he just wants to be loved so bad

No Strings (X)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: NC-17 (explicit sex)

Word Count: 5,524

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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Wanna-One Jihoon Childhood Friend AU!

For Anon, who requested a scenario between Jihoon and a “bad girl”. Later I will be doing a Jihoon Boyfriend AU, so this is separate from that. Enjoy! (You + Park Jihoon)

Warning: Some mild cursing.

  • Still in high school, Jihoon was the class cutie
  • Everyone loved him and his unique personality/fashion sense
  • Was a smol cuddle bean that the guys and girls just adored
  • People would give him whatever he wanted because he was so adorable, but he didn’t take advantage of others
  • His best friends were equally cute (think: jinyoung n daehwi)
  • Lots of skinship and colorful fashion
  • But lets get to your relationship
  • You were his childhood best friend, next-door-neighbors
  • Went to school together hand-in-hand, always had playdates and sleepovers
  • Your parents always thought you two would get married HA
  • (caused lots “EW NO WAY”s from both of you in elementary school… which eventually turned to blushes later in middle school)
  • Anyway, you two were still neighbors, but not exactly best friends anymore
  • Somewhere along the way during the end of middle school you and him had grown apart
  • After your parents’ divorce, you took your pain out on yourself, and became intertwined with rebellious behavior like partying, underage drinking and smoking (although you actually couldn’t tolerate the smell of smoke)
  • You drifted apart from Jihoon as a result, opting for a different group of people to surround yourself with
  • Needless to say, while both of you were still in the same class, you hadn’t talked in years
  • Jihoon had actually liked you for a long time, ever since he was a young kid
  • But as you naturally grew apart, he felt as if he was losing you, who you used to be
  • He knew you very well, he was well aware that you had changed in order to protect yourself from getting hurt, as you had in the past
  • He knew you were trying to hide your emotions from the world and from yourself
  • He felt that he was somehow in the wrong as well, for not comforting you enough when you were in troubled times
  • He thought the real you was still somewhere deep inside you, but the years of guilt had piled up, leaving him unable to talk to you for all this time
  • Anyway…
  • At the school you both went to, while Jihoon had become super popular with everyone, it’s not hard to guess that the exact opposite had happened to you
  • You were frequently the subject of gossip (the bad kind), with people discussing their own theories of why you were… the way you are
  • Abusive childhood to prostitution, you’ve heard it all
  • And frankly, you didn’t care, or at least that’s what you told yourself
  • At school, throughout the day you would use class time as naptime, and frequently got in trouble for using your phone in class
  • Broke the dress code, wearing ripped clothing and hats
  • Shocked some of your teachers who had known you before the divorce
  • Anyway today you got ready for your nap when lectures started
  • But today’s class was different
  • You usually slept the entire day every day, but for once you weren’t able to
  • A loud cry of pain had awoken you, the sound sharply carrying from the front of the classroom to your seat in the very back
  • It was high pitched, but not a girl’s scream
  • Out of reflex that was established for years, you eyes darted up to the classroom, as your mind raced against your will
  • Jihoon? What happened to Jihoon?
  • You stood up quickly, knocking your chair back, your body reacting faster than you could think about your actions
  • You caught sight of the people you hung out with – you could barely call them “friends” – pushing Jihoon to the ground, and taunting him on the floor
  • Jihoon’s face was hard, no sign of weakness or tears, as he stared at his attackers, angering them even more
  • “You think you’re fucking better than us??? Just because you have some pretty face?? Why you shooting us shitty looks with that cute little face of yours??”
  • You quickly sprinted to Jihoon, pushing your “friends” away
  • “What the fuck are you guys doing right now.” You asked, darkly
  • “(Y/N), I think the question here is what are you doing right now. This-” one of your friends responded, kicking Jihoon, “absolute Brat, has the balls to look us in the eye and tell us to talk more quietly. Well, now hopefully he has learned his lesson”, leg lashing out to kick Jihoon again…
  • Before you blocked his leg with your own, not allowing it to reach Jihoon another time
  • “Seriously, you guys are offended by the dumbest shit,” you said, pushing your acquaintances away, purposefully making yourself the target
  • You began to fight with them, maneuvering yourself, and consequently them, out of the classroom
  • It was no big deal to you; you fought with them all the time
  • And it wasn’t as if you needed them, anyway
  • You returned to the classroom hours later, the school day almost over, bruises and fingernail scratches covering your arms and face
  • On your desk, you found a small note stuck to the book you had been using as a pillow
  • There was a singular word on the note: “Thanks.”
  • You reddened as you realized that this was Jihoon’s handwriting
  • Were you… embarrassed?
  • The boy you hadn’t talked to in years
  • You were dismayed: did you seem soft all of a sudden?
  • This isn’t what you wanted, but then your reaction wasn’t exactly what you had expected from yourself
  • You were trying not to think about it and ignore that what you did never happened, but this note just made everything more complicated
  • I would have done the same for anyone else, you told yourself. I don’t give a shit about him anymore, we have been broken off for years now
  • You started to crumple the note, but realized your hand wouldn’t listen to your directions
  • You ended up just sticking the note in the book, shaking your head, and laying back down on your book
  • You could barely sleep
  • As soon as the bell rang, you jumped up and ran out of the classroom, not wanting a confrontation with Jihoon or your your friends or literally anyone else
  • This was the first time in years you had felt so attacked and unsure of what was going on
  • You raced home on your bike, quickly running up to your room and locking yourself inside for the rest of the afternoon and night
  • For once, you didn’t touch a single bottle of alcohol after school
  • All the thoughts you had been having for years had just started consuming you, insanely stressing you out, leaving you unable to sleep
  • Sometime in the late night, your thoughts were momentarily stopped by the rhythmic flicking of light
  • Memories flooded your mind, recognizing that the lights were coming from the house next to yours
  • Jihoon.
  • The signal you both used to use before you had phones or a way of communicating late at night
  • Flick-pause. Flick Flick-pause. Flick-pause.
  • You gravitated towards your window
  • Ah, Jihoon. Seriously.
  • He wasn’t the type to linger on these things like you
  • He had been waiting all this time for a sign from you
  • A sign that you still cared, because he certainly did.
  • You stood near your window, a couple of tears starting to fall down your face
  • You had no idea why you were even crying, you just were
  • Jihoon opened his window that faced your room… you both had insisted moving to the rooms in your respective houses that would allow for the easiest nighttime communication
  • You kept telling yourself this isn’t what you wanted, you couldn’t become close to people again or you would just get hurt
  • You were telling yourself that your hands opening the window on your end were moving against your will
  • But inside, you missed letting yourself be happy. You missed your relationship with your parents. You missed your friends.
  • You missed Jihoon.
  • A lot.
  • Before you knew it, your window was open, and you finally saw Jihoon, unable to look him in the eye, tears continuing to fall down your face
  • And then you heard his voice, talking to you, the first time in what felt like forever
  • “(Y/N), why are you already crying, we haven’t said anything yet!” He giggled out
  • His laugh, oh god how you missed that laugh
  • You finally managed to meet his smiling eyes, causing you to break down completely
  • “Jihoonnnnn-ahhhh,” you choked out through your sobs
  • You looked up again, and he was gone
  • You panicked, unable to think clearly, falling to the floor
  • Where was Jihoon?? Did you imagine this whole thing?? Was this a dream??
  • Before you knew it, you felt warm and reliable arms encircling you, a hand pulling you to a shoulder
  • "Shh, (Y/N), it’s okay. It’s all okay now,” he whispered, stroking your hair
  • “I ran over as fast as I could,” he paused, letting out a laugh that you felt
  • “You still keep your house key under the mat? Dummy,” he continued, squeezing your cheek, just like old times
  • Just like old times. You let that sink in
  • You clutched onto Jihoon, afraid this was a dream, afraid he would go
  • For this whole time you had denied to yourself how much you missed him, how much you had struggled on your own, closing yourself off from the world
  • But he was back
  • Jihoon felt your tight grasp, and of course he knew what you needed to hear
  • "I’m not going anywhere, and you better not either.”
  • You nodded into his neck, tears collecting on his skin and shirt
  • I’m not going anywhere, either, Jihoon. Ever.

