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BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Wearing No Makeup For The First Time

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Rap Monster

You would have just removed your make up in the bedroom and you go walk to the kitchen to put the wipe in the bin. You then hear the door open and you quickly cover your face as Namjoon walks in the kitchen. 

Namjoon: “Hey y/n why you cover your face?”

You: “Because i just removed my make up and I don’t want you to see me look ugly.”

He walks over to you and says “y/n do you trust me?” You hang your head down low with your hands still on your face and nod your head, and with that, he carefully removes your hands from your face. He then carefully places his finger on your chin and lifts your head up and smiles brightly and says “y/n you look beautiful” and kisses you softly on your lips. 

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You and Jin are both in the bedroom and you say to Jin “Jin baby could you look away for me?” He looks at you and says “Why y/n? I don’t understand.” You say “I don’t want you to see me without make up on” 

He says “How about you and I both remove our make up at same time?” You umm and ahh about then say “Ok then” 

You both take a make up wipe, you both remove your make up together. 

You both finish and Jin says “ y/n you look beautiful… but not as good as me.”

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You’re sat watching TV. You have already removed your make up and you’re so zoned in to the TV that you haven’t noticed that Yoongi has come into the room. He stands there for a minute admiring you without your make up, then he would sit down next to you and say “That’s better y/n.”You look at him with a confused face totally forgetting that you have removed your make up. 

“Y/n you look better without make up and I have said in the past that I would prefer you without make up.” You look at him and say “But I look ugly Yoongs.”

“Y/n stop please listen. You look beautiful without make up.” You blush and he just smiles and says “You’re welcome baby,” planting a kiss on your forehead.

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The previous night, you had made sure to get into bed after Hobi so that he couldn’t really see you properly without your make up.

Waking up the next morning, you’re secretly pleased that he isn’t awake yet, so you take your chance and head straight to the shower.

Coming out of the shower, it is sort of to your dismay that he is now out of bed as you exit the bathroom, before you are able to put your make up on for the day. The sunlight creeps in over your face as he greets you with the biggest sunshine smile you’ve ever seen.

“Jagi! Oh my god! You look so radiant and beautiful!” he exclaims, like a true fan boy for you, and the level of excitement at your pure face is so extra like “I can’t even! You melt my heart so much jagi!” It just gets so corny and you feel embarrased that you cover your face with your hands.

Gently removing your hands from your face, he mellows down and stares genuinely into your eyes – “Seriously, y/n… you look so beautiful right now.”

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You would be in the room and you’re putting make up when Jimin comes in the bedroom as he had already been out and come back. He says  “Y/n please don’t put your make up on; you look pretty without, just looking at you now.” He comes over and kisses your cheek. You look in the mirror and you smile. He smiles and then kisses your shoulder and says “There you are baby” 

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You’re just doing normal chores around the house on a day off, and it takes a while for you to notice but as Taehyung is sat there on the sofa, seemingly just staring into thin air, but he is watching your every move, and more specifically, he’s focusing on your face.

Having never seen you without make up before, he’s trying to get used to how amazing he thinks you look without even trying. He’s basically living up to his nickname of ‘Blank Tae’, jaw loose and mouth open, with a docile expression.

“Tae, what are you gawping at?” you ask him, tilting your head sideways to meet his level as you’re still standing.

“I… uh…. just… I think you’re amazing.” he replies with a calm and mellow tone.

“Aw, Tae, that’s really sweet!” you tell him “But why the sudden… emotional moment like this?” you ask him.

He gets out of his seat to stand close to you, doing nothing but staring at you. He eventually breaks the silence with “I really like you without your make up jagiya… your beauty is ethereal to me.”

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The day before, Jungkook had hidden your make up as he actually wanted to see your beautiful face.

You: “Kookie.. Where’s my make up box?”

Jungkook walks in the room and says “You’re not allowed it jagi.” “But Kookie, I need it!” 

He looks at you and says “Jagi, I can see you don’t need it. You look beautiful without it.” You stand there for a minute then say “But Kookie…” 

He says “No buts; you’re not having it back until you go a couple of days without make up,” he smirks and you can’t help smile and he comes to you and kisses you cheek.

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jian + kisses

I’m All You’ve Known

You can read this destiel ficlet on ao3

Today, Cas is the one who almost died at the hands of a prince of Hell or whatever the fuck- it’s not like it matters what ends up doing them in, only when it happens- but Dean’s the one who’s wrecked. Dangerously drunk, waving a bottle around, nearly dropping it, though only twice.

Cas isn’t sure why exactly but he thinks Sam might have an idea since he retreated to his room as soon as they made it back to the bunker, leaving Cas and Dean alone in the library.

Cas didn’t notice just how much Dean was drinking at first, too occupied with leaning back in his chair and recuperating. There’s no wound, not anymore, but Cas is drained.

