he just won't know you like him

Aww boo hoo sad 40 year old man is upset cause I didn’t want to date him because he said something that makes him seem better than other men 😂 poor fragile masculinity
He acting as if them saying it is any better. Like his brothers are just douches if they’re jealous of that. And like this only further shows how fragile masculinity is. I could literally feel his sexism, hypermasculinity, and male superiority in the last post but god he’s just screaming it 😂😂😂 but right let’s cover it with that I’m beautiful and expect every man to change for me right right 😂😂

Johnny Depp won the People’s Choice Award for Favourite Movie Icon and I honestly couldn’t be happier for him.

A few nights ago I was asked whether I still supported Johnny Depp (x) and I danced around the question a little until in the end I just wrote how talented he truly was, but I still didn’t say whether I still supported him or not. 

I won’t go into his and Amber Heard’s relationship, I don’t know the ins and outs of it because I don’t know them personally and reading the stories online isn’t really solid proof is it? Whatever has happened between them is in their past, they are now both happy (and might I say Johnny is looking much better now, that also makes me happy) and they have moved on from it and now so should everyone else. Respect them both for their work and talent, because that’s what you are able to see.

Now, Johnny Depp winning Favourite Movie ICON is living proof that his talent is flawless and endless, people still look up to him and he still has an incredible fandom! He deserves this award more then anyone. From my darling Mrs. Lovett, those Londoners and me, well done to him! *applause*

And lastly, to answer that dear anons question: Yes, I stick by him as an actor, as a rockstar and as a person. I am with you Johnny Depp.


btvs rewatch ✞ 5x18 Intervention

in bart’s future the absolute worst thing you could call someone was a bugfucker. like, the reach don’t reproduce sexually and heaven knows why they’d want to bed humans. but it still became A Thing. 

when bart gets pissed at someone on the team (probably arsenal) he just blurts out “you bugfucker!” and roy I just sends him this terribly confused look. 

“kid flash, what the hell? the only one fucking bugs here is you?” and jaime’s just like “oh my god i want to die” and bart’s having an existential crisis and artemis is trying to figure out if she wants to laugh or give them a stern, comprehensive sex talk because she doesn’t even know if these small children of hers have been having sex or not. 


request; can u do a fake text with luke he goes out on a date with ur best friend and u get sad bc you like him but he doesnt know that neither does ur best friend he notices how sad u been so he asks u wats wrong? (this is part 2)

so like i said i was going to make this request into a serious and here’s part two. 😅 the texts are usually iMessage, but since y/n isn’t texting Luke (in this case) i changed it so it can be easier to know who y/n is texting. hopefully im not confusing you. 😬

part one

part three


but can we talk about how he gave him his match worn jersey from his first PL goal!!!!

let me set it up for you. this was not some publicity visit arranged by the spurs PR team. this was not some carefully crafted moment set with a boom mic and proper lighting. this was a family desperate to make their sick son’s dreams come true reaching out to dele’s family. this was doubt that the busy footballer would actually take the time to stop in on his day off between travelling back to England after a taxing cl game and other obligations already arranged for that day.

this was dele looking in his wardrobe that morning and wondering what he could possibly bring to someone so young and so sick other than his own presence (as if that wouldn’t have made it everything anyway!), and seeing something he’s cherished for over a year and probably would have for the rest of his life. something priceless to him. did he even hesitate?

2 days. 2 days between little Tony’s parents reaching Dele’s and Dele showing up next to his hospital bed and spending a few hours playing FIFA and leaving behind something of sentimental value to both of them, and not just the memories. 

Tbh I'm waiting for Terminus to be like

“So glad my friend here has moved on from that ah, what was his– oh! that Orion Pax fellow…”

“Uh, Terminus–” *Megatron sweating*

“Aw, don’t feel embarrassed, you know I agreed with you– he was quite the looker. But that guy just didn’t quite see eye to eye with us–”

“Terminus, my old friend, please–”

“Oh, but I’m sure he meant well, its just that… well he’d never survive all those battles you keep telling me about. Probably ran and hid during the war, then got crushed by falling debris…”



*ehem* “… I’d like to properly introduce you to the mech sitting on your right. His name is Optimus Prime…”

Imagine Jun teasing you after finding out that you’ve been secretly watching his fancams.

Gumshoe's life tip #9

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair.
Sometimes it isn’t fair.
Sometimes you just feel like there isn’t anything good in the world and everything is terrible and you just get yourself wrapped up in all the bad things.
But that doesn’t mean that things won’t change. Just because bad things happen to you doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. And yeah, sometimes it’ll get to you. Sometimes it just seems kinda silly to keep on going if life is just going to keep pushing you down, and just constantly giving you more than you can handle.
But what you gotta understand is that you don’t have to deal with everything life throws at you on your own, even if people tell you otherwise. Sure, the world doesn’t always seem friendly, but I guarantee you that someone, somewhere cares about you and wants to be there for you, see?
If you try and take on the world all by yourself, you won’t get anywhere. That’s what friends are for, after all. If you get knocked down, they’re there to help you back up. You need some comfort, they’re there to comfort you.

