he just loves a good potato you guys

I dug out an old Girl Scout camp song book when I was reorganizing my closet the other day and I just thought I’d share with you how perfectly NOT SWEET we Girl Scouts are. These are songs we sung daily. I can still sing a good portion of them by heart.

First up we have “Ain’t Gonna Rain No More” which includes the death of a hobo, a peanut that commits suicide, and a girl eating her pet among other things:

Next we have “Camp Life” where someone gets killed by a potato (at camp!):

Then we’ve got “Clementine” which is a guy singing about his dead lover and how he could’ve saved her but didn’t and eventually fell in love with her sister:

Next is the delightful “Ghost Chickens in the Sky” where a farmer gets attacked and killed by a bunch of ghostly chickens he killed seemingly for KFC. The chickens then cook and eat him as if he were a chicken:

And finally we have “The Irish Ballad” about a girl who kills her whole family in generally horrid ways including eventually cooking and eating her baby brother:

So. You know. We may look cute with our little wagons and cookies and little green vests, but we’re dark little fuckers once you get us in a bunch and leave us in the wilderness for a bit. 


153. A: Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.
        B: Because dragons don’t die?
        A: Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.
158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.

@preciousnewt Here you go, Love! :)

(with Andrew Garfield as the young Remus Lupin)

Remus was never the one to rabmle about his problems. If there was anything that bothered him he would either ignore it or deal with it on his own. Usually Sirius was the one to notice when something was going on and then tell James about it, and of course they would hot leave Remus until he spills it all out!

This time Sirius didn’t even have to ask. At first Remus tried to hide it, but it was inevitable because he was just so obvious. When it came down to girls James was confident, Sirius was smooth and Remus, well if he really, really liked the girl, Remus was just awkwardly shy.

And with those two dorks being his best mates he had to deal with a lot of teasing, especially when that certain someone was around them. One time Remus had to use the Mimble Wimble on them because they wouldn’t shut up!

“James, my friend, don’t you think Remus looks rather distracted this morning” - James looked at his friend, a wide grin spreading on his face “Yes, Sirius, you’re right. Can you think of any reason in particular?” their little gentlemanly chat was simply ignored by Remus, whose eyes had been stuck on your figure for the last couple of minutes.

But his daydreaming didn’t last for too long, he was quickly brought back to reality from Sirius’ voice “Ey,_____, would you care to join us for a second?” Sirius was waving his hand at you, while Remus was glaring a hole in his head. He was making gestures with his hands, kicking him under the table, but Sirius just rose his brows at him and said smugly “Ah,you want to say something? I’m sorry, Remus but I’m not a hint taker you’ll have to speak up”..

“How are you doing, guys? ” your sweet voice ringed in his ears. James was sitting next to Sirius, across from Remus, so your only option was to sit next to him, which you weren’t mad about at all.

“Hello, Remus” you greeted him with a smile, which he returned back, feeling to awkward to say anything.

“James, I heard you are now the captain of the Quidditch team!“ you congratulated him happily. You chatted with them for a while, had a good laugh at Sirius’ Summer stories. “I missed you guys, it’s always a good laugh when you’re around” you said almost hiccuping, and brushed a tear of laughter from under your eye.

As much as you loved talking with the two troublemakers, you couldn’t help but notice how quiet Remus was, but if there was something he would tell, so you just brushed it off. “I have to go guys, it was nice talking to you. Bye! – Bye Remus!” you waved at them with a smile and skipped back to your friends.

“Sirius, you little dunderhead!” Remus hissed, but his friend reached and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt “Listen you awkward potato, this girl is amazing and unlike you we’re not blind! She likes you, smart pants, so get your ass over there and ask her out!”

Remus was just shook by Sirius’ sudden outburst. He ran a hand though his hair nervously “What on Earth should I do? Like buy her flowers?” he asked, voice cracking in desperation.

“No man, don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. You should buy her a dragon.

Remus blinked at his friend in confusion and retorted suspiciously “Because dragons don’t die?” - “Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.” 

There was a brief silence, the two friends just looking at each other, “Yea, Sirius, I don’t think that’s gonna work. Dragons are too expensive and I’m broke.” - “Who told you love is cheap buddy?”

“You two morons” - James chuckled and took a sip of his drink, but Sirius moved the bottom of the glass upwards, so James was now soaked in pumpkin juice. “Shut up, James.”

Remus has been nervous the whole day. He was told by Sirius what class you had now and to wait you to finish and finally ask you out. Don’t think he didn’t try to protest or even sneak out, but Sirius was just around the corner for ‘moral support’ as he said it himself.

The door of the classroom opened and he quickly turned his back, ready to leave, but reconsidered his decision after seeing the dangerous glare of his watchful friend. “Remus?”

He turned around quickly, facing your smiling face. “What are you doing here? Aren’t you in class?” the air felt thick in his lungs and his mouth was dry. You had unthinkable effect on him. “Yes - I mean no! I mean yes, I was supposed to be in class, but I was actually waiting for you”

What now? How has he supposed to ask you out? His hand reached to scratch his neck, head looking down, he was mumbling sometimes under his breath. “I’m sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.” you told him, taking a step forward, which did not stay unnoticed by him.

He cought in his hand nervously, fingers now rubbing his jaw and chin. “I was wondering if you had any plans for tonight?” his eyes glanced at you for a second, just enough to see you studying his face.

“No, I don’t actually” - you answered, a little smile creeping on your face “Do you have something on mind?” your lips curled up as you teasingly asked. It seemed like he couldn’t find himself a place, thoughts all over the place and heart beating rapidly.

Remus ran a hand though his hair, trying to find the right words, but looking at you - standing there in front of him, just looking so beautiful it made his head spin. “Ask her out already!” Sirius’ hysterical voice broke her silence and Remus took a deep breath trying not to curse at his dumb friend.

“Will you go out with me?” he finally managed to utter the sentence. This God damn sentence. A very heavy weight lifted off his shoulders, he was feeling so relieved.

You bit your lip gently, hugging your books closer to your chest “Yes” you laughed out, eyes sparkling with excitement. “I’d love to.” His face lit up like a Christmas tree, veins pumping so much adrenaline he could do a backflip if you asked him to!

“DID SHE SAY YES?” eyes rolling to the back his head, a very cringy Remus yelled back “yES NOW BUGGER OFF SIRIUS!”

How Patton houses Thomas's Hufflepuff-ishness

-he loves everyone
-“I liked the dog. Do you remember the dog?”
-always thinking about food (“Bagels!”, “POTATO”, pizza, pasta, doughnuts, etc.)
-reassures Anxiety that he’s not always the bad guy
-*with a full mouth* “THIS IS REALLY GOOD PIZZA!”
-makes sure friends feel special
-he supports you in everything you do
-loves everything (“WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LOVE?!?”)
-He doesn’t FIND making puns difficult at all
-Just as loveable, despite being more confused than beverage. 

(feel free to add your own)

anonymous asked:

We know Tig loves Gemma's meatloaf. What are the other Sons favorite dish of hers?

Ah! I love this. Okay

Tig: Meatloaf as stated
Juice: Gemma likes to make things that give the guys a sense of “home” so Juice really enjoyed the time she made him Asopao de Pollo. It wasn’t like mom made it but Gemma kicks ass at everything she does so everyone enjoyed it, especially Juice.
Clay: According to Clay, Gemma makes the best roast and potatoes you will ever put in your mouth. He asks her to make it every chance he gets.
Jax: Jax is simple. Any homecooked meal is good for him but he especially loves his mom’s spaghetti and meatballs.
Chibs: As I said before, Gemma likes to give the guys a sense of being “home” so for Chibs, his favorite thing that Gemma ever made was Mince and Tatties. Just like mom used to make!
Bobby: Sometimes Gemma volunteers to make items for church and school bake sales. When she does, Bobby loves to go buy up all the banana bread she makes. It’s for a good cause!
Happy: Really spicy chili (lol)
Piney: Piney is a grumpy old fart that lives by himself living off of takeout and booze so anything that Gemma cooks is his favorite meal
Opie: Ope is simple, meat and potatoes and he is happy. So even though Clay is usually the one that actually COOKS the meat, Gemma’s steak marinade is unparalleled, and her mashed potatoes are better than anything he’s ever had.
Kozik: Kozik was in the military when he was younger and spent time in Fort Benning. While he was there he had the best southern fried chicken he had ever eaten in his entire life….. that is until he joined up with the Sons of Anarchy and got his paws on a couple drumsticks of Gemma’s secret recipe! Now any time he hears Gemma is making fried chicken he is first in line for a plate full!

