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can u imagine jimin being Slytherin's little princess, he acts bubbly and is cute af and like everyone in that house is super overprotective of him (i mean who can resist smol bean jimin). and when freshmens come in and see jimin they would go wtf and wonder how in the world a person like him get sorted in that house. my heart can't handle

….Holy shit. Jimin being Slytherin’s princess completes me.

I’d imagine his housemates are simultaneously enamored and scared shitless of him because honestly, they’d know more than anybody of who Jimin can be - and who he is - underneath his big smiles and small stature. He’s super spoiled because well, he’s Park Jimin and it probably wouldn’t take much on his part to get whatever he wants (and he always get what he wants, just the way he likes it). And they’d also be the first ones to take a safe step back whenever there’s any sort of confrontation with the other houses and Jimin volunteers to “take care of it.”

But also… Imagine JJK watching all of this happening from the outside, seeing all these kids (some of whom are at least a head or two taller than Jimin) groveling and catering to all of his wishes… And he’s just,

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Makes me emotional when I remember just how much King Dorephan liked Link and approved of Mipha's love. "Hell yeah you can marry that elf boy. Go for it sweetie." Dialogue suggests they were really good friends. Gah now I'm imagining the father-in-law son-in-law bonding and happy fish family. *shakes fist* GANONNNN!

Why does Calamity Ganon have to be a hater!? LET THE FISH PRINCESS BE HAPPY!!!

But nah man,  the zora in general seem pretty chill with inter species relationships which was cool to see! So Link could totally marry the fish princess and have a 10 ft toll wife.

Man the king was probably a low key shipper on board too, “Oh there’s nothing here but boring council meetings. Why don’t you go to go chill on Vah Ruta?” cause he’s just so supportive and wants to see his daughter happy

absolutely random voltron headcanons
  • keith talks to inanimate objects and will enthusiastically deny it if anyone catches him
  • animal: whines lance, sympathetically: i know, baby, i know
  • hunk can keep a straight face come hell or high water, will frequently say some absolutely absurd thing or go off on a silly tangent completely deadpan, and the others just fuckin lose it
  • also hunk has made lance laugh until he peed twice in the history of their friendship and constantly threatens to do it again
  • shiro can drink an entire half gallon of milk in a single go
    • he can also fit twelve jumbo marshmallows in his mouth and is constantly looking for an excuse to show off this talent
  • hunk used to have hair down to his chest before the garrison and he still occasionally laments its loss
    • sometimes he just….. wistfully stares at allura’s long hair, wanting. remembering
    • lance also misses the long hair bc he got to brush it and braid it all the time and pretend like hunk was a disney princess and lance was his prince hunk doesn’t know this and if lance has anything to do with it he never will
  • coran used to be a helpless flirt, like lance… but way more successful
    • was once simultaneously engaged to a widowed countess, a prince, a bounty hunter, and two royal handmaidens
    • allura had to really work her diplomatic connections to get him out of that one and tbh she never lets him live it down even now
  • lance idolized shiro throughout most of his garrison career and is frankly shocked to discover that shiro is just a total goober who frequently pretends like he’s in the star wars universe and has passionate opinions about the matrix movies and drools when he sleeps
  • allura thinks hunk would make a great diplomat and is not-so-subtly grooming him to be so
    • keeps taking him and him alone to meet important people, giving him negotiation tips, asking for his opinions on people they meet even if she’s already made up her mind about them
    • sometimes introduces him to new people as a prince or a minister or some other authoritative figure
      • hunk is chill with this as long as he gets to make up the name of the planet that he’s allegedly the prince of
  • keith snorts when he laughs really hard
    • lance and hunk team up to try and make him snort as often as possible

I really want to write a fanfic where R2 just says, fuck this when Bail, obi-wan and Yoda plan to separate the twins. He then convinces C3P0 to help him kidnap the babies, reasoning that raising two children cant be that hard, humans do it all the time. 

They are like okay money wise because in this universe Anakin totally gave R2 his bank account info (which Padme made for him). R2 is a little confused about why there ends up being being so much money in it, seeing as he thinks Anakin is dead but ends up shrugging it off. So they just spend the next 10 years flying around the galaxy, raising the baby Skywalkers.

Luke totally spends at least one year speaking only in binary. Leia knows more languages then any one child should ever know. Both twins are highly offended by the existence of restraining bolts.

