he just kind of laid there

Newt Scamander dating a disabled reader would include…

A/N: The (shy) reader in this preference is in a wheelchair. This was an anon request and I dearly hope that you will enjoy it, sweetheart!

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it’s too bad that the fact that harry is quite literally the jesus christ of the wizarding world really damages his ability to follow his promising career as a professional seeker. viktor krum, best seeker in the world, genuinely compliments harry on how well he flies and harry starts to have an intelligent conversation with him about their techniques… ludo bagman ANOTHER professional athlete IMMEDIATELY comments upon harry’s incredible flying ability like… auror who???? like, relax. take a few years off and just go be the best seeker alive, why not? you are literally going to become minister of magic anyway at some point and you are literally swimming in ancestral peverell gold… go. go be a seeker. have a gay experience. travel the world in a kind-spirited and incredibly laid back environment. you’ll still have a lot of adventures but you might just be stoned for half of them. you’ve seen death harry. it’s time

CAN YOU GUYS IMAGINE THO jace comes to the kitchen for breakfast and magnus and Alec are already sitting there taking jace looks at Alec like “dude how are you here already it’s barely 7 and you’re still wearing the same clothes from last- ooooh”

Alec blushes so bad that he has to hide his face in his coffee mug and magnus is just looking so proud while jace kind of had a mini freak out that his big brother finally got laid. He like, slaps Alec on the back.

“Good on you man”
And Alec almost dies choking in his drink

sazzygirl  asked:

Hey could I request RFA (plus Saeran) reacting to MC wearing only a shirt and undies to bed? If not that's fine! (I love your head cannon's btw👌)

Thank you! That means a lot (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I really hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • When he saw you…His jaw dropped.
  • Omg…The room is so, so hot right now!
  • He’s just looking at you…Having already that kind of thoughts.
  • You’re just there, laid on the bed, without the blankets on, reading a book.
  • He’s just looking at your whole body…And when you look at him, he’s just so red!
  • After that he lies on the bed while you continue to read now, he feels a little bulge in his pants…
  • This is just too embarrassing…
  • He’ll put the blankets on, even if he’s almost melting! And he’ll try to not look at you!
  • When you’re tired, you just hug them and sleep, Yoosung is looking at the ceiling, he can’t sleep!
  • Now he’ll have insomnia, great!
  • He’ll be like that for days and days until he can’t take it anymore and he’ll kiss you.
  • And you’ll feel the desperation on his kiss, and after that, he’ll explain all to you.
  • You laugh, this is just too funny “Do you want me to put something else?”
  • He doesn’t know the answer to this…But he knows that he wants to see you like that again…It’s not bad
  • He’s red again.
  • “….N-No…”
  • “Ok, so let’s stop with this talk and let’s sleep” You laugh.
  • Yoosung eyes are full of desperation when he heard this and he kisses you again, after some time just making out he looks at you “Please…Not another day of torture…Just, please…Help me today…”


  • When you got out of the bathroom, he was waiting so he can brush his teeth.
  • He froze, and you just smile walking to the bed.
  • And he’s seeing you…He’s checking on you…
  • Omg, why he did that?!
  • Now things are worse!
  • His plans change, he’ll take a bath!
  • He enters the bathroom and locks the door, he brushes his teeth, but after that, he takes a bath.
  • A very cold bath.
  • So he can control this beast!
  • Now everything seems fine! He’s relieved that this worked.
  • But when he got out of the bathroom, he sees you, lying on the bed…
  • He’s hot again.
  • This can’t be happening!
  • He’s biting his lips, with lustful thoughts that only are making him worse!
  • When you looked at him and smile “Are you coming?” He almost screams!
  • “…MC…Please…Put something else…This is too tempting for the beast…”
  • If you keep that, the beast will not hold back.
  • if you change, the beast will be sad, but will be caged.
  • You choose.
  • He’s wishing that you choose the first option.


  • When you told her what you were going to use to sleep this night.
  • She just nods.
  • It’s not weird for her, this is ok.
  • You can use anything if you want to MC.
  • Not a big deal.
  • This was before she saw you with that.
  • O-M-G.
  • How do you have such effect on her? How are you so pretty in this?
  • Oh god, she’s staring at your thighs, did you notice that? Oh god, she’s blushing too.
  • Now you’re just beside her, lying like nothing is happening, oh god, the temptation is beside her.
  • She’ll pray that she can keep her control, but she’ll cuddle with you that night.
  • She just needs to touch you.
  • But in the next day, she’ll ask you to not use that anymore, and she’ll not give details about it…
  • She would want some pictures of you like that so she can keep that on her phone? Sure…!
  • But if she sees you again like that… She wouldn’t keep her control.


  • Jumin desires you even when you’re with a big coat.
  • He just has a lot of emotions going on, of course, he tries to maintain his composure.
  • He doesn’t want to seem like a perverted or something like that.
  • You’re just beautiful and perfect for him.
  • So when he saw you with just that to sleep, he bites his lips.
  • Thinking.
  • Should he lose the control? Are that clothes for provoking him? Or is just clothing?
  • So many questions…
  • But not a single answer.
  • He sits beside you in bed “Is this your “pajama” honey?“
  • You look at him, he’s checking you, you just smile and nod.
  • Oh, odd.“ He bites his lips again, checking you one more time, you find it strange but you don’t say anything.
  • After some minutes he looks deeply into your eyes, he got close to you right now, pretty close.
  • "I like that on you…” He whispers, kissing your lips gently, but after that he gave your neck some kisses too, making you shiver “…But i would like more if you wasn’t with them…” He bites your neck, making you open your mouth.
  • After that, he just looks at you, giving you a little smile “Of course… If you let me, i can take them off.”


