he just puts everything he has into every performance

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What are your favorite riren/ereri fanfictions?

Ah, well I have a lot actually, so I’m sorry if this gets to be too long of an answer for such a simple question. Also, umm pardon for the amount of smut I’m about to list, but the ones that have * labeled next to the title are my ultimate favorite fanfics. Ones with the ~ are unfinished works or are still ongoing.

*Tree House by Momma_Ran

Eren and Levi have various methods of relaxing. Some include sex. Some include doing domestic stuff together. 

*Always Taking Care Of Me by twisting_vine_x

Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck.

come to daddy by TheSpazzBot

Levi’s never felt so absolutely wrecked.

*Ropes For Pancakes by shotgunsinlace

A night out after a rough work week finds Levi at an exclusive nightclub, where he picks up an attractive young man with a repertoire of debauched kinks. Luckily for him, Levi too has a taste for the more obscure and taboo kinds of fetishes.

House Sitting by Johzanne

Only the worst could come from skinny dipping at a stranger’s house.

*Mile High Club by TheSpazzBot

Levi had suggested it weeks ago as a joke, but 30,000 feet in the air is really not the place to be getting cold feet.

You Got me in Chains by erenbaeger

Just 2 boys discovering what they like in the bedroom.

*Turn the Lock by orphan_account

Levi could understand wanting to leave class, it was boring as hell. So usually when Eren offers a way out, she’s 100% up for it. But a bathroom? Really?

Eren better make it worth her time.

~ *I Miss You by ASDFGHJFR55 

Levi Ackerman has no idea why every time it rains, he feels really, really miserable. He didn’t expect his new neighbor who has just moved in next to his apartment to show him the reason, either.

Like literally.

*What A Catch by cosipotente 

He is giving Levi an intimate sort of power over him that has nothing to do with incest and everything to do with putting his entire well-being in Levi’s hands. Leave it to Eren to do it in the weirdest fucking way possible.

*Yellow Wall by Trick_Fantasy

After becoming enamoured with webcam model Levi Ackerman, Eren becomes a Camboy on the same website - undressing and performing for audiences on the internet. Eren builds up his fan-base, steadily getting more popular until Levi notices him, and scouts him for a joint Camshow.

*Red Heat by sciencefictioness

Eren is one of the few Alphas who go into rut without the presence of an Omega in heat nearby, and after suppressing it for nearly two years, the drugs are no longer working. As a last resort he heads to an Omega refuge, hoping to find a suitable, but temporary, mate. When he finds one lost in a fatal ‘red heat’, he’ll do whatever it takes to ease his suffering.

“When Levi’s fist sounded out against the wood, the Alpha did not open it right away. Leaned into it, pressing his forehead against the smooth surface. Felt the pull of the Omega on the other side, just as he had that first day in the shelter. A whole new kind of gravity that tugged him not down to the earth but straight towards Levi. The laws of the universe shifting to bring them closer together, and Eren could not resist their inevitability.”

*Never A Rose by PlayingChello

Levi owns the Petal Wings flower shop and enjoys it as well as he can. At least until the new tattoo shop next door starts blasting music and irritating his work flow. He decides to take it upon himself to tell the shitty owner to turn it down. But there are just a few things standing in his way….

~ *Street Brat by Monsoon

Having been on the streets with his sister from a young age, Eren is used to skirting around the law to get by. He’d long since discarded any childhood dreams of joining the Survey Corps; his focus now was to help provide for and protect Mikasa, her son, and the secret that could very well get them killed. He was doing just fine after joining a street gang, until of course fate decided to literally fling him straight into the line of sight of the one man with a reputation for hunting down criminals like himself; Captain Levi of the Survey Corps.

Give the Dog a Bone® by TheSpazzBot

Levi was just looking for man’s best friend when he adopted the dog. What he got instead was man’s best wingman.

(or the AU where Levi’s dog tries to hump Eren every time it sees him)

*Deal With It by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house

Eren and Levi are mates. They bicker rather than coo and murmur, and Levi is always complaining because Eren is his Alpha and that is incredibly unjust. Eren is a brat and he knows it, and Levi is a diva and he shows it. Omega or no Omega, this raven-haired drama queen won’t let anybody push him around or give him orders.
…except for the stupidly handsome, often grinning, generally dopey brat that just so happens to be his mate. His Alpha. His everything.

*Undercover Love by SimplyTsundere

FBI Agent Eren Jaeger goes undercover into The Legion, a notorious group running drugs through the city of New Orleans, to avenge the death of his best friend and partner. How will his life change when he realizes that sometimes things aren’t always as black and white as they seem?

*Magic Eren by warschach

Eren is a stripper at Erwin’s club and when Levi is hurting for cash he is offered a job. So dancing happens and so does smut.

