he just so happy to be in the shire

Imagine asking Gandalf to make it snow.

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Credit to the imagine found here from middle-earth-imagines! Gif credit goes to the original creators.

You delicately perched yourself on the ground, resting against a fallen tree and wrapping your thick winter coat around you. You picked at the brown grass below you, ripping up a few pieces and throwing them down in frustration. You looked out over the bland colored landscape. If you were back home in the Shire, it surely would have snowed by now. It was the dead of winter! Thoughts of your cozy hobbit hole drifted into your mind.

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Regarding Fauntlings of the Shire

Right after that heartbreaking head canon please enjoy some shameless, married Bagginshield fluff;

Fem-Bilbo (Or mpreg, what ever floats your boat friends) and Thorin cozied up together in their room in Erebor, talking about succession and heirs now that they’re married. Eventually Bilbo notices he keeps saying if they had a child and he has to explain that among dwarrows, having a child is a rare and precious gift from Mahal. 

“Truly? And to think, you can’t seem to move for fauntlings in the Shire. Why just before we left my cousin Petunia Took had sextuplets! Poor girl could barely fit in her smial - and then they all turned out to be girls! Can you imagine, six Took girls?! Their father will have to keep an eye out…”

Girls?! Six children!?

“Yes, quite common in our family. My mother was one of twelve”

Twelve!-” and Thorin just faints (he would do so again when revealed he and Bilbo would be blessed with triplets) 

ifalltheyearwereplayingholidays  asked:

Fandom: Lord of the Rings

  • Favorite Male Character: Frodo Baggins
  • Favorite Female Character: Galadriel
  • Least Favorite Character: I don’t have one I don’t think, I love everyone. Maybe Shelob because she’s a massive fuckin’ spider haha!
  • Favorite Ship: Aragorn x Arwen
  • Favorite Friendship: Frodo and Sam
  • Favorite Quote: “Home is behind, the world ahead”
  • Worst Character Death (if any): in the movies I didn’t approve of Haldir’s death purely because he didn’t die in the book, so that was uncalled for.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: “My friends, you bow to no one” dear god that gets the tears flowing and the tingles tingling! That music man…
  • Saddest Moment: “Don’t go where I can’t follow…” or maybe just all of it because ya know, FEELS!!
  • Favorite Location: Rivendell or The Shire

Thank you for this one too!<33

All good things...

Based on “Imagine the dwarves being at Bilbo’s 111th birthday party” from Imaginexhobbit


It was a beautiful afternoon in the Shire, not that Bilbo noticed. He was fussing about the study in his hobbit hole, tidying his books and papers, thinking of what remained to be done for the party, occasionally calling for Frodo to help with a task he’d suddenly remembered. 

Thus occupied indoors, he entirely missed seeing the small entourage of dwarves coming up the path toward Bag End. His attention was drawn to their arrival only when Frodo burst breathlessly into the room, his wide blue eyes smiling, calling, “Bilbo! They’re here!”

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I’m gonna go to bed real early tonight but I feel like thinking of happy fluffy animal things before I do, so without further ado:

- While in the Shire a pair of baby geese sees Nori and believes he’s their daddy. They follow him from that moment. They be fierce. (Eventually they attack Azog and save the day)

- Bifur has a pet mouse who lives in his pocket. It just moved in one day and Bifur likes the company.

- Sheep love Thorin for some reason. They will follow him around and bleat yearningly until he gives up and pets them. (While they stayed at Beorn’s there was much bleating and petting)

- I think I’ve mentioned this in a fic, but there’s a toad living in the flower beds outside Bilbo’s home and Bilbo is normally fine with this as it eats flies, but he wishes it would stop scaring him by croaking real loud every time he accidentally waters it.

