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Imagine Tony going up and hanging with the Guardians for a while after Civil War and during his stay, he picks up a few of their,, like,, unusual alien mannerisms and stuff and so Rhodey and Peter are Super Freaked Out when he gets back home and starts greeting them by touching their noses and then sliding it up across their head like he was shown how to do on a planet he stayed at for a month, or how he had to be reminded that yes Tony you can eat your food warm that is how we do it on Earth remember, because for the past few weeks him and the guardians had had to eat their food icy cold.

And Tony can’t even be annoyed because holy fuck he’s literally been on other planets and overcome his worst fears and made some brilliant new friends and he’s just too fucking happy to care that he accidentally slapped Rhodey across the face in greeting yesterday because that’s just what you do on Morag, damn it, I’m sorry Rhodey-Bear please don’t hit me back your punches hurt-

The Last of Us - Fan Cast

So I’ve been asked this question a lot, especially lately and I just figured I would throw something together quickly. I’m not great at this stuff, but I will share what I think. 

Joel: Hugh Jackman – I thought Hugh would be a perfect cast before they made Logan and Logan just reaffirmed he would be great for it. Honorable Mentions: Josh Brolin, Dylan McDermott, Gerard Butler & Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 

Ellie: Unknown – I’d like to see an unknown actress get cast in this role to be honest with you. 

Marlene: Sonequa Martin-Green – From the first moment I saw her on The Walking Dead, I thought she would be perfect. 

Bill: W. Earl Brown – I think he’d be a nice cast. 

Tommy: Andrew Lincoln – I think he’d be awesome in the role.

Henry: Michael B Jordan – I’d like to see him in the role. As far as Sam, I’d like to see a newcomer cast in that role as well. 

Tess: Cobie Smulders – When I saw her in Jack Reacher I thought she’d make a decent Tess. 

David: Gary Oldman – Gary is an awesome actor and I think he could play this creepy role well. 

okay but i know a lot of people are on the knight jeremy train, but hear me out for a second

king jeremy

one of the youngest kings out of the current kings to rule. he may not know a whole lot, but he tries his best to learn all he can so he can run a successful kingdom. who always puts his people first and is one of the kindest rulers. who creates beautiful buildings and structures either for people to live in or to decorate the kingdom. who is fair and kind and courageous. a man who is a nightmare on the battlefield and can destroy armies with little effort. a man who charges into battle with hell’s fire in his veins. who, after every battle, weeps for the lost lives and goes to the homes of the knights who gave their lives to say his condolences to the families, should their families be alive. a king who gives it his all to protect everyone, even if they have committed crimes.

literally just give me king jeremy who tries his best and is always optimistic and trying to make his kingdom a welcome place for all to come to.

Imagine #1: Long, Long Night

The crying. It was nonstop crying. Not even for a few hours, but since you’d gotten on the plane in LA to fly back to London. Of course Harry wasn’t there. He’d left with the boys earlier that morning. 

So there you sat. Alone. On a plane. With your crying child. You’re daughter was attached to Harry, just as you were, but you knew that this would happen. She couldn’t bear being away from him when he went to the bathroom, so lord knows him being in a completely different time zone was going to be disastrous.

Harry had been amazing enough in always bringing the two of you with him. Whether it was touring, recording, press events, award shows or just traveling, he made it a point to have you and Y/D/N with you. You loved it. You loved him.

What you didn’t love was the high pitched squeals as you sat in the back of the cab driving you to your flat. You couldn’t take much more, and you knew Harry wouldn’t be done performing until much later in the night. In fact the concert probably hadn’t started yet. 

“Excuse me?” You leaned forward towards the driver. He raised his eyebrows at you and looked in the rear view mirror. “I’m sorry. But could you take us to the O2?” It was your only chance at peace and quiet…or at least no crying. 

The driver nodded and switched his direction. As he drove through the busy streets you did your best to calm your anxious daughter’s tears. 

“Daddy’s here honey. He just has to work.” Her young two year old mind couldn’t understand that he’d be home in no time. It was fair. Sometimes you weren’t even sure you’d get to see him. 

The crying intensified as the cab pulled up outside the stagedoor entrance. 

“You sure about this miss? They’re picky about who gets in here.” The cabbie was watching you curiously as you picked up your daughter and your two bags. 

“Trust me. It’ll be fine.” You assured him as you paid him and left him a tip. “I really appreciate.” You smiled before walking away. You reached the stage door and immediately it opened.

“I’m sorry, but do you have-” Paul stopped when he saw your teary-eyed daughter and your dreary eyes. “Oh my.” He chuckled stepping to the side so you could enter. “What’s the matter?” He asked relieving you of your heavy daughter. 