And if you feel like there isn’t anybody to turn to, you’ve always got me :)

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question: in raised spirits, would bill phase through dipper's clothing if he wasn't focusing on being able to touch it? or is it solid to him when it's on dipper's body?

Dipper’s clothing is solid to Poltergeist Bill! If it wasn’t, he’d have accidentally phased through it a few times while leading Dip around. 

(He hasn’t had to be very subtle about phasing through things before. Not like anyone would see him, or could touch him. He hasn’t had time or inclination to practice something that subtle.)


anzu and yuugi are such relentlessly good people and this is really funny to me because despite kaiba’s best and most dedicated efforts, they treat him like a normal human being who works a lot and “probably” gets really tired. also why would anzu think that yuugi is apprised of kaiba’s whereabouts? do they text? imagine seto sending yuugi a snapchat of the latest solidvision hologram update, the blue eyes of course, like “JUST SO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE UP AGAINST” and yuugi’s like “wow, that looks really great, kaiba-kun! i can’t wait to see it in person. was the shareholders’ meeting as boring as you thought it would be” and seto’s like “yeah it was the fucking worst”

they’re at some exhibition tournament and kaiba’s ranting about how some new person from his past (old person from his past?) is trying to take over kaibacorp and how dare they and kaibacorp belongs to HIM and etc. etc. etc. and yuugi leans over to mokuba and whispers “why don’t you order some food? he’s hangry again”

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So he couldn't celebrate with the team? Did you see how he reacted when Bale scored? Compare it to when Cristiano scores Bale is geniunely happy and runs to him . I know he wants to score but cmon it's not the end of the day. He would rather perform shit and score than perform good and not score. Just watch in the next game he will go back to standing in the box and waiting for Bale's crosses, I hope Bale doesn't become Benzema 2.0 and a sideman to Cristiano because he's too good for that

You know what? You are right. Cristiano Ronaldo is the devil himself, and Real Madrid needs an exorcism. He’s never happy for victories, only when he scores. He hates Bale, Morata, Benzema, and whoever dares to score. If he could, he’d give the assists for himself so he could take all the credit. He signs offside whenever someone else scores, admittedly, sometimes gets confused and shows it when he scores too but well, it happens. God save Gareth Bale and all the other attackers in the team of Real Madrid, they’re in my prayers everyday.

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Okay, okay but what if Mickey and Fiona still keep in contact after this?? Like Mickey calls or visits sometimes when he knows Ian isn’t around just to check up him, because he still cares (so, so much). And Fiona understands the pain he’s in and she tries to be encouraging like “He still loves you, just give it time.” And this goes on for weeks, even months, just Fiona giving Mickey Ian-updates.

And then one day Ian gets home early or something and he overhears them and he realizes how much Mickey really does care,even now still, and he walks in and confronts him like “I’m ready to try this again” or something. 


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Please please pleaaaaase do your rating thing with sollux plz

Hello! I don’t know if I’ll be doing any more of those, sorry. I am especially not terribly interested in Sollux (nothing wrong with him, he just doesn’t click w me) but you are free to make your own if you like. 

Answering so I don’t leave you hanging; I have gotten like… 6 requests for Sollux since the start of these ratings and either it’s the same person or I have greatly underestimated the size of the Sollux fandom.


11x08 “Just My Imagination”
“Pretend friend. You’re not even real…”

Not going to lie. I teared up during this scene, because damn, I think Nate Torrence (I hope we see him again on the show, because I really really liked him and his character) did a pretty amazing job at delivering the sadness, hurt and worry when he realizes that Sam no longer needs him. And the thing is, Sully imo worked as a Dean mirror the entire episode - even if I may be the only one thinking that way. To me this was basically the turnaround scene to however the scene when Sam decided to go to Stanford must have looked.

While here Sully was trying to support Sam to go off on his own without the hunting life, Sam “rejects” or rather leaves Sully behind to be with his family and choosing hunting and his family over school. I wonder if a few years later Sam remembered this exact moment when he sent off the application letters for college and ultimately when he walked out the door and left his brother behind, who may have felt and looked just as devastated as Sully looks here.

“I don’t need you anymore”, that’s most probably the one catch phrase Dean fears more than anything else to this day. In a way that’s the problem in a nutshell. Sam growing up to Dean meant if he’s not needed, he’s not loved, he’s not worth anything, it’s failing. And well, there you have it again. Dean and Sully having something in common. Aside from the haircut, the love for candy and the “looking out for Sam”. I actually think Dean was so harsh on Sully to a good extent, because he recognized parts of himself in Sully, but saw Sully as the better version of himself who was there for people, was there fore Sam when he wasn’t. Whereas he knows that Sully “doesn’t have a monstrous bone in his body”, he thinks of himself of the opposite - after all it was the jawbone of an animal that turned him into a monster and had him almost kill Sam…

So yes, to me Sully and Dean were mirror characters. That’s not to say they still are also very different people, yet I feel there are more things connecting them than setting them apart. Most of all quite possibly to me the biggest parallel between them is that they both are kids at heart, Peter Pans, so to say.

