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this is my entry for the april @thejilychallenge , with the theme “modern muggle au.”

@clarapotters vs. @childoftimeandmagic :)


The Prompt; “I tripped and spilled the dish on you and started panicking but you ended up comforting me despite the fact that you’re covered in sauce and meatballs how are you so nice” waiter/waitress AU



1.   The place where one lives permanently. London.

2.   A person or persons that make being alive worth it. They know you and all your flaws within moments of meeting you. They love you within hours.

3.   What falling in love feels like?

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#PickUpPitch prompt fills - captain’s choice

Surprising no one, @alwayskels is a champ and has sent out even more #PickUpPitch letters (on PST letterhead, too!) Hats off to Kelci!

The prompt: Mike and Ginny are captains of two opposing teams for a charity baseball game. Ginny has LeBron James and Serena Williams on her team. Mike has Steph Curry and Leo DiCaprio on his team. Feel free to add other celebs on their teams too!

(There’s still time to help @pitchstreetteam​ out by getting our message to Hulu and Craig Erwich before the ATX Festival. Write your letters and send your postcards and I’ll write you your very own fic! Just get me a picture of your mail before you send it off.)

read on ao3

The rules are simple. Build the best celebrity softball team ever and lead that team to victory in a (not-so-)friendly game benefiting the Padres Community Fund. He has six weeks.

It’s the kind of thing that Mike Lawson was made for. 

Doesn’t matter who they find to go up against him, Mike’s been around the block. He’s not losing this game.

That confidence doesn’t wane when he finds out Ginny will captain the other team. Not even a little.

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So i work at a well known sandwich shop, and we get our fair share of angry people, but this guy takes the cake. My pregnant co worker was taking his sandwich order and began making it. She finished putting the meat on and put it in the toaster like he asked. Then she took his sons order and started that one. Then she asked his son what kind of cheese he wanted. His son mumbled back very quietly, so she goes on tip toes and asks him again slightly louder. The man suddenly gets very angry and starts yelling ‘Are you disrespecting my son?!!’ she stutters and says 'no sir, I just needed to know the che..’ and he cuts her off. 'HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT HIM’ his sandwich in the oven starts beeping. She’s crying at this point and runs in the back. At this point, it’s just me and my two pregnant co workers back there. I overheard what was happening. So we’re all terrified and the guy is up there screaming and demanding that someone come up. The oven is still beeping. I go up and don’t say anything to him. Just silently remove his sandwich. Still in a tizzy, he’s yelling 'LOOK AT THAT THATS BURNT THAT. IS. BURNT.’ I ignore him and ask what veggies he wants. I hope his son enjoyed his sandwich, but I hope the dad hated his burnt log of tuna. My co worker had to go home she was so scared.


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Pairing: Winchesters x friend!reader, Mary
Word count: 1,012
Request: Anonymous. Hey! If you’re taking requests I have one. Can you write something where the reader thinks the world of Dean and Sam but has a major crush on Dean and he’s oblivious and kind of a jerk to her and Mary notices how much the reader loves him and confronts Dean about it. when Mary leaves the boys realize how much they need the reader when she’s the one picking up their broken pieces. Just a thought to add on because Mary leaving ticked me off. Yes, I understand she needs time but her boys have abandonment issues. She can’t just do that for their sakes.

Dean was sipping the coffee you had brought him and browsing for cases. You smiled softly at the way he licked his lips after each sip. You had your chin resting on the palm of your hand, as you were supposed to be reading up on some lore.

However, Mary saw how you were looking at Dean and smiled softly. She hadn’t seen the two of you interact all the much yet, but she thought you were good for him.

Noting Dean was about to look up, you quickly looked down, swallowing. Mary smiled slightly and lifted her cup to her face.

“You’re not done reading that yet?” He asked you making you look up. “You’ve been reading about the same thing for twenty minutes now.”

You blushed. “I, uh, keep re-reading parts to really get the information in there…”

Dean shook his head and shut the laptop. “If you don’t get it the first time, move on. Chances are, you won’t get it at all.”

Lowering your eyes, you grabbed the book and got up. “Maybe I’ll take notes. I’ve read that’s supposed to help.” You said quietly. “Let me know if you need anything, Mary.” You smiled at her.

She smiled back. “Of course.”

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Part 14 to Vegas baby?!!!! Brilliant series

Thank you so much!  Here is Part 14, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 15  Part 16  Epilogue)

Your weekend was filled with heart-felt conversations.  You had told him more about your family, about the fights and the debates and the constant scrutiny, and he told you about how his relationship with his father was incredibly complicated, and what it was like when he left him and his mother behind.  You had held each other thru the stressful parts, and laughed alongside each other as you rejoiced and recanted positive memories of your yesteryears.

