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Hello. I am more of a student of High Magic, but I do have a significant knowledge of witchcraft mostly for green/healing purposes. I often find witches that "borrow" serious aspects of more "serious" paths, from Thelema to the Kabbalah and such, and they are extremely defensive when I try to point out the personal danger of misunderstanding knowledge as well as the disrespect for some of those traditions. Can you discuss that a bit more? Some witches just think their craft is the only right! S2

Forewarning, this is going to be a very long post. 

Many witches aren’t aware of the origins of their own craft. Unfortunately, trying to talk to them about it can make them defensive, as their teachers or sources might have once told them otherwise. 
A lot of the witchcraft that floats around today draws its lineage back to Wicca. The style of magic that they practice, often more ritualized than they know, does not consist merely of witchcraft. This is where people get defensive. 
Witchcraft, as it is known in folklore and history, is a kind of folk magic that often involves malefic intent. Even if one removes malefic intent from this, it is still majorly based in folk magic. 
When Wicca was created, Gardner (with a ton of help from Doreen Valiente) mixed folk magic with high magic. The major source that his high magic comes from is Solomonic in nature. His ritual tools, now known as the tools of Wicca, are interpretations of tools described in the Key of Solomon. A black handled knife, tempered with the blood of a black cat, would be used to draw circles and command spirits. This would change (and become much less macabre) in Wicca in becoming a general knife for magic and non-physical cutting. Though in Wicca, the white handled knife is for cutting, the Solomonic traditions hold it to be the knife to use in all other acts of magic, besides drawing a circle. Wands, swords, cups, and metal symbols are all commonly found in high magical traditions. But Gardner didn’t hide the origins of these things. He openly said that he borrowed from Sorcerers.
Another thing to keep in mind is that Gardner was, as many other high magicians at the time, a Freemason. Though Freemasonry itself has little involvement in magic, the Freemasons themselves often take it upon themselves to study the Geometry of the Universe.  When he left Freemasonry, he took the rituals and symbols with him, and neatly tucked them inside of Wicca. The rituals Gardner described and performed bear an uncanny resemblance to the rituals used by Freemasons. 
These things, over time, were forgotten by many who were drawn into the religion in search of witchcraft. The history behind it was lost, hidden, or forgotten. As time moved on, people left Wicca, but kept the style of magic it taught to them. Eventually, as it grew, more people pulled in more influences that were not originally associated with witches. Eastern spirituality, New Age beliefs, Kabbalistic and Thelemic techniques, etc. Now people are practicing a mixture of magical practices, ranging all from high magic to folk magic, but know it all as witchcraft. This unique combination birthed out of Wicca has come to be labeled Modern Witchcraft. 

As far as traditional witches go, it changes, depending on the tradition or lineage your talking about. Even the kind of ‘traditional’ matters. 
You have all the followers of the Cultus Sabbati, the most popular of traditional witchcrafts, who are essentially witches working high magic (often going by the term ‘sorcerer’). Their witch imagery comes from the same place that all traditional witches pull from, but their ecstatic techniques are often quite their own. What isn’t their own was pulled from old grimoires. 
Generally speaking, most traditional witches interested in working high magic will pull their knowledge from classic grimoires. Agrippa, Goetia, The Key of Solomon, The Grimoirium Verum, The Red Dragon, The Black Pullet, etc. 
Then you’ve got the other half of traditional witches. Their practices are mostly based in folk magic and the witch lore found in the Early Modern Period (mainly from Europe and America). High magic is sometimes included, but the majority of their practices are spells and charms, rather than complex rituals and long evocations. That isn’t to say that they may not dip into ceremonial magic from time to time. Nor does it exclude spirit work. Folk magic still offers a plethora of ways to do spirit work without dipping into high magic. 

Why is there such a sharp division between high magic and folk magic? It’s mainly due to the practitioners of both in the past and their relationship to wealth. High Magicians were the ones employed in the courts of kings, queens, and temples. They worked rituals with gods and spirits and stars to find prophecies, ensure a happy afterlife, appease forces, and generally work in the Universe in favor of the king or queen. Remember John Dee? These high magicians were wealthy, and their art costed a pretty penny. Their grimoires and objects of power were sold at extremely high prices, passed from hand to hand through time. That was though, after they had died. 
Folk magicians worked magic that the everyday person had to worry about. How does one stop and start storms, ensure good health, bring luck, curse enemies, make animals come home, etc? They worked their art to both harm and heal. Charms made of string, glass, bone, wood, parchment, and cloth were used to bring desired effects. Because witches were thought to be of lower wealth, the majority of witch workings described in folklore are of folk magic. Those folk magicians who had access to grimoires (which were very few) sometimes used them in concert with folk magic. 

I noticed your use of the word ‘serious’ when talking about high magic. Be very careful there. It is true that high magic often takes a much more solemn tone, but folk magic is not to be dismissed. The witches in Scotland, described as being able to destroy entire fields of crops with storms, were thought to do so with folk magic. The witches in the Ancient Near East who fed images of their enemies to dogs to do them harm were also practicing folk magic.
“High” and “Low” are not indicators of power. It is the relationship between Heaven and Earth. 

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x15 - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell

So.  Davy Perez.  We’re still keeping him.

  1. We come into this ep after the boys have been on back-to-back-to-back hunts, and…things are off.  Dean is acting out a bit: not worrying about getting covered in gore or bothering with basic hygiene, doing a kind of amped-up version of his usual snark, playing dumb, being extra crass, etc.

    Obviously we don’t have anything direct from him about that, but my immediate interpretation is that he’s using hunts like a drug: to numb the stress and pain associated with Mary joining up with the BMoL.  Sam gets another ping and he’s ready to go, despite the fact that he’s almost certainly got to be exhausted.  The gore?  I’ve got a shiny nickel that it’s somewhere between protective coloration – the grosser he is the less likely people will interact – and passive self-destructive behavior.  

    TL;DR, Dean’s mental health could be better and it shows.  (Aside: Does getting into Sam’s good shampoo count as self-care?  Asking for a friend.)
  2. Can we just take a moment to enjoy the fact that this is the Crowley Appreciation Episode our King has long deserved?  Not only does he get thanked by both Winchesters (Dean grudgingly thanks him for saving Cas, Sam thanks him for his assistance with the hellhound hunt), but he gets a hug from the civilian of the week.  

    Oh, and that whole “keeping Lucifer chained up isn’t going to work” thing we were all doing?  Yeah, the payoff there was pretty fucking breathtaking.  I won’t lie: some of my enthusiasm here is seated in my general dislike of Lucifer as a character.  But…well…this just got interesting.  It wasn’t interesting before.  
  3. This is a damn good episode for props.  The Negan-style bat, the hellhound glasses (which are badass both on and off the boys – that shot through them after they get knocked to the ground was phenomenal), and even the green cooler gets to be a weapon.  Plus, a couple of GISHWHES shout-outs in the paranoiac’s office: a globe of Mars and Queen Elizabeth II in space, and we see that Sam’s continuing with the Tolkien theme re: the BMoL.  That said, poor Baby.  We knew when Dean made a big deal out of Sam driving her that Bad Things were afoot, but damn.  Cruelty. 
  4. As hellhounds go, Ramsey’s kind of unique.  She stalks Gwen, creeps in behind Dean instead of just tearing through the door or crashing through a window.  She seems a little smaller, too, than some of the hounds we’ve seen before.  Selective breeding?  And hey, more lore!  Hounds like dens!  Hell has a kennel!  
  5. So we see a shift in who’s interacting with whom when the Winchesters arrive at the death scene.  Sam’s on with Mary, while Dean’s on with Cas.  

    The Sam-Mary interaction is novel: it’s mostly been Dean and Mary communicating until last week, when Sam is responsive to her calls.  Dean and Cas have maintained communications throughout, but combine that scene of the brothers having separate convos with the fact that Dean catches on that there’s something off about Cas when he calls about Kelly, and this may be foreshadowing for a split/conflict later in the season: Team Sam and Mary v. Team Dean and Cas.  
  6. So this season continues to break down the Patented Winchester Betrayal Via Lies And Omission™ thing with Sam coming clean very quickly about aligning with the BMoL.  There was disagreement on the couch with his assessment that they can be thanked for the death of the Alpha Vamp – that was 99% Winchester with the main BMoL contribution being the presence of the tool and Mick’s willingness to take risks as part of the team – but he may be giving them credit for drawing the Alpha out with Project V.  

    I am still on the fence about his motives, but the way he talks to Dean about this in the ep suggests that he may actually be earnest in his choice, and that he’s giving the BMoL an actual chance.  I can’t think of a reason for him to keep Dean in the dark if he’s infiltrating to destroy rather than working in good faith, and his confession would have been an ideal time to tell Dean if he’s doing it purely for Mary’s sake.  
  7. I am worried about Cas.  So worried.  So.  Very.  Worried.  

    Kelvin’s dangling some pretty enticing things his way – reconciliation with Heaven, the love of his family of origin, etc. – and Cas is appropriately wary.  In fact, I don’t think he’d have gone at all if Joshua hadn’t been mentioned.  As angels go, Joshua has always stood out as a unique player in things.  He stayed out of politics, tended the Garden, spoke to God.

    So I can see why Cas is willing to entertain the notion that there is something worthwhile here to consider.  The problem is that I don’t think Kelvin’s being entirely forthright, and that Heaven rarely, if ever, has had Castiel’s interests at heart.

    And, given that Cas is supposed to be “powered up” at some point this season…well, it feels like a trap.  

Bonus Thing: 
Crowley really needs to recruit better help.  These demon minions of the week, and the sheer absurdity of the bureaucracy is killing me.  I miss Guthrie.  Guthrie knew what he was about. 

Bonus Thing #2:
Okay, but Dean and Crowley absolutely rubbed off on one another on multiple occasions during his and Dean’s whole Summer of Love, and Crowley’s got the Flickr album to prove it.

Bonus Thing #3: 
Gwen Hernandez: self-rescuing and Winchester-rescuing civilian of the week.  Let us all applaud her courage and skill.  Fuck ‘em up, Gwen. 

‘Led On’ - Harry Styles Imagine

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Words: 1,515

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Requested: Yes @tphizz

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She counted, thousands of kisses, hundreds of texts, a countable of dates, several romantic nights together, and one lie. She counted the days, the months, and weeks since they first meet, him being his quirky self, her trying to impress him. ‘It was worth it’, she would tell herself over, and over again. Ashamed of that lie, coming forth to herself. She reminded herself, again, and again that she had no idea, but one can simply lie, and actress can make it real.

Everyone thought she was an actress, living a lie for her life. Growing up to be the best that she can be, playing around, and having fun in her early onset of years to come. She was a writer, a good writer can write simple white lies, a real, elaborate writer can turn what was simply normal, to a plot twist. This was a plot twist.

It was simple, it was a rush of memories in only several months. She was under his spell, was lost, and dazed. He took over her with a smile, that same smirk that he used for the previous few birds, drawn her in with his jokes, and took her away with himself. But, there was a lie.

She thought she had him under a spell as well, but in all her stories, she was never correct. (Y/N) saw him at a coffee store, the same one she goes every Monday morning to head to her class. Her order was simple, a medium London fog, or a latte. It was depending on her day, and her mood, she liked to mix it up, but it was usually simple, with a blueberry muffin.

Liked said, she saw him at a coffee store. He was sat by the window, sipping a cup of coffee, reading a newspaper in front of him. He looked like he rolled out of bed, placed a pair of sweatpants on, a shirt that was left on the chair, and walked out, not bothering to make breakfast to start the day. His green eyes scanned the paper, reading each word with delicacy. She saw him from an angle, seeing him push his hair back, and his mouth moving, guessing he was on the phone.

(Y/N) grabbed her order, and walked towards the second booth at the side of the window. The clear glass, having the words to draw people in, “Coffee”, “Fresh”, etc. Her body was filled with joy, she could hear her heart beating, her blushing beginning to arise. Hoping that no one can hear, or feel her shudder. Her gaze fell upon him, and she looked to her left, and the smile came down, a girl was across from him. She cleared her throat, placed confidence in, and straightened up, trying to look like the better person.

“Harry! I never knew you came here.” She stated. He instantly looked up, praying that he thought it was not who he thought it was. But, it was, his smile came dull, but he pushed through it.

“(Y/N), hey, yeah, I… I come here once in awhile.” He stated, trying to catch her words. She nodded, a smirk coming upon her face. (Y/N) looked again to the girl, catching the brown eyes of her, she looked like everything she was not, and that hurt her.

“Oh, this is Zoe… my…  girlfriend.” He said, a smile, coming to a frown at ‘girlfriend’. She still nodded.

“You are?” The girl spoke up, (Y/N) kept a steady eye and smiled.

“(Y/N), I work with Harry, I’m with a recording studio.” She nailed back, faster and easier than she thought she could. One could simply lie, but another could lie back.

“You know Harry, I got to go, but we definitely need to talk about the situation with the understanding of the song, the communication. We might need to re-record, or just ditch it.” She ended the conversation. She knew if he was smart enough, he’ll find what the last statement really meant, but again, she is a writer, everything she says, could mean something else.

The last few hours of the day was dreadful. She was under a fucking spell, and she could not get out. Her class was terrible. The students, and peers around her took up the fact that she was not her typical self, with asking questions, and showing interest. She blocked her teacher’s lesson, picking up quotes. She was present, but absent, in a way.

Her mind was on a roll, with every situation about the current event. Was she a fuck buddy? Was she a friend? No, she can’t be with the dates, and all. Her mind was in circle, making her sweat a bit. Was it the anxiety, or just the temperature? She had no clue, but her phone constantly vibrated during the lecture, her knowing it was from him, calling. (Y/N) did not want to hear it, she wanted to try and pay attention. She knew there would be some kind of fake excuse, but she was in no order to hear it.

The minute she got home, she looked at her phone, 103 messages, 34 calls, and 27 voicemails. He was desperate, she knew each of them were on the lines of, “It is not what it looked like.” She knew the answer, ‘you fucking said she was your girlfriend’, but she will never have the gut to say that to him. Was it desire, or was it love? Or was it the fucking spell that she kept blaming it all on? Therefore she helped herself to a glass of wine, a chocolate bar, and a good few hours of shitty TV.

Hours later, hours of going through a bottle of wine, two chocolate bars, and a bowl of Chinese from last night, she fell asleep. Her phone constantly rung, but lucky for the do not disturb, she let it ease. But only a few hours of shut eye won’t hurt.

