he just knows his place as a pilot

Okay, Hear Me Out

We’ve all seen this shit ‘ere where Lotor like smooth talks Lance “We’ll be powerful, your friends dont need you, come to the dark side, etc”

And so, they’re on a mission, and Lotor talks to Sweet BoyTM and Lance pulls an Anakin Skywalker on his pals. And so he and Lotor bond, and he becomes a trusted right hand man to the prince.

Meanwhile the others feel totes betrayed, and they blame themselves, but they also get angry at Lance because he turned on them.

And they meet him on the battlefield, and they ask him to come back, ask him why he would do this to them. He doesn’t answer, just steps behind Lotor slightly, head bowed. There’s a bruise on his face, they think, and he looks thinner than normal, but he wont look at them, so they don’t know what to say.

Time passes, and they learn to function without him. Their missions don’t go as smoothly, and they get injured far more frequently, and they realize how much they needed Lance. But they carry on.

And they prepare for their final battle, battlefield littered with different species, everyone that the Galra had victimized rising up. Allura, who took the place as the blue pilot, feels Lance’s loss more than ever.

The battle begins. They fight hard. Lives are lost, so many lives. Lotor is has grown so much stronger, so much more ruthless, more prepared than Zarkon ever was. The galra army is bearing down on them, closing in for the kill.

Shiro and Pidge are unconscious. Allura went missing among the soldiers. Keith is injured, Hunk is trying to protect them. The castle, Coran, has gone silent. The end is near, they are going to die. The Galra are going to win.

They see the ion cannons charging, hear the hum that signals their firing squad. They see the lights as they prepare to fire.

And then it all shuts down.

The purple lights that represented their fear go out. The Galra ships crash to the surface of the moon that they were fighting on. The mother ship that had ordered their massacre settled to the ground, slowly opening.

Two figures stepped out. Clearly visible, was Lotor, a knife to his throat. The second, who held the knife, was shorter, and shielded from view.

Hunk and Keith watched the slow, long march Lotor and his captor took towards them. Hunk raised his weapon, but Keith weakly put a hand on his arm. “Wait.” His voice was the only sound in the otherwise deafening silence.

As the two neared, Keith recognized the messy brown hair, the cocky grin that never seemed to leave.

“Lance,” he breathed.

“What?!” Hunk asked.

“Look. It’s Lance.”

Hunk thought Keith was delirious with pain, but as the two approached, he too recognized hthe blue lion’s true pilot.

Lotor was forced to his knees several feet away from them, Keith’s knife still at his throat. Lance smiled tiredly at them. “Sorry I took so long. I cant read Galra,” he said sheepishly.

langst headcanon

contrary to popular belief what if lance is like the moon and keith is like the sun?

… lance likes being the center of attention, he’s loud, he’s warm, he’s confident, he’s kind, and can be a bit intense sometimes. he seems like the perfect sun, right? however, what if he’s like the moon? he’s constantly overshadowed by keith and feels like he only reflects light from keith as a replacement, the moon controls the tides like how water is his element, and he has a darker, sadder side to him that most people don’t see. it seems like pidge and hunk (earth) are the only things that hold him down, but he’s very important to them even if he doesn’t realize it. to him it may seem like pidge and hunk are fine on their own, but the without the moon the damage on the earth would be crazy. he revolves around them, and gets jealous and sad easily when they don’t pay him attention. he loves home and gets homesick often, wanting to stay close to earth.

…keith is quieter and lonelier, more introverted and less social. he’s pretty mysterious. he makes a great moon. but he also does make a good sun- fiery passion and the power to incinerate anything that comes too close to him. he can come off intense just like lance, and doesn’t like getting too close to anyone, only letting space itself (shiro) get too close. of course he’s absolutely necessary to the team, but that’s obvious- he’s a good pilot, a good fighter, a good paladin. everyone knows how essential the sun is to earth and the entire universe. there’s a lot of pressure handed to him by shiro (space) and whether or not he likes it shiro places the universe to defend on his shoulders. 

everyone sees the sun during the day. it’s right there. but though we know the moons always there every night, we don’t always see it. it’s obvious keith’s absence would be devastating, but what about the little, unimportant moon?

imagine the moon, or lance, does disappear - the earth would tip over and there would be either extreme seasons or no seasons at all (emotions would be running high among the team or everything would be plain and empty). earth’s orbit is thrown out of balance, life for the team would not be the samedays would go by so fast and everything would seem dull- even if it only reflects light, in the sun’s absence the moon is the brightest object in the night sky. the oceans would go down, the memories of what lance loved so much fading, and the moon also defends earth from meteorites. lance’s disappearance would cause a sensitive wound that could never be healed.

ok please ignore me i’m only a little kid with no knowledge of science

I’ve seen a lot of the “Lance’s family immigrated to America” thing in fanfics, but the beach he mentions is in Cuba, so I’ve been thinking…

Please consider: a Lance who isn’t an American citizen. Who grew up watching Florida’s space shuttle launches through a scope his father dragged down to the beach at Varadero. Who literally spent years trying to train away his Cuban accent so he’d have a better chance of being accepted into the world’s most advanced space program. Who has to balance worries about his student visa not being renewed with the challenges of his tough piloting courses. Whose feelings of inferiority to Keith are being badly exacerbated by snide whispers from classmates about how he must have only gotten in on affirmative action. Whose disappearance causes an international incident between America and Cuba.

(And maybe also: A Lance who’s able to automatically accept Galra!Keith not just because “Ooh fuzzy <3” but because he knows exactly what xenophobia and racism feel like–knows exactly what it’s like to be treated like an alien in the one place he most wanted to belong, and he refuses to ever make someone else feel the way he did.)

Just sayin’.

anonymous asked:

Hey Leo! What do you think about Keith's "I can't explain it but I think we should attack the cruiser" in the last episode? I thought he had just deducted it but based on this line I guess it was another one of his gut feelings, sooo intuitive Keith strikes again? People say he's quintessence-sensitive, so do u think he somehow sensed Haggar's energy and then put 2 and 2 together and figured it out, or what happened there?

 Okay so, I have been saying Keith’s quintessence sensitive from day one. It’s where I got the whole “druid Keith” idea from, and now that we know druids are more so a creation of the rift, well–I think Keith’s instinctive knowledge of certain things is inexorably linked to that other reality. And its magic. When he contacts Matt, he says, “I can’t explain why, but I know we need to attack that fleet.”

 You know what else that sounds like? When he mentions he can sense the Blue Lion and says, “I can’t explain it, really. I was lost and kind of drawn out to this place. It’s like something…some energy, was telling me to search.” 

Keith just inherently knows certain things, has a sixth sense for it. This goes well beyond good intuition. He was able to feel the Blue Lion’s presence a whole year before her own pilot–sensing her the same way Haggar did. 

He was the only one able to connect with his lion over a vast distance–the only other paladin able to do this is Zarkon, and even then, only with the aid of a druid. In season 1 when that druid attacks him, Keith doesn’t get those same fatal, glowing wounds that Shiro and Thace and Antok do. He’s not as badly affected, and he’s able to heal himself by manipulating raw quintessence–something we’ve only seen from other druids. 

The common denominator here? Haggar didn’t start off as a “witch,” she was a regular alchemist. A scientist. She acquired those abilities though exposure to the rift and all its pure quintessence. And the Lions and this entity of Voltron are from this other reality as well. So honestly? I think Keith was able to sense Haggar’s power and its malicious intent because he has some sort of connection to the rift. 

I’d also like to point out that Keith seems naturally drawn to high concentrations of quintessence. Whether its the Lions or containers of raw quintessence, Keith won’t pass up the chance to investigate it. Keith is pretty much our introduction to quintessence and how the druids work with it. He sees the druids and the quintessence, wonders what’s going on, and decides to follow it. Later, he tells Coran he’s going to grab some of it. And later, when he accidentally crashes into a tank of it, he manages to heal himself. They could have used any character to narratively link to quintessence this way, but they chose Keith.