- Kíli will feed anything looking hungry or sad enough. Which means that over the years he’s collected a few strays. The elk was probably the largest and strangest (and the one his mother most explicitly forbade him to bring home with him).

please consider the anniversaries

  • the first year Thorin is just over the top. He sends word to Erebor to pretty much bring all of the gold to the shire to he can give it to Bilbo. Bilbo would just be so exasperated but not mad. “Did we not already go through this before the wedding? I swear old habits die hard for dwarves.But kisses Thorin after he says it with a smile on his face.
  • Bilbo taking Thorin out to the oak tree and carving their initials in it. Every year they add a tally mark for how many years they’ve been together
  • Thorin wanting to do better the second year so instead he takes Bilbo out of the shire and to the ocean. Bilbo is so amazed by the water and how it matches Thorin’s eyes. Bilbo holding back tears as he looks out over the water. “I never thought that I would ever see something so beautiful.” Bilbo says as he puts his hand in Thorin’s. Thorin pulls him close and places a kiss in Bilbo’s hair Neither did I.”
  • The third year Thorin takes Bilbo out of the shire and out into a field, where the only lights are the stars. “Here are the stars, let me name them all for you.” Thorin points to different clusters explaining how each one represents something about them. 
  • On the fourth year Bilbo wants to go visit Dale and see how the rebuilding is going and Thorin just rolls his eyes but would do anything to make Bilbo happy. Thorin groaning because he has a feeling that a certain elven king will be in Dale. Bilbo swatting Thorin’s arm every time he groans. “Besides, then we can spend some time in Erebor and see how Fili and Kili are doing.” Thorin being all huffy. They are my nephews, they are running a fine kingdom indeed.”
  • On the fiifth year the whole company comes to the Shire to celebrate Bilbo and Thorin’s anniversary. Dwalin and Thorin both get their hand stuck in a cookie jar at the same time. Fili and Kili plan a party that they invite every single hobbit to. Bilbo groaning because now he has deal with his relatives. Thorin being all smug about it because of the Dale incident.
  • Every year feels like the first year all over again. Every year they fall more in love with each other.
  • On their 50th anniversary when they are both gray haired and time has started wearing on them they decide to set out on one last adventure and retrace all of their steps from when they went to reclaim Erebor. This time they do it right. They kiss in Rivendell, on the Carrock, at Beorn’s(they tell him of the oak tree that now resides by their home), outside of Mirkwood, and lastly on the rampart where Thorin holds Bilbo close to him. They stay there wrapped up in each other. “I loved you even then.” Bilbo whispers to Thorin, knowing how that one moment has always stayed with him. Thorin kisses Bilbo, his lips ghosting across Bilbo’s. “I could live a thousand lives and  it would never be enough time to be with you”

So it’s to be an angst war then? Because of this? Is it hallsofstone2941?

Very well…

Mad Baggins they call him. Living alone with wealth and just enough an air of adventure clinging to him from his long ago dash into the blue that all the lasses, and more than a few of the lads, would be happy to call him their own. They would be happy to move into the beautiful smial so he won’t be alone again.

But fifteen years on from his adventure and Bag End remains almost silent. He lives there alone. He could have anyone he pleased, still admired and looking younger than he ought, but he has never so much as tried for anyone.

Everyone in the Shire knows about Mad Baggins.

Even some of the Big Folk in Bree know about Mad Baggins.

But it’s only the residents of Hobbiton who know that the moniker wasn’t granted for his adventures across the mountains, nor for his association with the dwarven caravans, nor for his owning a blade and knowing how to use it. Nor is it because he buys too much food for his larder, or because his garden is sometimes forgotten altogether. The moniker isn’t because he doesn’t come down to the Green Dragon for a pint. It isn’t because he forgot to hold a birthday party last year. 

No, the residents of Hobbiton know it has nothing to do with that. 

There’s only one soul in Hobbiton who doesn’t know. See, Mad Bilbo Baggins is the only one who doesn’t know he came back to the Shire alone.