It began with simple knocking, a few knocks, and silence. Then it became harder knocking, a call of her name every once and awhile. And then came the banging, the call of her name, coming every second. That jolt her awake. She would know the voice from anywhere, but was she in the state of this, the beginning of yelling, and her losing him. But, she had to fight her own war. So, she got up, took her half drunk of wine, glass, and opened the door.

He was panting, lost of breath, and she held a poker face, watching him look at her. He was lost of words.

“(Y/N)..” He started, a pitiful look upon his gorgeous face.

“Don’t, ok, I don’t know, I don’t know about anything, about the last few months, I don’t know.” She stated, beginning to close the door, he slid through, watching her. She knew the action, she saw it before on telly, but she kept a firm posture, walking back to her couch in her small apartment, and plopping down.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, Zoe and I are done.” He said, taking a seat next to her. She did not move a muscle, expect to take a sip of her red, cheap as fuck, wine.

“Please don’t say her name.” She said, still looking ahead, his body was turned towards her.


“I don’t know, you led me on. I don’t know what I was. What was I?” She asked, turning her face to him. She knew that the moment she saw his eyes, she’ll start crying.

“(Y/N), you were someone that I needed. A person that was normal, a lover, a partner. God, fuck, love, you were everything I needed. You don’t need a label.” He said, rubbing his eyes.

“So, in another kind of way to say that, I was your fuck buddy.” She said, looking at him, trying her best not to tear up.

“Never, you are too, you are too, proper for that. She was more of a fuck buddy, she was more of a slut in a way.” He stated, trying to get closer to him.

“Then why the hell did you introduce her as your girlfriend?” She stated, she has not moved, her eyes were pointed to him.

“Because, I don’t know. We were friends with benefits, and around people, if we get caught, we just say “dating”.” He said. She sighed.

“That is the most pathetic answer, I have ever heard.” She said, with a straight face.

“(Y/N), my heart belongs to you. I am sorry, please, let’s work through this, please baby.” He stated, “I love you.” She was gobsmacked, five months, it only took him five months, she thought it would take longer.

“H, we can work through this, but it’ll take me awhile to forgive you. Lying is one thing, but keeping a large secret is another.” She said, placing her glass down, and coming closer to him, he brought her in a hug.

“I love you too, gorgeous, but it’ll take time.”

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hopetaegukkie <3 i was thinking about tae and how i've never seemed to read a post or fic that manages to capture who tae is! unlike jimin, suga, kook, mon, who are so transparent - I never know what Tae hates or loves, only that he absolutely loved his grandma and loves army, and he can get strangely upset at times. I wonder if what your thoughts about this boy is? because I just can't grasp him at all

I’m…so…glad…that…you…noticed. i’ve been waiting on an ask like this because Kim Taehyung is easily, at least in my opinion, easily the most complex and private member of BTS even though you wouldn’t think so. Especially now that Yoongi has lovingly shared such a big part of himself with us (and honestly seems happier for it which is very nice.)

So, Kim Taehyung. Well, firstly, a basic profile as of currently.

Summary/short ver:
Kim Taehyung.

Capricorn sun sign. (and tbqh he really reads like one, even though when he was younger I thought that he didn’t seem very Capricorn, as an adult 100% does.)
Was born in Daegu, lived on a farm with his family.

hobbies & likes:
BTS, ARMY, family, animals. High fashion, jazz and blues, art and photography especially high fashion or people and nature photography, and artsy, romantic films. Fashion in general. He often wears very up to date fashion in SoKo despite the fact that people like to think of him as having a ‘hobo’ style TT. Anything soulful or rich in texture, his favorite music has lots of baritones and soul/warmth. He prefers big animals to small but likes all kinds, and has never stated much physical preference for love interests besides the fact that he wants someone loyal. when asked at fanaccs for other specifics, most of the time he puts down big numbers for weighs and the average height for females(or would be a shorter cis male height in SoKo, because while the fans tend to super target their questions for a female audience, i don’t want to be presumptuous.) He has a preference for sophisticated things. Even as a kid he showed a more refined tastes because he kid picked saxophone to play (when asked what he would do if he wasn’t an idol anymore it would either be to stay on the farm with his family or become a saxophonist.) He loves acting and modeling!!

Full discussion:

Kim Taehyung is a man of refined tastes and despite the fact that you wouldn’t think so, he’s an incredibly private man. As a teenager closer to debut he was a bit more playful, but as he’s matured he’s a lot more closed off. When he lost his grandmother at the end of last year that only became more distinct.

As for what he likes, Taehyung has a very ‘old soul’ approach to things. He’ll most likely pick whatever is more soulful over something mainstream. When they got the chance to have influence over their own solos, Taehyung said he worked hard and much on his, and that it ‘suited his tastes very well’ and he said something very confident about how it was ‘quite nice’. Stigma is a very heavily jazzy song, that suits his warm tones and shows of his range. It’s honestly, a really, really good window into who Taehyung is.

For the record, people think that Taehyung is a goofy guy and tend to brush him off or stereotype him that way but Tae is a LOT more complex than that. And not only is he complex, the man tends to hide those parts of him.

The real truth is, Taehyung IS hard to get a read on. You have to be good at reading people in general, or REALLY love him and pay ALL the attention to him and REALLY absorb every inch he gives us. Because the truth is, Taehyung doesn’t give us that much private things about himself.

On a love and family front, we all know that he’s a family man, a man who loves animals, who believes in true love and soulmates. He wants to have a large family with many kids, and he wants to be the light of his loves life, just like they’ll be for him.

On a work front, we know that this career/life wasn’t the one he would have picked without it finding him, because he wanted to be a farmer. But he found himself becoming a bighit trainee after being asked by the staff who went out of their way to call his parents to ask for permission. This life picked him, but he has what it takes. He works HARD on his voice, his dance, his everything. He said he almost didn’t make it into the final group if it wasn’t thanks to the members (which is why he loves them so much and is so devoted) but every day current day he works, SO, hard. When Minjae called Tae on his Vapp, it wa like 7pm SoKo time and Taehyung said that he was just sitting down to shower and eat for the first time because he had been working and training all day. He works his a$$ off. NEVER forget how UPSET and just, devastated he was, when he couldn’t properly use his voice or sing because he was sick and strained, during AHL when they were doing the training. Because he felt he was letting them down and not showing his full capacity.

On the Hobby and interest front, we know that he likes fashion, whether that’s wearing it, high fashion, fashion photography, etc. and he really loves taking pictures. He loves BEING in pictures and modeling. Photoshoots are one of his favorit things, he said in the NOW’s (i think it was NOW2 that i’m referencing but he’s said it more than once.) that he really likes photoshoots and the reason that he likes doing photoshoots with Namjoon is because Namjoon likes high fashion too.

He also loves jazz/blues music. Lots of times he tries to play it from “Taetae’s jukebox” (otherwise known as his phone) and the fans ask him to turn it off. He won’t outwardly show his discouragement but I’m sure that’s not easy to hear multiple times when he’s trying to share a piece of himself. Sometimes he comes right out and says he won’t turn it, and i’m so glad. Remember when he tried to share that he liked Nude Photography on the fancafe and the fans were calling that erotic/weird so he ended up taking his post down and never talking about it before? Taehyung has very artistic tastes and the fact is, when he shares those tastes, they often get frowned at by fans for being weird or just too artsy.

Jimin VERY recently said that Taehyung is his movie connoisseur who always recommends movies. (including movies like Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, which is a VERY artsy, emotional, beautiful movie.)

TBH guys, I could talk ALL day about Kim Taehyung. He’s a very private man who doesn’t WANT to let a lot of people in, and when he does, things tend not to go his way. But he’s fearless, he’s loving, he’s powerful and elegant, and there’s SO f*cking much to love about him. Taehyung is the most beautiful, amazing puzzle there ever was to solve. He’s like a stained glass window before it’s all put together. If you take the time to pay attention to him, watch him when he isn’t speaking, listen to him when he DOES speak, I promise that he’ll reward you. Every second of ‘people watching’ Kim Taehyung, is such an experience.

Thank you so much for this ask. Truly. From the bottom of my heart.

The Moment of Realisation - Dunkirk Cast Preferences

Summary: Preference of when your boy first knew that he loved you and you him. Some are a bit more unorthodox and unconventional than others.

Preference includes: Aneurin Barnard, Barry Keoghan, Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Jack Lowden and Tom Glynn-Carney


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Before I start this, I just wanna say a huge huge thank you for 4,200 followers!!! That’s so crazy to think about, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around it but thank you all so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me!! Onto the post, it is time for the first half of the Daegu line, another member of the hyung line, my highkey spirit animal whose English is so fucking adorable like it’s a bit more rare to hear him speak it but when he does, it’s so cute, his accent is 10/10 I love accents so much and he always tries his best and I love him for that, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This post is written in the college AU, it just helps set the scene a bit but there are two versions of college!yoon, photographer!Yoongi (here) and music major!Yoongi that was featured in a scenario I did ages ago (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I love me some visuals 
  • There are so many looks to choose from oh my lord, it’s so hard to choose for him bc he looks so good in all of them but I gotta go with Run era!Yoon
  • The outfits, the hair, the entire overall vibe was just so nice, the performances were great, the song is iconic, Run was just a really really good era for everyone involved
  • Player!Yoongi also does the black hair of course bc yoon with black hair is just so amazing, he looks breathtaking with the black hair, he does the pink hair, he does the orange, the blonde, all the good shit
  • Yoongi’s style just screams boyfriend, he’s always in such comfy looking clothes and when he wears his scarves !!!!!!!
  • He most often wears jeans but the top does change, typically it’s just a casual t-shirt but sometimes he goes for a button up and he loves a good jacket I wanna see him in a cardigan tbh has he ever worn one I can’t remember if he has, tag mE IF HE HAS
  • There are a couple of outfits that fit this AU so well like when he wore these leather pants and a white t-shirt and a black blazer and the snapback and glasses and bag and he looked so good, it’s a bit more of a date outfit bc I can’t imagine that wearing leather pants around a campus when you have classes and have to walk all around campus is the most comfortable thing in the world
  • The second outfit is more of an everyday type of look and it’s every single time he’s ever worn flannel bc that is such an underappreciated look, I want it to be a comeback look bc that’s so nice to think about, I love flannel!Yoongi so much I can’t choose just one look for it
  • Snapback!Yoongi makes frequent appearances, if it’s not a snapback, it’s a beanie bc either one of those is a good deal
  • Okay so here’s the thing about Yoongi, he’s not emotionless, he’s got a soft heart and a really sweet, caring side to him so I don’t think he would lead anyone on about the relationship
  • He’s a really blunt person in general so he would just be straight up with them and say hey this is all casual, I’m probably not gonna call back after a couple of dates, etc.
  • He doesn’t sleep with a whole lot of people tbh, I know that for some people that’s one of the qualities of a player but to me, he seems like he needs to be in love to be able to share that part of him with someone bc I think he takes a while to open up to people and fully trust them
  • If he ever does, he would have to know them really well, it wouldn’t be a first date type of thing, it would be someone he was close friends with, it doesn’t really happen with him
  • He does do make outs though, that’s pretty common
  • He kinda attracts people without meaning to, he has that bad boy vibe and a lot of people are into that edgy look where it’s like ooh I’m dating a bad boy
  • So nearly all of his dates approach him first but he does like flirting with them and spending time with them bc it helps clear his mind and he also likes having different “models” to take pictures of
  • He’s such a gentleman to his dates and he makes them laugh a lot bc he’s a really funny person with his dry humor and the sarcasm and the -_- face he makes, plus his comedic timing is !!!
  • He would arrange the cutest lil dates ever, they’re always really personal and private
  • He does a lot of park dates, picnics, ice cream, if his date is another photographer or willing to be his model, he’ll take pictures of them
  • By the end of the date, they’re heart eyes bc he can be really really kind and thoughtful
  • He’s never really had a serious relationship but he has been called boyfriend a few times, it doesn’t last long though bc he’s really busy and he never wanted anything serious with them to begin with
  • The “breaking up” part is of course never fun but he knows that if he doesn’t do it, they’ll think he’s got feelings he doesn’t and like I said earlier, he’s not the type to lead people on
  • Most, if not all, of his dates know that he’s not gonna be sticking around for long so it’s not a huge shocker when he does it
  • You two are roommates 
  • He can get really stressed bc he’s juggling photography, which already takes up so much of his time (he’s not complaining, he loves it) but then he’s also doing music on the side and working at this local cafe to help pay rent and he’s also got the general classes he has to take so he can get stressed sometimes and you of course, have your stressed days as well
  • The relationship happens pretty naturally, one night, you two had been up late studying for finals and started to argue out of stress and when you went to leave, he kissed you
  • The two of you hadn’t really spoken much for the rest of the finals week bc now you were trying to reason it all bc there so many things it could’ve meant, it could’ve been pure stress, he could’ve just wanted to get some of those pent up feelings out, he could’ve been trying to confess
  • You both get so busy with finals and rarely see each other but then after that week, you two have to face each other and deal with the situation bc you know that Yoongi has other people he’s seeing and you’d started flirting with someone as well
  • He’s not sure if he’s ready to confess bc there’s a chance you won’t like him back and he already feels like he’s ruining the friendship by making you feel awkward with the kiss so he’s worried that if he does confess and you don’t return the feelings, he’ll have blown it and would lose you so he just blames it on stress
  • It takes a while for the two of you to confess bc both of you feel like you’re walking on thin ice at this point bc of the kiss thing, you didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss so he feels like there should be something there but it’s all too risky
  • It’s not until the term starts up again and you see Yoongi going on more dates and this one time, one of his dates come to pick him up and you see them together and that’s what gets you to snap
  • When he comes home that night and you see them kiss goodnight, it’s too much so you have Yoongi come sit with you to talk again
  • This time, you let him know all about how you actually feel about him and you’re kinda rambling a bit bc you’re a bit nervous to see his reaction so you just keep talking and he just starts to smile and it’s this really soft smile and then he kisses you again
  • “I love you too”
  • “What about the others?”
  • “I’d rather be your boyfriend, if you’ll have me”
  • “Of course I will”

I went on a date last night with French at a Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in the East Village. He wanted to meet a little earlier than last time which stressed me out. It was only at 7 but I’ve been working late while I get used to my new job and I obviously had to run home, shower and get ready for my sugar date which takes a lot of prep. I rushed out of work at 530 (I live a 10 minute walk from my work) and started to prepare.