And then later, Keith starts taking jobs with the BOM tracking these huge supply lines of incredibly rare, pure quintessence. Keith is incredibly concerned about this, and keeps trying to convince Kuron that following up on those leads needs to take priority. Yes, he’s chasing them in hopes they’ll lead him straight to Lotor. But again, he’s following after trails of quintessence again. When discussing the mission, he also says “We have–” then stops, and corrects himself–“I have to take it. I need to be on that mission.” This is very much a personal matter. Even if he can’t fully articulate why, he feels like he just has to be there. And narratively speaking, I think it would be quite interesting if both our half-galra ended up being tied to the rift from opposite ends of it–quite literally. 

So yeah. Considering how Keith seems to be drawn like a magnet to major powerhouses of quintessence, the thing with Haggar’s ship doesn’t surprise me


MEGA THANKS to @hastalalaterkeith7152 for sending me quotes from the vlog so I could write this without internet and also motivating me

“I think it’s dumb.”

“Well of course you would, mullet,” Lance retorted.

“I’m just saying, there are better things we could be doing,” Keith fumed.

Lance raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

“Hm, I don’t know, maybe trying to find Lotor?”

“Okay, that’s enough,” Shiro interrupted. “We haven’t found any trace of Lotor, so in the meantime, why not strengthen the coalition? It will be good for our allies to know more about their ‘defenders of the universe.’”

“Exactly,” Lance said. “So, Keith, get your butt in there and make a vlog!”

“I don’t even know what that is.”

Lance groaned. “Come on, mullet, it’s not rocket science. Vlog. Video. Log,” he drew the words out, one at a time. “Like a journal, but as a video.”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Anything you want,” Shiro said. “Just be careful not to give away sensitive information, in case these ever get into the wrong hands.”

“Right. Sounds easy,” Keith muttered under his breath. Why couldn’t somebody else go first? That would make it easier. So far only Coran had done it, and Keith had learned from experience not to follow his example when it came to film making. But Pidge, Hunk, Allura, and Coran were all working on castle upgrades, and Lance and Shiro had a one-on-one training session planned. That left Keith to sit alone in what Coran had deemed ‘the recording room,’ talking about himself. Something he’d never been particularly good at.

“Hey, man, take it easy,” Lance said. “No need to cry over it.”

“I’m not,” Keith said, confused.

Lance groaned again. “It was a joke.”

Of course it was a joke. Lance always made jokes. And they always flew right over Keith’s head.

“I’m not going to cry,” he said in frustration, after the door to the recording room had slid shut behind him. He sat down. Took a deep breath. Turned on the camera.

“I’m Keith, the pilot of the black lion…what should I say?” he asked. “I’m a paladin. I fly the black lion. I-I said that already, see that’s why I’m bad at this. What else am I supposed to tell you? Okay, um, I guess I’m part Galra…”

After stammering through an introduction, finding words seemed a little easier. Whenever they visited planets, people always seemed most interested—or disgusted—to learn about his heritage, so he opted to talk about that for a little while, pulling out his knife to try and bring up the memories of the trials. Then he remembered what Shiro had said about sensitive information. Maybe talking about the Blade’s secrets wasn’t such a good idea.

Keith paused, staring down at the knife, at his reflection in the shiny, rare metal. “I guess being part Galra is a big deal. Might explain why I was never really good at…connecting with people.” He thought back to the events on Arus, how Lance had tried to teach him some sort of team chant. He still thought it was dumb, not as dumb as this video, but still dumb enough. He said as much, and before he realized what he was doing, his face was heating up and he was raising his voice in anger. Why did he have to get angry so easily?

“I am so sorry,” Keith said, remembering all their allies would be watching this. He leaned back, closed his eyes to calm down. “I am so sorry, I guess…I have a bit of a temper, so…”

Words were becoming hard again. Sticking to his heritage, Keith realized, might also not be the best idea. He didn’t know enough to talk about it with the ease he’d like. And not knowing was making him angry. Not knowing where he came from. Not knowing where his mom went. Not knowing why she left.

Words were hard, but for some reason Keith couldn’t seem to make them stop coming out his mouth. Emotions were rushing out, and he couldn’t keep them bottled up anymore, but this wasn’t the time or place. There was never a time or place for the leader of Voltron to break down.

Breathing was getting hard, too. He felt tears coming, sniffled once, and frantically thought of a way to cover this up. But it was too late. He’d spilled his guts and now everyone was going to know, the team was going to know, the allied planets would know, the universe would know that Keith Kogane was just some scared little kid lost in space.

“I'm—I’m outta here! Get me outta here,” he muttered, getting to his feet. “I'm—I’m outta here!”

He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pilot Black, he couldn’t lead Voltron, even with Shiro back, hell, he couldn’t even make a damn vlog, whatever the hell that was. It was frustration more than anything that made him yell, “I said I wouldn’t cry!”

Keith stalked out of the recording room, the colours of the hallway swirling together as tears blurred his vision. It occurred to him that he’d left the camera on, but he didn’t care. He just needed to be alone. He was already alone. He was always alone. He was a loner. Right now, he needed to be alone somewhere safe from discovery.

He stumbled into his bedroom. He was dizzy, he couldn’t walk straight, he couldn’t think straight. He didn’t want to be here. He didn’t want to be a leader. He didn’t want to be a paladin. He just wanted to be home, alone in his cozy little desert shack, back when he liked being alone, when it was easy to pretend he didn’t care about his parents, when he had no idea that he was an alien.

Keith was really crying now, hot, messy tears dripping down his face. The armor that encased his shaking body was too tight, too constricting. He fumbled to get it off, piece by piece, fingers slipping over the smooth surface as he trembled with sobs, until eventually he gave up and sank to the floor. He was all alone. Nobody wanted him. Nobody cared. Why would they? All he’d ever done was push them away.

He wasn’t sure how long he stayed like that, crouched in the middle of his room with his head in his hands. Surely there were better things he could be doing right now. Like trying to find Lotor. Or training. He could’ve taken down the gladiator at least twice by now.

The sound of the door sliding open was barely audible. Just a gentle whoosh, a whoosh Keith had heard many times before. He didn’t pay it any attention, even as someone walked into the room and knelt beside him. He felt a hand on his back, rubbing up and down, slow and gentle, heard soft words being murmured in his ear. He tried to focus on that.

“Hey, Keith. Hey, it’s okay. Shhh, it’s okay, Keith, you’re alright.”

Keith swallowed hard and steeled himself to meet the kind pair of blue eyes that looked down at him.


“Yeah, buddy, it’s me,” Lance smiled worriedly. He brushed tear-soaked bangs from Keith’s face. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

“I—” Keith froze. That was just the problem. He could never bring himself to open up. He never told anybody what was wrong. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to take down all the walls he’d spent years putting up.

“It’s okay,” Lance soothed. “You can talk to me.”

“No, I can’t!” Keith cried, much louder than he’d meant to. Lance flinched. “Can’t you see that I can’t talk to you? I can’t talk to anybody! I’m no good at it. I can’t connect with people, I can’t open up. Nobody likes me, and I try so hard, but I can’t make people like me because I always push them away and I don’t mean to but it just happens because I don’t know how to do it any different and then I’m all alone but I don’t want to be alone anymore but I can't…I just…I can’t.”

“Keith.” Lance’s strong, steady hands found Keith’s shoulders. His voice was soft, caring. “What are you talking about, man? You’re not alone. I’m right here. I’m always here for you.”

Keith wiped viciously at the tears stained on his cheeks. He didn’t say anything. He didn’t know what to say.

“Let’s get off the floor, huh?” Lance suggested. Keith nodded. Lance guided him to his feet and helped him take off the pieces of armor he’d missed. Keith tried to do it on his own, but he felt so clumsy and useless he ended up just standing there while Lance reduced him to the black bodysuit that was underneath all their armor.