“She hasn’t stopped since we got on the plane. Not even to sleep or eat. She cries through food and hasn’t slept and neither have I. I haven’t eaten come to think of it.” Your stomach grumbled as you realized the series of unfortunate events you had lived through. 

“I guess she misses Harry.” Paul sighed as she kept crying even in his arms. He handed him back to you with a sympathetic smile. 

“She does.” You mumbled rubbing her back and bouncing on your heels. You were desperate at this point. Even though you’d been bouncing, rubbing, patting and cooing for almost 17 hours you were still hopeful that it might just work this time. “Is there anyway I could see him?” Paul’s face killed any hope of the end of the tears.

“They just went on.” He looked everywhere but at you. At least he understood how desperate you were. “You know what,” He mumbled walking away, leaving you to stand by the stage door.

“Paul?” You waited for a response. “PAUL?!” You called out again. You heard a whistle come from one of the back rooms. “What are you doing?” You followed the sound as your daughter kept wailing. 

“Here.” He placed a pair of soundproof headphones on your daughter’s head and she went quiet for a few seconds. “Follow me.” Paul began to lead you both down a long concrete hallway. “You should still be able to find some chairs in front of the stage. Maybe he’ll see you.” He shouted as the crowd became louder and louder. 

“Thank you!” You mouthed before slipping out from behind the curtain that hid the entrance to backstage. You walked alongside the tall stage hoping to find a seat somewhere. When you eventually found one it was the furthest from where Harry was standing. There was no way you were going to be able to yell over thousands of fans, and certainly no way you could jump or wave your hands to get his attention.  

You were beginning to question your wit. Bringing Y/D/N to the concert to see Harry and hopefully stop the crying fit seemed like a great idea. But now that it was in action it seemed like a waste of energy and time. You could’ve have been back in your flat by now. Unpacked, cooking something to eat and maybe Y/D/N would have stopped crying by now. 

Just as you were about to turn on your heels to walk away you saw Harry walk towards you. As you saw him he saw you and your daughter. His eyes lit up and your daughter stopped crying. 

“Hello!” You shouted as Y/D/N began to smile and laugh instead. “I told you daddy was okay.” You giggled as she waved. 

Harry watched both of you as he waited to sing. For the rest of the night, every time he sang he would blow you both a kiss when he finished. The concert lasted for a few hours, but the lack of crying made it seem like a few seconds. 

As the crowd began to usher out Paul came out to lead you and Y/D/N backstage again. Your daughter began to whimper the second Harry had walked off stage and a pit of anxiety was growing in your gut at the thought of the wails. Tiredly you continued to bounce her watching the door to the dressing room open. When it finally did you almost found yourself crying out of relief. 

“There’s my baby girls.” Harry nearly ran the short distance between the two of you. “Aww, what’s with all the tears?” He lifted Y/D/N out of your arms and held her close to him. “There we go. You gave mommy a hard time today didn’t you angel?” He smiled as she started to close your eyes. 

“Finally.” You mumbled as you watched the two of them. Harry heard you and chuckled. He looked you up and down before smirking a little. 

“You look hungry, tired and stressed.” He laughed a little but adjusted his hold on your daughter so he had an arm to wrap around you. 

“I am. I am. And I am.” You sighed, breathing in his scent and relaxing. Finally you were free of the crying and the desperate pleas for silence that went unheard by your toddler. 

“You wanna go home?” Harry asked kissing the top of your head. You nodded. “Okay. Let’s go. No more crying.” 

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im in loooove with this idea. how about: "What the hell are you so scared of"

What the hell are you so scared of?

“What the hell are you so damn scared of?” Shawn said raising his voice at you. He was irritated at you - clearly - which just made you even more furious at him.

He didn’t get it. He never got it.

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          being that this blog is canon divergent, i pull my headcanons from legends and canon material. i’m currently reading through the wrath of darth maul and i have some snippets from the first few chapters to share with u all because they are officially canon on this blog / for this muse.  lots of text here… also trigger warnings apply for starvation, injury, torture, abuse, mentions of child abuse, and animal death  

he was kidnapped by sidious at age two, and this is when his training began. he was kept isolated in a small room with a window and his meals were restricted to scraps of raw meat. he was given no real human interaction. he didn’t even encounter sidious until a few months into his training.  he was kept by sidious on mustafar, so escaping was out of the question. he’d either burn or suffocate on poison gas trying to escape. which he really wanted to do btw. here’s the part when he’s drugged to be dragged off to meet sidious for the first time:

