  • Prompto nuzzled Noctis' chest.
  • Prompto: I... I had a nightmare... I was... I was running in darkness... and I couldn't find you... I couldn't find anyone. It was awful. It felt so real... thank you for saving me from that place. I couldn't get out.
  • Noctis furrowed his brows as he placed a hand on Prompto's back. He began to rub it to comfort him.
  • Noctis: It was just a nightmare. You're ok. That's the 3rd one this week. Something on your mind?
  • Prompto grew silent.
  • He took in a deep breath.
  • Prompto: .... Noct.... you... you wouldn't understand.
  • Noctis: What makes you think that I won't understand? Try me.
  • Prompto lifted his head from The prince's chest, and looked him in the eyes.
  • Prompto: I ... don't know where I would be... if it weren't for you, Iggy, and Gladio. I feel.... I feel like I would be ... drifting. Lost in darkness. You... you have no idea how much... you mean to me... Noct.
  • Noctis' eyes softened as he hears the blonde's words. He lifted his hand to meet Prompto's cheek.
  • Noctis: I think... I have a pretty good idea. I bet... it's as much as you mean to me.
  • He smiled
  • Noctis: Don't ever worry about being lost... or alone. As long as I'm breathing, I'll make sure that you never feel that way. Promise.
  • Prompto parted his lips a bit, feeling the warmth of Noctis' hand on his cheek. His heart was racing.
  • He couldn't believe his ears.
  • Prompto: you... you mean it?
  • Noctis chuckled softly
  • Noctis: Yeah. Now get some sleep.
  • Prompto smiled so hard that it hurt his cheeks. He couldn't contain himself. He leaned down, quickly, and pressed his lips to Noct's.
  • Noctis was shocked, his eyes wide
  • Their lips parted...
  • Noctis: Wh... what... why'd you...
  • His face was flushed
  • Prompto laid back down and fell back to sleep. Not a word.
  • Noctis laid there, staring at the roof of the tent. He could still feel the lingering feeling of Prompto's lips on his. His mind was buzzing.
  • He didn't sleep a wink that night.

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I adore your writing! It makes me so happy :) can you do a thing where Archie admits to Betty that he's jealous of the Bughead relationship and Jug fears that Betty is going to leave him for Archie. But of course that won't happen ;)

I like this one a lot! THANKYOU SO MUCH by the way! You make me super happy by being super happy! ****
“ “Archie..I’m.. I don’t know what to say.”
Betty felt sick to her stomach, why was he doing this, why now?

“Please don’t say anything, just listen okay?”
Archie placed his hands on her shoulders, staring her straight in the eyes.

“I love you, I know maybe it’s a little delayed, but I do. I love you, not having you around as much, not being with you all the time, it helped me realize how important you are to me, I can’t be without you. So be with me, be my girlfriend.”

Betty stiffened, pushing herself out of the redheads grasp.

“Archie I’m dating jughead, you know that I..”

Cutting her off, he shook his head, reaching for her hands.

“You don’t have to be with him anymore, we could be together, he’ll get over it. He’s not capable of loving anything.”

Neither of the two knew that jughead had been standing behind the lockers, listening, jaw clenched.

He heard Betty speak up

“Excuse me? Archie you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The deep baritone of his ex best friend answered finally

“Don’t give me an answer yet, think on it. I’ll talk to you tommorow.”

As jughead peeked over the lockers he saw Archie place a slow kiss on Betty’s cheek, before walking away.

Betty stared after him an odd expression on her face.

Now was a good enough time as any to make his presence known.

He coughed slightly shaking Betty out of her thoughts.

“Juggie! When did you get here?!”

He would play along, he wanted to cherish his time with Betty, the little bit he had left.

“Just got out of last period, everything okay.”

She smiled that beautiful white toothed smile and took his hand.


He was confused. Was she planning on breaking it to him gently? Or was she gonna rip it off like a bandaid?

He couldn’t sit still, fidgeting in their booth at pops, taking ages to type one sentence, while she was on her third paragraph of an article.

The final straw came when he hadn’t touched his burger, after ten minutes.

“Okay enough!”

His eyes snapped to the agitated blonde.

“What’s the matter jughead? You’re jittery as a firefly, and you’re not eating! Something’s wrong and I want to know.”

Finally jughead pushed the laptop away, resting his hands on the table.

“You should take him up on his offer.”