Lance sat them both down on the edge of the bed, keeping an arm around Keith’s shoulders. He was still warm and a little bit sweaty from training, but Keith didn’t care. It felt good, Keith realized. It felt good to be close to someone and have them look out for you.

“We all care about you, Keith,” Lance said. “You do know that, right?”

“I…” Keith paused, “don’t know.”

“Well, we do. All of us. And yeah, okay, I guess your people skills could use a little work, but we know you’re trying. You’re part of the team, Keith. You’re family.” Lance squeezed his shoulder, smiling. Keith looked at him uncertainly. “What is it?” Lance asked.

“I’ve never had that before,” Keith admitted.

“You’d better get used to it,” Lance chimed. “Because we’re not going anywhere. We love you, man.”

“I love you too,” Keith managed. He was tearing up again. Lance pulled him in for a hug, and Keith went with his instinct to hug him back. Things weren’t great, but with Lance here, they were better. Speaking of which…

“How did you know to come find me?” Keith asked.

Lance ducked his head. “I, uh, kinda saw your vlog. You left the camera running.”

“The vlog,” Keith moaned. “I don’t know what I was thinking, saying all that stuff. And now the universe is going to see it. What do I do, Lance?”

“Don’t worry about it. It hasn’t been sent anywhere yet, and I’ll bet there’s a way we can delete it. And we could make a new one.”

“I don’t think my second time around will be any better,” Keith frowned.

“We’ll do it together,” Lance grinned. “We’ll call it ‘Get to Know the Two Bravest Paladins of Voltron!’ Razzle dazzle, right?”

“Yeah,” Keith chuckled. “Razzle dazzle.”

EW Gets to the Real Good Shit


The aspiring Sith let his last bit of light slip away when he drove his janky, handmade lightsaber into the heart of his father, Han Solo. But there was no victory for Kylo Ren as he sank into the abyss.

Instead, he was humiliated. By a scavenger girl, of all things.

“He’s definitely been knocked off base,” says The Last Jedi writer-director Rian Johnson says. “The defeat that he had at the end of The Force Awakens, but even bigger than that, his huge defining act which, spoiler alert, is the murder of his father… that’s the more interesting thing to dive into. How has hedealt with that in his head? Where is he at in terms of that act and what does that mean for him?”

Johnson said Ben Solo’s shift to darkness is symbolic of “the treacherous road through adolescence” that Star Wars often explores.

“Kylo represents kind of the rebellious anger that you feel during that period. Honestly, sometimes it’s a healthy desire to push away from the place that you know, from the things that you came from. But he obviously does it in an extreme that’s not healthy at all.”

He said Kylo and Rey are “two halves of the dark and the light.”

Among their shared interests: She is an expert pilot, and in this film well see him maneuvering his own starship, the TIE Silencer, which is a variation on his grandfather, Darth Vader’s old ship.


Yes. He’s back. In a way.

Kylo Ren’s murder of Han Solo also makes Rey’s contempt for him much more personal. He’s no longer just a random madman terrorizing the galaxy. Rey has a grudge: He stole from her the father-figure she’d been searching for her whole life.

“She just doesn’t understand Kylo,” Daisy Ridley says. “When all she wanted was parents, why would a person who has parents do that? It’s so beyond comprehension, it’s ridiculous. So she has grief for the loss and then there’s anger. To be honest, she couldn’t understand doing something like that – let alone to your parents.”

Although his character is no more, Han Solo’s legacy lives on.

“Han, the ghost of – well, not literally,” Johnson says, interrupting himself with a laugh. “I don’t want to misguide. I have to be very careful with my words here. But a figurative ghost of Han had to be present throughout this entire film.”


Part 13 of Lance Bonding w/ the Lions!!!!

Lance was on the verge of passing out. Him? The True Blue Paladin of Voltron? He was just a boy from Cuba! Lance felt Blue in his head, sending him reassurances. Lance then slowly felt Red, softly scolding him for his thoughts. He was special. Very special. Lance gently smiled and shook his head, still in disbelief. He turned his gaze to Allura.
“So, what does this even mean? I can talk to all of the Lions and hear them in my head?” Allura chuckled. “Not just that, Lance. Bonding with all the Lions gives you abilities to do so much more.”
“Such as…?”

Coran bounced forward in excitement, throwing an arm around Lance’s shoulder and with his other hand began to curl the end of his mustache in excitedly.
“Lance, there’s so much things you can do now! Along with talking and understanding all the Lions, you now are able to pilot them! Of course, that would be for emergencies only. Although you have bonded with them, they still love and cherish their chosen Paladins. And through your bond with the Lions, you can further understand the emotions of their pilots. When formed in Voltron, you will be able to sense the others emotions and thoughts. You become more connected with the team!”
Lance nodded his head, still disbelieving. “Th-that kinda makes sense. I started noticing that whenever we would form Voltron and fight a Galra fleet or whatever. I could feel so many emotions. I always just thought that it was me. I am a pretty emotional guy after all. I can understand that now, but Coran? I can pilot them? I-I could never-”
Coran patted his shoulder reassuringly.
“Lance my boy, there no need to fret. We all know that you would never try and take anyone’s place. The only reason why you would ever pilot the other Lions is that if there was an urgent emergency. Or if you and one of your teammates wanted to take a joyride.” He chuckled.
“So Lance could pilot Red? Even Black?” Keith sputtered.
Coran nodded his head. “Precisely!”

The team look at Lance in awe, who in return blushed and ducked his head, sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck. Allura smiled at them, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.
“But that isn’t the only thing that Lance is able to do. He has now unlocked an ability with Blue that is very precious and sacred.”
Pidge cocked her head, curious. “An ability? Like a hidden, secret ability? What is it?”
Allura clasped her hands together, excitement radiating from her.
“Lance can now communicate with the past Blue Paladins!”
The team whipped around, Lance chocking on his breath, sputtering.
“W-what?? How? Aren’t they all dead? Oh man, did I get like the Sixth Sense or some shit like that? I don’t have to perform a seance do I? Aliens I can do, but ghosts? Nu-uh count me out, I wish to live a long, exorcist-free life thank you.”
Allura gave him a pat on top of his head.
“Lance, I didn’t understand half of the words that came out of your mouth, but you won’t be contacting the dead. You see, every Lion holds the memories of their past Paladins. They are able to keep them alive to some extent. It works kind of like the astral plane. Lance can now enter Blue’s and be able to communicate with the past Blue Paladins, whether it be to ask for advice or just to talk about Blue.”
“That’s awesome!!” Pidge exclaimed, while Hunk murmured a quiet “That’s kinda creepy.” Lance brought his hands to the side of his head. “This is crazy. I’ve gone crazy, right? This is awesome. Crazy and freaky and unexpected, but awesome.”

Coran then approached and stood beside Allura, taking one of her hands and smiley gently at her.
“It is quite exciting, isn’t it? But that’s not the main reason why me and Allura are so ecstatic and hopeful.”
Shiro gently arched an eyebrow at them, leaning slightly forward. “What do you mean?”
Allura eyes shined as she gazed at Shiro. She then looked at her team, eyes ending on Lance. “You see, when a Lion chooses its True Paladin, it unlocks something within the team. It starts a chain reaction. When my people created the Lions, we created them in a way to where when one of the Lions chose their True pilot, the other Lions could then bond and find their True Paladin. We tried to create it to where if there was one True Paladin in the team, the other Paladins would be more able to become their respected Lions True Paladin. That way, Team Voltron would be at its peak. The ultimate power and defender in the universe. We always believed that a True Paladin would be Altean because we were the ones who created them, so we had given up hope. But now that Blue has chosen Lance, we now know that isn’t true. So, any species could be the True Paladin.”
Lance stared at her in wide disbelieving eyes along with the others. Keith slowly recovered. “So, what you mean is that since Lance became Blue’s True Paladin, he unlocked the potential for all of us to become our own Lions True Paladin?”
Coran danced in place excitedly.
“Precisely! But I warn you, it will be no easy task. It will be harder than ever to accomplish it. Your bond with your Lion must be unbreakable. You have to trust your Lion with all your being. And on top of that, you have to earn the trust and respect of your teammates’ Lions, just as Lance has done.”
Coran ended, smiling at Lance, eyes filled with pride. Hunk launched himself at Lance, scooping him up in a bear hug.
“Lance!! Dude, that is awesome! You’re awesome!! I’m so proud of my sweet precious blue child!!”
Shiro and Pidge laughed and Keith softly smiled at them while Lance chuckled and hugged him back. “Thanks buddy! But can you let me down now? I can’t breath and your starting to cry.”
Lance wheezed as Hunk sat him down with one final squeeze. After he regained his breath and tried to smooth out the wrinkles on the front of his shirt, he turned toward Allura.
“Princess, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to test out one of those abilities.”
He peered up at Blue, locking with her gaze and smiling.
“I’d like to talk to the past Blue Paladin.”