I decided to combine these two requests because they are extremely similar. thANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE FOLLOWERS I DON’T DESERVE IT

707 / Saeyoung / Luciel Choi

  • this guy would obviously be the first to know - not by your choice, but from the stalking background check he did when you joined the rfa´
  • he’d treat you with more carefulness than he did the other members, not just by the fact that he liked you, but because of your age, sometimes even refraining himself from telling certain jokes because he doesn’t want to fully corrupt you
  • sometimes he’d go for a really dirty joke and just sTOP midway through and stare at you wide-eyed like oH GOD MC I’M SORRY I FORGOT YOU’RE YOUNG
  • “I act older than you”
  • you have to constantly remind him that 4 years is not that much and that it does not make you a baby and NO, you don’t need to eat like 8 meals a day, stop it saeyoung
  • don’t get me wrong, your age had many up sides to it when it came to your relationship
  • he’d cuddle a LOT with you every time you two were together after a long day in school, and he’d always buy you sweets when you had exams
  • he’d pay extra care to anything you needed because he’d feel like he had to protect you from all harm ever
  • he’s actually a good teacher when you need it and for some reason he knows like 10 languages bruh wtf 
  • and he’s insanely good at math too and science and whAT CAN’T HE DO
  • but
  • oh god, bUT
  • he’s.a jealous.little.shit.
  • you’d have school projects, or even just casual outings after school with your friends, and he’d get so jelly
  • not to mention how he feels about those handsome jocks that go to your school
  • but back to the point - whenever you’re out with male friends, he’d call you a lot
  • and by call you I mean spam you,
  • “jagiya, all men are wolves!!! trust our zen’s wise words!! be back before the moon appears or they might jump on you!!”
  • “I’m not 6, saeyoung” 
  • but he’d only say that because he loves you and he’d never try to be too much prying or demanding, but he sure would have a hard time working
  • poor saeran has to handle him


  • “Assistant Kang, is this legal?”
  • he is used to seeing his father date women far younger than him, but seeing that happen to him is slightly weird
  • he’d get over the shock soon after, when you kiss him passionately and remind him that age is only a number and that it changes nothing about your feelings
  • lots of help for your exams because somehow for some reason he knows a lot of languages like saeyoung
  • you mentioned you wanted chocolate cake?? you’ll have three on your bed when you get home from school
  • he’d trust you and wouldn’t bother you like saeyoung, but he’d get stressed whenever you were out for a little too late at night
  • you’d get a text message from Jaehee complaining that he made her change his whole schedule after lunch
  • turns out he’d want to spend it with you and give you a giant speech about how you’re young and shouldn’t be out so late at night, that he loves you and gets worried every time you wake up with a hangover
  • you’d be pissed off at first because hEY he’s not your dad, and you’re not as young as he’s making you out to be
  • and then you get self-conscious because ??? is he trying to change you into a more fitting girlfriend of the company’s heir ??? 
  • but he kisses your worries away and whispers that you’ll always be perfect for him, it’s just that he doesn’t want you to make yourself so vulnerable
  • you spend the night cuddling because jumin han has a soft spot too and that’s called MC
  • he’s so glad that your parents actually approved of him, because an 18 year old dating a 27 year old would make most parents go insane
  • you all have diner together a lot


  • “babe, can I kiss you?”
  • yes this boy actually asks for permission, probably because you’re in your bedroom and the living room is just right by the corner and your DAD is in there
  • he is so scared of your parents oh god
  • the difference isn’t much at all, but he’s a broke college student and your parents are doubtful that he’ll go anywhere in life with his low grades and gaming addiction
  • so he usually sneaks kisses when they’re not looking with a lot of fear
  • he’ll know your struggles regarding being a student, you two will study together a lot
  • sometimes in his room and he ends up on top of you somehow and you wonder how he got from being so shy to heavily making out with you on the bed
  • still, you act way older than him
  • his mom loves you because of that and things you’re sO cute she just wants to keep you forever
  • still, even if you’re the best cook, cleaner and student out of too, he’s still the most protective one
  • if you’re going out (unless it’s girls only) he’d make sure to accompany you, just to make sure everything’s alright and no one abuses you 
  • his gaze would turn so cold whenever anyone actually touches you
  • he’s always such a playful guy and he always seems so distracted that you didn’t even know he could ever have that stare
  • lots of eating instant ramen for lunch because somehow you both forgot to bring a solid lunch to school, and now you’re meeting at some random convenience store


  • he’ll show you off to evERYONE
  • this is not even a joke, he’ll take you eVERYWHERE 
  • you’d never be insecure because of your age around him, this guy worships every inch of you 24/7 
  • when you told him he’d just legit love you even more because you can call him OPPA and we all know he has a kink for this word 
  • he’d sometimes be a little excessive like saeyoung and try to do some stuff like feeding you himself, as if you didn’t have a perfectly good hand
  • he’d rush over and freak out
  • he’ll straight up just want to take you to the hospital, even if the cut is barely bleeding
  • it’s just because he loves you a lot okay 
  • bridal style carrying you everywhere
  • piggy back rides in the middle of the street just because you made a comment about how your feet hurt
  • some surprisingly good back massages whenever you’re stressed that he learned when he was starting his career
  • somehow it ended up with you two making out idk man
  • your entire family loves him because he’s so charismatic and treats you just like a princess
  • actually, you feel like a qUEEN when you’re with him
  • zen will protect u from everything and you’re sure of that
Nice And Slow


  • Can you write a mikey way imagine where you are gee’s art school friend and you are at his house alone because he went somewhere and things get heated between mikes and you but it’s his first time and u r experienced and you “guide him” (it’s not that she’s a slut or anything she just had relationships before) and it’s really sweet cause you are kind of anti romance? It’s okay if u don’t want to do it I’ll understand
  • Can you do a Mikey Way with glasses smut where it’s around 2004, and it’s his first time, so he’s very nervous and doesn’t know what to do, so the reader dominates him and is patient with him, etc. Just please make it fluffy/smutty! Thanks!

“I don’t now, it’s either gonna be really good or really bad,” Gerard responded over his shoulder as he fumbled with his house keys. I folded my arms and leaned against the wall next to him. 

“So just like any other movie based off a comic book?”

“Pretty much,” he chuckled, smirking in satisfaction as the locked clicked at the presence of the correct key. “I’m still gonna go see it though. Ryan Reynolds looked pretty good in the trailer.”

I followed him into the living room, tossing my book bag on the recliner and kicking off my boots. I shrugged off my jacket, my skin burning at the rush of heat that greeted me when we entered. Gerard mimicked me, shaking out his arms and letting out a shaky breath.

“Jesus it’s cold out there.”

“You’re telling me, I only had a thin jacket because somebody wouldn’t let me go back to my car.”

“Well sorry I wanted to get some lunch before I have to go back to class,” he retorted, bumping me with his hip as he walked past me towards the kitchen. Gerard and I usually went to the nearest Starbucks for lunch during the hour gap between our classes, but the line was outrageous and we figured it would be easier just to reside at his house. Plus, I was eager to see this “awesome” comic book collection he boasted about. 

“Want a Coke?” He asked, holding up the can for me to see. 

“Sure,” I shrugged, holding my arms out as he tossed one of the icy cold cans in my direction. The cold metal made my finger feel even more numb as I cracked it open, taking a long swig of the dark liquid. 

“Take what you want,” Gerard spoke up after taking an equally long drink. “What’s mine is yours. Let’s see, we got some Doritos, some Oreos, ooh Ramen noodles…” he rattled on and on as he rummaged through the cupboards, dropping miscellaneous items down on the counter.

“Wow. A peanut butter sandwhich, Oreos, raw top Ramen, and potato chips, what a healthy lunch,” I chuckled, shaking my head at his tray of food.

“Laugh all you want, but this is a killer lunch.”

“Weren’t you just talking about eating healthier last week?”

“Isn’t a peanut butter sandwich good for you? It’s got protein and shit,” he mumbled as took another bite of the sandwich, groaning in response. 

“Are you gonna eat that sandwich or make love to it?” I teased, earning a glare from him. I heard some footsteps behind me, making me turn around to see the figure walking around the corner and into the kitchen. The guy looked around the same age as me, despite his faded Star Wars shirt and sweat pants that gave him a dorky, fifteen year old appearance. He seemed clearly embarrassed by how under dressed he was, keeping his head down and avoiding both mine and Gerard’s gaze. 