A/N: Well, this was a wild ride, lmao. I feel like it was a bit rushed to be a oneshot but hey, whatever!!

A bit late, but thanks for 100 followers and all of the support! Getting to all the requests, thanks for your patience :) 

(Sorry for bad qual)
I like this official translation SO MUCH BETTER! This is exactly why I wanted to wait for Crunchyroll’s. Gray does not specifically speak possessive of her body. He says he cares about her body. He wants her to take care of herself. Because she’s his. She’s his woman. He’s still speaking possesively here, but about all of her, body and soul and love. Not just her physical body.
This is so much better I am so much happier I’m gonna draw some Gruvia now

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I always feel awkward when I make a request I'm sorry! But first off I absolutely love your style it's soooo cute and just ugh I love it... But I was wondering, could you possibly draw Dark in a shirt that says "Sarcastic comment loading *loading bar* please wait... " You don't have to though it was just an idea I had

Oh this is a really nice ask, thank you so much! Don’t feel bad about wanting to send in an ask, I really appreciate them and I love getting new ideas to draw!

I think he adores this shirt, he’ll probably wear it around the other ego’s. Like whenever they ask a stupid question he’ll just point to the shirt and then just walk away.

Different reactions to Joseph

Me the day DD was announced: Joseph looks like that rich arrogant douchebag. Who would want to date him.
Me the day they introduced Joseph: I take every bad thing I said about you back omg. What a cinnamon roll™. He loves baking with his children, what a darling ;;
Me when I played DD: I love him so much omg look at him. He gave us cookies oh dear. How can you hate him.
Me seeing stuff about the cult end: Wow you know what? Fuck you. I trusted you and you fucking asshole just omg this is the worst, I got played by a white man. Now he wants me dead jfc would you look at that.
Me after his canon route:….. I mean…. I didn’t… I well… Okay I fucking guess
Me now: Joseph Christiansen is a complex and human character, who’s not a demon cause that cult ending is scrapped apparently. Of course he’s not good and innocent like we all thought but he also isn’t a bad person. It’s stupid to assume that he’s abusive or that Mary is abusive, when they both are bad in their own way but also have good traits. It is human to have flaws, which makes characters interesting and I hope that we will get a good ending, where he and Mary end their marriage and try to work out all their problems and maybe become good friends after this. Still it doesn’t change the facr that I love you.