The droid had taken just a fraction of a second to make the injection—so little time that Maul barely comprehended that the needle had pierced his skin. Maul blinked as he reached up and rubbed his shoulder. He realized that the droid had something to him… And then he felt a strange, warm sensation spreading throughout his body. He frowned at the droid, and then his eyelids drooped and his legs buckled. The droid’s arms extended, catching the boy before he could hit the floor. The spider-legged droid picked up the unconscious boy and carried him out of the little room without any difficulty. The boy was not at all heavy. He was barely three years old.

before sidious officially became his master and revealed himself to maul, maul was subjected to drills and cruel exercises by droids who shocked him if he made a mistake. here’s a little quote from the book’s first chapter; 

The droid also served as the boy’s teacher and had shown him holograms that illustrated Mustafar’s terrain and the planet’s location in the galaxy. The droid had shown him holograms of other worlds too. Maul had a hard time understanding that the holograms represented actual planets, but he had to memorize their names and correctly indicate their locations or the droid would subject him to a painful shock.” 

let’s address one thing; maul wanted to escape, even after sidious revealed himself. “he did imagine that going outside would be exciting”…  and he had no sense of self before three years of age, he’d never seen his own reflection or what he looked like / what his face looked like. here’s a snippet of the little kitten being confused by his own reflection: 

Maul moved slightly and saw something shift across the window’s surface. Maul realized it was his own reflection… The first time he had seen his reflection, he had been startled, because he had thought he was seeing another person. For all he knew, his reflection was another person, another boy who looked like him and echoed his every movement. A boy who was semitransparent, suspended in the smoky air outside the room. A boy who was free to roam the planet’s volcanic surface without fear of injury, who could leave Mustafar and go anywhere he wanted. A boy who could help Maul escape. Maul wished he were that boy.

there is a lot of evidence that maul’s training was conditioning him psychologically. so much. it’s textbook child abuse. in his first months as prisoner, he was subjected to a shock if he didn’t begin the exercise routine he’d been ‘taught’ when a chime sounded. he also had to do it with perfect timing and without error, and they could last for hours. it didn’t matter even if he were asleep, if the chime sounded he had to go through his drills. even as a three-year-old, he found his cell to be small, too small to move around in, even. 

He knew better than to ignore the chime… He wanted to close his eyes and pretend that he was somewhere else, perhaps a larger room, but he was not allowed to close his eyes while exercising. He forced his eyelids to stay open.” 

this is unusual, but if i can understand anything about sidious from this, it’s that he knows that maul, as a force sensitive, might be able to find an escape in meditation, even just in closing his eyes. the fact that he is denied even that is very telling. he’s a child who is not allowed an imagination. he is only allowed pain and abusive training.

he hated sidious:  

The Man wore a dark robe with a deep hood. Maul had never actually seen the Man’s eyes. Maul hated the Man even more than he hated the droid. The Man frightened him.”  and later in the next part,  when he meets sidious face-to-face for the first time ; 

Maul froze at the sound of the Man’s voice… He wished he could become invisible   and  “Maul had heard the man talk like this before Compliments were almost always followed by punishments.”  

and btw, sidious has this large tank of predatory fish in this large aquarium when they meet in this ‘scene’ and all maul can think of is whether they’re edible. because he’s starving. 

“You may face me,” the Man said soothingly.
More than ever, Maul wished he were the free-floating boy who appeared to exist beyond the window in his own room. He tried hard not to tremble as he slowly turned and looked up to face the man.  

he then goes on to tell maul he would address him always as master sidious. and when he failed to end a statement by addressing him as master sidious — not just master, the full title. master sidious. he’d be punished. 

his training was meant to break him into submission and it accomplished this by punishing him for punishment’s sake / for disciplinary training. that was it. hurting him for no other reason than to train him to withstand pain. 

Maul never knew what to expect from the droid. Sometimes it brought food or medicine… Other times, it would talk to him and teach him… Usually the droid brought pain.    and later in the chapter ;    “Maul did not remember falling asleep or leaving his own room. He suspected he was about to be disciplined. He wondered if he hadn’t done all his exercises correctly or if he had made some other mistake. Not that it mattered. Sometimes he was disciplined without any explanation at all. He had been learning discipline since he had learned how to walk. One of the first things he learned was not to cry. Crying never made anything better. Crying only made things worse.

yeah. a literal toddler learning not to cry when being tortured. because it made the torture worse.

sidious tried to teach him to disregard other lifeforms and desensitize him to killing. the earliest instance is when he was forced to kill a venomous snake, and he was forced to be motivated to kill it because it was encouraged / forced to attack him. 