For the first time in your life, you were comfortable with dusting off your layers.

Spencer made you feel…at home.  Wherever he was, you felt comfortable, and wherever he wasn’t, you felt lost.

That’s why, when Monday morning came, you ended up sticking your foot in your mouth again.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Reid!”

Whipping your heads up as you step off of the elevator, you both see Morgan waving his hand in the air at the two of you, Garcia beaming at his side as you furrow your brow, looking over at Spencer as he gives you a sheepish look.

“Um…so, Friday…you know, when I was coming to see you?” he stammers.

“You didn’t,” you plead with him, realizing that if Morgan knew, then Garcia knew…and if Garcia knew…

“Well, if it isn’t the bride and groom,” Rossi smirks as he comes around the corner.

“It’s about time the two of you confessed your secret feelings for one another,” J.J. says, teasing you two on your Vegas marriage.

You can see Spencer shaking his head furiously in your peripheral, silently begging everyone to stop the teasing.

“What is it, lover boy?” Emily comes up and slaps his shoulder, “Did you think you could keep this a secret forever?”

“Oh, no worries,” you pipe up, swallowing hard as your face turns every shade of red possible.  “It’s just temporary.”

As everyone stops teasing the two of you, you look over at Spencer, wide-eyed and…

You couldn’t figure out the other expression on his face.

Cocking your head lightly, you nudge Spencer with your elbow.


Trailing off, realizing you had said something wrong, you reach for his hand, trying to take it in yours as he pulls it away.

“I didn’t mean-I just…I just meant that-”

“I know what you meant,” he clips you off, turning his back on you and walking away.

“Oh, and for everyone else,” he says, spinning on his heels before walking down the hallway, “Not everyone on this team can handle the constant scrutiny you put everyone’s life under.  She gets it enough from her family, she doesn’t need it from her co-workers.”

Feeling your throat constrict from the embarrassment, you dip your flush-red face down to your feet as you hear Spencer march off, leaving behind a confused set of co-workers and a very lost temporary wife.


Finally coming to, you find yourself in Hotch’s office, sitting down with your bag at your side.

“Y/N?  You there?” Hotch asks, waving his hand lightly.

“Huh?  Oh, uh…yes…what?”

Looking around at his office, Hotch repeats what you had just requested.

“Are you sure?” he asks again.

“Sure of what?” you ask, bringing your gaze back to his.

“About this transfer?”

Holding up paperwork, he waves it in your face as you crinkle your forehead, not realizing you had filled any out.

“I-um…w-where…did that come from?” you stutter.

“You,” Hotch says, his facial expression growing worried.  “Y/N, are you alright?”

“Yes, no…I mean…I filled that paperwork out quite some time ago,” you say, remembering back a few months ago when you had requested it from Strauss.

“I remember, I walked in on you filling it out in Strauss’ office,” Hotch says, trying to job your memory.

Oh, yeah.

“And you just sat down and handed it to me…” he trails off, searching your face for any sign of recognition.


“What this is asking is a request for-”

“I know what it’s asking, Hotch,” you bite off, suddenly finding your surge of emotion, “And…well, maybe…maybe my subconscious is doing what I don’t have the guts to do myself.”

“So, you want me to honor the paperwork?” he asks, a hesitant expression on his face.

Turning to look out his office door window, you catch sight of Spencer setting something on your desk, the glimmer of the present catching the light as a tear runs down your face.

“I think it’s best for everyone, yes,” you choke out.

“You will be missed,” Hotch says, rustling papers as he picks up the phone.

Nodding slowly, you get up from your seat, your hand on the doorknob as Hotch calls out your name.


Turning around slowly, your red, puffy eyes meeting his, his face softens, and you could swear you saw a glint of a tear in the corner of his eye.

“I’m sorry,” he lowers his voice.

Giving him a weak smile, you slowly open his office door, walking out into the light as you shut it behind you.

Meandering down to your desk, your go-bag in hand, you tiptoe over to your desk, the team raising their eyes to watch your every move as you pick up the ring sitting amongst all of the papers scattered across your desk.

Spencer’s wedding ring.

Twirling it in your fingers, tears finally spill down your cheeks, and as J.J. leaps up to try and give you a hug, you hold up your hand, your glare stopping her in her tracks.

“If you take nothing away from my being here…remember this: Spencer and I may fight, and banter, and disagree…but they way you all tease with each other can be just as detrimental to either of us as our ‘fighting’ was detrimental to you.”

And with that, Hotch comes out onto the balcony.

“Meeting in 20.”

Slowly slipping his ring onto your middle finger, the only finger it would stay on, you grab your go-bag and head in the opposite direction, the team looking upon you in curiosity and concern as they head for the room, and you head for your apartment.



Spencer had decided to answer his vibrating phone while he was in the bathroom trying to put himself together.