Eventually, he opens his eyes and Dean is standing (no longer sitting), holding a different bottle than the one he had started with, having entirely abandoned the notion of a glass, and glaring at Cas.

“You fucked up, Cas,” Dean slurs, moving to take another swig, but he aborts the idea. “You’re fucked up,” he corrects. He takes the swig this time and it’s a long one, long enough that Cas winces at the phantom burn in his own throat.

“The injury is gone, Dean,” Cas says placatingly, reluctant to defend himself. Dean seems primed for a fight and he doesn’t want to fight with Dean.

The feeling is not mutual, apparently. “Shut up,” Dean says. “Just- Just be quiet. You don’t get to speak anymore. You don’t get to say things, anymore.

“Dean,” Cas starts, never one to obey. “It may have been a close call but everyone made it out with minimal damage.”

“You can’t say shit like that, Cas.” Dean stumbles back like being near Cas, even with the table between them, could hurt him. He takes another drink. It’s impressive, really, Dean wasn’t even sure he could get drunk anymore.

“It’s the truth. We are all alright and-”

Dean interrupts him with a dry laugh, arms swinging out, liquor spilling, balance precarious. “No,” he says. “You can’t say what you said.”

Cas doesn’t understand what Dean is referencing and it might be because Dean isn’t making much sense but Cas is so tired that it might just be him that’s unable to keep up.

“You said you lov- You said-” Dean can’t say it, Cas never should have, so he drinks more instead.

Cas gets it, then, and he’s relieved. This he can handle much more than a conversation about how mortal they all really are. How much time they don’t have. Telling Dean he cares, he can handle. Showing Dean how he feels, he can handle.

Dean knocks back maybe another two shots worth of booze and slams the bottle onto the table. There’s an audible crack, but nothing seems to leak. Then Dean stalks down the hall.

Cas thinks he ought to follow but Dean is already back with a duffle. The duffle is Dean’s, tattered and worn, but it’s the few articles of clothing he’s stuffing inside are Cas’.

Dean walks all the way around the table and pulls Cas to his feet by the lapel of his trench coat, shoving the bag into his arms.

“I’ve put some stuff you’ll need in there like cash, credit cards. Some IDs I had done for you.”

Cas’ eyes are wide but Dean can’t tell since he won’t even look at him. This is not how Cas thought this conversation would end up going, and he’s imagined it plenty of times.

“You need to go, Cas.” Dean speaks gruffly.

“W-what is this?” What is going on?

Dean’s head snaps towards him, eyes finally meeting his. Dean says, “You have to fucking go.”

“Because I said-”

“Because you said something you can’t mean!” Dean pulls on Cas’ lapel again, tugging him towards the stairs. He’s so drunk that it’s mostly Cas keeping him steady. The angel could easily subdue him but it’s not like Cas would fight Dean.

They’re at the foot of the stairs when Dean stops, apparently sober enough not to attempt going up the steps. He shoves at Cas to, though.

Cas stands firm for moment but his voice cracks when he says, “But I do mean it.”

Dean glares at him, shoves harder, meaner. “You don’t. You only think you do, Cas, because you don’t know anyone else. We’ve- I’m all you’ve known. You need to go.” Then, again, softly, “Please go, Cas.”

Cas doesn’t know what to do, doesn’t understand what is happening, but Dean is looking at him like Cas is the person who’s ruined him most in life and Cas can hear the prayer that’s begging him to get gone and Dean is grinding his teeth like being this close is causing him pain again and Cas doesn’t want that.

Cas loves Dean. Loves Dean enough to always come when he calls. Loves Dean enough to go when he asks.

The heavy metal door of the bunker shuts behind him with a clang and he’s left with the clothes on his back, whatever Dean’s packed in the duffle and a very big hole in his chest.

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x.              delight.  a manifestation of language ‘neath the folds of apple cheeks.  he cradles his son  ( blinking, babbling, hearing )  so tight.  he will NEVER let go.    save for one quivering hand rising to his flushed cheeks.    look !

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Matt Bomer & Liv Tyler as Ted & Jessica in Space Station 76

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fic prompt: someone makes an offensive comment of some sort so jason and percy kiss to prove a point? Whatever happens after is up to you ;)

I had a tiny burst of inspiration! yay c:

Words: 1.4k
Rating: Teen and up

“So… Leo, would you rather..um… make out a dude or share your bunk with a stinky cyclops?” The girls giggle at the question and Jason catches his eyes drifting toward Nico for a moment, who doesn’t seem to appreciate Jason checking on him right then at all. The son of Hermes that asked the question has a fat grin on his face, like he hasn’t noticed how out of place his question is yet. Several people groan - including both Travis and Connor Stoll - and even Percy looks a little offended. Jason doesn’t get a chance to wonder whether it is because of  Percy’s brother Tyson who just so happens to be a cyclops, or because Percy wouldn’t mind kissing a guy.