Once, the droid had delivered a bright green and yellow snake that wasted no time in attacking Maul, sinking its venomous fangs deep into the boy’s arm. Maul screamed and then threw his body down on top of the snake’s to crush it. As ravenous as he was enraged, Maul had not been able to resist taking several large bites of the dead snake, which had been more than his small stomach could handle” 

….. and then he’s forced to cough it up and finally given medical treatment. he was so hungry that his instincts kicked in and he viewed it as prey. and honestly, i can’t imagine sidious not knowing he’d be desperate enough to try and eat it…. and if you have any idea what venom does to blood, you’d know this kiddo would’ve been in excruciating pain trying to kill this snake after being bitten.  

In Love With The Idea of Her Part 2

Okay, guys here’s part two.

The next morning…

As you prepared for the day, all you found on your mind was Prince Lin and your interactions from the night before. Your maid was working on your hair. “My Lady, the prince seems quite nice, doesn’t he?”

The smile on your face grew a fraction bigger. “Yes, he does.” Your hand comes to rest on the charm hanging from your neck.

Once you’re ready, your maid leaves you at your command. You wanted a moment alone to gather your thoughts before heading to the dining hall for breakfast.

Prince Lin took to walking the corridors to clear his mind. You had him up all night, consuming his thoughts and when he did sleep, his dreams were filled with you. Before he knew it, he had made his way to your chamber door. His hand just inches away from the door….

You wanted to be able to give something to Prince Lin, just as he had given you the necklace. You paced your chamber, trying to come up with something. You had made it back into the sitting room area. The next thing you knew, you had tripped on a wrinkle in the rug and fell wrong on your ankle. You cry out in pain.

“Y/N!! Are you alright?” Lin’s voice rings from the other side of the door.

“Lin! Please come help me.” You call as you try to pull yourself up onto your feet. You almost make it, but as you go to put weight on the ankle you landed on, you cry out in pain once more and fall against the table you had grabbed onto for leverage.

“Darling, what happened?” Lin’s face was etched with worry as he reached your side. You are, once again, on the floor, clasping your ankle. He sits beside you. You grimace as pain lances through your foot and ankle.

“I tripped on the rug and landed on my ankle wrong. I can’t put any weight on it.” You sigh, placing your face in your hands, willing the tears to go away. To your surprise, Lin gently pulls the injured ankle into his lap. He quickly and carefully discards the high heeled shoe so he can inspect the injury. His soft touch glides over the now throbbing joint. You wince when he hits the most painful spot.

He frowned as he continued to check your injured ankle, as you continue to make noises of discomfort. “This tobillo doesn’t look good, cariña.” This is the first time he had used some of his native language in front of you.

“I’m sorry?” you ask, as you watch him look for something. “I didn’t understand what you just said. Was it in Spanish?”

He walks back over to you, “Yes, I said, your ankle doesn’t look good.”

“What was that other word you said?” You try your best to say the other Spanish word he had said, but fail miserably.

Lin chuckles under his breath. “I called you cariña. It means sweetheart.” He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

You smile up at him. “I like that.” He visibly relaxes and his smile returns momentarily.

He quickly lifts you. “Lin, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking my cariña to the doctor. She is in pain and that is something that I cannot stand.” He quickly made his way to the infirmary.

“Where is Y/N?” The queen asks your maid when you are now 30 minutes late for breakfast. She is about to say something when a guard opens the double doors that lead into the hall.

“Forgive us, your majesties, for our tardiness.” Lin’s voice rang throughout the hall as he carried you in. “The princess fell and injured her ankle. I was close by when she called out and I took her to get the medical attention she needed.” The servants scrambled to make you comfortable as Lin sat you down in your chair, before taking his own at your side.

“Darling, are you alright?” Your mother implored.

“Yes, Mama. I’ll be fine in a few days. The doctor said that I didn’t break it, just sprained. I don’t know what I would have done if Lin wasn’t nearby.” You grab his hand and lightly squeeze it.

“Oh, dearest! What about your party? You won’t be able to dance.” She frowned.

You smile. “It’s okay. There’s only one that I want to dance with and he’s not going anywhere.” You grin at Lin and he mirrors your smile.

“It’s lovely to see that the two of you are getting along.” Your father comments.

The rest of breakfast went smoothly and slowly transitioned into a wedding planning session.

A servant walked into the kitchen, bringing back dishes from the dining hall. “There is no way.” He mumbled under his breath. The cook heard him.

“What are you grumbling about this time?”

“Cookie, I think that the engagement between the prince and princess isn’t a love match. I think it’s an arranged marriage.”

She gasps. “You hush your mouth!!  I won’t have you spreading nasty rumors in my kitchen!” With that, Cookie slapped his hand and sent him on his way, a scowl on his face.

After spending the day beginning to plan the wedding, an idea that you previously had been dreading, was now quite enjoyable. Lin stayed by your side the whole day, catering to your every need. He was also very involved with the decision-making. When presented with a choice, he would offer his input and would help find compromises when needed.

