he just looked so uncomfortable

oh hey look who was inspired by the pink sweater =D let’s continue the fun with some “cute” clothing (i least i found these cute >:v) 

And let’s add a new victim

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BTS reaction: BTS reacts to idol gf having a wardrobe malfunction on stage

• Namjoon:

He can’t stop staring at you when you perform, he would have a wide smile on his face, proud of you, until he notices that you’re dancing awkwardly on some parts of the performance, and he would be there, not knowing what to do. He’d notice your awkwardness trying to fix your shirt that exposed a little bit of flesh that wasn’t supposed to show, but being smart you knew how to prevent showing it, and of course the prize was dancing awkwardly and constantly trying to fix it. He’ll be trying to talk to someone but he would understand that he can’t do anything and he would just wait for you to come down, and he would ask if you’re alright, expecting to talk to someone to scold them.  (lol) 

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• SeokJin:

This man would notice right away, and he would be very disappointed on whoever decided that kind of clothing was a good a idea. He would definitely notice how you’re trying to fix it, but more important, he would notice the worry on your face, so instead of scolding someone or burn the whole event down, he would just hug you and try to comfort you. 

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• Yoongi:

He wouldn’t notice at first, but when the Taehyung told him what was happening and saw the look on your face he noticed. He stood there, not doing anything, waiting for the performance to stop. Instead of looking for you when you came to them, he would just look for someone to ask what happened, why, and tell them that it better be the last time. (savage yoongi)

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• Hoseok:

Man… the look on his face. Just imagine the look on his face when he saw you being so uncomfortable. Being the awesome dancer he is, and because of the fact that he loves you and he helped you with your dance practice, he would notice that your movements weren’t as smooth as they were on the practice. He would search for the cause of the awkwardness, seeing that it was because of a malfunction. He would be amazed on how you smoothly try to fix it, and he would be proud on how you care more about not being exposed than anything else. Afterwards, he would do what Yoongi did, and then hug you, kiss you and he would make you laugh all he can, after all, you’d be probably very worried. But if Hoseok’s there, you have nothing to worry about.

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• Jimin:

Chim would be so worried. Not because of exposure, not because your dance didn’t go as well as everyone thought, but because he knew that you’d be feeling very bad and disappointed after the performance. He would definitely try to comfort you, and he would be very nervous hoping that it’ll be the last time. You seemed so cheerful, so enthusiastic, and now it was falling apart. Poor worried Chim. He wouldn’t leave you alone. At the second you’re in front of the boys behind stage and you sigh, he would just run to you and hug you as tight as he can.
“Everything’s okay Jagi, I’m here”

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• Taehyung:

He had a wide smile at the second he saw you on stage, but he’d probably be the first one in noticing the malfunction. Same as Chim, he would be very worried because you seemed so happy before and now you were having trouble with that. It wasn’t like you were going to fall and break something, but with a lot of people watching you, he would be staring at you, into your soul, making sure that there’s nothing exposing. Poor Tete, after the performance he would try to comfort you and make you laugh as hard as he can, and he’d try not to talk about it so you can forget about that for a while at least.

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• Jungkook, or should I say Jungshook?

There’s almost nothing to say. He would be quietly staring at you, but deep inside of him he would be worried as fuck and anxious about something slipping and making everything so uncomfortable for you. Just as Yoongi did, he would probably scold someone and would be very angry about it, but when you appeared, he understood that all you needed was comfort, so he gave you what you needed.