Gerard either didn’t catch on to how the boy was trying to keep a low profile or didn’t care, setting down his sandwich and swiveling around in his chair. “Hey Mikey! This is my friend Y/N, Y/N this is my kid brother Mikey.”

I knew very little about Gerard’s brother, he talked about him a few times over or coffee breaks or mentioned his involvement in some of Gerard’s grand stories. Other than the fact that they both shared a strong love for comics, Star Wars, and horror movies, I didn’t know much about the other Way brother. 

Mikey looked over at me shyly, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose and muttering a meek hello. 

“Hi Mikey, nice to finally meet you,” I smiled, offering him a handshake. “Gerard’s always talking about you.”


“All good things,” I said amused.

“Take a seat Mikes, were having lunch if you want to join us,” Gerard offered, pushing out the chair across the table from him with his foot. Mikey shrugged and sat down, slouching in his chair before reaching across the table to steal a chip from Gerard’s plate. 

Gerard led me down to his basement when he finished eating, dragging Mikey along with us. He showed me his comic book collection, which lived up to all the hype, and proudly presented me with his equally big movie collection. Gerard was a hermit who barely left his room when he wasn’t at school, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that he had so many movies and books. What else would he do all day?

They both gasped when I confessed I’ve never seen Jaws, Gerard dropping the DVD in shock. “No way! You’re fucking with me.”

“Wish I was.”

“Really? That’s Mikey’s favorite movie, we gotta watch it!” Gerard exclaimed, quickly setting up his DVD player as I sat down on his computer chair. Gerard flicked the lights off and sat down next to Mikey, smirking as the ominous music filled the room.

We were only twenty minutes into the movie when Gerard suddenly jumped up and cursed loudly. “Shit! I have class in ten minutes!” He yelled, darting towards his closet to grab a pair of shoes. “I’m sorry Y/N, I totally forgot. I can give you a ride back to school,” he offered, since I left my car in the parking lot to go with him.

“Do you mind if I stay and finish the movie?”

“Uh sure, why not? Cool with you Mikey?”

“Yeah, I don’t mind,” Mikey nodded, folding his hands into his lap. Gerard sighed in relief and quickly shuffled out of the room, shouting “I’ll call you tomorrow!” over his shoulder before he ran out of the house. A awkward silence followed the door slam, both of us not sure what to say or do.

I heard Mikey snort with laughter when the signature music started suddenly, the camera focusing in on the shark’s next victim. I giggled and glanced over him, the corners of my mouth flicking up at the goofy smile on his face. He leaned against Gerard’s headboard, toying with the hem of his shirt while watching the screen intently. 

Mikey was actually pretty cute. I could see a lot of Gerard in him. They had similar features, same upturned nose, crooked smile, and hazel eyes. Except for the dusty drown hair that skimmed below his forehead, much different than the jet black hair his brother had. I watched him adjust his glasses again, something he fiddled with often. Maybe it was a nervous habit like Gerard’s nail biting. 

“Y’know what’s great about this movie? It was suppose to be like a pedal to the metal horror movie but the shark kept breaking down while filming and gave it such a cheesy look,” he said quietly, glancing over at me to test my reaction. I was glad one of us was trying to break the silence. 

“I thought that shark looked fake,” I chuckled. 

“It still won a bunch of awards though, which is hilarious enough.”

“This chair is so hard,” I groaned, shifting my weight on the wood seat. I stood up and walked to the other side of the bed. “Scoot,” I said, gesturing with my hand for him to roll over.

“Oh uh, sorry,” he mumbled before shifting towards the left. Gerard’s bed wasn’t very big, giving us only a few spare inches with both of us on it. Even though Mikey had scooted over to nearly the edge, our bodies only ha d a small gap between us. After the initial uncomfortable silence, both of us relaxed and we began to get more into the movie. He told me all of his movie trivia and pointed out any continuity errors and slips as the movie played. Usually, the movie critique is never fun to hangout with, but Mikey’s little rants about how there is no way in hell you could kill a shark by firing a bullet into the scuba tank were actually quite adorable. 

I’m not when or how, but I eventually found myself leaning onto his chest, an arm slumped over his torso. Mikey didn’t seem bothered by it, simply glancing down at me before continuing his speech. He let out another snort of laughter when the shark practically flew onto the deck, latching onto a guy’s leg. His laugh was contagious and I found myself laughing along with him.

“You’re adorable,” I giggled, craning my neck up and placing a soft kiss on his cheek. Mikey stiffened, clearing his throat after a few minutes and focusing on the movie. I frowned, feeling a mix of regret and shame. Way too forward. But before I could put together an apology, Mikey spoke up.

“Do you mind if I…kiss you?”


“I’m sorry if that’s too forward or if it’s weird but I just think you’re really pretty and cool and-”

I cut him off with my lips, cradling his cheeks as I kissed him eagerly. His eyes fluttered closed and he pushed back with equal force. The kiss was soft and passionate, our lips gently moving together. I could feel the heavy force behind it though from both of us. We both wanted more.

I could see that being an initiator was not a Way gene, so I took the next step and parted my lips. He didn’t do anything at first, keeping the kiss at the slow pace before hesitantly, pushing his tongue past my lips. 

From there, the kiss snowballed. 

Our tongues tangled heatedly and fingers yanked on hair, trying to pull one another as close as possible. I pulled away briefly to straddle his waist as the kiss grew more heated. His hands rested on my hips, grunting into my mouth as my fingers toyed with the hair on his nape. He jumped slightly when one of my hands moved to his shirt, trying to pull the fabric over his head.

“W-Wait,” he stuttered, breaking the kiss. I let go of the shirt and gave him a puzzled look. “I’m sorry, i’m sorry I just…I’ve never done uh this before,” he admitted sheepishly.

“No, i’m sorry. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, God no, I just don’t really know what i’m doing…”

“I’ll teach you,” I reassured, combing back his hair with my hand before reconnecting our lips. the kiss heated up again and he didn’t protest this time when I took his shirt off. My hands ran up and down his chest, making a small grunt emit from him. I felt his fingers skim my lower back, pinching the hem of my shirt.

“Can I?” He asked. I nodded, lifting my arms up and helping him pull my shirt off. His fingers fumbled with my bra before I undid the clasp for him, my bra sliding down my arms right after. I tossed it to the side, not noticing where it went. He just stared wide eyed for a moment at my chest, visibly gulping. I giggled, reaching forward and taking off his glasses.

“Now as sexy as these are, they’re gonna get in the way.” He laughed quietly, watching me fold them up and st them aside on the nightstand. His lips quickly attached themselves to my right nipple, interchanging between sucking softly and swirling his tongue around it. He reached up and took my other breast in his hand, palming it as he worked him mouth on the other. My fingers instinctively tangled themselves in his hair, his straight hair becoming unruly from all the teasing from my fingers. A small moan escaped from my lips and I began to doubt this was his first time.

I cupped his cheeks and tilted his head up so he released his mouth from around my nipple and I kissed his plump, pink lips. I lightly pushed his chest and he took the hint and laid back on the mattress. I leaned over him and planted another kiss on his lips before making my way down, kissing his neck, collarbone, and pale chest. When my face was hovering above his belt, I looked up at him through my eyelashes. He was looking at me with a slightly shocked expression. My hand went up and I started to undo his belt. I pulled it off and I undid the button on his pants and as I pulled down his zipper, my fingertips grazed over a very prominent bulge. 

Is this okay?” I asked him, not wanting to push him too far. He nodded frantically and I quickly tugged down his jeans along with his boxer-briefs. His erection sprang up and my eyes widened at the sight. He was packing a lot more than his outside appearance gave off. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock, stroking up and down a few times before I licked from the base to the tip, then taking him in my mouth, bobbing my head down until his tip hit the back of my throat. I kept my eyes locked on his the entire time I did so. A moan left his mouth as I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, swirling my tongue around his tip every so often. He placed his large hand on the back of my head and lightly pushed me further down.

“Jesus Christ,” he mumbled, his voice fading out into a deep groan. “St-stop,” he manged to choke out. “I’m gonna… I don’t wanna yet,” he said once I pulled off, not making complete sense but I understood what he meant. He placed his hands under my arms and pulled me up so I was face to face with him. He wrapped his arms around my chest, holding me close to him as he began to kiss me once again. He flipped us over so I was laying on the bed and he was hovering over me. 