“I don’t know what flowers to choose.” You had already begun to look to Lin for help.

“Well, my mother’s favorite is the lily and your favorite color is blue, so…” Lin grabbed the pink and white lilies and combined them with the royal blue bluebells and presented them to you.

You gasp. “Lin, they’re beautiful. Yes, the stargazer lilies with the bluebells. And I want the pink in the lilies and the blue of the bluebells to be our wedding colors.” You turn to look at Lin. “Darling, are you wearing your uniform for the wedding or a tuxedo?”

Your mother chimed in before Lin had a chance to speak. “Oh, his dress blues will look wonderful with the color scheme you’ve pick out, dear.”

Lin grinned down at you. “I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

You smile as you look around the room. So much had been decided in the past few hours.

A deep double tap of the herald’s staff got everyone’s attention. “The caterer had arrived.”
All of a sudden, the table was cleared of all the fabrics and flowers and was set up for a tasting that would double as lunch.

Lin leaned over to whisper in your ear. “How’s the tobillo, mi cariña? Any pain?” His use of the words he had introduced you to earlier made you smile.

“A little, my prince. The doctor’s recommendations has helped tremendously.” Your foot had been elevated while alternating between warm compresses and ice packs to slow the swelling, but the painkillers that you had been given had begun to wear off. You blush as you let him know that you might need some of the painkillers because the pain was beginning to grow.

A servant was passing by when Lin signaled for him to come back. “Could you, please, go to the doctor and fetch some painkillers for the princess’ ankle?”

The servant bowed. “Of course, your highness. Right away.” With that, he had rapidly left the hall.

You had expected Lin to stay in his chair beside you, but he got up and looked as if he was going to leave. What you didn’t see coming was your fiancé, moving to where your ankle was resting. With a gentle touch, he lifted the affected appendage and placed it in his lap. He began to lightly massage the tender area and you felt calmed and soothed. “Is this okay?” He asked, while surrounding your foot and ankle with a soothing caress.

You smile, “Wonderful, thank you.”

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The Stars Above You


Day Six: Stars

(A/N: The beginning is set before Miroku and Sango join the gang.)

Kagome always had strange books on her. Inuyasha was intrigued by her insistence to read and carry the things, but annoyed at the extra weight that slowed her down. 

He was also fascinated by them, and loved it when she read them out loud to herself, but he would never admit that.

She was after all the nuisance that ruined the jewel and made it so he had to go on this quest in the first place. 

She often read while they stopped for lunch; ‘cramming’ as she called it. 

She mostly read by firelight before her little body could stand to stay up no more. That was when she spoke out the words on the pages, because her eyes and mind were too tired to just quietly take them in.

Her books were full of symbols and letters he had never seen before. It made him wonder just how much she knew. The fact she studied those books was a sign that she was far smarter than he had initially thought. 

He realized very quickly while traveling with her that she was most interested in people and the stories about them in her books. She called it ‘history that was unfolding before her eyes’, he called it ‘getting involved in things that she shouldn’t be sticking her nose into.’

He also called it ‘annoying as hell.’

But still, she carried those books with her. She fought him tooth and nail every time he went to use the book pages as kindle – it was some good kindle– but would relent and let him have a page or two of her choosing.

Shippou was at least open about his interest in the books. Kagome, the girl he slept snuggled to every night, was a deity of sorts in Shippou’s eyes. He wholesomely loved her, and if the amount of treats were any indication, she loved him right back.

She also brought Inuyasha all his favorite ‘ninja food’, but it would be while before Inuyasha wondered if she did that out of love of him as well.

It had been a particularly rough day. The weather had been far from forgiving, and harsher than normal for early spring. The wind had been cold and bit harshly at her delicate skin. She had mild sunburns topped with wind chaffing on her cheeks, Inuyasha noted as they settled down for the night. Kagome had not once complained, however, making him worry that there was a bigger injury she wasn’t vocalizing to him.

They were only another day - maybe two at this rate- from Kaede’s village. Inuyasha would mention to the old woman to check Kagome for injury, and leave it there. Kaede simply would not allow Kagome to go into the well without needed medical attention.

It never dawned on him that he was concerned for her because he cared, and not so much because she hadn’t complained.

The fire he had built his new-found pack was burning bright and wonderfully warm. Inuyasha checked to see if his two companions were bundled up for the night in the cocoon she carried. When he looked down, he saw them swaddled up, sitting upright, with a book in Kagome’s hands that he hadn’t seen her study before.

“Remember what I told you at lunch, Shippou?” Inuyasha racked his brain. He didn’t remember much conversation at lunch.