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2JAE 😭😍

flearaleflet  asked:

Hi, I just wanted to say I really like your blog and that it makes me happy that you are around. Also, I were thinking about what would happen if MC decides to prank the RFA when they first meet and hires an actor or a really old actress to act like her for a while. I know it's a little strange, but I thought it would be fun. Just giving ideas here, don't feel pressured do it only if you want to. I hope you have a great day :D

Thanks so much! This was a funny idea. Hope you like it~


  • You hire an older woman to meet Zen because you thought it would be hilarious
  • You watch nearby the whole time
  • You can tell he’s initially mortified
  • After all, he flirted with you a lot in the chatroom
  • This is the time where he had the broken ankle, so the woman comes in his house and starts cooking for him
  • You’re listening through a wire on her, and you’re laughing because she’s scolding him because of all the beer in his fridge
  • It’s funny to hear his nervous replies like he has a mom or something
  • It’s nearing the end of the night, and you decide to finally put him out of his misery and reveal yourself
  • He’s stunned a little when you’re at the door, and he initially thinks you’re a prank from Seven that came a little late
  • You have to explain the whole thing, and you can see the relief flood his features
  • He smiles and says he’s glad you don’t actually smell like old lady perfume
  • Unfortunately he forgot that the woman you hired was still in the back
  • She starts hitting him with her shoe
  • The prank was more rewarding than you had initially planned



  • Since you knew Yoosung but never met him, you wanted to prank him on your  first meeting
  • You have a little cousin who lives nearby who would do anything for money, so you give him a good amount of money to play as you for the day
  • You text Yoosung in the chat about your meeting place and send your cousin out
  • You’re constantly a few feet away to observe
  • Yoosung goes up to the kid and asks if he’s lost after they are both there for a long time
  • Your cousin grins, “Are you Yoosung?”
  • “Yes?..No…MC?”
  • You can see him grow increasingly red, more so since he had flowers in his hand
  • He tries to hide it behind his back, but your cousin already saw it
  • “I like candy…but thanks. I guess these compliment my eyes.”
  • Yoosung takes him for some ice cream and a movie
  • They actually bond, although you think it might slip up when Yoosung mentions a few inside jokes from the chat
  • When you finally come out to reveal yourself, he’s mad at you
  • “You know what…your cousin and I are actually going to the arcade next week. Guess what? You’re not invited.”
  • He’s salty for a few weeks, but you can’t help find it funny


  • Tall, dark, and handsome
  • That’s the guy you sent over to meet Jaehee instead of you
  • As expected, she was taken aback, especially when he mentioned the outing was to grab some coffee
  • You stay nearby to overhear the conversation, but the prank gets increasingly less funny
  • She’s actually enjoying it…and so is he?
  • You even caught her taking a few pics when he wasn’t looking
  • You interrupt…because they were having way too much fun
  • She figured it out halfway through, but she still wanted to prank you back a little
  • “Actually…I like the MC you sent better.”
  • “Jaehee, no!”
  • When you part ways, she starts walking after the guy until you call for her
  • You’re never pranking her again


  • You send an actor…that looks like he could be Jumin’s twin
  • You even tell the actor a bunch about Jumin so he could act just like him too
  • Jumin looks sooo uncomfortable when it comes to meeting the actor
  • He was originally planning to invite you inside, but seeing the guy…he suddenly switched the location to some small diner
  • It made your job of spying easier
  • You watch as Jumin get’s more and more creeped out as he and “you” have a lot more in common than he originally though
  • “So…do you have any pets?”
  • The actor pulls out his phone and starts showing pictures of his white dog “Liza the 4th”
  • The amount of commonalities gets way too weird for him, and he eventually deduces it’s a prank
  • He calls the actor out on it subtly, and that’s when you reveal yourself
  • He just looks so relieved, but at the same time, he just shakes his head
  • “Liza the 4th, MC? Really?”


  • You had obviously forgotten he’s done a background check on you
  • So, when you decide to play a prank, you’re talking with the actress in the hall
  • You had obviously also forgotten the CCTV
  • He saw all this and knew exactly what you were doing
  • So, what does he do? Hires an actor of his own
  • You guys send your respective “selves” to the meeting place, and the poor actors are so confused
  • “Um…you don’t match the description I was given…”
  • You’re watching from the sidelines so confused as his actor asks yours out on a date and they both disappear
  • Meanwhile, Seven was waiting behind you and gives you the jumpscare of your life
  • He gestures to the actors, “Hey…they have a pretty good idea. So, what do you say? A date?”
  • Now you’re the flustered one

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Shades – Auston Matthews

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first ever imagine I’ve posted and I hope you like it! I need some ideas for more writing so feel free to submit me with any ideas or requests you might have!