“Yes, is this Mr. Reid?” the random voice on the other end asks.

“Yes, yes it is,” he says, furrowing his brow.

“This is Mrs. Vanklemeir from the Las Vegas Courthouse.  I am calling about your annulment request.”

As Spencer’s jaw unhinges lightly, he realizes that he had completely forgotten about the annulment paperwork.

“Mr. Reid?”

“Y-yes.  Sorry, yes.  What is it?  I-is something wrong with the paperwork?” he stammers.

“Everything is fine, Mr. Reid.  I just need your go-ahead before we can push the paperwork thru.  A courtesy call, to make sure the annulment is still wanted.”

Did he really want the annulment?

He said he wanted to be part of the decision process…

“Um…how long do I have to think about it?” he asks.

“Well, we still have to call Miss. Y/L/N.  If you’d like, I could call her first and then call you back,” she suggests.

“Yeah.  Um…just, whatever she says to do, just put that down as my answer,” Spencer says.

“Are you sure, sir?”

Doesn’t really matter now.

“Yes.  I’m sure.”

“Alright, sir.  Have a nice day.”

And with that, the phone call was done.

Sighing, he slips the phone back in to his pocket and walks back out into the hallway.

“Reid!  Come on, we got a case,” Morgan yells, beckoning for Spencer to come on.

Picking up his pace, Morgan and him rush up the steps in to the room, scanning the room for a seat, realizing that you aren’t there.

“Where’s Y/N?” Spencer asks, looking over at Morgan.

“She’s being transferred,” Hotch clips, his eyes glazed over.

And as Spencer stands there staring at Hotch, tears welling in his eyes and spilling over on to his cheeks, he runs out of the room and down the stairs, tripping over a chair as he races for the elevator.

“Reid!” Hotch calls out to no avail.

“Spencer!!”  Emily dashes after him, not moving far once Morgan puts his hands on her shoulders.

“Let him go,” Morgan commands, leading everyone back in to the room.  “It’s time he sorted this out without interference.”

But can we please

Can we PLEASE talk about how Clarke treated Bellamy in this episode?

She doesn’t hate him. She doesn’t blame him. She doesn’t say, “you killed 300 people”, “you’re being an jackass”, “you’re at fault if we go to war”

Even though those things are (at least partially) true

No, you know what she says?

She says, “This isn’t who you are.” She says, “I knew I could [leave] because they had you.” She says, “I know we can fix this.”

She still has faith in him. She still sees the good in him like she always has. She knows who he is deep down.

And he yells at her, and she just TAKES it. She doesn’t retaliate or defend herself or turn things back on him. Nope, she just lets him yell, because she knows he needs to. She knows she deserves it (to an extent).

And then she apologizes. An honest, heartfelt apology. She acknowledges that she left him when he needed her. She acknowledges that she needs him. And when he comes to kneel by her side, you can see the hope in her eyes. She just wants him back; she wants her right-hand man, her co-leader back.

Even though he did handcuff her, I’m not worried about Bellarke. Even though he is kind of acting like his S1 self, I’m not worried at all.

Because who was the one to turn him around in S1? Who was the person who played a gigantic role in his character development?

That’s right. CLARKE.

And I think the same kind of thing is going to happen this season. Bellamy’s character is not destroyed. It’s just straying down a different path. But he’s still in there. And I think Clarke can definitely bring him back out again.

Because she needs him. And he needs her. Whether you view them platonic or romantic, there’s no denying that they are a team, they will always be a team, and they need each other so much.

Besides, we still have that teary, heartbreaking hug to look forward to. Don’t worry, guys. They’ll always find a way back to each other.

True North, my friends. True fucking North.

Alone Time II

Phillip put in a request for a second part to Alone Time but with Owen being the culprit…

“Dinner was amazing,” Meredith said to Owen as he cleared away the dishes from the kitchen table. It was his way of saying thank you for letting him stay. His trailer had suffered a catastrophic pipe burst and he had to wait for a delivery of supplies the following day to fix the damage. Meredith had insisted he come over when he had told her.

“Thanks for having me,” he smiled.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. So, you probably know this already but Amelia is in LA for the week…”


“So you could have her room, perhaps… if you called her and asked her nicely?”

“I don’t know… probably best for me to be on the sofa.”

“Do you mind me asking what’s going on there? Are you guys using protection?” she joked.

“Meredith…” he threw an unamused eye-roll at her.

“What? I’m just curious!”

“I don’t know what’s going on there. Things were… starting up again… I think? Then they didn’t. We talk, and we laugh, and we hang out. The Gods are against us timing-wise though it would seem.”

“How so?” She sat at the kitchen island with her glass of wine and listened intently.