  • He got out of the bathroom right after he showered.
  • He saw you, using only that…
  • Error 707
  • 707 Stopped working
  • His nose is bleeding, his mouth is open.
  • “M-Mc…!” You look at him.
  • “What’s it?”
  • “….I don’t think you should wear those things… Even to sleep…”
  • You sigh, lying on the bed right now, you don’t care
  • “Seven, this is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that.”
  • Seven’s just looking at you, quietly.
  • He left a little grin escape from his lips, and then he let his towel fall.
  • Now, you’re the one that stopped working…
  • “S-SEVEN!” You almost scream while he was lying on the bed, he laughs and looks at you “What?”
  • “…Put some clothes on! You’ll sleep like that?!” He laughs again, looks like he thinks this is funny.
  • And then he hugs you, making you shiver “But MC….This is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that”
  • Ok, he’s using your words against you, you sigh, biting your lips “Ok…I understand…I’ll change, you won" 
  • You make him let you go, while you were standing up, Seven grabs your hand making you lie in bed again.
  • You wide your eyes while he’s getting on top of you, smiling “Too late MC (~˘▾˘)~”


  • Ok, Saeran never says what’s wrong.
  • He’s just a grumpy punk.
  • But he was so surprised when he saw you like that. 
  • Like,  really, he froze.
  • After that, he’s just blushing, even if he doesn’t admit it.
  • You look at him, and just smile, while he was there, next to the door, while you’re already on the bed, sitting, combing your hair.
  • After that smiles, something in Saeran snaps.
  • He runs to you, jumping on you, making you lie on the bed, making the comb fly over the room, while he was now, on top of you.
  • He’s already taking off his shirt "S-SAERAN” He looks at you.
  • “Wait? You wanted me to see you like that and be quiet about it?!
  • He sighs, he knows sometimes he’s too brutal, so he looks at you “…This is torture for me MC”
  • You look at him while he’s getting closer “It’s too much bare flesh for me to handle…I need to mark it” He starts to suck your neck, making his way to your ear.
  • “Please…” He whispers… When Saeran said that, you knew, he was really desperate for that.

No hate towards Kookie, cause knowing him, he was probably just embarrassed having Jimin resting on him in front of so many people.

But even so, I still find this moment endearing.

Jimin was clearly tired and he just wanted someone soft to lay on until it was their turn to do an event. So when Jungkookie didn’t let him, he kind of just laid on the floor like he always does and just stayed there for a while. Eventually Jimin finds Tae and his friend just lets him stay there on his lap and fall asleep. Tae even puts an arm on him and the two just look so comfortable together. Like I imagine them doing that all the time at home. Its just so domestic and cute, that it’s a moment I hang onto a lot.

say hello to sprinkle’s little brother Fury!
he’s a laid back kid, he doesn’t mess with others unless they mess with him.
he’s the kind of person who would enter a group chat, take all the information he can and just lurk, then get out and use the information to blackmail people :v.
he doesn’t like to talk and prefers to be alone, he lets certain people be with him. nothing seems to impress him, not even error sans or ink sans, people say he blackmailed error into giving him access to the multiuniverse. he can get a lot of information from everybody, he would probably blackmail you after meeting you.

he likes shiny things.

Relieving Stress. (m)

Jin x Reader

Genre: lots of smut, lots of fluff 

<( ̄︶ ̄)>

Based off of this request: 

Summary: Today just hasn’t been your day. So when you invite your best friend, Kim Seokjin, over, he offers to give you a massage. But what happens when things start to go a little further?

[9:02] You: come over

[9:05] Jin: What’s in it for me?

[9:05] You: Hearing me complain while having a mental breakdown

[9:05] Jin: I was kind of hoping like food or something

[9:06] Jin: But a mental breakdown is cool too, so I’ll be there in 5

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Requested by sybil-howlett 

“Does it ever feel like you’re dating the Grimm Reaper?”  Stiles questioned, grinning at you and easily dodging the pillow you tried to throw at him.

“He’s a harbinger of death, not the Grimm Reaper.”  You shot back, catching the pillow as he tossed it back to you.

“But it’s kind of like he’s the Grimm Reaper.”

“Not at all.”

“Just…. imagine it with me.”  He tried, eyes studying your bedroom ceiling as he laid on your bed.  This time he wasn’t expecting the pillow that hit him in the face.


// im terrible at this and this sounds super cheesy hoo boy but here we go

Zen: His vows would be something almost out of a romance novel. Pure emotion dripping off every word. He talks all about the first time he met you in person– How absolutely beautiful you were and how you took his breath away the moment he laid eyes on you.
You are just the most kind, gorgeous angel he’s ever had the pleasure of getting to know and love, and he wants to be your prince for as long as you both shall live. It’s a little sappy but very sincere. He feels so happy and you can see that radiating off of him during the exchange.

Jumin: Being the business man that he is, he makes it short enough to not take up much time but long enough to get his message across loud and clear. And he does, speaking about how he was lost before you came into his life. How you unraveled his strings and saw the man behind the business suit, he’ll wake up every day being grateful for your kindness and beauty. He uses a lot of metaphors in his vows, most guests don’t understand but he knows you do. He assures you he can’t wait to take care of you every single day, wake up to that beautiful warm smile in the mornings. It’s very sweet and incredibly sincere. He’s never been happier before in his life, and he wants to make you just as happy for as long as you both shall live.
Everyone’s just happy he’s reading these vows to you and not Elizabeth the 3rd

Yoosung: Poor baby starts off on the wrong note, he forgot which pocket he placed the paper that had the words he’d written out of the bottom of his heart in.
After he finally finds them, he’s even more nervous than before, stuttering his words here and there. When you place a reassuring hand on top of his is when he gains his confidence back. He goes on that you were his first love and you’ll be his last, how he wants to wake up every single day by your side. How he wants to start a family with you. He’s so excited you get to be his player two for life, and he’s always going to devote everyday to you as if it’s his last. It’s a little more on innocent side, but it’s still so sweet and thoughtful.