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Hi so sorry. I just feel like you'll listen. Understand. It just hurts so bad since he left, every day, all the time. My friends are sick of hearing about it. I just want to die. I loved him so much. I'm sorry

Hi sweetie! Don’t ever be sorry! I will always listen to you guys okay? I know it hurts love…I know the pain is unbearable. Your friends may seem annoyed by hearing of it but all they want is for you move on and stop being hurt. But never want to die Because of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Love is painful and beautiful but you will always love him less and less each day if you let yourself. Everyday think less of him and it will be very hard at first but it will get easier I promise! If you need anything PLEASE! PLEASEEE! Contact me! I don’t ever want you to feel as if you want to die because of him.


Oh boi yes. 

I receibed the ask a few days ago when I had only watched some of markiplier’s gameplay and heard some of my friend’s adventures with the game, so I decided to buy it and give it a shot and… If this ask hasn’t been answered sooner is because I loved the game so much I played nonstop since yesterday lmao.

The pics are transparent, if anyone wants to use them adding some dialogue I’d love to see it!<3 (I tried but it ended up looking preeety bad lmao and please don’t forget to tag me!).

TrioBlasterSets by @antarestyl and @namekian-maoh !<3

An Aquarius was throwing and making a mess in his own room after he found out that she, his girlfriend, had finally moved on without him. I looked as he cuss and threw away some of the mementos of her, and finally stopped when he found an old photo of them together at a photobooth. He sat down and started to burst into tears. “If only.. If only I told her everything, and hadn’t kept it all in, maybe she would’ve stayed..” he said through the tears.

An Aries looked through his twitter and found a picture of his ex with someone else, he let out a soft chuckle. “Oh shit..” he laughed, and slowly he stood up and continued to laugh. “Look at this. Look at her.. Oh, she’s.. she’s fucking hilarious.” He slowly started to laugh so hard, and I watched as he began to shake and slowly made his way to the balconey and started to scream about her, just screamed her name and called her names and how he hated her but finally he broke down and cried.

A Cancer started shaking and tries to grab his phone out of our reach. “Please, let me just call her..” we shook all our heads and told him to just stay put. He begged that it’ll be just for tonight. We told him that he has had enough, but he wouldn’t listen. He wanted to call her so bad, but the truth is.. she’s about to have her wedding in a week, and he was going to tell her he still loves her after all these years.

A Capricorn and I were out in mid-town late at night, and he had too much to drink. He sways as he walks, and suddenly one of Bryson Tiller’s songs played through one of the bars nearby and he let go of me and sang through the whole verse. He finally stopped and looked at me and said, “This shit, that’s me. I wished God would saved her for me. That’s it, and fuck.. I’m not really at my best at the moment, but I loved her.”

A Gemini breath out smoke after inhaling his cigarette and he looked at the city lights from our view. “I miss her..” was all he said, taking another inhale from his cigarette. He looked at me and gave me a small smile and back at view.

A Leo drank with me, and place an arm around my shoulders and said, “I shouldn’t drink too much. These crazy thoughts are hunting me again, and I just want to crush the world. Ha, oh she’s in my head. My ex, you know? She’s in here again and.. fuck! I hate her. I miss her. You know we’re talking again, right but just as "friends”? I want more than that..“ He gave me a small playful slap on the cheek and walked to get another drink. It’s going to be a long night.

A Libra rushed to her house, knocking at her apartment door. But it was locked. Ran back downstairs and started calling her name out her window, trying to get her attention. She finally opened the window and told him to leave. I watched from the car, as he asked for her forgiveness. She shook her head and said it was too late for him.

A Pisces admitted to me how he still thinks about his ex, and how he still calls out her name and how his mind would play memories of her every single day. He can’t stand the nights because his mind would play her, her voice, her smile, the way she would call him everyday and she was his rock. As he sits here with me, tears roll down his cheek and he said, "Now here I am still holding on to her, just waiting for a sign that maybe she’d come back, and maybe we can try again.. but also maybe she’s with someone else, who.. who treats her well than I could’ve had and.. I want her to be happy, I do, but I wish.. right now.. she could be happy with me, and I am so selfish for it..”

A Sagittarius once said that he used to think too much about the relationship and how every time he was with her he would start to overthink every scenario of how she would leave him, and he would tell her and she would shook her head and promised him she would never leave… and now that she’s gone he still can’t stop thinking about her..

A Scorpio said to me, “I’m just not too sure if I could ever ask her to come back. I really messed up, you know? I could try, but would she ever give me another chance to prove to her my real worth? Can she really do that..?” I was a little loss for words. Knowing Scoprio and how he is, he seemed to be really serious about her. I just didn’t know what to say.