“That’s a stupid question.” Leo retorts finally and the light tone he’s using doesn’t convince Jason Leo said that just because he doesn’t want to answer. The Hermes’ kid’s grin grows and he leans forward into the circle.

“Why? Because you like kissing boys, Valdez? Are you a - “ Before the guy gets to finish what Jason’s suspects would have been an insult or a slur, Percy interrupts.

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Okay so this is probs going to be like multiple parts. But I was talking to my friend bc we were thinking of becoming camp counselors over the summer and then it hit me: camp counselor au with everyone. Luke as the camp director and Magnus, Izzy, Simon, Clary, Alec, Jace, and Lydia as camp counselors. And Clary and Izzy tell everyone that they're dating and that they have been for a while and everyone's happy bc FINALLY! Although, it makes Simon kind of sad bc his ex crushes are dating so now he

(Pt.2) Feels kinda lonely. That all changes when Luke introduces a new camp counselor: Raphael. It’s not like he falls in love with Raphael as soon as he sees him, though. It’s actually the opposite. Bc who tf does Raphael think he is with his good hair and his nice biceps and a jawline that could cut someone, coming in and immediately connecting with the kids? SIMON’S kids. The kids that he worked so hard to create a friendship with. And this guy thinks he can just come in and woo them? No.

(Pt.3) This means war. So Simon creates this unofficial war with Raphael to see who the better camp counselor is and Raphael only goes along bc dios, this nerd is so determined and it’s kind of endearing. So while Simon is giving his all bc he thinks him and Raphael are enemies, Raphael’s only going along to amuse him. But let’s say one night, Simon’s out walking bc he can’t sleep and he sees Raphael by the lake, strumming a guitar and humming. He listens to him and thinks, OKAY GREAT

(Pt.4) ANOTHER THING HE’S GOOD AT IT. AND Simon, being Simon, trips on a rock, tumbling and startling Raphael. And he gets up, and Raphael’s wearing this shit eating grin and is all, “enjoy the show?” And Simon’s a stuttering mess, trying to explain why he’s there and Raphael just laughs and says it’s fine. It’s quiet for a second and Simon then says, “You’re pretty good. And I would know. I play too.” And eventually they start talking about guitars and the struggles of songwriting and it just

(Pt.5?) becomes a thing for the two to meet up late at night and discuss their lives. Simon, talking about Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Raphael talking about how he misses his brothers and his mom. They keep their competition going, but it’s more for fun now. One day, when Simon and Raphael are sitting by the lake late at night, talking, Simon calls Raphael pretty. Like out of nowhere, just, “I didn’t know boys could be pretty until I met you. Wait what.” And Raphael laughing and

(Pt.6) saying, “well you’re not so bad yourself.” And Simon kind of like freaking out bc what? He’s never felt this way with boys before? Like, this is all new? And he tells Raphael this, and he says that it’s okay. That he was scared when he first realized he liked boys. Basically just the two of them discussing sexuality and Raph just comes out to Simon as ace and talking about how weird it was for him at first and Simon finding comfort in talking about his feelings and so he kisses Raph bc

(Pt.7) he really does look pretty and they just share this really sweet kiss under the moon. And like at first, they would be rlly lowkey about their relationship and then one day a couple of people (Luke, Lydia, and Magnus) find them kissing in the back of the kitchen and they all laugh while Simon’s blushing ridiculously and Magnus says, “Is this why you two insisted on having kitchen duty together?” And eventually, they tell everyone they’re dating and everyone’s happy and just imagine a bon-

(Pt.8?) fire at the end of the summer (though they have bonfires every night) where everyone is together: Clary and Izzy sharing smores cuddling with a blanket, Magnus and Alec telling a bunch of kids scary stories, Jace and Lydia talking about camp activities but smiling really hard, Luke being cute with Jocelyn who decided to visit, and Simon and Raphael playing guitar and singing together and so obviously in love. Yeah this was way longer than intended I am so sorry.

 Holy shit you just basically wrote an entire AU in my inbox please write this!!!

41; pillow talk

Harry: it’s quiet, the only sounds in the room the rise and fall of your breathing and the soft scrape of his hand as it moves across your stomach over and over, fingers pressing in a little harder each time, reminding you that he’s there, and that he’s not leaving just yet. “It’ll only be for a couple months, love,” he whispers to you, his head on the pillow right next to yours. “I’ll be back before you know it.” You’ve got your hands pressed to your eyes, trying to keep the tears inside, “I know, I just…what if you meet someone else?” He sort of flinches at your words and his hand slides off your stomach, landing beside you on the bed so he can push himself up on his hands and hover over you. “Don’t think like that,” he says, his voice taking you by surprise. You half-expected it to be stern, but it’s the exact opposite. He sounds like he’s on the verge of crying. “Please, babe,” his head drops and he kisses your cheek. “Please, please. You’re the person I love more than anything, and I would never hurt you, okay?” You kiss him by reply and when he pulls away, he has a look on his face that tells you he’s made some kind of decision. “What is it?” you ask, putting your hand on his cheek. “You’re coming with me,” he says, leaning his forehead onto yours. “I want you with me, wherever I am.”