Jaehee: She doesn’t even need a piece of paper, she’s already practically drilled those vows into her brain. Every single word she had memorized.
She goes on about how life was just so dark without you, the walls always seemed to cave in on top of her mind. But you came around and gave her the courage she needed, supported her through it all. She couldn’t be happier, standing here now with her beautiful spouse at her side. She was so grateful for you every single day, and cant wait to spend the rest of her life hand and hand with you. It’s heartfelt and kind, her tone is gentle and sincere after every word.

Seven: He starts off with a very loud ’ ahem ’ before continuing, making sure everyone’s listening to the words he has to say. Looking at you longcat.
Also compliments you on how beautiful you look tonight, is that a new outfit? Of course Seven, it’s a wedding dress!

His vows are a little humorous in places, but they’re adorable and sincere. Saying how the unstoppable Seven-Zero-Seven, computer genius, cat lover, somehow managed to get his heart hacked by the one and only MC. And he’s so happy every single day for it. He’s not the best with words like this, and is blushing like mad– but continues to say how he wants to become better for you. Every day you inspire him, and he wants to make you as proud as you can be of him for the rest of his life. You meant more to him than Elly meant to Jumin, He loved you more than than Zen loved his looks. And he wants to play with you all night long just as Yoosung plays LOLOL
It’s very sweet and you can see how much he means his words in his expressions and tones.

V: He’s a bit at a loss for words, absolutely never expecting he’d be here with you in this very moment. But composes himself together to carry on with his speech, going on to say how grateful he is each and every day for you. You’re his light at the end of the tunnel, his single rose in a field filled with thorns. You mean the world to him, he wants to take care of you every single day of his life, just as you do him. Truly through sickness and in health. It’s emotional, but you can see how much sincerity flows out of his body with those words. He truly thinks you are the most beautiful being on the face of this earth, his love for you can’t be shortened into a few simple sentences.

Saeran: It’s a bit all over the place, he doesn’t exactly know what he should say. He sure as hell knows what he feels, but putting all that into words just seems impossible. But he does muster up a few lines for you, so you and everyone else knows just how much you mean to him. He goes on to say how every day he wakes up feeling like he has a purpose now, you’ve truly saved him from himself. You’re such a kind and caring soul, he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve you in this life but he’s greedy and never wants to let you go now that he has you. It’s very sweet and he’s a little embarrassed having said all that in front of people, but he’s proud that you’re his and he is yours.

Ups and Downs

 So I wrote a Lams oneshot. Here it is, in all its incredibly cliche goodness.

John and his best friend and roommate, Alexander, get stuck in an elevator on their way to work one day. John may or may not have loved Alexander from the day he laid eyes on him.

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Damon and Stefan x Human!Reader (Friendship)

Warnings: Kind of rlly fluffy

I sighed as I walked up to my front door, debating whether to go in or just run away. Making my choice, I slipped through the door and took off my shoes. I passed by my brother and mom, who were screaming at each other per usual, and trudged upstairs. 

I got to my room and laid down on my bed, curling up in a ball. “Hey sweetheart,” I heard my favorite vampire call out.Hey Damon,” I whispered, knowing that he could hear me just fine. “What’s wrong?” I shrugged my shoulders. “Just the usual. I’m stressing myself out about grades and my brother’s being a dick,” I explained. “Well in that case, why don’t we get out of here,” he suggested. I shook my head. “Why not,” he questioned. “I don’t feel like going out,” I told him. “We can just go over to my house, and I’ll use my vampire speed. I could even have Stefan pick dinner up for all of us,” he persuaded. I smiled into my pillow and turned to face him. “Okay.” “Yeah! Go ahead, hop on,” he said facing his back towards me and leaning down. I got on his back and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. He put his hands under my thighs and I buried my face in his neck. Wind started to burn against my cheeks and next thing I know we’re in Damon’s room. I hopped off his back and crawled into his bed. “Will you lay with me,” I asked him quietly. “Of course, that’s my favorite thing to do,” he exclaimed, making me giggle. He got into bed next to me and wrapped his arms around me, rubbing my back lightly. I wrapped my arms around his torso and rested my head on his chest. “Thank you,” I said. “Anything for you sweetheart,” he replied. Soon, I felt myself slip into a much needed slumber.

“Y/n,” I heard Damon whisper, shaking me lightly. “Mm, what,” I whispered back, my eyes still closed. “Stefan got dinner and we were gonna watch a movie, wanna join,” he asked. I opened one eye and pulled up the covers in his bed. “I guess so, just give me a minute,” I told him, trying to prepare myself for the harsh coldness I was about to embrace outside my nest of blankets. “Alright, we’re starting the movie in ten.” And with that he was gone. At least I thought he was gone. All of the sudden my warm covers were pulled off my body and I was in the arms of Damon Salvatore himself. I let out a shriek as I felt the cold air. “Damon it’s cold!” “Too bad,” he exclaimed spinning me around. I started to laugh and threw my head back. He stopped spinning after a couple minutes and put me down. “I’ll be right back, don’t move,” he demanded. I nodded my head. There was a gust of wind and then he was right back in front of me, but this time he had something in his hand. He held up one of Stefan’s football hoodies and I snatched it out of his hand, placing it over my cold body. “Thanks,” I thanked him. “Let’s go downstairs now,” he suggested. “Okay.”

 We walked down the stairs and into the living room. I sat myself down on the couch making myself comfortable while Damon disappeared into the kitchen. I heard Stefan come up behind me and turned around to be met with him having three carryout boxes from Mystic Grill. “Here you go Y/n,” Stefan said, handing me my favorite meal from the Grill. “Thanks Stef,” I thanked him, smiling brightly at him. He smiled back at me and rubbed the top of my head, messing up my hair. “Hey,” I exclaimed, scrunching my nose up while trying to fix my hair. I heard Damon chuckle and looked up to see him standing in the door way with a blanket and drinks. I patted the seat next to me, signalling him to sit next to me. Damon sat down and placed the blanket over me and himself. Stefan sat on the other side of me and took some of the blanket too. He grabbed the remote and turned on one of my favorite movies. Damon wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I situated myself so I could place my feet in Stefan’s lap. “Thanks guys,” I told them quietly. “No problem princess,” Stefan replied. “Anything for you sweetheart,” Damon whispered for the second time today.  “Hey is that my sweatshirt,” Stefan asked. “What? Pft, that’s ridiculous Stef. I would never do that,” I rambled. Stefan let out a sigh. “God, I’m never getting that sweatshirt back.” “No, no you’re not,” I confessed. 