A Taurus and I passed by a coffee shop and he paused and peered through and saw his ex with someone else, and she’s laughing and holding this man’s hand. He gritted his teeth and his fist clenched. I put a hand on his shoulder and told him to let it go. It’s been years since they’ve together and been a two years after their break up. He slowly looked down in defeat and sighed. He walked off ahead of me..

A Virgo and I were driving out late one night around the city, and all the songs he played were just old, sad R&B music and I would watch him from time to time as he mumbled some of the lyrics to himself and would let out a small smirk when the singer goes and says, “I love you and miss you..” and he shook his head. We pulled up to a parking lot, and he got out and looked at me and said, “I do miss her, but do you think she misses me..?”

—  Regrets..

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5 headcanons about Victor annoying Yuuri (or Yuuri annoying Victor)

(these are 100% inspired by chrissy teigen’s tweets, and also by our chats when we were talking about her lmao)

1. victor has taken to doing this thing where he sends yuuri nudes and then says, “sorry wrong person.” it’s funny, it’s really funny, it’s comedy gold—until it isn’t. until at one point yuuri texts back, “no worries, happens to me all the time :p” and then victor realizes. he realizes that he’s never, not once, gotten a nude from katsuki yuuri. “wait what?” he types back, fingers flying over the touch screen. “yuuri? yuuri. who’ve you been sending yours to??” but no response comes, and victor is frantically shoving the groceries into the recyclable bag. he ignores the looks he gets from the cashier and surrounding customers. then he’s stumbling out of the store, pulling his phone out again and hitting call.

“what does that mean?” he asks, no preamble. // “hmm?” yuuri’s voice is nonchalant on the other line, innocent. // “yuuri,” victor whines. // but yuuri only yawns: “sorry, which one are you? i have so many contacts saved under the name ‘boyfriend’ so you’re going to have to identify yourself.” 

victor never tries to be funny again. 

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What do you think about johsnavi?

i dont get it??? like im not a fan of crossovers or crossover ships in general, but like i watch blackish and????? i cant even imagine johan and usnavi getting along let alone being a thing

also usnavi is way too in love with actual perfect human vanessa so

According to one of the books the reason chekov became chief of security in the movies is because he was rejected from command school for being too immature but he still wanted to be in charge of people so he went to security school instead

ok here’s a list of random ass things I love about Rick Sanchez:

- he’s pansexual. like, holy shit the creators aren’t even annoyingly vague or some shit, they literally said “pansexual”.

- he’s Hispanic (and I fucking hope he speaks or curses in Spanish at some point I need that)

- manic depressive piece of shit

- he’s ambidextrous. also he sticks his pinky up a lot when he’s holding things which is cute what the hell??

- his love of pirate themed places & things.

- he drinks good old fashioned vodka or whiskey from his flask instead of some super weird alien alcohol like you’d expect

- he just wants to drink and have fun at blips & chitz all day and god so would I

- “let’s go get ice cream!”

- he played poker with Snowball once (I refuse to believe that was just a crazy parasite false memory)

- The Flesh Curtains! god gimme young punk Rick

- his love of pancakes, but the pancakes have to be ~just right~

the different versions of Harry Styles


summary: a cupcake who loves everybody and giggles all the time



summary: a soldier in WW2; very selfish; he’s just scared tbh



summary: frat boy who has a very big ego but who is really nice and is obsessed with snapbacks



summary: really intimidating; a King; he’s better than you



summary: immensely talented in so many different areas and is well-liked by everyone and is very sweet and caring about everyone and - 



summary: doesnt know what hes doing



summary: highly respected and very famous, king of walking out of cars


about the netflix castlevania series...

I know, I’ve been busy.  I’ve been raving over this series for the past week but I couldn’t get to a proper keyboard so I can a Proper Rave™ complete with gifs and sparklies.  


Fine, fine.  I’ll be a proper grown up.  I’ll stop sulking and wait patiently. 

Let’s get on with the List of Things That I Really Love About Netflix’s Castlevania animated series:

a.  Dracula - First off, Dracula is not a precious misunderstood Woobie Destroyer of Worlds.  He’s evil.  He’s got a dangerous labyrinth of a castle sitting smack dab in the middle of a forest of skeletons that are impaled on very long sharp stakes, his victims from years ago.  Dracula is bored, mean and absolutely disgusted with humanity.  Apparently, the only reason he doesn’t seem to be concocting some sort of Evil Plan to Cover the World in Eternal Night™ in the first few minutes we see him is because he can’t be arsed to anymore.  

But he is a lot more complex than your average moustache-twirling baddie and in less than five minutes we get the idea that there’s still some ounce of humanity left in everyone’s favorite Evil King Vampire.  He basically gets this OH NO SHE’S ADORABLE AND I LIKE HER SEND HELP look on his face once he gets properly acquainted with one Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights.  

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b.  Lisa Fahrenheights - People who’ve played Castlevania:  Symphony of the Night will know who she is and in the game, she’s pretty much portrayed as some sort of sanctified figure in a Certain Person’s memories.  In this series, Lisa Fahrenheights is smart, sassy and willing to tell off the most dangerous vampire in the world for his bad manners.  And while our acquaintance with her is painfully short, it gets pretty clear why Dracula would fall arse over cape for her.  