*Not The Monster You Wished For by JustAWrist

Eren never thought he needed group therapy. Eren never wanted group therapy. Even getting him into physical therapy was tough. But now, one car accident and two worried friends later, Eren finds himself thrust into the world of group therapy for people like him. People with PTSD, the wounded veterans. Little did he know that this group would be made up of the people who haunt him in his nightmares. Including, but not limited to, the man who he blames for the loss of his lower leg. The man who led him into battle. Corporal Levi.

~ *To Kill With No Regrets by SinfulAvenue

“You’re shaking Detective….do I really make you that nervous?”

A serial killer is tearing through Stohess slicing away the napes of their victims necks but something about these crimes seems familiar. Young trainee Detective Eren Jaeger is tasked with visiting a high security prison to interrogate notorious serial killer Levi Ackerman to see if he has any insight into who would want to replicate his killings. However Levi won’t give him the information he wants so easily. Is it his imagination or is this cold killer flirting with him? After finding out about the person Levi used to before he gave into his dark side Eren is torn between hatred and empathy for the killer. Will an unlikely friendship blossom between Detective and killer? will Levi help Eren catch the Stohess Slasher.

Suspecting Nothing by prettyboydotexe

Eren comes across Levi, who is having car troubles, and decides to take him back to his garage for a free diagnosis, porn references, and suspicious sisters.

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*clears throat* I have recently gotten into the twenty one pilots and would like to know everything your wisdom can give me on the topic of Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph pls

This is your pilot speaking, please buckle your seat belt and prepare for take off.

This is Josh Dun

He plays drums, does back flips off of things and is basically the energizer bunny. Exibit A: Brendon Urie and Josh backflipping in sync wow

He goes hardcore during shows

and outside of shows ???

and he puts everything he has into every performance

Also, his eyes get really squinty when he smiles and it is the cutest thing ever wow


This is Tyler Joseph

He sings. raps, plays ukulele and piano, and is a lyrical genius.

He wears ski masks a lot and can go from serious, philosophical mastermind to this in a matter of seconds

And sometimes this

What is he even doing?

His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

He also says “sick” a lot

Together they make twenty one pilots.

They’re just two mamas boys from Ohio, and they have the greatest friendship ever.

look at these dorks

what are they even doing???

You have now been poorly educated on twenty one pilots

Stay street. |-/

i can’t even fit my jooheon feelings onto twitter so like here i go:

jooheon is so lovely and passionate. he puts every bit of his soul into everything he does like on stage, in the s tudio, even on variety shows like he never half asses anything - you’re always going to get 100% Jooheon and that’s so cool and inspiring? and like looks aside and everything, that’s really why i love him and why he’s my ultimate bias because he puts his all into entertaining and performing. every movement, every gesture has so much meaning and POWER like he really means it and it’s just mind blowing to watch him. like using the beautiful acoustic stages like everything he did was so small but it had so much meaning? when he and changkyun did the flower blooming/closing gesture like that conveyed so much but it was just ONE THING. and his facial expressions conveyed so much like melancholy those are some of my fave stages man fuck.

i just love his energy and his versatility like - everyone talks about you know how he’s cute off stage then he’s this charisma ball off it and stuff  and like i think that duality is what makes him so interesting like there’s so many different sides to him? so many different extremes and i feel like i discover a new jooheon everyday……….i just love him so much he’s so vibrant and full of love for mbbs and his members like he’s so integral to the group. he brings that fire that i think makes monsta x monsta x -  and not only that but i think it was minhyuk or shownu that said he cheers up the other members when they’re tired and stuff and that’s so important when they have these wild schedules like, that just shows how much he loves and cares for them 

and like okay………..his VOICE is so unique to me like i can’t even explain….the way he rolls and twists sounds so they sound like just smooth cool water is so cool. he has this unique style of rapping that i dont think anyone can emulate and it sets him apart from other idol rappers like….in fuckin no mercy he already sounded like a pro and i think that’s because he had his own style that he knew nobody else had? he rules. and his speaking voice is like rough velvet just ugh i could listen to him all day

i could go on all day i just……….i love jooheon i hope he has a fantastic birthday and i’m glad to be a joobebe 

Dolce: a breakdown

It’s been a few days and I keep attempting to sit down and write this but I realize it works out a lot better when I write it directly after watching the episode. But a few things were going on this week that prevented me from typing this up, one of those being my gf’s amazing art show (it rocked!)

I’ve officially watched it twice now so here I go.

Now that things are moving in a more linear direction in this show and we’ve picked up speed on the plot line train, things have really taken off. But the best thing about this entire episode and what is to come next week is that I still have absolutely no idea how they are going to capture Hannibal.

