he just wants to help. emotions. i'm sorry

consider how cassidy has probably witnessed the deaths of every single person he’s ever been close to and by now he should be tired of that shit but he just can’t help caring for jesse and it fucking hurts like a bitch

Tyler screaming “don’t leave me alone.” will always get to me. It’s almost as if in that point of the song he realizes that he doesn’t want to do this alone. His voice is so raw and filled with emotion you can just tell how terrified, and that he has decided to finally shout out in despair. He is screaming for help, he is so desperate, and has realized that he doesn’t want to lose hope. He doesn’t want to fall away, he is finally grasping out for a ledge. After shutting himself out from everyone, and being alone for so long he finally comes to this haunting experience that there is finally hope for him if he just will reach out into the darkness, and hope to find someone’s hand in return. Whether this is about his faith or a specific individual, this song will always fill me with chills.

BUT can we talk about the fact that Felicity is in Central City for like 2 hours with her new boyfriend and Barry is like “yeah, felicity, let’s go talk for a second” and completely trusts her?! more than he trusts cisco and caitlin… just as he trusts joe, he will tell felicity what’s up and she’s gonna help him through the entire situation. because barry knows felicity will always help him; because they’re a team-

you know what? THIS is what we wanted a love triangle to look like. this is EXACTLY the reason why we all wanted barry to be a part of the oliver/felicity love story and not ray. because in opposite to ray, barry trusts felicity with his whole life and he never would even think of doubting her.