And surprisingly, she genuinely seems to love him back and is apparently willing to believe he can be better than his Evil self without forgetting that he IS a terrifying Evil Dark Lord With Fangs™.  We only get like 10 minutes to have her around and I’m actually willing to buy into the Dracula/Lisa love story far more than I did with Twilight or the Star Wars Anakin/Padme romance.  

She’s genuinely a good person without being insufferably saintly and I hope we get to see more of her in flashbacks as this series progresses because LISA FAHRENHEIGHTS DESERVED BETTER GDI.  

Seriously, in the Great List of Incredibly Stupid and Boneheaded Ideas™, accusing Dr. Lisa Fahrenheights Tepes (somehow, I get the feeling she and Vlad had a long and lively discussion about being his Princess/Lady/Countess and she stuck to her guns about being a Doctor) of witchcraft and then burning her alive at the stake is probably in the Top Three.  Right beside the one that says, “Do not kill the Cinnabon Roll Son of the Dark Lord of the Sith while Darth Papa is actually there to see everything.”  

Unfortunately, since this is the Middle Ages and we have all that bullshit about wise women being falsely accused and the Church being corrupt, so this clusterfuckery happens and of course, Vlad eventually comes home to find the house he built for his beloved destroyed and that he’s too late to save her.  He can’t even get the chance to possibly turn her into a vampire.  

Of course he’s pissed off. 

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BTS reaction to them dirty talking to you

Anon said: Can you do a got7 or bts scenario of them dirty talking to their girlfriend?

- I am so sorry if this is so fucking bad. But ANYWAY I hope you enjoy ^^


His hand would go teasingly up and down your thigh, you would start to breathe heavy a bit. 

“Baby, I want you… On top of me so fucking bad” gets closer to your ear, you feel his warm breath against your neck. 
“I wanna grab you by your hips, to make you faster, make you scream and moan my name” kisses lightly your neck

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As he was on his way home. FInally gets to see you after a while. Both of you knew what will go down soon as he walks through taht door. 

“I can’t wait to come home. Strip you naked, throw you on the bed and fuck you until you leave scratches on my back, and the sheets are soaking wet.”
“Oh and btw my tongue can do a better job of teasing you than my words can ;)”
“See you later baby” 

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Your whole family was home, having a gathering party. You walked upstairs to the bathroom, not knowing Taehyung followed you and he pushes you slightly, closing the door. Pushing you against the door. 
His hand slides down your skirt, and lifts it up touching you. 

“You better be fucking quiet, because your parents are near by babygirl.” 

Taking off your panties, he unbuckles his belt and slides his pants, boxers all together and lifts you off the ground. 
You want it slowly or harder, huh babygirl?” he smirks 
“Be quiet or they will all hear you moan my name” kisses your neck as he pounds into you

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He would start to kiss neck, collarbone, suck on your boobs, kiss down your body. 
You are already moaning, and he can feel your heat. He smirks and kisses your thighs. He’ll start eating your out, you hand reached down on his hair and you tugged on it, he loved making you feel good. He slides two fingers inside of you and continues to eat you out.
He moves away and looks up at you.

“How bad you want it baby? Tell how bad?”
he’ll tease 

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random drama sentence starters
  • “Can you stop thinking about yourself for once?” 
  • “Don’t think I forgot about what you did last time.”
  • “I know you lied to me.”
  • “I’m not even sorry.”
  • “You backstabber!”
  • “I never want to see you again.”
  • “You never mattered to me.”
  • “I knew this was a bad idea.”
  • “Rot in hell.”
  • “It was supposed to be a secret!”
  • “No one loves me.”
  • “He/she/they is/are so petty…”
  • “You made me cry.”
  • “I don’t know who you are anymore.”
  • “How DARE you?!”
  • “I know you’re not talking to me…”
  • “I SAW you with him/her/them!”
  • “Just leave me alone.”
  • “What did you do?!”
  • “I told everyone that I didn’t want to talk but I’m actually dying for attention.”
  • “Just admit that was extra…”
  • “I forgive, but I don’t forget.”
  • “[text read thirty minutes ago]”
  • “Did you see what he/she/they was/were wearing?”
  • “So what if I had sex with your ex?”
  • “There’s something I have to tell you…”
  • “I can’t do this anymore.”
  • “You weren’t there for me when I needed you the most.”
  • “I never loved you.”
  • “It’s too late.”
  • “Quit ignoring me.”
Mine ; Tom Holland feat. Haz

WARNINGS: threesome!!!, smut!!, grinding, unprotected sex, oral, rim jobs, anal, pure sin, language, jealous!tom hehe,

summary: despite Tom being the possessive type, you are decided to gift Haz a special present coming from both Tom and you. Besides, two heads might be better than one right?

a/n: it was kinda dirty to write,, plus this is 3k words

You swayed your hips while your back pressed against Tom, practically grinding on him, as both of you were dancing and goofing around at Haz’s party while finding the other cast members of Spider-man: Homecoming scattered all over the house. The neon lights discoed around the room as the music was on maximum, blaring around the living room walls. “Are you having a great time?!” Tom questioned yet screaming between the clamors.