Betty looked confused before it hit her.

“You heard Archie.” She frowned

“Yeah, and this is what you’ve always wanted, I’m not gonna stand in the way.” He moved to pack his bag up when the sharp voice halted his movements

“So that’s it? You’re not gonna fight for me? That’s what this relationship means to you? One little bump in the road and you’re gone, breaking up with me?” Her eyes were watery and her voice was shaky.

He immediately dropped his bag, eyes going wide.

“No! I’m not breaking up with you! You’re breaking up with me.”

She looked up at him, laughing bitterly.

“Says who? I sure as hell never said that.”


She wiped her eyes and slammed her hands on the table, attracting glances from other diners.

“No! don’t “betty” me, you think I would be with you if I didn’t want to be? You think I would spend all this time with YOU if I wanted Archie? No jughead, I’m with you because I’m in love with YOU, not Archie. But apparently it’s a one way street.“

She took a shaky breathe, standing up and walking out of Pops.

Staring after that gorgeous, amazing, fiery blonde he hopped out of the booth, abandoning his backpack and his burger.

He caught up with her just a street away from pops.

“BETTY” he was screaming, it was obnoxious, he really didn’t care.

Her shoulders stiffened, but she kept walking.

“Leave me alone jughead, I don’t wanna hear it.”


She stopped abruptly, keeping her back to him.

He smiled

“ I LOVE ELIZABETH COOPER” he shouted even louder, drawing the attention of nearly the whole town.

She turned slowly, tears streaming down her face.

“Really?” She all but whispered.

He ran to her, taking her by the waist.

“Really, I love you, I don’t want to lose you. I’m gonna fight for you, as long as you let me.”

Betty reached up her hands to clutch his face, as he brought his lips to hers.

“ I love you too” she whispered, inches away from his mouth

He broke into a grin

“I know.”

Being scared together
  • Jon: Damian, are you ever really afraid of anything?
  • Damian: ...maybe.
  • Jon: It's just the two of us. You can tell me.
  • Damian: I fear that there will be a night when my father doesn't come home. That this time, he's not just going to lose his memories, there won't be a Chaos Shard to revive him or that there won't even be a body to place in a Lazarus Pit. That without me knowing it, he might just end up another bloodstain on broken concrete, just like Drake. Not even anything left of him to mourn over.
  • Jon: That's horrible! I'm sorry I asked...
  • Damian: You don't get a free pass. It's your turn to tell me yours.
  • Jon: Well, I keep thinking about why my dad and I have to try so hard to keep our identity secret. I get it now...people will know I'm different. They might call me an alien, they might call me a hero. But because they know I'm not like them, they won't see who I am. That to them, I won't be a boy, I won't be a kid named Jon Kent. I'm scared that to them, I won't even have a name, that I don't deserve to even have a name, or friends, or school or anything, because I'm not one of them after all. That I'm not human, and that I don't deserve to live like one.
  • Damian: Ironic. I fear the ignominy of death while you fear life without living. We're just a pair of scared boys, aren't we?
  • Jon: I guess. But you know what? Telling you about my fears and hearing about yours makes me feel better. Like, I know I'm not alone, I'm not the only one who's scared. It's like if you're there with me, I know I can be brave.
  • Damian: -TT- if being scared together gives us the courage we need, then I hope you're prepared to deal with me for the rest of your life.
  • Jon: You know, that doesn't sound so bad...
  • Elias: I'm warning you about my sister man. She's hellish 😏
  • Also Elias: She's hellish but she likes you and I think that you feel the same way about her too. So let me tease you two for a lil bit. That's it ... Just the right amount and off we go.

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Hi. I love your work. Maybe is asking to much, but can you imagine the reactions of Mephisto, Amaimon and Rin to their pregnat s/o (like 7/8 months) like baby kiks, they huge belly, mood swings and that kind of fluff? Thanks so much <3

(sorry for the long wait, stuff near the bottom tends to be unintentionally neglected) 