“When she’s scared, I’m not. When I’m hurt, she’s ready to fight for us. When I’m there, she freaks. It’s this constant back and forth and I can’t stand the game. So we were keeping things light and casual…”

“Have you gone further than hand-holding yet?” she teased.

“Hmmmm, barely,” he mumbled, almost growling out of frustration. “I want to, obviously, and I think she does… but I don’t want to risk a step back.”

“Surely any direction is better than stationary?”

He shrugged at the thought.

Later that night, Owen was into hour 2 of tossing and turning on the sofa that was too small and too hard for his back. He was a soldier. He took pride in the fact that he could sleep anywhere. He was one of the only doctors in the hospital who didn’t complain about on-call beds, and yet, on this perfectly decent sofa, something was tugging him back from sleep. He knew exactly what it was. It was her. She was in his every thought and her room being just a flight of stairs and a door away was too inviting to dismiss. She was in LA and wouldn’t be back for another 2 days. The thought of her bed, even without her, was too tempting.

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Life 1x06 - Powerless

We reach my most favorite ‘moment’ of all 'Powerless’ this is, unfortunately, the first and last Dani-centric episode of the series and Sarah Shahi carried it well. Dani Reese is a woman haunted by many demons.

As she said in this episode, its not just drugs she was trying to recover from, it was a lot of things. She has a lot of ghosts carried inside her.

She’s been clean from drugs for twenty plus months, but she hasn’t been sober. She was a functioning alcoholic, attending AA simply because it was a requirement of the job, she’s living a lie and she knows it.

And in comes Rick Larson, a sexual predator who blames his violence on his drinking and always got away with it with his sob stories and charisma until Dani found him out.

Rick, who thought he knew everyone’s demons, especially Dani’s.

Rick threatens Dani at gun point to drink herself to death but Dani is cool under pressure, and managed to contact Crews for help.

This, in itself is a supreme act of faith and trust in Charlie. Dani has no way of knowing if Charlie received her call, has no way of knowing that Charlie would be outside her home. Nor does Dani have no way of knowing if Charlie understood his message.

But Crews is there, and Davis is with him, and he *did* get the message, even if Dani pretends to be annoyed with all of Charlie’s zen talk, she’s listening, and Dani shows this to Charlie by talking to him in his language. “Gimme a moment,” Dani says, “do you understand?”

And Charlie does understand. “That’s not for him, that’s for me.” He realizes, “She just needs a moment.”

This is how they operated, as partners, as co-conspirators in the interrogation room, as they take someone down. They talk in codes, in a language only they could understand, in the silences.

Dani just needed a moment, and Charlie gives her one.

So Daisy’s school has one one of those ‘what your parents do for a living’ days. Daisy has talked to her teacher endlessly about how her big brother makes suits for very important people and that he gets to wear the shiniest shoes ever and sometimes he even brings home the fabric that he uses to make the suits so she can make some of her own for her dolls, so of course Eggsy gets sent an invitation to come and talk.

And naturally Eggsy freaks the fuck out. He wouldn’t have the first clue how to make a suit! He doesn’t even know what measurements you need to take! How the hell is he supposed to stand up in front of all those judgmental 7 year olds (‘yeah, I called them judgmental Harry! Kids are fucking vicious! Don’t laugh at me! Just cos you’re too old to remember being that age!’) and talk about something he hasn’t actually got a clue about?

After thoroughly enjoying himself watching Eggsy work himself into a lather, Harry eventually takes pity on him and spends the day teaching him everything he knows about tailoring. They go through the basic suit styles, which suits which body shape best, the different weights of fabrics and how a pattern is made and put together.

(Eggsy also insists that Harry teaches him how to take a client’s measurements. The measuring is carried out it fitting room one, so the lube is conveniently on hand when things take a turn for the gropey when it comes to inseam measurements).

Harry sends Eggsy off the day of the talk as if he were going on a mission, with fabric swatches and suit sketches rather than exploding lighters and Kevlar jackets. A few hours, Eggsy comes home triumphant. Daisy’s class adored him. Harry smiles at him indulgently. As if there could possibly be a different reaction to his boy. The celebratory sex that happened straight afterwards is an added bonus.

They probably need to think about restocking fitting room one soon, Harry muses while watching Eggsy gasp for breath next to him. It’s had quite the work out recently.

As requested by @1ddenisels and inspired by Yaser on Snapchat with this prompt from Denise.

Liam in bed in L.A. waiting for Zayn who’s showering and then Yaser start to post silly snapchats. And when Zayn comes to bed, Li and Yaser don’t stop. Zayn tries to get Liam’s attention but it’s not  very successful, so he calls Trisha. Zayn: Mom, please take dad’s phone i need to sleep.

The conversation with Trisha was also Denise’s idea but I changed some of the wording hope that’s okay love.   As always this is a mess.  sorry. 