Im jumping on the lacelot bandwagon for a bit here but its more just lance centric.

So imagine lance meeting or perhaps getting kidnapped by lotor (obviously) and Lotor being nice to him and stuff, complimenting him, “Such a shame the others don’t realize the heart of the universe pilots the blue lion.” and just going on about how lance is special in one way or another. And at first Lance isnt stupid, he barks back things like “shut up, they know im special” or “i AM important to them.” etc. Even thougg he feels as if he’s lying a little in the back of his mind because he isnt sure if they even appreciate him. And so after countless times of arguing back Lotor decides to let Lance go but before he does he says “dont worry blue paladin, if you change your mind i will be here waiting for you to return so you dont have to live in their shadows anymore. I’ll make to give you all the love and appreciation you deserve when you arrive.” and that kind of makes lance think for a bit before he takes off to the castle ship.

Fast forward, he gets there and the first thing he hears is Keith yelling at him for disappearing in the midst of battle and a lecture from Shiro about why he needs to be more carful and alert. Hunk and pidge ask what happened to him. Lance is hurt that no one realized he was kidnapped after screaming into his mic for a minute or two before being silenced. Lance contemplates whether he should tell them about lotor but decides not to. He then gets called by allura who tells him to be more carful out in missions and that mistakes are crucial at the time and that he must try harder to be with the team. After that, he tries to help the team when they’re doing something. After another mission and another failed attempt to get his word into shiro, thay night he starts contemplating what Lotor had said to him before he was let go. After another few weeks of things as usual for him, his last straw was when Shiro told him to “stop being childish Lance, that plan might not work.” which was followed by silent stares. He ended up snapping at everyone. Which goes a bit like :

“Lance! dont talk to shiro that wa-”


“Woah okay dude chill ou-”


And with that he walks out. Later that night he waits till everyones asleep and sneaks out and leaves in Blue, at first he doesn’t know where he wants to go so he just flies aimlessly in space before he stops and opens a wormhole. Once on the other side he spots the galras ship and when he lands in it he is greated by Lotor. With tears in his eyes he looks up at lotor before looking back down and closing them before buring his face in lotors neck. Lotors only words are “Welcome back, Blue Paladin, lets get you all settled in.” before lifting him up and carrying him to his quarters.

After a week without lance Shiro and Allura send a tracking signal for blue and pick it up on lotors ship. They prepare for battle and on the others ship they pick up the signal and track how far they are from them and prepare for battle aswell. Lotor made sure lance had no knowledge of the tracking and battle.

Finally the castle ship arrives and to the paladins surprise when they break into the ship, they are greeted with an armored lotor and galra soldiers and Lance by lotors side, holding him close. As the battle goes on lance manages to help capture the paladins. Allura and Coran manage to escape but lotor knows that they will be back for the others eventually. After they are captured lotor tells his guards to throw lance in there with them. As lance screams “i trusted you! why?” and kicks, lotor just grabs him by his face while hes being retained and says “did you really think i was being serious? Clearly i was only after the capturing of Voltron and its paladins.” to a teary eyed lance before he is dragged away to the cellars. Once thrown in he and the team make immense for now as time is crucial. (They make sure to rebuild their friendship and bonding later on properly) and make a plan to escape. Since Lance has been there longer they ask him how to get out with their lions. After finding the lions and getting ready to escape they find themselves stuck as lotor finds out and tries to stop them. After battling with galra soldiers and lance managing to injure lotor, they manage to escape through a wormhole allura had opened after she recieved their coordinates.

Back at the castle they use lances knowledge of the ship to try and find a way to defeat lotor, and each apologize to lance privately for ignoring him and all the things they did. Especially Keith and Shiro. Allura and Coran included apologized to lance as well. Although it may not solve anything fast, lance is happy that they apologized to him. And with that he knows that they’ll be able to build a stronger bond with time.

Lance Week- Friends/Comfort

I’m combining yesterday’s and today’s prompts because I totally didn’t forget. Not at all. *smiles nervously*

Read the first part to this here.

Lance didn’t see the door of Blue’s hangar slide open.

He didn’t hear the footsteps as they approached, soft as they were.

And he barely felt the light nudging of his shoulder that ultimately ending up waking him; eyes blinking groggily as he lifted his head.


His mind was slow to register the voice, much less identify who it belonged to, but as Lance rubbed the sleep from his eyes, neck stiff from the position it had been in, he realized who it was that was standing before him.


And then it all came flooding back in.

“Keith, sorry,” he said hastily, ashamed he had been caught sleeping in such dire times. The last thing he wanted was for the red paladin to think he didn’t care about finding Shiro. He hadn’t meant to doze off at all in the first place, but after coming to the realization that both his families were broken, his hollowness had manifested into tears; draining him of any and all remaining energy, until he had passed out curled up on Blue’s paw.

He made to get down, but Keith stopped him by placing a hand gently on his lower calf, keeping him in place.

“No, it’s alright.” He sounds so defeated… “I was just-we were just,” he corrected, “wondering where you went.”

How long was I out for?

“Oh,” he said instead, noticing Keith had yet to move his hand. “Yeah, I just needed some time to think.”

Keith sighed heavily, staring down at the ground.

“Don’t we all.”

Lance could feel the pain in his words; knew that, of all of them, Keith knew Shiro the best, undoubtedly liked Shiro the best, and to lose him twice now was just a cruel joke.

But he’s not lost, just temporarily misplaced. We’ll find him.

But Lance couldn’t bring himself to say those words, and he doubted Keith would want to hear them anyways, having already been subjected to a multitude of reiterations of that very phrase.

Like he had said before, Keith was a man of action.

And then a thought occurred to him.

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Single Bed Part 2

Hey guys! So I will not be able to post any more of The Game this weekend, I am so sorry, I put all the blame on finals. As soon as I get it done, I will post it! Hopefully no later than next weekend. But a lot of you have been asking me to do more of Single Bed, so here’s another part! I hope you guys enjoy. Happy Sunday! 

Warnings: mission, injury, fluff, language, teeny weensy bit of angst

Summary: You and Bucky have to share a single bed on a mission and it prompts him to say what’s been on his mind for a while, pushing you to think about what he means to you.

Part 1

Originally posted by sithlordalice

After hearing Bucky’s confession and sharing your own secret, sleep hadn’t really been an option. Your mind was buzzing, trying to figure out how it could all go wrong, or maybe how it could all go right. You didn’t realize you wondered the night away until the sunrise started to peak through the curtains of the hotel room.

You picked your head up to look over Bucky’s body at the clock on the night stand. 5AM. There was no point in going to sleep now, the jet was going to take you home in a couple hours. 

You sighed and fell back to your side of the bed and stared at the ceiling. You played with the tag on the corner of the comforter, twisting and pulling it with your fingers. You knew that with the way the universe was treating you right now, Bucky would wake up the second you looked over at him and wonder why the hell you were watching him sleep. But you could only fight that urge for so long.