And none of them can bear to tell him so.

frecklestherobot  asked:

Out of curiosity, do you prefer everyone lives AUs where Thorin and Bilbo stay at Erebor or where they go back to the Shire?


but god after BOTFA like I think Thorin would be so happy in the Shire?? but I’m also conflicted cause like well I mean Thorin can’t just win the mountain back, dump it in Fili’s lap and book it out of there with Bilbo and there’s still the issue of ‘I want the company + Dís to be one big happy family in Erebor’ so unless they’re all moving to the Shire I think I prefer the Erebor AU??

My ideal post-BOTFA headcanon is that Thorin and Bilbo go back to the Shire for like a year or so for Bilbo to settle things in the Shire and pack what he wants and for Thorin to try to heal a little from the gold-sickness and focus only on ~the value of home~ with Bilbo and then they return to Erebor and they’re married and Thorin crowned King and Bilbo consort where they rule for a number of decades before they retire and go to the Shire and adopt Frodo and they go on walking holidays all the time and go traveling and eventually end up in Rivendell and fret over Frodo together tHEN SAIL WEST TOGETHER AND THEN DIE WITHIN HOURS OF EACH OTHER AND THEN MEET UP IN THE AFTERLIFE THE END. 

tl;dr: I prefer a good mixture of both uvu 

well I had a prompt ask for #40 for bilbo and thorin as exes meeting after a long long time but saving to drafts ate it BUT HERE IT IS IN TEXT FORM, needless to say it got out of control and I may or may not be considering continuing it……..

It is not exactly uncommon for dwarves to pass through these parts these days, and so Bilbo doesn’t pay the news much attention, even though he hears about it from at least three separate and very excited sources within the span of one day. ‘An exceptionally pompous group, if you ask me’, Mister Bellybur calls them. ‘No manners whatsoever,’ complains Missus Gamgee. ‘Are you sure they’re not some of yours?’ asks Mister Gamgee, very endearing (and the slightest bit annoying) in presuming that since Bilbo went on an adventure with a company of dwarves, he is now acquainted with every single one of them.

Which he isn’t, and so he doesn’t half worry about it - his friends would have written to him well beforehand if they decided to visit, he knows, and even if they chose to surprise him, they would have been at his doorstep already, always deriving a lot of pleasure from turning heads as they marched up to Bag End, their reunion with Bilbo often ending up a public spectacle.

No, these are probably just merchants heading to Bree from the Blue Mountains, or some such thing, and so Bilbo dismisses it and goes about his day without a hitch.

Still, a part of him almost expects a knock to come at some very rude time in the night - it’s been years, years now since they first stomped up to his doorstep, and his life has not been the same since, of course. He bears evidence of his adventure still, everywhere he goes, be it a thin, faded scar here and there, or the ring always in his pocket, but more than that, everyone knows about him. Batty Baggins, ran off on an adventure, came back with gold and a dwarf of his own.

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anonymous asked:

headcanon: Bilbo's oak tree was one of the only trees to survive the Scouring of the Shire and when Bilbo sails to Valinor, he has one of it's acorns with him. Sam doesn't completely understand the significance of the tree but he tends and guards it and so do his children after him.

i don’t even know how to respond to this, it’s so perfect and so painful

leupagus  asked:

Trope request! Bilbo/Thorin, snowed-in. Bonus points for girl!Bilbo but I'd be happy with anything.

(Okay, now that I’ve written all this, I feel I have to say: I SWEAR THEY DO GET SNOWED IN SOMEWHERE EVENTUALLY. HANG IN THERE.)

Post-quest, everyone lives but not all is forgiven — it’s not exactly that Bilbo is still angry that Thorin nearly killed her, it’s obvious that he wasn’t in his right mind and that he regrets it, but what she’s really still angry about is that he won’t fucking apologize or ask to be forgiven, he just sort of… takes it as read that he’s forgiven. So she takes her leave of Erebor in a bit of a huff, and tromps off back to the Shire, and gets Bag End back from her relatives (who, incidentally, were looking after it by arrangement, because girl!Bilbo and Lobelia are friends, nobody try and argue with me they just are), and settles in to a happy, peaceful life of having nothing to do with goddamn dwarves.