Then one year Vader has like a lackey like doing his taxes or something and the lackey is like “uh lord Vader do you know what these monthly withdraws from you bank account dating back ten years are about” and Vader is like what the fuck.

So Vader decides to go after who is committing Identity fraud reasoning that the only people who would have Anakin Skywalker’s bank info would be someone he wanted to track down anyway. Meanwhile poor Obi-wan has been trying to track the twins down for ten years, and is just so fucking tired.

Then both of them catch up with the group at the same time and shit goes down.

“I love you.” “I know.”

I just picked up the issue of People magazine with Carrie Fisher’s excerpt from The Princess Diarist in it. I read it standing in the aisle at the grocery store, and halfway through I started to cry.

She describes their affair and its conclusion saying:

“So I loved him and he allowed it. That’s as close to a reckoning as I can muster four decades later.”

I’m not sure why this is hitting me in such an emotional way. Maybe it’s because Carrie Fisher, in the persona of her character Leia Organa, has been a part of my life since I was ten. I didn’t really identify with her back at the beginning (she seemed like a grownup, and I was just a kid), but now, when I feel much closer to her in age (I’m fifty to her sixty) - oh, hell yeah.

I’d never heard of “shipping” when I was thirteen and seeing Empire eighty one times in the theater, but Han and Leia were IT for me, and I loved that scoundrel smuggler with all my heart. Maybe that’s why I’m crying. The glimpse into the deep, raw emotions of the nineteen year old girl in love that Fisher was - the reverberating wave of the story I loved and the reality of her relationship with Harrison Ford; it just hurts. It’s beautiful and terrible.

Their climactic scene in Empire:

“I love you.”
“I know.”

My god.

It was real. It was real.

Cute & Sleepy Daddy
  • Baby: *getting ready to leave early in the morning*
  • Daddy: *sleeping*
  • Baby: Aww he's so cute. *whispers* Muah. I'm gonna miss him 💕
  • Daddy: Princess?
  • Baby, startled: Oh! Yes daddy?
  • Daddy: I love you.
  • Baby: *all smiley and little now* I love you too daddy. Why are you awake so early? Was I making too much noise? Did you set any alarm or something?
  • Daddy: No, I woke up naturally. I guess I just really wanted to see your cute face before you go.
  • Baby: Aww, well go back to sleep daddy. I'll be back, I promise. I love you.
  • Daddy: I love you too princess. Be good.
Jason Todd will always stand up for the underdog

His best friends were Roy Harper, the failed sidekick and drug addict, and Starfire, a princess who had a horrific past and way too much baggage to handle.

In red Hood and arsenal he took in and tried to shelter a psychopath girl claiming to be Joker’s daughter

In rebirth he teams up with a disgraced Amazon and a homicidal Superman clone

He doesn’t try to get the winning side
He just wants one where he can have their back
Because for all of Jason’s leadership ability
He’d much rather have someone’s back and be there for them


I wish the happiest and loveliest birthday to Harry. 🎉🎊🎁 He deserves nothing less than lots of love (and presents).
I just want to take a moment to say that I feel so lucky to be here and witness how this amazing human being is winning over this world with his passion, talent and, most importantly, with his pure heart and soul.
He taught me so much and he’s always been someone I look up to. So, thank you Harry for being you and for always making me feel accepted.
And I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us❣️ 

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so legend of zelda

look I know it’s 2am and this is gonna be my first post of the new year but hear me out

I just realized that people can’t really be upset at the loz series for being “sexist”, so to speak, “making the princess helpless and kidnapped” or something like that.

Because especially in the more recent games, Ganon really just wants Zelda for her triforce power..

so, if Link had been Prince of Hyrule, he probably would have been Ganon’s target instead of Zelda

because Ganon wasn’t targeting Zelda because she was a helpless princess, just that she had the triforce

and Zelda isn’t even a helpless princess
yes, she’s a princess, but in almost every game it’s proven that she can most definitely fend for herself in battle

twilight princess, she had a bow and arrow and snuck plans behind Ganon’s back
ocarina of time, she disguised herself and went into hiding to protect the triforce and herself
wind waker, she did the same thing but she was a freaking pirate, like, terror of the seas

Link could not function without Zelda and vice versa

so yeah

Moffat’s favorite writer used “Redbeard” as a random plot device 20 years ago.

Ready for a little background that will blow your mind? @squirrelwithoutparentingskills dropped by my inbox just now to share some juicy information.

One of Moffat’s favorite screenwriters is William Goldman. He wrote The Princess Bride. Moffat always tells you to read Goldman if you want to learn anything about writing.