When Zayn comes out of the shower, rubbing at his hair with the small towel in one hand while chucking the larger one into the basket with the other, he expects Liam to be asleep.

They only got back from the UK a couple of hours ago and while Zayn can sleep like a baby on planes, Liam’s the opposite.  

But he’s not, instead he’s sat up on the bed propped up by not just his own pillows but Zayn’s as well.   He’s just wearing his pyjama bottoms for now and he’s picking at the seam of one of the legs.

He’s laughing and of course that’s not a bad thing but he’s practically vibrating with laughter and well, this doesn’t augr well for an early night.

‘What you laughing at Li?’ he calls.

But he gets no reaction, instead Liam’s brows are furrowed in concentration for a moment while he holds the phone then he drops his other hand from the seam , before he mutters ‘Got it’  and then he’s pulling a bit of a face muttering to himself ‘Send’

Okay, that sort of makes sense.  

He turns away for a moment, finishing off towel drying his hair before he throws it into the laundry basket and then he turns to Liam on the bed again.

He’s not showing any signs of noticing Zayn still even when Zayn calls him name again.

Liam’s phone vibrates loudly in his hand and he swipes at it unlocking it before he starts to laugh again, his shoulders are vibrating and he falls backwards, only there’s no cushions to stop him and he bangs his head slightly on the wall.

He rubs at his head for a moment murmuring ‘oww’ before he looks back at his phone and sits up again and the giggling begins again in earnest.

Zayn shakes his head at him,  joining him on the bed, and he starts to caress at Liam’s arm that’s nearest to him.   

‘Babe’  he says it in his best husky voice which actually he doesn’t need to put on as the dry air of the plane catches up with him.  

He gets no response so he tries again, this time he peppers kisses on Liam’s shoulder and Liam actually shudders slightly, a small noise of approval coming from his mouth but he’s still staring at the phone.  

‘Not tonight Zed, really tired’  he distractedly mutters.

He has to fight off the urge to react like a 5 year old ‘Be like that then’ is on the tip of his tongue but instead he asks ‘Can I have my pillows back then please Liam?’


He huffs loudly and that normally wins him all the attention in the world but no, instead Liam’s pursing his lips again and as Zayn catches a glance at the phone he can see that he’s got snapchat open. 

‘Who you on the phone to Liam?’  

Still nothing and Liam’s still sitting on Zayn’s pillows so he decides not to play fair because Liam certainly isn’t, and pulls one of them from underneath Liam’s arse which overbalances him and leaves him tipping sideways,  half dropping the phone from his hand as he does which Zayn catches.

‘No Zayn, give it back’  and he’s scrambling for the phone and across the bed and Zayn’s holding it high then holding it low, keeping it out of his reach.

‘What you hiding from me Li?’  and he’s actually quite curious, Liam looks sort of panicked ‘You hiding your secret lover from me?’  he says it half jokingly but LIam’s pained expression stops him in his tracks.

‘Liam, what the fuck are you hiding?’  

He’s interrupted by the vibration of Liam’s phone again and then as he looks at Liam before he does at the phone, he can see his cheeks are flushed and he actually looks a bit guilty so he swipes at the phone and Snapchat’s already open and he can see 1 notification.

When he sees who it’s from he almost drops the phone off the bed in shock. ‘Dad?’

Sure enough there’s Yaser Malik, black and white filter on, and marble effect where his eyes should be and it looks like he’s in the kitchen or even the bathroom at home and he’s grinning and he’s mouthing something in the video.

He blinks at the phone and Liam takes the opportunity to swipe it off him.

‘He sent it to me by mistake’ he explains hurriedly ‘And I sent one back for a laugh, one with the flower crown’ he explains  ‘and then it went on from there’.

‘I wouldn’t have done it all if we’d done what I suggested in the first place?’  he pouts as he says the last couple of words.

Zayn comes out of his stupor then and rolls his eyes. ‘Don’t blame me for your having a snapchat back and forth with my Dad you berk’ 

But Liam’s ignoring him again and as Zayn peers over to look at the phone he can see he’s searching through the filters and he gets to the bunny ears filter and then he’s doing a video and typing out something on there which Zayn just catches as ‘Zayn’s got a cob on’ before Liam bats him away.

‘if you’re not going to join in you moody sod, go to sleep’

Zayn never thought he’d be putting ‘he never gets off snapchat with my dad’ as the reasons for their divorce that’s for sure and he feels tired now, and extra grumpy.

But still Liam shows no sign of stopping and 2 minutes later, his phone makes the loud vibration again and Zayn slumps back on the bed, wrapping the pillows round his ears to hide the noise but it doesn’t work as Liam’s laughter, not to mention slapping the bed with delight with his hands and oh fucking hell there go the kicky legs echoes round the room. 