He popped open the buttons on my jeans. I raised my hips to help him pull of my pants and underwear. His face screamed inexperienced and I could tell how nervous he really was. I reached forward and caressed, giving him a comforting smile. 

His finger moved up and down my wet folds before sliding into me. I let out a small yelp and he stopped his actions, looking up at me with a panicked expression. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“No no, keep going.” He sighed with relief, slowly pushing his finger back in, keeping slow and steady pace. I moaned loudly when he added another, curing them and brushing past my G-Spot. He continued to kiss me, his tongue swirling in my mouth. His thumb rubbed my clit, making the feeling that was budding in my stomach that much more intense. His lips moved to my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin just hard enough that purple and blue marks would surely blossom under my skin. After several minutes of him working wonders with his long fingers, orgasm overtook my body, leaving my mind blank as I arched my back, pressing my chest firmly against his.

“Was… Was that good?” Mikey asked, biting his lip nervously. I wordlessly nodded, out of breath and unable to form the words to tell him it was amazing. After a few deep breaths to steady my breathing, I rolled us over so I was on top of him.

“Do you have a condom?” I asked him as I stroked my hand up and down his chest.

“Uh, no. I never really thought I’d need one,” Mikey admitted. “Maybe Gerard has one?”

I nodded and leaned over towards his nightstand, opening up drawer after drawer. They were hidden in the bottom drawer in a small tin can box, along with a pack of cigarettes, an unopened pack of gum and some loose change. There were only a few left and I was sure he would notice, but right now I could careless. I waved the packet as I re straddled Mikey’s waist, his eyes lighting up with either nerves or excitement. I tore the packet open with my teeth, hearing him quietly curse under his breath. I rolled the rubber down his length, balancing myself up on my knees and lining him at my entrance.


“Mhm,” he grunted, resting a shaky hand on my hip. I slowly lowered onto him, groaning at the stretch. It burned in the best possible way. His size was impressive and I needed a moment to adjust before moving.

“Are you okay?” He asked, worry staining his voice. I smiled to myself at his sweetness before telling him I was fine, just to give me a moment. He did just that, and once I had adjusted myself so that I was comfortable, I began to move. I slowly moved my hips up and down, hearing him groan each time my hips came down. “Shit…this feels so good,” Mikey murmured, his nails digging into my skin. He took me by surprise and rolled us over, switching positions so he was on top of me.

 He slowly pulled out then pushed himself right back into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper with each thrust. Mikey leaned forward and buried his face into the crook of my neck, placing soft kisses, causing goosebumps to spread along my skin. He wrapped his arms around my torso, holding me even closer to him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Ugh, you’re so fucking tight,” he moaned against my skin, which was beginning to collect a thin layer of sweat from the intimate actions.

“It’s because… you’re… so…mmph big…” I said in broken sentences. With each movement, each gentle thrust, I felt myself nearing my peak once more as he repeatedly hit my G-Spot. I could tell he was getting close, too, he was moving faster and slightly sloppier with each passing second. My fingers and toes began to tingle and soon enough, I was pushed over the edge. I raked my nails down his back as I clenched my walls around him. He moaned at the even tighter feeling caused by my high.

“I’m almost… there,” he warned as he continued to push into me repeatedly, dragging out my orgasm. I felt his cock twitch inside of me and he let out a throaty groan, signaling that he had also hit his high. He let out a deep sigh and collapsed onto the bed next to me after he fully removed himself. He pulled off the condom, tying it and tossing it in the trash bin by Gerard’s desk. Without the adrenaline running throw me and the warmth of his flushed chest pressed against mine, I began to shiver at the chilly air. Of course Gerard would keep it below freezing in here. 

I instantly moved up next to him and cuddled into his chest and pulled the blanket up over our bodies. He leaned down and kissed my forehead, running his fingers through my hair. It was…nice. I wasn’t really the romantic type. Cuddling and hugs always made squirm and feel uncomfortable for some reason. But with Mikey, it was warm and cozy, even relaxing.



“This isn’t gonna be like a one time thing right?”

“Of course not. This is definitely not just a one night stand.” I tilted my head up and gave him another soft kiss, feeling him smile against my lips. We both pulled away after we heard a loud slam outside, the very same slam that sounded like one Gerard’s car door made. Realization dawned on us when we heard the sound of the front door rattling.


Larry Quotes

-“Some people genuinely genuinely think Harry and I are in a relationship”

-“Where do you wanna sit?”
-“Next To You”

-“I’d take Harry for the night”

-“I’d definitely date Louis”

-“I met you in the toilets”

-“Now kiss me you fool!”

-“As I might miss him”

-(if you could choose anyone in the world to be your Valentine?)

-“Salt & Vinegar”

-“I wrapped it myself”

-“And I’d marry you Harreh”

-“Have you quite finished guys?”

-“Are you having a chat on stage lads?”

-“Lou can i give you a blow job?”
-“I’d love if you just wait.”

-“Cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend”

-“I’m in love with Lou and all his little things”

-“I can love you more than Stan, yeah”

-“Harry, are you good with your hands?”
-“Really good”

-“Chicken staffed with mozzarella wrapped in Parma Ham with a side of mashed potatoes”

-“Two are together”
-“Louis’ boyfriend”

-(which was your best ride at Universal?)

-“Like he already owned it”

-“Do any of you remember your first crush, lads?”

-“My first real crush was…Louis Tomlinson.
-“And how does he feel about you?”
-“It’s mutual. We discussed it.”

-“Do me a favour?”

-“The boy with the curls, who wouldn’t love him?”

-“Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like admire what he’s like”

-“Do you guys need a room?”

-“I’m getting jealous over here”

-“My Valentine is Harry”

-“Even as young as you are?”
-“Yeah, I’ve always wanted kids”

-“Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis”

-“Perfect girl doesn’t exist”

-“I’m happy they’re good friends. If that.” 

-“It’s just a ship.” 

-“It is what it is” 

-“How do you whisk?” 

-“It just kinda happened”

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Could I maybe have a shark monster bf headcanon?

If you’d like to read a ficlet about one and where he came from, there’s one under the “#writing prompt responses” tag! For now, I’ll just do a headcanon!

Okay, so you know he loves to swim, but does he have to drag you along every single time? Basically, if you’re around when he wants to go swimming, he’s picking you up bodily and carrying you to the beach with him. It’s a good thing it’s nearby. Not that his big ass shoulder is uncomfortable; there’s plenty of room, but it’s a little embarrassing to be thrown over a giant fish guy’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

He’s really talented at swimming, and he’s a great surfer, too. He does have a somewhat mean streak in him of swimming behind other people on their surfboards and scaring the daylights out of them. It never is not funny to him.

He’s really affectionate, but not really clingy; he gives you plenty of space. He’ll hold your hand most of the time, and kiss the top of your head as he walks by you at any given point. He’s not really big into cuddling, but you think it’s because he’s self-conscious about his skin; it’s really rough, but it’s never bothered you. You kind of enjoy the unusual texture, but he seems to be worried that it hurts you.

He’s a great cook when it comes to fish, but that’s about all he can cook. It makes sense, but at the same time, you can’t help but tease him about it when he burns water. He’s never offended, though, and just tries again. It’s one of his major positive qualities: he doesn’t give up.

Practice - Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Can you do one where you and Justin are best friends and you’re a virgin so he lets you practice on him☺️? Btw LOVE your blog💕

everyone be sure to check out  the blog below because she came up with the prompt :))



requests are always open !!


word count : 2884 (its kind of long but its cute & hot & worth the read!!)

Originally posted by relationshipaims

Justin and I were currently snuggled up against the couch , watching some tv show that Justin loved but I never really got into . It was almost ten o clock at night and I was getting a little sleepy , but not enough to actually want to go to bed.

I looked up at Justin , his eyes focused on the television , and I sighed loudly , making him look down at me .

“Yes?” He asks , smiling .

“Im boooored” I groan , moving away from him slightly so that I could see him properly .

He grabbed my hand before I could go any further , before playing with my knuckles , making me smile .

“What do you want to do?” He kisses my finger tips and they warm immediately.

“I don’t know , im your guest! You have to be a good bestfriend and entertain me “ I say matter of factly , and he stares at me like im crazy.

“Wanna watch a movie?” He asks , and I nod, before opening my mouth .

“No chick flicks” He says before I can continue , and I pout, crossing my arms .

“Fine” He groans and I squeal , grabbing the remote from his hand and going to Netflix .

“Oh my god” Justin says , making me look at him with furrowed brows .