:’) aw thank you so much i loved making those

i think i know exactly what you’re trying to say, coming right up!

(also i’m really really sorry this took so long i desperately need a new laptop bc mine is trash and keeps not working well when i try to write)


SF9 SCENARIO: Them Saving You From A Conversation You Want To Get Out Of


Have no fear, Binnie is here. He would be very in tune to your eye signals because he’s always getting lost in them (oooooo smooth, mik *high fives self*). This literal father would swoop in and attack the person you’re talking to with distractingly bad dad jokes or something while you made your escape. But, since he’s wickedly charming and just plain great to look at (srsly this guy has the most blindingly beautiful smile i’ve ever laid eyes on), he might struggle to them get himself out of the conversation. After some very kind listening and thoughtful nodding, he’d somehow manage to weasel his way away from the person that you so desperately wanted to get away from and get back to you. You’d be worried that he was mad at you for making him sacrifice himself for you but just the opposite would be true. He’d be a complete sweetheart about it and ask you if you were okay (i swear he’s such boyfriend material heart eyes emoji).

Originally posted by sf9fantasy


I feel like this meme would front like he knew how to save you but, in reality, he would have no clue (smh what a loser amiright amiright). You’d be signaling to him with widened eyes and he’d be super confused at first like ???? fuck you doing but would then finally understand why you looked like your eyes were bulging out of your head after a bit. He’d try and think up ways that he could help you and would settle on a plan of action that he was very confident in (oh jeez, here we go). He’d stroll on over to you and the person that you were talking to and put his arm around your shoulders. He’d very smoothly apologize for interrupting and calmly say that he had to steal you away for an important matter. You were looking at him with heart eyes like he was your hero. That is, until he crumbled right before your eyes. The person who you were talking to would ask what the “important matter” was and, unfortunately, your genius boyfriend would not have considered the possibility of that question coming up in his master plan (i really do love him i swear). After a moment of panic, Inseong would make some noise like a frustrated child and just sort of drag you away from the person without another word (i’m rolling idk why i made this like this but i thoroughly believe that inseong would be a hot mess).

(ignore the funny ass captions but i feel like he’d be this level of shook/confused)

Originally posted by sf9


This honey would know right away that his baby was in trouble (i feel like he’d have some crazy “my gf is in danger” sense or something). He would zoom at the speed of light to come save you from the conversation. He’d probably use his smarts and come up with a v v v convincing excuse for the other person to have to leave. Jaeyoon would tell them some bullshit like that someone else needed them at that exact moment so they couldn’t initiate their conversation with you and that they better get to steppin. That person would fall for his diversion immediately and you would be free. Jaeyoon would have saved the day like a true angel but this little shit would stick his face out to you and look like he was waiting for something. You’d give the cute headass a kiss on the cheek and he’d consider the favor returned (idk why but i just imagined how unbelievably soft his cheek would be to kiss… i gotta go now).

Originally posted by sf9


No need to worry, Lee “Extra” Sanghyuk will come to your aid. That is, after he embarasses you. I’m almost certain that he wouldn’t even know that your eye signals to him were signals. He would practically scream to you from across the room to ask you wtf was up with your eyes or some shit like that and you would be completely justified to facepalm at this moment. After he noticed that you weren’t just trying out some new eyelid exercises, he’d realize that you wanted out of the conversation that you were trapped in and he’d “skillfully” get you out of it. He’d scream again, “JAGIYA. COME QUICK. I’M NEEDY… FOR… FOR YOU.” (that may or may not have been a dirty reference and no, i’m not the least bit ashamed of it ok maybe i am pls forgive me) Completely mortified from the confused look that you were getting from the person you were talking to and the amused looks that you were getting from the other members, you turned red as tomato. Usually you’d scream back at him to shut up when he did stuff like that (which would be v often) but you were so desperate to get out of the conversation that you were in that you smiled at the person across from you and excused yourself. You walked over to Dawon and gave him a death glare that practically burned right through him. Wising up real quick, this boy would gtfo and fast (rest in peace dawon it was nice knowin ya bud).

(ayyyyy lmao it’s my gif)

Originally posted by dangchanhee


This boy is lowkey the most awkward human to ever exist so he’d be a confused noodle boy trying to help you (a lil off topic but also not, i honestly feel like zuho is also a v shy bun around people he doesn’t know but that could just be me). I feel like he too would not get your eye signals right away and would be a little puzzled, wondering why you were looking at him funny (i can see him being super confused lmaooooo). After he realized that he didn’t have something on his face or a bug in his hair or some shit, he would have a look of pure relief. You’d furrow your eyebrows at him to further hint that you needed his help and he’d try to frantically think of a way to get you away from the person talking to you. Juho would then kind of just noodle his way slowly over to the two of you and smile a little at the person across from you. He’d proceed hesitantly to ask them some random question that was so weird and out of nowhere that they’d stop mid-sentence just to stare at him in confusion. You’d already slipped away and you looked back at Zuho while he just stood there like a statue until the person got fed up and left. Your knight in shining armor would then look at you for approval and to check and see if you were okay like a kind boyfriend (he’s so pure i swear pls protect him from all danger).