And he’s got visions of this carrying on till he either suceeds in destroying Snapchat HQ or destroy all the phones capable of receiving snapchat in the world or tie Liam up, but apparently the latter isn’t something Liam’s interested in right now, and well there’s an easier solution so he sighs again loudly and actually this time Liam glances back at him, but he’s rolling his eyes at Zayn as he watches him sit up and reach for his phone.

But his attention soon turns back to his phone and Zayn knows he’s looking for another filter for the next snap and unless he does this now, this he can confidently predict will be the longest night of his life.

It takes her just a couple of moments to answer and when she does, she does it with a cheery ‘Hello sunshine’ 

Sometimes just sometimes, and he knows he should be above it, but sometimes he regresses back to being a kid again, and the reason he doesn’t feel bad about it is cos it usually works.

‘Muuuuum, please will you take dad off the phone and far away from Snapchat?’ and then with the most put upon voice in the world he adds’ I need to sleep’

But instead of the usual sympathetic noise at the other end, there’s a snort of laughter.

‘So that’s what you call it now?  Sleep i mean?’  

‘MUM!!!’ he gasps ‘what on earth, what happened to respect?’

The snort of laughter comes back louder now.

‘Should’ve thought of that love, before you stayed at our house’ and then she adds ‘why did you think we put you both in the extension in the end?’

He knows he’s blushing and he knows Liam would be blushing too especially as he recalls how they were in the room next to Safaa initially and they actually thought they’d been really careful. 

‘Oh Zayn, don’t worry I can hear your veins popping out your forehead from here with embarrassment, it’s fine and I’m sorry, I’ll go and distract him now but I have to say he’s having such a good time with Liam, he’s had such a stressful week in work and Liam doing this has brightened him up no end’

Then she adds softly.  ‘Its your fault you know, for marrying such a wonderful young man’ 

And as Zayn looks across the bed to Liam, who’s propped up against the headboard now and his eyes are beginning to droop a little but the soft sound of laughter still comes from him as the vibration comes again.  

And he murmurs ‘I know’  reaching a hand out to Liam’s thigh and starts to stroke it, and this time Liam looks across, sleepy grin on his face.

‘Listen its okay mum, I’ve got this’  and he cuts off the connection before she can respond.

He lifts his hand from Liam’s thigh, and leans over him, pressing a kiss to his lips before he moves them from his lips to his neck.

‘I should probably send a goodbye snap to your da-’  

Zayn’s mouth covers his again before he can finish.   

Everything Happens for a Reason

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: G
Pairing: Nathanaël/Marinette
Author’s Note: Anyone remember that poll I did a while ago? I finally got down to writing the Nathanette portion of it. I hope you guys enjoy it! Next up is Ladrien and I have a multitude of ideas that mostly involve angst. So, here’s the fluffy treat before all hell breaks loose. Anyway!! Thank you so much to my wonderful followers for helping me reach 1000+!! This is my gift to you! 
Special thanks to @fondgarcon​ for helping me with Nathanaël’s character.

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Could you please do Cresswell's conversation in cockpit towards the end of 'Cress', perhaps? I hope it's not too long! :)

There is sooo much Cresswell goodness in the cockpit chapter, I cannot discuss everything as much as I want to. Therefore, I’m going to expand on an old post of mine where I collected some quotes focusing on the character development of Cress and Thorne.

Out of the four books, “Cress” is my favourite. Not only because Cress and Thorne got so much get so much attention but because “Cress” is the most cohesive book in my opinion. So many things are touched upon in the first few chapters and are picked up again at the end of the book to show a development – and this development is carried by Cress and Thorne. In the cockpit scene, their character arcs but also their changing feelings for each other come full circle.

Suddenly she was crying, without knowing when the tears had started.

Thorne’s hands found her elbows, tender and gentle. There was a moment in which she expected to be taken into his arms, pressed warm and safe against his chest. She yearned for it.

But instead, he shook her—hard.

“Stop it!” (Cress, chapter 15)

Upon being overwhelmed by the feeling of open space and about to cry, Cress expected Thorne to step up to her idea of him as a hero, taking his damsel into his arms to console her. Instead, he tries to shake her out of her crying fit (and it works). Thorne doesn’t coddle Cress in the desert – he is supportive and motivates her but he also expects her to be strong and attentive because he knows he has to rely on her.

He doesn’t console her because at this point, crying is the last thing they should do. Thorne is already in survival mode, he looks for a means to escape instead of worrying about non-immanent threats. That’s how Thorne operates, he is always in the now. Also, I doubt he understands Cress fears at this point; her isolation and confinement (and the resulting consequences) are too abstract for him.