“Are we Netflix and chilling right now?” He says , his face serious , and I burst into laughter .

“You did not just say that” I giggle , throwing a pillow at him , which he caught .

He chuckled , before standing up . “Im gonna grab some popcorn , you want anything?” He asks , and I turn back to look at him.

“A soda pleaaaase” I grin , and he shakes his head before walking out of the living room .

I scrolled through Netflix, really feeling a romantic movie , before landing on Like water for chocolate. Seems romantic enough.

Justin came back into the room, two sodas in one hands and a bowl of popcorn in the other.

He looked at the screen then down at me , before shaking his head .

“What?” I ask , noticing the look on his face .

“You know this movie has a lot of sex in it right?” He says , setting down the popcorn and drinks on the table .

I crossed my arms . “So?”

“I just know how uncomfortable you get when you see those things” He gives me a smug look , and I feel the heat creeping up my neck .

“I do not get uncomfortable!” I defend , and he gives me a ‘really bitch’ look.

“You literally covered your eyes everytime someone kisses in a movie” He says , chuckling .

“Shut up” I mumble , standing up and sitting on the couch.

He sits down next to me . “Y/N , im your bestfriend and I love you . So don’t take it personally when I tell you youre just about as inexperienced as a potato” He jokes and I gasp , hitting his shoulder .

“That it definitely not true”

“Are you still a virgin?” He asks , and I roll my eyes .

“Why does that matter?” I mumble , and he sighs .

“Point proven”

“Well , im just nervous” I admit , and stares at me , waiting for me to elaborate .

“Like , I don’t want to have sex with a guy and be terrible” I say quietly .

“Well babe, youre never gonna know if youre any good if you don’t try” Justin says , his hand on my knee.

I look up at him . “Will you teach me?” I ask , and his eyes widen , and my body fills with dread .

“I m-mean , youre my bestfriend and I trust you more than any guy” I say quickly , looking away .

“Y/N” He says , grabbing my chin and making me look into his eyes .

“You want me to take your virginity?” He asks , as if clarifying , and my face gets hot .

“I mean , if you want . I don’t want you to feel like you have to . I just want practice”

Justin was quiet for a moment , before standing up , extending his hand .

“Come on. If im gonna be your first I want it to be special for you” He says , waiting for me to grab his hand .

I let out a deep breath , my heart racing as I grabbed his hand , and he lead me up the stairs to his bedroom .

Justin sits down at the edge of the bed and I stand between his legs.

“Were just gonna kiss a little bit , get us in the mood . Okay?” He says gently , looking into my eyes for any bit of regret I might have . But I didn’t have any.

I nod , smiling reassuringly , and I watched as he patted his legs , making me turn my head in confusion.

He laughed . “Straddle me” He says , and I nod , before hooking my leg over him , a leg on each side of his waist .

I was breathing quickly , not believing that I was about to kiss my best friend of my entire life . I mean , sure , weve kissed before , once when we were 7 , and we didn’t talk for three hours after if because he claimed I had cooties . And another time when we were thirteen , because out friend dared us to during a dumb game of truth or dare.

I mean , Justin was very attractive , and ive always known that . And of course ive had my crushes on him throughout our life , our parents thought wed get married one day . But then Justin started dating , and I started dating , and the romantic aspect of our life kind of disappeared .

Until right now .

“Relax” He says gently , his large hand caressing my face as I tried to steady my breathing .

“Just focus on me . Don’t focus on anything else .”He says , and as he speaks, his face moves closer to me , his lips grazing mine gently , making them tingle .

“Just , relax” He whispers , before pressing his lips against mine. My entire body ignited at the feel of his lips, and I turned my head, deepening the kiss . Justins hand fell onto my waist , before squeezing gently , making me moan . He dove in ,  his tongue battling with mine .

I wrapped my arms around his neck , running my fingers through his hair and tugging slightly making him groan .

My ears perked up at the noise , and I did it again , another soft groan leaving his lips .

Justin pulled away from the kiss before pressing open mouthed kisses on my neck , making me close my eyes, mouth agape .

Justin licked a strip down my neck making me gasp , before attaching his lips to mine. I bit his bottom lip before pulling back , wanting to hear that sound come from his lips again .

Justin moaned , falling back onto the bed , my body on top of his as his hands found my waist again . I sat up , removing my shirt and throwing it somewhere on the floor , before attaching our lips once again .

All of a sudden Justin started to move my hips against his , and I took a sharp breath , the sudden sensations I was feeling making me squeeze my eyes shut .

“Justin” I moaned , completely new to this feeling .

He let go of me and let me take control , and I started grinding my hips against his growing penis , little pants leaving my mouth .

“Fuck Y/N , im gonna cum if you keep doing that” He says , before flipping us over .

Justins hands ran down my body and stopped at my pajama shorts , before slowly pulling them off .

I grabbed Justin by the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his body , and his body hovered over mine before kissing me again .

I watched as he moved down my body , pressing hot kisses against my skin , and I already felt myself start to shake .

He kissed down my stomach , making me bite my lip.

I turned my head to the side as I felt his breath near my most private area , and when he slid my underwear off I felt my face get hot .

“Its okay” He murmurs , pressing a quick kiss to my lips before moving down again .

I moan loudly when I feel his tongue on me , my back arching off the bed . Whatt he fuck why am I just now doing this ?

“Oh my god Justin” I moan as his tongue swirls around me , my hips bucking into him .

I ran my hands through Justins hair , breathy moans leaving my lips as he continue to eat me .

“You taste delicious Y/N” He moans , sending vibrations through my entire body .

“Please” I whimper , not really sure what im asking , but at this point I didn’t care , my mind wasn’t in its right mind .

“Fuck!” I curse when he sucks on my bundle of nerves , my heart pounding and my breathing erratic .

After a few moments I feel Justin slide a finger inside of me making me suck in a breath , the feeling extremely uncomfortable .

“This is going to help stretch you out” He reassures , and I nod , waiting for the feeling to go away but was soon distracted once Justin kept licking between my folds , his finger going in and out of me .

Suddenly my legs tensed up as Justins finger hit a spot inside of me , making me moan his name loudly , my orgasm washing over me .

Justin continue to lick me as I came , making me close my legs around his head .

“Holy” I pant as he pulled away , before kissing up my stomach and meeting my lips again .

I could taste myself on his tongue and I felt myself get hotter.

“How was that?” He asks , and I stare at him , dazed .

“Amazing” I say , but now I wanted to help him .

“Can I ?” I ask

“You don’t have to. This is your night and I want you to focus on your pleasure” He says sweetly , making me smile shyly at him .

“I want to” I say , sitting up and palming him through his shorts .

I watch as he takes a sharp breath , his eyes fluttering slightly as I flip us over so that im on top .

I pull his shorts off , before sliding down his boxers , my eyes widening slightly .

I remember accidently seeing Justins penis once in the 7th grade , and I was awkward around him for like a week before actually telling him . He laughed about it , informing me that it was okay since I was feeling extremely guilty.

But it wasn’t this big before . He was definitely hung .

I stared at it , feeling my lower region ache as I watched the precum ooz from his erect member , and then I wrap my hand around it .

Justin moans , falling flat on the bed as I began to move my hand up and down .

I mean , I wasn’t completely stupid to the whole sex thing . I knew what to do when giving oral sex . I think .

I put my mouth on the tip of his cock , giving it a kiss. Justins hands immediately grabbed my hair , moving it away from my face so he could see me .

“Should I suck it?” I ask , just to make sure .

“Y-yeah , I mean if you want” He says , his voice hoarse .

I nod , wrapping my mouth around the head of it , tasting the pre cum and moaning .

“Fuck Y/N, moan again” he tells me , and I do , making his eyes roll back .

I take more of him into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his long , thick member , before hollowing my cheeks .

He’s too big so I cant fit him entirely , but I try , my eyes water slightly .

“Oh my” Justin cuts himself off, pulling my hair slightly , and I close my eyes , relishing in the fact that hes moaning because of me .

“Stop” He says suddenly , making my eyes fly open .

“Stop Y/N” He says , pushing me gently and I reluctantly remove him from my mouth with a pop .

“I don’t want to come yet” He pants , letting out a breath .

I nod , and he sits up , our lips connecting once more before he gets up , grabbing a condom from his side drawer.

He gets back on the bed , before hovering on top of me , unhooking my bra .

His lips attach to my nipple , making me moan as he began to suck and flick his tongue over it , kneading the other one with his fingers .