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no but imagine Yata texting alphabet squad members to tell them to make sure Saru eats his lunches (cause he knows just reminding Saru is Pointless)

I love Yata teaming with alphabet squad to make sure Fushimi takes care of himself :D Maybe once they’ve made up/hooked up Yata decides that Scepter 4 has clearly returned Fushimi in worse shape physically than Yata left him and that something needs to be done about this so he decides to start with Fushimi’s terrible diet. At first Yata goes small, trying to slip a vegetable or two into Fushimi’s dinner, but Fushimi always finds them and throws them at Yata’s plate. Yata tries to sit down and have a frank talk with him like okay you’re a grown-ass man you can learn to eat a vegetable, Fushimi’s like well you’re a grown-ass man wearing a beanie and riding a skateboard. Yata gets all exasperated and they argue back and forth before Yata finally pulls out the trump card of taking Fushimi by the hand and expressing his sincere concern for Fushimi’s well being, like he tells Fushimi that he’s afraid that Fushimi might die the way his dad did and he hates seeing Fushimi all thin and unhealthy because he just loves Fushimi so much he wants Fushimi to be healthy and to take care of himself. Fushimi is all blindsided by this honesty stuff and ends up grudgingly agreeing to try the vegetables.

So the next day Yata makes him a nice lunch box full of delicious healthy food. Fushimi takes it to work and comes back home later with an empty lunch box. Yata’s really surprised that Fushimi ate all the vegetables but after a couple days of this he starts to get a little suspicious because he even snuck like some extra green and leafy veggies in there and Fushimi even ate those and didn’t even complain about them. Then one day Fushimi forgets his lunch so Yata goes to take it to him, which is when he runs into Doumyoji who’s like oh yeah Fushimi-san’s in his office eating CalorieMate the same way he has been every lunch hour for the last two weeks why. That’s how Yata learns that his stupid lying boyfriend has been throwing the healthy lunches away and claiming he ate them. As he and Doumyoji are discussing this the rest of the alphabet squad shows up and they all express sympathy for Yata’s position because they’ve been worrying about Fushimi’s health too. The next day Yata makes Fushimi a lunch and sends him off. Fushimi’s getting ready to throw the lunch away like usual when Akiyama shows up and is all oh Fushimi-san what a healthy lunch you have let’s eat together. Fushimi tries to escape and is cornered next by Benzai who notes all the fresh vegetables and wonders how they must taste, Fushimi should try one and let him know. Fushimi pretty much ends up being hounded by every member of the squad and possibly Munakata and Awashima until he finally chokes down the damn vegetables. Back at bar Homra, Yata smiles triumphantly at the pile of texts on his phone letting him know that mission has been accomplished.


Oh, I get it now! You don’t like Sans, so you turned him into an asshole so that everyone else shares your hate. Is that right?

Sans is actually one of my favorite characters. But since I enjoyed the idea of Sans and Flowey’s history and rivalry. I wanted to expand it in a way that would actually make it easy to understand why Flowey is so scared of him.


Choromatsu HATES wearing underwear. He just hates the feeling of it, it aggravates him to no end. He would rather wear 2 pairs of pants than underwear. A drawback to this is that he gets caught in his pants zipper… a lot. The only time her wears it is if hes going to be out all day. The only one who knows about this tho is Todomatsu, who makes fun of him every chance he gets when its only them around.

I love how no one says anything when he wears a shirt that says, “Say no to racism,” but fly out of their chairs when he just mentions another race. Literally all he said was that Africans have curly hair. Are you seriously going to call him problematic for stating a fact that applies to the majority of said race? He’s not going to fully explain himself like, “Okay, so I know that not all Africans have curly hair, but you know the ones that do? Yeah, mine was like that.” Who does that in an interview? He’s just making a quick comment to help people visualize. What exactly do you want from him? Not to mention the possibility that a lot of people in Asian countries aren’t even aware that they can have naturally straight hair. I’m sure not all Americans know either, and we’re surrounded by different races constantly. Cut them some slack when it comes to these kinds of things. 

He in no way said anything racist. He didn’t use words like nappy or the N word for you to say he’s an asshole. He’s been drawing that symbol since he debuted. If his curly hair meant nothing to him he wouldn’t be signing it everywhere. He always talks about it fondly, and, while he probably exaggerated how curly it was, that just means he’s connecting to black people/Africans in a positive way. Seriously, take a seat and maybe, I don’t know, think before you make a nasty comment? Everyone on this site should be banned from using the word problematic.