“Definitely!” You cried back as your right hand gripped tightly on a bottle of Budweiser beer you were consuming earlier. As you felt Tom stiffened his grasp onto your hips, your slightly intoxicated mind made you bend and began rubbing your ass onto his prominent bulge. “Fuck yes, Y/N. You’re so sexy.” He groaned acknowledging himself getting turned on at your actions.

For some they never considered your relationship with Tom as what you stated, was ‘just friends’ and maybe with a few benefits, though other than that you and Tom affirmed that both of you were unlikely to be together. Even if deep down you acknowledged a small interest with him, it dissolves whenever you realize being friends with benefits with him is what’s best (just to stay away from paparazzi drama) especially now that he’s became increasingly famous after landing the role of Spider-man.

Zendaya then got in front of the crowd alongside Jacob who was holding a birthday cake on his hands, which immediately distracted the intimate scene between you and Tom. “Where’s the birthday boy, anybody seen him?” Zendaya searched over the crowd trying to find Haz, who has just emerged out of nowhere. “There he is! Come on here and blow out your candle.” as you glimpsed on Haz who walked past the crowd.

The crowd, including you, sang a cheerful birthday song for Haz before he grinningly gusted on the flame that was ignited on a blue candle stick which radiated across the room. “Did you make a wish? Was it something related Y/N?” Zendaya joked, as everyone laughed along, further making Haz flustered and turn into the shade of bright pink. He looked over his shoes, trying to hide his flushed face as he seemed to feel sheepish about the awkward situation he was in now.

Everyone knew about Haz’s small crush on you, but thankfully it was honestly never awkward to either the both of you, but there were also some who did not like the idea of it especially Tom. And there were situations where people would assume you both had something which always seemed to be cute, but you both knew it was far from true, especially because you had your eyes on another person which was not Haz.

Your intimate session with Tom halted as everyone, including yourself, migrated over the dining room as Haz handed out slices of his cake. A felt of guilt washed over you as you held a slice of cake on your hand, completely forgetting that you left Tom behind in the living room all by himself. So you went back and picked up another slice just for the both of you, and as you were about to proceed onto the living room, Haz surfaced promptly out of nowhere. “Hey Y/N.”

Haz smiled directly at you as he rested his arm on the door frame, completely blocking the way and making you unable to pass through the room and to catch a glimpse of Tom. “Hey, Haz. Happy birthday!” You cheered placing the cake alongside on the counter and leaning your back against the edge of the table. “Thanks, it’s nice to see you here. Honestly you were the only person I waited for to arrive.” He chuckled making you blush at his cute remark.

“You’re such a sweetheart, aren’t you?” You beamed and looked behind searching for a stool. As you pulled out a wooden stool, you sat on it and leaned over on the counter signaling an interest in the conversation you and Haz were having. “But a bit flirtatious too, huh?” further making Haz plaster a devious smile on his face that emphasized his structured jawline and blue marbled orbs.

You could tell that he was somewhat intoxicated, like you, already. His face was flustered due to the burning alcohol consumption, his hair was perfectly disheveled as if he was in a Hollywood actor in action, and his movements as if he was signaling the both of you to find a room and make out. “Well, surely anyone can’t help themselves from a girl as lovely as you.” He admired followed by a wink directed at you, making you blush onto a shade of red.

Even if you badly wanted to continue your conversation with Haz, you saw Tom staring at the room enraged as he walked past the crowd trying to immediately escape to nowhere. Making you leave Haz alone in the room, along with the cake that you intentionally planned to bring for both you and Tom. “Tom!” You called out, pushing against the bodies and shoulders in the crowd, but Tom did not take a second to look back.

He carried himself upstairs and randomly picked a vacant room in which you followed behind. You entered the room, pushing the door behind you, and having to face an infuriated Tom who seemed as if he wanted to rip someone’s limbs off, “Why did you even follow me upstairs, you already have Mr. Steal-your-girl eye fuck you in the room.” Tom scoffed and crossed his arms showing an unpleased look.

“We were not eye fucking,” You responded, “We were just talking about his party and I greeted him a happy birthday. That’s it.” But only leaving Tom more unsatisfied with the answer you gave. “Yeah fucking right. He was probably undressing you in his thoughts already.” And within seconds you observed Tom slightly progress near your, making you step back until your back was pressing against the walls.

Tom lowered his face against yours, making sure you felt his hot breathe brushing past against your cheeks which most definitely made you aroused. “Sucks to be him because you’re mine.” He growled, as his fingers gently made way underneath your dress and onto the fabric that covered your wet core. He softly rubbed his fingers, against your lace panties, making you easily moan out of delight. “You’re already wet for me and I barely did anything, love.”

He pulled down your panties which dropped down onto your ankles and immediately crashing his soft pink lips with your luscious plump ones. With one hand he restrained both of your frail wrists and with the other hand, he gently teased your drenched core and drew figures on your clit. “Fuck, who owns this naughty pussy, huh?” Tom’s breathing intensifies as your heartbeat began pumping rapidly. “You do, Tom.” You answered.