“Justin” I moan quietly , making him look up at me .

“Im ready” I say , and he looks into my eyes once more before nodding , sliding on the condom and lining up at my entrance .

He slid himself up and down my folds , making me buck my hips , before he interlocked his fingers with mine .

“I love you” He said as he pushed inside of me , and I bit my lip to keep from crying out as he hissed .

“Fuck” We both said , and  squeezed my eyes shut .

“Relax” He murmurs , kissing my head as I breathed deeply .

I nodded for him to continue , and gasped once he was completely inside of me , the stinging sensation taking over.

“It hurts” I whimper .

“I know baby , but it will go away soon” Justin said , his voice tense .

“Youre really tight” He adds , and I laugh despite the pain I feel .

“Well , what did you expect?” I retort , focusing on the look of pleasure on his face, which did unexplainable things to me .

“I think im okay now” I say after a minute .

“You sure?” He asks , and I nod .

I arch my back slightly as he pulls back out , before pushing into me completely .

“Shit” I moan , gripping Justins fingers tightly as pleasure sparked up my spine .

‘M-move justin please” I moan , moving my hips to feel that sensation again .

Justin started moving back and forth , and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as he thrusted inside of me , my body becoming numb with pleasure . I removed my fingers from his as he lifted my leg up , before thrusting deeper inside of me , making me scream .

“Oh my god oh my god fuck fuck” I cried , running my hands down his back as he brought me to another world.

“Youre so beautiful” Just whispered to me before attaching his lips to mine , moving position slightly so that he could hit me at a new angle and my stomach clenched .

“J-justin” I moaned , feeling the pressure building up in my lower region .

“I love you Y/N” Justin groaned , burying his face in my neck .

“I love you too Justin” I said , my voice about three octaves higher as I focused on the immense pleasure I was feeling .

Justin pulled out of me suddenly making me look up quickly , but before I could complain he turned me on my side and slide all the way into me making me scream in ecstasy.

Justin drilled into me as fast as he could , and I couldn’t do anything but cry as my orgasm washed over me , wave after wave of pleasure .

Justin thrusted into me a few more times before stilling inside of me , groaning loudly as he attached his lips to mine , both of us coming down from our highs .

I let out a deep breath , my entire body sticky with sweat as I wiped the tears from my face , before looking at Justin .

“Well?” He asked , pulling my body close to his and kissing my forehead .

“I want more”



Kit Walker Part 3


This chapter does include some aggressive, suggestive, and forceful sexual abuse behavior. Please, do not continue reading after about midway if you feel that you would be triggered. Love, Ana.