Originally posted by mikarus

  • Is not good with it himself
  • But will try his best to do everything he can to support you
  • Hired the best nanny/assistant money can buy to help you when he has to attend work meetings
  • Your both huge foodies so your cravings are no problem to him
  • Feeling like spaghetti? Guess who poofs you to Italy for the authenticity of it?
  • He finds your mood swings amusing and kind of adorable
  • As soon as you feel the baby kicking your certain you see his tail shoot straight up in the air
  • He rushes to your side and pulls of his gloves, before gently placing a hand on your stomach
  • He traces pattens on your stomach whilst talking to his unborn child
  • Blasts anime music through headphones so his child shall come out prepared for otaku life
  • Insomnia can be developed during the 7/8 months, so since Mepphy only sleeps an hour, he’d stay up all night with you if he had too, and just sleep in his office on his huge ass couch
  • If you had heartburn he’d have the safest medicine for you and the baby 


Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • Doesn’t mind your cravings
  • He actually shares them
  • You may be eating for you and baby(or babies) but he eats as if he’s feeding his entire kingdom
  • Doesn’t mind your mood swings either
  • He’s just confused by them
  • Doesn’t like the baby for causing you pain
  • He wants to kill it
  • You tell him once its here he won't feel that way
  • “Amaimon, do you want to feel your child kick?”
  • “Hmm…can I kill it?”
  • “NO,Amaimon, you cannot kill our child!”
  • “Then it’s okay.”
  • “Come lay your fucking hand on my stomach right now you fat ass, candy eating, dinosaur!” 
  • He doesn’t understand why you want him too
  • But he agrees
  • Of course shows no emotion
  • Mutters a ‘huh’
  • Despite the negative feelings, he’s fiercely protective of you and his child, and won’t let anyone he doesn’t know and trust near you


Originally posted by tsukkiti

  • This boy cannot take the excitement 
  • He is thrilled to feel his baby kick
  • His hands are actually glued to your stomach
  • He won’t stop kissing it
  • He gently lays his head-on it and speaks to his baby
  • Rin sleeps with his tail softly wrapped over your stomach
  • Your cravings are the perfect opportunity to try out different dishes and he really enjoys cooking for you
  • Even if some of your requests may appear to be odd
  • He practically cries when you feel bad in anyway
  • He doesn’t know how to make you feel better
  • So he does the only logical thing and ask Ryuji
  • “Baka, she’s fine, it’s normal for the pregnancy to feel like that in the seven month mark”
  • He feels reassured but doesn’t stop his frantic worrying
  • Overthinks everything and is 50% super excited about everything, an d the rest overly anxious about everything 
  • dally: i just miss johnny so much man. i hope he's okay and i hope that if he comes back i can stop being such a douche. cause i just block out all my emotions all the time cause i don't wanna get hurt, ya know? but he's like the light of my life. he makes me feel, man. and i just wanna protect him from all the bad things that keep happening to him but i can't actively do that because if i do then i'll blow my cover and everybody will find out how i feel and if i even admit how i feel to myself it'll ruin everything so i just have to protect him from a distance, but i feel like that isn't enough and it hurts. and now i really can't do anything because he's in a fucking church and he's gonna die in like two chapters and i can't take that. he's what's been keeping me going. i want to be a better man for him, because he deserves that you know. but it's hard and i feel like i'm not enough and i never will be enough and he's too pure and so i'll just ruin him even more. and sometimes i lie to myself and say everything will turn out fine but i know it won't. we're greasers and he just killed a kid and i can barely take care of myself let alone him. which i don't need to worry about too much i guess because he can hold his own in a rumble and stuff and he takes a shit ton of beatings from his old man. ugh i hate thinking about that. i wish we could both just go out in the country and live alone with a couple horses. maybe a dog, but it'd be his dog cause animals don't like me except for ponies. not ponyboy though i'm pretty sure that kid hates me. but it wouldn't matter cause it'd just be me and johnny cakes in a little country house with no worries at all. man i just wish we could be together. the world is fucked but i would beat the shit out of every single fucker in this town for me and him, you know man. he just makes me feel that strongly, y'know?
  • darry: what
  • sodapop: what
  • two-bit: what
  • steve: what
  • cherry: what
  • marcia: what
  • bob: what
  • the store clerk that dally pointed a gun at: what
  • s.e. hinton: what
  • the entire world: what
who should you fight in tdoog
  • P-goon: Go ahead, you could. You'd lose a good friend along the way.
  • Nakta: You'd win. His height is all a farce. He'd trip over himself. He won't even notice you.
  • Hojoon: Depends. You could fight and win, but is that really worth being verbally hurt for? You wouldn't hear the end of it from him. Who knows maybe he'll even talk shit about you behind your back.
  • B-joo: Do it. His protein shakes do nothing.
  • Xero: No. Never. You'd get your ass kicked and then look like shit compared to how cool he is. He'd even pose after because that's just how he is.
  • Sangdo: You'd lose. He has that protective instinct, wouldn't let you get close to his young. He's pretty violent and I don't know if you want to get with that.
  • Yano: It's an even match. Go for it, he has stench though. Be wary.
  • A-tom: Why? He's always fightin. You'd only add to his body count.
  • Hansol: what'd he ever do to you. He'd cry