Well, in 1996 William Goldman adapted a book called “The Ghost and the Darkness” into a movie.

And in this story, he had a little problem. He needed to make the hero seem brave. He needed a way to boost esteem of that main character.

So he invented a side character and called him “Redbeard”.

Redbeard was to be killed off – he was a plot device.

What I’m saying is Moffat’s favorite writer took a book and turned it into a screenplay but added a character called Redbeard that wasn’t in the originals in order to teach the audience more about the hero.

Also the story is set in the late 1800s with a focus on trains.

Neat. isn’t it?

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Hii, I really love X-men (marvel in general) and I was wondering what kind of mutants the rfa+ V,Saeran and rika (vanderwood if u want) would be, but If you dont know them You can just ignore this if you want, Have fun writing! x

The first bomb begins.


  • For most of Yoosung’s life, he’s been able to understand animals (much to the envy of Saeyoung and Jumin)
  • Because he’s naturally smart, he is pressured to do well in school and behave
  • So, if Yoosung needs some me-time, he goes out to a grassy area and sits and waits for the animals to gather around him
  • More than once he’s actually been caught petting a deer while playing a game on his phone
  • Yoosung’s a Disney Princess


  • She’s got some form of super speed
  • Granted, Jaehee isn’t as fast as some mutants with super speed, but she’s infinitely more efficient
  • While Jaehee does have a lot of control over her powers, if she gets too tired or doesn’t concentrate properly, she’s very likely to crash into walls or hurt herself
  • Thankfully, her speed carries over to her healing as well, so she recovers fast enough that it’s not anything serious


  • Well, naturally, he has an unnatural healing ability
  • It’s interesting that it’s actually a mind based super power as he has to focus and force his body to heal, knowing every cell and what it has to do to heal himself
  • It’s nowhere near as fast as, say, Wolverine, but it’s fast enough that he’s able to recover from a broken bone or sprained ankle within minutes to hours (depending on severity)
  • Some speculate that he has some sort of hypnotic singing voice, but he doesn’t, he’s just a beautiful singer
  • Also, although he doesn’t advertise it, he has had a vision or two of the future in his dreams, but they’re infrequent


  • if he weren’t a mutant, his superpower would be money
  • Jumin’s able to shift his body into diamond and back again
  • He’s able to manipulate this form and create diamond weapons or just straight up diamonds
  • Of course he wishes he could speak to cats, but unfortunately, he’s not so lucky and believe me he has tried to get Yoosung on his employee roster
  • Instead, he has an ability that can make him money and he can use to give people he likes nice things (also, he can spoil Elizabeth)
  • Would totally transform his hand and use the light refraction to play with Elizabeth


  • Omnilingual
  • Aka, he speaks, reads, and understands all languages perfectly
  • Computer code, ancient Egyptian, and Korean all look the same to him
  • Not a super power, but he’s also super smart, and because he got to skip the step of “learning” new languages, he’s able to read a lot of books and how to hack better than anyone else
  • However, sometimes he misses something simple because he doesn’t realize that something is written in two languages for a deliberate reason that hints at the truth


  • He has enhanced senses and the ability to make super sonic blasts
  • So V is very good at knowing his surroundings at all times
  • He can detect anything new or wrong in his immediate area long before he even sees it
  • When V goes blind, he’s still able to see, but it’s different, and he’s not sure he likes it, but it’s interesting
  • The pictures he takes after he goes blind are drastically different in style, the critics say, but they’re still beautiful and his work continues to be adored


  • Twins are often similar, but never the same
  • So while Saeyoung is omnilingual, Saeran isn’t
  • Instead, he’s telekinetic
  • He also has a little telepathy, but it only works with Saeyoung (twin telepathy for the win)
  • As a result, when he gets worked up or really emotional, Saeran loses control and things are either thrown or destroyed
  • When he was first rescued from Rika’s control, he had to be quarantined so that he couldn’t hurt anyone


  • Human taser
  • Basically, he controls electricity and polarities and such
  • Vanderwood, when irritated or pushed, will simply raise his hand and have electricity arc between his fingers as a quiet threat
  • He’s also extremely useful to have around if something electrical breaks, because he can sense if the electricity isn’t passing through part of the machine, or if it’s an electricity problem at all