Originally posted by sf9fantasy


Rowoon’s spidey mom senses would be tingling at rates off the fucking charts and he would instantly know that you needed him (i’m laughing out loud rn bc i just picture the funniest look of worry spreading over his face). But, instead of formulating a plan of action ahead of his rescue mission, he would be next to you before he even knew what was happening. I feel like he’d be shook and not even remeber moving his legs to get over there or some crazy shit like that he’d be so fast at getting to you (it’s the freakishly long legs, man). He’d politely notify the person that you were talking that you were needed elsewhere and that he was very sorry for any inconvenience that your absence would cause. Due to Rowoon’s freakishly beautiful visuals and sparkling charm, the person would not question him, say goodbye to you, and leave. This concerned boyfriend would then make sure that you were unharmed and hold you tight to his chest v protective-like.

Originally posted by sf9


Tae would be smooth af and would have you out of there in no time at all. He’d tune into your eye signals right away and would know just what to do (like it’d be scary how well he’d handle this shit). With a beaming smile, he’d make his way over to you and stand at your side. He would then greet the person that you were talking to and engage them in conversation, utilizing his sunshiney personality and dazzling smile (which is legit crafted from pieces of the sun n pure happiness i s2g) to distract them so that you could sneak away. Once you were safely out of range, he would expertly make up an excuse for him to leave and politely say goodbye to the person. The person that you didn’t want to talk to wouldn’t know what hit them and would be on cloud nine from just having an interaction with the literal angel that is Yoo Taeyang (as anyone would be) and you would be free. The two of you would probably then celebrate with a cute asf bubble tea date or some shit like that.

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This weirdo would have a rather… unconventional way of getting you out of the conversation. Hwi would see the distressed look in your eyes and try to figure out what the hell you were trying to tell him for a good 10 minutes or so and would eventually get it. He’d then think for a second before he executed his master plan. He would walk up behind the person that you were talking to while they were speaking to you. You would widen your eyes at him and he’d just put a finger over his lips to tell you to not alert the enemy of his presence. He’d then scare the living shit out of the person by screaming and touching their back quickly (lmfao i’m geeked). The person would be shocked and Hwiyoung would signal to you to get out of there while they were registering what the actual fuck just happened to them and you’d be able to escape. By the time the shocked victim of Hwiyoung’s attack got their heartbeat back to a normal speed, the two of you would be long gone (*sings* eojjeomyeon urin BONNIE AND CLYDEEEEE ok i’m done).

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Tbh I feel like it’d be more likely for something like this to happen to Chani himself (like I can totally see him accidentally getting himself into conversations that he’d rather die than be stuck in all the time lmfao poor thing). But if it was his boo thing in this situation, he would try his hardest to save you. He’d hesitantly come over to where the two of you were talking and stand calmly by your side. After listening to two or three sentences from the vigorous speaker across from you, he’d suddenly and dramatically point in the direction opposite of the two of you and shout, “WHOA, WHAT IS THAT?” And when the person talking turned around to try and see what the fuck he was pointing at, he’d grab you by the arm and run like hell. Once you guys were in the safety of literally anywhere that wasn’t there, you’d give him a kiss of the cheek and call him your hero while he was still out of breath from hardcore sprinting. The lil bun would blush but then front like he was tough shit and say, “Oh, that? That was nothing.”


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> Hanzo would be surprised

> Like, really surprised

> “You actually got laid??? With that hair????”

> is what I wish Hanzo would say but probably not

> He’d be really happy for Genji but not really know how to express it

> So he’d just end up stuttering “G-Good.” and maybe apologizing to Genji’s s/o about any trouble Genji may have caused them

> Definitely the cool uncle tho, the kind that you feel like may have ties to the mafia but you’re never sure cuz everyone makes a point to avoid the topic


> Genji would be elated!

> Would buy all the baby things

> Genji’s just so happy that Hanzo found someone that he loves enough to start a family with

> Lots of reassurance for Hanzo 

> God knows that sad man needs it

> Genji reminds him that he’s going to be a great father and never be the kind of father that theirs were

> Would also give Hanzo’s s/o so much help whenever Hanzo’s busy

> The kind of cool uncle that sneaks you out of the house and buys you sugary drinks even though your parents say not to

> Admin GK

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Hi there!!~ Today's my birthday and that just gives me the question: How would the UT/UF/US/SF bros surprise S/O for their birthday?? :)



He forgot.

The entire day, you think that you’ve got some kind of big date planned, but all he does is take you to the movies and casually falls asleep with his head resting on your shoulder and your fingers entwined.  He doesn’t mention your birthday, and it’s a shame.. because you got dressed up.  You’ve known that he was super laid-back and never really made a big deal about anything, but you also expected him to not forget something like this.  Even if he had just wished you a happy birthday, it would have been nice.

Or if he had even stayed awake during the movie.

You’re frustrated, but you’re still holding onto hope that he’s going to remember.  You start casually dropping hints about cake, but he just makes a few jokes that normally draw a laugh from you, but this time, just leave you irritated.  By the time you get back to his house, you’re hurt.

… And then, when you open the door, all of your friends pop out and Papyrus and Undyne are collectively holding the biggest cake you’ve ever seen.  You start to tear up and turn toward Sans, who shrugs and winks at you.  "what?  you didn’t think i was really going to forget something like your birthday, right?  give me a little cred here, kiddo.“  He chuckles and slips an arm around your waist, pressing his teeth to your cheek.  He’s pulled out all the stops; all your favorite foods are there, your favorite music is playing, and your favorite people have gathered.  A bulk of the presents are also from him, and they’re all things that you’ve never out-right verbalized that you’ve wanted; he pays attention to the little details when he’s out with you.

After everyone’s gone, he’s going to fall asleep with you in his arms.