You felt Tom unzip the back of your dress before continuing to tease your clit. “Fuck yes I do own this.” He groaned as your dress loosened from its original skimpy state. Tom slowly teased his finger on the entrance of your core and made sure you were all drenched from between, furthermore as he made out with you, he slowly was acquiring dominance by accessing into your mouth, which caused a slight gag reflex as he was already shoving his mouth to your throat.

Both of you then danced your way onto the soft bed, Tom roughly forcing you to lay down on it as he stayed on top of you. By now your back was against the mattress and Tom slowly pulled your dress down, discarding the clothing somewhere in the room and leaving you naked beneath him. “You’re body is so perfect.” He moaned and took his time gradually viewing your perky boobs that complimented your curves nicely. “I just want to make you come so bad.”

Then Tom pulled the hem of his shirt over his head revealing the toned abs and biceps you always had fantasized of. He unbuttoned his jeans, pulling them down and tossing them on the carpet and leaving him only in his brief and boxers which revealed his prominent bulge. Tom teased his shielded erection onto your core by pressing his bulge against it and roughly grinding himself at it. “I’m so fucking hard for you, love.”

“Fuck, please stop teasing me.” You whimpered trying to reach your clit to add a more pleasurable sensation but Tom smacked your hand away immediately. “You deserve to be punished because you have been a bad girl tonight, love.” He stated and slowly cupped one of your breasts and delightfully kneaded it making you moan out his name and lightly arch your back. 

Since you were blinded at what Tom was going to do next but you felt Tom’s breath brush past against your drenched core, sensing he has descended his face against it. You felt his tongue lick a strip of your core and made its way onto your anus, the slick warm muscle heating you up as Tom lapped it over on the opening. And Tom gradually penetrated a finger into your tight hole, making you shut your eyes cry at the painful yet pleasurable sensation. “You like that don’t you?”

As Tom stopped, he gave a stern look directly at your powerless body. “Bend over. Face down and ass up.” He stated in which you obeyed and slowly turned over and shoving your face onto the mountain of pillows meanwhile ascending your ass to face against Tom. Then he gave a swift spank on it, observing it bounce (which he always had enjoyed) and whispered, “That’s a good girl.”

“Fuck ye-” You whimpered but being cut off immediately as both you and Tom heard the door swing open. There emerged Haz who was left shocked on what scenery he has walked into,”Oh god I’m sorry. S-should I leave?” He stuttered leaving in an utter disturbance. “No. You can stay.” Tom directed, “Watch me fuck this naughty little slut until she comes for me.” He snickered as Haz pushed the door behind him.

And as if Tom had another personality, he immediately welcomed a threesome between you guys. “Come on sweetie, show my buddy Haz the things that your dirty mouth could do.” Tom instructed, shifting your position making both your ass and your head on the edges of the bed. At one edge Tom was entertaining your lower region meanwhile the other edge, you faced Haz. He began unbuckling his belt and pulling his pants along with his boxers, dropping them onto his ankles.

You saw Haz’s dick sprung out already erect and hard in which you began lightly stroking. Then you dipped your lips onto his tip, spitting onto it as you continued stroking, “That’s so fucking hot.” Haz groaned feeling his hips mellowly thrust into your mouth. You began bobbing your head up and down onto his hard length, gagging and creating a sound every time his tip reached the back of your throat.

Meanwhile Tom became jealous of the fact that Haz was basically mouth fucking you already. So he pulled his boxes and briefs down, and began teasing the tip of his dick onto the pulsing entrance of your core. He teased your by rubbing his tip gradually on your clit and circling it all around your drenched pussy. “Do you want my cock in you?” Tom questioned, making you whimper and nod as a response, “I fucking want it in me, please.”

Tom kept teasing his tip this time slowly inserting an inch and pulling it right back, filling up his pride because he saw you begging for more, “How bad do you want it?” He smirked, again, smacking your ass whilst you continued to gag onto Haz’s dick. “Please I badly want you inside me, Tom.” You whimpered, looking up to see Haz already throwing his head back at the pleasure he was intaking. “As you wish.” 

Then slowly penetrated inside you and immediately commenced on thrusting. He bucked his hips forward and backward, him making sure your ass was slapping against his skin. He grasped on your hips securely as his thrusts kept getting harder which made you lose focus on what you were doing Haz. “God you’re so fucking tight, Y/N.”

Meanwhile Haz brushed your hair onto one side of your face, clumping it and made sure it was not bothering you from blowing him. “You’re so fucking good.” Haz moaned followed by another faint moan, “So good to me.” As he gripped tighter at your hair and harshly pulling it as you continued bobbing your head and stroking at his length. “She’s a dirty little slut isn’t she, Haz?”. Tom gave another smack on your left ass whilst Haz firmly placed his hands on the side of your face.

Now you barely did anything to Haz as was thrusting himself in your mouth, hitting the back of your throat several times as your jaw began to hurt already. “I-i’m gonna come.” Haz whimpered as your head was immediately pulled from the back making your mouth disconnect from Haz’s throbbing dick. “No one is allow to come yet.” Tom commanded as he harshly was pulling your hair, “No one will come unless I say so.”