  • Rika… well, she’s got kind of a Queen Bee type power
  • In that, she produces pheromones that can warp and control a person’s mind
  • Now, people with strong minds or mental based powers, resist her control (such as MC and Saeyoung, Saeran to a lesser extent, and even V, although you wouldn’t know it because he gives into Rika’s will anyways, most of the time)
  • When her powers firsts appeared, her powers only appeared to make people more attracted to her, more drawn in, more interested in making her happy rather than anything else, and she used that to get people to donate money towards good causes
  • One day, someone tried to kill for her, misinterpreting her order, and Rika realized, if she could control people like this, she could change the world
  • Reshape it in a way that nobody would ever be unhappy or want for anything ever again (by taking away their free will)
  • Thus her descent into a power mad, world domination bent, villain


  • MC would be a psychic
  • Probably with some form of ability to telepathically link people’s minds so that everyone can be on the same page
  • But she wouldn’t be strong enough to control or influence people
  • Although, be warned, she does have visions of the past, present, and future, so she could know more about you than you do
  • Not that she would tell you
A Good Thought

during pre-debut vernon tested dino’s english skills and asked him what hyung is in english. dino replied “brother”. then hansol asked him what dongsaeng is and dino replied “princess”, making hansol laugh. Channie later explained that he knew the members were really stressed out and just wanted to make them happy so he said a random word.

What a good boy. A precious boy. Our thoughtful baby maknae

Imagine: Joker and Harley react to their daughter dating

“Puddin!” Harley called out for the clown prince “Puddin where ya at?”

The Joker was sitting in his office staring at a map of Gotham. Smiley faces, frowney faces, and batman symbols were sprawled out all over it. Places he wanted to destroy, destroy more, and destroy twice. He heard his queen’s heals clicking as she got closer to the door. She barged in causing a slight growl to escape his lips.

“I’m busy Harley” he snapped at her.

“I know Puddin but this ya gotta see this!” Harley held up a phone to the Jokers face. He stared at it blankly then confused. There was a text that read ‘Grant Park’.

“I told you I’m busy” he was beginning to get annoyed “Why should I care about Grant Park?”

“Becaaaaaaaaause ya goof our little princess just asked for permission to go out tonight and I swiped her phone because she wouldn’t tell me where!” Harley stood wide eyed in front of him waiting for a reaction.

“Harls I love that youre a whack job but I don’t have time for crazy right now I’m looking for a man dressed as a bat” he cackled at her and sat down at his seat “besides she goes out every night.”

“UH YA but tonight it’s with a boy ya looney tune” Harley could barely finish her sentence and a flash of green hair went past her eyes, her puddin disappeared from the room and Harley giggled to herself.

You stood in front of your mirror finishing touching up your look. You remembered watching your mother get ready to go out with your father and dreamed of when you could do the same. Tonight was finally the night you had the chance.  Black dress, black lashes, red lips, ready to go out. You knew it was safer to ask your mother to let your father know it was with a boy, maybe if he saw you all dolled up you could sweet talk him like you usually could to get what you want. You grabbed your purse to leave your room and when you turned the clown prince of crime was in the doorway.

“Oh… Hi daddy!” you smiled at him as innocently as possible

“Oh hi daddy!” he mocked you “Don’t daddy me what do you think youre doing?” he walked toward you.

“Going out.”

He scoffed and started to circle you. “Going out. Just going out? all dolled up so beautiful for a guy who isn’t me and you call that just going out?” He stopped and lowered his head down to look you in the eye.

“Yes daddy but he’s really sweet but not as sweet as you of course and I really want to see him and think of it this way the more time I spend with him the more time I’m away from you and missing you so I’ll love you extra when I get home! Plus I need more freedom!” you said neurotically not knowing what was going through your fathers head. When he stared at you stunned you kissed his cheek and decided to attempt to speed walk to the door. By your surprise he didn’t stop you until you reached the hallway.

“All right princess.” he said calmly. Too calm.

You turned around and saw him smiling a smile only you ever saw, it was tender and reassuring. “wh.. what? All right? You mean I can go?”

“Of course! I want my princess to have everything she wants, you deserve it sweetheart.” he met you in the hall and returned the kiss to your forehead. 

You gave him a goofy, surprised face that made him chuckle. “Well. uh. yeah. uh. I mean.. yes YES I do deserve it! Thank you daddy.” You slid away from him and made your way to the front door. Either your father was growing soft in old age or getting crazier, whatever it was you liked it.

Joker walked back to his office to find Harley spinning in his chair. 