I exfoliated my whole body with a Bliss scrub, shaved everything, washed my hair and then rubbed a body oil all over me followed by a thick lotion. I realized in the midst of getting ready that my nails were chipped even though I just got them done two days ago. They were also bright red which I felt was a little gaudy for a sugar date. I had about 15 minutes left before I needed to leave and had to decide between styling my hair all the way or doing my nails and toes. Recently one of my guy friends told me he judges the amount of care a girl puts into herself based on her nails, so I had to sacrifice my usual rich girl curls.

I wore a sage colored Helmut Lang wrap dress, nude Chanel ankle strap heels, a watch and a black Chanel wallet on a chain. I spritzed myself with La Vie Est Belle and ran out he door. By the time I got down my flight of stairs I considered taking a car, even though it’s just as fast to take the subway. I checked and a car would be $20 and I was already late so I said fuck it and started walking.

The subway was so sweaty and packed in and by the time I arrived, I could feel a little sweat on the back of my neck. Thank god he got stuck in traffic and was a few minutes late so I could cool off and look fresh. He arrived wearing a light gray suit which is totally my weakness. We started with frozen sake since it was so hot out and started catching up on the last week and a half. He asked me how I was liking the city so far and how my job was coming along.

He ordered two omakase’s for us, which is a five course tasting menu at the chef’s discretion which was a delight for me because I love trying new things. He’s extraordinarily intelligent and we have really amazing conversations. However, I do have a tendency to get into more serious topics over the course of a date. I know in general you’re supposed to take politics, religion, race, etc off the table on sugar dates. But I can’t help myself when I have a great sparing partner. We literally talked about alternate universes and energy balances at one point.

So even though the general advice is to remain mysterious, there are SDs out there who value your opinion as well. I had three glasses of Chardonnay with dinner and we finally left for the hotel. He booked a room at the Standard in the East Village and we settled in quickly. I went down on him for a while and again, our sex is nothing special in my opinion. He’s got a huge dick which sucks, but he basically just likes rocking back and forth slowly either missionary or with me on top, so it’s pretty easy.

We finished up and cuddled up for a bit. He eventually said it was time for him to head back home and we got dressed. I really wanted to stay for a bit by myself because we had a corner room with a really pretty view, but I felt it would seem a lot more natural if we both left together. He grabbed me a cab on the way out.

I never made a mention of money during our date. But when I finally took my phone out (I don’t look at my phone on sugar dates) I had a Venmo notification for another $1500. I usually have pretty good intuition and if I can avoid asking for money, I always do. It makes the guys feel a lot better I think. If he didn’t send me something after the date, I may have asked. Or I might have written it off as someone who isn’t that generous.

At any rate, it was clearly a productive evening. HOWEVER I saw the vanilla guy I had sex with (let’s call him D) again the day before my sugar date. He took me to Pier 45 to watch the sunset and then we went to a wine bar and split a bottle of red. Despite being short, he’s hot. He wore Prada loafers, vacations in St Martin and drives a $80k Audi. So he obviously likes the nicer things. We went back to his place in Gramercy after the wine and proceeded to get intimate.

It was just as crazy as the first time. We had sex in his bed, then stepped out on his balcony for some air and had sex there. Then went back in the living room to relax on the couch and fucked there even though he has a roommate.

I have fake grass on my roof, and his knees got torn up from having sex on it the last time. The cut opened up and there was blood like ALL over the bed on really nice white linens. We both kind of laughed at ourselves because we’re a little animalistic in the heat of things.

I made a mention that his dick was nice in my last post. It’s thick and perfectly long and curves slightly up toward him. But after 3 rounds, I was so sore the next day. Then after French, I’m done with penises for a few days 😂

D rented a big house in Montauk for the weekend after July 4th and invited me to come. One of his friends is hosting a party for a famous DJ the night we would leave so he said we should go to that, then drive to Montauk after when traffic isn’t bad. Somehow I got really lucky with my move to the city!

For better or for worse: Intro

Whew! 8 pages later and I’ve made an intro to my first actual fanfiction! I hope y'all enjoy this Dr pepper 3AM induces bullshit!!! And who knows if anyone likes it, I will continue!!

Iplier Egos x teen reader (platonic!)

It was just one of those nights, the kind of night that was quiet, calm, peaceful even. The perfect kind of night to simply stay inside and maybe read a good book, or watch a calm movie. These were the EXACT nights your friend lived for.

“The perfect night to cause some trouble!”  She would always exclaim. Stating that on such a calm night people wouldn’t be weary of anything “Unexpected.” This is where you would always step in. Being the goody two shoes that you are, you acted more like a babysitter than a friend at times. That was how you got into this whole mess, for better or for worse.

“Nikki what the hell are you thinking?!” You managed to yell to the brunette as she dashed away from you. Headed straight to the long stretch of woods surrounding an old gaited community. You never really saw the people who lived there; you just know that it was private property, most likely for a good reason.

“Come ON (y/n)! Don’t ya wanna have some fun for once? You’ll only be 16 for so long dumb dumb!” She yelled over her shoulder dashing right through the trees just waiting for you to catch her.

“When I said fun I meant like a good horror movie or some video games you idiot!” You yelled back finally catching up and making a grab for her arm, almost missing your target. You thankfully managed to latch onto her and pulled back, leaning your entire weight in the opposite direction of your dear friend of 9 years.

“Were already to the gate friendo~” She smirked, her eyes darting toward the right and sure enough there it was. The gate itself was around 6 ft tall, chain-linked. You soon enough noticed why she ran to the wooded area of the gate though.

“Is that a… hole?”

“Yup! All we have to do is crawl under the gate and were in partner. Come on don’t you want to see why those freaks here are always hiding? Maybe there like ex-cons or some cool shit like that!” She almost yelled as she broke her arm out of your grip and dashed underneath the gate standing again. Walking away, expecting you to follow as you always did. 

“Nikki Wait! Were not supposed to-oh what’s the point in yelling at you…” you muttered as you managed to crawl underneath and rushed back to her side. Determined to change her mind about the whole ordeal you continued on

“Ok, Ok, we had our fun. We busted in. Can we go now? We got our criminal intentions out of the way for the night. Besides we aren’t even allowed here! Its private property, most likely for a good reason!” you rambled; yanking her back by the shirt so she would listen.

 “And don’t you want to know what that reason is?”

“I do yes but this still isn’t the most neighborly way to meet your neighbors now is it? Respect the people who own the place dude, they want privacy why should we disturb them?” you said pulling her to a complete stop in front of a steep ditch that looked like it was covered in rocks at the bottom.

“Because its fun?” Nikki countered, making you sigh. The air began to feel tense. You could hear some sort of ringing but ignored it as part of an overactive imagination.

“I don’t care if it is!” you finally yelled out, sick of your friend breaking rules and dragging you into the trouble.

“This is wrong you idiot! May be a minor thing but whoever the hell lives here wants to be left alone, this isn’t your personal playground now get off your high horse and listen to me!

We. Are. Leaving Period. Maybe if I repeat it ill get it through to you. Whoever lives here wants privacy. As the neighbors it’s our duty to respect that fact. What we shouldn’t be doing is this! If anything I should send them a message about that damn hole, how did you even know it was there?” You finally slowed down enough to ask. Feeling the ringing press into your head now but pushing the feeling aside. Focusing on your criminal of a friend. The tension only growing.

“I come here a lot dude, so relax. Besides if you weren’t such a wus we could have some actual fun!” She countered shoving your shoulders, her eyebrows furrowing.

“Were leaving.” You stated pushing her as hard as you could back towards the fence. The ringing had stopped a chill ran up your spine and you could swear you could feel eyes on you. But that was just from Nikki… right?

“Don’t push me!” She yelled out shoving you back by your shoulders, with just enough force to make you tumble and fall down the steeper side of the ditch, and in using your hand to break the fall you hit it head on with the rocks.

The base of your hand and wrist burned as you hit the bottom landing on your stomach. You rolled over and sat up cupping your arm to your chest and wincing. The warmth of your own blood making your shirt wet.

“Told you this as a bad idea.” You muttered as you kept your head down. Taking a moment before you got up.

“That it was, child.” A deep voice sounded from behind you. Your eyes shot wide as you quickly turned to look at the newcomer.

The man was rather tall compared to you. He gave off a strange feeling that couldn’t be placed. Wearing a dark colored suit and tie with dark hair and eyes to match. But his eyes, they were cold and calculating. His mouth was in a neutral state, not a snarl or a frown, not a smile either.

“(Y/N) SHIT I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that!” your friend finally exclaimed rushing down to your side, making a move to help you up only to be beaten by the suited man.

“Allow me.” He stated as he reached his hand out. You took his hand seeing as it would A. Be rude, and B. well… you were kinda breaking and entering. As he helped you up You rushed to speak before Nikki could make this worse.

“Ah, Hello sir. I apologize for being here uninvited we were simply-“

“I heard you and your… Companion here. Apparently she is here often hm?” he interrupted looking to you, his eyes unblinking.  Drawing his hand back as they both rested behind his back.

“Well no point in lying to the man, he heard everything” You thought.

“Yes sir.” You said quietly, looking towards your feet. “I was trying to bring my friend home, I didn’t intend for this to get so out of hand. Please accept my apologies.” You said loud enough to be heard but quiet enough for it to be softly spoken. Trying to keep from angering the stranger.

He stared for a few moments at you, seeming to accept your actions. All the while Nikki was trying to pull you away, scowling.

“No major harm done other than to your arm. If you come with me to see our doctor here and let him look at your arm, then I will let you go home without any trouble for your actions.” He stated looking to you alone. You had a feeling that the same courtesy wouldn’t be passed to your friend but what was the worse he could do to her? Yell?

“We would appreciate that thank you Mr-?” You aid finally looking him in the eye.

“Dark.” He said simply and began walking. You quickly looked to your friend and nodded your head in his direction.

“Come on.” You whispered to her. Rushing to catch up to Dark, pressing your arm into your stomach while your good one pulled Nikki along begrudgingly by her sleeve.

The walk was quiet aside from the occasional question from Dark, How old the two of you were. Why your parents weren’t controlling you.  If you would be a problem for the doctor etc.

You made sure to be respectful in your answers and the way you addressed him. Nikki was making snide comments and sassing him to which you scolded her for. Making Dark smirk. Other than that though there was silence.

When you finally reached the cluster of houses the first thing you noticed was how different they all were, some were darker tones, some were lighter. Some were small and cozy like while the rest were much bigger than.  Each had its own style and they all seemed to clash together in just the right way, towards the back was the biggest of all buildings, around 3 stories high and plain, almost made to look like a business styled building. That seemed to be where you were headed.

Once you finally reached the inside you saw nothing but a high tech styled lobby. There was one man behind a computer, typing away at an almost inhumanly fast pace. He was almost identical to Dark except he had softer eyes and glasses, along with different clothes. His shirt was a bright yellow with a G that almost appeared to be… glowing? No that couldn’t be right. The pain as just starting to get to you. Yea that’s it.

The man behind the computer froze suddenly and turned to you, you made eye contact with him but didn’t stop walking in order to keep up with Dark. You did smile at him though, you even used your good arm to send him a small wave which he happily returned with a bright smile.

Once you were gone though his smile dropped and his eyes showed worry. He dashed away to find one of his dear friends to see just what was happening.

“So what’s your game?” Nikki asked suddenly, glaring at Dark. He eyed her for a moment before taking a quick left down what seemed to be an endless maze of hallways.

“There is no game here, child. Can I not just do something out of the goodness of my heart?”

“Nope. Doesn’t seem like you.” Nikki responded in a monotone voice as you elbowed her in the ribs.

“Be nice.” You instructed, earning a nod of approval from the suit wearing man.  He then turned to a door and opened it immediately, walking through and waiting for the two of you.

“Dark I know you like to be a dramatic kind of being but why do you insist on barg-oh…” Another similar looking man was in the middle of the room seemingly agitated at first but now confused.

“Doctor I believe I have a new patient for you. This young lady here has managed to hurt her arm.” Dark stated.  The doctor hesitating for a moment before speaking.

“Of course. Come here, sit down on the table here and ill look it over.” He said calmly before looking to Nikki

“And what of her?” He questioned.

“The child will come with me on a walk, she needs to be taught why it’s a bad idea to trespass.” Dark replied coldly making Nikki look at him questioningly as you moved to the table. You turned back to her before hoping up.

“Oi Nikki-bell, be nice k? don’t take too long I still need to get you home.” You sent her a smile as she scowled at you before walking away with Dark. Any tension had left the room now and the doctor seemed to notice as well. He smiled at you, his eyes warm and inviting.

“So, what happened to you miss-?” he asked as he began to pull out bandage’s and such for your arm before taking a look. So you told him. Everything. Your name, your story even minor details about your life, your parents, your current job search. He only nodded a few times but never looked really surprised. By the time he began unwrapping the bandages for your arm and hand your story was told.  Luckily for you silence didn’t seem to be all that common of an occurrence here seeing as almost immediately a different man busted in, breathing heavily and looking as if he had ran a good distance.

“Ah so you’re the kid that Oliver was going on about!” He exclaimed with a confused smile. Fixing his hair and straightening his tie, the bubbly man walked over and offered a hand to shake.

“Bim, this is (y/n) she hurt her arm in that damn ditch out in the “woods.” Once her arm is fixed and her friend gets back from her…”chat” with Dark they will be headed home. The doctor stated as he continue to wrap up your wound.  Bim looks to you with a confused expression.

“Oh alright, well it looks like your almost done and I don’t think dark will finish his eh “Chat” until later. So (y/n)!” he claps his hands together making you smile at his bubbly nature.

“Do you like being on stage?” as you were about to answer the doctor chimed in.

“Now’s not the time Bim.”

“Ah, of course. But you’re done now yes?” Bim ask looking towards the doctor. Who took another moment to finish wrapping you up. He smiled slightly and nodded his head, you think he went to say yes but before he could Bim grabbed your good arm and whisked you away.

“GREAT! THEN I’LL JUST TAKE THEM DOWN TO THE STAGE TO WAIT!” He yelled excitedly as he took off with you in tow.