… Except that they keep getting letters to her. [Ravens? Caravans headed for Ered Luin? I don’t know.] And, well, most of them she does still consider friends; Thorin may be a vain, arrogant pillock, but that doesn’t mean she can’t carry on a correspondence with, say, Ori. (Think of his little face if she returned his letters unopened, after all.) … And Bofur. And Balin. And maybe Kili. And, okay, if she’s perfectly honest, more or less everybody except Thorin. And pretty much every letter she gets from them includes at least a few sentences about how they know Thorin would very much like to hear from her, which she steadfastly ignores for several years, then gets fed up and writes back to Balin that Thorin will hear from her just as soon as he properly apologizes or hell freezes over and she is pretty certain which of those two will happen first so can they please drop the subject — and then Thorin actually writes to her with an apology. It’s not a perfect apology, but it’s an effort, at least. And it seems more or less sincere. And it does actually appear to be his own handwriting (she checks, because frankly she wouldn’t put it past Kili to try and forge something like this). And from that point, she does carry on a correspondence with him as well — their letters are a bit more formal and cautiously-worded than her letters to the rest of the Company, but they do gradually warm up and lose their undercurrent of prickly tension, and at least they’re staying in touch.

And eventually, late one fall, there’s some need for Thorin, with a party of other Erebor nobility (which mainly means “whichever members of the Company he feels like bringing”), to travel to Ered Luin, and since they’re still in touch with Bilbo of course it makes sense for them to stop at Bag End for a little while — Lobelia comes and stays as well, to chaperone — during which time Bilbo, for whatever reason, has to briefly go and visit her Aunt Mirabella in Buckland and leave the dwarves unsupervised in her home. So she goes off, leaving lots of notes all over the place about what to eat, where various useful household items are, whom to talk to if they run short of anything or need to do any shopping, and so forth, and most importantly how far away she’ll be and when to expect her back.

Only, the day before she’s supposed to be back, the weather suddenly turns nasty – wind, ice, and snow, to a degree unheard of in the Shire since the Fell Winter. And there’s a bit of moping among the dwarves – “Aw, she’ll be snowed in in where-d'you-call-it, we won’t have the pleasure of her company for ages” – but no one is particularly worried about it, until Thorin actually looks at the map and it occurs to him that it would take at least two days to cover that distance on foot, and that the weather was nice enough two days ago that an unsuspecting hobbit might have confidently set out for a long walk, and he becomes absolutely convinced that Bilbo is at this very moment buried in a snowbank somewhere along the road to Buckland, freezing to death.

So he immediately sets off – by himself, of course, because [reasons I haven’t thought of yet. The rest of the dwarves were out of the house at the moment he had this realization, maybe? And obviously this CANNOT WAIT] – and follows the road she should have taken, searching the entire way for any sign of her, and three days later fetches up in Buckland to discover Bilbo safely ensconced in Brandy Hall, absolutely baffled that Thorin would have thought she’d risk the roads when there was obviously a storm coming. (“But… you… it was sunny and nice and–” “Thorin, for heaven’s sake, hobbits are farmers. How do you think we’d have managed all this time without having some sense for the weather?” “But I didn’t know it was going to snow!” “Yes, well, those of us who don’t live underground have rather more experience in this area.”)

At which point it occurs to Thorin that now he and Bilbo are snowed in at Brandy Hall, and also that, between the cold and the wet and the strenuous pace he set himself and the three days of sustained panic, he’s not feeling very well. Which is how the two of them end up spending nearly the entire winter in Buckland, while Thorin recovers from a nasty chill and Bilbo looks after him and frets a lot, and also how Bilbo ends up accepting a proposal of marriage not in her own cozy hobbit-hole, and not in her beloved’s beautiful golden city, but in a rather cramped guest-bedroom in a distant relative’s home with a half-dozen of her cousins spying at the keyhole.