You shifted your eyes his way, like if your head didn’t move, no one could prove you were actually looking at him. You sighed, feeling completely ridiculous, and turned on your side to face him. When you did, you felt your heart leap into your throat. 

He looked peaceful, almost untouched. You were surprised he even trusted the world enough to fall asleep in it anymore. Looking at his closed eyes, you suddenly missed the blue, almost wishing he would wake up and look at you.

He was lying on his back, the arm closest to you held up behind his head, and the other one resting on his stomach. It was like he was unconsciously inviting you to move over a couple inches and lay your head on his shoulder and rest your hand on his chest.

Before that urge also became too strong, you slid out from under the covers and grabbed your suit to change into. You tried to think of anything else while you changed, and threw your hair into its usual pony tail. It reminded you of what Bucky had said last night and you decided to cancel the appointment you had made to get your hair cut next week.

While you made breakfast, you listed groceries in your head and reminded yourself you had laundry to do, and decided what to get the whole team for Christmas next year. Anything to keep your mind off Bucky. 

You set a stool next to the window and counted the cars passing by as you ate the eggs you made. Thirty-six, thirty-seven…

“You’re up early.” His voice was rough and low, tempting you to throw yourself out the window so you could continue counting the cars from there. 

“Yeah, I got hungry,” you lied. “Those are for you,” you said pointing to the plate of eggs on the counter with your fork, while you watched him pull his green sweatshirt over his head. 

“Thank you,” he said, sinking a fork into them and taking a bite. “They’re really good,” he said. You didn’t miss his eyes briefly widen a bit in surprise. 

“Thanks. I know that’s how you like ‘em.”

“Hm?” he let out with a cocked brow while he scarfed the food.

“I am your partner, there are certain things I should know. You’re weak on your left, you throw a good hook, you prefer a 22 if you even use it, you like your eggs over easy.”

He chuckled as he took your empty plate from you and started washing the dishes in the sink. “So, I’m weak on my left?”

Your grin was so wide it almost split your face. That was the closest he had ever come to making a joke. “Despite the metal, yeah.”

You saw him shake his head and hide a smirk. He turned off the sink and spun to lean on the counter. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Not just for breakfast. You’re a good partner, (Y/N).” He eyes studied the floor and his long hair fell into his face. He quickly pushed it behind his ear and you noticed the gash on his cheek was gone.

“Jesus, you heal so fast.” 

Before he could lift his eyes and question, you were inches away from him with your fingers tracing over his skin where a scar should be. He watched you study him with awe. He wasn’t used to anyone being this close to him, especially you.

“Is that why you did it? Because you would heal faster than me?” Your eyes met his as you spoke. When he didn’t answer, you continued. “I know you took that bullet for me. You shouldn’t have. I can take care of myself,” you said turning away from him and pushing the stool by the window back into its place at the table.

“We’re partners, we take care of each other.”

“No.” Frustration started to bubble in your chest like a shaken bottle of soda, and your voice was rising, along with your temper. “You take care of yourself first. You have my back if I need it.” 

“You needed it.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“(Y/N), that bullet would’ve gone right through you. It would’ve killed you.”

“It could’ve killed you!”

“Hey.” As always, his voice was steady, which infuriated you even more before you tuned into what he was saying. “Calm down, take a breath, (Y/N), it’s okay.” His eyes were suddenly soft, and his brow full of concern. You looked down at your comparatively small hands violently shaking in his, and watched them become a blur with unshed tears.  

“But you-you could’ve-”

“Shhh, don’t think that way. Everything’s fine.” He encased you in a hug, like a shield from the outside world. You wrapped your arms around his waist, depending on him to hold you up. 

“Bucky, I-”

“I know. Listen, you’re overtired and stressed about the plane. We’ll be home in a couple hours, okay? Just sit here, and I’ll go give our bags to the pilot.” He placed you on the bed like a rag doll and fished his suit out of his bag. “I’m gonna go change.”

“Bucky, can you just-”

“Yeah. I’ll sit with you.” he said, sitting next to you and pulling you to him while he ran his fingers through your ponytail. 

Sure, you knew how he liked his eggs cooked, but Bucky could just about read your mind. He never missed a thing.

Final Part


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smother (slight langst)

In which, in the end, Lance will always choose someone over himself.


A strained smile on his face, Lance lets out a low laugh, the small sound echoing around the dimly lit chambers of the lion. It was quiet, too quiet, with only the sound of his breathing and the fizzing of his teammates’ holograms filling the air.

From his seat in a badly beaten Blue, he can see Shiro’s dark eyes wide with sheer disbelief, pale lips repeating, how, how, how, over and over again as if it’s the only word he knows how to say. Hunk, to the right of their leader’s screen, pants desperately, blood and vomit dribbling down his chin. Dazed and confused with no comprehension that they had gotten beat. Badly. Pidge’s connection is fuzzy and laggy, tears staining their cheeks as they dive deep into their console, scrambling for a fix between red and blue wires.

And Keith. A black, blank screen, nothing from his lion, the lion that was drifting in the middle of space: offline and down for the count. Lance urges Blue on, to close the gap of space between her and Red so they both can find out just what happened to the pilot inside.

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His Girl

Originally posted by morefabthanfab

You strolled into the dimly lighted bar, just back from a quick recon mission for the General. Fairly easy, you were back in one piece. Success. 

You smiled at the off duty pilot behind the bar and ordered a drink before settling on a stool. You stretched out your arms to the side and let out a deep breath. It felt good to  be relaxing, even if it was just for a night.

“Thanks, Marcus.” You winked at the bar keep before taking a sip of the drink he handed off to you.

“Good flight, today?”

“You bet, the General was happy. When’s your next mission?”

Marcus leaned his elbows on the counter, “Tomorrow. Dameron’s taking a few of us with him.”

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A Grand Scheme For Love Possibly Ruined By The Asshole K-2SO

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,954

Summary: A little droid tells you (well, you bribed him) that Cassian has a crush on you. You have just the plan to get Cassian to tell you straight up. 

Prompt: “ Where the reader tries to make cassian jealous by accepting a date right in front of him. So that cassian could admit his feelings or something like that.”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope, @can-t-figure-it-out

Author’s notes: Yeah, I feel like the title is a Bit misleading but in fairness this is one of my “quirkier” fics. It’s a bit silly and over the top but like! You’ll have a good time. I’m terrible @ wrting about jealousy bc i feel like it aint healthy pero…im also jealous at times? im a hippocrates. Created a minor OMC, too. I used a Star Wars name generator to come up w/ his name lmaoo

You always had a seeping suspicion that a certain captain had a crush on you.

Captain Cassian Andor. The intelligence officer and one of the best pilots on base has a crush on you.

Asking him directly would lead him to flat out deny your claim. That’s when you decide to approach what seems like one of his only friends on base, his droid, K-2SO.

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Questions NEVER Explained in Samurai Jack Season Five.

1. Why did it take only 1 day for all of the side characters to find Aku’s lair when Jack couldn’t find it in fifty years?

2. Why didn’t Jack go and find Aku’s lair and kill him in the first place and then find a time portal?

3.Who was the shadowed lady creature and why was she important in episode six?

4. Why do Jack’s parents look young when they looked old and worn down in the first episode?

5. Why did the Spartan King look young when he looked old and sickly in season 2 episode 12?

6. Why did Ashi take so long to fade out of existence?

7. Why was the Scotsman and his daughters glanced over when he was the most important ally and friend to Jack before Ashi?

8. What happened to the wolf?

9. Why didn’t the High Priestess tell her daughters or Aku who their true father was?

10. Why can’t Jack jump good anymore?

11. Who was the High Priestess

12. Why didn’t Jack try to get his sword in the past if it was easy to just get a giant bird to fly down, get help from one of his friends or even jump good?

13. If Ashi easily survived the fall over a hundred feet in the air from the tree trunk, why didn’t her other sister who was just tossed over the side by Jack?