None. I have no clue.

Just speculations.

A lot of you have already hit the nail on the head concerning my feelings and thoughts on certain scenes from this week and I’ve enjoyed what you’ve had to say. Also, I’ve enjoyed the counter arguments so if you ever see something I type that you may have different feeling about, don’t be afraid to tell me. I love media debates as long as they stay professional! 

I won’t be able to cover everything in this because honestly, there was a lot this week. But a few key points I want to address are these:

1. Jack and Will

Ah, Jack and Will. Will and Jack. The relationship that I can never quite feel completely comfortable with because no matter what the situation, Jack always likes to push Will.

I get that Jack wants to save Hannibal for Will. I see what he’s doing, I love that he realizes that their relationship is something that he has no place in. However, Jack has a bigger place than he realizes. Which is why he was invited to dinner.

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can you do a concert review ? or just like a run down on your thoughts. i would love to hear it :D if not that's cool. i hope you had a good time. xx

Yeah! I can try, I’m pretty shit at reviews lmao and I’m on my phone soooo it might not make too much sense.

Last night was probably my favorite show I’ve ever attended from the boys (the special shows dont count ie: msg, niam’s bday, 1st 1d concert). Tbh I think the reason is because of the energy the crowd was giving off. Sometimes you go to 1d shows and it can be a little MEH on that front bc the crowd is very Harry (or narry/Larry) centric and to me with Liam being one of the main personalities- it takes away from the experience if people aren’t as responsive to him. The shows are 1000000 times better when you have a crowd that’s more 1d AF, bc all the boys are feeding off of it and they give it back even more. That was last night.

I went to San Diego and I’ll be honest it wasn’t my favorite show and that was mostly why. So yeah. And then on top of that, the boys each stepped it up. Louis looked like he decided to put effort in his look, and he was such a babe. Clean, smiley, and everything I look for in my Tommo. Every time I focused on him, I just had this feeling that he was truly in awe of his life. He just had that look. And he was doing his little old man bop the whole night, dancing and singing along to the boys solos. And flirting up a storm with Liam and fond facing and touching and AHHH. Everything. Nouis. All of it.

NIALL’S voice. MY SON. If Liam’s my most all around evolved performer, Nialls my most improved. He has found such a sweet spot and uses it 100% now. You can see his confidence, he’s so into it. And he looks so good? And don’t get my started on Niam. Why do they anything? They light up around each other. It’s beautiful. My cover band duo.

Harry is Harry. He’s the celeb, our little rock star. A ham. Slightly obnoxious at times but it’s Harold, you accept it bc no one else will do it like he does. He loved my side of the stage a lot and was dancing his ass off any chance he could. He seemed to also really be appreciative of everything, and idk why but I always believe him when he says his spiel. He’s happy being in that band and interaction with the fans. I only wish for him to participate in banter more. I’ve only been begging him since WWAT. Maybe he will listen to me.

LIAMMMMMM. Shit. Yall his voice. HIS VOICE. I have been waiting all your for Liam to get into a zone where he’s not hesitant to just go for it. Last night he went for it. He wanted to sing and all i wanna do is hear him sing. He was doing runs like he was on a marathon, all night long and it was GLORIOUS. I don’t care if singers aren’t pitch perfect when they’re giving it they’re all. He took his risks, changed shit up, and it payed off.
And then his stage presence. 😍😍😍😍 he’s so good at giving fans attention. He and Harry are masters at that. He kept pointing out signs, blowing kisses, having eyebrow conversations, the works. He loves to dance and he isn’t afraid to be a fool in the name of putting on a show. That break dancing bit was sooo cute. And then his interactions with the boys. You’ve seen all the gifs. So much love and time to give his boys. So thankful we get to experience a fragment of that. And then finally HIS LOOK. So fine. Omg so so gorgeous. I think champayne-papi killed my arm from grabbing it so much lmao. He’s gonna only get better and I’m scared of what that is. PUHFECT LIL POP STAR.

Things to look out for? Niam’s ending on spaces. Holy fuck.

This was long and prob not good but oh well! I hope it makes some sort of sense anon. Driving back to LA NOW so I’ll be sporadic in my responses 😘

When you you look at the habs ultimate player thing they do and realise how many actually choose Gally for the heart aspect of it. That’s why we love him. Yes he can be a little sh*t for other teams and we love that but we also see how much heart he has for the game. How much he loves it both as a job and just personally. As his own mom said doesn’t matter who scores or whether or not hes not on the ice at that moment of time he’ll be the first to celebrate with the team. He puts everything he has into performing for his teamamtes every night he plays and the fact that so many of hid teamates have said so just prove it further