he just shouldn't have gotten it

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Shouldn't there be another one??? I could have sworn the "Red Bandit" had another henchman...

thomspon: that train was probly crawlin with em.

thompson: but their leader’s in jail n’ none of em know that so maybe they’ll get off my ass for once

thomspon: but yeah that sucker who was holdin’ eddie and the prince hostage? just another goon. 

thompson: he wouldn’t’ve gotten marked up like that if red gave a shit about him. 

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I really wish Carl would have gotten in on that hug. He shouldn't have been on the sideline. Group hug, Carl!

I know! He was just awkwardly there, looking sad and his parents didn’t even notice him. 😄Seriously though, this is one of the reasons I don’t like Greg as a director. Emotional moments, which is what I watch the show for to be honest, feel a bit clunky in his hands. I feel like he’s so eager to get back to the action, he doesn’t put the weight into these scenes that they deserve. He gets lucky with Andy and Danai (and Melissa and Lennie), because they just know how to play these things. But with a young actor like Chandler, he needs someone to actually direct him. And I feel like a better director would’ve included Carl more.

Also, I read that there’s a deleted Rick/Michonne/Carl scene somewhere, and I want it. Now. 😩

Sweet Pea [Hogwarts!Jungkook]

Summary: It wasn’t a good idea at all to tease Jungkook. Not good at all when he turns you into a cat, and when you accidentally give him a boner. 

Gryffindor!Jungkook, featuring other BTS members.

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Words: 1.9 k

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Operation Fix the Science Babies 3.0: In which Coulson is 1000% done with HYDRA.

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So my friend and I were having a debate on whether or not Aizen ever had sexual intercourse. I said no because that type of stuff shouldn't interest him right? But, she said yes, because like any guy he'll have "those urges" even if he doesn't show it, or he may have gotten curious one day and just tried it...what do you think? Sorry if this is weird and or disturbing, don't answer if this makes you uncomfortable in any sort of way lol

Actually, sexual intercourse for Aizen would likely be not merely for “urges” or interest, but for emotional and physical manipulation. Aizen is not only very sexy, but he also knows how to use that sex appeal to his advantage. Whether as the charismatic cute captain or as the lethally handsome overlord, Aizen has never failed to attract attention with his looks. 

One of the most obvious examples of this manipulation would be through Hinamori. Although this scene was altered in the anime, the manga has Hinamori arriving at Aizen’s room in the middle of the night with her hair undone, wearing nothing but her night clothes, rather than her shikakushou. 

Even more interesting is that, in the original version, Kubo uses the words 粗相. Although it means “carelessless” at its basis, it can also mean “wetting one’s pants” (whatever meaning you want to take for that one). Whatever led Hinamori to worship the ground that Aizen walks on, I’m quite certain that she had much more than a teacher-student complex towards him. 

Another interesting “relationship” is with his former superior, Shinji. Shinji never explains his reasons for suspecting Aizen. While Aizen was caught spying by Shinji, Lisa was also caught spying by Kyouraku. It was likely something greater than “curiosity” that led Shinji to suspect Aizen as someone dangerous. 

With Shinji, Aizen’s expression is always a calm, yet sinister, smile. In addition to physically and psychologically torturing his captain, Aizen appeared to actually enjoying it. This is a completely nsfw out-of-topic headcanon, Aizen probably revealed portions of his manipulative and dangerous nature in Shinji’s private quarters. Not only does this lead Shinji to become suspicious about who Aizen actually is, but also would blackmail Shinji into keeping silent. (I doubt Shinji would want to reveal that he had sexual relations with his younger subordinate, who also happened to top him in bed). 

From how we see Aizen control emotions as pawns on his chess board, Aizen knows much more than anyone about desires. From creating a false intimacy to an “unexplained” suspicion, Aizen conquers the deepest corners of his victims’ heart; not because he loves them, but because he can use their love

  • My mom: Is it OK that I watch Sherlock with you? I want to know what you watch on tv!
  • Me: Huh? Wait...
  • My mom: So it's okay that I watch that with you?
  • Me: Umm... What do you think Sherlock is about?
  • My mom: Didn't you tell me it was this great adaptation of Sherlock Holms where he is gay and in a healthy relationship with John Watson and it has Benjamin Cumberbatch-that actor you like.
  • Me: It's *Benedict Cumberbatch---and I might have gotten ahead of myself.. Sherlock isn't technically gay.
  • My mom: What do you mean?
  • Me: You see, there is this overarching plot to BBC Sherlock that says he ends up in a healthy relationship with John...but it hasn't happened yet and I am really worried that I will have to wait till season 5 for a kiss--and Johns wife just died and I am nervous for their baby 'cause Johns kinda gone angry crazy like towards Sherlock and everyone else doesn't know why because it was just a STUPID VOW and it shouldn't have made Sherlock accountable and I am so stressed and all I want is a Johnlock wedding.
  • My mom: What?
  • Me: Let me rephrase that Sherlock is a sociopathic detective that likes to go on big, platonic adventures with a grumpy bisexual man.
  • My mom: Oh, sounds like a good show!
  • That actually happened. I think I am looking forward to tomorrow. How do you effectively stop fangirling? Only so my Moms don't think I am actually insane. (:
May be I shouldn't have chosen brandy..

Will couldn’t cry.. It had been years since he had truly cried. He used to all the time, but Ford had gotten tired of that quickly and beaten him until the tears stopped flowing. Now though, now he wished he could. He wished he could weep all his pain away and let his sadness ridden heart break free of the tight chains such feelings put around it, even if just for a few hours.

Instead the blue haired male turned to something else this late evening. He held a bottle of brandy in his hand, sitting in the corner of a guest room so rarely used as he tried to forget the stinging in his back or the bruises that were bound to form by morning. Dipper had been angry at something someone had done in town and decided to take the anger out on him instead. The anger lead to whips and knives, the favorites of his to cause pain with and draw blood.

Whimpers had escaped him, but the male had learned early on that any real sound that passed his lips would result in a whip that was bespelled to make sure it would scar his skin, despite the healing abilities he was granted as a demon. No, now the dream demon was curled up in a corner with a few bottles set carefully next to him empty and a good collection of unopened but unwanted by the Gleefuls drinks on the other side of him.


I forgot whether or not it’s a popular headcanon that Edmund goes to law school and becomes a lawyer in England, but I thought I’d give my ٢ cents. I really don’t believe he could be a lawyer. Of course, he’d make a wonderful lawyer seeing as he’s all about honesty and fairness and being just, but from what my high school world history teacher, whose husband is a lawyer, told us all when I was in her class is that sometimes, lawyers are assigned cases where the offender is clearly guilty. Their job is to defend this person to the best of their ability, even if it’s the most obvious thing in the world that this person is guilty. I can’t see Edmund agreeing with that.

I feel only somewhat similarly with Edmund choosing a path in politics. He’d have a general disdain for politics at first, noting the obvious political agenda, untrustworthiness and selfishness in many politicians. He eventually came around and saw that not all politicians are like that and that you can be successful while staying true to honesty and transparency, and retaining integrity. Once he realized this, he just went for it and eventually became the only politician locally who people really liked and trusted and continuously voted for.