14. Is Ashi gone forever or did she go somewhere else?

15. Can Jack age again or is he still ageless?

16. Where’s the cricket girl?

17. If it was that easy to just kill Aku rather than entrap him, why did Jack’s father trap Aku in a tree rather than just kill him?

18. Is Aku really dead or just in the pit of hate?

19. Why didn’t the High Priestess just tell Aku of her plan and include him in currupting the Daughters of Aku to kill Jack in the first place?

20. Why didn’t Aku keep spying on Jack?

21. How could Aku not know that Jack lost his sword if he kept close ties with his minions and could spy on Jack whenever he wanted?

22. Why was Jack wearing a loin cloth in episode six when he wore pants in episode five?

23. Why was the finale only 25 minutes long instead of an hour long or split into two parts like the pilot episode?

24. How does Jack remember Ashi and the future if it never happened because he killed Aku in the past?

25. Will Jack ever get Ashi back in some way?

26. How could Jack get back to the past with Ashi’s help if she never even existed after he killed Aku before she was even born? Wouldn’t that mean he didn’t really get back at all?

27. Why didn’t the Daughters of Aku have any powers if they’re really his daughters?

28. Are there two versions of Jack now since Aku was killed in the past and now there’s a new future without Aku? If that’s the case, what happens to the second version of Jack who was sent into the new future?

29. What happened to the Guardian? Why didn’t he get a flashback in the season? 

30. Did the future really change into a new reality or did it just become an alternate reality? Can Jack travel between the two realities? Are there two versions of Jack living in both realities or just one?

31. Can Aku come back like last time?

32. If the future characters would never exist when Jack got back to the past, why would he sometimes give up his chance to go back just to save people who won’t even be born at all?

33. If the people who were loyal to Jack and learned from Ashi that he might be in danger, why didn’t they go out looking for him too?

34. Did Ashi send the ladybug to Jack

35. Why were six of the seven daughters of Aku easily killed off by Jack in less than a day in their second fight when Ashi slaughtered an entire army with thousands of soldiers and her own mother in that same time pattern alone?

36. Why didn’t the Scotsman look for Jack to attack Aku’s lair in the first place instead of taking Aku on with an inadequate army?

37. Why did the wolf help Jack?

38. Is Jack still crazy?

39. Was the High Priestess really human?

40. Did Jack hallucinate the whole battle and going back home?

If you have any questions to add to this list, please be my guest. If you can answer any of these questions, good luck with that. If  you do answer these questions, then you must have worked on the show somehow and you have a lot of explaining to do for the bitch slap you left on my face with the last episode and for not answering these questions in the show in the first place.

At the very least

Written for @shancefluffweek day 1!

Also on ao3!

1,268 Words

Team Voltron had just finished another training session, Coran praising them from the booth for their performance before sending them all off to the showers.

Keith and Shiro went to stand over Hunk, Lance, and Pidge, who had all collapsed in a celebratory dog-pile on Hunk after he took out the last gladiator with a shot from his bayard.

“Alright everyone, up and hit the showers,” Shiro said, trying to keep a chuckle out of his voice. Keith rolled his eyes at the others but leaned in to help them disentangle themselves.

Pidge rolled off of the two boys and onto the floor, and Keith helped her up. Shiro went over and offered Lance a hand as he slid off of Hunk’s stomach and rolled onto the floor.

“Thanks, Shiro,” he said as he took the older paladin’s hand. But, as Shiro pulled Lance to his feet, he noticed that Lance’s movements seemed ginger.

“You alright, Lance?” Shiro asked, placing a hand on the other boy’s shoulder?

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Concise thoughts on season 3!

Spoilers ahead, obviously lol…


  • I actually really liked that it was only 7 episodes?? Like for me it was the perfect length and they didn’t rush or waste time. The timeline and scenarios and etc seemed balanced almost?? Anyways,,
  • Allura being so passionate about piloting a lion was perfect
  • Also her pink paladin armor like yes
  • Lance and Blue,,, like I didn’t think I could get more emo tbh I almost cried
  • I actually liked the way they handled the black paladin Keith situation bc they kept him as this impulsive pilot who had to make a few mistakes before realizing the responsibility of his place (if that makes sense?? Like I was annoyed with his decisions until Lance was like “bro wtf chill out and lets fix this” you know??)
  • Like they had no fat jokes that I can recall and they still kept his food love there but less blatantly than season two,, and I’m just,,, my son is so smart and he actually got to show that off bless
  • All the soft Klance moments,, and they actually had decent – but minimal – development that was really well done!! A tiny bit of their rivalry was still there but they both seemed more mature with each other
  • Every time Pidge’s glasses are shown reflecting the light of a screen 10 years are added to my life
  • There wasn’t enough Coran tbh
  • Shiro? More like aN IMPOSTER WHO TF DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS?? I don’t trust him.
  • EZOR IS JUST TOO MUCH I LOVE HER (futch gay btw)
  • I want them all to kick my ass
  • ,,,,,,,,I actually don’t hate Lotor??? Like okay,, what I mean is… he’s actually a really good villain
  • Sven was too much lol I can’t take him seriously
  • The last episode was amazing!! Learning about the history of Voltron and the lions?? And the og paladins?? And Zarkon and Haggar??
  • First off the og green paladin Trigel is my mother I love her she’s my fave
  • And I’m lowkey in love with young Alfor lol BYE
  • And lastly,,,
A Blue Prince To Own, Chapter 5

The mission was filled with mostly tense silence, guaranteed by Keith’s trying to burn a hole in the side of my head and Shiro’s set jaw. I just couldn’t stop grinning. I finally talked back to Shiro, finally said what was on my mind, might have royally screwed up whatever mutual understanding I had with either of them, but that apathy hasn’t gone away just yet. I just don’t care. They didn’t care about me. This is just a classic tale of what goes around comes around.

I just… feel proud of myself. Would Lotor be proud? Or would he frown at the awful things I’ve said? If he loves me like he claims, he’ll support my newfound sass. There’s no weight on my chest when we land on the planet, which is pretty standard. The aliens there are a species called the Devorah, awkwardly long armed with glossy, pupil less purple eyes, a variety of candy colored flesh, no hair, and an apparent interest in cosmetics. They were kind of… ethereal. Anyway, that’s besides the point, half of them carried around little fur balls with eyes, and they’re being abducted left and right.

Fast forward like four hours, it’s a group of radical scientists on a neighboring planet kidnapping them for research because they’re biology is pretty similar to the Devorah and there’s some sickness on that planet, I don’t know, everyone just told me to stay out of the way. It passes in a blur and all I can really remember is blowing up a research facility and commenting on how the reason they’re all getting sick is because they’re throwing their raw shit in a river that connects to the one they get their drinking water from.

The Devorah thank us by treating us to a party. And goddamn if these aliens don’t know how to throw a freaking rave. The substance that gets them drunk doesn’t do much for humans, but it does for Keith apparently, because he’s partying hard and Shiro’s just trying to keep him from committing a felony or something. Once Pidge has started to hit it off with some Devorah chick with lots of jewelry, Hunk flees and asks me what the hell I was thinking back at the castle.

“I’m tired of people treating me like shit, man.“ I explain, downing a bubble gum flavored… liquid? It’s thick. It gives me hiccups. “Like, I, hiccup, can’t be the only one who knows that Keith lowkey starts, hiccup, ninety percent of our ‘disagreements’. And that Shiro babies him and, hiccup, and blames me!”

Hunk straightens his headband and pulls a blue cherry thing out of his drink, pops it in his mouth. “Hey, I know, Keith is my teammate and the best pilot I know, but he’s kind of a dick, specifically to you. And Shiro does have a serious bias, but you can’t just… you didn’t really… it’s - ”

“What, I wasn’t supposed, hiccup, to tell him he’s being a crappy leader? Sure, I went about it a little, hiccup, strong, but no one else was gonna, hiccup, say it.”