“Why don’t we switch positions, buddy?” Tom questioned, pulling out his length out of your cunt as he harshly rubbed your clit through the use of his thumb. “You can fuck Y/N other hole for a change.” He instructed as Haz just nodded, his face flustered and out of breath. 

“Lay down and spread your legs widely for us, love.” Tom commanded in which you submissively obeyed, spreading your legs in front of Haz while he swore under his breath after seeing the magnificent view. “Her cunt is exquisite, isn’t it?” Tom snickered as he forced his dick on your mouth whilst sucking him upside down. He moaned out your name as he gradually commenced thrusting into your mouth, purposely hitting every areas there was. “You’re so mouth is so warm and dirty, just the way I like it.”

Meanwhile Haz warmed up his cock and positioned it on the rear end of your anus, slowly penetrating his tip into you as you clenched around his dick tightly as a response. “Yes, that’s so fucking hot. Do it again.” Haz breathed and placed his hands firmly on the inside of your thighs as he thrusts more into you, being in sync with Tom’s thrusts in your mouth. “You’re such a doll, aren’t you?”

You choked at Tom’s immense cock as he kept hitting the back of your throat, gagging ever thrust he gave and at the same time clenching around Haz’s hard dick. By now you were ultimately fatigued already as the two boys who were forcefully using you, but you could feel Tom practically on the verge of his climax as his dick was twitching in your mouth. “Fuck I’m going to come.” Tom moaned out, throwing his head back in delight as he bucked his hips rapidly as his body was dripping sweat already.

As Haz was sloppily thrusting into you, admiring the way your perky boobs bounced and your nipples harden, he was also near his climax. “Argh, I’m so fucking close.” He groaned, planting his hand on one of your breasts and delightfully squeezing it and pinching the nipple rigidly. “God your boobs are so fucking perfect, you’re a fucking goddess.”

Tom then pulled his erection out of your worn out jaw as he pumped himself and positioned it onto your face, he targeted your mouth as he continued jacked himself off. You saw his white fluids spurting out of his tip as you widely opened your mouth trying to catch the white warm substance. His cum eventually filled your mouth, though you did not catch all of it as few droplets of his cum streamed down from your neck and cheek. Then you delightfully swallowed it all as Tom breathed out, “Such a good girl.”

However Haz was also at the verge of his orgasm. You looked down at him as he sloppily thrusting into your asshole whilst whimpering out swear words under his breath. “Cum on Y/N’s body now.” Tom directed as Haz pulled his dick out, your hole clenching around once more. And as Haz followed Tom’s orders, he too jacked himself off as he positioned himself trying to target your body.

Within a few pumps Haz was already oozing out his come. He pumped himself more as white fluids began spurting out from his tip and dropping onto your boobs, this happened for a long minute as he finally emptied himself. By now your whole boy was covered with fluids, the cum that was on your breasts were now dripping down to your stomach. “You are so fucking hot.” Haz stated, trying to regain his normal breathing back. “She’s still mine, Harrison.” Tom articulated, crossing his arms and looking sternly at his best friend.

You were so fatigued that all you wanted to do was lay down but of course you were a mess. So you decided to stand up and head towards the bathroom that was inside the room already, “Go fight all you want all night, I’m going to take a shower.” You breathed, as you unlocked the door and proceeded to go in. “Can I go too?!” Both Haz and Tom perked in a unison. “Come on! Round two in the shower, please?” Haz pleaded.

“I’m up for that!” Tom agreed and high-five Haz as both looked back onto you. “You guys seriously aren’t tired? I’m already exhausted.” You retorted, trying to resist the two naked men that were pleading in front of you. “Please Y/N? For my birthday?” Haz pouted as you began having a harder time on deciding. But finally you gave in, “Fine.” You sighed in defeat, “But if I slip or bump my head on the walls you guys are paying for my insurance.”

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Togetherness (Jacob Frye X Fem!Reader)

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Hello Followers,
thank you for your patience once again. Here is another one and this time I took 41-year (well, he is 43/44 in this one) old Mr. Frye to the test. I mean, he needs love, too. And he is such a handsome man and had to go through a lot.

I hope you will enjoy this piece of Fiction. I do not have any knowledge about the bathing back in Victorian England. I googled but didn’t find enough or maybe I did not dig deep enough. (I actually just googled again to not look like a complete idiot in front of you and added a few things, heh)

A happy Fryeday to all of you. I hope my english followers are all okay + their families and friends after what had happened.

Title: Togetherness
Summary: Reader wants some time for herself but her dear husband thought otherwise
Characters: Reader, Jacob Frye
Relationships: Jacob Frye x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Very slightly NSFW at the end (but really, not much)
Words: 1.885

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Friends Don’t Do That (Hyungwon x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“hey can i request a hyungwon smut pls? in which he’s like needy and whiny – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Hyungwon X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  fluffy smut?
Words: 2.6k
Authors note: He is one of my bias from Monsta X so like I’m in love with him? Hope you enjoy this fic

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