“That the stars shine the brightest on cold nights?” Inuyasha couldn’t recall that bit of information being shared, and made a note to listen more carefully to their talks, even if it was menial things being discussed.

“Yes,” she shifted the book so that it was lit by the fire a little bit more, “and this is the book I was telling you about. Why don’t we try to see what stars are above us tonight?”

Shippou snuggled closer into her body. “How do we tell?”

“We look in the sky and down in the book. This book as all the different stars that might be in the sky, so we just have to look and see which ones are above us tonight. We can even read the stories people tell about them.” Kagome began to turn pages. “We know we are in early spring, so we start there in the book.”

Inuyasha peered down from his perch. He wasn’t settled for the night; he was engaged in the book too. He listened to Kagome, and tried to take in everything she was teaching Shippou.

He listened to the stories intently, fascinated by the tales of warriors and great beasts, of star-crossed lovers and mighty rulers. He was a silent participant to the bonding time between girl and child, unintentionally forming a deeper bond with both of them in his heart.

The very next night, Kagome and Shippou sought hard to see every little difference between the stars of then and the stars of the night before. Inuyasha did the same, but didn’t speak aloud what his observations.

Once they were at Kaede’s village, Kagome left the book of stars there while she went home. Shippou brought it to Inuyasha as the night fell, and opened the pages riddled with words and pictures that barely made sense to either of them.

And yet, both of them look for the different stars, and tried to read the stories that went with them. They searched for the same stars as before, and were able to read those stories. It was a silent partnership that neither of them spoke of in daylight, but at night, they poured over the books side by side.

When Kagome came back, she taught them how to read the book.

This mysterious book of stars, that made little sense to anyone who didn’t have Kagome as a teacher, went on the travels with them. Miroku was better at reading it than Inuyasha had expected, and Sango voiced the questions he had but wouldn’t say. They grew closer together under the stars above them and with the stars in the book. 

On clear nights, they all would study the stars. Kagome once mentioned that the stars were the same in her time, so if they looked up to them, they could know that she was too if she were home. 

Eventually the book would find a permanent home in Kaede’s hut as the travels became more exhausting and dangerous, and having less to carry was more important to Kagome. 

Once Kagome was gone, Inuyasha and Shippou sought comfort in looking at the stars together, and finding quiet, unspoken peace in knowing Kagome had the same stars above her. They would, side by side like so many moons before, sit and page through Kagome’s book, and read the stories held in the pages.

The first night Kagome came back, Shippou pulled out the book and snuggled into her body, just like he had years before. Kagome shifted the book to be illuminated by the moonlight and together they began to find the stars that were above them.

This time, Inuyasha wasn’t a silent party, watching with a hidden desire to join in his heart.

This time, he was wrapped around Kagome, her in his lap, and Shippou in her’s, paging through the stars with them.

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You went to his concert???? Tell me everything

yes! i went to see Alien Tveit in concert last month and it was An Experience™. I actually had like hella good seats like we could see the weird ass pattern on his pants. He was amazing i mean i went in with pretty high expectations and he shattered them. he was such a nerd the whole time tho like he kept telling us little stories before he would sign a song and he really made you feel like you were just chatting with a friend and not a greek god, it was really fun bc he strutted around the stage and this bitch made eye contact with everyone he could- and im talking EYE CONTACT it was fantastic bc it happened to me multiple times and at one point it was when i was taking a snapchat vid of him. HIS VOICE THO LIKE WHO ALLOWED THAT TO HAPPEN I DEMAND ANSWERS AND I WANT THEM NOW. also his hair was great and when he was singing shake it off he dramatically ran this hands through it at the “and to the fella over there with the hella good hair” part like this bitch KNEW what he was doing wtf man i hate him. my fav part was when he tripped over a speaker that was on stage tho it was hilarious okay hes the worst. but yeah in conclusion, aaron kyle tveit is a menace and i want him stopped

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I loved that Tsuna birthday event SO MUCH and still thristy af! Riccardo, Dino and Enma just making their love feeling owned (theirs and only theirs) interpret it as you will i just enjoy submission to someone powerful so much ;) ;)


I hope it was sexy enough for you~

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You had thought that you could run away from him. You really thought it would be that easy to disappear from his life and he would just let you go? That made him angry, and he could feel his frustrations rise whenever you refused to let him explain himself to you. Ricardo had an incident with a rival boss’ wife had tried to come onto him, and of course, you had walked in at that moment.

You had immediately assumed the worst, and you were not listening to anything Ricardo was saying. He just wanted you to shut up. The only love that he had was reserved for you and you only, yet you were denying that? Ricardo would just have to show you that you were his and his only.