“BYE DOCTOR AND THANK YOU!” you managed to yell out with a smile and a wave before you were out the door. Making the doctor whos name you never caught shake his head and smile.

Bim ran with a smile on his face, taking so many turns that you lost track and before you knew it you were on a stage surrounded by lights and a place for an audience. Bim finally let go of you and turned to look at you.

“So, you DO like the stage don’t you?” he asked tilting his head. You excitedly answered,

“YES! Acing is so much fun! Especially when you get into character, or just improvisation ah its just amazing” you responded with a wide smile making Bim laugh.

“That’s gre-“ Bim was cut off by a strange sounding voice who seemed to just appear behind you. Almost yelling in a… strange voice.

“Well isn’t that just great! But who are you?” You turned to see another man who looked similar to well… everyone! Except he had a pink mustache and a yellow shirt with suspenders.

“Oh um hello! Im (y/n), (y/n) (l/n). Nice to meet you mr?” you said with a smile, sticking out your good hand to shake.

“Wilford Warfstache little missy and the pleasure is mine.” He said while he vigorously shook your hand.  He went to say something but the doors flew open and in walked Dark himself with Nikki in tow. She seemed… terrified though… her eyes wide and her stance was as if she was trying to make herself seem smaller than ever.

“Do you have something to say to (y/n)?” Dark asked as he turned to look at your friend. She shuffled next to you with her head down and stuttered out an apology for dragging you into this whole mess.

“Hey, hey Nikki-bell its alright. Why don’t I take you home now hm? We can even watch those cheesy rom coms you like?” She only nodded her head and walked to the door, waiting for you to join her. You turned to Dark who looked slightly pleased.

“I-I don’t know what you said and quite frankly I don’t want to but I have a feeling that she wont be as much trouble now so… thank you? I think?” you questioned gaining the attention of everyone in he room.

“…Your welcome.” He replied in a cold manor.  “Now then the sooner you both leave the sooner we can all sleep so lets get a move on, now. He stated and turned to lead the way out of the endless maze of hallways and doors. You waved goodbye to the two men on stage and took off holding onto your friend to try and comfort her and maybe stop her trembling.

The walk out was silent, no one said a thing until you reached the gate back to the main road, you could see yours and your friends house from there. Dark stopped and turned to you one last time.

“As “fun” as tonight was I believe it is time for the two of you to leave. No more trespassing am I clear?” He asked glaring at the two of you with an icy look.

“Yes sir.” You nodded for the both of you and turned to go home and hopefully calm Nikki down.


The next day you received an unexpected visitor though. Once you opened the door you saw the same man from last night looking slightly surprised to be there himself.

“Oh! Hi Mr. Dark, um come in.” you opened the door a bit wider and gestured inside he swiftly stepped in and you continued while leading him to the living room to sit down.

“Excuse the mess, I haven’t gotten to cleaning up yet. So um how can I help you today?” you asked siting down gesturing for him to do the same. He sat and looked to your hand.

“How does it feel?” he slowly asked making you smile.

“I know that you’re here for something else so please don’t beat around the bush. Also since you asked it feels fine thank you.” You said looking at him. The sentence seemed to make him relived that there wouldn’t be any sort of small talk.

“It would seem that you may have discussed your current search for a job to pay for a future collage plan?” He started “It just so happens that I need a new employee to work at my business, and those who you met last night continuously went on if I would ask you so.

The job, it will be nothing majorly important. Just cleaning up messes, taking care of what “pets” others who work there may drag in. Simple stuff. I am willing to hire you for the job as long as you follow the rules and never break a single one of them. Am I clear?” He asked looking into your eyes as if he was staring at your soul.

“Yes sir, but how many days a week? What are the hours, term and rules?” you asked simply.

“You will work weekdays, no specific hours seeing as many days are unpredictable there but never later than 7:30 PM that I will assure you. On regular days head to the building as soon as you get out of school. If you have any sort of work it can be done in the lobby before you start working.” He continued beginning to list of rules and counting them on his fingers.

“Rule #1. You are not allowed to bring anyone with you. Unless you receive permission from either me or Wilford, the man with the pink moustache.

Rule #2. You will not leave whenever you want. If we don’t say that you will leave early then you will leave at 7:30 PM exactly.

Rule #3. If your work is lacking for even one day you will be immediately fired. It doesn’t matter if you are tired or not in the mood, if you accept this job then I expect nothing less than perfection day by day.”

“Demanding hours and rules huh?” you stated realizing that weekday activities would be down the drain at that point. But you needed the money and all you normally did as sit on your phone so… depending on the pay why not?

“How much will I be earning for this also?”

“I am willing to pay you 8$ an hour. Depending if you work on weekends occasionally, there will be bonuses. Does this seem fair?” you smiled.

“A minimum wage paycheck for cleaning and taking care of a building with some incredibly interesting people?” you stood and immediately Dark stood as well. You stuck out your hand to shake, an action he returned as you smiled.

“Mr. Dark we have a deal.” He only nodded and began to leave. Before he walked out the door he let you know one last fact.

“You begin Monday. Don’t be late.” You smiled knowing that this was the beginning of an interesting time, for better or for worse.

Did I do good? Idk I’ve never written a actual story before… 🤷

Niall AU// Where The Heart Is

Part 1 [Part 2]


“Okay, just let me know if they lower the price on the house,” you finished the call and wrote down the address in your planner. You were close to getting your clients this home, but you were hoping the thirty-day mark would pass so you could justify lowering the price further.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” your receptionist, Morgan, called over the intercom, “Niall Horan is here for his scheduled meeting.”

“Send him in,” you send, crossing out his name in your planner. He was five minutes early, and he was your last appointment of the day. You remembered him from his Irish accent on the phone. You never talked to anyone with his accent before; it was a little entertaining.

Morgan nodded before letting the door close, retrieving Niall. Your feet were killing you, and you were too tired to work for another hour. All of your energy was drained.

Your door opened revealing a dirty blonde man in a dark suit and tie with circular glasses. He gave you a friendly smile as he approached your desk. His eyes were a deep blue

“I’m Niall Horan,” he smiled, reaching out his hand to shake yours.

You were sitting before approached you; you just stayed in your chair and shook his hand, “Y/N Y/L/N. Please have a seat,” you told him. Niall did so and adjusted his jacket. His eyes were very soft but also intense. They didn’t size up your chest or your face; he only looked into your eyes “So you would like to purchase your first house, yes.”

“I’m sorry, you’re just very beautiful,” Niall smirked.

You blushed a little and chuckled, “Thank you, but you’re interested in a house, correct?” 

“Uh yeah, I’ve been renting an apartment for a couple years, and I kind of want something to grow into and settle down,” he explained.

“Settle down?” you questioned. “You look like you’re twenty-three.”

“I’m actually twenty-eight, but thank you,” he chuckled.

“I know you said you wanted something modern in style, but is there anything else you want in this home. Gated neighborhood, pool, large, small, rooms, bathrooms?”

“I want something kind of large. A pool would be nice, but it’s not necessary. Four bedrooms, three and a half baths. A large basement and yard would be great.”

You wrote all of it down in your notebook. This page was labeled, “Niall Horan.” You organized his page by priority. On the phone, mentioned modern being his top priority. Now you knew a pool was the least of his concerns.

“Okay, so everyone hates to talk about it, but we have to talk about your budget. I know I can find you a perfect house with a healthy budget,” you told him. “I’m amusing your hearty list includes a hearty budget.” You couldn’t tell how many times someone would come into your office with a lengthy list but a short budget.

“I was thinking something between the $995 thousand to $1.1 million,” he told you. You were quite surprised by the price range for a guy his age.

“Niall, if you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living?” you asked, intrigued with him. If you were to see him in the streets, you would think he was a regular guy, but a regular guy wouldn’t drop a million on a home. If you could land this sale, this would be the largest commission check you would receive,

“When I was in college, I co-created an app for students that needed help on homework. It sets you up with a tutor in the subject you’re in. It really blew up during my senior year,” he explained. “It’s only 99 cents but you receive all the benefits, and I have been working and improving on that for the last six years.”

“Oh, my god! I used that app when I was in college my junior year. It literally saved me,” you gushed. “That’s amazing, Niall. Well just let me get you something that may help narrow done the search when we get started.”

You stood up from your chair, and he saw it. What we under your black and white hearted blouse and your black skirt. Niall was amazed that he didn’t notice at all even if it was under your desk.

“I didn’t know you were pregnant,” he commented as you got up for the first time. “Congratulations! When are you due?”

“Thank you, I’m 28 weeks along as of today, and I’m definitely feeling that today, and, if I can be honest, I’ve been trying to get out of these clothes all day because they are barely fitting anymore,” you sighed, reaching up to get the booklet from the shelf behind you. “Just two more months I guess.”

“You look amazing, though, but once again, congratulations.”

“Thank you but here is a booklet with different sets of kitchens, bathrooms, living room etc… I just suggest looking through it tonight so you know what modern style you’re looking for, but we can start tomorrow, I can email you the addresses, and we can check out a few.”

“Alright thank you so much. I’m excited,” Niall smiled, standing from his seat.

“I am, too,” you said as you got your coat from the rack. “Well, I need to get out of these shoes and eat some food.”

“Hey, do you need someone to walk you out from your car. I know it’s kinda dark and a lot of people already left,” Niall offered. “Our meeting was kind of late. 

When people found out you were pregnant, they began treating you like a child. Everywhere you went, people would be nicer to you and more willing to help you out. You didn’t mind the extra help every once in a while, but you never knew if someone was just being nice they liked you or because you were pregnant.

“Thank you, I would like that.”

You gathered your things into your work purse as Niall opened the door for you. You thanked him as you walked out with Niall behind you. We said goodnight to Morgan as you and Niall entered the elevator.

“I can’t wait to go home and finally have the dinner. I am starving,” you mentioned on the way down.

“So, your husband made dinner; that’s nice.”

You looked down and shook your head, “Uh no husband at the home front.”

“I’m sorry, I mean boyfriend. I didn’t see a ring.”

“Actually, no boyfriend, no husband, or partner of any sort. Just me, myself, and I. I left some meatballs cooking in a crock pot this morning, and I’ll be making pasta so…”

An awkward silence filled the air in the small elevator. You could tell Niall felt bad about his assumptions. This usually happened when we mentioned you home life.

“I-I didn’t know; I just assumed–”

“It’s okay, it happens a lot, but I’m really happy and okay with becoming a single parent,” you told him.

The elevator opened to the lobby as you and Niall went into the parking lot. The night air was crisp against your legs. You lead Niall to your car as you pulled out your keys, but you felt a small kick to your side causing you to drop your keys.

“Oh, my god!” you gasped. You held your side and smiled.

“Oh, are you okay?” Niall asked, quickly coming to your side.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine. I think the baby just kicked for the first time, and I’m just surprised,” you gushed, rubbing your side. “Do you wanna feel?”

Niall looked at you surprised and a little unsure, “I’ve never felted a baby kick before–”

You took his wrist and placed his hand on your side. You had his hand rub your side until you felt another series of kicks to your side.

“Do you feel that?” you asked him. Niall slowly nodded and smiled. You laughed as you watched Niall become amazed by your kicking child. “She or he has never kicked before. I don’t know the gender yet, and I don’t like calling him or her an it”

“It’s so weird but amazing. Like that’s a real person in there,” he mumbled. He removed his hand before picking up your keys from the ground and handing them to you. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N,” Niall said, opening your car door for you.

“Thank you, Niall, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” You started your car before driving off.

You smiled as you drove out of the parking lot. You were kind of excited for tomorrow, to say the least.


Summary: Phil has a cheating boyfriend. Dan is a poet with a crush, facing an ultimatum.

Genre: University AU (poet!Dan)

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, swearing, many elements of angst, implied smut, vague implication of abuse (only two lines)

Word Count: 33.6k

Fic Playlist (ordered chronologically to follow the storyline as it progresses)

Read on ao3

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The Complete Results from the BTS Kink Quiz

I dont know if it’s possible but i’d rather stay anonymous… Anyways, I’ll hook u up… This is a copy-paste of a post from the quiz maker, who recently took down their tumblr, in which they shared the results to the quiz.


Jungkook is a switch, able and happy to play both dominant and submissive roles. While he’s flexible, he leans slightly towards the dom side. He could do with or without power play (though he does enjoy it), but if you make it known that you’re interested, he will quickly get into his character, researching his role and doing everything in his power to make your toes curl.
Jungkook has a unique aura about him, and this same spirit of mischievousness and playfulness translates into the bedroom. When it’s his turn to be dom, he exerts power in a way that isn’t overt at all, but more in the subtext. He always seems to know exactly what he’s doing; he’s just so good, and he drives you so crazy that you bend to his whim without much of a struggle.
He really gets off on keying you up, slowly building his teasing over a long period of time, and then keeping you on edge even when he finally gets you into bed. Some nights he’ll hold off and keep you right at the brink until you feel like you might really go mad—bring you right to the point of orgasm again and again only to ease off—laughing as you whine and beg. And then when he finally lets you come, he suddenly won’t let you stop, anchored to your spasming body with practiced finesse.

Because he’s also really into overstimulation; if you let him, and if you both have the time, he’ll spend the entire evening between your legs, making you come over and over again until those tell-tale tears begin to leak from your eyes and he finally eases off of you, so slowly, kissing from the dip where thigh meets hip back to your sweaty, flushed face.
And you always want so badly to return the favour, but it’s rare that he lets you, because he’s extremely sensitive and can only take further stimulation for a few moments after he’s come. If you plead a little, though, he’s always willing to let you experiment and see how long you can drag his orgasm out into gasping shudders and shivering, jerking hips.
Jungkook likes dressing you up, too, because he’s extremely visual and has a lot of clothing kinks: he wants you in a little mini skirt, thigh highs, heels, a school uniform… come to think of it, he also likes showing up and surprising you dressed as an officer once in a while, though he’s not typically extremely into character play.Things can get kind of competitive between the two of you, and that edge keeps you both on your toes, always experimenting and learning more in the attempt to perfect your techniques so you can get each other to come even harder than last time.