Y/B/N –> your brothers name (if you don’t have a brother just improvise)

Characters: Auston Matthews

Words: 1,869

Warnings: n/a

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Sherlock x reader: What if Sherrinford had been actually a brother?

And played by Hiddleston.

Summary: You and Sherlock are friends. One day, you show up to 221B like usual and find a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Sherrinford shows an interest in you, which annoys Sherlock. And he doesn’t know why that happens. 

You opened the door and climbed up the stairs to go to see your friends Sherlock and John. It had been a long and boring day at work. You suddenly stopped when you saw a strange man sitting on Sherlock’s chair. Was he a client? Clients don’t sit there. And where were Sherlock and John?

The man looked at you from head to toes. He liked what he saw. 

“Are you a client?” you asked innocently.

The man laughed softly.

“No, dear. My little brother can only dream of the cases I couldn’t be able to solve on my own.”

“Brother?” You turned to see Sherlock who had just stepped into the room. “You have a secret brother you never told me about?” 

“Not so secret now” Sherlock whispered. 

“Where are your manners, little brother? Won’t you introduce me?” the man teased.

Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Stay away from her, Sherrinford. Mycroft will be here any minute.”

Sherrinford?” you questioned “Someone with that name has to be a Holmes”

Sherrinford laughed softly. His laugh was perfect for your ears.

“Funny and pretty” he told you. 

You felt your cheeks turned red. 

You knew that if Sherlock didn’t like him, you probable wouldn’t like him either. But you did. Maybe it was his perfect face. Or those cheekbones. You never thought someone could have better cheekbones than Sherlock’s. It was a family thing apparently. 

“Tell me something I don’t know” you answered confidently. Sherrinford smirked. He was probably expecting that you felt intimidated by his “compliments”.

Sherlock looked at you wide-eyed. Why weren’t you being rude to him? You were always rude to people Sherlock didn’t like.

Sherrinford had his eyes set on you only. His brother was such an idiot. You were clearly so in love with Sherlock, but he hadn’t made any move. And he loved you back, in his way. Sherrinford could see through everyone. He always knew both of his brothers were stupid, they both have rejected human contact or emotions in order to focus on their brains and knowledge. Sherrinford was even better than them, but he also knew how to use his charms. He could play with people’s feelings and minds in order to get what he wanted. 

And now he wanted you. Only to tease Sherlock.

You’ve always been a very flirty girl, you’ve even flirted with Sherlock thousand of times, or at Sherlock, to better say it. You just loved the way he got uncomfortable, it made him look so adorable.

But now you were flirting with Sherrinford. He was saying things that were only meant to make you answer in a more intimate manner. However, you were tough to conquer. Sherrinford accepted the challenge. He smirked.

Sherlock couldn’t stand it. Why was he feeling like that? Was it because everyone, absolutely everyone that met his brother always felt like that? Like if they were all under his spell? Sherlock expected you not to be one of those. 

Mycroft finally arrived. You knew it was your time to leave as this would probably become pure family drama. You said bye and gave Sherrinford a last glance and a smile. Both Sherlock and Mycroft were in shock. For God’s sake, not her too.

Sherlock stopped you just when you were at the door.

“(Y/N)!” he called. You looked at him. “I’ve never been able to read you, but I have noticed you were quite interested in Sherrinford,

“He seems…nice” you responded.

“He’s not” Sherlock replied inmediately “Just don’t fall for whatever-it-is he does to people. He can seem very… interesting

“He’s not bad” you whispered. Sherlock furrowed his eyebrows.

“Do you like him?” Sherlock sounded disgusted.

“Are you jealous?” you giggled.

“Of course not. Answer me.”