I got ready for our date, dressing as nice as I could without looking too easy. Wearing a red dress, my hair done up, in curls. I didn’t tell my dad at all, since I knew he wouldn’t approve, and my mom was just an alcoholic, who I could ask if I could run into traffic to, and she would be so messed up, out of it, that she would tell me yes. I smiled at myself, the clock hitting 6, as I ran outside to my drive way. He arrived almost instantly, getting out if the truck and opening my door. I walked over to him, and he smiled “M'lady,” he said, letting me get in. He was wearing a leather jacket, a plain white shirt, jeans with the bottom of his pant legs rolled up over his shoes. His hair was perfectly combed, he looked so handsome. I could tell he had just shaved his face as well. We drove up the garage, and he stopped. Smiling and raising his eyebrows. I laughed “Our date is here?” He laughed in response, “Well part of it, I have something I wanna show you,” He helped me out of the car and went behind me. “Close your eyes,” I gave him a concerned look, and he smiled “Nothing is going to happen, I swear, you can trust me.” Just close them. I sighed as I did, he hit the button to open up the garage, and I listened to the hiss of the motors pulling the doors up. I felt his cool finger tips touch my bare arms, down to my hands. “Okay, walk forward!” He said, I did as he told me, him behind me guiding me there. “You better not let me walk into a wall, Kit Walker,” I teased. He laughed “Now, why would I do that?” We both laughed together before he stoped me, “Okay! Open them!” I opened them, to see my Bellaire, completely fixed; looking as new as the day I got it. I gasped and put my hands over my mouth. He giggled “We have been working on it, for a month now. I have been waiting to show you, I was scared you’d stop hanging out, and I wanted you to see it finished.” He said with a smile. I didn’t say anything, the words of gratitude taken from me, not even able to express the feelings I felt. “Say something you’re making me nervous, Kat!” He said with a nervous laugh following. I looked at him “No one, has ever done anything like this for me, thank you. So much. I’ll get the money-” “No, don’t pay us a dime, we won’t take it.” He said a sweet smile. I walked up to him then, my steps echoing in the garage. His smile faded as his eyes moved my lips to my eyes the closer I came. I wrapped my arms around his neck, looking up at him, as he looked down to me, both of us silent. He touched my chin, with his thumb and pointer finger under it. Pulling my face towards his, feeling his shaky breath on my lips. He pressed his lips into mine, me pushing back against him to deepen the kiss. He held me there for what seemed like forever, until he let me go and looked at my face. Me laughing as I wiped the lipstick from his mouth. I felt light headed, my legs feeling like jello as we walked towards my car. Kit put the keys in my hand with a smile. “Let’s take her for a spin,” He said winking at me. He opened the car door for me, to let me in. I smiled as I sat down, waiting for him to get in as well, as he got in the car. I turned it on, the enguine purred like it was brand new. I laughed happily, he smiled at my reaction, I could tell how excited he was to show me what they did. We drove around all night long, without a care in the world, going up and down the streets, just talking to each other about everything. As we pulled back to the garage we both realized how late it was, “Are you going to get in trouble?” Asked Kit. “I don’t really care, I am just wanting this to last as long as possible.” I responded. The radio started to play the song by Santo and Johnny, called sleepwalk. Purely romantic, with no words. Kit scooted closer to me, holding my face with his hand, and moving his thumb over my lips, before kissing me deeply. “You should go home soon,” he said before kissing me again. I didn’t reply, and continued to pull him closer to me. Trying my best to kiss him, this was the first time I had ever made out with someone, so I wanted to do well. His tongue parted my lips, moving against mine softly. I had my arms wrapped around his neck, holding him to me. Headlights had started to flood the car, Kit stopped kissing me and looked over in confusion. The car stopped, head lights still lighting up the whole car like the sun, blinding us both. “Who the hell is this asshole?” He asked, the door of the car opened and shut, the sound of gravel crunching under foot steps got closer. “KATRINA!” “That asshole is my dad!” I yelled. Kit jumped backwards off of me, as my dad came up to my door. “We are going home, now!” He yelled at me, I jumped at his tone, looking at Kit. “Kit,” I said, my voice cracking as I spoke. He opened the door, then yanked me backwards. I hit the ground face first in the gravel and dirt. Feeling the air I had escape my lungs, as I struggled to get up. I coughed, trying to catch my breath, only to have my father grab my hair, and start dragging to the car, roughly. “Daddy, stop! You’re hurting me!” I screamed, trying to pry his hands from me. My legs getting covered in stickers, the sharp gravel cutting my legs, and my pretty dress tearing. “Get off her!” Yelled Kit, running to me to pick me up. He was met by my dad’s shot gun, pointing the barrel so close to his chest it was touching him. Kit was right in front of my dad’s headlights, as if a spot light was on him. “Mr. Westfield, I was going to have her home-” “Boy, you best stop talking. You were trying to deflower my daughter, and she was spreading her legs for you, like the little slut she is.” “No! She isn’t a slut,” “Don’t lie, I saw you all over her. How dare you embarrass me like this you harlot!” My dad yelled through gritted teeth, spitting as he yelled, yanking my hair. I cried out in pain trying to get his hand off of it, which he only grabbed tighter, yanking at it. Kit had his hands up now, not backing down. “Please, sir. Let her go! I really, really like your daughter. I even fixed her car, and had intentions of properly meeting you, I just wanted to take her on a da-” “No, no, no. I know what you greasers are all about: that’s sex.” “No, sir! No. I just really like her,” “What the fuck is going on here?!” We all looked over to see Kit’s dad standing in the drive way, with a gun in his hand. “Now, Pastor John Westfield, I very much have a great deal of respect for you, sir, but get that gun off of my son right now, or I’ll blow your brains out the back of your skull.” My dad did as he was asked, “Now, let go of your daughter,” my dad gave me a hard tug, lifting me off the ground, making my eyes water, before dropping down face first with force, like a sack of potatoes. I got to my feet, running to Kit’s arms, as he held me. “You’re safe now, I got you.” “Now, look at these two. They are crazy for each other, there is nothing sweeter than being a teenager in love. You remember those times, don’t ya, Pastor? Just let them be, she’s fine, and we will have her home soon. I raised a damn good boy here, he is the best type of guy your daughter could ask for, and I am a man of my word.” “No, she’s coming with me, now!” He yelled, pointing to the truck. Kit held me closer in his arms, to protect me as he walked towards us. “No, she is not. She will be home soon, but she ain’t going with you. You need to decompress elsewhere, but you ain’t taking this girl anywhere, I’ll call the police if I have to.” My dad stood there for a long time, before he angerly got into his truck, and sped off. His dad looked at me, “Oh you poor girl, Kit, take her inside and clean her up.” We proceeded to where they lived at the shop, I had never noticed they had a home attached it. Before Kit took me to the bathroom, Mr. Walker grabbed my arm. “Honey, you’re safe with us. If your dad ever does, anything that you feel real scared about, you can come here, we can hide your car, he will never know. Okay?” He said, as he wiped tears from my eyes. I nodded with a smile “Thank you, so much.” I said as I sighed deeply, they didn’t know the half of what he was capable of. Being a man of God, had nothing to do with the quality of the man. I looked at myself, my hair messy, a huge scrape on my chin, mascara running down my cheeks. My dress was trashed, I was covered in dirt, and my legs were all bloody, and cut up. Stickers in my legs still. Kit carefully took care of me, helping to clean off my wounds, before giving me a smile. “I know that tonight didn’t go so well, towards the end. I had intentions of asking you to be my girl, and I didn’t know if it would be appropriate anymore, but Kat Westfield, you are amazing. There is not one thing I don’t like about you, and I would treat you right. Never make you cry, never hurt you, I promise that.” He said with a sweet smile. I kissed him, saying nothing else to him. Just wanting to melt in his arms. “Yes, of course,” I said after we had parted. He smiled and hugged me tightly. Mr. Walker was a good man, and he had raised a good son. Eventually, Kit followed me home on his bike while I drove my car. Kissing me goodbye before he left. “Will you be okay?” I looked back the house, seeing the light from the TV still being on. I bit my lip nervously, not knowing what I was about to get myself into coming him. I smiled at him “Yes,” he grabbed my hand “You’re my girl now. I will do everything to make sure he never hurts you.” He kissed my hand and smiled. After he had left, I went in through the back door to my room downstairs. I took a shower, watching all the dried blood, and dirt fall off of my skin, and swirl down the drain. I got myself into bed, holding onto my pillow, praying my dad wasn’t drunk, and wasn’t coming down here. That’s when I heard his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. My whole body shook, I couldn’t tell Kit or his dad that my dad wasn’t being over protective. He was jealous. My dad was a sick man, a sick, sick man. My mom did nothing to stop it, and were supposed to be the perfect Catholic family. Fuck, he had a key to my room! I had forgotten, how could J forget? The door soon opened. I could see his shadow on my wall, as the light from the stair way light up my room. He walked in, and closed the door, then I felt him get into my bed next to me, his breath stinking of whiskey, and cigars. “You know I can’t let you go off with boys, Kat. I told you that you were mine, and you were going to give yourself to him.” He hissed into my ear. He got under the blankets, his hand touching my arm “You know, daddy loves you so much, and I am so sorry for doing what I did. I just don’t want to see you be defiled. We have a special bond, Kat.” “Get out of my bed,” I said, my voice shaky. My dad was like a wall, not moving. I started to cry, trying to push him away from me, “Shhh,” he said moving my hair off my neck. “You’ll wake your mother.” “Get away from me! Get away!” I yelled slapping him across the face. He became angry, climbing on me. He grabbed onto my neck with both his hands, squeezing. “You little whore! You little bitch! How dare you strick me!” He yelled in my face, squeezing my neck harder and harder. My mind flashed, of every sick thing he did to me from when I was 10 to now, saying God sent me to him for that reason, and God was telling him to do it. Telling me I would be tortured in hell for all eturnity if I didn’t let him, beating me, beating my mom. The excuses I had to make for my bruises, or my random broken bones. I tried to push him off me, as I choked, feeling myself start to pass out. I reached up, trying to grab anything on my nightstand. I then hit him over the head with my ballerina, musical box. He flew off me, and onto the floor. He held his head in pain, and I took the oppurtunity to get up and run. I started for the door, which he then grabbed me by the ankle, making me fall on the floor. We struggled, I fought him like I was fighting for my lip. I started to scream as loudly as my lungs would allow, until my throat felt raw. He over powered me, flipping me onto my stomach. “You little fucking bitch, what have I always told you. God sent you as a special gift, just for me. Not some idiot boy. No man loves you, like daddy,” He said. I grew sick hearing him, and I could hear his belt being messed with. “No!” I yelled, I was not going to let this happen. I grabbed everything I could find, hitting him over the head, as hard as I could. Eventually I got him off of me. I opened the door, and ran to my car. Speeding off, able to see him running in the street, then going back to his truck. What do I do? What do I do! He’d know I was going back to Kit’s, but Mr. Walker said “Hide my car.” I drove up, fast. Kit was still awake, in the garage. He gave me a confused look as I rushed in. “What is happening?!” He asked as he held my arms. I was freaking out trying to explain myself. Kit got into my car, and pulled it in, placing a tarp over it. He then shut the garage doors, getting the police on the phone. “What is going on? What is this about.” “He tried to kill me, he tried to strangle me, because I wouldn’t…” “Wouldn’t what? Wouldn’t what, Kat?” I shook my head. “I… Can’t talk about it.” In that moment, I think Kit put 2 and 2 together, his eyes watering. He looked away from me, not saying another word. He held me against him, as my dad pulled in, “I know she’s in there!” He yelled banging on the doors for what seemed like hours, before the police showed up. I listened closely, he knew the cops from church, he lied. Making it seem like I was some awful off the wall teenager, who attacked him, because I wanted to stay out. The cops got me out finally, and went to give me back to my dad. He gave me a devious smile, and I started to struggle. “NO, HE’S LYING! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!” I screamed “PLEASE, DON’T MAKE ME GO BACK WITH HIM, HE’S GOING TO HURT ME!” I cried out. Kit came running to my defense trying to get them to let me go to. “You sick, fucking bastard! I won’t let you get away with this!” Kit yelled over the police, as he tried to get to me, but was being held back. Mr. Walker also came down stairs, and freaked out at the officers for detaining, Kit. Before explaining that this was not the first time my dad came here, explained he thought I was being abused, but the officers didn’t listen, letting me go with my dad. Kit stared at me, as they forced me in the truck. “I won’t let him hurt you,Kat! I will find a way to save you, I promise!” My dad stopped the concerned dad, who just loved his hormonal teenage daughter, who scratched his face up for no reason routine, glaring over at me, before grabbing the back of my head, and smashing it into his dashboard. Tears came my eyes, and I immediately felt blood come from my nose like a water facet. I let out a squeal from the pain, I knew my nose was more than likely broken. “Don’t you ever fucking do that again, do you understand?!” He screamed. My eyes were watering, as I tried to cope with this pain I was dealing with. He pulled my hands off of my face, that I was holding my nose with. He then hit my head against the window, and I started to sob loudly. “Yes! I understand!” I screamed “Good girl, I don’t want you seeing that Kit Walker kid ever again, you are mine. Remember your place.” I nodded, lying of course. Kit and I would find a way, no matter what he did.

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"Some people genuinely genuinely think Harry and I are in a relationship"

-“Where do you wanna sit?”
-“Next To You”

-“I’d take Harry for the night”

-“I’d definitely date Louis”

-“I met you in the toilets”

-“Now kiss me you fool!”

-“As I might miss him”

-(if you could choose anyone in the world to be your Valentine?)

-“Salt & Vinegar”

-“I wrapped it myself”

-“And I’d marry you Harreh”

-“Have you quite finished guys?”

-“Are you having a chat on stage lads?”

-“Lou can i give you a blow job?”
-“I’d love if you just wait.”

-“Cause I can’t compete with my boyfriend”

-“I’m in love with Lou and all his little things”

-“I can love you more than Stan, yeah”

-“Harry, are you good with your hands?”
-“Really good”

-“Chicken staffed with mozzarella wrapped in Parma Ham with a side of mashed potatoes”

-“Two are together”
-“Louis’ boyfriend”

-(which was your best ride at Universal?)

