he just has his default serious expression


Whew! Finished finally! *collapses face first at desk* This is the last set, so it’s time to move on to the next project on my fandom list. >;3 Also, third verse same as the first two, top row of sketches is canonverse, bottom sketches are from runescratch’s darkpathau. As with Tadashi, Wasabi has twice as many expression busts as Gogo because I needed extra practice with his design for a future art project.

  • I knew Wasabi was going to be a challenge going in, and to be fair, he was (especially those dreads, OMG, it’s rather embarrassing how long I spent on those. HOW DO THEY WORK). Yet I am personally very happy with how this batch of sketches turned out, even if I need a little more practice keeping his facial features (and dreads) consistent. (Um… don’t ask me what happened in the bottom right sketch, because I’m not quite sure and I don’t think I want to find out. Something he probably still has nightmares about, poor bae. In fact, I’m sure all these kids have exemplary cases of PTSD by now and are in desperate need of some serious therapy. *hugs them all*)
  • Gogo was… surprisingly rather easy to draw for the most part, actually? The hardest part in each sketch was her hair. And those headbands.

Tadashi, Hiro, Aunt Cass
Fred, Honey Lemon