Sans always makes a huge deal about Papyrus’s birthday, so it’s only natural that he should want to do the same for yours!  Papyrus has spent weeks learning how to bake a cake just for you (it’s still going to taste questionable, and the crunchy bits are eggshells, but he tried really hard, so if you could stomach a piece that’d be great), but before you get to taste it, he wants to take you to all your favorite date spots.  That restaurant you love going to?  You’re there.  Have you ever mentioned roller skating before?  Well, he’s game to try it.  The entire day is devoted to making you happy, and he’s so active that it’s going to be difficult keeping up with him.  

He keeps assuring you that "THIS IS THE GREATEST DATE BECAUSE IT’S ON THE DAY OF YOUR BIRTH!  WE HAVE TO CELEBRATE APPROPRIATELY TO MARK SUCH A MONUMENTAL OCCASION!”  Whatever you suggest, he’s all over with a passion.  He’s going to sing to you when you go back to his house, and he’s especially excited over your wish, but “BUT DON’T ME WHAT IT WAS OR IT WON’T COME TRUE!  BUT I HOPE THAT.. THAT I’LL BE ABLE TO GRANT IT FOR YOU!”

His gift is a hand-made scarf to match his in your favorite color.

Feel free to spend the night cuddled up to him in his race car bed because that’s frankly the best way to end any birthday celebration.


You wake up to a selfie of Red shirtless and halfway covered up by his crimson bed sheets, a devious smirk on his face.  The body of the message reads:  "happy birthday, sweetheart.“

It’s going to be a good day.

He’s bought you a cake, sure, but he’s also gotten his hands on quite a few chocolate-covered strawberries–because he heard they were sensual.  He wants to hand-feed you the strawberries, and the intensity of his eyelights on your face as you eat them incites a blush that he finds adorable.  The day is going to be spent in his house, either on the couch or in his room, though if you insist on going out, he’ll end up complying.  He’d prefer to just stay inside and keep you to himself, however.  He wants you wrapped up in his arms, and yeah, he’s going to be a little handsy.  

For your present, he’s gotten you a bracelet.  It’s simple, with a little skull-and-crossbones charm hanging from it, but the idea of you wearing something that makes you think of him every time you look down at your arm makes him really pleased.  

Red sings happy birthday to you, and with all the lights out and the flickering candles on the cake dancing across his features, you feel like it’s the best part of the night.  His voice is deep and rough, but he’s got a surprisingly good singing voice, and with his arms around your waist and his mouth close to your ear, it’s enough to make you melt.  



You’d better dress up for this one.  Papyrus is taking you to the fanciest restaurant (how in the world did he ever get reservations?  You decide not to question this one), and afterward, you’re going dancing with him. A little known fact about Edgy is that he’s a fantastic dancer, and even if you’re not, it doesn’t matter when he leads you through the steps so expertly.  His usual scowl even softens a little when he dips you back, and by the time you’re finished dancing, he’s smirking at you triumphantly.  "ARE YOU HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE YET?“  

Back home, his gift is going to be a stylish leather jacket that somehow fits you perfectly.  You’re pretty sure he added a few studs to it himself to make it look a little edgier, but it only makes you appreciate the gift more.  He tried to bake you a cake, but it turned into an oozing, gloopy mess, so he disposed of it and was forced to buy you one from the store.  He mumbled the happy birthday song under his breath while avoiding eye contact and then urges you to "USE YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A WISH WISELY!  ..AND THEN TELL ME WHAT YOU WISHED FOR!”  


Blueberry wakes you up at your house– even if he doesn’t have a key or didn’t stay the night, he’s there.  He pounces on your bed and straddles you so he can lean down in your face.  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  I WANTED TO MAKE SURE I WAS THE FIRST ONE TO TELL YOU!“

..He says this despite the fact that he called you last night/this morning at precisely midnight and sang happy birthday to you.

The day is spent much like the one with UT!Papyrus; he takes you wherever you want to go, only dinner’s at his place.  He’s cooked tacos (with heaps of glitter) and baked a lop-sided cake.  Both of these creations aren’t going to be pleasant, but he’s so excited for you to try it that you can’t refuse.  He’s going to get Stretch downstairs to help him sing happy birthday to you, and then the three of you can watch movies on the couch while Blueberry cuddles into your side.  

Ultimately, you fall asleep on the couch with him gathered in your arms and your turned with you back resting against Stretch’s shoulder.  

For a gift, Sans got you a rather large plushie because he wants you to sleep with something that reminds you of him when he’s not sleeping over in your bed or vice-versa.    


Stretch had a cake made for you at Muffet’s, and while he’d rather spend the day just chilling and watching TV on the couch with you, he’s going to make an effort to make the day special.

That means you get a picnic in the park.  

Stretch is actually a decent cook, though he’s whipped up a few different sandwiches and snacks to bring.  He’s scouted out the best place in the park to roll out a blanket, and after your lunch, he’s going to just pull you back to rest your head against his chest and enjoy staring up at the clouds rolling by.  

When you’re finished with that, he takes you to a bar that’s got a live band playing that’s just your kind of music.  Whether or not you drink, you still end up seated in the back, listening to the band while being tucked beneath Papyrus’s arm.  If he’s had a few drinks, you’ll be able to coax him into dancing, but otherwise, he’s just going to tap his foot along with the beat.  

Afterward, he gives you a gift pertaining to your biggest interest.  If you’re an artist, you get a sketchpad or new watercolors/colored pencils.  If writing/reading is more your thing, you get a book you’ve been lowkey wanting.  If you happen to collect glass figurines of crying clowns, well he has a whole shitload of those in a box just for you.  Papyrus is way more perceptive than others give him credit for.

He sings to you, his voice low and mellow, standing behind you with his hands resting on your waist and his face right beside yours.  



That means.. you’re going to a theme park!

Did I mention Sans’s brother is coming, too?  Yeah, Papy’s coming because there’s no way in hell that Sans is going to stand in all of those lines, so he wants some back-up intimidating the crowds of humans.  Two skeletons that look as rough and sharp-edged as they do happen to be the ticket to the front of the line, and no one dares to say anything.  At this point, you’re used to receiving some dirty stares from things Sans may say/do, so you’re not even phased.  The three of you ride everything–twice–and on your way back home, Sans pulls over to eat at a nice restaurant.  Papyrus takes a shortcut home.