-“Like he already owned it”

-“Do any of you remember your first crush, lads?”

-“My first real crush was…Louis Tomlinson.
-“And how does he feel about you?”
-“It’s mutual. We discussed it.”

-“Do me a favour?”

-“The boy with the curls, who wouldn’t love him?”

-“Louis is a great person to just like sit and kind of like admire what he’s like”

-“Do you guys need a room?”

-“I’m getting jealous over here”

-“My Valentine is Harry”

-“Even as young as you are?”
-“Yeah, I’ve always wanted kids”

-“Until I find the perfect girl, I have Louis”

-“Perfect girl doesn’t exist”

-“I’m happy they’re good friends. If that.” -“It’s just a ship.” -“It is what it is” -“How do you whisk?” -“It just kinda happened”

so like

if onion doesn’t eat

do you think he stole the potato chips to bring steven to his house

specifically to his garage

with all the paintings of amethyst

that his mom just started painting again recently

because things have been tense at home

do you think onion realized his mom was upset and stole the chips to get steven to bring amethyst to his house to cheer his mom up?


Imagine being Uni buddies with Sherlock and when you’re asked out on a date he gets jealous. (Uni!Lock)

For @cutie1365, because she wanted to see some Uni!Lock.

You skipped through the halls of the dorms, excited to give your best friend, Sherlock Holmes, some great news. You had been asked out by a guy from a Fraternity and you couldn’t have refused even if you tried. The only thing that could make you say no was if Sherlock asked you out before the big night. You liked, no, loved, Sherlock. But he said he wasn’t capable of sentiment. Which you knew wasn’t true. He may have been Sherlock, but he was still human. You knew he had a soft spot for something or someone. But you never expected it to be yourself.
You finally found the dull wooden door. It stood out from the others from its lack of color and posters. You rapped a happy knock on his door and it instantly swung open as if he were waiting just on the other side for you.
“Ah, [y/n].” He greeted calmly, a small smile curving his Cupid’s bow lips. But it left all too soon and you would do anything for it to come back permanently. “Is there something I can do?” He asked, no hint of happiness in his rumbling voice.
“I’ve got some good news.” You began, worrying your bottom lip whilst smiling. Sherlock blinked a few times before he opened that smart mouth of his.
“You’ve come to tell me that Blake, the ‘hot guy’, as all the girls call him, has asked you out to the football game on Saturday night. Despite your disliking of sports you agreed anyways. And you were going to ask me if I was happy for you, if I was just as excited as you. And no, I am not. I may not know shit about love but Blake won’t do you any good. He has the IQ of a potato and he’s not going to love you like you think.” Sherlock deduced, staring at you, waiting for your reaction. You had to take deep, even breaths to keep your hand from striking his pronounced cheekbones. Instead of yelling and saying every inappropriate word in the book, you smiled and began to test him.
“I think you’re just jealous.” You said, crossing your arms and cocking your head. Sherlock stuttered and tripped on his words before he finally found the words.
“I am not jealous. I am simply stating my opinion.” You let out the precious laugh that Sherlock always secretly adored.
“Sure you’re not.” You sarcastically agreed, nodding your head slowly. He scoffed and looked at you, irritated.
“I’m not jealous, I just don’t feel like Blake is the right person for you.” He sighed.
“How do you even know that he isn’t?” You wondered aloud.
“I’ve seen how Frat Boys act. They’re wild, and crude, and pigs. He won’t treat you with the love and respect you deserve.” He replied, letting out an exasperated sigh.
“Well I’m going out with him anyways. Just once at least.” You said. Sherlock simply nodded sadly. “Why are you jealous?” Sherlock shrugged before speaking.
“I may not feel love, or care, for hardly anyone. But I just want what’s best for you, [y/n]. But if you feel like Blake is a possible suitor, don’t let me hold you back.” You put your hands on his shoulders and he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.
“I’ll be alright Sherlock. I’m not marrying Blake, just taking him for a test drive. I’ll probably never want a second date anyways.” You said, rubbing his shoulders, trying to comfort him. His hands came up to yours and he took them in his hands.
“Good luck, [y/f/n].” He kissed each hand and retreated into his dorm sorrowfully.
Saturday night came fast, and you had just finished your makeup when someone knocked on the door. You gleefully walked to the door and opened it up. There stood Blake, varsity jacket and all. You smiled as he kissed your hand. You were polite and laughed, but you didn’t like how his lips felt on your skin. Not after feeling Sherlock’s on the same skin just two days before. You had to walk to the game since Blake didn’t have a car and you found a seat on the bleachers. But as you were just sitting down, a tall, dark figure pushed between you and Blake gently and sat down right in the middle. You were about to ask what the idiot’s problem was, but the harsh sentence never left your mouth once you saw who it was. There sat Sherlock, literally in the middle of your date. You didn’t get mad as you knew he had the best intentions.
“Hello, Sherlock.” You greeted, trying to be as kind as possible.
“Yes, hello [y/n].” He replied coldly, not looking at you.
“[y/n], you know this guy?” Blake asked, looking at me strangely.
“He’s my best friend, why?”
“I was just wondering why he’s here.” Blake sounded mad, and you understood. But Sherlock didn’t have to move. You actually felt better with him around.
“It’s a public event, Brian. Anyone is welcome.” Sherlock retorted. Blake scoffed.
“It’s Blake. Come on [y/n]. Let’s get out of here.” He went to grab your arm to pull you away from Sherlock, but you jerked it away.
“I’d rather stay with Sherlock.” You said.
“Yes, Bernie, she’d rather stay with me.” Sherlock casually teased, sounding fully serious.
“It’s Blake.” He said through gritted teeth. “And if you really wanna stay, we can.” Blake plopped back down in his seat and occasionally shot Sherlock irritated glances that Sherlock returned with a fake smile. As the game went on, Blake got more and more enthusiastic as You got more and more bored. It was late, and you were tired and cold. You shivered and Sherlock took notice instantly.
“Are you cold?” Sherlock asked, ready to rip his overcoat and scarf off to give it to you.
“A little bit, but I’ll be okay.” Blake had caught on to the conversation and begrudgingly took of his varsity jacket. But Sherlock was quicker. He had already wrapped his navy blue scarf around your neck and put his black Belstaff on your shoulders. You warmed up in a little over two minutes and the smell of Sherlock’s light cologne mixed with his natural musk was lulling you to sleep. You felt a strong arm snake around your shoulders, keeping you up. You rested your head on his shoulder and looked up at his face, expecting to see Blake. But you were instead greeted with the face of Sherlock Holmes. He was looking down at your half-asleep form, a loving smile barely evident on his lips. You closed your slightly open eyes all the way and relished in the feeling of Sherlock rubbing your upper arm gently. Soon the commotion of the game died down and everyone went home. Even Blake.
“Hey man, you can take her home. I don’t really care.” Blake said, walking away. Sherlock didn’t mind. As long as Blake never asked for a second date. You were officially asleep now and unaware of the fact that your date just left you. But Sherlock didn’t wake you. He carefully put his other arm under your knees and lifted you off of the bleachers. He carried you all the way to your dorm, not in any hurry to get you there. He was enjoying having you in his arms. You began to stir, and then you woke up.
“Sh-Sherlock?” You groaned, rubbing your eyes.
“Hello. Blake ditched you, so I’m taking you home.” Sherlock said before you could ask any questions.
“Oh.” Was all you said. You decided you wanted to walk, so Sherlock sadly let you.
“Why did you show up tonight?” You asked, sticking your hands in the pockets of Sherlock’s coat.
“Because I worry for your safety.” Sherlock replied, although he knew you knew he was lying.
“Okay. So why did you really show up?” He sighed and stopped walking, as did you.
“Because…” Sherlock began, looking for the right words. “I don’t know how to put this.” He finally said looking at you in defeat.
“Sherlock, no matter what you say, I’ll always be your friend.” Sherlock’s eyes lit up as he figured out exactly what it was he was supposed to say.
“That’s exactly it! You’ll always be my friend. I want you to be more than that, [y/n]. I… I want you to be my… Oh… Hell with it.” He grabbed your small face between his large hands and pressed his lips to yours, pouring all of his love and passion into it. And there was a lot. You gently set your hands on his neck and chest, letting him know you were okay with what he was doing. He removed himself from your lips and put his forehead onto yours. You stared at his closed eyes, hoping he’d open them to reveal his beautiful heterochromic irises. He did and he smiled happily. “I love you, [y/f/n].”

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