And sweetest of all, since your lover is also your best friend, you can really talk to him about anything. That trust extends to the bedroom, where you can always bring up a topic or possible bedroom escapade. Even if Jungkook’s not into something himself, there’s a fair chance he’ll be down to try it. It’s a healthy relationship.
Extra notes:
• his favourite positions are from behind and girl on top (positions where he has the best vantage point your body)
• he’s an equal opportunity lover of boobs and ass
• has a serious obsession with coming all over you, inside you, etc.
• likes it when you dance for him, and literally worships your body like it’s the holy grail
• is extremely jealous and not into sharing
• caution: jungkookie is dangerous when challenged. Handle with care :)
If you got this result, your sexual style is likely playful and experimental, but also characterized by a deep emotional connection and trust. Jungkook is the perfect partner for your trial-and-error tastes. Like a sexual buffet; you can always find something you enjoy!


Congratulations! Looks like you got Namjoon, the true dominant.
He’s an amazing dom, and he takes his role very seriously. He is meticulous; well researched and well prepared to boot. He’s always doing lots of research beforehand and making sure you both talk extensively about what you’re comfortable with and working out the finer details.
He made you both make lists of the things you enjoy, and then you went through them together, discussing what interests you had in common and what things you were unsure of but might be interested in.
Of course, there’s also precious little Namjoon isn’t interested in when it comes to sex, and you’ve yet to find a topic that so much as made him flinch.
He’s careful and safe and wonderful as he introduces you step-by-step to new things, each more amazing than the last, and each time you are left a little more in awe of his skill and consideration.
Ever the thoughtful, affectionate mate, he’s the aftercare master, dragging himself out of bed even when bone tired to make sure you’re clean and cuddled, completely cared for after some of your emotionally taxing sessions.
One night as he leads you out of your apartment for a night out, hand warm on the small of your back, he leans in close, secretively, his lips barely brushing the shell of your ear and sending a shiver down your spine: “you better not be wearing panties under that little skirt of yours.” And he checked later, too, in typical Namjoon fashion, his fingers ghosting along the bare skin of your knee and thigh and higher, pleased to find you wet and needy. He won’t finish you there, of course; he’s a predator, in it for the thrill of the chase. Instead, he’ll make you wait and arch as he teases you in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by his friends and colleagues as you try desperately to appear normal. If you pleased him, and Gods you always hope you do, when you get home he’ll finally let you fall apart so he can put you back together piece by piece.
One thing’s for sure, sex and life with Namjoon is always interesting, and your body and mind are always pleasantly abuzz.
Extra Notes:
• he’s into bondage, and loves restraining you with beautiful rope in intricate patterns and positions; especially when you’re blindfolded and helpless, a slave to sensation
• he loves face fucking and face sitting, but he always manages to top even from the bottom
• he makes you call him all kinds of names—daddy, oppa, master—depending on the night
• there are always little games he comes up with, like—keep your hands above your head, spread your legs and hold them there while I fuck you, don’t come until I say—with creative punishments for when you fail
• he’s really creative, especially sexually and it seems he always has something new he wants to try
• his favourite position is from behind
• he’s willing to bring others into the bedroom if you’re open to it, both guys and girls
• he’s really into toys, too, plugs and vibrators, etc.
• his absolute favourite is choking and breath play, but he will only ever go there with your explicit consent
If you got this result, your sexual style is likely open, flexible and passionate. You have an “everything goes” type approach, where nothing is off limits, and you love to find new ways to enjoy your partner. You also love to be dominated, and Namjoon is more than willing to take control.


Yoongi is a switch, with a slight preference towards submission. That being said, he’s typically indifferent towards power play, though he can be coaxed into it if it’s more your cup of tea.
On those occasions, he loves to be defiant, a stubborn submissive to the end, snarky and biting against the bit at every opportunity. You see past it with ease though—past the hot blush on his pale skin, and the way he clenches his jaw in rebellion—you know he loves being underneath your swaying body, even all tied up and unable to move as you have your way with him.
Still, he prefers when things are less fixed and more natural, like when he comes home after a long day at work and somehow finds himself inside you, with you rolling your hips against him, drawing out every bit of stress and reminding him what a lucky man he is.
He really likes morning sex, too, when things are languid and lazy and his mind is hazy, working to catch up with his body; waking up with you between his legs, his cock already stiff in your hand, or already hardening inside you is always a treat. In fact, sometimes it’s the only sure-fire way to wake him up without an argument.
Perhaps his favourite of all, though, is indulging his aesthetic side. He loves when he can lounge on the bed or a chair and watch as you strip for him, teasing him ever so slowly and sensually with the sight of your bare flesh. He likes it when you pry your legs apart so he can watch you work at yourself, likes to take himself in hand as you do, timing his pace to yours. You like to watch him like a hawk in those moments, taking deep pleasure in the power you have over him; you watch the way his hips strain, the way his throat bobs, the way his tongue pokes absently from his mouth.
Speaking of his tongue, he adores it when you sit on his face, and he can wrap his arms around your thighs, anchoring you in place as you ride him, moaning all the while. His mouth is a delight and your favourite part of him, both when he’s being mouthy and you have to shut him up with your lips and tongue and when he’s using it to work at you feverishly, almost defiant in the way he devours you.
Most of all he likes to photograph you, arranging and positioning you just so for an artsy shot. It’s his favourite past time, but it’s always a guilty pleasure when you receive of a text of his hard cock in hand, and can’t wait to punish him when you get home.
Extra Notes:
• his favourite is when you top, both because he loves the visual and likes to take in all the sensations
• he loves sex in the tub, with a glass of wine handy, even though it leaves a huge clean up and you have to keep lots of lube handy
• perpetually wants to come all over you, has a fascination with seeing you covered in his cum
• though he’d never admit it, and always acts like he loathes it, he loves when you tease him, and loves it even more when he gets the chance to tease and edge you back
• loves oral, both giving and receiving
• into aesthetics but likes you absolutely naked
• switches around all the time; sometimes he’s impatient and rushed, and other times he wants foreplay long and drawn out
• not into public sex at all
If you got this result you are probably a dominant partner who enjoys a snarky, defiant mate; laidback but passionate partners who equally enjoy doting on you and being doted on. You like a man who knows exactly what he wants, especially when that thing is you. Yoongi is that perfect match for what you crave!


Hoseok is the only complete and utter true switch among the boys. He’s the exact midpoint on the spectrum between submissive and dominant; he could go either way and genuinely be completely into it.
Although he’d be more than happy to satisfy the crave for power play, should you have it, it isn’t necessarily his favourite. Rather, Hoseok mostly just likes to go with the flow, seeing where the mood and atmosphere will take you both. His intuition always seems to pick up on how you’re feeling, and he always knows how to guide things along so you end up right where you need to be, be it riding him eagerly with his wrists up above his head or on your knees with your head buried into your pillow as he fucks you viciously, his palm hot against your ass.
Hoseok’s absolute favourites, however, are the nights when you can both just take it slow and really enjoy each other. He likes mapping out your body slowly and completely—and it’s perhaps because of this that he seriously know you better than you know yourself. He watches every reaction; sees every arch, every breathless moan and takes note of it, because he’s desperate to learn to please you more.
He loves bringing sex toys into the bedroom, because he lives to get you off as hard as he can. Those nights he gathers all your favourite toys or something new and gets you all wet and ready before settling between your legs like it’s Christmas. Often, all he wants is to be between your legs experimenting, seeing which combination of fingers, tongue and vibrator seem to set you off the hardest, which ones make your toes curl and your back arch. And you love the pleased little grin that splits his face when you’re absolutely wrecked; can’t help but adore the way his teeth catch his lip and the genuine heat in his eyes when you manage to peel your own open after an intense orgasm.
Some nights he just makes you come with the vibrator, turns it off and pets you until you stop quaking, and then turns it right back on again, over and over, alternating between his mouth and the intense vibrations of the toy.
He also really likes fucking you, ever so slowly while the vibrator’s on your clit, varying the vibrations speed or steadily increasing it; sometimes he won’t even move, just stay inside you and groan while you come over and over again.
He has a serious thing for the way you bear down on him when you orgasm, too. If you can manage to keep your eyes open, the way he curses, his eyes squinting as he gasps and holds on to you with white knuckles as you quake around him only makes you come even harder.
Hoseok is the ultimate caring, doting sex partner; he makes you feel so loved and cared for that it’s impossible not to want to worship him back. The relationship is a constant ebb and flow of give and take, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Extra Notes:
• Hoseok is also into spanking, especially when he gets in the mood for power play
• orgasm denial and overstimulation (both ways) are his bread and butter
• he likes missionary and girl on top, because he always wants to be able to see your face
• he loves cuddling and talking after sex
• he might be willing to let you peg him if you talk to him about it
• in fact, you really can talk to him about anything, because he loves keeping you sated and happy, and excels at finding a midpoint between what you both crave
If you got this result, you need a loving, passionate partner who is willing to put you first sexually. You likely don’t care who’s in charge, so long as the trust and love of the relationship is never violated. And Hoseok is perfect for that, as he loves to dote on you, worshipping your body just as you crave. You probably have specific things you’re into sexually, and might not be so willing to venture outside of them, but Hoseok’s cool with it, so long as it means he gets to explore and figure out what each one of them is.


Jin has a little switch in him, the type to not mind giving up control every once in a while, but he mostly prefers to be the dominant partner in the relationship.
He’s really into power play, and when he does have control, boy does he relish it. He makes you call him sir or master or daddy depending on the night, only to respond by calling you princess, or his “good girl.” He tells you to keep your hands above your head and not move them, but he doesn’t tie them down so you have to struggle to keep them there, and every time you move them he stops, chastising you and drawing out your orgasm even more.
In typical fashion, he sometimes adorns you with chokers, but other than that, he tends to like you completely naked and at his mercy. Unless your roleplaying calls for a specific outfit, in which case he will tolerate it until he strips you bare and fucks you.
Your foreplay can drag out for hours, since he’s really into kissing and foreplay; it’s not just some hasty prelude to the main event for him. He genuinely loves being cozied up on the couch, hoisting you up on top to straddle him, with your legs on either side of him, and just losing himself in you.
More than that, he loves to receive oral, especially with you down on your knees in front of him, while he fucks your mouth and lavishes you with praise while he does (but jin would lay down a pillow for you first, because he worries for your knees, of course).
He might not go down on you super often, but when he does it’s always like he’s in a competition with himself to see how many times he can make you come. In the end, you can’t even keep count yourself because your orgasms blur together, and even though he stops to let you recover occasionally—petting your thighs and placing lingering kisses against your heated flesh—he lives for the way you arch and sob when you realize he’s not going to stop, that he’s really going to make you come again. He loves seeing how high he can get you, how far he can take you, until you’re a twitching, sobbing, wrecked mess.
That’s why his favourite is when you start insisting, saying “I can’t, Jin, sir, please, I can’t come again” but you both know you can, and he doesn’t bother stopping, just slips his fingers inside you in that way he knows you love. Yet he seems to always know when you’ve really had enough, slowing to a stop, nuzzling your thighs as you shudder and gasp, rising up over you to kiss you and then laugh at the dazed, satisfied expression on your face. You’ve only ever had to use your safe word once or twice when he was really overzealous.
He’s surprisingly and generously vocal in bed, not just in terms of those breathy noises he makes, but also in terms of dirty talk. Mostly because he especially loves enacting scenes and scenarios with you in all kinds of roleplays. His favourite scenarios involve slave/master/pet relationships, and you always preen at the endless attention he showers you with. He gets really into character, demonstrating his acting chops and making you burn to your core with arousal.
He favours positions where you’re riding him, like cowgirl; because he tops from the bottom like a pro and loves to watch you ride him, loves to guide your hips; loves the wide-eyed fucked out expression you make when he grabs hold of you and thrusts up, filling you to the brim. Not to mention he loves your breasts and your waist, even when you’re insecure about them. He’s managed to convince you of how perfect you are, especially moments like those when he can’t take his eyes off you while you grind on him.
Extra notes:
• Jin likes a little light choking, if you’re down for it
• likes to circulate the roleplay so there are plenty of times you’re both just having sex as you
• likes spanking you, but only in the context of roleplay, like when daddy’s little girl gets out of line
• he likes fucking you in front of a mirror, forcing you to watch yourself, telling you lowly to watch the fucked out expressions you make
• he likes being really playful. It’s not always hot and heavy; sometimes he does something ridiculous, or hits himself trying to change positions and you guys have a good laugh. Or you try to initiate a chase but he just grabs you by the leg before you really get anywhere and drags you back onto the bed
• the sex is kind of athletic; Jin is the strongest member of BTS, and he can and will pick you up like some kind of doll and hold you where he wants while he fucks you.
• he has a bit of a foot fetish, and will literally beg you until attempt to give him a foot job
• food play; likes to eat off you, mostly desert foods
If you got this result, you like a mostly dominant partner, but also like a little room for switching things up once in a while, when the mood strikes. Though you enjoy the thrill of someone else having the power and control, you also need to feel safe and loved, and Jin provides that security while allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself.


Jimin is a willing and pliant switch, capable of filling the role of dominant if it’s what you need, but naturally leaning more towards a submissive role. He’ll dom occasionally if you like, but it’s more to please you than something he’s into himself.
That being said, he’s ridiculously into power play. He loves when you take control, and quickly adopts his needy, breathless, begging self. He loves to whine and beg you for more, and you love making a show of not giving him what he wants until he feels like he might actually break.
His favourites are the nights when you spread him out like a dish to be savoured, taking your time exploring him and refusing to let him come until you’ve had your fill. He’ll spasm and twitch as you deny him orgasm after orgasm, and as much as he protests and begs, you both know how much he loves it when you spoil an orgasm and he’s left a writhing mess. He lives for the times when you dip close, your cheek pressed against the deep V of muscles against his pelvis, growling into his skin—"don’t you dare come until I tell you to"—and moments later his cock is deep in your throat and you’re humming around him, watching the way his expression cracks as he desperately arches.
He loves your attention, loves to make a show of how you wreck him, and oh, how you do. It’s a secret between the two of you, how he adores the desperate moments when he can’t help himself and is driven into an orgasm before you’ve given him permission; because as eager as he is to please, he is even more eager for your punishments.
He’ll call you whatever you like, and his eagerness to please always fills your heart. That’s why you’re such a careful and attentive dom, always making sure before and after that he’s alright and setting up safety nets like a safeword. You know how lucky you are to have him, and so you always go the extra mile to take special care of him.
Extra notes:
• into humiliation and degradation, orgasm denials, ect.; but also needs a supreme amount of aftercare and taking care of in general, along with tons of reassurance after, because he’s a glutton for praise and compliments; so he kind of swings between the extremes, needing praise and then needing to be torn down
• also into costumes/dressing up, being made to wear a collar, and has 1000+ fantasies he wants to act out
• likes every position, but especially girl on top, because he lives for your breasts (he also loves reverse cowgirl though)
• he has a secret obsession for being pegged and anal play
• ridiculously into you blowing him
• likes when you bring toys into the bedroom
• likes to dote on you and worship your body when you let him
If you got this result you’re likely a dominant who enjoys a submissive, eager partner. Jimin is the perfect match for you because he’s two sides of a submissive coin; he likes punishments as much as you love to dole them out, but he also craves your affection and attention. He fulfills your deep, dark desires but also your drive for tenderness and love. Together, you can satisfy both cravings.