“Lance, you made several implications to them being in sexual relationship, and generally told the truth in the worst version possible.” He takes a gulp of his green, translucent drink, then places the pink crackle glass down heavily. “It’s about censorship and sugar coating it, Lance. There’s a difference between saying ‘Excuse me’ and ‘Get the fuck out of my way’, you’re so honest and genuine, but you just do that in the rudest way. Don’t get me wrong, it needed to be said, but that was the unfiltered truth. Nobody wants the unfiltered truth, Lance!” Hunk’s always so anxious, just talking about earlier’s situation has him looking panicked.

“Well, I’m… You know, it’s not just them treating me like shit, you know, hiccup, that right?” I look him in the eye. I’m not leaving with this unresolved, not with Hunk after he’s been a loyal friend for years before all of this Voltron stuff. “It’s you, it’s Pidge, it’s Allura, it’s even, hiccup, Coran. You don’t listen to me, ever. And I know it’s not just me over exaggerating. I get that I, hiccup, talk a lot, but every once in a while, I’m expecting people to listen. You all act so high and, hiccup, mighty, like you’re too busy for me. I’m sick of all of it. And you all have pushed me too far to care whose feelings I’m hurting. I love you, Hunk, hiccup, you’re my best friend, but you’re just as guilty as them.”

His brown, doe eyes are soft and sad. Is that what my eyes looked like? “Buddy… I know everyone’s kind of been… n- neglecting you, but ever since Matt and Shiro got back, it’s been so hectic. And Matt, he’s actually a really good cook, we have a lot of fun in the kitchen, I don’t know it’s just hard to pay attention to you too. It sounds awful when I say it out loud.“

“Well, gee, here’s a thought, what you just said? Kind of is awful. You literally just said you can’t pay your best friend five freaking minutes of your time because you met someone a month ago. We’ve known each other for eight years.” My hiccups have gone away. I knew Slav was right because Hunk and I cooked together, except I would just hand him stuff and taste test. Now I’m useless even to him. I wish I could get drunk off of my bubble gum liquid. “Maybe I’d feel more inclined to tell you all the cold, hard truth if I felt any of you actually cared. It’s been all cold shoulders and that sucks, Hunk. It’s making me hate living in space.”

He knows I don’t use hate lightly. There are few things I admit to hating, myself, pineapple on pizza, politics. He knows I’m all smiles even when I’m falling apart inside, but Hunk’s too nervous of a guy to stick around when the goings get tough. He apologizes briefly and searches for Pidge to cling to. Ha. Go figure. Maybe he’s scared of the way the truth hurts.

Anyway, I’m a party guy, but it doesn’t feel very appropriate and there’s no alcohol so I settle for chatting with the bartender (Devorah are androgynous as hell, so I can’t tell if they’re a boy or a girl) and trying more colorful drinks. I score when I get a purple cotton candy liquid and blue raspberry. It’s not unpleasant, but I wish I was with Lotor nonetheless. The strobe lights are giving me a headache. It’s bad that I’m looking forward to going back to the ship, talking to Keith and Shiro, and going back to Blue so I can plot my leave. But, I’ve been bad as of late, so I guess that’s characteristic now.

I’m tired, so I go back to Blue and take my nap in her cockpit until the party revs down to it’s end. Once the lions are all loaded up, I’m called to Shiro’s room. Not Keith, of course, just me, or at least it’s just Shiro and I once I arrive at his sleeping quarters, as Allura refers to them.

He doesn’t look outraged like from earlier. He looks disappointed. He doesn’t say anything to me for a solid minute, so I cross my arms impatiently across my chest and sit down on a levitating chair placed beneath an equally futuristic looking desk and pout. I’m probably being childish, but I have a right to be.

Then, surprise surprise, Keith pops in. I’m not always the late one. The red Paladin huffs and sits on the desk directly beside me. We don’t spare each other a glance as Shiro stands before us, gaze shifting from me to him.

“Lance.” He addresses, mirroring my pose, probably in an attempt to intimidate me, but as previously stated, I’m done being bitched around. Even by our leader. “The discussion from earlier - ”

Remembering Hunk’s words at the Devorah party, I can’t help but blurt out, “I’ll sugarcoat it next time!” With genuine intentions. He frowns. I wasn’t even trying to be a dick that time. “But, you have to know that you obviously value Keith over everyone else?”

“As leader of Voltron, I value you all equally.” His eyes soften from reprimanding to sympathetic. “Unfortunately, I have begun to treat you a little… unfairly due to Slav’s predictions.”

I didn’t. That hurt. I thought it was just because Keith’s like family to him. It’s really because he thinks I won’t be apart of the team for long? Is this why everyone’s been ignoring me? My heart rate quickens as the dreadful realization settles in. They didn’t fucking care about me in the first place. As soon as I begin to slip out of myself, as soon as I begin to not fit the ideals of a Paladin, they just… pretend I don’t exist. I disappear. I don’t want to disappear, I just want to be happy, just want to be a good Paladin -

No. I’ve spent too long trying to please everyone, thinking I was the root of the problem. Thinking the blame would all collapse on me because I was never good enough for the people I just wanted to praise me or think of me as an equal, the people I just wanted to be close with, but it was all an illusion of my insecurities, a misperception of the situation, one of the thousands of times I’ve gotten something completely freaking wrong. It was them who stopped caring upon their own accords, their own doubt of my abilities, now let’s see how they’ll fair without me in their orbit at all. Let’s see how they fair when I’m cherished by another.

The tears don’t fall; I blink them away. I am not weak today. “You’ll see.” I say simply, looking down at my lap with an eery grin spread across my face. “You’ll see how this team crumbles without me. You think Matt can earn her trust? You think Matt can ever replace me? He’s not a Paladin. He’d be better off captive.”

Shiro snaps. Composure crumbling. “Don’t you say that!” He barks, muscles all taut. “You - You have no idea - ”

“Shiro, he’s just trying to set you off.” Keith interrupts, standing to put a hand on the leader’s shoulder. He loosens immediately and my eyebrows climb cartoonishly high. Oh, maybe that’s why Keith hasn’t tugged me into his room. Why they both got so red when I mentioned my little theory.

“No, I’m being honest.” I explain standing up and stretching my arms above my head. I start a leisure pace to the door. “You all believe in him now more than you’ve ever believed in me now. He wants Blue? He can be my guest. Just know, whatever it is I’m providing to Voltron, it can’t be replicated and you will all fail without me.”

They’re staring incredulously at me when I peak over my shoulder. Good. They’re just as surprised as I am at this new attitude I’ve adopted. A smile slinks onto my mouth. “I enjoyed the talk. Keith, it was nice being your fuck buddy for a while, but I guess that holes been filled by your new slut now.”

I didn’t see it coming. Keith’s aggressive, but physical altercations have hardly ever been our game, we spit venom. We both know I’ll never fair against him. We both know however flexible I may be, strength will snap me in half and distance is the only way I can ever have a chance at the upper hand. However, I guess times are changing to fast for me to grasp and physical altercations are our thing in this new scheme because there’s a fist curling around my jacket hood, yanking me around and before I can see anything other than a flash of black hair and purple eyes, Keith’s fist slams into my eye socket. I don’t register the pain right away. In fact, immediately after, it’s just black and the sound of a heartbeat before I blink myself back to reality. I’m staring at the ceiling with one eye, reach my hand up to pull away what’s blocking the vision of my other eye, only to pull my fingers back like I’d touched a hot stove.

Then the fist finally connects and the awful pain settles in, its swollen shut, warm and throbbing. He punches me again in the mouth and I shred the pink fleshy undersides of my lips against my teeth. And there’s a last kick to my ribcage, Keith disappears from my tunnel vision and I curl up and cough, blood rushing past by ears. Keith truly doesn’t need me anymore. Did he ever need me when he had Shiro? And Hunk. He admits it, he has Matt and Pidge. Allura, we were closer than ever just recently, but for naught. Coran, he’s a man who clings to his duty, and a great figure of authority. I’ll miss him, but he doesn’t need me. I’ll miss them all, but they don’t need me. This team, I’m not apart of it and maybe I never was. Shiro has his team and I will never be in it.