Liam: he’s been acting like a sap all day, apparently unable to take his hands off of you, kissing you every chance he gets. When he looks at you, it’s with this awe-inspired look, like you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever laid eyes on and if he looks away for even a second, you might disappear. He’s still not sure if you’re real, and he doesn’t know how he got so lucky. You’re everything he could have dreamed of, and he’s not afraid to show you. Today seems different though. He makes you dinner, the smell of shrimp and pasta making your flat smell heavenly. You offered to help, but he insisted you take the long hot shower you’d been looking forward to. Later, you feel full and fresh and loved, lying in bed with Liam, kissing him slowly. He’s trying to memorize you, tracing every inch of you with his hands, inhaling the scent of you. He kisses you again and when he pulls back a little, your foreheads still touch and he gives you the most beaming smile, rubbing his thumb along the hinge of your jaw. “What?” you ask, feeling yourself blush under his stare. “It’s you,” he replies. You feel confused now and he laughs a little. “You, babe. You’re the one. The one I’ve been waiting for. You’re the only girl in the world for me and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Louis: “Hey, Lou?” Your voice echoes through your quiet bedroom and his head perks up from his spot on your tummy, his hair sticking up in all directions, making you laugh. “What is it, my love?” he asks, blinking sleep from his eyes. You run a hand through his hair, making it even more wayward, flipping out behind his ears and across his forehead. “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” He laughs and nuzzles his nose into your skin, nipping at your bellybutton until you giggle. He raises his head again and your hand twists in his hair again. “Well, there aren’t many places I haven’t been…” You tug his hair gently, making him yelp. “Easy, Mr. International Pop-star, just answer the question!” He laughs, “You first.”  You roll your eyes but decide to indulge him. “Fine. That one’s easy: Paris. I’ve never been and it just looks so pretty. Now you!” He kisses your stomach again. “It’s an easy answer for me too, babe. It’s wherever you are. That’s where I want to be. Always. No matter where you are on this earth, I want to be beside you. I love you, baby, and I always will.” You wake up the next morning to find Lou on his laptop, browsing some travel website. “What are you up to?” you ask sleepily and he grins. “We’re going to Paris!”

Niall: you adjust your head on the pillow beside Niall’s and try to hold back a laugh. “Of course I’m serious, Niall!” He buries his face in his pillow and groans. “Are ya sure they’ll like me, luv?” You almost gasp and push yourself onto him, rolling him onto his back, straddling his hips with your legs, your hands on his bare chest. “Yes, they’re going to like you, Niall. They’re my family. They support me and they know what’s important to me.” He grins up at you. “Am I important to ya, then?” You roll your eyes and dig your nails into his skin a little. “Yes, Niall. You are. I did move in with you, after all.” He grins again. “That ya did. Shouldn’t I of met your family before tha’? Get your father’s blessin’ an all?” You laugh so hard you fall off of him, flopping back onto your side of the bed. “That’s when you get married, Ni… You’re supposed to ask for the father’s blessing when you get married.” He leans up and over and presses his mouth to your neck, kissing lightly, but it’s enough to make your head spin. “I knew that,” he whispers. “Guess I better meet yer dad before I ask him for your hand, dontcha think?” You can feel him smiling against your throat and he kisses your pulse again. “One day, luv. Promise. I need ya around for a long, long time.”

Zayn: it’s late; it’s probably close to three in the morning, but you and Zayn are both wide awake, wired from the party you were at and the takeout you decided you desperately needed on the way home. Now, you’ve crashed in bed, not bothering to change into pajamas and just stripping, diving under the covers, searching for each other’s body heat. He’s got his fingers in your hair, twirling the strands around and around until his hand is basically knotted in your hair. You’ve got your head on his chest and one of your hands is twined with his, your woven fingers resting on the bed. “Love?” he asks quietly and you mumble out a “yeah?”, your eyelids starting to feel heavy. “Where do you see yourself in five years?” You giggle. “Didn’t know this was a job interview…” He rolls his eyes, “Indulge me.” You yawn and snuggle closer to him. “Five years, huh? Well, done school, hopefully in a good job that I like, with you, maybe in a different flat. But, definitely with you. Now you indulge me.” He kisses your forehead and grins. “Married,” he half-whispers and you freeze. “Really?” you ask, looking up at him with wide eyes. “Yep,” he says, kissing you on the lips once and pulling away. “Happily married to you, and yeah, maybe in a different flat.”