Taehyung is the most kinky member you can get (besides Rapmon); he’s up for literally anything and everything, and firmly believes you should try everything at least once.
There are seriously no limits; Taehyung is up for anything. Nothing squicks him. Nothing surprises him. Making love to him is a delightful mix of playfulness and desire so heavy and thick it threatens to choke you. There’s always an added edge of danger and wonder to your relationship, as you never know when Tae might suddenly drag you into a public bathroom or slide his hand into your jeans during a movie, smirking all the while.
And he does it often, because as much as he can take his time when he’s inclined to, he has a weird thing for the hurried, frantic fucking that occurs when you both know you might be caught at any moment; he lives for the way your breath hitches and bubbles up sporadically when you can hear someone nearby; how you tighten around him like a vice and it makes him want to groan and fuck you even harder, until you can’t spare a thought past his cock. He likes it when you are both so frenzied that you’re still fully clothed; the nights when you can’t even make it to the bedroom and end up plastered half across the kitchen island, one leg hiked up around his waist and your shirt slinking off your shoulders as he pounds you.
He likes finding weird ways to get you off, too, like trying to talk you to the edge, using everything he knows you like, dipping close so you can hear him pant ragged, hot breaths against your ear. So he can tell you how good you feel, how your tight little pussy feels so sweet wrapped around him, how he can’t wait for you to come for him like a good little girl, and it’s never long before you’re shuddering against him when he turns that silver voice on you.
The moments when he feels like taking his time, you simultaneously dread and crave, because he’ll make a show of spreading your legs, dipping down between them. He works at you on these occasions like a man starved, caring nothing for the sounds he’s making or the mess, all tongue and lips rocking against you, the flat heat of his tongue lapping at you sloooww, so slowly you might die as you finally come just as slowly and drawn out as the long swipe of his mouth against you. You’ve never met someone that genuinely loves to eat you out, not like Tae. He lives for it, relishes every passing expression, every gasp, the taste and the texture of you, all of it.
And you love him all the more for his relentless passion and attention. Taehyung is a bright burning fire, and you worry sometimes it might actually consume you. But really, there are worse ways to go.
Extra Notes:
• dirty talk is his favourite thing in the world
• He likes dry humping, partially clothed sex and thigh riding, like, alot
• he loves to make you masturbate in front of him and always memorizes the blush that spreads across your cheeks while you do; he’s into humiliation but not necessarily degradation unless you ask for it
• He brings home weird shit all the time… like Tae, why do you have viagra? He just wanted to try it and see if it’ll give him multiple orgasms. Why is he bringing a feather duster? I don’t know, he wants to see if you’re into tickling.
• he really, really likes fucking your ass
• oral, oral, oral, oral. He could spend forever going down on you, and watching you go down on him, in all variations
• he likes fucking your mouth, but he also likes forcing himself back and letting you work him into a frenzy, and vice versa.
• he likes rubbing himself against you and getting off that way; his cock between your ass checks, breasts, face, everywhere
If you got this result, your sexual style is likely flexible and experimental, characterized by your openness and willingness to try new things. Taehyung is the perfect partner for you to spread your sexual wings with!

There it is! The quiz website is a free one, and while it’s really good as far as free goes, there’s unfortunately not a way I’ve seen to make viewing all the results an option for you guys. So here they are for your reading pleasure! Also, if you want the results for the other quiz too, check my masterlist, I’ve added a section to the bottom where you can read all the results!”

I believe the other quiz they’re talking about is an mbti personality match with bts, and I might have the results for that too, but I’d have to check… Hope I helped!

I know you wanted to stay anonymous so hopefully this did that ahaha. thank you so much! for all our followers looking for the other members’ results, here you go!

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p30-32)

Here we are with the usual(?) last minute translation before the airing of the new episode. This is an interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga alone that was published on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. Even though this time he’s interviewed alone, you will find that many things are similar to what was said in other interviews, but all in all it’s a nice summing up of Toyonaga’s opinion on his acting, YOI, Yuuri etc, and it’s a good read. Also, there are still parts that I see here for the first time, so even if you’ve read all the other interviews I posted here you will not find it boring!

I wanted to post another interview from the same magazine too, but as they are quite long it took some time to finish this so I didn’t have time for the other one… I might try to post it tomorrow if I’m not too braindead after episode 11 (*insert laugh*).

Just my opinion, but I love Toyonaga’s realistic (”not-your-typical-anime-voice”) acting he uses for Yuuri, and I really appreciate how much he’s putting into this role. It’s also cute how he actually relates to Yuuri himself. I’m looking forward to reading the interviews from the recently released magazines where they will probably talk about the second half of the series too.

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***
***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Yuuri Katsuki) interview
Yuuri Katsuki, protagonist of this anime, is vulnerable to pressure, gains weight easily and is possibly the figure skater with the most fragile glass heart in the world. We have invited his voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga and have asked him a lot about how he plays Yuuri and what he think is fascinating about him. According to author Mitsurou Kubo-san he is so similar to Yuuri that she called him “real Yuuri”. In what way exactly are Toyonaga-san and Yuuri so similar…? Let’s find out.

—“Yuri on Ice” has finally started airing on TV. Could you tell us your sincere feelings of when you got the role of Yuuri Katsuki?

I’m personally a fan of figure skating, so when my agency told me of this anime about figure skating I was very thrilled. My manager, who loves figure skating more than me, told me “get this role at all costs!” (LOL). You can’t really predict the results of an audition, so that’s not something I could promise, but later on when I was told that Mitsurou Kubo-san watched my audition and thought “Yuuri Katsuki is Toyonaga-san” that made me really happy. Yuuri is an ordinary boy living in the provinces, therefore even if this work is indeed an anime, I challenged myself to act as realistically as I could, and even in the audition I tried to limit the “anime-likeness” as much as possible and tried to pronounce the lines as if it was something I was naturally saying. If this hadn’t matched the style of this anime they probably would have thought that my acting sucks, but luckily that actually turned out to be a good idea. When I was informed that I got the role I was so happy I felt like crying, but my manager was so crazily hyper about it that I didn’t have time to react (LOL). However, when the realization that I got the role sunk in, I also started to feel the pressure because it meant that I would need to act in that realistic style, removing all anime-like elements from my voice as much as possible, for one whole cour. I can only blame myself (LOL)

—Does removing most anime-like elements and act realistically use up a lot of energy?

It’s just my personal opinion, but I feel that when you voice anime images there is a kind of template on which your acting is based, so I decided to just ignore all of that, make the lines mine and act out Yuuri’s role thinking carefully about the background behind each line and the reason why he’s saying it. I’m keeping in mind this kind of realism. It’s not like it’s physically tiring, but sometimes I felt mentally tired. The more I do it the more I get into the character, so to avoid empathizing with him too much and ending up crying (LOL) I’m making sure I don’t lose my balance too much.

—I see! This time Mitsurou Kubo-san created the storyboard for the anime. What did you think the first time you read it?

It was really interesting, as if I was just reading a new manga by Kubo-san, and I couldn’t wait to know what happened next (LOL). The structure of Kubo-san’s manga, the way comical parts and realistic parts are in perfect harmony, made it very easy to read, and I was really curious to see how all that would translate into an anime. I could also feel Kubo-san’s love for figure skating when reading the storyboard, and I felt that we should do our best not to ruin it.

—Did playing the role of protagonist Yuuri Katsuki make you realize something new and interesting about him?

According to the setting he is mentally weak, but he’s still a professional athlete who is competing on an extremely high international level. As “weak” as he may appear, he’s probably mentally stronger than your average person walking down the street. He works really hard, and I think that he also wants to repay all the people of his town Hasetsu for supporting him, so even if he’s timid he is still doing his best. Still, because of his faint-heartedness he ends up withdrawing into himself. That’s something I understand a lot myself, so when I talk about him I really feel like crying (LOL).

—Mitsurou Kubo-san also said at an event that “Toyonaga-san is like a real Yuuri”, and that surely shows how much you get into your role. Did you receive any directions from director Yamamoto or Kubo-san regarding how to play Yuuri?

Thankfully enough Kubo-san seems to be of that opinion, and I guess maybe that’s also the reason why they didn’t really give me directions, they are basically listening to the Yuuri Katsuki that I built up. After listening to my acting usually the director and the sound director Shimizu-san would discuss and ask me to adjust some things if needed.

—I see. Is there anything you think you have in common with Yuuri?

I think that in figure skating, compared to many other sports, the power to express something is considered especially important, so in a way the fact that figure skaters and actors are both “expressing” something makes them similar. Also, I believe many figure skaters have been skating since they were little. I’ve also been acting since I was a child, so I went through sad times, fun times and failures, and I can relate a lot to the feelings Yuuri experiences as he grows up. That’s also why it’s an honor for me to hear that Kubo-san thinks of me as a “real Yuuri”.

—When we interviewed Kubo-san in the last issue she said that theme she chose for Yuuri is “his neat sex appeal is violence”. Do you also pay attention to this when playing him?

“His neat sex appeal is violence”…… It sounds like a maxim (LOL). It’s the first time I hear those exact words, but indeed I was told about the theme being sex appeal. I do think that Yuuri’s sex appeal is not of the dirty kind, and it’s true that “neat” sex appeal can be more fascinating than anything else. I feel that it’s because he’s so artless that he can radiate that kind of sex appeal and make people fall for him.

—What did you find difficult about playing Yuuri?

The fact that the comical parts and serious parts are very fast-paced. I think that’s one of the interesting things about this anime too, but as we record everything in one go, sometimes it’s quite hard to switch between comical and serious and my mind can’t keep up. I basically created different “boxes” inside my head, like the comical box, the serious box, the sarcastic box, and even though they’re of course all Yuuri, it’s like I take out a different Yuuri box depending on the scene I’m playing. Sometimes, when talking with sound director Shimizu, I realize that I picked the wrong box for a scene, and in that case I do some adjustments. It’s difficult, but it’s also fun in a way.

—The anime is still airing, but are there any scenes you especially like among the ones that were already broadcast?

All the landscapes of Hasetsu feel very beautiful and warm. Also, Victor’s ass was nice too (LOL). I like the scenes in the hot springs because they’re amusing, and also, when Mari-neechan looks at Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) and for a moment pictures a certain Takao from an idol group I was like “who is he!?” (LOL). And the fact that Yuuri’s room was covered in Victor’s posters. There are so many interesting elements scattered all over the place that it’s really hard to choose one. However, as Yuuri, I was very impressed by the scene at the beginning of episode 2 where he realizes “I’m nervous because I’m so happy”. He’s not nervous because he’s puzzled about the situation, but because he’s genuinely happy that Victor is becoming his coach. When I saw him like that I too couldn’t help feeling happy for him. I also like the scene where Yuuri and Yurio are doing basic training together…… I could keep listing scenes forever (LOL). Every episode is so dense that sometimes you wonder whether this is really a 30 minutes anime.

—But it progresses with a very good pace, which makes it easy to watch.

Exactly! What is really amazing is that the amount of information doesn’t feel like a pain, it’s made in a way that viewers can follow what’s happening easily. I also love the scene where in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, the night before the actual match, Yuuri goes to Minako-sensei’s house and asks her to teach him because he wants to change the way he is going to perform Eros. Yuuri usually gets depressed when he is worried about something, so I think in this occasion it’s because of Victor’s influence that he actually decided to actively do something about it. It’s really nice to see how Yuuri gradually develops a more positive attitude thanks to the stimuli he receives from Victor.

—Are there any other characters that you like or that you are curious about beside your role?

I like the 3 sisters of the Nishigoori family, I think Yuuko-san is cute too, and in general all the people in Hasetsu are just so warm and lovely that I like them all. I also like Georgi Popovich, who is played by Wataru Hatano-san and is going to show up in the next episodes (LOL). I can’t speak in detail because he hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but I will just say that I like the “atmosphere” that he creates. I hope that you will understand what I mean when you see him!

—It’s a character to keep an eye on! What are your impressions of the other main characters Victor and Yuri?

Victor is so active that he decided to fly to Japan right away after watching Yuuri’s skating video, and a normal person would say that it’s impossible to understand what he’s thinking. The things he says also sound a little aloof, he’s the kind of character that makes you think “ordinary people cannot understand a genius”. However, Victor is also a skater who basically decided to give up his life as an athlete to go to Yuuri’s place, so I believe that deep down he is probably thinking a lot. I also think, though, that Victor himself doesn’t consider it something so serious and that it’s his way of enjoying life. It’s people like him that become stars.

—What about Yuri?

Yurio also has the nature of a star, though a bit different than Victor’s. He is called “Russian yankee” and he’s kind of rude, but I also believe that sharp side of him is actually important in the world of expression. People who stick to their beliefs and values naturally attract other people, and his sharp side, beside being partly caused by the fact that he’s still young, has been shown to be important at times. His temper isn’t just selfishness, because for example in episode 3, when he loses to Yuuri, he says “this time I lost, but the next time I’ll win”, so I feel that he understands that acknowledging defeat is a way to become stronger.

—What do you think about the way Victor and Yuri’s voice actors, Junichi Suwabe-san and Kouki Uchiyama-san, play their characters?

I heard that in the beginning Suwabe-san had trouble grasping the character, but after talking with director Yamamoto and Kubo-san he was able to understand him. I think that he’s really amazing, because when I’m in front of the mike voicing Yuuri I forget that the one standing next to me is Suwabe-san and I have the feeling that Victor is right there and I’m talking to him……! Ucchi (Uchiyama-san) is very good at changing his own acting after listening to other people’s. For example, regarding the Yuuri I built up, I think that inside his mind he was probably like “he’s playing Yuuri that way, so I’ll play my Yuri in this other way”, and he’s doing all this without even needing to discuss with me. He’s really good.