“Why? Has he told you anything?” you sounded curious now. 

“No. What would he tell me?”

“You just tell me if he says anything about me” you smirked at Sherlock, waved goodbye and then left.

Sherlock sighed. What was he going to do now? Was he going to lose you too to his brother’s charms? 

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You’re like the happiest girl on Earth. Why? Because you’re Archie Andrews’ girlfriend. Even Veronica Lodge is jealous of you and Betty don’t talk with you but you don’t care about this. You’re glad you’re happy with Archie.

It’s such a beautiful day and you went out for a walk with your beloved boyfriend Archie. You hold his hand, enjoying every moment of the walk. But there’s something in the air. Maybe that’s something weird with Archie. You look at him, seeing him looking down at the ground.

“Hey, Archie, what’s wrong with you?” You ask carefully. But Archie doesn’t answer. “Archie.” You stop walking and he stops, too. Archie looks at you confusedly.
What? Did you say anything, honey?” Archie asks, trying to cover up there’s something wrong.
“Yeah. I was asking what’s wrong with you. You’re… So shy today.” You bite your lips.
“That’s nothing you should worry about, (Y/N).” Archie grabs your little cute cheek, giving you a long kiss to you pink lips so you can taste his lips again. You love when he gives you kisses. You almost forgot it but you still have the weird feel.
“No, Archie. I feel… There’s something wrong.”
Archie just sighs. He look so nervous now. And also really uncomfortable. “You know, (Y/N). We all have some little secrets.” Archie continue in his walk.

You don’t understand to this. “Archie, stop! I thought… There’s no secret between us two. I thought… We are honest to each other.”
Archie stops again, turning around to look at you. There’s something dark in his eyes. “I’m… So sorry. But I can’t tell you, baby. It would hurt you so much. And I love you. I’m just scared I’d lose you.”
You still don’t get what’s going on with Archie. You feel sad, disappointed and also little broken hearted. “What’s going on?! We should be honest to each other!” You shout at him. Tears are slowly falling down by your cheek, to your beautiful lips and your little chin.

Archie looks at you. He’s also broken because of the secret and seeing you cry.  “Don’t cry, (Y/N).” He whispers, grabbing your cheeks. “There’s… A little secret which no one knows. I haven’t told this to Jughead. To anyone. You’re… You’re the first person who will know this.”
You’re speechless, just looking at him.

I,” Archie continues, “I had sex with Ms. Grundy. I know it was a HUGE mistake. Really huge mistake and I didn’t want to hurt you. Just please, forgive me this. It’s just a past. There’s nothing between us now and…”
“Stop!” You say loudly, crying even more. “How could you fuck her?! She’s older than you! What did you think? That it’s going to be okay? You should’ve told me before, Archibald!”
“(Y/N), please…” He tries to grab your hand but you take a step back.
“Leave me alone.” You say with such a broken heart, going home to your lovely bed.

no but do you ever think that Will falls asleep on Mike’s arm while watching a movie together

and Mike’s arm is all tingly and numb and he wants to move it so damn badly because it’s so uncomfortable

but then he just looks over at Will, fast asleep and peaceful for the first time in ages, still smelling like peppermint toothpaste and his pajamas having the faintest hint of cigarette smoke from Joyce’s smoking habit, his hair falling slightly in his eyes, his chest rising and falling gently with the waves of sleep, and Mike can’t do it. He can’t move, because why would he ever risk disturbing such a beautiful sight as this?

so he turns a bit and hugs Will to his chest very carefully, and it’s a win-win for them both. Mike, because his arm is no longer asleep as badly and he gets to hold Will, and Will doesn’t suffer any nightmares that night for the first time in /months/.

