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Chloe  ‘Easily Offended’  Tousignant

“ That bear has some kind of super thick skin. It took three tranquilizer darts to bring it down. 


Others mentioning Athelstan in 3.07 for Anonymous

You know something that really bothers me about people saying that James Potter faked growing up to get Lily (or that he harassed her instead of asking her out a few times, tops) is that it takes away from Lily. She was a clever, vibrant, spunky girl. This is canon.

Why the hell would she ever go out with someone who harassed her? She got rid of a toxic friendship with someone she still loved because it was toxic, but it wasn’t immediately dangerous. He called her a slur. He was friends with people who were prejudiced against her. It was worrisome, but he wasn’t a danger to her (yet– who knows what may have happened if they had stayed friends).

Why would she date a boy who had harassed her by asking her out 5,000 times a day? Or a guy who bullied everyone in sight? Or a guy who didn’t take a war that threatened her life seriously? Or someone who is just unbearably juvenile? Is it because James is popular, rich and handsome? Why can’t she see that he’s fooling everyone? 

Forget James for a second here. I think this slights Lily’s character quite a bit. Then she becomes the naive, stupid little girl who has to be saved by Snape from the jerk jock, and that’s unfair not to mention absolutely ridiculous.

I totally headcanon that Ludwig’s basement was converted into something closer to a small apartment for Gilbert like in canon it’s stated that Ludwig genuinely cares about and idealizes his brother you just know he had a nice little kitchenette installed and carpet put in for his big brother.


Harry waits for the perfect moment


Night Changes-Brisbane-February 11th 2015 (x)

:06 through :09-Harry and Louis both acknowledge someone in the crowd by putting their arms up, then they both scratch their noses, and then they both put their hands behind their backs and turn to the side all at the same time.

:15-What is Harry doing? He turns around and puts his hands on his belly and looks down at it. Just look at him and of course Louis notices at :19. I don’t even know, but it was cute.

He’s the coolest guy I’ve ever met. He’s super-intense when it comes to the live show–he just puts everything into it. He’s one of the most genuine, nice guys I’ve ever met, which might surprise some people because of how intense his live show is. When it comes to creating the stuff in the studio…his thing is that his role is to be there to make the live shows the best damn shows they can be, and of course, we use a lot of his stuff in the albums. I really couldn’t have dreamt of a better guy to play music with.
—  tyler joseph (about josh dun)