Since Blackberry failed miserably when he attempted to make you a cake, he relies on the free dessert your waitress brings out when he tells her it’s your birthday.  Embarrassingly enough, a giant group of the staff comes out to sing you happy birthday, and Sans jumps on the opportunity to mouth the words of the song along with them.  Yeah, he doesn’t sing; his face is flushed with the mere thought of it.  

After dinner, he drives you back to his house, where he gives you a collar like Papyrus’s as a gift.  Then, he spends the rest of the night clung to you, repeatedly asking you if you had a memorable birthday and then DEMANDING to know what you wished for when you blew out your candles.  


Papyrus doesn’t want to really go anywhere for your birthday; he’d much rather spend it at your house.  So, he brings over a cake he bought, candles, a gift, a stack of movies, and sets everything up while you’re still asleep.  When you wake up, he’s napping next to you on your bed, his arm lazily thrown across your waist.

"happy birthday, sweetie,” he mumbles when you wake up, pulling you against his chest and nuzzling his face into your neck.  He takes his time getting out of bed with you–and hey, if you decide to grab a quick shower, he’s going to ask if you want company with a sharp smirk.  Once you’re ready to start the party, he’s going to order a pizza and spend the day watching movies with you in bed/on the couch.  If you’ve ever wondered what a massage would feel like with skeleton hands, well you’re in luck because you’re about to find out!  He pampers you, and when it comes time for the gift, it turns out that he’s gotten you something pertaining to your hobbies as well as a simple necklace–with a heart the color of your SOUL.  After all, that’s the part he always finds the most beautiful of all when it comes to you.

He sings you happy birthday in a low, smooth baritone, his fingertips trailing along the skin of your lower back, just beneath the hem of your shirt.  When he’s done, he leans in until his fangs are close enough to skim your earlobe and says, “make a wish~.”

Despite being a surprisingly popular character, people are doubting the point of Mike’s character arc in that it only exists so they’ll find out about the prize being fake and that it’s got a vague ending. I, for one, kinda interpreted that his character proves that good artist doesn’t equal good person as it is in the case of the other characters, and he kind of just plays out the extremely competitive jackass who only cares about the prize and belittles and insults the others working with him. He’s meant to be antagonistic among the main characters.

He’s actually kind of a pitiful character in that he shows he has massive potential as an artist, which is why we’re still rooting his performance, but his overconfidence screws him over and his pride’s his biggest weakness. It would’ve been more convenient for him if he had laid low and let the bears think he died, but he just couldn’t resist showing off. And he was so obnoxious that the others don’t really miss him (thinking that he simply left once he was done stroking his ego). His actions made him a pariah among the Moon theater crew, and now he’s left with an uncertain fate from not learning anything.

And you know what? A character that doesn’t get better by the end of the story is not necessarily bad storytelling, because… well, his choices, his consequences. I dunno.

Maybe if illumination makes a sequel that brings back all the characters, Mike could get a clearer conclusion, because his reaction to Meena’s performance proves he’s not without redemption. Kinda strange.

so I think I’ve finally figured out how I reconcile Coldwave with my own headcanons about Len and Mick

because I’ve always imagined Len as being (intensely demi) panromantic, but mostly asexual. not necessarily sex repulsed, but he could literally go his entire life without getting laid and be peachy.

whereas my understanding of Mick is bi-flexible AT LEAST (he has, like, preferences and stuff, but he’ll take it where he can get it) but really aromantic.

which is why they’ve developed this really intense intimate qp relationship where they would obviously both die for each other but also would maybe kill each other, because they both have really strong feelings about each other but are obviously both too emotionally incompetent to actually Talk About It and Make It Work, so they’re just kind of… perpetually frustrated. and have been for, like, thirty years.


The book I'll never write

The first time I slept next to him I didn’t even sleep. I just laid there completely paralyzed listening to him breathe, so softly. The sound of his heartbeat slowed mine down and the slow, steady movements of his chest melted me from the inside out. It was the kind of thing where if I moved he would pull me closer to him just so I knew he was there. I have never felt so safe in my life, so content, so in love. I laid awake all night just admiring him. Analyzing his is hair, his lips, his jawline, touching his perfectly chiseled chest. For a minute his big brown eyes opened. He caught me looking at him and smiled. He tilted my chin up slowly. His lips touched mine sweetly and his eyes closed again. He pulled me closer to him one more time and whispered, “I love you.”

//you’ve got to be joking//

Anon - “6 and Conor Maynard!” | “It doesn’t feel like you love me anymore”

Readers p.o.v

It’s no secret that my boyfriend is a bit of a party animal. He loves going out, having a good time with the lads, drinking & getting drunk.
He used to be the kind of guy that wouldn’t leave a night out without getting laid, this is until I came along. I changed the game for him and I couldn’t be happier about it. But his partying habits are still on going. Don’t get me wrong! I love going out to parties, I love going to the clubs and drinking with my boyfriend but lately it’s just been different.

He’s been distancing himself from me when we go out together. He hates showing pda, as if he’s embarrassed of me. Would rather walk off and talk to other people and leave me by myself than have the slightest bit of consideration for me.
We were currently out at the club, once again. I was sitting down on the clubs lounge, watching on as Conor was being a little social butterfly. I started getting bored of sitting by myself so I stood up and started making my way over towards Conor and his friends. I slide in a find a spot to stand next to him,

“Oh hey Y/n” Conor says and flashes a smile in my direction,

“Hey babe” I smile back, I reach out my hand to grab hold of his.

