he just looks like he's rolling his eyes and letting them be them

Jonathan Toews varies up his first-man-over-the-boards routine after a win to give Patrick Kane a helmet bump after Game 4 of 2013 WCF vs. the Kings, 6/6/13.

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17. “What are you talking about? I am very mature.” 

The sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies filled the air, as you leaned against the counter and Kyungsoo took the cookies out of the oven placing them next to you.

“Can we decorate them?” you giggled excited.

Kyungsoo looked at you with a serious expression and muttered “No, let’s just wait for them to cool off and eat them later, after dinner.” 

“Aish… you’re no fun” you retorted, rolling your eyes. You hated this side of him, he had his sweet and fun side too but most of the time he was too serious. You knew that it had nothing to do with you; it was just his defence mechanism but it still upset you when he was like this. You just wished that he was less negative with you.

An idea popped in your mind and you smiled slyly “Kyungsooooo”

He paused, his cheeks turning red, but his face still remained a mystery. “Huh?”

“Let’s decorate them together. It’ll be fun! And it doesn’t take long!! ” you whined.

“No, too much effort.” he responded.

You sighed, This requires drastic measures. You caressed his hand and looked at him, batting your eyelashes. “Pleaaase I’ll do anything you want”

“Umm.. ah..” he nervously stuttered.

“Let’s decorate them prettily and then we can eat them.” you smiled, your hands going up his arm. “I’ll even feed you them.”

He just stared at you with his big eyes that screamed ‘Get me out of here’. “O-Ok” he whispered.

“Yeees” you bubbled and started skipping to the cupboard where the icing and decorations were.

“This is stupid…” he commented.

“Well we wouldn’t have this stupid conversation if you just let me decorate the cookies” you pointed out. If he wasn’t so stiff and stubborn, you would avoid so many stupid arguments like this.

After a pause, he replied “You’re so childish” 

“What are you talking about? Excuse you, sir. I am very mature.”

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Have you noticed how sweet and gentle Tom Burke's voice is? His natural accent and voice. It just makes me melt! Especially with those eyes and that smile! I also love how gentle of a person he is. Especially towards women. You can just tell in his roles and even just observing him as himself, out of character, he will step back and let them go, gently guide them by the waste. Even if he's not touching them, he still kind of 'guides' them. His kisses look so sweet too! What do you think? :)

His voice is absolutely incredible. I really want him to do an audiobook, because I would pay for the privilege of listening to his voice for hours at a time. Whether it’s the posh London accent or his natural one, I love it (also, his growly voice does things to me).

He absolutely seems very gentle, and also incredibly sweet. Like…precious cinnamon roll. Too good for this world. For real. 

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They let Yukwon, Kyung, & Taeil know as well, just in case they notice anything. Taeil rolls his eyes & scoffs & goes of course he wouldn't be over it, Jiho isn't the kind of person to get over something like this so easily. & Jihoon just like, yeah, it must be rough having your brother date one of your bandmates and Taeil just facepalms and calls them all idiots & before they can get all offended, Taeil informs them that Jiho wouldn't care if Taewoon was dating Minhyuk or anyone else.

Jihoon still looks baffled, they rest seem to have it figured out but Minhyuk is the one who voices it? “Wait you think he’s jealous or something?”