The two of you were going to be that night, but you had decided that you were going to sleep in the guest room tonight. Ricardo didn’t stop you from grabbing your pillow, but before you could get off the bed, you heard a click sound.

Looking up, you saw that your wrist was now handcuffed to the bed frame. You swore, and pulled at the chain, trying to break free of it. However, there was no give.

Ricardo smirked down at your exasperated expression, before leaning in to steal a kiss from you. This made you promptly turn your head away, his lips connecting to your cheek instead. Ricardo felt his anger flare up, but kept it hidden, as he didn’t want to scare you.

However, you were really testing his patience as you kept moving away from him whenever he tried to grab you.

“Can you stop this fucking game, [Name]? I didn’t fucking sleep with her, stop getting so angry about something that didn’t even happen.” You glared at Ricardo, his words not doing much to calm you down. It was hard for you though, as you loved Ricardo so much, and it felt so good when his hands were on you. Yet you didn’t want to back down to Ricardo yet, you wanted to prove a point.

You kept yourself still as Ricardo kept his pleasurable ministrations on you, not showing any kind of reaction to his touches. Ricardo was getting increasingly furious with your behavior, as you were supposed to always be obidenet towards him, yet you had resorted to closing your eyes and ignoring his kisses and rubbing.

Ricardo knew that he had to show you that you belonged to him, but you didn’t realize what he was planning.

That was, however, until you felt the sharp pain of Ricardo biting into your thigh. His teeth sunk in, and you felt pure pleasure run up your spine. A choked moan filled the room, and Ricardo pulled over, running his tongue over his bloodstained lips. a smirk following after.

“You’re mine, and I don’t appreciate being disobeyed.” You were gasping for breath, but Ricardo didn’t stop. He roughly pulled down your underwear, before he just ended ripping them in half because he was jut so frustrated. Ricardo was just rubbing his hardening length that was still clothed against you, and you couldn’t help feeling increasingly horny at it.

You could still feel the blood dripping down your thigh, but you payed no mind to it as Ricardo suddenly pushed his fingers into you. A loud moan filled the room, and before you could even register them, Ricardo was leaning forward, his tongue darting out and licking you.

You didn’t think the night could get any better.


“You know, flaunting yourself off in that dress in front of all those men really doesn’t sit right with me.” Dino said casually, his figure turned away from you as he tried to undo his tie in the full-body mirror in the corner of the room. You were sitting on the bed, slipping off your heels and taking out your earrings. The statement made you roll your eyes playfully.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” A coy little smile danced on your lips as you glanced over your shoulder. You didn’t catch the way that Dino’s body stiffened and his hands stopped working on his tie.

You didn’t register the footsteps as you were still working on trying to get off your high heel. The strap was just being a stubborn little one. Once you finally got it off, you saw the black dress shoes of Dino’s. You followed the shoes, up to the black slacks, to the white half-buttoned shirt, until you meet Dino’s eyes. However, you felt yourself freeze when you saw the jealousy in them.

“Dino, wha-” Before you could say anything, Dino had already pushed you onto the bed, himself hovering over you. The position made your face burn with a blush, and you felt your whole body heat up as Dino suddenly dragged his hand up your thigh, and under the dress, pulling it up so your underwear was visible now.

A small gasp left you as Dino hooked his fingers into the lacy black material, slowly dragging it down your thighs. The two of you kept eye contact the whole time, and once the panties got to the end, Dino threw them right over his shoulder. His fingers went back to delicately running over your stomach, feeling the muscles jump, before tracing a line straight down to where you were increasingly growing more interested.

Before he did anything else, Dino pulled away. A sigh of disappointment left you, but it wasn’t long until Dino was back again, however, his body was adjusted lower on the bed. He smirked up at you from between your legs.

“I’ll show you why you’re mine.” His words barely even made it into your mind before he was leaning forward and licking and sucking at you. The loudest moan left your lips, and you couldn’t help but grab at Dino’s blonde locks. He had never done this before, and it was the most pleasurable thing that had ever happened between the two of you.

You knew that you needed to mess with Dino more often now.


Enma watched as you talked to one of his subordinates. He could see the guy tracing his eyes up and down your body. It made Enma want to rip his heart out, but he kept back, knowing well enough that you would be upset if he did that.

However, that didn’t mean that you weren’t going to be punished for letting that man look at you in such a way.

You shouldn’t have worn something so low-cut. It made everyone want to stare at your delicious body. At that moment, you felt a dark stare, and looked over your shoulder. Both of your gazes met, and you swallowed your nervousness when you realized the dark look in Enma’s eyes.