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Tobirama, Kakashi, and Hidan headcanons for their reactions of their s/o asking to go in a shared onsen with them ot to take a bath together and how they act during. I know Hidan is hard for you so I won't be mad if there isnt as much!

All of these are kind of short my bad


•Tobirama isn’t a fan of onsens because he considers them more of an unnecessary recreation rather than a fun way to relax, but if his s/o beseeches him, he’ll give in

•His s/o shouldn’t expect him to get all cute and cuddly though. He probably stays on his own side, just looking miserable. He honestly doesn’t like how hot it gets in onsens. It makes him uncomfortable. He’ll want to get out after like, five minutes

•The fun part is washing each other off afterward. He’s all grumpy about it, claiming that he can wash himself, but if his s/o insists, he sits down on the stool and is super stiff the entire time. He feels uncomfortable. Even when they take regular baths together, he doesn’t like them washing him. It’s just like?? Stop rubbing me so hard? And dON’T GO NEAR MY THIGHS STOP


•Well first off, if his s/o hasn’t seen him without his mask yet, he’s probably suspicious. He knows this little trip to the onsen is probably just their way of getting him to take off the mask. Very sly.

•But he plays along. His s/o would be waiting in the pool, eager for him to come out because yay!! They finally get to see his face! But he comes out with a towel wrapped around his lower face, like a scarf. Mission failed

•He’ll act like nothing is wrong tbh. He teases them if they try to pry. Like “What’s wrong, ______? Why are you pouting?”

•He enjoys his time in the onsen though. Kakashi doesn’t get to relax very often (despite what the lackadaisical demeanor might suggest) and relaxing with his s/o is even better. He pulls up next to them and lies back with an arm behind their shoulders


•Hidan doesn’t like onsens. All he does is complain. “It’s too hot!” “I’m not getting in!” (Does hot water bother zombies?) 

•Honestly, if you want him to get in, you have to call him a pussy. Just do it. That’ll piss him off and he’ll get in out of spite. Using spite is the easiest way to sway Hidan tbh

•He sinks down into the water until you can only see his eyes, looking as feverish and angry as ever. He’s a grump. He’s just trying to show you that he can handle it, but he’s still not happy about it

•Can zombies feel relaxing sensations too??? I don’t know??? If they can, Hidan finds that the onsen is actually pleasant. He can withstand the heat anyway, he just complains for good measure. He’ll still be in the pool when his s/o wants to get out because they’re overheated. He’ll tease them about it too, “Who’s the pussy now?!”

in bart’s future the absolute worst thing you could call someone was a bugfucker. like, the reach don’t reproduce sexually and heaven knows why they’d want to bed humans. but it still became A Thing. 

when bart gets pissed at someone on the team (probably arsenal) he just blurts out “you bugfucker!” and roy I just sends him this terribly confused look. 

“kid flash, what the hell? the only one fucking bugs here is you?” and jaime’s just like “oh my god i want to die” and bart’s having an existential crisis and artemis is trying to figure out if she wants to laugh or give them a stern, comprehensive sex talk because she doesn’t even know if these small children of hers have been having sex or not. 

Boyfriend! Jimin

•you would be dating the cutest little mochi🍡 

•you guys both slapping each other’s butts casually when you’re at home 

•pinching his cheeks cause they’re so cute! 

•the cutest low key dates 

•like you’ll be having a movie night and he would set up the pillows and blankets all nice 

•showering him with compliments 

•him blushing non stop because of this 

•fighting jungkook because he’s always teasing your boyfriend. 

 •massaging his little bleach damaged scalp  

•those THIGHS 

•are to die for 

•he would let you squish and poke them 

•having to fight Tae for jimin because they’re like best friends 

 •actually having to fight all of bangtan because your boyfriend is shipped with everybody 

•vmin, jikook, jihope, etc. 

