he just turned into one of the lost right in front of me

Felipe Massa - Singapore report: It was a very unlucky race for me. My problems started with the collision I had with Hulkenberg after my first stop. I was braking for the corner and he turned his car in on mine, leaving me with nowhere to go, so we hit. This caused a slow puncture on my front-right tyre and the extra pitstop put me back many positions. I then had a gearbox problem. I was changing gears from 2nd to 3rd and was getting neutral. It seemed to resolve itself but it happened again and I had to retire the car. It was one of those races where things just weren’t going my way. We need to concentrate on recovering some of our lost points at the next race.

Danganronpa Episode 8 Analysis
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Honest to god there isn’t much to discuss in this episode bc everything is pretty cut and dry…

So we get a inside on Koichi’s past. He’s been fighting (a lot it seems) on the FF front lines with other teachers and FF members. He’s lost a lot of people, seen shit. I already knew this was gonna be bad for him taken the last despair arc episode.

A random thing I want to note. Miaya Robot turned right. She probably doesn’t have a wrist band code, but if she has a real one this confirms that she lied to Makoto and Hina. Just wanted to point this out.

Monaca (kinda) is still protecting Makoto and Kyosuke has completely lost his shit. Great. 

And now oh shit lets talk about Kyoko, Koichi and Ruruka which is the pain part of this episode.

Well firstly, all the theories about Yoi probably being alive are thrown out the window. He dead, and bc of Ruruka and im salty. Tbh the main reason why I liked Ruruka was bc of Yoi. Now he gone and im left feeling meh?

There was a post I saw, idk who the tumblr user was, but they mentioned that Juzo and Yoi’s eyes were similar bc of the sweets, and Ruruka was controlling Yoi all along. I disagree. Yoi and Juzo’s behavior’s are so polar opposite that I find this hard to believe. Juzo’s breathing is ragged, he’s deranged. Yoi never displayed these emotions + he hadn’t had Ruruka’s sweets the whole time in the killing game. He didn’t display any side affects. 

This being said I still like Ruruka, like I don’t hate her bc she has her own motives and shit, but damn I’m salty she attacked Kyoko & killed Yoi like UGH 

I expected a lot of character development from her. Seiko’s death was supposed to change her imo and it didn’t. She was cold, she was cold with Yoi. She did only care about herself in the end. No wonder why she didn’t like the FF, because they cared/care about the interests of all of humanity meanwhile Ruruka only cares about her own wellbeing and those important around her who can help/protect her and what she cares about. Is this wrong? Yes and no. But it’s up to the people around her to realize/find out the truth and make their own decisions and its up to Ruruka to decide her own path. This is what she chose. A life where killing anyone at any means comes almost natural to her. This being said, I do not hate Ruruka nor want to see any hate on her. Can we please remember that Junko did the exact same thing? She killed Mukuro and Matsuba to fall into despair and twisted them around her fingers to do what she wanted them to do. Flirted with them, insulted them and then killed them. You can’t hate one and not the other, even when the latter does more damage too. 

And that flash back with Juzo? I guess there was a time in HPA, probably around the events of D0, where Juzo came across Junko and failed to kill/capture her and disappointed Kyosuke and he is still haunted by this. Probably when the security guards/trustees/idk who they were whoops were killed outside and Kyoko found them, and Junko danced on their corpuses? I think this happened idk my memory is fuzzy but ANYWAYS I think this interaction happened here but who knows. 

And Koichi oh Koichi god bless his soul. So he saved Kyoko, and probably the first class in doing so. I don’t think Monaca calculated that Koichi would throw away his life but then again, maybe she did?

And we can see that Ruruka’s candy isn’t that powerful because Juzo was unaffected as well. Only for a brief moment he was. Plus we got Ruruka’s NG code and more proof on Juzo’s. 

So, whats next? Remember only a few episodes are left! My predictions…

  • Well Kyosuke will probably defeat Miaya robot for good. This is gonna end Makoto’s protection. 
  • We are gonna get a cut to Monaca who is watching as a NEET in space (orz) and she is probably gonna reveal a clue about the killer.
  • I am expecting a Kyoko and Togami meet up by the direction that Kyoko is running and the fact that the building is sinking (wut) and he is now locked in too. He doesn’t have a NG code, but he is now apart of the game.
    • How funny would it be if the timer ran out and when they all fell asleep he got a NG code LOLZ 
  • Makoto is going to run into Ruruka probably and Juzo, that is, if Juzo doesn’t kill Ruruka by either leaving or plain killing her. 
  • Ruruka either gonna die or gonna die probs.
  • I think Juzo has a change of heart towards Kyoko. He probably gonna find Kyosuke and be all sorts of confused.