-Modern AU where they meet when they bring their dogs to obedience training.  The dogs look comically similar to their owners.

-Bilbo keeps getting anonymous love letters during the quest and is 90% sure they’re from Ori.  Until he discovers they’re from Thorin.

-Newlyweds AU where Thorin keeps going around referring to Bilbo as “my consort, Bilbo,” and “my husband,” in every other sentence, and everyone is all “Yes we know he’s your husband.”  He’s just so happy and proud though.

-ErerborAU where Bilbo tells Thorin (in detail, because he’s a hobbit) about his favorite meals from the Shire with longing in his voice.  So Thorin attempts to make each one of them himself.  It doesn’t go exactly as planned, but ends with happy laughter and an even happier hobbit. 

One Last Adventure

So the last part of ‘Don’t Go’ is finally here ^.^ as always can be read as stand alone or part of the series ~ enjoy

One Last Adventure

Bard sat in his rocking chair, looking out over the grand halls of the Woodland Realm, his home far more than Dale was these days. He had moved here years and years ago now, when Bain was king and Sigrid was married, Tilda old enough to marry but instead choosing to come and live among the elves, they had welcomed her with open arms.

They visited Dale often of course, neither of them could be kept away from their beautiful grandkids for long, even if they were all grown now, there was even the great-grandbaby, little Asta who was only three. But it was late in Bard’s years, and he was not as strong as he once was. Each time the trip was a little more exhausting, no matter how much he would pretend to be fine, Thranduil would notice. Bard could not bear the look on his face whenever he did.

It was dread.

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thelittle-hobbit  asked:

I AM TRUSTING YOU.... Bilbo fretting over Thorin <3


  • Thorin survives because Thranduil is the pie maker so they all survive the battle Thorin somehow survives and Bilbo sits by his bedside feeding him and telling him about his childhood, getting him blankets and something to drink and then tells him more about live in the Shire until Thorin finally falls asleep
  • But Bilbo continuous to sit by his bedside just watching him breath because he looks so much happier in his sleep
  • Thorin gets better eventually, but when he hears what happened to Kili, he doesn’t want to be king anymore (and Bilbo is still there for him, holding him while Thorin cries griefs)
  • so when it’s time for Bilbo to return to the Shire, he takes Thorin with him
  • so yes happy they lived happily ever after in the Shire AU which includes:
  • Bilbo knitting ugly christmas sweaters and scarves and mittens so that Thorin doesn’t catch a cold
  • they plant the acorn together
  • they sit in armchairs by the fire together
  • smoke their pipes together and tell jokes
  • they raise young Frodo together (yes i love that headcanon)
  • they grow old together
  • they travel to Rivendell together and from there on to Dale and eventually really slowly on to the lonely mountain
  • by that point they are both very very old with white hair and wrinkles and Thorin has a majestic beard
  • the other dwarves have a huge feast in Erebor in honour of their return and even Thranduil shows up with gifts
  • Bilbo stays by Thorin’s side the entire time
  • until Thorin’s death…
  • and finally after Bilbo dies, Aule, Yvanna and Mandos have an argument as to who should keep him. In the end Aule wins and Bilbo is reunited with Thorin (& Co)

I distinctly remember a time when most of headcanons were that Thorin wouldn’t want to ask Bilbo to stay after the battle, because he wouldn’t like to keep him from his home and his Shire.

But after BoFA it is just so canon. Even if he had lived he would have let Bilbo go back to the Shire to live a peaceful life in his comfortable smial, because surely the mountain is not fit for a hobbit. After such peril, how could he even dare to ask such thing? “Go back to your books and your armchair.” He would be so scared to be selfish again, (and oh the gold sickness) to keep him from his happiness would be terrible and so he would let him go and Bilbo would just sadly stand and say “Tea is at five, don’t bother knocking” and Thorin would still manage a small laugh but I want to cry.