“So puddin what are the three of us doin tonight? Heist? Bingo? Bird huntin?” Joker put a hand on the chair to stop her from moving and pulled a knife out of his jacket. He twirled it over the map. “Just the two of us tonight darling” he said.

“YOU LET HER GO OUT??” She jumped up pink and blue curls bouncing with her.

“Yes but I think we’ll make it a double date” He slammed his knife into the map. ‘Grant Park’ was now a torn slice on the table. He sat down at and covered his mouth with his hand and laughed that maniacal laughter that made Harley’s heart flutter.

When you got to the park you let out a huge sigh, it was finally happening, you waited for your date to arrive an stared up at the stars. You closed your eyes and breathed in the air. Suddenly you felt hands around your waist and you let out a small yelp.

“Woah woah sorry beautiful I didn’t meant to scare you” your date blushed at startling you and grabbed your hand. 

“It’s okay I just got a little lost in the moment” you intertwined your fingers in his and smiled at him.

“Well I hope there will be a lot of that tonight” he led you through the park. The two of you flirted and laughed together strolling through the grass. He kept trying to move his hand to your back, your waist, but you shrugged it off and took it in yours again. He led you to a bench after a while to sit down. 

You were nervous for the first time during the date. It was your first, before then only dreaming of what it’d be like to have something like your parents had. The King and Queen of gotham type of romance. Your father used to tell you when you were little that you didn’t need a prince, but it didn’t stop you from wanting one. It didn’t make this moment any less nerve racking for you though.

“Im glad you met me tonight.” he leaned into you and whispered in your ear. He started teasing your neck with his lips. 

“I’m glad I did too” you closed your eyes enjoying the moment. You loved the confidence you felt. Until you felt his hand caress your stockings. Your eyes shot open and you looked down to see his hand moving up. Immediately you grabbed it and stopped him. “Im not that glad I came out tonight.”

“Come on beautiful, a pretty girl and a guy in the park at night, you know what that means.” he smirked and you furrowed your brow at him. “What, is my smile scaring you baby?”

“AH-AH-AH-AH” the laugh sounded a bit too much like your fathers, “listen dude, I’ve seen scary smiles and you don’t come close.” You stood up and began walking away reaching in your purse to call your parents to get you. You stopped suddenly when you felt a void in your purse. Turning around to look at your not so prince like date, all you could get out was “uh oh”. 

“UH OH IS RIGHT” The purple lamborghini screeched through the grass and within seconds your father was out of the car and had the boy by the neck. “Are you enjoying yourself” the words slithered out of his mouth and the boy began to cry. “I SAID ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELF” he screamed at the boy who shook his head no. “NO? WHAT DO YOU MEAN DO? You mean you’re not enjoying yourself with the prettiest girl in the whole world?” The boy then shook his head and whimpered yes through his tears “YES? So you are enjoying touching my girl are ya?” 

“Please mr uh mr joker guy I wasn’t gonna do anythi- AHH” he dropped to the ground and your mother stood over him with her bat.

“HARLEY! I was talkin to that thing”

“And it was borin let’s just beat the creep!” the queen of gotham began to break the boys legs one by one and your father ticked his head to the side in admiration before turning to look at you. You ran into the arms he opened up.

“Oh daddy I’m so happy to see you guys!” he pulled you into him and stroked your hair. “He wasn’t my prince at all he turned out to be a jerk.”

“Tsk tsk tsk what have I told you. I’ll be your prince charming okay? Look princess I road my white horse to rescue you” he pointed at the lambo. “and a valiant knight to kill the monster’ he pointed at your mother. Your father covered you in kisses, it was a tender scene paralleled with the calming shrieks of your date. “But maybe youre right princess, you do need more freedom.”

“What does that mean?” He picked your head up to look at him pulling his gun out of his holster. 

“Aw daddy do you really mean it?!” he curled his lips into his mouth and shook his head up and down like a little school boy at you. You grabbed the pistol out of him hand. He grabbed you by the arm and gave you a stern warning. 

“That’s daddy’s favorite and it’s just for you so be careful.”

Remember the part at the very end of The Princess Bride, when everything seemed to be over and the grandpa stopped reading because his kid said he didn’t like kissing parts? But then the kid protested so the grandpa immediately finished the story and everyone was happy? Because love conquers all? @black-rose57 mentioned to me we could be at that part right now. This is why i believe we’re getting a fourth episode.

“Give the viewers what they want, just not in the way they would expect.”