—The other day I was present at the talk show of the anime preview screening and I could feel the love that members of the cast and staff have for this anime. What do you think about the atmosphere of the recording studio?

It takes a very long time to record “Yuri on Ice”, but that also shows how much everyone is serious about it, and I have the impression that we are all searching for a way to make it as good as possible. Everyone is really kind and I have fun talking to them, but they’re also very serious people that know how to do their jobs, so I feel it’s a very balanced atmosphere. Also, recently I often do recordings with people who are younger than me, which of course is a good thing because it stimulates me, but since I still consider myself a “developing actor”, if I don’t get many occasions to do recordings with people who have much more experience than me I get a little frustrated because I also want to learn more and to watch other people’s acting to use as a reference (LOL). Therefore I’m very grateful to this anime because it gave me a chance to do recording with many voice actors who are older and more experienced than me, which I think is really important for myself too.

—Thank you very much! Please leave a message for the readers who are looking forward to the next episodes.

So far the story has been centered mainly around Yuuri, Victor and Yurio, but from now on many skaters from other countries are going to appear and we will also see how Yuuri interacts with them. I think that when you start seeing many different kinds of relationships you also get a wider view of the world, so I hope you’ll enjoy the “internationality” of the story. I also personally think that it would be nice to see the cultural differences between the characters, therefore I’m playing Yuuri in a flat way to give the feeling that he’s somewhat of a late bloomer, which I think is very Japanese. It would be interesting if the different ways everyone voices their characters could somewhat connect to cultural differences, so that’s also something I would keep an eye on. By the way, as the Grand Prix Series is starting in the real world too, it’s a nice occasion to enjoy both the real and fictional versions at the same time. When I’m not playing Yuuri I’m also following the real Grand Prix Series like you, so I hope we can spice up the world of figure skating together! I will do what little I can do to help, please keep on cheering!

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THERES NEVER ENOUGH V HEADCANONS I love him so much where is his route @ cheritz i’ve already spent so much money on this game what’s a little more honestly


- He really enjoys going to ice skating competitions / events!

- He thinks it’s a very graceful sport and he enjoys it

- If he gets the eye surgery, I headcanon him as wearing big glasses with clear frames and build afterwards

- Just for style they’re not even real

- but please take a second to imagine V with a bed head an oversized sweater as well as big clear framed glasses thank you


- His skin is actual silk

- He takes such good care of it to the point that it’s inspiring

- SUCKER FOR LEGGINGS AND YOGA PANTS he likes to stare at your butt and legs when you wear them and it gets him worked up (っಠ‿ಠ)っ

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anonymous asked:

What kind of girls do you think GoM would like, personality wise? Their "type of girl" is actually quite vague in the trivia--I've read fics of Kise, for example, being paired with a loud, unladylike character and shy, quiet ones. In your opinion, what kind of personality would they actually really fit?

Kuroko: I see this sweet baby liking a girl who likes to dress girly and act as such. A girl who doesn’t speak loudly or crudely, one who can understand him without him saying too much, and someone who likes to do “fluffy” things like long planned dates, arcades, shopping together. I.e. that couple that wears the matching sweatshirts. A girl who is very close with her family, a mother-like girl, who enjoys children and animals and gardening. Kuroko would possibly like a girl who is smart but struggling to figure out her path in life. I see him as a very supportive boy/friend and helping his love interest figure out what path she wants to follow, would also help him get where he would want to be. The best part is he would want to do it with you

Kise: I see Kise going for someone who is somewhat like him, but more so a girl who laughs and smiles a lot but can also be serious and handle situations seriously. Becuase Kise is a model by trade, I think he needs a girl who off the bat from meeting him says, “Yeah, you’re cute but not that cute.” and It sounds harsh and a bit rude at first, but he would think about it and probably appreciate someone not liking him for his looks. He would like you being the only one who sees past his face and gets to know who he is personality wise, and that bond would be very strong. I know people see him as a sweet baby who need protection but I feel like he is only like that in public. Behind closed doors, he would be a bit different–still clingy and needy, but more assertive and confident. He needs a girl who can spend time with him, appreciate his accomplishments, and still give him space to travel and do what he needs. Supportive, active, and a sweet smile attracts him. 

Aomine: This is another guys who needs a girl like him. Aomine has no patience for a girl who nags him to get up and do this, that, and the other thing. He needs a woman who will keep the house clean, keep the bed made, and make him get up five minutes before he actually needs to do something. I don’t see him changing into someone who does all the dishes, pays the bills, housework, etc., but I do see him as a guy who will love you unconditionally, fix problems you have, and only have your best interests at heart. With Aomine, the good out weights the bad and he needs a woman who will see that. He probably would like a girl with any chest size, regardless of his usual preference, a girl who is laid back, somewhat funny, but really open and chill. I can see the girl being somewhat tomboy-ish, wearing pants a lot and t-shirts, not a lot of make-up, but cleaning up very well when needed. If you see him looking at another woman, you have to be the girl who notices it but understand that he is coming home to you and loves you. 

Akashi: This man. Great guy with great eyes. I think he likes his women classy but with an edge. Almost like an unrefined diamond. Because Akashi lives a life of money and structure, I can see him being dragged out by his girlfriend at midnight to go see a Rocky Horror Show and saying he doesn’t like those kind of things, but deep down he wants to see more. He really just wants to have someone to escape his realities with so a girl who has a big of an wild streak in her is good for him. A girl who likes to do “whim” decisions but go home and relax at the end of the day. A girl who likes to tie his tie, leave him notes on his desk, and throw is back in the bedroom. But when he brings you around friends and family, it’s all smiles and hello’s, black and gold, and a woman who looks good on his arm. A very approachable and friendly girl who is the first to walk up to someone and greet them with a warm smile. And since he will be dealing with a big company, he needs an educated woman who can in some respects, be his secretary, helping him with clients, errands, and certain big decisions. So all in all, he needs a freak in the sheets, a woman in the streets.

Midorima: One of the best, am I right? So this guy comes off as a bit of a meanie at first but he really means the opposite. He is almost like a professional liar, right? I mean he usually means the opposite of what he says but his type of girl is one who everyone likes and that is the opposite of him. A girl who can laugh and make him chuckle because lets be real, this dude is not bursting out in any kind of laughter, but who can make him smile and feel appreciated. I think Midorima takes on a lot of responsibility with trying to become a doctor and playing basketball. I see him coming home, sitting down, and wanting to feel a pair of arms wrap around his neck and light kiss on his cheek to let him know, “You did well.” On that topic, because he isn’t a man of many words, a girl who understands what his movements, gestures, and tone mean and how they relate to his moods is best. He needs someone who can look at him and talk to him with their eyes or by light touching. He isn’t good with words so connect with him through a kiss and when he pushes you away, pull him closer and kiss him harder because you know he really just wants you to hold him tighter. A girl who dresses well, not boyish or girly, but one who has her own style is nice to him, and someone who speaks her mind is is very cultural would intrigue him a lot. And if he said something mean, looking at him and smiling saying, “I know you don’t really mean that.” would make him smirk and push his glasses up and think, “You’re right, I don’t.” and he would really like you seeing past his words. Basically, someone who opens doors for him and lets him understand the world on an emotional level. 

Murasakibara: Okay so this baby needs a mother hen type. I know this seems redundant because everyone says he needs this but I think he really does. I think he would like someone who dotes on him, making him food, making sure everything is clean for him, that he has enough for his lunch, etc.. I think he appreciates that. An example of the kind of girl I am thinking of is Yamato Rinko from My Love Story!!!. This girl is sweet to the bone and is nice until the end. She is bubbly and only has the best intentions for her friends and family. Dressing cutely and girly would be nice, someone who doesn’t talk about just anything but more about basketball, foods, and fashion. She would probably call her boyfriend cool and he would swoon at that, also liking how she is so tiny and cute compared to his big frame. He is a silly guy who needs a lap to lay on and someone to feed him so I think he is definitely one who like a sweet girl who likes to cook, sing while she does it, and ultimately mother him. 

Kagami: Is a tough one because he is so versatile. I see him as being a guy who likes taking care of his ladies–cooking, massaging, shopping for them. I see him being attracted to a girl who likes spicy food and who is also a bit of “sugar and spice” herself. A bit of a tough streak but overall nice and welcoming. Kagami is a guy who would move slowly in a relationship so I think he would like a girl that vents with him when he gets mad but says, “Hey, it’s okay, we can get through this and I’ll be right here with you, Tiger.” and he would smile and nod, feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the world, you right by his side. So if you like sports, good! Because when the super bowl happens, you should be right there on the couch with him, jumping and yelling when your team wins. His girl is someone who can get down and dirty and play outside, but can still decline a sport if she just got her nails done. He would think that it’s cute because he has a girlfriend who is also his best friend, and that is the best of both worlds to him.  

Hanamiya: Husbando! Lol so this is tough one but we can make it through. So Hanamiya is tough guy, one who is head of the basketball court, has a tight group of friends, and is smarter than alla yo senpais. But I feel like under all of that tough exterior is a guy who really wants to be accepted and feel like he matters. To be with Hanamiya, you have to be a strong woman with tough skin and thick wits. I feel like he would say testy things to make you mad, just to tease you and see how you react. Depending on that, he will decide if he wants to spend time with you or not. I don’t see him as a guy who cares about weight or how someone dresses, but he himself needs to be complimented. Whether it be on his clothes, his eyebrows, his jokes, his voice, whatever, he needs to know that he is appreciated and that you have his back, and that is the only way you will be able to crack that tough exterior and get to the real Makoto. I see him being with someone who is funny with a bit of sarcasm, smiles but knows how to keep it real, and can put him in his place if needed. a family woman, but not too demanding, just essentials. He doesn’t ask for much too often but when he does, he needs it and he wants you to help him do it. Ultimately, he is a tough guy who has a good heart and only wants a woman who will hold his hand and support him in whatever he does. 

Kasamatsu: THIS GUY. Can I get a few claps for this babe? :) anyway, he is a total nerd when it comes to girls. He comes off as shy and inexperienced but I can see him being with a girl who teases a lot and can keep him on his toes. She would see that he is a bit uncomfortable with physical contact and looking her in the eye but with her, they way she speaks and takes her time with him, makes him more confident and he loves you for that. He needs a woman that will dress somewhat nice on a regular basis and likes to stay in and watch a movie or make a fort over the couch. She would be a funny girl that originally comes off as quiet but upon knowing her better, is super silly and quirky. Kasamatsu is a romantic type of guy so if you like being serenaded through your bedroom window, he is the one for you. Love letters, sweet text messages, and shy hand holding is what you will get from him. So having a fun, teasing side wil definitely pique his interests.

Imayoshi: This guy is so attractive like, I’m not trying to cheat on husbando but.. he did teach him all that he knows  (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Okay! So Imayoshi is a smart guy like Hanamiya, plotting and scheming all the time. I see him with a girl who is somewhat quiet, a little shy but still nice. I read once that he likes a woman who is respectable and family oriented but what guy doesn’t like that? So that helps nobody! I think in a sense he does want a woman like that but he would be drawn to girls he can intimidate and somewhat “kabe-don.” Although she would be shy, there would be times that she would speak up and surprise him and that would keep him interested. What else could he say to get a rise out of you? What else could he do to push your buttons? He would constantly be trying to tease you and make you come out of your shell and that keeps him on his toes. I don’t see him as a guy who cares about clothes but he could appreciate the revealing dress every now and again–only because he likes to think of taking you out of it. So being a bit average grade wise is okay with him, I don’t think he would like a girl who is smarter than him because he doesn’t like arguments and fighting, but tutoring you and you asking him for help, makes him feel like he can protect you and that is the best feeling because nobody else but him can do that but him. So in the end, he is a guy who likes shy girls that are slightly ditzy but have their tough moments.  

…And there you have it! These are just my thoughts on the guys so hopefully I go tit somewhat right. Message me what you think if you believe a character is/likes something else! I want to hear what you guys think! :) 

and the last write-up for Red Dragon Con! Sorry for it being… so… long?

Mads Mikkelsen

I had already bought my ticket before Mads was announced (because science bros) so that was… well, I don’t know what that was. Me and my girl had joked around about either Mads or Hugh attending, saying that they wouldn’t anyway, and then whoop, there he was. It was nuts. So I went to the con a little nervous and a lot excited and just dead curious as to what he was going to be like.

But let me tell you about Mads fucking Mikkelsen.

Mads fucking Mikkelsen is a CUPCAKE OF LOVE. I am not kidding. He is the friendliest, sweetest, nicest man. He’s super gentle. He’s constantly smiling. He couldn’t be any less like any of the characters he’s played. He’s a FLUFFY DANISH KITTEN. Over the course of three days I watched him console people who had panic attacks, greet everyone, everyone, with a friendly smile and a handshake, watched every autograph session he did run incredibly late because he insisted on giving everyone there a moment of personal attention, and watched him make sure that everyone knew they would have a chance to speak with him and ask the questions they wanted to ask. In short, I watched a man who knew exactly what this event would mean to people, and watched him treat this with the most kindness and respect possible. He’s fantastic, he really is. He actually remembered people’s names, for fuck’s sake.

I cuddled him for the photo op (when I say ‘cuddled’ I mean ‘fondled his abs because my hand just kind of ended up there and eh I went with it’), and he shook my hand and we talked briefly as I got my autograph. He signed the picture we’d taken, which had both me and my girl in it, and she told him it was kind of like an early wedding gift to ourselves. That made him smile and he wrote ‘I’d love to have you both for dinner’ on the picture (I died).

(also because I know people will want to know - he is actually even better looking in real life, and he smells nice, just kind of clean with a hint of cigarettes. He smokes seriously a lot :P also he has a really soft, gentle handshake? It’s so cute. And he has reading glasses he keeps pushed up in his hair oh gosh) 

So, his panels!

