he just wants to be your friend jeez

revision (jimin drabble)

summary: a really short, really quick jimin drabble i thought of bc his concept photos made my feel some type of way.

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“jimin, i swear, i know how to do quadratic formulas,” you rolled your eyes at your overly helpful friend sat across from you.

“are you sure? i just want you to do well,” he looked at you anxiously.

“jimin i swear.”

to tell the truth, you can’t even remember what a formula is. but jimin didn’t need to know that.

“now will you stop looking at me like a puppy with a broken paw? i’m gonna be fine jeez,” you give him a nudge with your elbow.

when you went to grab your glasses to get back to work, you realised, they’d disappeared.

“jimin? have you seen my glasses?”  jimin’s face changed to a smile and you saw right through it.

he was hiding them.

“jimin, i suggest you give them back,” you warned,“or i’m going to kill you.”

“i don’t know what your on about.”

you attacked first.

“jimin! give me back my glasses!” you had decided to tickle him into surrendering. but he was stronger than you. all of a sudden, the two of you were play fighting with one another.

jimin pinned you down and started tickling you, immediately going for your waist as you knew it was your kryptonite. you giggled and squealed, trying to catch your breath but not managing to.

his fingers stop for a moment, causing you to look up at him.

both of you were very close.

his hands were wrapped around your torso and his head close to your ear. you could hear his heavy breaths and feel each one on your neck.

you had never thought of jimin in any way other than platonically until now. but suddenly you noticed how good his physique was, his muscled legs and toned upper body. his smile was sweet and kind, just like him, and his jawline was sharp. the realisation flooded over you and before you even thought about what you were doing, you tilt your head into his and place your lips on his.

his weight shifts immediately, clearly caught off guard by your abruptness, but he quickly reacts and places his hands further down your back, finally landing on your butt.

your hands come up to his hair, running them through the thick locks. they rest at the back of his neck, pushing him into you further.

his lips make their way down your jaw, and onto your neck, sucking and nibbling slightly at it.

you were finding it hard to catch your breath, so you stop jimin from going any further. he came back up and looked at you with a smile, and you returned it.

“hey y/n?” you look into his eyes,

“Your glasses were on your head the whole time.”

TGI S1 EP14 - Friends Like These

It may have taken me ages to watch due to crappy wifi, but it was worrrrth it. Request for some Rachel & Jack GIFs please!!!

Rachel: In fact, I will trade you this ring for the table… Jack this took a very dark turn.

LMFAO I loved this whole bit and JACK’S VOICE.

Rachel: Jack, I did my hair for this.
Jack: Gary Junior thinks you look lovely.


Eddie: “Wait so all of your best friends have been killed in freak accidents?”


Jack: Rachel just wanted to meet some of the important people in my life and you guys are…. YOU GUYS!

Lmao. I love whenever he’s like that because it’s so stupid.

Jack: There’s a cat in here

Lmao the video of Joel stroking and kissing it was better tbf.

Jack: I think me and Rachel have something special and it would break my hurt if I had to stop banging her

I’m glad he only said that to Eddie :))))

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