FT Episode 52
  • Hibiki/Ren/Eve: *flirts with Lucy and Erza at first glance*
  • Ichiya: *tries to flirt with Erza and Lucy, sniffs them and talks about parfum*
  • Lucy: *shivers* You’re freaking me out you know
  • Erza: *backs away* Sorry, I can’t really handle them him either.
  • Erza: *stutters* H-He may be an incredible wizard, but -
  • Gray: *sees Erza nervous and uncomfortable at a flirting attempt (which doesn’t normally happen since it's Erza) and just snaps*
  • Gray: - Listen you crappy Blue Pegasus boy-toys! How about you stop making passes at our princesses, huh?!
  • a grayza/nalu/graylu/natza shipper: HE CALLED ERZA AND LUCY HIS AND NATSU'S PRINCESSES!! *dies and goes to shipper heaven*

I just finished watching the MV music bank episode of the Feel So Good era and I just…

I got the feeling that between that era and now, the members seem to have change a lot in attitude regarding Himchan (and especially since Skydive and Yongguk’s hiatus). Like they don’t tease eachother below the belt as much as they seemed to do during the FSG era, which I’m thinking might not have been a very good era behind the scene. During that show, Daehyun says he only slept three hours the night prior shooting the interview and Himchan had to pull an all nighter.

I’m not really going anywhere with that but I just got the feeling that they seem to be in a better place mentally lately and less prone to lash out on eachother because of exhaustion. 

The Ghost of You // part one. (kyungsoo au)

Summary; whilst running from your ability of seeing the dead, you stumble upon a handsome man with wide eyes and a heart shaped smile, who just so happens to be what you’re running from.

prologue part two

You tried your very best to ignore his large eyes as he stared at you. You even averted your eyes, focusing on gathering up the various bags at your feet. You contemplated leaving, and telling the landowner you changed your mind and you wanted to leave. However, this was the cheapest apartment and you signed a contract, so technically, you couldn’t leave.

“You’re ignoring me. You can’t ignore me. You looked straight at me, not through me,” he continued to speak as you continued to do your best to ignore him. “Don’t ignore me. Please.”

You shuffled inside, dropping your bags by the sofa and glancing around the apartment. It was nice, very nice, and very cheap. You were sceptical at first, due to the price of such an amazing apartment, but now you knew why it was cheap. There was a ghost. It was haunted, something the landowner forgot to mention.


You wanted to ignore him, you really did. However, you could hear the desperation in his voice as he spoke. You could just about feel how desperate he was. You weren’t awful. You didn’t completely shut out ghosts all the time, you wanted to, but you didn’t have the heart. If they were desperate for help, you would try and help them.

“Hello,” you whispered in a small voice. You fiddled with the bottom of your jumper slightly as you spoke. They frightened you, the fact that you could see and talk to dead people frightened you, even though you had been doing it for many years.

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Also probably one of my Absolute Favorite Brooklyn Nine Nine headcanons is the idea that Jake and Rosa met in the Academy because one day very early on Rosa is sitting in a class glaring (while secretly being rly nervous) and this Mess Of A Kid with beat-up sneakers and too-long curly hair suddenly and inexplicably drops into the seat beside and her starts talking at a mile a minute about like. The pigeons. Outside his building. and why it’s entirely their fault he’s almost late because the pigeons in New York have a vendetta against him, okay, its Organized Crime, probably, my names Jake what’s yours its okay if you don’t wanna tell me but I’ll just be sitting here, cool cool cool cool cool

and Rosa’s just

So surprised that this guy isn’t being Gross and Sexist OR Intimidated By Her (and also lowkey overwhelmed by the speed at which he’s talking)

So she introduces herself hesitatingly and he seems just so genuinely pleased to have met her and then suddenly one day two weeks later Rosa realizes she’s picked up a hyper-entergetic Jewish shadow

(and, one day, two months in, Rosa realizes that she’s made a friend)

tear in my heart


“It’s February,” Lance repeats slowly.

“Yep,” Pidge says with barely restrained glee. And fuck, Keith is sweating.

or: pidge sucks at getting revenge. 


a/n: yooo happy late valentines alyx!! for @alyxsayssup for the @klancevalentines exchange! i hope you enjoy this /// <33

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