It wasn’t even moments after the other man left that Enma was already upon you, his lips at your neck. You felt Enma pushing you backwards, until your legs hit the couch, and the two of you fell over onto it, with Enma on top. The two of you were in Enma’s office, and you knew that Enma didn’t care where the two of you did it, even if he did prefer the bedroom.

However, it seemed the Enma wasn’t looking particularly happy right now.

“I don’t like it when other men look at you, you are mine.” He empathized the last word with ripping your shirt open, buttons flying everywhere and your bra being put on display. However, Enma didn’t proceed any further there, he was now pulling off your skirt.

“Enma, you know I only love you.”

“I have to show you that you belong to me, that you’ll only think of me. That way no one will try to flirt with you anymore.” Enma successfully got the skirt off, and threw it back over his shoulder. The panties were a quick fix, as he just ripped the flimsy material in half.

“Enma, what are you do-” You jumped, a groan leaving your throat as Enma ran his fingers into your wetness. Enma has never been so determined before. His fingers were moving slowly through your heat, and you could aready see stars.

Then, you felt something hot and wet trail right after the fingers, and his arms were encircling your thighs to keep them steady. His fingers dug into your skin, not doubt leaving marks. You won’t be able to wear a skirt anytime soon unless it was past your knees.

His tongue worked at your core, and you couldn’t form any words or thoughts. Enma was determined to make you forget everyone but him, and it was working. You knew that you had to make Enma jealous again if this is what it got you.

one of my friends was telling me that she was talking to a guy and he was asking about me because he thought maybe i don’t like him bc i’m so quiet?? 

so my friend was like no no she’s just a quiet person don’t worry and like…first of all it always makes me sad when i learn that someone thinks i dislike them :( but also? ?? when will people finally realize that some ppl are just quiet and that it’s like……..not indicative of anything it’s just how we are lmao

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Im fuCKING SCREAMING OH MY GOD OBS&BH no no nono no no. No. "viktor was 22 and hopelessly in love with yuuri katsuki" dAMN RIGHT HE WAS *starts crying* i can't handle this story from viktors pov it just makes everything so much sadder because he had no idea why yuuri seemed to despise him and all he wanted in the world was for yuuri to like him and AH i can't take this :(( (The fact that he avoided yuuri just because he knew he made him upset oh my god ican't breathe)















F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994)

Got7 reaction to trying to kiss their s/o but get caught

JB leaned forward to kiss you, just as Mark walks is. He would freeze and turn his head over to make eye contact with Mark before slowly backing up from you. Normally, he wouldn’t mind kissing you even infant of his members, but he had just made it eve more awkward and he was very aware of that.

“Oh hey … Mark. We- uhm-” *slowly backs away from you* “Nevermind.”

Since Mark is the oldest, he should not feel awkward kissing you, but he still does find it a bit strange. So when Bambam all of a sudden opens the door when he is about to kiss you, Mark would awkwardly laugh and smile at Bam before looking at back at you and give you a sweet peck.

“Yo… Bam, can you … maybe- move along buddy.”

Jackson already had his hand on your neck and was pulling you in when Youngjae walks in with Coco. He opens his eyes and slowly looks at Youngjae and then at you. You both start laughing when you see an awkward Youngjae quickly turn away and get out of the room.

“I’m gonna kiss my girlfriend, no matter who is watching.” *gives you a sweet kiss*

Since Jinyoung isn’t a big fan of public skinship, he would be very uncomfortable when a member would walk in on him. He would be very calm about it though and maybe try to make it look like a hug instead.

“Come here you” *member walks in* “… so that I can hug you……… :3″

Youngjae gets really giggly when embarrassed, so I can see him give you a uneasy look with big eyes when the member walks in and then start giggling really hard, pulling away from you slowly.

“W-Whahaha- Sorry hyung.” *holds your hands*

I am pretty sure Bambam would normally not care who was watching to kiss you, but it would surprise him when he sees JB in the corner of his vision, staring at him. He would give JB a look and then just continue, paying full attention to you again.

“You shouldn’t mind him, he is just jealous of our cute relationship.”

This pure angel would notice the member, but not realize how awkward it was until after he had kissed you. You would be the one to pull away and start giggling as you see Jackson make a face, when Yugyeom would turn around and see the member, finally realizing. He would just try to laugh it off, but would probably fail.

*You are laughing at Jackson* “Hi hyung … ooh.”

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I think the most annoying thing about all this abelena thing, is the fact that abel seems like he doesn't care about her, like that she is giving more than he , maybe i'm wrong and he treats her good when they are alone, but c´mon man what hard is take her by the hand , smile, and try to protect her of the fans , she deserves all the love in this world

That honestly just made me upset, he didn’t even look like he gave a fuck, like why didn’t he stay near her?