he just wanted to be a nurse and help people

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Nurse McPasta has done literally nothing wrong yet people judge him based on appearance and behavior and spread rumors of him, instead of sitting down with him and getting to know him and I wonder why anybody would do mean things to him, he is a kind and hard working man after all who just wants to help people (and an amazing aversion of the creepy nurse trope). Wallid is amazing for not judging the nurse unfairly and for being his friend.

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my husband is not vegan, and unwilling to become vegan. He really likes his meat. However, me being a housewife, and him having no time to cook for himself, i'm not sure how i should go about cooking for him... is it "un-vegan" of me to cook meat for him?

its not un-vegan at all, because if it was marriages/relationships would dissolve and we’d lose the opportunity to ever help your partner go vegan long term.  Just keep him focused on more plants.  More fruits & vegetables & whole grains, show him the Dietary Guidelines and let him know you want him to be around to enjoy your old age together & you do not want to be his wet nurse, so he is going to gradually eat like the healthiest people on the planet & its his job to help you make it just as delicious as what he is used to.  no judgement or shame on him, make what he likes, just keep trying to make that plants with his help.  Its the long road here.  

people don’t all go vegan at the same time.  even if it takes him to his 1st heart attack you know what to do.

Request: Feeling better

Request: One night, in bed, your old man Chibs doesn’t want to make love to you because some of your ribs are broken (maybe by a car accident) and he doesn’t want to hurt you. So, as you are really horny, you begin to touch yourself beside him to make you feel good and he just give up and being cute with you.

A second imagine tonight writer?

Yes, dear reader. I’m inspired  😃 Besides…I needed some Chibs  😉

Enjoy! Love you all amazing people!

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

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“Out!”, you heard a male voice with thick accent growl outside your bedroom. You looked at Tara, who was helping you get comfortable and both of you rolled your eyes. She asked a nurse to stay on the door until you were ready to see someone.

“He just doesn’t give up”, she said and you nodded. Your old man Chibs would put the hospital down, brick by brick, just to see you.

The Sons were on a run when you got involved into a car accident. Some van, you didn’t remembered the color, had hit against your car. Luckily, they hit the back door, but the impact threw you inside the vehicle, broken some of your ribs. You were conscious enough to call Gemma and she called the boys.

Now you had to stay in observation for a couple of hours and your husband was finally there, furious about the accident and with everybody who was trying to keep him outside your bedroom.

“Ready?”, Tara asked.

“I have to”, you smiled and she opened the door. The nurse stepped aside and Chibs entered the room.

“Oh love”, he said, frowning and walking towards your bed. “I’m sorry”

Tara had talked to you a little bit after the endless examines you had to do. Gemma was thinking this was retaliation for some club business and Jax had said the same when they arrived at the hospital.

“It’s okay” you said letting him hold your hand. His lips were soft against your skin, kissing it.

“No it’s not”, he said with that killer look on his face. You knew it pretty well and someone would suffer, soon.

“Oh Filip, please”, you whined. All you wanted was to go home and be with him. That would be impossible if he was in some kind of vendetta.

“Don’t worry lass”, he smiled kissing your lips. “Just get some rest and be well soon”

Chibs kissed your forehead and called Gemma to stay with you before he go again.


Three days later, you were out of the hospital. You were healing very well and the doctor said you could finish you recovering at home. Gemma drove you to your house, making sure you were comfortable before let you alone. She didn’t want to, but you insisted, saying Chibs would be there soon.

He did get home soon, but he wasn’t expecting you to be waiting for him, sat at the couch, reading. You looked at his clothes and you could see blood stains on it. You just stared at each other. You never said anything about what he did for leaving or the things he had to do to stay alive.

You got up and walked towards him. Chibs tried to turn his face away from you but you put your hand on his cheek, keeping it there until he look at you.

“Did you get what you wanted?”, you asked, rubbing your thumb on his scars. Even them had little drops of blood.

“Yes”, he said. You nodded and let him go. Chibs walked to the bathroom and you stayed there for a while, breathing deeply and wondering why his covered in blood figure was turning you on so much.


You heard Chibs left the bathroom and walked in the bedroom. You followed him, stopping at the door and looking at your old man with a towel wrapped around his waist. You hugged him from behind and kissed his shoulder. Chibs turned around and kissed you, resting his hands on your hips.

“Filip…”, you whispered and tried to press your body against his, but Chibs stopped you.

“No love”, he said. “You are still healing”

“I want you”, you held his neck trying to pull him to you. “Please Filip”

“I don’t wanna hurt you lass”, he gently pushed you away and put his boxers on. He lied on the bed and looked at you, waiting for you to do the same. You turn the light off before lay down, Filip kissed your forehead, said goodnight and turn the lampshade off too.