So, yeah. I’m done here. There’s words, but they’re all muffled and as irrelevant as me being here is, when I pick myself up off the floor because hey, my mom said littering is bad. I drag myself with my hazy, spinning head and my black eye to Blue’s cockpit and am tempted to take a nap, but no. I tell her to connect me to him, and she wants to argue so badly, I can feel it in my brain like an itch, but she knows I am toxic to myself when exposed to so many opportunities to drown in an endless ocean of self hate and sadness. She knows better than anyone that even if this isn’t the right decision, it’s one that will either succeed or fail and either way, I won’t come out of it the miserable stain on the human race I was before. To me, anything is better than being so unwanted here.

There’s only one person who needs me anymore.

Chapter 6, Part 1: https://langst-mccpain.tumblr.com/post/163383722215/a-blue-prince-to-own-chapter-6-part-1


Okay, I need to first talk to you about the Altean Royal Family for you to understand my crazy conspiracy, in the flashback of the creation of the Black Lion we see King Alfor has yellow in his clothes yet none of the other alteans do, although we can see the possibility of them all being scientists and the scientists having a uniform, we can still see my point of yellow being seen as a Royal colour.

We also see that both Allura and Coran have yellow in their clothing, and so we see that it is a colour of Royalty on Altea.

Now we also see in Allura’s memories of her father and the flashback for the creation of the Black Lion, that Alfor had three distinctly different sets of clothes, my stipulation is that the first

seems to be fitting of a Prince, and it is similar but not the same as his second set

as this set has two distinctions from the previous one, the first being the belt which now has the Royal symbol on it (how do you now that that is the Royal symbol I hear you cry, because in his next set of clothes the ARMOUR, the same symbol appears, it is the small connection for his cape. The fact that he has it when we know he is a King in his armour but not during the creation of the Black Lion stipulates that he is a King in this memory, also he has Allura.

HOWEVER if this shows that this is what a King should wear on Altea, so if that were true why would he switch to the armour, it clearly isn’t necessary for a King to wear a set of armour.


First the ARM. The arm has almost the exact same design that Hunk and his team have, save for the elbow section where in this armour it is white, the design is the same and the yellow wristband is the same.

Secondly the COLLAR.(and the royal symbol I told you about) It is very similar to what our paladins wear now.

Third and final of King Alfor’s Armour is the chest plate, the sections are extremely similar, slightly more actual armour in design, but if the gaps between the three plates weren’t there it would be even more obvious.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!! When King Alfor is seen as a hologram, as his stored memory inside the castle, he is shown in ONLY varying shades of blue.

YET when he dies (again) the hologram starts splitting, and cracks start to form, these cracks are in…..

YELLOW LIGHT!! (cue gasp)

NOW to finish off, we need to remember that Alfor and Zarkon created the Black Lion, and so they probably created the other lions too, (and striking the similarities between Zarkon’s paladin armour and Alfor’s paladin armour, which was probably done by Alfor on purpose) the Yellow Lion could be seen as a representation of Altea or the Altean Royalty, created by Alfor and piloted by Alfor.

Now this also gives way to my second theory that each lion was first made to represent a planet. But forget that for now.

When you think about it Alfor was part in creating VOLTRON, and so he could have been the first Yellow Paladin. The armour that Shiro, Keith, Pidge, Lance and HUNK wear would have been based off of his Paladin Armour.

The Yellow Lion might be Yellow, because, the Royal family is seen as everything the Yellow Lion is and so the colour was given on purpose, and when Allura talks about the Yellow Lion in the first episode she seems to be passionate about who would pilot it, and she talks a more on the Yellow Lion than the rest. She says “The Yellow Lion is caring and kind, its pilot is one who puts the needs of others above his own, his heart must be mighty, as the leg of Voltron you will lift the team up, and hold them together.” Now is it just me or does that seem like someone who has known a Yellow Paladin, who cares for the memory of the Yellow Paladin, like someone who was told the same things about being the Princess of a planet, these things apply to royalty and were probably what Alfor told Allura to be.

Also we know that Alfor was a Paladin when Coran says “Finally, Alfor, I will walk in your footsteps.” when he tries to pilot the red lion. So we are really just deciding which Lion is was Alfor’s. So we know he created them, we know he was a pilot, are there any arguments for the other three Lions.

Basically I’m saying Alfor created the Yellow Lion as a symbol of Altea and what he thinks a King should be, and he piloted the Yellow Lion so other Yellow Paladins have to be at his standard. And Hunk deserves so much more, as he was given the place the previous King held by the King’s daughter. And Hunk is as nice as King Alfor and would make an excellent ruler.



Anon asked: Heyy if you are down for Poe (and not one of those writers who is totally sick of him) can I get a reader x Poe fight based off the thing Leia said where Poe’s commitment to the resistance is absolute, she just wonders what it will cost him? And Poe leaves to go on a mission with them still not talking…but he comes back and finds reader in his room curled up in a ball wearing one of his shirts and he just becomes a cuddle ball of sappiness? No smut just fluff. Thank you dear for considering :)

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Anon, don’t worry, I am utter trash for Poe. ;D)

Plot Summary: You and Poe have an argument in which he disregards his own safety and personal life for the sake of his commitment to the resistance. After an ambush from First Order troops, he realizes just why you were so angry for the first place. But will you forgive him? 

Warning: Light Swearing

Originally posted by jedipilotstorm

“Y/N, please…” Poe reached out to touch you, but you would not have any of it.

“No, Poe! This is too dangerous! You’re flying directly into the First Order just for a supply run!” You cried out, yanking your body away from his touch.

“You know very well that we both chose to commit ourselves to the Resistance! This is just another mission, what are you freaking out about?” Poe backed up, crossing his arms, emotions bubbling up.

“I know that, but you have people who care about you here! This is way too dangerous! Even Communications are wary about this run!” You yelled, tears practically stinging at your face.

Poe opened his mouth to speak, but his comlink buzzed to life.

“Poe, its almost time to set off, get to the hangar.” Snap’s voice sizzled over the speaker, and you looked down, avoiding his gaze.

“Y/N, I…”

“No. You know what, just go. The resistance is always top priority.” You spat out, turning away to hide your face as the first tears slid down your cheeks.

He reached out his hand to touch you, but shook his head, turning and leaving the room.

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angelofgrace96  asked:

Are you sad black paladin Lance is Confirmed not happening?

for a while i was convinced it would have a chance at happening but tbh im equally happy with red paladin lance because he’s finally going to get that character development we all have been waiting for and like even kf he doesnt pilot black its fine i can still write fanfiction about him doing it and have my own take on the concept and i have a lot of stuff planned for hgapfy so honestly im just really hyped. it would have been cool to see him pilot black but YOU KNOW FUCKING WHAT RED IS THE HARDEST LION TO PILOT AND IS LANCE’S POLAR OPPOSITE ELEMENT AND LANCE WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO OVERCOME A LOT OF HIS INSECURITIES SURROUNDING KEITH AND HIS PLACE ON THE TEAM AND THATS THE KIND OF SHIT I WANNA SEE ANYWAY SO IM REALLY EXCITED AND I THINK LANCE WILL BE OKAY I MEAN LOOK AT HOW THRILLED HE IS TO PILOT RED HE DOESNT SEEM TO BE UPSET AT ALL HES GRINNING ALL EXCITEDLY AND SHIT HE’S PROBABLY THINKING THAT ITS SUPER COOL HE’S GETTING TO PILOT THE MOST HARDEST LION TO MASTER AND IT SHOWS THAT RED TRUSTS HIM ENOUGH TO PILOT HER SO YEAH ANYWAY IM RAMBLING BUT IM JUST REALLY HYPED LMAO