 •he’d probably get very emotional when you’re angry with him 

•he’s scary when he’s angry 

 •the members said he gets the most angry 

•I think you would have a few drawn out fights 

•mostly due to jealousy on either side (or both) 

•getting mad when he’s not your lock screen 

•he’ll remember little dates and anniversaries 

 •he wouldn’t take you out on a lot of dates 

•but when he did they would be really fancy 

•dancing for you 

 •wants you to call him Jiminah 

•laughing at Jin’s jokes with him and the Jin couple

•probz won’t kill the spider 

•I think he a switch 

•bedroom time =fun time 

•the sin portion will be saved for another post 

 •making out would be so cute 

•like smiling into each others mouths 

 •our little Chim is a little perv when it comes to you 

•him sometimes getting insecure about his tummy 

•doesn’t know if he should keep the tum or get abs to make the fans happy 

•you have to make sure you let him know that it’s his decision 

 •that he should do what he wants and not to make anyone, not even you happy 

•he would do anything for you 

•remind him to take care of himself or else he won't 

•you having to make sure he’s eating right and not starving himself 

•his cute laugh omg 

•Tickling him and just trying to make him laugh so you can hear it 

•probably loves jungkook more than you 

•will cook you ramen cause that’s all he’s good at 

•likes it when you call him oppa 

•not seeing him a whole lot because he’s always practicing or helping produce/ write lyrics 

 •he’s just working and you have to love that part of him because you have to love everything about him 

•after the first time, he wouldn’t be shy about saying ‘I love you' 

 •he’d probably be the type to send nudes LMAO

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Do you ever just imagine being in bed sleeping next to Harry and he wakes up early like 7:30 am because you guys need to leave the house by 9:30 am for a few meetings in town but you just won't wake up so he decides he knows the perfect way to wake up his precise pet... By eating you out like his life depended on it start off slow but just goes faster as it only adds to the intensity of it all 😈 😍

I’ve written about this so many times, and it never seems to get old.

He’d lock his arms around your thighs and pull you closer to him, starting to leave small wet kisses on the insides of your thighs, his lips lazily tracing your skin. 

Then Harry would press kisses on your clit, flicking it with his tongue, and down your sex, humming against you, loving the taste. 

When you’d slowly start to wake up, your body would slightly jolt at his touch, but you can’t get away from him. Your hands fly in his hair as your head tips back, a soft moan escaping your lips. 

Harry’s eyes are locked on you this whole time, watching your every move, listening to every sound you make, all those things, that you are doing just for him.

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In your opinion- when do you think Alec fell in love with Magnus or even just realised it? and the same with Magnus. I bet he was like "I won't fall in love with this idiot- shit- too late!"

i think with love it’s always a situation of slowly falling for someone. you don’t notice it in the moment and then suddenly it hits you like oh, this is what it is

@amorverus talked about this before but i think magnus realized what he was feeling far before alec did because he’s experienced this before, he’s felt love before and he knows how he reacts when he’s in love. alec however hasn’t experienced this, so it took him longer to realize what all of the things he was feeling meant

i would say i don’t think alec really realized he was in love until 2x10. he was feeling it far before then. he was feeling attraction for a long time, feeling a connection and then that connection grew deeper to a deeper understanding. he made a conscious decision to be with magnus and put effort into their relationship and i really think through all of that there were these feelings budding and growing, nurtured by mutual caring and spending time together. he knew he was feeling and he knew he was feeling good things but putting a name on them or realizing what they all meant was hard

with magnus as i said i think he realized sooner and he recognized his feelings far before alec. i couldn’t really pinpoint a time though, but he said it himself, alec unlocked something in him and i think he was recognizing himself slipping for lack of a better word early on. i don’t think he would have called it love until season 2, i think he would have called it possibility and hope. love is a thing that grows and is nurtured but i think he was feeling a lot before and during 2x3. i don’t think he needed alec almost dying as a reality to make him realize what he was feeling though. but i think that his feelings became more clear and solidified as they were more vulnerable and honest with each other

love is something that grows and builds, it changes and gets deeper as you get closer and understand someone better

i don’t necessarily think he ever thought anything like that though. i think it was more like “i need to take care of myself and my feelings. but oh… fuck i’m feeling a lot and i can’t really stop these feelings.” and thankfully for the most part even though there were rough spots, he came to the realization that this thing they had could be a place of understanding and love, of caring and appreciation, both of them safe together and being good to each other, being able to become each other’s home