You were laying in the dark, eyes open and feeling horny. Chibs seemed to be asleep and since he didn’t want you, the alternative was to make it better, by yourself.

Opening your legs a little bit, you slid your hand under your panties, touching your clit with your fingertips. You were already wet, wishing that your husband wasn’t so stubborn to push you into this. You put two fingers inside you, breathing deeply with the sensation, pressing your lips together to stay silent. It wasn’t working, you let out a whine of pleasure and felt Chibs move on the bed.

“What are you doing?”, he said in the dark. You stopped, quiet, not sure about what to do. Good or bad, your old man took the decision for you, turning on the light again. “What are you doing?”, he asked again. Chibs pushed the sheets away, looking at you touching yourself. “Are you masturbating?”

“Yes”, you hissed taking your hands off your panties. “You didn’t want me”

“No love”, he smiled. “I want you… All the time. I just don’t wanna hurt you”

“I’m not a doll or made of glass”, you pouted.

“I know”, Chibs laughed, caressing your cheek with his thumb. “But you are precious to me and all I want is for you to get better”

“It would help if you made love to me”, you said pulling him to you. Chibs held himself back, closing his eyes with a painful expression.

“Please love”, he said, eyes closed. “Don’t tempt me”

“Filip…”, you whispered, touching his chest. You felt him tremble a little bit and you knew he was losing the battle.

Chibs leaned to kiss your lips and you melted in his arms. He knelt on the bed and slowly dragged your panties down your legs. He kissed them, taking his time and knowing very well that this was torturing you.

“Open them for me love”, he said and you obeyed. Chibs lied between your legs and ran his hands up your thighs, holding your hips. He teased your entrance with his finger, lazily running it through your folds. His tongue touched your clit, making you tossed your head back on the pillow.

It was brief touch, but soon his thumb was rubbing it merciless while his mouth was open over you. His tongue was on your entrance, you could hear the obscene noises of him sucking you. Chibs lied next to you, pulling your shirt up to expose your breasts. He slid his fingers inside you while he sucked a nipple. He looked at you and there was no sexier man in the world than your old man. He curled his fingers, hitting the right spot inside you.

“Filip”, you moaned and closed your legs when the wave of pleasure ran on your body. He held you, kissing your skin and mumbling romantic things.

“Feeling better love?”, Chibs asked kissing your neck.

“Yes”, you said breathless. “So much better”

“Great”, he said laying on the bed. “Never say I don’t want you again”

“Sorry” you giggled and tried to lie on your side to hug him, hissing at the pain.

“Lass!”, Chibs warned you, gently pushing you lied down. “Will I have to tie you down?”

“Well…”, you shrugged. “That would be hot”

“Jesus”, Chibs turned the light off again and hugged you, being careful to not put much weight on your ribs. “Sleep love, just sleep”

You felt your old man nuzzling on your neck and happily closed your eyes, smiling satisfied and ready to sleep.



Alois is has always had many different ways of acting, from a young age he would respond to the name his mother gave him one day and another the next day. He’s twenty-one and suffers from multiple personalities disorder, he’s living in a mental institution because his family cannot take care of him the way he needs. Recently, the blonde’s many personalities have drawn the attention of a university a few hours from the hospital. One of his personalities, Felix the extraverted scottish man, has agreed to be included in a lesson- rather he would be the lesson. Right now, Felix is not present. It’s Luka, the shy and calm five year old, who sits in the back of the nurses car. He’s clutching his little teddy bear in his hand as he keeps his eyes low, he had been told the lectures are recorded and lots of people wanted to meet him. Luka doesn’t like very crowded rooms and he doesn’t have his favorite nurse to help him, he just hopes the people are nice as he gets out of the car and hunches his shoulders. He’s directed into the class, a big theater like set up with a little table in the center. A man pulls the chair out and the blonde shakily walks to sit in it, he whispers a little thank you and keeps his legs close together and his hands in his lap. There’s too many people looking at him and the camera and michrophone infront of him aren’t helping to calm his nerves. “Good afternoon, Alois, I am Dr. Terrance Lock. I teach this pshychology class, we’re very happy to have you here.” The doctor spoke, watching the smallers eyes flicker around the room from behind his bangs. “I-I’m not Al-Alois..” He whispered, unsettled by the amount of people who sat forward. “Oh, I apologize. May I ask who you might be?” Dr. Lock requested, watching him as he shifted a bit. “Lu-Luka..” He whispered, eyes raising. “Does anyone have any questions for Luka before I begin?”