In the cockpit scene though:

Her next breath shook inside her diaphragm, and as the tears started, she felt herself being pulled toward Thorne. He drew her into his lap, scooping one arm beneath her legs to keep the enormous skirt from tangling around her. Sobbing, Cress buried her face against his chest and let the tears come. […]

Thorne held her until the sound of his heartbeat became louder than the sound of her crying. He smoothed her hair back from her face, and though it was selfish, Cress was glad that he couldn’t see her then, with her red face and puffy eyes and all the unladylike fluids she’d left on his shirt.

Here, Cress is suddenly struck by the loss of her father and that’s something Thorne has a much easier time relating to. (Not in the way that his own father passed away but because the concept of death and regret is something he can grasp much better than Cress incoherent fear of Luna and space.) But also, it’s him picking her up - I doubt Cress expected it of him - and letting her cry for the loss of her father. He doesn’t even realise that he actually loves this girl yet but subconsciously, he behaves like one of Cress heroes. In “Winter”, he actively tries to become heroic but here, he does it without realising it, it’s no wonder Cress still loves him for everything he is and more.

“Good. Because I need you. And those are not words that I throw around every day. Now, are you going to be all right?” (Cress, chapter 15)

Those are indeed not words Thorne throws around every day. He would never say that he needed Cinder to escape, it’s more like she’s his best bet for now. Thorne is an opportunist and he prides himself on his self-reliance. But Carswell Thorne, with his keen eye for value and beauty, is struck blind in a dangerous place and he absolutely needs Cress – and he doesn’t like it one bit. That’s why he later leaves her to gamble, too. At this point, Thorne is not yet ready to rely on anyone but himself. But in the cockpit scene, he goes to Cress:

Grinning, Thorne pulled a small bottle from his pocket. “I came in here to ask if you would help me with this. These are the mystical eyedrops the doctor made.” (Cress, chapter 57)

Thorne asks Cress for help and he doesn’t even mind it (similarly, notice how he always complains when someone sits in his captain’s chair but when Cress does it, he takes the co-pilot’s chair without so much as a word?). With a bit of practice, Thorne could have easily learned to use the drops on his own but instead, he goes straight to the person who was always at his side since he was blinded. Thorne beat himself up for leaving Cress alone in Kufra, just to prove to himself that he still doesn’t need any one “not even her”, so he now knows that there are worse things than relying on someone from time to time. It’s a great development for Thorne.

He extended a hand toward her. When she gave him hers, he tugged her closer, bent his head, and pressed a kiss against her knuckles. Cress stiffened and swooned, her knees threatening to buckle beneath her.

“Captain Carswell Thorne, at your service.” (Cress, chapter 13)

That’s the Carswell Thorne we know, especially when he’s around women. The only exception to his suave persona is, as always, Cress (I doubt he insulted any other girl by pure instinct as he did with Cress when he sees her and her magpie-nest hair for the first time). But after that disastrous meeting with Sybil, where he used almost the same old phrase, he tries again with Cress, introducing himself the way he always does. It’s a line and a move he probably has perfected over the years and which seems like straight out of one of Cress’s netdramas (hence, her swooning). But this gesture has nothing to do with Cress and everything with how Thorne wants to present himself to others. It’s smooth, yes, but it lacks honesty and warmth.

Now, the way chapter 13 ends is mirrored again in the cockpit scene as it’s also the last interaction we see of Cress and Thorne in “Cress”:

The discomfort melted from his features, and she was jealous as her blush stayed burning hot. Thorne held a hand out toward her and it took every ounce of the courage she’d earned that day to tuck her hand into his.

“Believe me, Cress. The pleasure was all mine.” (Cress, chapter 57)

There is no showy kiss on the hand or an empty phrase. Thorne means what he says and there is no need for Cress to thank him for the promised kiss but instead, the pleasure was all his. Because at this point, Thorne finally realised that what he feels for Cress is love. Though he believes that she doesn’t love him back, so that’s as far as Thorne can admit to his own feelings. And while this gesture is much less showy, Cress still needs more courage to reach out to Thorne’s hand then in the desert where she was more willing for her “hero” to kiss her hand like in one of the netdramas. But here, this gesture speaks of mutual respect and is much more honest than their previous interaction.

In the cockpit scene, Thorne and Cress have no secrets from each other anymore (except for their feelings for each other): Thorne confessed that he is no hero since he used the portscreen incident of his youth to get Kate Fallow to make his math homework, and Cress is honest about the crush she had on Thorne since before they met. They’ve got to know and love each other for their strengths and weaknesses and they developed as characters together and individually and all of it comes together wonderfully in the cockpit scene.