Conors p.o.v

I’ve been feeling like absolute shit lately. So many tweets have been sent to me with pictures attached of Y/n out with another guy. When we’re out together I try and distance myself from her because I don’t want people to title me as “Conor Maynard, the boy who forgave his cheating girlfriend”. I feel really bad but I just don’t know how to express that to her and I don’t want to accuse her of anything either cause I’m scared of the truth. 

We were at the club and I was talking to a bunch of the lads when Y/n came over and stood next to me, she lifted her hand about to hold mine when I quickly reacted and moved my hand away from hers. I’m such an idiot, I shouldn’t have done that to my girlfriend.

Readers p.o.v

“What the fuck was that?!” I yelled over the music into Conor’s ear, he grabbed hold of my hand a lead me over to a quiet area of the club. He opened his mouth to talk to me but before he could say anything, all the built up anger just came out like word vomit.

“It doesn’t feel like you love me anymore!” I yelled into his face, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. He looked at me with angered expression on his face,

“Of course I still fucking love you! But it’s sort of hard to show that when every time I go on Twitter all I see is a picture of you and another bloke going out to lunch together!” Conor shouted back over the music.

Was he seriously talking about Ben? My gay bestfriend? You’ve got to be joking.

“Conor! He’s gay!” I shouted back trying to see if it would all click in his head now, which luckily it did. I saw a wave of relief rush over his face.
“I’m so sorry” Is all that Conor said to me as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and squeezed me tight, “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately, it’s just I thought you were cheating.” He said into my ear, I pulled back and shot him a cheeky smile.

“Why would I cheat on my sexy ass boyfriend, who gives me the best sex in the world and treats me like an absolute princess?” I questioned him, he returned the cheeky smile right back to me.

“On that note, did you want to ditch the club and go home?” He replied back to me as he shot me a wink before leading me out the club to go home.

Nicklas Backstrom, approaching 500 assists, is revered by the players he sets up
Capitals teammates and coaches respect his ability as much as his vision and calm.
  • “As a teammate, he’s thinking about you when he’s going to make that play,” defenseman Karl Alzner said. “He’s going to make sure he can get you as open as possible, and then deliver you the puck. If he gives it to you, then he’s going to try and tie up another guy’s stick, so you have a little bit more freedom to do something.” 
  • Backstrom said that poise is central to his philosophy on hockey, as before he makes a pass, he wants to draw an opponent to him to open up more ice for his teammate.
  • Niskanen said he’s watched Backstrom be just as laid back when playing ping-pong in the locker room. “He’s got that kind of personality, and a lot of talent obviously. And I don’t know which breeds which,” Niskanen said. Andre Burakovsky said that when they’ve played golf together, Burakovsky is the type to break a golf club or two while Backstrom shrugs. 

When Backstrom reaches 500 assists, he’ll be both the first player in franchise history and the first from the 2006 NHL draft to hit that mark. He’ll also become the 10th Swedish-born player to get there. 

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Strikhedonia with Bucky??

Sorry for the long wait! </3

Strikhedonia - The pleasure of being able to say “to hell with it” + Bucky

Bucky!” You giggled breathlessly against his mouth, pulling his body away from yours as you glanced around the living room worriedly. “Someone might walk in!” 

It was like you hadn’t said anything at all because as soon you pulled him away, Bucky just chuckled and launched himself over you again, covering your body with yours as he laid you down against the couch in the process.

The both of you had a kind of dangerous relationship, for lack of a better word.

You had met each other after he came back from Wakanda and your uncle Clint had offered some days off at the farm before he could face the real world again. Now, Clint Barton wasn’t really your uncle given he was technically just married to your real aunt Laura but that didn’t mean he wasn’t protective of you.

You were practically raised by both of them before they even thought about having kids of their own so it wasn’t really a surprise that he felt that way towards you.

When Bucky took up his offer and travelled all the way down to the farm, you weren’t expecting this to happen. You’d heard a lot about him – or rather about who he was, The Winter Soldier, but the man you met was anything but what the media portrayed him as.

He was kind and sweet but closed off.

And somehow along the 3 months he stayed in the farm, you managed to loose him up.

Finding out he was funny, flirty and an absolute tease had been the one of your greatest surprises. So great that it didn’t take long until the both of you were sneaking around the house everytime you went to visit and everytime Laura and Clint weren’t around.

Bucky eventually had to leave for New York again but he visited you more often than you cared (and could find an excuse) to admit.

Hence why after more 3 months you were still lurking around with him while your family was in the city to buy dinner for the impromptu visitor.

You didn’t even try to fight back when he started kissing you again after your complaint, his arms on each side of your head as he hovered above your body with your legs wrapped up around his waist. Once his kisses started trailing down to your collarbones and neck, you pulled him way again, smiling cheekily as he groaned in response.

It felt like he knew exactly what you were going to say because once you opened your mouth to speak up, he straight up gave the answer to what you were thinking.

“It takes exactly one hour and a half to come back from the city.” Bucky muttered against your skin, brushing his lips all over the extent of your neck as you hummed for him to go on. “They won’t be back until the next hour, doll.”

“And if they do?” You sighed contently, scratching your fingernails against his scalp as he kept going with his soft kisses on your neck. “If they come back, what will you do?”

He instantly stopped his kissed and you were legit expecting for him to stop everything or at least say something that would eventually make the both of you stop, but Bucky just shrugged with a mischievous grin curving up his lips and gave you another quick kiss before pulling back.

“Then I guess we’ll have to tell them.”

You knew he wasn’t playing by the way he was looking at you and though the whole idea seemed insane, you couldn’t bring yourself to care about it in that moment.

Making out with him was way better than keep worrying about the future.

So much that the both of you completely lost the track of time and didn’t even notice their truck (a truck, of all cars) parking outside. By that point, Bucky was sitting up on the couch and you were straddling his hips, sweater long forgotten as his hands kept roaming under the fabric of your cami and his lips managed to kiss every spot of your neck and collarbones.

Only to stop when your uncle Clint’s voice echoed through the room.

“What the hell, Barnes!”