  • let’s just start with the one I know everyone is going to want to hear about anyway - the fanfic. Yes, it came up. Yes, someone asked, which isn’t something you ought to really do (there’s a line between actors and fans and that’s kind of crossing it) but the question was asked and his answer to it was actually shockingly respectful and deeply hilarious. Yes, he’s read fanfic. Not a lot, but some. He laughed and said “it’s pretty sexual? But apparently I’m very good” and he just GRINNED THIS MASSIVE GRIN. And then the real kicker - yes, he did actually say that Hugh Dancy is the one who sends it to him. Which is disturbing on many levels and I was shrieking with laughter and I don’t even know how I survived that panel is what I’m saying.
  • his favourite outfit from the show is the plastic murder suit, because it looks so cool. He does think it’s a really stupid thing for Hannibal to wear, because it’s REALLY HOT, he’d get drenched with sweat, and it’s SUPER NOISY.
  • he doesn’t think Hannibal and Bedelia had sex. I quote: “They really liked brushing each other’s hair, you know.”
  • Mads likes giving hugs, but does think they should be special, so he doesn’t just hug anyone.
  • someone asked him if Hannibal would let Will keep the dogs. He says he thinks Hannibal would, as every relationship requires that kind of compromise - you get to keep those ugly curtains if I can keep keep this ugly carpet, etc etc. He was then asked what Hannibal would name one of the dogs. His answer was… Encephalitis.
  • my girl asked him what Janice Poon’s food tasted like. He said she always made two versions of every dish - an actual meat one, and a pasta version for the vegetarians. He says him and Laurence Fishburne would always go for the meat ones, and they’d be amazing? For one particular dish (sadly he didn’t mention which) they even purposefully screwed up a take so they’d get to eat more of it.
  • he confirmed that Hannibal did genuinely turn himself in because Will said he wanted to forget him and he was worried Will actually would. Will wouldn’t have chased after him, and it would have been easier for Will to let him go if he didn’t know where he was. So he made sure Will would know where he was, knowing Will wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would, eventually, come see him.
  • he hasn’t seen season 3. Like, at all. He didn’t even know what the final scene looked like all finished.
  • Carrying Will bridal-style was impractical. He mentioned that if you have to carry someone you really ought to do that fireman-style, but you know, that’s hardly ~*cinematic*~ so they went for the bridal-style thing… except Hugh Dancy is not actually as tiny as he looks and is pretty heavy, and Mads had thrown his back out the day before, and the whole thing was really difficult.
  • Someone asked if he felt Will and Hannibal were really in love. He gave a really insightful answer on how being ‘in love’ would be too simple for Hannibal, too banal. What he feels for Will goes beyond this. He really feels they’re soulmates, and (his words, not mine!) that Will is the light of Hannibal’s life. He also feels that Hannibal would feel this was obvious, that Hannibal honestly assumed Will knew Hannibal felt this way about him. This was why he was so hurt when Will turned on him at the end of season 2. Not only did Will break his heart, he also suddenly realised Will never understood just how deeply he felt for him. He killed Abigail because he knew it would break Will’s heart as badly as Will had broken his.
  • he doesn’t know if Will and Hannibal survived the fall, but supposed they might have landed on ‘some soft rocks’. If they did survive, he thinks they’d probably go into hiding for a few years, maybe hang out with Hannibal’s uncle, listen to some music, just chill.
  • even though Hannibal kind of planted that seed, he hadn’t expected Margot to actually go and get herself pregnant by Will. If the baby had been born, he would’ve probably been pretty jealous.
  • Hannibal saying to Alanna that her life, her wife’s life, and her son belonged to him meant that, yes, he would kill Alanna, would maaaaybe kill Margot, but he would NOT kill the boy. He’d probably just kind of take him and raise him. When he said her son belonged to him, he meant that literally.
  • Will is rude. Hannibal usually hates rude people. He doesn’t mind Will’s rudeness, however, because (again, his words, not mine!) love makes blind. Also Will isn’t necessarily rude on purpose., he’s just… socially inept.
  • on Hannibal being able to take out more than one person at once in a fight - Hannibal isn’t necessarily a top-notch fighter. He’s just very clever and always one step ahead of people, so he just sort of blindsides them. On taking the two police officers at Chilton’s door - Hannibal would have the element of surprise there, as they wouldn’t be expecting a dude in a plastic suit opening the door. He’d just swing it open and “spank spank!”. Yes. His actual choice of words was ‘spank spank’. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • he compared Hannibal to a cult leader in regards to his treatment of Abigail - he could see where her weaknesses were, and knew how to exploit them to his benefit.
  • he didn’t think Hannibal would have actually eaten Will’s brain. It was a spur of the moment thing. He would have probably regretted it, too.
  • he brought a huge pint of beer to the first panel. I love it. Everybody else had, like… Starbucks, and he just comes on all happy with a pint.
  • he asked us where the hell the flowercrown thing came from. Someone explained it was a meme in other fandoms too but that Hannibal stuck with it, and Kacey Rohl mentioned Supernatural and Sherlock. Mads then asked the room if those fandoms were big, and if we might be able to take them in a fight (which the room confirmed that, yeah, we could)
  • at the closing ceremony he thanked everyone for coming, for supporting them and the show, and he said he felt grateful for all of us. And then he got a little emotional. Just a little. Teeny bit. Teeny Danish emotions.
BTS’ Style

A few people have messaged me about how I would describe the style I use to make the members inspired/scenario outfits, so I just decided to make a post with all of them! :)

Jin: Jin’s style is pretty classic in the sense that he typically sports the sweater/cardigan look. Most of his outfits aren’t that colorful and he has some what of a sophisticated look to them, which makes sense for he is the oldest member. Also he often wears glasses with his outfits. For outfit scenarios I make the outfits a cute/girly style, but isn’t overly cute. Since his ideal type is someone who wears dresses or over-sized shirts and sneakers, I try to incorporate such articles of clothing in the looks.

Yoongi: Inspired looks for Yoongi are pretty versatile, some days he will wear a white tee and leather jacket or an over-sized sweater and huge scarf. His style is pretty basic, yet fresh in my opinion. He likes to wear accessories; hats, scarves, glasses, etc… For outfit scenarios I either try to mimic his style or go for the tomboyish look. He has said before that he likes the street style/ hip hop look on a girl. Yet, he prefers a basic and plain look, similar to himself.

Hoseok: In the past Hoseok’s style was really hip hop, but lately it has been changing into a more classic look like Jin’s. He kind of switches off and on, I guess.  But I have noticed that he wears a lot of hats. Whether it be beanies or bucket hats, he seems to enjoy pairing his outfits with that accessory. In a way I feel like his style is more about being comfortable than too stylish. For outfit scenarios I will either make an outfit somewhat similar to his own style or pretty girly. Hoseok has said that he likes girls who wears dresses, but also can rock the causal/comfortable look. He prefers nothing to be too over the top or stylish.

Namjoon: Ahh we all know that Namjoon has the most range in his fashion style. He will wear all black one day and a pink shirt the next. His style goes from classy to hip hop. His outfits are always well put together, yet sometimes they will be questionable. I would say that he is the most fashion forward member out of all of them since he does have the widest range of style. For outfit scenarios, I try to stray from the idea of his ideal type wearing a white tee, shorts, and red converse, for I feel like that is overused. So I just try to make outfits that are a mix of girly and tomboy, leaning more towards towards street style. Making a few outfits here and there inspired by his chic style.

Jimin: For inspired looks I try to add a hint of street style/hip hop, mainly with snapbacks because he tends to wear that often! I would say that he also wears a lot of causal-ish clothing, such as a tee/hoodie with ripped jeans and sneakers! So his style, in my perspective, is kind of casual yet stylish! And for outfit scenarios I try to make outfits that are kind of on the cute/girly side, because Jimin has expressed before that is his ideal type’s style! He prefers the “cute and fresh”  kind of outfits on a girl! But I sometimes make the outfits somewhat inspired by his own style! Just depends on which type I think would most fit the scenario!

Taehyung: Tae loves to wear over-sized sweaters and tees, which are absolutely adorable on him. His style is more so on the classy/chic side of things. He wears a lot of turtle necks and trench coats, especially during the winter time. Whenever he isn’t dressed up, he will usually wear a huge hoodie or sweater, going for a more comfy look. Taehyung’s ideal type’s style is pretty similar to his own style, so I will typically make the outfit scenarios inspired by him. But when I want to change things up, I will go for a more cute style,for I think he would like that on a girl as well.

Jungkook: I would say that Jungkook’s style is a mix of Hoseok’s and Jimin’s, in the sense that he goes for a more casual street look. He loves to wear his plain white over-sized tee and ripped jeans. Lately, he has been wearing more beanies and bucket hats. Almost all of his outfits are pretty basic, but the colors coordinate well with each other. For outfit scenarios, Jungkook has said that his ideal type’s style is pretty basic, similar to himself, so I usually pair a white tee with shorts and throw in a beanie here and there. I feel like there isn’t much of a difference in my inspired and scenario outfits for him.

lone-insane-wolf  asked:

William T. Spears bedroom please! Thank ya~

I like your icon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Headcanon meme: [not accepting anymore].

William T. Spears - Bedroom:

  • How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

William is usually sleeping in the same position for a whole night, there are rare situations in which he may change positions during rest and it can mean that he is going through some hard time in his life, like having too much job lately, arguing with his s/o etc. He finds is most suitable to sleep on the back, simple, easy and comfortable. One of his most common habits is having a glass of water near the bed in case he got thirsty so he wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen to get something to drink, it could make him unable to fall asleep anymore. Going to bed has to be some kind of ritual for William, doing everything in said order may prevent him from thinking that he forgot about an important chore. He would take shower to wash off all of the worries of the day, carefully brush teeth, comb hair, put on pyjamas and then, if not feeling much tired, go to bed and read a book to relax his mind after taking care of body.

  • What are their pyjamas like?

Mostly long sleeved sets in simple colours or patterns, like white, blue or dark green. But if you’d give him a pink pyjama with red dots he’d totally wear it, too.

  • What do they dream about usually?

William doesn’t have dreams since he became a grim reaper and even if there are some, he doesn’t remember them in the morning. He finds it suitable because they are not occuring his mind with unnecessary thoughts and wonders.

  • How neat/tidy is this character?

Come on, have you seen him? He’s the neatest person on the earth, when coming to his bedroom you would think that it is some exemplary arrangement from Ikea. Everything is always clean, kept in minimalistic style and sometimes it may seem as if he’s not even living there or at least he doesn’t use furnitures. Beware, he’ll make you use the coasters.

  • How affectionate is this character?

Not much, William finds it troublesome and unnecessary especially since his s/o would know that he loves them, right? So why to repeat the same thing over and over? It wouldn’t mean that his feelings are not as big as theirs, on the contrary, there is a huge chance that he would sacrifice his life for them without a second thought, he just doesn’t like repeating himself on something such as obvious as his feelings toward his s/o.

Giriboy’s interview with The Celebrity magazine, April 2016 issue

Is the nature of human kind?
GIRIBOY: No. The nature of all humans is trash. Everyone just doesn’t show the evil side of themselves. Black Nut’s music is one that expresses that really well. That hyung really does music according to his nature but everyone criticizes him. On the inside though they’d feel pleasure. If you hate someone, you’d want to stab them to death with a knife, but since young we’ve been taught that it’s wrong, it’s something bad. Black Nut or Eminem expresses that. So people praise Black Nut and at the same time criticize him as well.

Are you a selfish person?
GIRIBOY: Totally selfish. If I don’t like to do something, I just say it out truthfully.

Are there any artists that you’d like if s/he sings your song?
GIRIBOY: Definitely SM singers. Because since high school, I liked Shinhwa and I was also a big fan of SM. Every song, concept, music video, album jacket, choreography, stage etc from SM is unperturbed. So, I think my works might be more outstanding. Just recently I was at SM to work on something and I got shocked. That time my skills showed improvement. I went home and continue producing after that.

You said that you produce songs mainly only when you feel like it. But aside from that you seem like you produce a lot of songs?
GIRIBOY: It’s because everyday I feel like doing it. There are times when I hate doing it so I give it a rest for a month, and do it for a month later, rest for a week and do it the next week. There are times where I even rested for a year. But nowadays even if I don’t feel like working, I just sit down, because sometimes something good comes out if I keep working on it. And then while working on it I spend the whole day there. I also tend to think about my original style once more. Usually people fix on a reference first when producing something but I tend to just put everything in initially. I think while doing that, my nature just shows in my songs.

You collaborated with a lot of female artists like Soyou and NS Yoonji. Recently I saw an article about you working on something together with Kasper. Did you produce for her?
GIRIBOY: I just wrote her some beats. Kasper came to find me, so I thought “oh she really want to receive a song”, and I made a song on the spot and she was pleased about it too.

When someone’s beside you when you’re working, won’t you feel that things don’t work as well?
GIRIBOY: I do better if someone’s beside me. If I’m alone, I don’t feel like doing it most of the time but if someone is beside watching me I feel like I can’t let time pass easily. After that, there was no news (about me giving beats to Kasper), I didn’t know if she ended up releasing the song or not, and then I found out from an article. “Oh so I have to finish producing it quick.” I wasn’t doing it at all before that actually (laughs)

Do you still keep in touch with the female artists that you worked together with?
GIRIBOY: I don’t even have NS Yoonji’s number, same goes to Soyou. But I did become a little closer to Goo Hara.

Although guys like you too, you are very popular among girls. Seems like you know very well what girls like.
GIRIBOY: I liked those indie bands’ music. I think I became more of a player instead of producer since starting like this. I wanted to do rock initially, and also wanted to become an electronic musician. I wanted to do DJ or a composer. Of course I did like hiphop a lot too.

What kind of thoughts do you have lately?
GIRIBOY: My direction. I have come so far without thinking much. But I think now I have to think about the direction I’m going to take. It’s because, for hiphop especially, the title hiphop actually limits you to only inside it. I want to do other genres aside from hiphop but there’s a weird bias that people who do hiphop cannot do other music. Instead of “he changed”, it’d be better if people think “he does other music too, but he raps as well.” I think I have to try harder on getting out of the restraints of hiphop. I don’t necessarily have to do that but I can’t blame it on the people. I will think and try harder on how to make those people understand me. So now after releasing an album, I’m planning to concentrate on producing music for a while.

Know-hows on how to dress well by Giriboy
GIRIBOY: I just put on anything without thinking much. I tend to buy lots of clothes and pile them up, but I rarely wear them. I only wear clothes that I wear all the time when going out. If on special occasions I’d be like “oh what’s this” “did I buy this?” My eyesight is bad that’s why I wear glasses, but if I keep wearing I feel like I look the same, even if I wear something totally different. So I tend to buy lots of different glasses frames.

Source: Elly_Jeon_0208
Trans: girigiriboy