Doesn't show up PART 4 - Nash Grier Imagine

My body shook to wake me up from the falling sensation I had just had in my dream. Uncomfortably and slowly I lifted myself up onto my elbows while my eyes adjusted to the bright light that seeped through my curtains. My head still ached from all the crying I’d done the night before. I must have been crying in my sleep as well because my face was wet and my eyes still red and puffy. I sighed as I remembered everything that had happened. I rubbed my eyes and turned to the clock on the right of my bed. 12:56 pm.

‘’SHIT’’ I said to myself. How could I have slept for so long!? I jumped out of bed, ran to my wardrobe, quickly put on my work uniform and ran to my car. I was supposed to start work at 11am but I must have slept through my alarm. Quickly grabbing my phone before I left the house I realised I had 11 missed calls from my manager and 6 texts that I took no notice of because I didn’t have time to read them. 10 minutes later I arrived at the small café where I worked part-time.
‘’I am so sorry Oscar’’ I said as I ran into the kitchen area of the café where my manager Oscar, my colleague Amy and my other colleague Ben were busy working.
‘’No y/n I don’t want to hear it’’ Oscar said, waving his arms at be as if to send me away just as I was putting my apron on.                                  ‘’What, what do you mean?’’ I said to him.
‘’I told you after the last time you were late that I’d fire you the next time so…’’ he said, as he turned his back to me and walked out the kitchen to deliver a tray of food to customers.
‘’No way, he can’t be serious’’ I said puzzled while turning to Amy.
‘’Oh no he is’’ said Amy. ‘’You should have seen him earlier, I really think you’ve don’t it this time y/n’’ she said while giving me a sympathetic look before she too went to deliver food to customers.

I felt sick. First Nash and I have a massive argument and basically break up and now I’ve been fired.

‘’Look Oscar I know I said it before but I promise you it won’t happen again!’’ I plead with him even though I know he won’t give me another chance, again.
‘’No, I’ve given you so many second chances and this time I’m not going to, I can’t have an employee who can’t even come to work on time and who clearly doesn’t take this job seriously’’ He replied. He didn’t seem angry, just stern and straight to the point so I knew there was no point in trying to change his mind because once Oscar makes a decision, he always sticks to it. I took off my apron, picked up my bag and drove home again, this time taking the scenic route because I just needed time to think.

I ended up not going home, not going anywhere in fact; I just kept driving around wherever my car took me, losing myself in my thoughts. I thought about everything, Nash, my job, school, Nash, my best friend, Nash, what time my parents will be home, Nash and more Nash. I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
It got to 4pm and I was still out driving, I only stopped when my phone started ringing from by bag so I pulled over and answered it.
‘’Hello?’’ I said into my phone.
‘’Hi y/n it’s Amy! You alright?’’ she said.
‘’Hi Amy, yeah I’m great, love getting fired’’ I replied sarcastically.
‘’Look I’m sure Oscar will change his mind in a couple of days once he realizes how much he needs you!’’ said Amy.
‘’Yeah hopefully, thanks Amy’’ I replied.
‘’Well I’m just ringing cos I thought you might want to know that Nash was here earlier asking for you’’ Amy said.

What. Just hearing his name upset me and I paused for a bit trying to take it what Amy had said.

‘’Urm what, what w-why was he there what did he say?’’ I said while trying not to cry.
‘’He was just asking to talk to you and when I told him you weren’t here he didn’t believe me and he started shouting at me saying that you’d told me to say that and that you were actually here, that’s when Oscar had to ask him to leave because he was disrupting everyone… is everything okay with you two?’’
I paused again.
‘’Yeah yeah urm okay thanks for letting me know Amy I’ll talk to you later’’ I said so fast that I doubt she even understood me. I quickly hung up the phone before she could answer and threw it on the passenger seat.

Nash had been looking for me. That means he must have been to my house too but my parents are away for their anniversary so he got no answer. I’m so glad I didn’t go home now; I wasn’t ready to talk to him, not yet. That’s when I remembered I had 6 texts, well 11 now. Picking my phone up again I looked at my messages and, just as I thought, they were all from Nash.


Part 5 coming soon! Thanks for reading!

Office Party

Thorin +  “we’re co workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff christmas party and admitted your love for me i don’t know how to act around you now”

All I want for Christmas is you…You nodded your head along to the overplayed carol as you glanced around the groups of employees garbed in formal casual and random festive accessories. Linda was wearing a Rudolph nose and Tim a Santa hat, while you had bit back your bah humbugs and allowed yourself a holly brooch. As the person elected to run the annual Holiday bash, you were required to act like you wanted to be there; not that you had lobbied for the position, rather it had been thrust upon you abruptly.

You turned and crossed your arms, hiding the grimace which kept tugging at your lips far too often. You were not some Scrooge but organizing a party for dozens of people who treated you like less than was exhausting and insufferable. You had not so much as received a thank you despite your hours of work and the decorating which had taken you most of the last two days.

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